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A dozen protesters protest Gen. Pace in Vancouver, WA

Portland, 24.02.2007 13:09

About 6 of us stood outside with signs and flags, while 5 went inside. Read about it below.

Vancouver was busting its image today for the Iraq War as Gen. Peter Pace came to speak at Hudson's Bay High School. Under sunny skies about 6 of us stood below the school at the corner of Mill Plain and Reserve. We were told we could not be on school property, so we were delegated to the "Free Speech Zone." I tested it by walking into the driveway about 50' and got to see fellow citizens walk or drive inside. I cannot fathom their interest or support.

I went back to the group at the corner during the speech. I knew there were some of us going inside. Sure enough! Mike E. was the first to stand up and unfurl his sign, shortly after Pace began. He had to listen to our military mayor say he thanks God every day that our country has the "strongest military in the world." YUK! Mike said he stood about 45 seconds before being told by police he had to leave and not come back. Then Danny and his mother came walking down as they had done the same thing. Police checked their ID. Then Angie and Joy came out. Angie's rolled-up sign was stuck in her sweater sleeve and she and Joy jiggled around to get it out! They stood and were told to leave and not come back.

AUDIO FILE: Ralph Nader Speaking About His New Book, &quot;17 Traditions.&quot;

Portland, 24.02.2007 13:09

Ralph Nader was in Portland on February 13, 2007, appearing at the Baghdad Theater to speak about his new book, "17 Traditions." "I've never written a book like this before, and I want to explain why I wrote it, in addition to being a love story, for my mom and dad and my sisters and brother.

"I wrote it because...if you are looking for active citizens to help you make a better country or community, after a while you run out of exhortations and you ask yourself, 'how do we get more active citizens?'"

"Sometimes you have a demonstration, you have a march, people come and they connect, or somebody has a tragedy and forms something like Mothers Against Drunk Drivers. Or they might come out of the Universities, perchance, having some sort of mission, whether in science, engineering, politics, economics, organizing, whatever. But it's never enough, there are never enough active citizens."

Olympia's Town Hall Meeting on Impeach a Huge Success

Portland, 24.02.2007 13:09

Olympia's Constitution in Crisis: The Case for Impeachment drew over 800 people, almost filling the Washington Center on Tuesday, February 20, 2007.

Elizabeth de la Vega, David Lindorff and Ray McGovern made compelling arguments about the need to impeach Bush/Cheney. Each stressed that impeachment is necessary to restore the Constitution. While the list of impeachable offenses is long, de la Vega pointed out that incompetence was not what the framers of the Constitution had in mind. They also poked holes in the various "arguments" given by Democrats. Unlike the Clinton impeachment, de la Vega stated, the violations of law by Bush/Cheney are serious abuses of power and impeachment was intended to remedy those abuses. All agreed that the evidence was overwhelming and that the impeachment process would be swift. They rejected the belief that impeachment would harm the Democrats. Lindorff noted that the Democrats would be harmed by not taking action, especially if the Republicans decide to take the lead on impeaching Bush/Cheney. McGovern asked that if lying to get us into war, illegal wiretaps, dismissing the basic protections granted in the Bill of Rights and creating a unitary executive through signing statements are not impeachable, than what is?


