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Goldman Sachs has Turned Nature Conservancy Shrines Into Cattle Concentration Camps

Portland, 01.03.2007 16:39

Henry Paulson, the Bush nominated Secretary of the Treasury, was formerly CEO of Goldman Sachs as well as President of Nature Conservancy. Wearing 2 hats, he introduced cattle to the NC wilderness shrines. Josh Bolton, Bush's chief of staff is also from Goldman Sachs.

Ann Veneman has gone from the American Meat Institute where she was mentored by Richard Lyng to the USDA Secretary chair, and from there to UNICEF where she is attempting to spread American animal cadavers and toxic vaccines to the children of the world.

National Public Radio has acquired 200 million in McDonald's
stock. Merck, vivisector, underwrites its "The World" originating
in Boston. NPR's sponsors include Cargill, which supplies
most of McDonald's eggs. Two private equity firms in Boston connected
to vivisector money have just bought over 400 stations in
the illegal Clear Channel monopoly chain. Please disinvest your $ from mutual funds and pension systems which own animal slaughter or vivisection stock. |

Schumacher Furs owner plans to close store permanently

Portland, 01.03.2007 16:39

Gregg Schumacher said today he plans to close the 112-year-old family fur business for good. "Try though we might, we have been unable to get any support from the Portland Police Bureau, the mayor or the City Council in enforcing the laws that are meant to protect us all," he said in a news release. Animal rights protesters have targeted Schumacher Furs and Outerwear at Southwest Ninth Avenue and Morrison Street for more than a year.

Portland city leaders have said that Schumacher has failed to do all he could to help his own cause, for example, taking part in city sponsored mediation with protest organizers. Schumacher's news release says he has tried to move the store outside city limits and to a mall environment. But a "targeted intimidation campaign aimed at mall ownership and management" has resulted in several late-stage cancellations, the release says. So he has nowhere to go and will close the store.

Thank you everyone who has participated in the outreach effort!!!! Well done!!!!! And thanks to all of our fellow citizens who have made compassionate shopping choices.

First Nations Activist Dies after Release from Jail

Portland, 01.03.2007 16:39

In memory of Harriet Nahanee, age 71: A community is in mourning following the death of a great-grandmother who fought to defend aboriginal rights and the environment. Activist Harriet Nahanee died at St. Paul's Hospital in Vancouver on Saturday, February 24, one month after she was sentenced to fourteen days in jail for protesting the destruction of a wetlands for a highway bypass. Fellow activist and great-grandmother Betty Krawczyk, age 78, was among those who attended a prayer vigil for Nahanee Friday night. "Me and Harriet really bonded" at the Eagleridge Bluffs blockade, she told me. "We were the only great-grandmothers there. It was up to us to bring it forward...Harriet believed Eagleridge Bluffs belonged to the Squamish Nation, and she felt her band" the elected chiefs "were trading the land away for development... She wanted the land preserved for her great-grandchildren. She put her life on the line for that."

Krawczyk reports that Nahanee was "challenging the right of the elected chiefs of the Squamish Nation to negotiate away traditional Squamish Lands off the Squamish Reserve, lands that include Eagleridge Bluffs. This action potentially has serious ramifications for the entire band concerning who has the right to negotiate away traditional Squamish Indian lands," she wrote in her blog.

On March 5th, Justice Brown will sentence Krawczyk for her own part in the Eagleridge Bluffs protest. Krawczyk expects to be sent to the same Surrey jail as Nahanee.

