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How do we know?

United Kingdom, 22.02.2007 10:40

Over 50 people came together at Nottingham University for an event called 'the Knowledge Lab'. The event was aimed at bridging the gap between activism and academia and to provide a collective space for anti-capitalist reflection. It was the 4th time the event was organised and focussed on 'Knowledge' this time. Workshops were based around questions such as 'how do we know'? what is knowledge'? 'where do we gain our knowledge from'? 'does someone hold control over our knowledge'? 'how does gender affect knowledge'? 'how does education effect knowledge'? 'how are our senses affected by advertising and the media'? and 'how can suppressed knowledge be released into the mainstream'? Other sessions included a presentation and discussion on an alternative education project called 'Travelling School of Life', an experiment in anarchism and concensus decision making called 'SOMA' and an Open Spaces for Dialogue and Enquiry session aimed at looking at what knowledge is and what controls, thus affects it.

Audio: Organiser explains about the 4th Knowledge Lab | Chat with a Knowledge Lab regular about its history and aims | Audio of part of the Open Spaces for Dialogue and Enquiry session on 'Knowledge' | Affective Knowledge & Alternative Media (part 1) + (part 2)

Links: Knowledge Lab website | Peace Conference & Knowledge Lab :: some photos | Travelling School of Life Workshop at Knowledge Lab 4 in Nottingham | Audio reports and background from the 4th Knowledge Lab | Affective Knowledge & Alternative Media, some audio

Kebele Winter Anti Olympics

Bristol, 22.02.2007 10:39

Part of a busy weekend of events! Part of a busy weekend of events! Kebele writes: What links Kebele Social Centre, the Olympic Games and small plastic men on poles? Kebele opposes the profiteering, corruption and nationalism that defines the Olympic Games. So we've come up with an alternative! Think that those who promote the Olympics are only interested in power, prestige and profit? Frustrated with nationalistic rhetoric and political hypocracy? Historically, the Olympic Games has been linked with human rights abuses, facism, corruption and bribery. The only people that stand to benefit from the tax payers money used to fund the event are developers, construction companies and politicians...In the fight againts nationalist profiteering, Kebele is reclaiming the real meaning behind the empty rhetoric of the Olympic Games. On Sunday 25th February Kebele Winter Anti Olympics will bring together the under-rated games of table tennis, table football and pool in a triumphant celebration of humanity, justice, good old fashioned competition and beer! Join us at 1pm at the Greenbank Pub, 57 Bellevue Rd, Easton. Full article.| Kebele Winter Anti Olympics | PDF Document Kebele Winter Anti Olympics flyer | | Other events this weekend: Friday, 23th February - Reclaim the Streets No Car Day & Bristol CriticalMass | Saturday, 24th February - Kebele breakfast and infoshop & Hunt Saboteurs Benefit & No Trident/Troops Out Of Iraq |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

Barack Obama Rally

LA, 22.02.2007 05:10

Barack Obama Rally

Save Madison South Rally: We Love Our Neighborhood’s Livability!

Portland, 22.02.2007 03:39

Over 125 neighbors, business people and allied partners in the effort to find an alternative to the proposed big box store on NE 82nd and Siskiyou rallied together on Saturday, February 17 to show their solidarity to preserving neighborhood livability. Rally attendees brought along their children, dogs, fellow neighbors and friends, showing the strong community ties of the neighborhood's diverse population. Numerous students from nearby Madison High School were also present, showing their concern over such a large development across from their school.

Citing anxiety about increased traffic, safety of nearby students at schools, and economic damage to local shopping districts, the rally gathered at Glenhaven Park to hear neighborhood leaders speak about the Big Box permit application process and the status of the current proposal. Leaders also pumped up the crowd and vowed to find a positive solution for finding a win-win solution for both the land owner and the neighborhood.

Ernie Wisner Super-Awesome Community Hoe-Down Benefit this Friday!!

