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Sea Shepherd Ship Holed during Collision with Whaling Ship

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.02.2007 10:40

The Sea Shepherd ship, Robert Hunter, has been holed in its starboard bow, and its port stern section above the waterline, during a collision with the whale spotter ship Kaiko Maru , according to Sea Shepherd's president Paul Watson. No injuries have been incurred by crew on both ships, and neither ship is in danger of sinking.
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The Women Behind THE RUBBER ROSE on Sexuality, Politics and Porn

San Diego, 13.02.2007 09:38

Most adult-business proprietors don’t talk much about the political and social philosophies behind their operations. But LEA CAUGHLAN and CARLY DELSO-SAAVEDRA, owners of Rubber Rose in North Park, do.

Lea: Even then, within activist circles, over and over again I found myself mostly in male-dominated territory, being one of the few female voices speaking out...We were really seeing a need to create a woman-centric space where women would feel comfortable, where anyone could feel comfortable in this space, and fulfill their dreams and have positive sexual health.

Carly: The focus here is on creating a space where it would be comfortable for women to explore their sexuality, where they can feel free to ask questions and bring their partners... This can be a store where a mom and a daughter can walk hand-in-hand and introduce a little talk about birds and bees... As our store grows more stable, I definitely see being able to turn around and support a lot of activities in the community where we were once more hands-on activists.

Rubber Rose on myspace | Rubber Rose website


Colombia, 13.02.2007 09:08

¿Se acerca la invasión a Irán?

PLDN: 2 arrested at Smith's office today

Portland, 13.02.2007 07:38

2 people were arrested this evening at Gordon Smith's office. The two were charged with trespass. This was the fourth arrest to have taken place in Smith's office in the past two weeks. The folks arrested are citizens who want Smith to stand up and stop the funding for the war.

They were arrested at 5:15 pm. One was cited and released. One is still in custody and is expected to be released around 11:00pm.


Pres Conference for Civil resist Actions at Sen. Gordon Smith's office

WHAT: The Defund the War Campaign will launch civil disobedience actions Monday, February the 12th, to ask that Senator Gordon Smith agree to defund the Iraq war.

WHY: We ask that [Gordon Smith] listen to his constituents who understand the price we have paid, and that he represent us by agreeing not to vote additional funds to continue this criminal war when the appropriations bill comes before him.

WHERE: Press Conference at the World Trade Center Building, near the bottom of the escalators.

WHEN: 3:00 p.m., Tuesday Feb 13th.

WHO: The Occupation Project is being organized by Defund the War Campaign, Voices for Creative Nonviolence, CODEPINK: Women for Peace, Oregon PeaceWorks, Veterans for Peace, Iraq Veterans Against the War, Peace Action affiliates and many local peace and justice groups.


Safinah back safely in Glasgow

Scotland, 13.02.2007 05:50

Safinah Nalumu, a 29 year old Ugandan woman who was detained at the end of November and due to be flown back to Uganda late on Tuesday evening is now back in Glasgow safe and sound.

Faslane 365 builds

Scotland, 13.02.2007 05:50

Following on from yesterdays protest by academics from across the world and students from Oxford, Cambridge, Sussex and Edinburgh Universities, today seen elected representatives from across the political spectrum converge on Faslane in protest against nuclear weapons. [ Faslane 365 ] .

Zahra, Faisal and Rahim in danger of being deported

Scotland, 13.02.2007 05:50

Zahra Byansi and her two boys were detained when reporting at the Home Office in Glasgow on Monday last week. She was moved to Yarls Wood detention centre on Saturday while her friends protested outside the Home Office in Glasgow organised by the Glasgow Campaign to Welcome Refugees. Zahra and her sons have been in Glasgow for over four years. She has made a huge contribution to the local community.

Environment minister pied as he tried to GreenWash the governments destructive environmental policies.

Scotland, 13.02.2007 05:50

On 2 Febuary at around 3pm, a group of people under the guise of fictional company 'Greenwash &amp; Co', did a satirical performance at a talk being given by the current UK minister for the environment, David Miliband, at Edinburgh University. The minister was then pied in the face by a lone pie-bearer in an unrelated incident.