Partnership for Civil Justice Reaches Settlement for Protest Arrests

DC, 01.03.2007 16:10

Partnership for Civil Justice Reaches Settlement for Protest Arrests Each Plaintiff to Receive $50,000 (plus attorneys fees and costs) DC MPD Forced to Train Officers in Free Speech Protections

Radical Encuentro Camp - Spring 2007

Austin, 01.03.2007 14:10

The next Radical Encuentro Camp will be held at Dancing Waters, in Wimberly on March 2-4. REC is a weekend of training for activists and organziers interested in acquiring new skills as well sharpening old skills. The theme for the weekend is CLIMATE CHANGE , CLIMATE JUSTICE. Four tracks will be offered on environmental/climate justice and environmental racism, skills for organizing, anti-oppression and liberation activism, and spirit in action training. Cost is on a sliding scale of $15-$50 but no one will be turned away due to inability to pay. All meals are free and will be vegetarian or vegan. Limited indoor sleeping accomodations are available for participants who need it. For everyone else there are abundant, beautiful, and relatively private campsites available. Space is limited so register early. Call for workshop submission: deadline February 15th. We are calling for proposals for workshops. The theme of this camp is "Climate Change, Climate Justice" so workshops addressing climate and environmental justice issues are something we are looking for, as well as workshops on a number of other topics related to empowering and educating radical communities in Texas. Check out to find out more or register for REC.

Earth First!ers storm CompUSA

Austin, 01.03.2007 14:09

After the Earth First! Winter 2007 Organizers Conference [held this year in Austin,] Earth First!ers decided to show the owner of CompUSA, Carlos Slim (the third richest person in the world), that it's not ok to invest in the construction of La Parota, a hydroelectric dam in southern Mexico that, if built, will destroy the lives of close to 75,000 indigenous farmers. On Sunday afternoon, roughly 50 people arrived at CompUSA. Some built "dams" in the isles out of merchandise, some participated in a dancing underwear makeout party around the store, some let loose a banner on balloons, some did street theater outside, and many handed out information about Carlos Slim's involvement in La Parota. Why all this commotion? By creatively voicing our outrage over Carlos Slim's and CompUSA's involvement with the La Parota Dam, we're letting him know that his actions will not be tolerated by people of conscious anywhere. When you buy products from CompUSA, your purchase supports Carlos Slim and his involvement with this destructive dam. If you would like to voice your concerns, contact CompUSA at: s14951 N. Dallas Parkway, Dallas, TX 75254; (972) 982-4000; (972) 982-4030 (fax). Campesin@s blockade construction, CFE murders organizers and EZLN threatens war ||

2 zapatista events

Houston, 01.03.2007 09:38

Angelique and Eduardo Still in the UK

Scotland, 01.03.2007 09:10

Although the Congo Charter flight left on Monday, the family taken from Glasgow were not among the 40+ removed.
After the large protest in Glasgow last week and further events across the UK , the XL Airlines charter flight arrived in Kinshasa late on Tuesday.
Following the flight, the Black African Community in Glasgow is calling for a protest outside the Eagle Buildings on Bothwell Street (where the Immigration Courts are held) on Wednesday 7th March from 10am to protest against the Home Office detaining and deporting people to the DR Congo. [ Unity Centre Glasgow ]


Athens, 01.03.2007 09:09

Συνεχίζονται οι κινητοποιήσεις ενάντια στην εκπαιδευτική "μεταρρύθμιση"

Squatting in the Philippines

Manila, 01.03.2007 08:10

Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Demolition in Paco Terrorized Poor Dwellers

Solid Energy to sue Save Happy Valley Coalition

Aotearoa, 01.03.2007 05:16

On Wednesday the Save Happy Valley Coalition (SHVC) released an environmental report on Solid Energy for 2006. Just a few hours after the release of the report, which is damning of the state-owned coal miners treatment of both the environment and its employees, Solid Energy filed in the High Court, seeking an injunction to prevent further distribution of the document.

Solid Energy are also suing three parties - Powelliphanta Augustus Incorporated (a group including some SHVC members which took Solid Energy to court recently), Frances Mountier (an SHVC spokesperson) and Simon Oosterman (who runs Enzyme, which hosts the SHVC website) on three counts: Defamation, Injurious Falsehood and a breach of Section 9 of the Fair Trading Act.

SHVC spokesperson Frances Mountier has called for Solid Energy to "bring it on!", stating that the Coalition will continue to spread the environment report. "Solid Energy is polluting rivers, destroying kiwi habitat, driving an endemic snail to extinction, and is annually putting as much CO2 into out atmosphere as every vehicle in New Zealand. Their over-the-top reaction simply confirms that deep down, they know that we are right", she said.

