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Two dozen demand NYSE stop trading animal suffering

NYC, 11.02.2007 21:39

Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) is a company that profits off the brutal
testing of cosmetics and drugs on animals. Every single day 500 cats,
dogs, monkeys, mice, and other animals are ruthlessly murdered at HLS for
useless consumer items like Splenda and food coloring.

The Peace Plane flies to Grammy Awards with the message &quot;Bring Our Troops Home Now&amp;qu

Miami, 11.02.2007 21:37

Peace Plane flies to Grammy Awards with message "Bring Our Troops Home Now"

Minutemen Stumble, ANSWER Steps Up

LA, 11.02.2007 21:10

Minutemen Stumble, ANSWER Steps Up

No Border camp invitation

New Mexico, 11.02.2007 19:09

Bordrline Anarchy Collective Winter 2007 No-Border Encuentro:

Undocumented screening at UH

Houston, 11.02.2007 18:38

Undocumented Screening at University of Houston

Dresden - 13. Februar 2007

Germany, 11.02.2007 18:09

Kurz vor dem 13. Februar herrscht nervöse Angespanntheit in der Stadt. Bürgerinitiativen und Antifa bereiten sich auf den kommenden Dienstag vor. Wie jedes Jahr wollen tausende Nazis die Geschichte zurecht drehen. Bereits für heute und die gesamte kommende Woche haben Neonazis "kreative" Aktionen angekündigt, gleichzeitig scheinen aber auch Ordnungsamt und lokale Presse unter kollektiven Wahnvorstellungen zu leiden.
Indymedia Video: Vom Mythos der unschuldigen Stadt
Was bisher geschah: Mobiaktionen in DD | Razzia im linken Medienprojekt | Gegen diese Trauer hilft nur Wut | Indymedia Feature vom letzten Jahr
Weitere Infos bei: Venceremos! - Antifas aus Dresden | NS-Verherrlichung stoppen - eine bundesweite Kampagne | Nazis blockieren - ein breites Bündnis

Justice for all art opening

Houston, 11.02.2007 18:08

Justice for all? Art on the death penalty

RCDS-AStA TU-Berlin: Frauenfrei, Debil, National?

Germany, 11.02.2007 17:39

RCDS-Amok-AStA will per E-Post ins Weltnetz. Seit Monaten betreibt der RCDS die Abwicklung der studentischen Interessenvertretung an der TU-Berlin. Mit einem sonderbaren Schreiben sorgt der neue AStA bei Studierenden jetzt für weitere Unruhe.

Sit In At Farr's Office to Demand Cut Off The War Funds!

Santa Cruz, CA, 11.02.2007 13:39

On Friday, February 16th, there will be a sit-in at Representative Sam Farr's office to demand, "Cut Off The War Funds!" Sam Farr has voted a number of times for the billions of dollars that have been used to wage war and murder hundreds of thousands in Iraq. He has promised to vote against the $93 billion emergency war appropriations bill that Bush has forwarded to congress, but Farr still consistently supports and votes for massive general appropriations for the military budget. These are votes for war.

&quot;True Compañeras&quot;: Women�’s Participation in the Popular Movement of Oaxaca

Santa Cruz, CA, 11.02.2007 13:39

Women have not only acted as participants in the ongoing popular movement in Oaxaca, but have also profoundly shaped the course of its history. They have created some of the most powerful stories and moments in the past nine months, and have helped tell them. Stories of women who have built the movement are everywhere in Oaxaca.

FBI Web Snooping

Cleveland, 11.02.2007 13:07

FBI Snooping - "Full Pipe Recording" - Worse Than "Carnivore"

Big Demonstrations Rock Haiti

Cleveland, 11.02.2007 13:07

Haitians Demand End to UN Occupation, Prisoners' Freedom, Return of Aristide

Behind The Watada Mistrial

Cleveland, 11.02.2007 12:37

The Story Behind The Watada Mistrial

US War Crimes in Iraq

Cleveland, 11.02.2007 12:07

US War Crimes in Iraq

Why Removing Bush and Cheney Matters

Portland, 11.02.2007 11:39

Many people know that Bush and Cheney engaged in a systematic media campaign to deceive the American people and Congress about the reasons to launch a preemptive war on Iraq. Many others recognize that the President has violated numerous laws by spying on citizens without a warrant, dismissing their rights accorded to them by the Bill of Rights, and promoting torture. Some are also concerned about the President's abuse of power by using unconstitutional "signing statements," in which he signs a bill into law but then states he does not have to obey it. These are impeachable offenses.