Portland, 22.02.2007 03:39

In May, 2006 Ernie Wisner, a member of the Cob Cottage Co. and caretaker of the North American Retreat Center for Natural Building in Coquille, Oregon, rode his bike to Portland to participate in the Village Building Convergence. While Ernie worked on the Arleta Triangle Project, a car lost control within the intersection of SE 72nd & Woodstock, accelerated into the triangle, and crushed Ernie's lower right leg against the backside of the cob bench he was building. He has since had numerous major surgeries, the cost of which long ago exceeded the automobile insurance funds. To help defray expenses, Friends of Ernie Wisner are sponsoring a benefit for Ernie.

Time: 6:30pm-Late
Place: 3810 N Mississippi Ave

A black-and-white flyer is attached with more details. We're also looking for volunteers to help welcome people, manage auction items and food service, and help with setup and cleanup. Donations can also be made at any branch of Washington Mutual, to the Ernie Wisner Benefit Fund. | | Friends of Ernie Wisner

Stop Escalation Message to Congress

Oklahoma, 22.02.2007 02:08

Letters will be delivered to Rep. Mary Fallin on Thurs. Feb. 22 at noon This week we have a great opportunity to make sure our representatives know that folks in their district are against escalation. Congress is about to head home for a break. On Thursday, February 22nd, at 12 noon, we'll greet them by holding events outside their office and hand delivering letters from constituents about why we must stop the escalation and bring the troops home. We are also looking for Iraq veterans or family members to speak. We should all try to encourage reaching out to every single representative in Oklahoma. to sign up for the event: if you can't attend but would like to write a letter go here: Oklahoma City Tells Rep. Fallin & Congress: ‘You’re the Decider’ on Iraq This week we have a great opportunity to make sure our representatives know that folks in their district are against escalation. Congress is about to head home for a break. On Thursday, February 22nd, at 12 noon, we'll greet them by holding events outside their office and hand delivering letters from constituents about why we must stop the escalation and bring the troops home. We are also looking for Iraq veterans or family members to speak. We should all try to encourage reaching out to every single representative in Oklahoma. to sign up for the event: if you can't attend but would like to write a letter go here: MOVEON.ORG POLITICAL ACTION FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 2007 Oklahoma City Tells Rep. Fallin & Congress: ‘You’re the Decider’ on Iraq More Than 250 Events Nationwide Reject Escalation & Urge Immediate Redeployment of American Troops Members Deliver 25,000 Letters to Congress at District Offices [Oklahoma City, OK]—On Thursday. February 22nd, MoveOn members in Oklahoma City will hand deliver letters with the message, “You’re the Decider” -- urging Congresswoman Mary Fallin not only to vote against the president’s plan but also to stop the president from escalation the war. This event follows on the heels of Republicans in the Senate, once again, blocking debate and a vote on a non-binding resolution opposing the president’s escalation. "Congresswoman Mary Fallin is the decider. She must stop the president from escalating the war,” said Ivan Hutchcroft,. MoveOn member in Oklahoma City. “Last week’s vote was a first step, but it’s not enough. If the president won’t listen to the people, Congress must stop the escalation and bring our troops home,” Hutchcroft concluded. Local residents, including Dr. Kathy Scheirman, MD, who recently completed 20-years of service as a doctor in the US Air Force, will be at the event to highlight why residents in Oklahoma City oppose the president’s escalation. Scheirman said that now that she is a civilian she wants to oppose the war and express her concerns that the US may be preparing for war in Iran. Other military family members will be attending to speak out against the escalation. The letter writing began last week during 1200 nationwide screenings of Ground Truth. Congressman John Murtha (D-PA) addressed tens of thousands of MoveOn members across the country, online, in an effort to help block President Bush’s attempt to escalate his failed policy in Iraq. WHAT MoveOn members and Oklahoma City residents hand deliver letters to Rep.Fallin. WHEN: Thursday, February 22nd, 2007, 12 noon. WHERE: Rep. Mary Fallin’s office 101 N. Broadway (bet Park and Main), 73102 ** GREAT VISUALS: SIGNS AND FLYERS WITH REP.’S PHONE NUMBER** These events are held in coordination with Americans Against Escalation in Iraq (AAEI). AAEI includes the Service Employees International Union, Political Action,, Center for American Progress Action Fund, USAction, Win Without War, Campaign for America’s Future, Progressive States Network, Campus Progress, TrueMajority, Working Assets and the United States Student Association. # # #