also: Olympia Town Meeting: The Video

Grannies Arrested At Gordon Smith's Office

Portland, 24.02.2007 13:09

For a 61 year old woman, I had a terrifically interesting day. On Wednesday, February 20, 2007 I got arrested - along with another 78 year old woman named Dot. We entered Sen. Gordon Smith's office and asked the receptionist if we couldn't speak to Senator Smith or one of his aides. We were informed that Senator Smith was in Salem today - and no aide except one involved with immigration issues was present in the office today. I asked if Sen. Smith or his aides would be in his office tomorrow and I was told that in order to speak to the senator a voter would have to submit a request in writing. The receptionist's answer was an acceptable response - but she ignored the fact I had just indicated that we would be willing to speak to one of his aides in consideration of the busy senator's schedule. I did not believe a "written request should be necessary to speak to one of the senator's aides so at this point I wondered, "Does this senator believe he has any obligation to the citizen - to his fellow Oregonians?" Why wouldn't a telephone call provide the senator OR one of his aides with sufficient notice that one of his constituents had a desire to express an opinion on an important and pressing issue such as the Iraq war. I felt that the receptionist was being evasive - and that the senator was prepared to duck and dodge any request for a serious conversation on the issue. At this point, I did sit down and wrote out a letter requesting some time with the senator, himself, within 7 working days since I felt that the effort of a written request warranted more than a few moments with one of the senator's office staff.


More Arrests At Senator Gordon Smith's Office

Wednesday afternoon Dot Lukins and Kathleen Bushman went up to Senator Gordon Smith's office to talk about their concerns about the Iraq war. They were told that there was no one in the office that could talk to them. They wanted to express their hope that the Senator would vote in a manner consistent with his statements about the war and therefore vote to defund the Iraq war. When they said they would not leave until receiving assurance that Senator Smith would agree to de-fund the war, they were arrested. Why did these two women who have never been previously arrested take this action? Dot (73) took this action because "I grieve when I see the names this week of 26 American young people killed, and when I see the young maimed in body and mind from this misbegotten war". Kathleen (61) says "I realized that if my own words mean anything, I too should take more effective action on behalf of all our fine young men and women- I would very much like to see them come home alive" Sen. Smith's constituents will continue to step forward. The "Grannies/Surge Protection Brigade" will be doing civil resistance today (22nd) and other people will continue the effort over the coming weeks. They will stop when Senator Smith does the one thing he can do to stop the war, which is to defund the war.


Lynne Stewart and Michael Ratner on Bay Area Speaking Tour

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.02.2007 09:10

Attorney Lynne Stewart is on a 21-event, six-day tour of Northern California. Michael Ratner, Jeff Mackler, and Pam Africa will accompany Lynne for the first three days, February 23-25, for meetings and receptions in San Francisco, Berkeley, Marin and Palo Alto. Events during the tour, which will last until February 28th, will benefit both Lynne Stewart and Mumia Abu-Jamal. Lynne will also visit Sacramento, Fresno and Santa Rosa, as well as three area law schools-and many other events.


Colombia, 24.02.2007 09:09

Cae por paramilitar ex jefe de inteligencia de Uribe

San Diego Indymedia Website Redesign Meeting Notes

San Diego, 24.02.2007 07:39

On thursday, february 15, san diego indymedia held its first open meeting to plan and work on redesigning the sdimc website using drupal. The discussions covered:

----What is Drupal?
Drupal is an open source content management system...
----Framework for how we are going to redesign the website
nonhierarchical, skill share oriented, emphasize keeping everyone involved over making it happen fast or in the optimal manner....
----What will the website look like/what do we want?
We spent a lot of time talking about what we want the front page of the website to look like, including looking at some indymedia websites that are using drupal (urbana-champaign, quebec, melbourne, columbus, tasmania, malta, belgium, climate, york). Here are some of the things that popped out of our stream of consciousness discussion (please comment below or come to a meeting!). -website too dark...
----List of initial tasks
-post notes from meeting (ok, well, ummm)...
----Meeting evaluation
Noted that it would be useful to take into account that people have different preferred modes for learning... --Read More of the Meeting Notes--

Thursday, March 1 8PM
The Other Side Cafe
4096 30th Street North Park

Links: San Diego Indymedia in Transition | Drupal | Drupal on wikipedia | PHP on wikipedia | mysql on wikipedia | postgresql on wikipedia

Sri Lankans Seeking Asylum - Breach of Human Rights

Perth, 24.02.2007 05:42

Secret deals with Indonesia/Australia over Sri Lankan Asylum Seekers

Greetings from the NYC Taxi Workers Alliance!