The report can be downloaded here in .pdf format in two parts: Part 1 (3.5MB) | Part 2 (3MB)

Recently, SHVC activists in Auckland disrupted a speech by Solid Energy CEO Don Elder, while Wellington SHV protested at the opening of the new Department of Conservation headquarters. The Coalition has also maintained two occupations in the South Island, one at Mt Augustus since February 6th (AIMC Features: 1 | 2) and one at Happy Valley since January 28th, 2006.

Links: Save Happy Valley Coalition | Solid Energy takes report to court (The Press)

Tecrit: Savaş Kör

Istanbul, 01.03.2007 05:15

Tecridi kırmanın bir yolu olarak Savaş Kör'le dayanışalım

The Veterans for Peace organization shares it’s message: “John Kerry: We voted for you. Now we expect action from you”

Boston, 28.02.2007 23:10

In front of the building at 1, Bowdoin Square, where Senator John Kerry has his office, some of the cars driving by during the 9 AM rush hour traffic were honking and giving the 30 protesters – who were holding signs such as “Stop the money, stop the war. What the hell is Congress for!”- a thumb up. “ I think we had no business being there in the first place” shared a woman as she passed the small group. “You guys are doing a good thing!” added another one.

Safeway Savings Rally is a Consumer Loss

Rogue Valley, 28.02.2007 17:40

Despite a heavy two week promotion for Safeway's "Savings Rally", Ashland's Safeway has repeatedly failed its customers.

Neo-Nazi Working For Top Family Court Judge in Brooklyn

NYC, 28.02.2007 17:09

One People's Project has an article about a white supremacist working for Judge Jane Pearl, Supervising Judge of Kings County Family Court.

Fighting for Faith and Fatherland in Fermanagh

Ireland, 28.02.2007 16:11

Arch-Catholic, novelist, ally of Justin Barrett, f ...


Valencia, 28.02.2007 14:37

::Ahir, de nou, començaren els enderrocaments al barri del Cabanyal de València, tot just per les cases que hi ha al costat de l’última casa que queda ocupada, al carrer Francesc Eiximenis. Comienzan los derribos en el barrio del Cabañal ++ ANTE LOS NUEVOS DERRIBOS EN EL CABANYAL… ++ Ante los nuevos derribos en el Cabañal. Jornadas de Resistencia ++ Vídeo-denúncia sobre la devastació de l'horta de La Punta a València
Altres notícies sobre l'ocupació: Nuevo DVD de La Plataforma: Video-Crónicas 2006 ++ Video-crónica: Manifestación en defensa del CSO Eskuela Taller y por los espacios ocupados ++ Brutal pallissa a okupes ++ Sobre l'okupació / L'Escarot-CAJEI (la Costera) ++ Terrassa. Macrojudici a l'okupació. Com puc col·laborar? / Assemblea de detingudes del Kork III::


Valencia, 28.02.2007 14:37

::Ayer, una vez más, empezaron los derribos en el barrio del Cabanyal de València, precisamente por las casas situadas al lado de la última casa que queda ocupada, en la calle Francesc Eiximenis. Comienzan los derribos en el barrio del Cabañal ++ ANTE LOS NUEVOS DERRIBOS EN EL CABANYAL… ++ Ante los nuevos derribos en el Cabañal. Jornadas de Resistencia ++ Vídeo-denúncia sobre la devastació de l'horta de La Punta a València
Otras noticias sobre la ocupación: Nuevo DVD de La Plataforma: Video-Crónicas 2006 ++ Video-crónica: Manifestación en defensa del CSO Eskuela Taller y por los espacios ocupados ++ Brutal pallissa a okupes ++ Sobre l'okupació / L'Escarot-CAJEI (la Costera) ++ Terrassa. Macrojudici a l'okupació. Com puc col·laborar? / Assemblea de detingudes del Kork III::

Video from Current Nablus Invasion - Day 2

Portland, 28.02.2007 11:39

This is the second video clip dealing with the military operation "Hot Winter" in Nablus, occupied Palestine.