It is, therefore, curious that although few argue that Bush is innocent, many are willing to give him and his team the equivalent of a "get out of jail" card. They offer a number of arguments opposing impeachment.

Oaxaca: Revolutionary Streetart

Portland, 11.02.2007 11:39

Here some impressions of revolutionary street art in Oaxaca.

Because most of the original paintings and graffities were destroyed by police after the uprising, much of the work is now presented in an exhibition in Oaxaca City.

Stop McSchools in Portland!!

Portland, 11.02.2007 11:39

The Portland Public Schools administration is attempting to very quickly push through a change in policy that would mandate for every public school a standardized curriculum using textbooks developed by the big national publishing companies and costing over $4 million...

244 teachers, the great majority of impacted high school teachers, have signed a petition asking the school board to delay the "adoption" and consider it with the care and diligence that such a momentous decision deserves. They will be gathering at the BESC building, public school headquarters, at 601 SE Dixon (just north, across the street, of the Coliseum/Rose Garden complex) at the School Board meeting that starts at 7:00pm [Monday Feb 12th]. But come a little earlier. The Rethinking Schools teachers have asked for our help, and the testimony will be fascinating.

Medical Cannabis Advocates to Decry Increase in State's MMJ Patient Cards

San Francisco Bay Area, 11.02.2007 08:09

Axis of Love San Francisco is calling for medical marijuana patients, disability activists, HIV/AIDS activists, and other allies to protest the huge increase in the fees for state medical marijuana cards. The protest will take place at 12pm on Wednesday, February 14th at San Francisco General Hospital's "Love Statue." The state plans to increase the fees that it charges for the cards by 1000% on March 1st.

From the Newswire

Perth, 11.02.2007 04:10

Not in Anyones Backyard - Mining Industry Critique

Black History in Action: Brooklyn Students’ Campaign to Revive New Orleans

NYC, 11.02.2007 00:39

Students at Benjamin Banneker Academy for Community Development in Brooklyn, New York go beyond the textbooks, and apply the lessons of Black History Month to their daily lives. Banneker Academy students have pledged $5,000 the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), a grassroots social justice group based in New Orleans and are challenging 1,000 other fundraisers to come forward and match their efforts.

Justice for Bell, Benefield &amp; Guzman!

NYC, 11.02.2007 00:39

A Grand Jury is being convened for a possible indictment against the
cops involved in the shootings. The day AFTER the grand jury decision, come to Union Square, in Manhattan, to show that WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED.

USD's All Faith Service: Report and Responses

San Diego, 11.02.2007 00:09

from Mandy Oglesby: I sat nervously in the second pew of USD’s Immaculata church and waited for the 14th annual all faith service to begin... It had played such a prominent role in my youth as it is the church my mother was confirmed in, the church she was later married in and the church she prayed, I would one day be married in as well... The all faith service was instantly appealing to me, the idea of a catholic service embracing Muslims, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists was intriguing to say the least. The service was opened by the Muslim call to prayer...

from Cecil: As Louisa May Alcott Said - Man will not be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.
from Jamie: Voltaire actually said that Cecil
again from Cecil: Actually, It was Diderot - Denis Diderot was a contemporary of Voltaire. It is an old hoax originally perpetrated by the great Edward Abbey. I choose to continue the tradition.
from Paul Bracker: It's easy to get caught up in the politics of religion (see above) and forget that there is a lot of interesting history and lore to be discovered.
from Nat: Faith is for the poor, uneducated and easy to command. It breeds division and bigotry.
from Jeff: Speaking of bigotry and division. Take a deep breath Nat-----aaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