Is George W. Bush coming to Aotearoa in September 07?

Aotearoa, 22.02.2007 01:10

According to an article in the NZ Herald "United States President George Bush is looking to formally meet with Pacific Island leaders next year - possibly in New Zealand. Asked if a Pacific summit might be held in New Zealand, [Clark] said it was something that could be looked at."

Clark was quoted: "Obviously if he is in Australia, it is a possibility of coming to New Zealand, and it is a possibility around all of that that you might get the Pacific countries together. But it is a thought at this point and I wouldn't overplay it." Foreign Minister Winston Peters has also invited US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice to visit New Zealand next year.

Bush is going to the APEC meeting in September 2007 which is taking place in Sydney. The anti-war movement needs to be ready to mobilise thousands of people for the actions in March around the 4th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq and to oppose Bush and Rice in the streets!

Links: Global Peace and Jusitce Auckland | Peace Action Wellington | Peace Movement Aotearoa

Guatemalan Anti-Genocide Activists Threatened, Kidnapped

Austin, 22.02.2007 01:09

A coalition of indigenous Guatemalans is trying to bring former dictator Rios Montt and others to justice for a scorched-earth campaign that devastated Maya communities in during Montt's rule and killed at least 200,000 people. Two activists involved with Austin Indymedia are now working as human rights accompaniers to witnesses to genocide in Guatemala. They report that on February 5, a written threat to "stop bothering with protection" was left for lawyers working on the genocide case. The ongoing efforts at intimidation against those involved in the genocide case, including the kidnapping of José Roberto Morales, coordinator of the Indigenous Peoples’ Rights Department of Center for Human Rights Legal Action, are detailed below.

Guatemalan anti-genocide activists and their supporters are calling for show of international solidarity to help stave off further threats and potential violence. They suggest the following actions:

  • Request that the Vice-President of Guatemala offer protection to human rights defenders, particularly the members of UPD-MNDH, COMUNICARTE, ECAP, CALDH, and MNDH who are working against genocide and impunity;
  • Request that the Vice-President support the extradition of those accused by the Spanish National Court;
  • Demand that the Attorney General launch an immediate and thorough investigation of the attacks against the CALDH legal team and the offices of UPD-MNDH, MNDH and COMUNICARTE;
  • Demand that the Attorney General move the genocide cases forward.

The Network in Solidarity with the People of Guatemala has set up an action alert and contact page that will send your message directly to the Guatemalan government. Please visit this page and voice your support for the anti-genocide struggle in Guatemala. For more information see below or check out Elias Lawless's interview with Antonio Caba, an Ixil Maya activist who currently serves as president of the Association for Justice and Reconciliation and is working to hold ex-dictators accountable: part 1 and part 2.
leer en espanol [aqui]

Get on the Bus! :: CIW Mobilization to Chicago

Austin, 22.02.2007 01:09

People of Texas!!!

The Community Labor Action Project of Austin is organizing a bus headed to Chicago for the Coalition of Immokalee Workers mobilization in April and we want you to come!

What: McDonalds Truth Tour and major CIW mobilization in Chicago.

When: The bus from Austin, TX leaves at 1am on Thursday, April 12, and returns to Austin by 10pm on Sunday, April 15.

Who: Students, workers, community groups, activists, people of faith and folks from Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Waco, the Valley, and beyond.