This short film was filmed on Monday, 26th of February 2007. It's a co-production by the Research Journalism Initiative (RJI) and the anarchist film collective " a-films ".

Third Planet Report 3/1/07

Portland, 28.02.2007 11:39

This week's Third Planet Report has the following interviews and music:

1. Interview with Ina May Gaskin, internationally known midwife about the care crisis. Are we ignoring the most important people in our society--women--who care for our children, our elders and yes, the guys;

2. Interview with Jim Coon, attorney for the wife of deceased Jesse Williams who died from smoking cigarettes over many years due to the deceptive practices of Phillip Morris. The US Supreme Court recently vacated the 79 million dollar punitive damages award against the tobacco giant. Jim tells us that punitives are still very much alive and he isn't worried at all;

3. Interview with the former attorney Albert Bates for atomic veterans and veterans with agent orange claims, who talks about his personal experience in the airport and why he is worried that the new x-ray machines may be causing more harm than the "terrorists" they are protecting us against; and

4. Banah Graf and friends place some really cool rock from Santa Barbara. Their sound is unique and catchy and deserves a listen (spoken like a proud dad).

Impeachment In Washington -- Round 2

Portland, 28.02.2007 11:39

Support impeachment by attending a Rally on March 1st at 1 p.m. at the State Capitol and the hearing in the Cherberg Bldg. Hearing Room 2, starting at 3:30 p.m. Contact your state legislators and Congressional delegation to let them know you want an impeachment investigation.

On March 1st, the Washington Senate will hold a hearing on SJM 8016 that petitions Congress to begin impeachment investigations into the actions of Bush and Cheney. The hearing will be held in the Cherberg Building, Hearing Room 2 on the Capitol Campus, from 3:30 - 5:30 p.m. A panel of speakers will present the pros and cons, and then it will be opened up to comments from the public. Written testimony is accepted and is not limited to residents of Washington State.


Murray and Inslee oppose impeachment

Patty Murray and Jay Inslee' efforts to stop the impeachment movement in Washington became public today in a Seattle Times story. It is clear that Murray has not read the bill, which asks for investigations into the actions of both Bush and Cheney about the use of fraudulent evidence to persuade Congress and the American people to support a pre-emptive strike in Iraq.

The Bill--SJM 8016 simply lists a number of serious allegations about Bush and Cheney and their administration, perpetrating a fraud, illegally spying on citizens, arresting and imprisoning people without due process, and engaging in torture. The question before the state legislature is simply this: are these violations serous enough to warrant an investigation? If yes, then the bill petitions Congress to do its job and begin impeachment investigations. This bill, unlike other memorials, will go the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives for them to decide whether or not to begin impeachment investigations.


Troco um Rim por um T2 no Chiado

Portugal, 28.02.2007 11:39

Troco um Rim por um T2 no Chiado

Howard Government in Secret talks with Indonesia

Melbourne, 28.02.2007 11:11

Sri Lankan Asylum Seekers Fighting Against Refoulement

Thursday, March 8th is International Women's Day

San Francisco Bay Area, 28.02.2007 09:39

Thursday, March 8th is International Women's Day - a day on which women on all continents to come together to celebrate their various struggles for equality, justice, and peace. A number of events will be held around the Bay Area and the Central Valley, including screenings of two different films about sweatshops, events that focus on struggles of women in Mexico, and an evening of poetry, music and dance with local activists and artists.

From the Newswire

Perth, 28.02.2007 08:40

Villawood detainees form human barricade to stop Falun Gong deportation

The Physics of 9/11: We See Conspiracies That Don't Exist

DC, 28.02.2007 05:14

The aim of this article is to supply some understanding of physics as it relates to several of the features of the 9/11 events, so that readers can expand their range of rationality and hence their political maturity.

Sen Mikulski's office occupied again, Condi and Gates protested at appropriations hearing-and Bush vows to ignore Congress anyway!