--Read More of the Article and Comments--

Haiti: Massive Demonstrations Catch UN by Surprise

NYC, 10.02.2007 21:39

Challenging recent assertions made by the United Nations that the
Lavalas movement is dead, crowds estimated at well over 100,000 took to
the streets of seven major cities throughout Haiti on February 7 to
demand an end to the UN occupation, freedom for political prisoners and
the return of exiled president Aristide. || Indypendent: Cite Soleil: Ballots & Bullets in Haiti

Just A Reminder: Northeast Anarchist Consulta

Boston, 10.02.2007 17:10

Come together in Boston, February 24-25, for the Northeast Anarchist Consulta to strategize, organize, and prepare for a massive Week of Resistance this May in defense of migrant workers' rights and in opposition to the Biotech Convention [coming to Boston 6-9 May].

Boston Workers Alliance Defends Jobless Workers by Trying to Establish Cooperative Temp Agency

Boston, 10.02.2007 17:09

Just over a year after the Boston Workers Alliance (BWA) was founded at a convergence of “jobless workers,” from Boston ’s Dorchester , Roxbury neighborhoods members of their job creation committee were at the Second Annual National Federation of Worker Cooperatives Conference (NFWCC) discussing plans to establish at temp agency cooperative in the Greater Boston area.

Villaraigosa Shouted Down at Black History Event By L.A.'s Rising Homeless Protesters

LA, 10.02.2007 16:39

Villaraigosa Shouted Down at Black History Event By L.A.'s Rising Homeless Protesters

Aggiornamento Politica Editoriale

Switzerland, 10.02.2007 15:07

Per diverse ragioni il collettivo italofono di ha ritenuto di aggiornare l'attuale politica editoriale. L'obiettivo sarebbe avere uno strumento (la policy) che permetta di filtrare meglio i contenuti per aumentare la qualità di indy, senza ricorrere a "censure". È stata creata una mailing list aperta e pubblica dove chiunque potrà discutere e/o criticare costruttivamente gli aggiornamenti proposti dal collettivo. Indymedia viene "fatta dal basso". Tutti sono indymedia, e un'aggiornamento alla Politica Editoriale dev'essere discussa da tutti. La discussione dovrebbe durare per un mese, ma verrà valutato a dipendenza della partecipazione in lista.

:: Vai alla pagina per iscriverti alla mailing list pubblica

Santa Cruz Olive Harvest Delegation to Palestine/Israel

Santa Cruz, CA, 10.02.2007 13:09

Scott Kennedy of the Resource Center for Nonviolence in Santa Cruz co-led a delegation to Israel and the West Bank of Palestine from November 4-18, 2006. Ken Carlson of Santa Cruz was also on the delegation which was cosponsored by the Washington, DC based Interfaith PeaceBuilders and the Middle East Program of the national American Friends Service Committee (AFSC). Audio

Sandy High “G.A.N.G.” Bangers

Portland, 10.02.2007 08:40

You gotta love the Sandy Post. It's actually becoming a family event to sit down and read the local rag each week. The kids and I are usually either left rolling on the floor in laughter or shaking our heads in bewilderment - at not only the events that occur in our little backward burg, but also frequently at the what passes for journalism.

This week's Post headline screams:
"New high school dress code targets gangs."

There's just one little problem though, as much as Chief Skelton may want there to be (and he frequently asserts there is), THERE ARE NO GANGS in Sandy. Sandy High School student body president Megan Murphy was quoted as saying MUCH later in the article (way back on page 10A): "We shouldn't have to worry about wearing gang material because there are no gangs at our school."

Lone Vet Report

Portland, 10.02.2007 08:40

Walking, talking and making people see the Thursday count of dead soldiers. (3,120+)

I have joined Chapter 72 across from the federal building; they have been out every day handing out copies of the US Constitution and calling for peace in the Middle East.

All you Vets who are downtown near the federal building during lunch should stop and spend some time with these heroes; they fought in wars and are now fighting for your rights under our Constitution. Bush thinks the Bill of Rights is something you can use or not use---he is wrong, it is the law we live and die for as military men/women---we are yesterday's soldiers. Veterans.