Why: To rise up with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers for their annual Truth Tour and to tell McDonalds that we won't back down until they agree to work with the CIW for farmworker rights and a penny more per pound!

Earth First! Organizers Conference in Austin February 22-26th

Austin, 22.02.2007 01:09

Earth First! will be having our annual organizers conference at the Rhizome Collective's brownfield grove in East Austin from February 22-26th. The world around is changing every day, and all animal and plant life will have to adapt and learn to live together in new ways. In this spirit of change and facing new challenges, the 2007 Earth First! Organizers Conference (OC) and Winter Rendezvous will be hosted at the Rhizome Collective's brownfield in Austin. This 10-acre brownfield is being modified into a community park and learning site for sustainable urban living. In the meantime, Rhizome has graciously allowed us to use the space for the event. The brownfield has a solar shower and one outhouse, with more to be built before the OC. There is space available for about 10-15 parked cars in the brownfield and on surrounding streets, but it is a residential area — so carpool as much as possible. Please do not bring any dogs because there are feral dogs in the area. This way we can avoid dog fights, which are dangerous for both animals and people. There will be access to the community kitchen at Rhizome, where Austin Food Not Bombs, in collaboration with the OC organizers, will cook the meals and transport them back to the brownfield. CONTACT INFO: Phone: (210) 316-6014 or (210) 834-1014 Email: efoc2k7 (at) Directions: Go to Featuring workshops by Rising Tide and Root Force

Report-Back and Video Screening from the Oaxaca Rebellion.

Austin, 22.02.2007 01:09

What started out as an annual teachers strike in the south-eastern Mexican town of Oaxaca has become the largest popular rebellion in Mexico in over a decade. To date, human rights organizations report that there have been hundreds of illegal detentions, disappearances and injuries, and at least eighteen documented deaths. Join three long-term activists and filmakers as they report back from the popular uprising in Oaxaca, Mexico. They will screen recent video footage from the frontlines of the struggle for dignity and democracy in Oaxaca and follow the screening with a brief discussion of solidarity work with the people of Oaxaca. Jill Friedberg (director of This is What Democracy Looks Like and Granito de Arena) Shannon Young (Free Speech Radio News) Vladimir Flores (Mal de Ojo video collective, Indymedia Oaxaca) Friday, February 23rd - 8:00 pm Rhizome Collective (Bring a chair if you have one and warm clothes if you need them) 300 Allen Street (directions) for more information email: austinactiongroupoax (at) || Austin Action Group for Oaxaca Events

Anti War Actions This Week -DEFUND THE WAR!!!

Austin, 22.02.2007 01:09

Actions TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY at Federal Building targeting senators/reps while they are in town on recess this week. This week (February 19-25), it is critical to communicate with our Congresspeople - while they are IN AUSTIN on recess - on their position on the upcoming $93 billion war supplemental that is expected to be voted on in mid-March. We're asking them to sign a public pledge that they will vote against the supplemental appropriation, and represent the plurality of their constituents who are not only against the surge, but want our troops to come home! The supplemental appropriation is not needed to keep US troops "out of harm's way." This fiscal year alone, over $67 billion in supplemental spending has been added to the military's already-bloated equipment procurement and operations & maintenance budgets, on top of $360 billion spent on a war that never should have happened! There is plenty of money to not only keep our troops out of harm's way, but to bring them home as well. Bush's upcoming supplemental appropriation funds the machinery of war in Iraq itself. Bring yourself, signs and banners, and music to this week's actions focused on Rep. Lloyd Doggett (District 25), Rep. Michael McCaul (District 10), Rep. John Carter (District 31) and Senator John Cornyn The Occupation Project || read on for days and times…

Forest Protests Escalating

Melbourne, 21.02.2007 23:09

Tasmania: Forest Activists Attacked and Terrorized

Free's brutal 23 year sentence for burning 3 SUV's overturned!