DC, 28.02.2007 05:14

On Feb 27 at about 3 PM, Md residents once agqin ocupied the office of Sen Mikulski(D-MD) in the HArt building, room 503. The names of MD's Iraq war dead were read out, accompanied by a gong, taking over 30 minutes.

Snapshot of America

DC, 28.02.2007 05:14

This is from my 15 year-old cheerleader daughter, recounting her experience Monday night.

Dr. Peniel E. Joseph Speaks on the 'Black Power' Movement in Context

DC, 28.02.2007 05:13

Dr. Peniel E. Joseph introduces his new book, Waiting 'Til the Midnight Hour: A Narrative History of Black Power in America, at Busboys &amp; Poets. He describes the book, but the lecture centered on a very interesting comparative analysis of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King. —-February 24, 2007

CHiDO Bike Collective: DIY Bike Shop Opening

San Diego, 28.02.2007 02:39

CHiDO Bike Collective (City Heights Derailing Oppression)

DIY Community Bike Shop. A of couple radical and dedicated women invite you to help this project off the ground!

CHiDO Bikes is a volunteer run, cooperative learning space and a do-it-yourself bike repair shop. The cooperative provides skill-shares, workshops and mechanical assistance for our bike riding community to support the accessibility of bikes for everyone and bike safety. The shop has tools and parts for repairing, maintaining and building bikes. We emphasize creating a space that supports the empowerment and self-sufficiency of women and transgender people within San Diego’s male dominated, bike culture.

First Open Meeting: Fri March 2 4-6PM 4246 Wightman

Related: Nutterbuckets

Website censored over Climate Change

Melbourne, 27.02.2007 23:09

Mining Lobby Censors Parody Website

Rapist cops back in court

Aotearoa, 27.02.2007 21:11

Clint Rickards, Bob Schollum and Brad Shipton are currently on trial for raping a 16 year old girl with a bottle in the 1980s. All three were police officers at the time of the attack. A verdict in this case is expected in the next few days.

This woman is not the only woman who was raped by these men. Last year these three men were all charged with many counts of rape on Louise Nicholas. The jury eventually found the men 'not guilty', but in the media it was Louise Nicholas's behaviour rather than the defendants, that was put on trial. The injustice of this case was so blatant that many New Zealanders broke suppression orders by giving out leaflets or forwarding e-mails that contained information that was not available to the jury. Those suppression orders are still in place and make it difficult to discuss the injustices of the trial last year.

What is clear is that these three men, and many other police officers, used their power to rape women and girls. The young women they abused had no-one they could turn to for help. Many people knew of this abuse while it was going on, but did nothing. While convictions for a small number of these police officers is a step forward, we have a much larger problem ahead of us. Every system that allowed these men to rape with impunity for a decade is still in place. Police power and a misogynist rape culture mean that this could happen again, and probably is.

Continuing to Fight Atlantic Yards

NYC, 27.02.2007 21:10

It is time for opponents of the Atlantic Yards mega project in downtown Brooklyn to accept defeat, writes Errol Louis in the Daily News. “The smart course of action now for community activists,” he writes, would be “to accept the reality of the plan and see what can be done to make it better.” [...]

David Brooks Doesn't Like Your Kid's Clothes

NYC, 27.02.2007 21:10

This is more than just a ploy to post the latest photos of my adorable son online. The point here is what he's wearing. What's so special about it? Well, it was made in the USA and purchased here in New York with no regressive sales tax. And it's got the hip slogan.

Panel Discussion on NYPD Surveillance

NYC, 27.02.2007 21:10

Discussion with lawyer Gideon Oliver and others about the new laws regarding police surveillance and domestic spying

Thursday March 1st 8 pm
at the Time's Up Space
49 E. Houston, New York City

2 More Pedistrians Killed By Traffic, Quinn To The Rescue?

NYC, 27.02.2007 21:10

I just saw this over at Streetblog.