Tacoma March For Leonard Peltier

Portland, 10.02.2007 08:40

Annual Event for Justice for Leonard Peltier, Saturday Feb 10 in Tacoma.

Leonard Peltier has been unjustly & politically imprisoned in federal prison in the Dakotas for decades. This annual Tacoma action tries to keep his cause alive. Rally begins in Portland Park at noon, on Portland Ave east of I-5, becomes a march to Federal Courthouse on Pacific Ave, across from UW Tacoma, near the museums, & continues with another rally.

I travel to Tacoma on Amtrak Cascades. If someone also going by rail needs directions once in Tacoma, i board at Vancouver Station at about 9am & would be happy to help point the way once we get to Tacoma, including how to use their light rail. Spot me with my usual green flag rolled up.

Surge Protection Report Back

Portland, 10.02.2007 08:40

Wisely, the soldiers who staff the Broadway recruiting center closed up shop and barred the windows today, girding their loins and steeling themselves against the grandmothers' bloc who took the sidewalks out front. The recruiters gave some kind of hasty excuse to explain their absence, but the truth was obvious: They simply recognized that they were outnumbered and facing superior forces. (No one but the Portland Police Bureau is usually foolish enough to mess with grandmothers.)

I spent my lunchbreak there today, with some of the coolest grandmothers I have ever met. (And some grandfathers, and even some younger folks.) (Even one of my favorite people from the Native Youth Movement was there... so it was more of a grandmother, grandfather, grandchild sort of thing. Solidarity!) It was a somewhat larger crowd than I had expected, and the signs and colorful knitted hats and scarves were visible from way down the street as I made my way toward them. There was something really, powerfully inspiring about seeing the steel awning pulled down over the exposed windows at the recruiting office, and the apologetic little sign hastily taped up on the door, informing passersby that the office was closed. It was like looking at a white flag.


photos: [ Surge Protection Brigade pictures 2-9-2007 | Surge Protection Brigade Photos | Recruiters close for Grannies - Week 4 photos ]

related: [ when in doubt, provide food and water | Surge Protection Brigade: Nonviolent Resisters will Return to Recruiting Center Friday ] week 3: [ Six Angry Grandmothers of the Surge Protection Brigade Arrested | 6 arrested at the Recruiting Center | Surge Protection Brigade: Nonviolent Resisters will Return to Recruiting Center Friday ] week 2: [ Surge Protection Brigade ] week 1: [ Surge Protection Brigade Strikes Again: Nonviolent Resisters Shut Down Recruitment Center ]

Haiti Demonstration

LA, 10.02.2007 03:09

Report: International Day in Solidarity with Haiti (Los Angeles)

Critical Mass Miami: Saturday, February 10th we ride again!

Miami, 10.02.2007 01:37

Critical Mass Miami: Saturday, February 10th we ride again!

Bush Administration being sued for suppression of Global Warming Science

Miami, 10.02.2007 01:37

Bush Administration being sued for suppression of Global Warming Science

Miami: Activists win a rare victory at Scott-Carver housing project

Miami, 10.02.2007 01:37

Miami: Activists win a rare victory at Scott-Carver housing project

The Mayor, the Broadcast and the Truth

San Francisco Bay Area, 10.02.2007 00:40

The Homelessness Marathon comes to Fresno


Video Workgroup

Houston, 10.02.2007 00:39

Houston Indymedia Video Workgroup info

Watada Court-Martial Ends in Mistrial

Philadelphia, 09.02.2007 23:08

no border no nations

Aotearoa, 09.02.2007 22:10



Arizona, 09.02.2007 22:08

Root Force Road Show!


Uruguay, 09.02.2007 20:13

¡Tierra Sí! Desalojos No!