The Fight to save the Crichton Campus

Scotland, 13.02.2007 05:50

The fight to save the Crichton Campus in Dumfries is still ongoing. The campus lacks funding from Glasgow University, which in turn blames the Scottish Funding Council. The council, the Scottish Executive, Bell College and Paisley University also all carry some kind of responsibility and involvement in the project. The students have organised four demonstrations so far and launched a petition, lobbying and media campaign whereas the staff mobilised in union meetings.

From the Newswire

Perth, 13.02.2007 03:10

Stand Up for the Burrup Actions: Move Woodside not Rock Art!

War Drums: Breaking News- Americans (Bush) caught with Iranian Weapons in Iraq

Miami, 13.02.2007 01:37

War Drums: Breaking News- Americans (Bush) caught with Iranian Weapons in Iraq

CIW to protest at Burger King Headquarters in Miami, Feb. 15th

Miami, 13.02.2007 01:37

CIW to protest at Burger King Headquarters in Miami, Feb. 15th

War maker John Howard on the way to Wellington

Aotearoa, 13.02.2007 01:10

Peace Action Wellington has received information that Australian Prime Minister John Howard will be visiting Wellington at the end of this week, February 15-17. This visit will mark his first visit since March 2003 just days before he helped George W Bush invade Iraq, sending Australian Special Forces troops and Navy frigates.

‘No doubt the Labour Government would be keen to keep Howard’s visit far from the public. We can only speculate as to the possible agenda of talks between Howard and Clark but it is sure not to include any criticism of Australian foreign policy’ said Peace Action Wellington member Valerie Morse

‘As the Australian government positions itself ever closer to the US, it pulls New Zealand with it. Indeed, the New Zealand government has been hand-in-hand with the Australian Liberal Party on its troop deployments to Afghanistan, the Solomon Islands and Tonga. Lest we forgot, New Zealand also sent NZDF troops to Iraq in 2003 to assist the occupation.’

Links: Howard's Wellington schedule | Peace Action Wellington | 2003 Feature: Protestors greet Australian PM | Howard out! Weblog

DoC to Happy Valley Coalition: Let them Mine

Aotearoa, 13.02.2007 01:10

The successful Mt. Augustus occupation led by the Save Happy Valley Coalition, begun on 5th February, has been ordered by the Department of Conservation (DoC) to clear the area and allow Solid Energy to resume its blasting.

The Coalition has been occupying DoC land within Solid Energy's 500m blasting exclusion zone to force the coal miner to cease blasting of the area home to the critically endangered Powelliphanta Augustus snail and Great Spotted Kiwi. Yesterday, at the insistence of Solid Energy, DoC declared a 200m exclusion zone on its land in effect between the hours of 5-7pm, four nights a week, to allow Solid Energy to continue its mining of the area.

The Coalition, however, refuses to budge. In a recent media release, a Coalition spokesperson said:

We are disgusted by DOC’s shameful action. DOC is supposed to protect our endangered species, not help mining companies send them to extinction. We will maintain our occupation to stop the blasting. Protecting this habitat is the key to saving this ancient, endemic snail.

The occupiers have also faced constant harassment from Solid Energy security guards. They are under 24 hour surveillance with binoculars and night vision goggles. Worse still, the guards have been discussing whether the occupiers could be taken out by a shotgun, "given a hiding", or raped. At one point, a large digger was placed just above the camp to intimidate the occupiers.

The Coalition is calling on volunteers from around the country to help the occupation in the face of rising State opposition. If you can help, please contact Brian Anderson on 021 1204723 or b.anderson[at]

For Black History Month: Lessons Not Learned

Philadelphia, 13.02.2007 01:08


Arizona, 13.02.2007 00:07

New Orleans IMC mini fundraiser


Switzerland, 12.02.2007 22:37

Le squat de La Tour à Genève est dans une situation difficile. C'est un squat d'habitation, de concert, de rencontre et où se situe aussi l'infokiosque de Genève.

Quelques nouvelles.