NYC, 24.02.2007 05:11

My name is Constance Sisk. I work with the New York City Taxi Workers Alliance. In mid-March, we will be hosting taxi drivers from across the US and Canada, as we come together to found the first international alliance of taxi workers. We are asking you to support this historic effort, by purchasing space for a message from your union or organization in a journal we are putting together to mark our gathering. This journal will be distributed to over 50,000 taxi workers and allies in total.

NYC Critical Mass to Smolka: Ride Free!

NYC, 24.02.2007 05:11

200 Critical Mass cyclists and pedestrians gathered in a frigid Union Square tonight accompanied by radical marching band, The Rude Mechanical Orchestra. The Rude Mechanical was there to lead everyone in a joyous celebration of the retirement of assistant police chief Bruce Smolka. This was the last ride before the old-new-old parade permit rules go into effect, and the first ride with the new-old-new police surveillance restrictions. Word was spread throughout the crowd that the ride would start on foot so as to avoid police harassment. For almost a year now, the NYPD has been writing bogus tickets as the cyclists set off from Union Square. Walking together down the sidewalk with the band in front, riders wondered what the police scooters would do. Would they ticket Critical Mass for walking their bikes instead of riding them? Or would they let them continue on unimpeded?

Police Critical of Mass

Scotland, 24.02.2007 01:10

A critical mass of over 40 cyclists converged this Friday on Edinburgh city centre. After meeting between the art galleries near the mound they undertook a lively cycle ride, lasting nearly two hours through the town.

Poor People Gonna Rise Up!

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.02.2007 00:15

The Homelessness Marathon put a spotlight on Fresno and the way this city treats its homeless residents. The story that follows is about a one hour panel that was held during the event. The Homelessness Marathon was 14 hours long. The photo below is from the first panel, which included Cynthia Greene, Joanna Garcia, Pamela Kincaid, Jeremy Alderson, and Alphonso Williams. Jeremy Alderson is the host and producer of the Homelessness Marathon. The guests are all a part of a lawsuit against the City of Fresno demanding that city workers stop taking and immediately destroying homeless peoples property. A preliminary injunction has been issued. A date for the lawsuit to be heard in federal court is expected to be announced soon.


Mapping a Radical New York

NYC, 24.02.2007 00:14 - Capitalists map the city for the purposes of profit and authorities do so for control. Radicals, of course, have a different agenda.

This map is the first installment of a larger project dedicated to highlighting important sites of social struggle in New York City. At present, the map only covers a small (albeit important) sliver of the city and quite incompletely at that. I plan to expand, enrich, and refine it in near future. I welcome any suggestions or comments.


Good Riddance: NYPD Assistant Chief Bruce Smolka Retires Abruptly

NYC, 24.02.2007 00:14

A scandal-prone NYPD assistant chief’s abrupt retirement this month has many video activists wondering if they’ve helped topple a giant. Bruce Smolka, the Manhattan assistant chief responsible for carrying out the city’s heavyhanded crackdown on protest, announced that he is leaving this month in the midst of several lawsuits and online videos of him roughing up protesters.

“The question is ripe,” said I-Witness Video’s Eileen Clancy, “he’s a powerful chief who loves his job, but he knows the trials are coming up and that the videos are going to be seen more widely. Did we help usher him out?”


Antwerpen, 23.02.2007 22:09

Burchtgracht: bewoners, krakers en betoenboeren

In Transit

NYC, 23.02.2007 19:39

Housing Works opens talks with the Transit Authority about its transgender sensitivity policies

EDO CORP: Alternative Annual Report

United Kingdom, 23.02.2007 19:39

On Thursday 22nd February EDO Corporation released their 2007 annual report. The Corporation, of which the embattled Brighton based arms dealers EDO MBM are a wholly owned trading unit, has announced that it is operating below targets.

Below is an 'Alternative Report' from the Smash EDO campaign...