Von Davos über München nach Heiligendamm

Switzerland, 09.02.2007 18:37

Vom 4. bis 7. Juni 2007 findet der G8-Gipfel in Heiligendamm, in der Nähe von Rostock, in Deutschland statt. Auch die Mobilisierung der Linken gegen das G8-Treffen läuft bereits auf Hochtouren. Verschiedene Bündnisse haben sich gebildet, es gab zahlreiche bundesweite Treffen, auch mit internationaler Beteiligung und ein ungefährer Aktionsplan für die Proteste steht bereits fest. Bereits jetzt gibt es in der BRD zahlreiche Aktionen, die zu den Protesten gegen das G8-Treffen und die “Münchner Sicherheitskonferenz” mobiliseren, die Sicherheitsvorkehrungen des Polizeiapperates wegen der bis zu 100.000 zu erwartenden DemonstrantInnen unter anderem zur Großdemonstration gegen G8 am 2. Juni in der Rostocker Innenstadt laufen ebenfalls auf Hochtouren. Hier ein Überblick zum Stand der Mobilisierung.

it has to start somewhere...

it has to start sometimes...

Surge Protection Brigade:<br/>Nonviolent resisters returning to recruiting center today

Portland, 09.02.2007 17:38

10:30 am at the Broadway recruiting center,
NE Broadway and 13th

This action is in response to Bush's call for an escalation of the occupation in Iraq. We have chosen this recruiting center because we consider it criminal to tell half-truths and recruit our young men and women to fight in an illegal, immoral occupation.

Martha Odom, one of the Grandmothers who was arrested last week, is back again because, "My grief and rage is demanding that I do everything in my power to make this stop." Come for an hour or come for the day. Come hold signs, come talk to the recruiters. Join us to build the momentum to stop the surge and bring our troops home.


Argentina, 09.02.2007 15:44

Chaco: aborígenes mantuvieron bloqueos por dos días

Celebrate a Victory for Wildlife and Bristol

Bristol, 09.02.2007 15:42

10th Anniversary of Narroways demo 10th Anniversary of Narroways Demo Harry McPhillimy, of the Narroways Millennium Green Trust writes: Narroways Millennium Green Trust are planting a few trees on Saturday 10th February to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the original demo on Narroways Hill....On 9th February 1997 an estimated 800 people gathered on Narroways Hill, St Werburghs to demand its preservation in public ownership as a wildlife reserve and a breathing space for local people. This was a huge number of people for an environmental demo and helped to save Narroways as a public open space...The campaign by Narroways Action Group led to the demonstration, a 2 1/2 thousand signature petition and, ultimately the raising of the money required to take the land out of the auction. Bristol City Council purchased the land and leased it to the Narroways Millennium Green Trust on a 999 year lease. This wildlife-rich corner of inner-city Bristol is now managed by the trustees and local activists for wildlife and St Werburghs people. Full Article| 10th Anniversary of Narroways demo | Narroways Millennium Green Trust website | Other Local Environmental/Wildlife News: Bristol Seed Swap aka Seedy Sunday | Starlings flocking at Westhay nature reserve, Somerset, January 2007 | Hunt Sabs Benefit | The case for more & bigger airports |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

James Chasse's Family Fights Back

Portland, 09.02.2007 14:39

The family of James P. Chasse, Jr. filed a federal lawsuit in the Disrict of Oregon against the Portland Police Bureau, the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office and American Medical Response Northwest. The suit also targets several named and unnamed police officers. firefighters and paramedics. A PDF copy of the Complaint retrieved from the Public Access to Court Electronic Records is attached. | read more >>

KILLOLOGY: The art and science of making a killer

While the death of James P. Chasse Jr. horifies the average citizen the Portland Police Bureau and the civil authorities have taken a business-as-usual-approach. That perspective is a thoroughly modern phenomenon and the unprepared public simply needs to catch up because the horrifying epidemic of homicide by cop is destined to increase with time especially as the Iraqi soldiers return home to fill law enforcement jobs.

