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santiago, 07.03.2007 18:13

La bomba que estallará

US Jails and Anti-Immigrant Practices

Santa Cruz, CA, 07.03.2007 18:13

Semillas writes: Both the federal government and coporate America simultaneously implement violations of human rights and support language, ideas, and practices that justify the hatred of immigrants, to maintain profits and political power. This is a summary of reports about jails where la Migra (ICE) detains families and individuals suspected of violating U.S. immigration law. You will find links to information regarding current conditions of incarceration provoked by U.S. immigration law and lived by those incarcerated. Read More

See related: Immigration Forum and César Chávez Day Celebration || Foro de MigraWatch y Celebración del Día de César Chávez

Vets, Poet, Iraqi, Mother of a Soldier, Giant Puppets Decry Human Cost of War

San Francisco Bay Area, 07.03.2007 18:12

With giant puppets of mourning women looming behind them and displays of American and Iraqi casualties nearby, speakers will address how the horror of the Iraq war impacts the people of Iraq and their loved ones Tuesday, March 6, 10:15 a.m. at the Federal Building in Sacramento.

Take Action To Stop Gold's Gym on Division

Portland, 07.03.2007 18:12

Gold's, the world's largest chain of gyms, is owned by TRT Holdings, which engages in oil and gas drilling. A Gold's Gym on Division would be contrary to the character of the neighborhood and would threaten the survival of locally-owned Loprinzi's Gym. Send an email to voice your concern!

Synergy Health & Fitness Center NW seeks approval from the city to open a franchise of Gold's Gym at the former Wild Oats location at 3016 SE Division. The city has approved the project, but that approval is being appealed by the owner of Loprinzi's Gym (2414 SE 41st Ave.), a locally-owned business threatened by the prospect of a corporate gym only ten blocks away.

At community meetings, Synergy has presented itself as a local business interested in sustainability. Synergy has expressed its willingness to make the Division Gold's Gym "fit" the neighborhood. However, Gold's cannot fit the Richmond neighborhood for the following reasons:

1. Gold's is the largest chain of gyms in the world ( Link To Corporate Site )
2. Gold's is owned by TRT Holdings, which engages in oil and gas drilling ( Link to TRT Holdings )
3. TRT Holdings is owned by Robert Rowling, a Bush Pioneer ( Link to Robert Rowling info )

Greece: After an eight week struggle, the movement is still on…

Portland, 07.03.2007 18:12

It has, already, been eight weeks since the world of education in Greece has been struggling. Today we can count up to 280 occupied faculties out of the 420, six national mobilizations in Athens and six decentralized, a few occupations of secondary schools, a three week strike by university personnel and three days of nation-wide strike in several sectors of the industry (inter alia, teachers of the primary and secondary education). This movement does not seem to deflate yet, not even after two events which completely changed the scene: firstly, the PASOK (Greek socialist party) does not support any more the government in its will to revise article 16 of the constitution and secondly, on Tuesday February 20 the government put again on the table the law cadre...

New Year's resolution: To fight for the public and free education for all!!

"2007 will be remembered in history as the year of total refusal of all the reforms which do not go in the direction of free and public education for all and at all levels... ", declared a member of a student union.

Person Arrested At Tacoma City Council Meeting

Portland, 07.03.2007 18:12

Today, a group of us went down to the Tacoma City Council meeting to talk during the public speaking section. After a couple of us had spoken our mind about the brutality of the police at the Port, Wally Cudderford (who was arrested and tazed 3 times on Saturday) got up to read something he had written. When he began shedding light on the fact that the TPD allowed their chief to use their resources to stalk his wife and connected that with how he did NOT expect the police to EVER be accountable for their actions, the council tried to silence him. When he continued to speak, a council member told the police to remove him from the building. They pulled his arms behind his back and dragged him out screaming in pain. They arrested him, put him in a cruiser and took him to jail. Luckily I was able to ask him if he wanted us to bond him out and he answered no.