Brighton based EDO MBM has been the target of sustained protest and direct action since 2003 (see

On Friday 16th a group of protesters occupied EDO's car park and foyer blowing claxon horns and scattering photos of the carnage in Iraq. This was the second such action in the last month 1 2

On Monday 19th Eight students from Sussex University locked themselves to EDO's fence and gates delaying the opening of the factory and preventing deliveries Press Release Photo Report

On Wednesday 21st protesters held a funeral procession and vigil for the victims of the US bombing of Somalia at the factory Press Release Report

100 Tage und kein Bleiberecht

Germany, 23.02.2007 17:39

„Ab Morgen Früh können langjährig Geduldete ihr Bleiberecht bekommen.“ Dieses große Versprechen gaben die Innenminister der Länder nach ihrer Konferenz in Nürnberg am 17.11.06. Sie einigten sich auf eine „Bleiberechtsregelung“ für die rund 200.000 Menschen, die seit Jahren lediglich mit einer „Duldung“, d.h. ohne sicheren Aufenthaltsstatus in Deutschland leben müssen.
Am 24. Februar ist die Regelung seit 100 Tagen in Kraft. Bisher wurden kaum Aufenthaltstitel nach der Regelung vergeben. In Niedersachsen bekamen z.B. bisher von 22.600 Geduldeten lediglich 49 ! ein Bleiberecht! Vom 22. bis 24. Februar rufen deshalb Bleiberechtsinitiativen und antirassistische Gruppen auf zu Aktionen für das ganze Bleiberecht. In 18 Städten sind Proteste angekündigt!

Romina Tejerina: Se cumple un año más de su detención

Argentina, 23.02.2007 17:39

Cuatro veces injusticia

Romina Tejerina: Se cumple un año más de su detención

Argentina, 23.02.2007 17:39

Cuatro veces injusticia

TXU Billionares for coal

Houston, 23.02.2007 16:08

TXU: A dirty investment

Sloopfeest Noordstation

Antwerpen, 23.02.2007 13:08

Sloopfeest voor het Noordstation

100+ Protest at Chartered Removal to DR Congo

Scotland, 23.02.2007 09:10

Over a hundred Glaswegian asylum seekers and supporters, most of African origin, held a lively protest outside the Home Office Reporting Centre at Brand Street yesterday (Wednesday). They were protesting against the detention and attempted removal of Eddie Ngienga, Angelique Lukombo and their children, here since 1999.

Week of Actions for Immigrant Rights

San Francisco Bay Area, 23.02.2007 09:09

February 26th through March 2nd will be a week of protest against the recent ICE raids, against guestworker programs, in support of legalization. Every day, people will gather from 11am to 1pm outside of San Francisco's Homeland Security/ICE Building at 630 Sansome St. Allied organizations are reportedly planning events that would take place between 4pm and 7pm for those who cannot participate in mid-day events.

Plus de 150 manifestants à Vottem pour Anicet Muamba (UDEP)

Liege, 23.02.2007 09:08

Ce 21/02, Anicet Muamba, porte-parole de l’UDEP de Verviers et leader des sans papiers a été arrêté par la police de Verviers sur demande de l’Office des Etrangers. Il a été emmené et emprisonné au centre fermé de Vottem avec un ordre d’expulsion.

All People's Immigration Hearing was AMAZING!

San Diego, 23.02.2007 08:39

To commemorate the success of Marcha Migrante II, local activist organizations Gente Unida and the Border Angels held an ALL PEOPLE'S IMMIGRATION HEARING yesterday in San Ysidro to counter the bogus hearings held in San Diego last fall. Over 50 audience members applauded speaker after speaker who called for an IMMEDIATE END to the racial hatred and corporate control that continues to cost migrant workers their lives and their livelihoods every day...--Read More--

Jay Johnson-Castro's Description of Holtville Cemetery | Migrant March II Updates: 1 2 | Border Angels

James Howard Kunstler: “America, Think Downscale!”