The cause of this anti-social trend is specialized training administered to police and military personnel designed to reprogram their mental attitude away from their natural human instinct to preserve life. They are trained to be violent remorseless killers. | read more >>

Sept: The Beat Goes On | But, we are told, cops have a dangerous job | Does anyone know James Chasse? | James Chasse - "accidental" death by cop | "Oh jeez, I think we killed him. Who's gonna write this one up?" | Murdering cops do not exist in a vacuum

Oct: Portland CopWatch Urges D.A. Shrunk in Chasse Case | Medical Examiner Reports: James Chasse was bludgeoned to death by thugs | Mental Health Workers to Fight for More Funding in Wake of Chasse Death | Read Between the Lines: Chasse verdict | No Indictment in Chassee Case! | James Chasse | James Chasse's Family Speaks, Channel Twelve does not listen. | Chasse Killer's Lies Exposed | Is there a vigil for James Chasse? | Portland IMC Newsletter for Oct. 22, 2006 James Chasse Issue | Rosie Sizer and Hitting Close to Home

Nov: Police Mock Portland and James P. Chasse Jr.

Occupation Project STL Occupies Carnahan's Office, Similar Demos Nationwide

Saint Louis, 09.02.2007 14:08

The St. Louis delegation of the nationwide nonviolent anti-war campaign Occupation Project staged two demonstrations [1, 2, 3] this week at US Rep Russ Carnahan's office in Brentwood, just days after the project was launched. The latter rally this afternoon lead to arrests of 7 members, and all were released on bail by the evening [AP story]. As per their press release, the protesters returned to the office (located at Manchester and Brentwood) to secure a public commitment from Rep. Carnahan to vote against all future funding for the Iraq war. While in the office, the protesters read aloud the Litany of the Dead, names of Iraqis killed by violence under the US occupation.

More: IOW Page | Occupation Project STL | OPSTL Affinity Meeting 2/10 | Flyer | Video: 1, 2

Fouad Kaady: Yes, we still remember

Portland, 09.02.2007 13:39

It has now been eighteen months since Fouad was brutally tortured and murdered by agents of this state. His murder was rendered all the more heinous by the fact that his killers, Officer Bergin of Sandy Oregon Police Department, and Deputy Willard of the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office have thus far escaped any form of discipline or chastisement for their cruel and unjust actions.

The Spence Law Firm, of Wyoming (Well known defenders of human rights, including Karen Silkwood) has taken this case, and filed lawsuits on behalf of the Kaady Family. We wait, hopefully, for the day when these murderers are brought to economic justice, since the criminal justice system has so miserably failed to exact any measure of equality.

The Watada Mistrial: Here's What Really Happened

Portland, 09.02.2007 13:39

First Lt. Ehren Watada knew exactly what his case was about - and that scared the judge.

There was absolutely no reason to stop the Watada trial.

The judge's claim that Lt. Watada did not fully understand a document he signed admitting to elements of the charges is completely untrue (see Melanthia Mitchell, AP, 2/8/07).

The military seized on that claim and complimented the judge for "protecting the rights of the accused" in granting the mistrial.

Here's what really happened.

Friday Vigil for 1LT Watada - Nationwide, supporters of 1LT Watada will be holding vigils tomorrow, Friday, February 9 from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. Here in Portland, Veterans for Peace, chapter 72 is holding a vigil at Terry Schrunk Plaza, at SW 3rd & Madison, across from the Federal Building. Come out and show your support for Lieutenant Watada and his stand for the U. S. Constitution. [more]

Open Letter To Seattle Post Intelligencer Columnist - Ehren Watada is not breaking rules whimsically he sees fit. He is violating an unlawful order. It is his duty. People like Thomas Jefferson made sure to articulate as much. First Left Tenant Watada is a war hero. As much if not more so than some Purple Heartsmen I know. I chose during Desert Storm to wait out my two surgeries and get my 10% medical discharge rather than speak out publicly against Bush's father's war, essentially. I began to sour upon that one too. [more]

photos: [ Ehren Watada Rally Brings Thousands To the Streets | more pics from Watada rally | Others Face a Similar Fate | A Father's Grief | Photogs of Rally | More Watada Rally and Vigil Photos | four more pics | February 5 Ft. Lewis Demo/Mistrial- A Short report ]

video: [ Watada Trial Update #1 | Watada's Trial Update #2 | Trial Video Update #3 | Short Interview With Pro-War Advocate at Rally to Support Lt. Watada | Rightwingnut Threatens To Assault Me At Watada Rally | Video Files From the Rally To Support Lt. Watada | Watada rally video | Nazi Punks F- Off ]

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