Make no mistake about it, the police are human, true, but they are fucked up human beings empowered by the State to silence political dissent. This was another manifestation and points, along with what happened on Saturday, to an increase in the amount of force used to crush even the smallest amounts of dissent.

I just learned, as I was writing this, that Wally will be released from the Pierce County Jail. He will have his arraignment first at the County City Building on the 1st floor, room 134 at 9:30 in the morning. He was charged with obstructing a public servant and criminal trespace. If you are up, try to be there.


Felony assault charges dropped against Tacoma Port demonstrators

In a victory for the Tacoma resistance to the US troop surge in Iraq, a Pierce County Superior Court judge dismissed felony assault charges today against all three activists who were arrested at the Port of Tacoma after midnight on Sunday morning.

Wally Cuddeford, Caitlin Esworthy and Jeff Berryhill were amongst a crowd of demonstrators when police in riot gear entered the designated protest zone. One by one the three were pulled from the crowd.

Several witnesses have described how Cuddeford was thrown to the ground and dragged across the pavement. Cuddeford later added that he was Tasered three times while police held him down before dragging him away. Berryhill was holding a protest sign when, according to witnesses, police fired a projectile into his thigh from close range, knocking him to the ground.



Athens, 07.03.2007 18:12

Κατεδαφίστηκε η κατάληψη Ungdomshuset στην Κοπεγχάγη

8 de marzo: Movilizaciones a favor de la mujer

Euskal Herria, 07.03.2007 18:11

Un a�o m�s se acerca el D�a Internacional de la Mujer y desde Indymedia Euskal Herria queremos animar a participar en las movilizaciones y actos que durante esta semana se realizaran en toda la geograf�a de Euskal Herria:

  • Iru�ea: 20:00, Plaza del castillo
  • Bilbo: 19:30, Plaza del Arriaga con el lema "Feminismorik gabe demokraziarik ez!"
  • Arrasate:19:00, Plaza Seber Altube
  • Donostia: 19:30, desde el Bulevar, con el lema "Gure eskubideak direlako martxan"

Anteriores centrales de IndymediaEH: |(2006) Mujeres, las activistas sin rostro |, |(2005) Mujer y pobreza|, |(2003) D�a internacional de la mujer trabajadora|

California PUC Elects to Not Fully Implement Cable Legislation AB 2987

San Francisco Bay Area, 07.03.2007 04:09

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has rejected the oversight role the CA Legislature thought it had mandated in AB 2987. In a perfunctory vote, the state PUC rejected the protests of California cities and consumer groups, deciding against any direct oversight of the state's new statewide video-service franchises for phone and cable companies. PEG access provisions of the bill are now threatened.

dones (ca)

Barcelona, 07.03.2007 03:08

8 març 2007: lliures de patriarcat

Aquest dia de reivindicació del valor de les aportacions de les dones en la nostra societat, de denúncia de la discriminació de la dona en els diversos àmbits de l'activitat humana i de lluita per l'alliberament de la dona, ens porta a recordar i commemorar la creació oficial, l'any 1937, de "mujeres libres", principals precursores de les nostres lluites feministes d'avui.

Actes 8 de març arreu: [8-9mar]femelek 2007: dones i música electrònica ::: [7-28mar]Cicle "DONA I SOCIETAT" de pensament crític sobre perspectives de gènere a la UAB (aquest dimecres 7 primera sessió) ::: [feb-mar] Actes Cajei Arreu: el jovent combatem el sexisme + [5mar]Dones a Gelida: parlem de la Dona + [2-29mar]Actes 8 març a Vilafranca + Plataforma revolucionària 8 de març + [9mar][Inca] Taller sobre les relacions de gènere als anuncis de TV

notícies relacionades: Dones lliures: ja fa 70 anys... ::: Festa de suport a la Núria ::: declaració de les dones per la sobirania alimentària ::: 50 detingudes a les Rambles ::: El premi Turing per primera vegada a una dona ::: Neus Català: catalana de l'any ::: Per bruixa i metzinera ::: història d'una violació

+info : >>>dones

mujeres (es)

Barcelona, 07.03.2007 03:08

8 marzo 2007: libres de patriarcado

Este dia de reivindicación del valor de las aportaciones de las mujeres en nuestra sociedad, de denuncia de la discriminación de la mujer en los diversos ámbitos de la actividad humana y de lucha por la liberación de la mujer, nos lleva a recordar y conmemorar la creación oficial, en el anño 1937, de "mujeres libres", principales precursoras nuestras luchas feministas de hoy.