Baltimore, 23.02.2007 05:12

America is headed for “a long emergence,” according to author, James H. Kunstler. He’s convinced that the days of the economy running on a cheap supply of fast-fading oil will soon be history. He spoke at Loyola College in Baltimore, MD, on Feb. 20, 2007. Kunstler said it’s time for the country to think: “Downscale!” He sees hard times ahead. Kunstler also doesn’t think much of how the U.S. looks either. He said much of it is a “piece of crap.”

Athens: 25,000 students march against education reforms

Athens, 23.02.2007 04:39

Demonstration brutally attacked by police

Open Letter to UFPJ

DC, 23.02.2007 04:10

Would it not be an enormous step forward, indeed a step towards revitalizing the antiwar movement, if all concerned abandoned the cynical infighting and divisiveness that only serves to make the movement more fragmented, and weak?

James Howard Kunstler: “America, Think Downscale!”

DC, 23.02.2007 04:10

America is headed for “a long emergence,” according to author, James H. Kunstler. He’s convinced that the days of the economy running on a cheap supply of fast-fading oil will soon be history. He spoke at Loyola College in Baltimore, MD, on Feb. 20, 2007. Kunstler said it’s time for the country to think: “Downscale!” He sees hard times ahead. Kunstler also doesn’t think much of how the U.S. looks either. He said much of it is a “piece of crap.”

Malcolm X Tribute - Jazz and Justice

DC, 23.02.2007 04:09

A tribute to Malcolm X.

Surge Protector Fallin Orders Peace Activists to Leave Public Buidling

Oklahoma, 23.02.2007 02:38

Mrs. Fallin Ignores Assembly Clause of 1st Amendment CD 5 Congresswoman Mary Fallin ordered a contingent of 30 peaceful constituents to leave not only her public office but the entire building as well. CD 5 Congresswoman Mary Fallin ordered a contingent of 30 peaceful constituents to leave not only her public office but the entire building as well.Surge Protector Fallin Orders Peace Activists to Leave Public Buidling Februrary 22, 2007 (Oklahoma City) Today, CD 5 Congresswoman Mary Fallin ordered a contingent of 30 peaceful constituents to leave not only her public office but the entire building as well. In addition, Mrs. Fallin, by way of staff, ordered media cameras and print reporters to leave as well and not cover the attempted eviction of peaceful constituents wanting to speak with her staff about the Iraq War, which is totally supported by Mrs. Fallin. Her OKC office is located at First National Center, first floor, east end, the same location used by the gubernatorially- -defeated candidate former Congressman Ernest Istook. As a three-term Oklahoma lieutenant governor, Fallin learned to take orders from her GOP party, withdrawing from a challenge to former Governor Frank Keating's second term and she is sticking to the game plan of supporting men in superior positions of power regardless of the morality of the issue. Under the informed leadership of OKC attorney Rex Friend, activist Darla Sheldon, and OKC Peace House director Nathaniel Batcheldor, it was pointed out to the property manager of the First National Center, Ms. Chapo, who challenged the group's presence, that the well-mannered group was exercising its First Amendment right to peacefully assemble and petition the government for redress of grievances. Ms. Sheldon was allowed in to the office to deliver over 100 letters from Mrs. Fallin's constituents expressing disagreement with the Bush Administration' s plan to further escalate the Iraq war, now going into its fifth year, longer than the involvement of the USA in WW II. A compromise was reached wherein those constituents, wishing to, signed a request for an appointment with Mrs. Fallin at her convenience. At least four constituents wanting to express their views with Mrs. Fallin's staff have family in Iraq, have been there themselves, or lost family members directly due to military action or suicide because of extreme difficulty in returning to civilian life. Mrs. Fallin was in Shawnee, opening a satellite office where she no doubt commented on the interior decorating and its tasteful use of Mrs. Fallin's trademark color, red. You can see some of the appointments Mrs. Fallin has in her date book while in Oklahoma on this current Congressional recess by going to her own website"> Apparently, Mrs. Fallin only speaks with GOPer--registered consitutents bearing flowers and gifts as her invitation was not fullfilled today. She will be speaking at the Oklahoma County GOP Convention this Saturday at the First Methodist Church in downtown Oklahoma City. After her own extensive campaign against five GOP opponents and her own scandal-ridden divorce, Mrs. Fallin is adverse to meeting with her constituents whose sole focus is helping to end the American involvement in the bloodshed of the Iraqi Civil War. James Nimmo Oklahoma City, OK The views expressed in this article are those of the writer alone and are not attributable to any other person, living or dead. Bravery need not require threats to life and limb; it requires the moral engagement of the mind. [edited by okimc to fix link]]