DC, 21.02.2007 22:10

The outrageous 23 year sentence that Jeffery "Free" Luers got for burning 3 SUVs when rapists typically serve 8 in the same jursisdiction has finally been overturned!

Part 3: John Locke, Yellowstone, and the Dogma of the Right to Private Property: Against the right to private property

DC, 21.02.2007 22:10

"though being human gave Indians a right to the fruits of their labor, their labor was still inadequate to claim rightful ownership over the entire continent. They were, in Locke's eyes, wasting the land." Part 3 in a Series: Against the right to private property. This series of essays has looked at connecting John Locke's theories of property rights to the considerations that founded Yellowstone National Park as well as to the issues of today. Previous parts explored that connection and looked. In this part, a right to property is denied; that view is defended. The final part will explore what to do in Yellowstone today in a world that is falsely built on property rights, rights which have no rational or ethical foundation.

Scotland´s Zapatistas need solidarity

Scotland, 21.02.2007 17:10

The Delegation from Scotland´s zapatista solidarity groups currently in Chiapas have just returned from a ten-day visit to Scotland´s twinned zapatista autonomous municipality of 16th February. They report that its new autonomous health clinic – built with the aid of donations from Scotland - is now indeed up and running and treating patients, but is still needing donations.

Campesino santiagueño estas nominado

Argentina, 21.02.2007 17:09

Campesino santiagueño estas nominado !

capesino estas nominado

Argentina, 21.02.2007 16:09

Miercoles 21 de Febrero 2007 | SANTIAGO DEL ESTERO
Desalojo de Campesinos en Paraje Ing. Ezcurra

Hutto Jail

Houston, 21.02.2007 15:40

The Hutto immigrant detention facility faces increased protest


Japan, 21.02.2007 15:08

Chavez calls on the working class to put itself at the forefront of the revolution

Portland, 21.02.2007 11:39

In a meeting on Wednesday, February 14 with the retired workers of the IVSS (Instituto Venezolano de los Seguros Sociales - Venezuelan Institute of Social Security), in the Venezuela room of the Circulo Militar, the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez declared (quoting Marx) that "the workers cannot be turned into the slaves of work, into the slaves of capital. Capital must be subordinated to the workers." Reflecting upon this Chavez ordered a review of the 8-hour day, as well as saying that the working day should be reduced to allow the workers time for education. "I ask for the full support of the working class and of the genuinely revolutionary trade unions... I call upon the working class to once and for all play its rightful role in this revolution."

Expansion of I-5 Columbia River Bridge

Portland, 21.02.2007 10:42

A staff committee has recommended that the current I-5 bridge that crosses the Columbia River between Portland, OR, and Vancouver, WA, be replaced with a much larger bridge. If approved, this will significantly increase traffic pressures in both cities. Since a decision is going to be made soon, now is the time for community groups to make their voices heard.

In the last few weeks, the staff working on the Columbia River Crossing project have put forward three options (described at the following website:
1) No Build Option.
2) A bridge with 10 or 12 lanes, with two of those lanes dedicated to bus transit
3) A bridge with 10 or 12 lanes, with two of those lanes dedicated to light rail transit.

The current I-5 bridge has 6 lanes. Therefore, the viable options being advanced by the staff (options 2 and 3) represent a doubling of the number of lanes over the Columbia River. This proposal poses a significant threat to the residents of North/Northeast Portland

From George Washington to a Broomstick for a President

Portland, 21.02.2007 10:41

George Washington deserved the title, "Father of the Country." For eight and one half years, refusing any pay, he led the Continental Army, a gallant force which he helped to forge from the strength of his own stellar persona. After the victory over Great Britain in 1783, Washington, like the Roman General Cincinnatus, relinquished his military command at Annapolis, MD, and returned to his Mt. Vernon, VA home. The old General was also a keen observer. In June, 1799, after serving as the nation's first President, (1789-97), he watched party politics first emerging. When the parties selected candidates to suit their own organizational interests, leaving the nation's well-being out of the loop, he commented: "They...can set up a would still command their vote [for President!]" Well, guess what General? Little has changed. The GOP did just that in the elections for President in 2000, and again in 2004. The broomstick's name is George W. Bush!