* Le menu de la résistance :

* Un texte explicatif :

Through Being Cool

New Hampshire, 12.02.2007 20:10

I like being cool. I like cool things. I like irreverent, funny TV shows. I like to see “the man” taken down a peg. I like Andy Milonakis. I like the Colbert Report. I like Family Guy. And I LOVE Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Aqua Teen Hunger Force is a perfect amalgam of slackerdom, surrealism, and superheroes. Sometimes I even imagine myself as a superhero who does nothing all day. I can relate. As a loyal viewer, I was expected to respond with a middle finger of solidarity when Boston “overreacted” to Adult Swim’s marketing campaign. I should have laughed at the stupid city officials who thought a lite-brite was dangerous. But I didn’t laugh. I felt manipulated. Was something wrong with me? When did I turn into such a square? Was I actually on the side of “the man?”


Arkansas, 12.02.2007 19:10


50+ Iraqi Kurds Deported.. Again

United Kingdom, 12.02.2007 19:09

For the third time in less than two years, a 'charter flight' left the RAF Brize Norton military base in Oxfordshire today, carrying 50+ Iraqi-Kurdish asylum seekers, who had been arrested and detained from across the UK, to Erbil, Kurdistan (Northern Iraq).

Some 60 protesters gathered at the gates of Brize Norton this morning, in a protest called by the Campaign to Close Campsfield. It followed other protests over the weekend in London, Leicester and Manchester [reports 1 | 2 | pics 1 | 2 | 3 | video]. But neither these protests nor the repeated warnings from national and international human rights organisations [UNHCR | Amnesty] managed to convince the Home Office of halting forced removals to unsafe Iraq.

Related: No Deportations to Unsafe Iraq | No Deportations to Iraq | New Labour's War on the Kurds

One Residents Story: Why I want Sainsbury's to 'Bogoff'

Bristol, 12.02.2007 18:08

Sainsburys Plan New Ashley Down Shop Sainsburys Plan New Ashley Down Shop Edward Hughes writes: I am a local resident who for the last 6 months has been a member of BOGOFS. BOGOFS stands for Bishopston Opposing Glut OF Supermarkets. We are not anti-supermarkets. We are against this particular development only. This is a single issue campaign. According to the application document that Sainsbury's have submitted, they are targetting around 25% of their trade from the local stores on the Gloucester Road. The New Economics Foundation says that stores local to new supermarket developments who experience a 17% reduction in turnover WILL close down. They will probably be offering, in order to compete with Tesco Golden Hill and Tesco Eastgate Centre, as well as general food, a fruit & veg section, a meat counter (i.e. in-house butcher), a bakery, cafe, photo-processing, off-licence, newsagents, Deli, Flowers and a Pharmacy. I really hope that Pawsons, Stutts, Crawfords, Co-op, Cibo's, Licata's, Joe's, Pearce's, Cafe 2000, Romantica, Daltons, Rosebud, Soods, Ashgrove Pharmacy et al can remain competitive because if they can't they will close down and be replaced by estate agents, charity shops and bookies. I used to work for Marcus Wells, who owns the Breadstore, when he ran the Sunflower bakery - where Tim Franklin's Star Cafe is now. You may have eaten one of my hand-crafted croissants or jammy doughnuts. Even he closed down. Why? He told me that he was unable to compete with Somerfield....I would strongy suggest that you read the application and see what it entails. The devil as they say is in the detail....If you would like to meet the BOGOFS group to discuss this issue further please come to one of our numerous public meetings - all advertised on Full Article (and comments)| Sainsburys Plan New Ashley Down Shop | Comment on the planning application ( | | Bogofs Supporter's Poster ( | Other Related News: Cruel Tesco Targetted for Buy Nothing Day | Tesco not welcome in Bedminster | New Supermarket on Gloucester Road |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

Stop de uitwijzing van de familie Fikaj!

Oost-Vlaanderen, 12.02.2007 18:08

Stop de uitwijzing van de familie Fikaj!

Korean marchers oppose free trade deal, US mad cow beef

DC, 12.02.2007 17:10

The US-Korea free trade tralks are underway again in DC, so protestors were in the streets to opose the deal. A major point of opposition has become the fear that the treaty will force Koreans to accept US beef-in which mad cow disease has been detected.