Protests mark US Vice Presidential visit to Australia

Melbourne, 23.02.2007 00:11

Police Violence at Sydney Anti-Cheney Carnival

Boston Activists Die-In To Protest Merrill Lynch's Funding of Dirty Energy

Boston, 23.02.2007 00:11

On Wednesday Feb. 21, local Boston environmental and human rights advocates in collaboration with the Rainforest Action Network (RAN) staged a dramatic "die-in" in from of the Merrill Lynch office downtown at One Financial Center. Activists fell to the ground crying black tears and spitting up pollution sludge, while "medics" dressed in hazmat suits and masks attempted to save their lives. Other demonstrators, also in hazmat suits, were barred from entering the building as they attempted to deliver a letter demanding Merrill Lynch's Boston branch help stop the bank's financing of TXU's dirty energy plan.

First Dispatches From the “Front”

NYC, 23.02.2007 00:11

Today I joined hundreds of other NYU students and their allies to protest the College Republicans’ “Find the Illegal Immigrant” event. After three days of non-stop organizing and outreach, the coalition of student organizations who mobilized this morning was truly a sight to behold. Students from all across the city, including Columbia; Baruch; and ... [Read More]

See Video

Подписи за отмену контрактов вроде собраны

Belarus, 23.02.2007 00:09

Pictures from the Korean-US anti FTA march

DC, 22.02.2007 22:10

From the anti free trade march on Feb. 11th.

CIW Response to Burger King’s “Penny Per Pound” Statement

Miami, 22.02.2007 22:08

CIW Response to Burger King’s “Penny Per Pound” Statement

From George Washington to a Broomstick for a President

NYC, 22.02.2007 21:10

When Rep. Elijah E. Cummings (D-MD) met with President George W. Bush, in the White House, on Feb. 15, 2007, he got the distinct impression that Bush’s “soul was shut down,” and that on the Iraqi War that his “mind was shut tight.” Non-binding Congressional Resolutions will not stop Bush’s “Surge.” Cutting off funds for the war will. Antiwar activists are showing the way on this issue by taking their campaign directly to the U.S. Congress.

PlanNYC 2030: What makes a Community Sustainable?

NYC, 22.02.2007 21:10

A few weeks ago I attended the first of the Community Leader meetings for the PlanNYC 2030 Sustainability initiative. I thought Streetsblog readers might be interested in some reflections on this from a neighborhood environmentalist perspective.

Bronx High School Students Make Connections Through Struggle

NYC, 22.02.2007 21:10

Many zine, book or CD-release parties in New York take place in swanky downtown lounges with hipsters sipping cocktails and DJs slinging beats. The celebration at Bronx International High School’s “Connections Café” on Thursday, Feb. 15, was a little different.

“America, Think Downscale!”

NYC, 22.02.2007 21:10

America is headed for “a long emergency,” according to author, James H. Kunstler. He’s convinced that the days of the economy running on a cheap supply of fast-fading oil will soon be history. He spoke at Loyola College in Baltimore, MD, on Feb. 20, 2007. Kunstler said it’s time for the country to think: “Downscale!” He sees hard times ahead. Kunstler also doesn’t think much of how the U.S. looks either. He said much of it is a “piece of crap.”