Protests Greet Senators Wyden and Smith

Portland, 21.02.2007 10:41

We had a great showing of about 30+ people, made up of PPRC, Code Pink, Surge Protection Brigade, the Surging Grannies, and other groups in the peace movement that I am not fully versed on! It seemed like two groups of people entered by the driveway area where we all were making a helluva lot of noise, and neither group seemed larger than about 12-15 people...

The protest was mentioned by one of the facilitators when Smith was trying to avoid a question on Iraq. The question asked the Senators what "actions" they would take to end the war. The person asking the questions said he was tired of "talk". The reporter clearly made Smith address the defunding issue. The reporter clearly stated why the protesters outside the TV studio had the message to: "Defund the War".

Wyden and Smith did not give clear answers on any future actions they will take...

AUDIO Report Back: Stop McSchools in Portland

Portland, 21.02.2007 10:41

Last Monday, Feb. 12, 2007, an overflow crowd was gathered at the Portland pPublic School Board meeting in part to express frustration and provide testimonials against a fast track corporate-produced textbook adoption that is being proposed system-wide at a cost of over $4 million.

Three education advocates spoke with me before the public testimony about their reasons for being there. They were there to urge Superintendent Vicki Phillips and the board to listen to the teachers and pay attention to what's already working in the schools as opposed to attempting a "quick-fix" through dumbed-down, homogenized, and previously digested text.

На беларуских музыкантов напали киевские неонацисты.

Belarus, 21.02.2007 10:38


Argentina, 21.02.2007 07:39

Traspié para Benetton en Chubut

Four Chicago women arrested in war funding protest

Chicago, 21.02.2007 06:11

Four area women were arrested Tuesday to protest an Illinois senator for his implicit support of war funding.

The protest, part of a campaign of civil disobedience actions called the Occupation Project were arrested at the Dirksen Federal Building in downtown Chicago on the morning of Tuesday, February 20. The arrestees protested against Illinois Senator Richard Durbin (whose offices are in the building) for his refusal to vote against a Congressional funding request for the ongoing war and occupation in Iraq.

The activists released a statement which read in part: "If Senator Durbin is against this war, he must stop funding it. We will stay in the lobby of the federal building until removed because we strongly believe that this war must end and that our elected representatives have the power to follow last November’s mandate to do so." Read more

Related resources: Code Pink: The Occupation Project | Voices for Creative Nonviolence: The Occupation Project

La Justicia en llamas

Argentina, 21.02.2007 04:39

Pueblada en Corral de Bustos

Zero Emissions and climate Change

Melbourne, 21.02.2007 03:40

Zero Emissions must be the Target to Avoid Climate Catastrophe

Report on Feb 17th Sean Bell Family Solidarity Vigil and Speakout

NYC, 21.02.2007 03:39

Report on the rally and speakout in solidarity with the family of Sean Bell on February 17, 2007, called by October 22 Coalition to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation

NYU Republicans Plan Disgusting, Virulent Anti-Immigrant Action

NYC, 21.02.2007 03:39

Fwd: NYU Republicans play "find the illegal immigrant" thursday
There will be a protest, right off of the east side of Washington Square Park, on Washington Place, NYC.

IWW President's Day March Round-Up

NYC, 21.02.2007 03:39

Hundreds rallied in the cold for hours to protest the illegal union-busting in Brooklyn's food industry warehouses; major news outlets covered.

HIMC Video Workgroup Meeting

Houston, 20.02.2007 23:08

This Thursday: Film Screening Workgroup Meeting

I-69 Roadshow

Houston, 20.02.2007 17:08

I-69: Coming soon to a previously undisturbed habitat near you.