Jord Samoleski of Propagandhi on parecon, veganism and the politics of punk rock

Ireland, 12.02.2007 16:40

December 2006 Interview Canadian political-punk ba ...

Sinn Fein Vote To Back PSNI

Ireland, 12.02.2007 16:40

Tiocfaidh ar LAW Sinn Fein today voted to support ...

Man climbs Irish embassy in London in protest against Shell.

Ireland, 12.02.2007 16:40

Man climbed outside of Irish embassy in London in ...

35th Anniversary of Bloody Sunday March, Derry.

Ireland, 12.02.2007 16:40

Thousands gathered in the Creggan, in Derry, North ...

Whatever Happened to Anti-Capitalism?

Ireland, 12.02.2007 16:40

The G8 will be visiting Germany next summer, and t ...

How Long Would It Take You...

Ireland, 12.02.2007 16:40

your yearly earnings divided by €20,000,000,000 eq ...

Tony Benn, a Chomsky For Social Democrats, Kicks It Off In Dublin.

Ireland, 12.02.2007 16:40

A Report Of His Recent Address To The Trinity Hist ...

Republic of Ireland V’s San Marino. Man of the Match? The Janitor!

Ireland, 12.02.2007 16:40

another disaster predicted Jim Travers claims that ...

Free Derry Museum- a Review

Ireland, 12.02.2007 16:40

No one who struggles for justice is a stranger her ...

Ireland and Climate Chaos

Ireland, 12.02.2007 16:40

This coming week the state’s Environmental Protect ...

&quot;The Wheels of Justice are Flat&quot; - New York Speaks Out Against the Death Penalty

NYC, 12.02.2007 16:10

In the wake of Ronell Wilson's death sentence, four exonerated prisoners and death penalty spoke out against the death penalty and New York state's flawed criminal justice system at the National Black Theater in Harlem on February 6th, 2007.

Here's a Tip for Grocery Stores - Pay Your Workers!

NYC, 12.02.2007 16:10

Yesterday's New York Times ran an infuriating story about widespread exploitation of workers in the grocery industry, Long Treated as Volunteers Tips-Only Supermarket Baggers Take Up Fight for Hourly Wage.

Weekend of Action Against Carmel Agrexco

United Kingdom, 12.02.2007 14:09

This weekend saw two actions against Carmel Agrexco in Hayes, Middlesex

Carmel Agrexco are the largest exporter of flowers from illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank. The lead up to Valentine's Day is one of their busiest times as their Middlesex depot delivers a large amount of Israeli flowers to UK supermarkets.

On Saturday 120 Activists from the Boycott Israeli Goods Campaign blocked the gates of the depot for most of the afternoon. In the early hours of Sunday morning thirteen activsts shut the depot down for several hours by locking themselves to the factory gates

Reports from Saturday's Picket 1 | 2 | Video |
Reports from Sunday's Blockade 1 |

BACKGROUND: Text of Letter to Carmel Agrexco | Apartheid and Agrexco in the Jordan Valley> | War on Want's Report - Profiting from the Occupation

LINKS Boycott Israeli Goods | ISM Palestine | Palestine Solidarity Campaign | Stop the Wall in Palestine | Brighton-Tubas Friendship and Solidarity Group |

Inky headline about Iranian bombs in Iraq

Philadelphia, 12.02.2007 14:09

portland freeskool: call out for teachers and organizers!!

Portland, 12.02.2007 13:40

The spring session starts soon and we want to teach you how to organize and run the Freeskool. Currently only 2 people are organizing this project and we are looking for a new group, new ideas, new energy! During the last two years the Portland Freeskool has brought together many great free learning experiences all over Portland. If you want to see this awesome project continue, come be apart of the free education revolution!

Meetings are Tuesdays 6:30 pm at the
Waypost Cafe
3120 N Williams
Portland, OR
(503) 367-3182

Washington State Senator - putting impeachment on the table!

Portland, 12.02.2007 13:40

Yesterday, State Senator Eric Oemig announced his intention to submit a joint memorial to the Washington State Legislature asking Congress to investigate the serious allegations of abuses of power by the President, Vice President and others in the Bush administration that have weakened the Congress and placed the Bill of Rights in peril.