3 Peds Hit on 9th Ave. 2 Dead. Mayor Mike: Where Are You?

...the Clinton / Hell's Kitchen Pedestrian Safety Coalition, the community group that has been organizing the Ninth Avenue Renaissance project, broadcast the following news and call to action:

...City Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn and the Chair of the Public Safety committee are hosting town hall meetings to give community members the opportunity to voice concerns about and suggest improvements to current police operations in their neighborhoods.

SOAP Box Radio Collective Debuts

NYC, 27.02.2007 21:10

A new decentralized, independent, and non-hierarchical radio project, SOAP Box Radio, kicks off.

Bush en Uruguay

Uruguay, 27.02.2007 20:11

Escalada represiva

Save Castle Park (Again!)

Bristol, 27.02.2007 20:09

Following the defeat of the last round of plans, the developers return... Following the defeat of the last round of plans, the developers return... Treebeard writes: Bristol City Council still intend to 'develop' Castle Park. Despite councillor Stone pointing out today during the budget meeting at the Council House that there is thousands of pounds of unspent funds which have been set aside for Bristol's parks. [ A posted email from ] Avril Baker Consultancy reads: Since the feedback report covering the second round of consultation was published, the developers, Deeley Freed, and Bristol City Council have had time to review comments and input regarding proposals and will be taking a fresh approach to the regeneration of the area around and including St Mary le Port....Deeley Freed and the project team will now work up more detailed designs for the scheme following feedback from the public who said they wanted to see what the buildings would actually look like before they could back the plans. Many felt they needed to see how the scheme would relate to the park and surrounding buildings and that the original masterplan approach did not provide sufficient information to allow them to make an informed decision on this important project....Full Story.| Save Castle Park | Older News: Castle park public consultation | Save Castle Park from 'redevelopment'!' | | | Castle Park Saved! | Save Castle Park! (+ comments) |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

Per Camenish vendetta o perizia psichiatrica?

Switzerland, 27.02.2007 18:37

Marco "Martino" Camenisch, ecologista radicale condannato nel 2004 a 17 anni di carcere, aveva visto accolto il suo ricorso al Tribunale Federale, a fine novembre 2006.
Tenendo conto degli anni già trascorsi in galera, gli spettava una sostanziale riduzione di pena, che porterebbe a 8 gli anni ancora da scontare.

Ma secondo il procuratore zurighese Ulrich Weder, Marco deve "essere condannato all'internamento a tempo indeterminato". È la richiesta che ha avanzato alla vigilia del processo del 12 e 13 marzo, che avrebbe dovuto correggere la condanna.
Weder, che secondo il legale di Marco è animato da spirito di vendetta, sostiene che motiverà la sua richiesta solo davanti alla corte d'assise.
Il presidente della corte Pierre Martin ha però precisato che per applicare tale pena è necessario stabilire se un internamento è in linea di principio legalmente possibile e in tal caso bisognerà eseguire una perizia psichiatrica, che potrebbe richiedere anche un anno.

Lettera di Marco contro il WEF e il G8 | Azione di solidarietà sotto il carcere di Regensdorf

Bradford Climate Criminals Reproached

United Kingdom, 27.02.2007 18:09

On Wednesday evening, a number of concerned Leeds and Bradford residents decided to draw attention to the activities of a number of climate criminals in Bradford city centre. Advertisements for damaging air flights were modified to tell the truth; that flying is the fastest growing cause of climate change, the "single greatest threat to human-kind" according to the government's chief scientist.

Santa Fe: Lucha por aumento salarial

Argentina, 27.02.2007 14:38

Docentes estatales y privados definen si van al paro

Lucha por aumento salarial

Argentina, 27.02.2007 14:08

Docentes estatales y privados definen hoy si van al paro

Greece - heavy riots in Athens

Portland, 27.02.2007 13:39

Greece - since a few months more than half of all universities are occupied and on strike. Also demonstrations are hold across the country in opposition to the government's plan to amend Greece's constitution in order to allow private companies to open universities. Currently all institutions of higher learning are state funded and don't charge tuition.