Boston, 20.02.2007 16:10

Emerson College and Suffolk University came together for a solidarity march and rally in support of the nationwide student strikes and actions that took place in 27 schools around the U.S. on Thursday, February 15.

Briefing Note for North American Migrants Rights Activists on Recent African Migration Experiences, European Union Repression, and European-African Activist Responses

Boston, 20.02.2007 16:10

There is a striking similarity between North America and Europe experiences in the recent upsurge in unauthorized migration from the South, the militarization of borders, anti-immigrant legislation, criminalization of undocumented migrants, government raids, and expulsions. This note is meant to inform the North American migrants’ rights movement of recent events in Europe and Africa as part of a wider effort to promote international unity in the struggle for migrants’ rights.


Portugal, 20.02.2007 15:09


La Justicia en llamas

Argentina, 20.02.2007 15:08

Pueblada en Corral de Bustos

Update on the Southwest Museum

LA, 20.02.2007 14:40

Update on the Southwest Museum

It's Back: Bristol Latin American Forum Bigger than Ever!

Bristol, 20.02.2007 10:08

Bristol Latin American Forum, Saturday March 10th, 2007 Bristol Latin American Forum, Saturday March 10th, 2007 It's back, following the sucsess of last year - Bristol Latin American Forum, Saturday March the 10th, 2007 - Kevin writes: Themed around social and cultural changes in Latin America, the LAF is a vibrant day event with workshops, plenaries, discussion, music, film, and food by Kebele. It also includes a related evening event with Cuban hip hop artists and a 16 piece salsa band. The Bristol Latin American Forum is an exciting political and cultural event to be held from 11 am - 6 pm on Saturday, 10th of March 2007 at the Department of Hispanic & Portuguese Studies, University of Bristol, 15 Woodland Road, Bristol BS8 (NOTE: entry is from the rear of No. 21). Starting and ending with two speaker plenaries/ discussions and having 15 widely varied workshops throughout the day, the Forum will focus on the political, social, economic and cultural changes now sweeping across Latin America, especially in areas such as challenges to neo-liberalism, self empowerment for the poor, environmental issues and human rights. Speakers include Richard Solly (Colombia Solidarity Campaign), Amancay Colque (indigenous rights activist and spokeswoman for the Bolivia Solidarity Campaign), Felix Plasencia (Deputy Minister at the Venezuelan Embassy in London) and Tariq Ali (historian, political commentator and author of 'Pirates of The Caribbean: Axis Of Hope'). After party at the Full Moon features prominent Cuban hip-hop artists Obsesión (founding fathers of the Cuban hip hop scene - their 2003 USA tour culminated at the Harlem Apollo and they also performed at the 2006 World Social Forum in Venezuela), Los Paisanos (Havana underground rap outfit since 2000), and Orchestra Montpelier (16-piece salsa creole outfit). Full article (& flyer). | Bristol Latin American Forum, Saturday March the 10th, 2007 |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

Medical marijuana patient needs defense

San Diego, 20.02.2007 09:39

My name is Nathaniel D. Archer, and I reside in San Francisco, Ca. I am registered with the State of California as a Medical Cannabis patient. I recently had all of my equipment and garden confiscated by the County of San Diego and was charged with cultivation. I was incarcerated despite the fact that I have documentation to support my patient status.

I have a court appointed Attorney, who has an agenda similar to that of the County of San Diego; to put myself and other advocates of Medicinal Cannabis behind bars, solely because of their denial of the existence of Medical Cannabis...