Houston, 22.02.2007 20:39

Gender Peformance Blends Sex, Art & Politics

Zapatismo vs. McDonald's

NYC, 22.02.2007 20:11

How did a small group of Mayan indigenous people armed with machetes, sticks, and a few guns-certainly no military threat to the Mexican regime-force the then-ruling PRI to make more concessions to the political opposition of their country in the three weeks following the Zapatistas' 1994 uprising than they had in the 50 years prior?

How did the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW), a 2,500 member organization of farmworkers with no legal rights to organize in the USA, bring the world's largest restaurant corporation, Yum! Brands (Taco Bell, Kentucky Fried Chicken, A&W, Long John Silver’s, and Pizza Hut), to its knees in an age of rising corporate power and declining worker unionization?

Well, neither of them did it alone for one, so see below for how you can join the CIW this April in Chicago and support them in the meantime. You'll also find below a few connections between the CIW and the Zapatistas...not the least of which there statement of adherence to the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle, translated into English (for the first time?) here at


Barcelona, 22.02.2007 20:10

Els polítics i els mossos obvien l'existència de la justícia

Anys després de la mort del dictador encara no existeix un veritable estat de dret. La separació del poder judicial dels poders legislatiu i executiu és quasi invisible, sobretot, en els relacionats amb els moviments socials.
A Catalunya,i amb menys de dues legislatures complertes, s'ha fet evident que el poder judicial no ha pogut mantenir el requisit de la independència respecte el poder executiu i hem vist que quan els interessa als decisors dels governs o de la policia, la justícia pot ser aplicada de forma repressiva que pot arribar a mantenir innocents a la presó. Només cal repassar els casos, entre d'altres, dels presos del 4f, del comando Dixan i, recentment, de la detenció de la Núria a Girona.
Per altra banda, ara mateix, un jutge, i sobretot si és jutgessa, pot pintar menys que un membre del cos policial, com és el cas dels mosso d'esquadra en aquesta ciutat. Això s'ha vist, clarament, en els darrers desallotjaments de la Makabra, o de l´única okupa de dones, la Mambo, on els desallotjaments s'han dut a terme sense ordre judicial i amb la sopresa del mateix jutge responsable.
Tot això sense oblidar-nos que els programes i estatuts de tots tres partits, i les respectives declaracions ideològiques, remarquen el seu compromís amb la justícia social. Aquesta concepció de la justícia es deu haver quedat només en el paper, perquè el que veiem a Barcelona, on fa més de vint anys que hi governen, és que els rics cada vegada són més rics, la classe mitja cada cop més endeutada i precaritzada i la pobresa cada dia més nombrosa. En l´escenari de disseny de ciment de Barcelona, marca registrada, i sota la curiosa mirada dels milions de turistes que gaudeixen d´una ciutat, majoritàriament dedicada al sector serveis, la ciutat s'ha tornat excloent per a la majoria de barcelonins en pro dels rics i dels turistes.
Però res és oblit o ignorància, els polítics saben molt bé que vol dir "justícia", però, la gran majoria, abandonen l'honestedad quan arriben al poder. És trist i lamentable observar, i patir, com la "justícia" s´utilitza per fer callar els qui molestenm, perquè, públicament, visibilitzen la realitat d'aquest país.