In Athens a 25 000 people student-demonstration was brutally attacked by riot police several times. The police used teargas, gas grenades and did kick and beat people. Anarchists equipped with gas masks, wooden poles and Molotov Cocktails defended the demonstration against the attack.

Video from Current Nablus Invasion - Day 1

Portland, 27.02.2007 13:39

On February 25 2007, the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) invaded the West Bank city of Nablus with massive forces. The IOF focussed especially on the Yasmine and Qariyon neighborhoods in the old city. During the first day of the operation, tens of thousands of people were confined to their homes. The Israeli army raided dozens of houses, detaining and arresting scores of people. This military operation is one of the biggest of its kind in the last two or three years that happenend in Nablus.

Here are the links to a short video clip done by indypendent media activists in Nablus. This short film is produced by the Research Journalism Initiative (RJI) and the anarchist film collective "a-films". We're trying to keep up with the current happenings as far as the circumstances allow us to do so.

Five-Year-Old Astoria Peace Gathering threatened, again

Portland, 27.02.2007 13:39

From two to scores of people have stood at the Astoria Post Office east lawn as witnesses for peace and in support of our civil liberties every single Friday from 5 to 6 PM for the past five years. Now, the new post master says the Peace gathering is trespassing on the post office lawn, and must get on the sidewalk, single-file. This exact same situation occurred in May of 2002, and with the help of the Daily Astorian newspaper, the peace witnesses prevailed. Last week, however, the police did show up, though after the gathering had concluded, and threatened anyone who stood on the lawn with arrest.

So we'll be out on the lawn on Friday, just like every other.

Report Back From Olympia Anti-Recruitment Action

Portland, 27.02.2007 13:39

A group of 8 people met in Yauger park at 10 AM this Saturday. It was raining and, much to my dismay, one of the main busses that would have taken people to the park was not running. As we were waiting there, we saw a bunch of amerikan flags by the recruiting center across the street. It became clear that these were counter-protesters.

We walked over to the center and began to mingle with the freedom fighters. The center, which was supposed to be open from 10-1 was closed, the doors locked and the blinds down. The patriots outnumbered us by nearly 2 to 1. Nevertheless, we stayed there for about 2 hours, talking with them. One man lost his cool and started yelling at one of us. He angrily stormed off and, soon after, 2 cops arrived but nothing happened with them. Finally, we got tired and left.

Report on Blumenauer &quot;anti-war&quot; meeting: more of the same

Portland, 27.02.2007 13:39

Earl Blumenauer, in an attempt to weasel out of supporting progressive legislation like HR 508, presented his own HR 663, a masterfully constructed bit of fluff that, attendees agreed, would do nothing other than increase the chances of Earl receiving future support from corporate hacks.

While several Democrat operatives attempted to change the focus to worshipful topics, the majority of attendees at a Blumenauer meeting held today at DiPrima Dolci Italian Bakery on N. Killingworth Ave. to discuss his "New Direction for Iraq Act" were angry and impatient with Blumenauer and his DLC comrades for their obfuscation of those issues which they most care about: defunding the occupation of Iraq, impeachment of war criminals, and ending the support of US-Israel in the Middle East. (Members of the pro-Palestine community will be glad to know that one of Earl's contingent told us how exemplary his record was.)

Everything But The Incendiary

United Kingdom, 27.02.2007 13:08

The Animal Liberation Front (ALF) has been active throughout the UK, since the 1980s, and operates globally today. Individuals campaigning for animal rights have liberated thousands of animals, and have caused millions of pounds worth of damage to those who profit through their suffering. Everything But the Incendiary is a celebration of all these individuals.

Through different events, installations and information this exhibition at Manchester's basement social centre will provide people with a space to discuss issues connected with animal rights, share skills, and promote direct action in the endless struggle to help those who are defenceless in the face of corporate greed, and in the name of so-called 'science'.

Full article


Athens, 27.02.2007 10:40

Τρείς αυτοκτονίες στρατιωτών τον τελευταίο μήνα

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