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San Francisco 8 Supporters Attend Court Dates, Hold Screenings of &quot;Legacy of Torture&quot;

San Francisco Bay Area, 20.02.2007 02:39

An overflow crowd of family and friends of four of the San Francisco 8 packed the San Francisco courtroom of Judge Little on Valentine's Day. Although a formal Bail Hearing has not yet been held, Judge Little did lower the bail for Ray Boudreaux and Hank Jones from $5 million to $3 million, and the same as was set for Richard Brown and Richard O'Neal. A formal Bail Hearing as well as other motions were scheduled for Tuesday, March 13th.

The new film "Legacy of Torture," about the San Francisco 8, will be screened at the Long Haul on Sunday February 25th . The evening will also include dinner as well as speakers about the SF 8, and updates about another California political prisoner who is in need of support.

PSNI Puts Ulster Poles as Piggies in the Middle

Ireland, 20.02.2007 01:39

a six-county Pole asks Polish immigrants to think ...

University protests car subsidies

Bristol, 19.02.2007 23:38

The Frenchay Resistance Raise the Heat on Carmageddon The UWE Transport Action Network, a new grassroots coalition of UWE students, faculty, and staff will hold a demonstration on Friday 23rd Feb. at 1pm at the main Frenchay Campus bus stop, marching to the UWE roundabout to protest the lack of affordable, reliable bus service, lack of adequate cycling and pedestrian facilities, massive university parking subsidies, and the high carbon emissions that result. ‘It costs almost as much to buy a bus pass for a week as a parking permit for a whole year,’ says Jess Robins, Film student. ‘What kind of message are we sending to new students? You need a car if you’re coming to Bristol? That’s certainly not going to solve the traffic crisis or improve the environment.” Full article.| Critical Mass - Bristol Indymedia Calendar | Building to a critical mass | 'Bristol Critical Mass Page |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add An Event To The Calendar

Stop Japanese Whaling

Melbourne, 19.02.2007 23:10

'Robert Hunter' Sea Shepherd Crew welcomed to Melbourne

La jueza considera que la joven se encuentra en greve riesgo psiquico

Argentina, 19.02.2007 21:09

Autorizan aborto a niña violada

KKK vrs Casa Juan Diego

Houston, 19.02.2007 20:40

Casa Juan Diego Under Siege by the Ku Klux Klan

How do we know?

United Kingdom, 19.02.2007 19:08

Over 50 people came together at Nottingham University for an event called 'the Knowledge Lab'. The event was aimed at bridging the gap between activism and academia and to provide a collective space for anti-capitalist reflection. It is normally organised within universities, which the organisers say are 'institutions essentially geared towards the production of knowledge as a resource for corporate interest and as justification for particular constellations of power relations. Hence the 'Knowledge Lab' has become an attempt to claim back some of the university's space, resources and know-how from the military-industrial complex and make them available for people concerned about and working against the status quo of unceasing commodification, exploitation, war, and biospherical destruction.

It was the 4th time the event was organised and focussed on 'Knowledge' this time. Workshops were based around questions such as 'how do we know'? what is knowledge'? 'where do we gain our knowledge from'? 'does someone hold control over our knowledge'? 'how does gender affect knowledge'? 'how does education effect knowledge'? 'how are our senses affected by advertising and the media'? and 'how can suppressed knowledge be released into the mainstream'? Other sessions included a presentation and discussion on an alternative education project called 'Travelling School of Life', an experiment in anarchism and concensus decision making called 'SOMA' and an Open Spaces for Dialogue and Enquiry session aimed at looking at what knowledge is and what controls, thus affects it.

Audio: Organiser explains about the 4th Knowledge Lab | Chat with a Knowledge Lab regular about its history and aims | Audio of part of the Open Spaces for Dialogue and Enquiry session on 'Knowledge' | Affective Knowledge & Alternative Media (part 1) + (part 2)

Links: Knowledge Lab website | Peace Conference & Knowledge Lab :: some photos | Travelling School of Life Workshop at Knowledge Lab 4 in Nottingham | Audio reports and background from the 4th Knowledge Lab | Affective Knowledge & Alternative Media, some audio


Colombia, 19.02.2007 18:09

Dos años de la masacre cometida por el ejercito colombiano

A Tax Break for Neighborhood Busters

Saint Louis, 19.02.2007 17:38

Read [Sunday's] editorial in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch if you want your heart broken. Decades of progress on the near north side are threatened by a proposal that does not prohibit the use of eminent domain, even in rehabbed areas like Old North St. Louis.
MORE: Background on Blairmont

Workshops Announced for 4th Annual NYC Grassroots Media Conference.