[7feb-1mar]UBdiagonal I cicle de conferències sobre el socialisme

notícies relacionades: els mites immobiliaris dels nostres temps ::: article desallotjament planeta o mambo ::: Hereu no autoritza els de l'Acampada Don Quijote

+info:: >>>corrupció i poder

Corrupción y Poder

Barcelona, 22.02.2007 20:10

Los políticos y los mossos obvian la existencia de la justicia

Años después de la muerte del dictador todavía no existe un verdadero estado de derecho. La separación del poder judicial de los poderes legislativo y ejecutivo es invisible, sobretodo en los casos políticos de los movimientos sociales. En Catalunya, en menos de dos legislaturas completas, se ha hecho evidente que el poder judicial no ha podido mantener el requisito de la independencia respecto el poder ejecutivo y, hemos visto, que cuando interesa, a los que toman las decisiones del gobierno, o de la policía, la justicia puede ser aplicada de forma represiva como para mantener a inocentes en prisión. Sólo hace falta repasar los casos, entre otros, de los presos del 4f, del comando Dixan y, recientemente, la detención de núria en Girona. Por otro lado, ahora mismo, un juez o, sobretodo si es jueza, puede representar menos que un cuerpo policial como los mossos de esquadra en esta ciudad. Esto se ha visto claramente en los últimos desalojos como La Makabra o el Centro Social de mujeres Mambo donde el desalojo se ha llevado a cabo sin orden judicial ante la sorpresa del juez responsable. Todo esto sin olvidarnos que los programas i estatutos de los tres partidos y sus respectivas declaraciones ideológicas remarcan su compromiso con la justicia social. Esta concepción de la justicia se debe haber quedado solo en el papel, porque lo que vemos en Barcelona, donde hace más de veinte años que gobiernan, es que los ricos son cada vez más ricos, la clase media cada vez más endeudada y precarizada y la pobreza cada vez más numerosa. En el escenario de diseño de cemento de la ciudad de Barcelona, marca registrada, y bajo la curiosa mirada de millones de turistas que disfrutan de una ciudad mayoritariamente dedicada al sector servicios, la ciudad se ha vuelto excluyente para la mayoría de barcelonesas en pro de los ricos y los turistas. Pero no es olvido ni ignoráncia, los políticos saben perfectamente el significado de "justicia", però, la gran mayoria, abandonan su honestidad cuando llegan al poder. Es triste y lamentable observar, y padecer, como la "justicia" se utiliza para hacer callar a quienes molestan porque, publicamente, visibilizan,la verdadera realidad de este país.

[7feb-1mar] UBdiagonal I ciclo de conferencias sobre el socialismo

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DEA Judge Rules that DEA Should License UMass MMJ Garden

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.02.2007 18:09

On February 12th, a DEA judge ruled that it is in the public interest to end the federal monopoly on the supply of marijuana that can be used in Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved research. The American Civil Liberties Union applauded the ruling, which was issued by Judge Mary Ellen Bittner. The ACLU represented University of Massachusetts-Amherst Professor Lyle Craker, who had petitioned the DEA for a license to grow research-grade marijuana for use in studies to develop the plant into a legal, prescription medicine. The DEA now has the option to accept or reject the court's recommendation. The DEA has 20 days to file a reply, then the pro-cannabis side will respond, and then the agency has time to consider the response.

M11 Demonstration for Peace

Arkansas, 22.02.2007 17:10

March 11, 2007 March for Peace in Fayetteville, AR

From the Newswire

Perth, 22.02.2007 13:40

Police Violence at Sydney Anti-Cheney Carnival

McLibel: Human Rights Victory Anniversary

United Kingdom, 22.02.2007 10:40

The European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg declared that the notorious and long running McLibel case was in breach of the right to a fair trial and right to freedom of expression, thereby voiding any solace that McNasty may have enjoyed from the trial. The Court ruled that UK laws had failed to protect the public’s right to criticise massive corporations whose business practices can affect people’s lives, health and the environment. Meanwhile after spending £10 million to suppress free speach, McDonalds find that the most widely distributed protest leaflet ever, continues to be distributed worldwide... Mainly by a group in Nottingham! To celebrate the McLibel Human Rights Victory Anniversary, activists in Nottingham took to the streets in a small demo on Thursday at a McDonalds restaurant.

Audio: Interview with an activist about McDonald's and all its works

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