Speaking at a packed house in Bellevue, Washington on Feburary 10th at an event sponsored by the Eastside Fellowship of Reconciliation, Senator Oemig stated that restoring the Constitution and the balance of powers in the federal government is "a moral imperative." As he a new Senator, he has been advised not to take this on. However, he stated that he does not want to ever have to tell his son that he did nothing to stop democracy from being dismantled. It is not about partisan politics, he said. It is about stopping the abuses at the federal level. At it is most basic, it is simple a case of right and wrong.

Audio: Appeal from Forest Advocacy Group for Public Comment

Portland, 12.02.2007 13:40

The monthly Bark Field Trip for February hiked a portion of the Gordon Creek sale, offered by the Bureau of Land Management, now in its initial scoping phase. During this hike, Amy Harwood of Bark spoke about an upcoming open house, where the pubic will be able to offer comment on some up and coming Forest Service cost cutting measures.

Amy has already posted this alert to Portland Indymedia last week, but I think hearing her words will have more of an impact than the written word. This audio file details the issue at hand which, basically, is the Forest Service wanting to close some of OUR public recreations sites as a cost cutting measure. This is ludicrous, as the Forest Service has been losing money for decades with their timber sale program, and now ask the public to help them decide what recreational sites be cut due to their incompetence or downright collusion with the timber industry.

David Simon: “We’re Headed Towards Separate Americas!”

Baltimore, 12.02.2007 12:09

The award-winning author of the acclaimed HBO program, “The Wire,” painted a grim picture of this country. David Simon said: “We’re headed [towards] separate Americas.” Speaking at Loyola College, in Baltimore, MD, on Feb. 6, 2007, he said that “unencumbered Capitalism has become our God.” In our greedy society, Simon underscored: “Human are worth less, not more: less.” He said America is going to be a “more brutish, cynical and divided place.”

Protest Torture Enabler John Yoo on Monday

San Diego, 12.02.2007 10:11

John Yoo was deputy u.s. assistant attorney general in the "justice" department from 2001 to 2003, where he contributed to the "Patriot" Act and authored memos narrowly defining torture and habeas corpus. He is a strong advocate of the unitary executive theory, the application of which critics believe renders the president virtually indistinguishable from a dictator. In a debate with Notre Dame professor Doug Cassel in 2005, Yoo signed off on crushing the testicles of children:
Cassel: If the President deems that he’s got to torture somebody, including by crushing the testicles of the person’s child, there is no law that can stop him?
Yoo: No treaty.
Cassel: Also no law by Congress. That is what you wrote in the August 2002 memo.
Yoo: I think it depends on why the President thinks he needs to do that.

Even some conservatives find Yoo's views to be repugnant. In late 2006, a complaint was filed against former secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld, Yoo and others in Germany for crimes against humanity by victims of torture at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay.

Yoo currently is professor at UC Berkeley's Boalt Hall School of Law, despite opposition from the local community to his appointment. Yoo will be debating USD professor Michael Ramsey on the "War on Terror" and the powers of a president during "War" at 5:30PM on Monday evening at the Joan Kroc Center for Peace and Justice Auditorium on the USD campus. Ramsey has marginally differing views, but himself is an elite bootlicker, having clerked for Supreme Court crazy Antonin Scalia in the early 90s (Yoo later clerked for Clarence Thomas). Real people with real opinions about torture and presidential powers are not expected to be represented in the debate.

Protest Torture Enabler John Yoo
Monday February 12 5:00PM
Joan Kroc Center for Peace and Justice
5998 Alcalá Park (off Linda Vista)

SOU Students WALK OUT For Education!

Rogue Valley, 12.02.2007 05:12

Walkout on campus Valentine's Day, February 14th, at 11:30 a.m..

The purpose of the walk out will be to support funding for higher education in this state. We will be meeting in front of the SU (courtyard) and then walking together to the Plaza in downtown Ashland.