NYC, 19.02.2007 14:08

The NYC Grassroots Media Conference Organizing Committee is happy to announce
that the full conference program including workshop descriptions is now
available on our website.

Read descriptions of all of the workshops at the conference:


Japan, 19.02.2007 11:07

Al Gore の映画をみて、考えたこと〜 Reflections on Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth"

Shell Shut Down in Edinburgh

Scotland, 19.02.2007 09:10

Activists in Edinburgh shut down eight shell petrol stations around the city centre this morning as a soldarity action for the Shell to Sea campaign in Rossport, Ireland.

Walmart Alert

Portland, 19.02.2007 08:39

Walmart is setting there sights on property just north of Vancouver,WA.

There are already three Walmarts in Vancouver. In my opinion, that's three to many. The sight is located off of 134th street just east of I-205. That's just 3 miles or so north of an existing walmart that is located off of Highway 99. It seems that the nieghborhood isn't in favor of a walmart being built here but the corporations money may trump the desire of people who live here. Hopefully it doesn't get built. Boycott Walmart and let them know they are not welcome here. I'm trying to do a paper on this but without a bias. If anyone has any leads or suggestions, I would like to hear them.


Port of Olympia Militarization Resistence Returns!

Portland, 19.02.2007 08:39

In May 2006, hundreds of US Army combat vehicles called Strykers rolled through the streets of our town and into our port for shipment to the war in Iraq. It wasn't the first time convoys of military equipment had been shipped to the war through the Port of Olympia, but never before did the cargo present such an immediate and visually graphic connection with that war.

Over the objections of many in the community, the military had resumed its use of the Port in 2004 after a 17-year hiatus. And although, by May 2006, community members had spent two years actively opposing military shipments through a variety of avenues, there was never a plan for how to respond or intervene as the shipments actually occurred.

So it wasn't until May 24, 2006, on Day Four of this military shipment, with nearly all its cargo already parked safely inside the Port fence, that a coordinated act of civil disobedience brought the convoy to a temporary halt. As a caravan of Strykers rounded the first curve at the southern end of Marine Drive, escorted by the Olympia Police Department, a dozen people stepped into the road and dozens more stood along the roadside providing a supportive presence and witness.

Big Money Developers Bully Boise Neighborhood

Portland, 19.02.2007 08:39

At the Boise Neighborhood Association Special Topic Forum Concerning Land Use that was held on Saturday morning, February 10, several city officials spoke about the impending 4-story condominium developments that are planned for Mississippi Avenue. According to Jeff Joslin of the Portland Bureau of Development Services, the new developments will constitute 20-25% of the entire block face. Currently, there are no condominiums and no buildings over 2 stories. Construction is scheduled to begin by the end of this month.

There has been an ongoing conflict between some of the community members and three of the big money developers poised to begin building on Mississippi Avenue (Mississippi Avenue Lofts (MAL), Kirusu International Headquarter/Garden, and the Mississippi Chateau). The dispute concerns city code title 17 that requires new developments in high pedestrian corridors, such as ours, to provide a 12 foot sidewalk. In order to make room for expanding the already-existing sidewalk to 12 feet, the Portland Department of Transportation (PDOT) requires new developments to set back new buildings two feet from the current property line.

Lone Vet Report

Portland, 19.02.2007 08:39

My day of protest was put off until Friday because I had my grandkids come over for the day on Thursday. Friday was interesting for me because I attended two protests, one with Chapter 72 and then later with "DeFund the War" at Gordon Smith's fortress. I went over to the Federal Building because I want Sen. Wyden to know we are watching what the dems are doing.

The reaction from security at the Fed building was almost comical, one protester with a sign that said Enough!!! on one side and Freedom!!! on the other caused so much movement of security people that I had to laugh. I spent most of my time across the street with Chapter 72 and the Ladies in Black----wonderful group. At 1:15 headed down to my date to support people who were going to do an action at or in Gordon Smith's office. I met some friends who have been to some of the same protests as I have attended. I also met new and noble humans who are also trying to stop this madness, called the occupation of Iraq. I should explain something here, I am not a member of any group here in Portland, I call myself the lone vet because I go where I think I am needed; so what I am about to say is my own opinion.

Greet Senators Wyden and Smith Monday at 6pm

Portland, 19.02.2007 08:39

Monday, February 19th 6 PM
Corner of SW Jefferson and 15th at KGW

Both Oregon Senators will be in town on Monday night for a live televised "Ask you Senator" event at KGW. This is an invitation only town hall type meeting but apparently no one from the peace community was invited.