Related: DEA Raids SD Medical Marijuana Dispensaries | DA Dumanis Lies About Law | The Love and Death of a San Diego Activist | Medical Cannabis Advocates Decry Increase in State's MMJ Patient Cards

Carta, Dibujo y Poema de la lucha en Oaxaca

San Diego, 20.02.2007 08:09

Una carta al consulado mexicano de la coalición vAPPOroaxaca, un dibujo hecho por nuestra miembra mas jovencita y un poema hecho por otra miembra que fue leido durante el festival político-cultural en el Chicano Park el 22 de diciembre:

Los suscritos, miembros de la Coalición Vapporoaxaca (un esfuerzo de organización de Meicanos y Communidad solidaria Internacional), Con residencia en San Diego, Ca. Nos dirigimos a usted y a la Dependencia Federal que usted representa, para plantearle nuestras demandas y exigencias en relación al conflicto social que se vive en Oaxaca...

Despierto como de un letargo de un sueño apesumbrado Aun me encuentro cocinando, Volteo a ver el reloj Son casi las 6:00 de la tarde, mi hijo no a vuelto y ya es muy tarde Un vuelco da mi corazón asi que apago el fogón y salgo a buscarlo, Toda la gente viene corriendo y gritando ( corran que nos alcanzan, estos canijos Nos quieren agarrar.) de repente veo a un conocido y le pregunto, ¿Que si a visto a mi hijo? Lo acaban de secuestrar, me dice gritando, El helicóptero se lo acaba de llevar, no es posible me grita mi corazón. ¿adonde se lo han llevado sigo yo preguntando?...

reclaman mejoras para proyectos productivos

Argentina, 20.02.2007 06:38

Organizaciones marcharon ayer a La Plata

Martin Draghon Sent Back to Prison

Houston, 20.02.2007 06:38

Haris County Revokes Parole for Martin Draughon

expusieron microemprendimientos sobre avenida 7

Argentina, 20.02.2007 06:09

Organizaciones marcharon por proyectos productivos


Cleveland, 20.02.2007 05:10



Cleveland, 20.02.2007 05:10


Impeach -- Town Meeting in Olympia

Portland, 20.02.2007 04:39

Washington State Senator Eric Oemig will be speaking at the town hall meeting -- Constitution in Crisis: The Case for Impeachment -- February 20th, in Olympia. Elizabeth de la Vega, David Lindorff and Ray McGovern are the featured speakers.

Events: book signing, petition signing, and open mic

Where: Washington Center for the Performing Arts, 512 Washington SE, Olympia, WA

When: Tuesday, February 20, 2007 at 7 p.m. Doors open at 6 p.m.

Free! Free! Free!


Impeachment is On the Table In Washington

On February 14th, over 100 people crowded into Senate hearing 2 to witness Washington State Senator Eric Oemig place impeachment on the table. This joint memorial (SJM 8016) Requesting an impeachment investigation into actions by President Bush and Vice President Cheney, was co-sponsored by Senators Fairley, Fraser, Kauffman, Kline, Kohl-Welles, Prentice, Regala, and Spanel.

This memorial petitions Congress to conduct an investigation of the president and the vice president. The bill lists a number of serious allegations, including using deceptive information about the war, deliberately misrepresenting the severity of the threat from Iraq to take us into war, conducting electronic surveillance of Americans without any warrant, and stripping Americans of their constitutional rights solely on the discretion of the President.


related: [ Oemig to introduce bill on impeachment in Washington | Washington State Senator - putting impeachment on the table! | Why Removing Bush and Cheney Matters | Impeachment by the People | The people want impeachment! ]

Blumenauer: [ So, I wrote Blumenauer about impeachment... | Write to Earl Blumenauer, Exhort Him Again to IMPEACH! | Rep. Earl Blumenauer's Yellow Response to Call for Impeachment ]

Photo/Video Report: SOU Students Walk-Out F14

Rogue Valley, 20.02.2007 03:10

On Wednesday, February 14th, hundreds of students cut classes to gather at Southern Oregon University in a demonstration of solidarity “to try and promote education in our state.”

Following the rally several hundred students were joined by faculty, staff and community supporters and the mass of education supporters marched from the university campus to Ashland's downtown plaza.

Here you can find a photo and video clip report back for the SOU Valentine's Day March & Rally 2007 that took place in Ashland, Oregon.

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