Note: 50 to 55 positions representing faculty and staff are being eliminated - translates to department, program and service cuts.

muestra de video-debate

Argentina, 12.02.2007 05:10

Chile Rebelde

muestra de video-debate

Argentina, 12.02.2007 04:38

Chile Rebelde

'Papua Merdeka' dropped from Asia Pacific Festival

Aotearoa, 12.02.2007 03:10

At the Asia Pacfic Festival in Wellington, Australian composer Martin Wesley-Smith's piece Papua Merdeka was dropped from the program after pressure from the Indonesian Embassy. Instead Martin's composition Weapons of Mass Distortion was played.

"The Asia Pacific Festival is supposedly devoted to the study of the music of Asia Pacific cultures - yet it kowtows to a situation where an Asia Pacific culture is being destroyed. What's more, apparently an official in a foreign embassy can dictate what New Zealanders are allowed to look at and listen to. To an outsider, it seems that New Zealand democracy ain't worth very much… " says Martin.

West Papua has been occupied by the Indonesian Military since 1962. Since 1962 human rights groups estimate that the Indonesian Military has killed 100,000 West Papuans. Papuans enjoy few civil rights. Currently there are two men in prison for 15 and 10 years for simply flying the West Papuan flag at a peaceful protest. Villages have been bombed and napalmed by the Indonesian military, and West Papua’s vast natural resources, such as copper, gold and natural gas, have been sold off to multinational corporations from the US, Britain and Australia, which have raped Papua’s environment and destroyed its communities.

Links: Martin Wesley-Smith | Massive Indonesian Military build up in Punjak Jaya, West Papua, fear for civilians | Peace Movement Aotearoa | Indonesia Human Rights Committee | Background: The West Papuan Tragedy |

Massive demonstrations in Haiti catch UN by surprise

DC, 12.02.2007 02:10

Well over 100,000 took to the streets of seven major cities throughout Haiti on February 7 to demand an end to the UN occupation, freedom for political prisoners and the return of exiled president Aristide.

SF Liberation Radio Goes Head-to-Head vs. FCC

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.02.2007 02:09

Three years after it was raided by armed federal marshals, SFPD and FCC agents, SF Liberation Radio will have its day in court on Wednesday, Feb. 14th, in a special federal court session convening on the UC Berkeley campus. SFLR, through counsel Mark Vermeulen and other pro bono attorneys from the National Lawyers Guild, will argue that the federal government violated the station's first amendment rights when it obtained a warrant for the seizure of the equipment through a back-door, ex parte procedure. The US Government utilized a maritime law to conduct the raid without giving advance notice to the station, arguing that a radio station is literally like a ship that may sail away in the night.

V-Day 2007: Reclaiming Peace

San Francisco Bay Area, 11.02.2007 23:09

Since 1998, the V-Day movement has worked to stop violence against women and girls worldwide. V-Day's model of "empowerment philanthropy" has been a catalyst for activists, college students and anti-violence organizations to "transform their communities," in more than 112 countries to date. Between February 1st and March 8th, local activists will stage benefit productions of "The Vagina Monologues" to raise funds and awareness for local anti-violence groups, rape crisis centers, and women's shelters in their communities. There will be many performances in California.

enmigradoj (eo)

Barcelona, 11.02.2007 22:09

La Leĝo pri Eksterlandanoj mortigas: abolon

Manifestacio sabaton la 27an de januaro je la 17a en placo Universitat

Centoj da mortintoj pro drono, malvarmo, malsato aŭ soifo dum fuĝado el misero aŭ milito. Enkoncentrejigoj, deportoj. Kontraŭleĝaj vivoj dependantaj de ĉu oni havas aŭ ne paperojn... Ĉion tion signifas la Leĝo pri Eksterlandanoj.

Rilataj novaĵoj: Ilian petrolon jes sed iliajn boatojn... ne? ::: Polica persekutado de enmigrintoj en la "Encants" ::: Deportoj al dezerto laŭ EU-ordonoj ::: Razioj de subsaharuloj en Maroko ::: Arestoj kaj deportoj al Maroko ::: Eŭropaj ŝtatlimoj: senrajtaj areoj ::: Senkulpigita la policano kiu mortigis enmigrinton en Santa Coloma :::

+ infoj:: >>>enmigrado

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