We don't think it's right that the Seantors are unwilling to have a discussion with their constituents unless they were invited and their questions vetted. Several of us peace activists have been talking about greeting the Senators and the audience guests outside the KGW studios.


Argentina, 19.02.2007 03:09

A cinco meses de la desaparicion de López

The March/April 2007 IndyKids is Out!

NYC, 19.02.2007 02:38

This issue features articles on the war in Iraq, Lieutenant Watada who refused to be deployed to Iraq, climate change, hip hop around the world, kids playing chess, a feature on the Native American struggle for land, a student's bilingual German-English essay, puzzles and more!

Who Decides if U.S. Troops Stay or Go? || March In Washington|| Meet Marlea From Australia|| Army Officer Faces Trial for Refusing to Go to Iraq|| Climate Camp Kids Say Enough Is Enough|| Climate Change: Earth’s Fate Is In Our Hands|| A Struggle For Land: Native Americans Today|| Native Americans Today|| Hip Hop Hooray|| Music Soothes Asthma Sufferers|| In Your First Voice|| Museums Bring the Fun Indoors|| Life in Prison|| Paying For Attention|| Make the Right Moves|| Teachers' Guide

Go to to download the paper, find out how to get copies and to subscribe.

Defending Tasmanian Forests

Melbourne, 19.02.2007 02:10

Protesters Defy Police, Walk into Weld Valley

&quot;Legacy of Torture&quot; Comes to Portland!

Portland, 19.02.2007 01:39

Claude Marks, co-producer and founder of The Freedom Archives will be showing his film "Legacy of Torture" in Portland on Sunday, February 18th, 3 pm at New Born Tribe Community Center, 3525 NE MLK (at Fremont) in Portland. Featured also are Floyd Cruse, former Minister of Information of the Portland Chapter of the Black Panther Party, and Kent Ford, former Portland Panther and father of Patrice Lumumba Ford.

"Legacy of Torture" was produced in 2006 by The Freedom Archives to document torture used in the interrogation of members of the Black Panther Party in 1973. Five Party members were subpoenaed in 2005 to testify in front of a federal grand jury, and were jailed when they refused to cooperate. In January of this year, these five men plus three others were seized and charged with murder. They are currently being held on bond ranging from 3-5 million dollars.

Free the Panther 8!

Donations will be accepted for legal defense funds. Presented by Portland Indymedia and The Committee for the Defense of Human Rights
Torture, The Legacy of Cointelpro -- Interview with a former Panther

How to Smash Everything: An Anarchist Sourcebook

Portland, 19.02.2007 01:39

An independent publishing project of the Singlethorn Collective, How to Smash Everything: an anarchist sourcebook is a fact-filled guide to the ins and outs of contemporary anarchist organizing, compiled and written by veterans of the anti-globalization and anarchist movements. How to Smash Everything: an anarchist sourcebook is being distributed in PDF format for free; download it, read it, print it out, share it, spread it, whatever. Just get the ideas out there and put them to use.


  • Creating the Anarchist introduction.
  • Glossary of Terms
  • So what is Social Revolution?
  • Where We're At: nine principles that guide us as anarchists
  • How We Roll: eleven ways we fight back
  • An Anarchist Timeline of World History
  • Steal These Words: Contemporary Anarchist Essays...

Iran Getting Military Equipment from USA

Portland, 19.02.2007 01:39

Iran getting military equipment from the Pentagon surplus store Wake up and smell the scam by the Axis of Evil So I read on a Forbes website thanks to Alex Ansary website passing along the information which clearly points out that the Defense Department (surplus auction sales) is providing military equipment and delivering to Iran, some was stopped - some made it.

So let me get this straight, fighter jet parts and sensitive USA military equipment that was seized as it was heading to Iran is coming from our own axis of evil ... .The Pentagon

Does that mean we will attack ourselves for arming Iran? ... ..

Comment: They did it before: Cheney/Halliburton sold Iran nuclear equip. in '04 to justify '05 Cheney planned attack | Halliburton's [$73 million] Iraq Deals Greater Than Cheney Has Said

UCSF Study Shows Medical Marijuana Effective in HIV-Associated Neuropathy

San Francisco Bay Area, 18.02.2007 23:39

For years, the DEA has been demanding controlled, FDA-approved studies showing efficacy of medical marijuana. This week, Dr. Donald Abrams of UCSF published the first study of this type in two decades, in the journal Neurology. The study shows that marijuana is effective in reducing pain from HIV-related neuropathy, as patients have long reported. Researchers reported that inhaling (smoking) low-grade cannabis three times daily reduced patients' pain by 34 percent. The study is the first of a dozen clinical studies sponsored by California's Center for Medical Cannabis Research to reach publication

Cba. / Marcha a 5 meses del secuestro y desaparición

Argentina, 18.02.2007 23:38

Aparición con vida Ya !!!!

Cba. / Marcha a 5 meses del secuestro y desaparición

Argentina, 18.02.2007 23:38

Aparición con vida Ya !!!!

UCSB Students Rise Up, Strike Against War &amp; Block Freeway

LA, 18.02.2007 20:09

UCSB Students Rise Up, Strike Against War & Block Freeway

education (en)

Barcelona, 18.02.2007 15:08

Alternative culture and education in books, tv and classroom

Books: Friday February the 16th at CSA Can Vies "Momentos Insurreccionales"(Insurrection Moments) book presentation and in Infoespai, at the same hour "Cròniquesdel 6" book presentation + Saturday February the 17th at PHRP Fadaiat book presentation + Published "La Rosa dels Vents" #2.

New television programmes in Okupem les ones!!! [52 UHF]

courses and workshops: [SEPC] Free choice credits: Conference about urban speculation and politic corruption in Catalonia. ::: kernelpanic: La Quimera > Introductory course on GNU/Linux with Debian ::: [feb 17 & 18feb] in Palma Popular education workshop ::: free choice credits:: socialism ::: Telnoikatalà: Alternative workshop on Catalan language in Riereta ::: Pirate University

Other: Social presentation of Centre d’Estudis Llibertaris (Libertarian Study Center) “Francesc Sàbat” in Terrassa + [Ateneu Rosa de Foc] "Revolution Experiences" Series: The revolution in Gracia I + Fem Art 2007 The time ::: Estrategias Editions ::: La Quimera: Documentary series on speculation and squatting ::: Informal lecture - Debate: What is the European Higher Education Space? ::: literacy teaching the Cuban way: I can indeed ::: Free School: anti-repressive education

+info : >>>education


Perth, 18.02.2007 14:09

NZ: Peace Versus Howard

AFTER - USA attacks Iran ?

Miami, 18.02.2007 09:37

AFTER - USA attacks Iran ?

New Editorial Cartoon Series: &quot;Your Jackass Slate For 2008!&quot;

DC, 18.02.2007 05:10

Well, here we are not even six months after The Most Important Election Since The Last Mass Extinction Event and, like Christmas commercials during the World Series, the Democratic "stars" have already announced their intentions to make political hay out of the disasters they allowed to happen for the past five years — that is to say, announced their candidacies for the 2008 Presidential Fracas which, as any Democrat will tell you, will be The Most Important Election Since The Earth Cooled To A Temperature Conducive To Life. So, what's more to say, gang, except let's get on with the slagging — uhh…that is, let's look at some quick, elegant analyses of the "major" candidates on your Jackass Slate For 2008!

Fat, Queer, Anti-Racist Activist and Artist Heather MacAllister Succumbs to Ovarian Cancer

San Francisco Bay Area, 17.02.2007 23:39

Heather MacAllister was "a fucking sexy fat wicked smart intense and funny fierce femme." She died February 13th in Portland, Oregon after battling ovarian cancer for several years. She was 38 years old. She will be memorialized at events all over the United States, including in San Francisco on Feburary 25th at El Rio from 3-6pm. Ms. MacAllister was the founder and artistic director of Big Burlesque and the Fat Bottom Revue, the first burlesque act exclusively featuring large-sized performers. She was an anti-racist and queer community organizer and activist.

criminalization and repression (en)

Barcelona, 17.02.2007 22:38

Anti-terrorist law strikes dissent again

The past February 7th, 7 mossos d'esquadra's vans carrying 50 face-covered policemen, assaulted Kan Rusc in a desproportionate way, detaining Nuri. The allegued reasons police argue to make this search are armed gang membership and explosive possesion. The trigger of this operation is the existence of a notepad and several anarchist material for spreading, which was confiscated to her two weeks ago in a police control when she was coming back from a demonstration against power abuse in Olot. Once kidnaped, anti-terrorist law was applied to her and they take her away to Zona Franca mossos' police station, where she stayed two days detained in solitary confinement.

On Friday 9th she's taken away to Madrid, to the Audiència Nacional, in the presence of judge Santiago Pedraz. During the statement they ask her about the notepad contents but the questions are above all on the politic relation she could have with Juan, detained on December 21and later imprisoned in Soto del Real, waiting for his extradition to Italy.

Judge Santiago Pedraz decrees remand to Núria and orders her entry into Soto del Real, under charges of collaboration with armed gang. Investigation is still going on under secrecy and until the judge revise the case in some weeks, Núria will remain into prison.

Once again the state repressive agencies, with media complicity, opt to suppress and imprison those who give support against state repression.

[Feb17]Saturday, 12h at Despullats Gathering in Tarragona to support núria

[Demonstration] February 24-Girona-19:00h-Subdelegació del Govern in Girona (Gran Via Jaume I)
[Gatherings] Every Wednesday 19:30h at ICV-EUiA headquarters in Girona (Barcelona St., 5)

Related news: Witness. watch it, record it, change it ::: An offensive is being held ::: 8/97 Summary: 1st session of a politic trial ::: Kork 32 latest news; Trial is cancelled but the demonstration goes on! ::: Trials in Navarra ::: Spain, between dictatorships and democracy ::: Hunger strikes, children, radio and blogs: different comunication ways used by Sahara people ::: Freedom Greek Anarchists ::: [IRELAND] The Raytheon 9 ::: A year later... 4f...kidnapped by Spanish state :::

+info:>>>criminalization & repression + el5ud.Org

Mar del Plata: La jueza considera que la joven se encuentra en greve riesgo psiquico

Argentina, 17.02.2007 19:09

Autorizan aborto a niña violada

Personal account of Day of Support in Mayo

Ireland, 17.02.2007 15:09

To date residents and supporters of the Shell To S ...

Critical Mass

Melbourne, 17.02.2007 13:40

Cyclists' Complaint upheld by Press Council

Anti-war protests in Aotearoa against Australian PM

Melbourne, 17.02.2007 13:40

Peace Action Wellington takes on Howard


Colombia, 17.02.2007 12:09

Van nueve presos por la parapolítica. Aun falta el jefe.


Colombia, 17.02.2007 12:09

Granito De arena

Houston, 17.02.2007 11:09

March 8th: Granito De Arena

第4回労働映画祭 韓国ドキュメンタリー映画祭は2・10開催された Korean Documentary Festa held in Tokyo

Japan, 17.02.2007 11:07

「『伝える・ひらく・変える』―市民の独立映像が動かす韓国社会」 をテーマにアジアメディアセンター準備会による主催。

ABC Political Prisoner in TX

Houston, 17.02.2007 10:39

Houston ABC Educates about Political Prisoners in Texas

McLibel: Human Rights Victory Anniversary

United Kingdom, 17.02.2007 10:10

To celebrate the McLibel Human Rights Victory Anniversary, there was a small demo on Thursday at the McDonalds restaurant at Exchange Walk

The European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg declared that the notorious and long running McLibel case was in breach of the right to a fair trial and right to freedom of expression, thereby voiding any solace that McNasty may have enjoyed from the trial.

The Court ruled that UK laws had failed to protect the public’s right to criticise massive corporations whose business practices can affect people’s lives, health and the environment. Meanwhile after spending £10 million to suppress free speach, McDonalds find that the most widely distributed protest leaflet ever, continues to be distributed worldwide... Mainly by a group in Nottingham!

Audio: Interview with an activist about McDonald's and all its works

Previous reports: Nottingham Another Anti-G8-McDonalds event (2004) | Nottingham McDonalds Celebrating the McLibel Two (2005) | Nottingham Day of Action against McDonald's (2005) | Nottingham's part of the Worldwide Day of Action Against McDonalds (2006)

Links: McSpotlight | Veggies

Rádios livres do norte se mobilizam

Brasil, 17.02.2007 07:40


TJ suspende desapropriação da Syngenta. Governo do Paraná vai recorrer.

Brasil, 17.02.2007 07:40


Sociedade Barracão sofre incêndio e catadores/as pedem solidariedade

Brasil, 17.02.2007 07:40


Mostra do Filme Livre 2007

Brasil, 17.02.2007 07:40


Após agredir munícipe Kassab pretende processá-lo e exige desculpas

Brasil, 17.02.2007 07:40


Filha da Muda anuncia show manifesto e recebe mais apoios

Brasil, 17.02.2007 07:40


Acampados/as na frente da Prefeitura exigem moradia digna

Brasil, 17.02.2007 07:40


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