Actos 8 de marzo: [8-9mar]femelek 2007: mujeres y música electrónica ::: [7-28mar]Ciclo "DONA I SOCIETAT" de pensamiento crítico sobre perspectivas de género en la UAB (este miércoles 7 primera sesión) ::: [feb-mar] Actos Cajei: la joventud combatimos el seximo + [5mar]Mujeres en Gelida: hablamos de la mujer + [2-29mar]Actos 8 marzo en Vilafranca + Plataforma revolucionària 8 de marzo + [9mar][Inca] Taller sobre las relaciones de género en los anunicios de TV

notícias relacionadas: Dones lliures: ja fa 70 anys... ::: Festa de suport a la Núria ::: declaració de les dones per la sobirania alimentària ::: 50 detingudes a les Rambles ::: El premi Turing per primera vegada a una dona ::: Neus Català: catalana de l'any ::: Per bruixa i metzinera ::: història d'una violació

+info : >>>dones

Día Internacional de la Mujer Trabajadora

Argentina, 07.03.2007 02:39

Basta de verso... ¡Queremos nuestros derechos!!

solicitud de adhesión a documento

Argentina, 07.03.2007 02:39

Por el esclarecimiento del asesinato de Brad Will de Indymedia Nueva York

Divided We Protest

DC, 07.03.2007 02:10

Alternatieve Boekenbeurs

Oost-Vlaanderen, 07.03.2007 00:08

Alternatieve Boekenbeurs


santiago, 06.03.2007 23:40

La bomba que estallará

S11 Protestors Claims from 2000 Settled

Melbourne, 06.03.2007 21:41

Payout to S11 Protestors a Rebuke to Police Violence

'Defend the NHS' National Day of Action

United Kingdom, 06.03.2007 21:40

Saturday, 3rd March, saw a national day of action to defend the National Health Service (NHS), called by NHS Together, an alliance of health service unions and staff associations together with the TUC. Demonstrations and rallies took place across the country, in Birmingham, Cambridge, Hackney (London), Leeds, Preston, Sheffield and other places. The aim of the protests, according to the organisers, was "to send a powerful message in celebration and defence of the NHS" against more cuts and privatisation. Almost three quarters of NHS trusts in the UK are reported last year that financial deficits are forcing them to make massive cutbacks; wards are being closed down, hospitals shut and jobs cut. Billions are going into 'restructuring' the service along market lines, with millions going on management consultants and financial advisers and millions more, in massive PFI payments, to shareholders and bankers.

Reports and pics: Defend the NHS Day: Sheffield Demonstration [photos] | Demo against the privatization of the NHS in Preston | Hackney Save NHS Demo | Leeds General Infirmary For Sale!

Previous Indymedia Features: Is Britain ready to defend its NHS? | The NHS in Crisis | Sheffield Children's Hospital: Save Ward S2 | Local Trusts Take Scalpel To NHS | Indymedia UK's Health topic page

Links: NHS Together | Keep Our NHS Public


Uruguay, 06.03.2007 20:41

THe Takeover of the Minuteman Project

LA, 06.03.2007 20:41

THe Takeover of the Minuteman Project

THe Takeover of the Minuteman Project

LA, 06.03.2007 17:39

THe Takeover of the Minuteman Project


Pittsburgh, 06.03.2007 16:40

Local military robotics center shut down by protest

Paul Porter on Recent FCC/Payola Agreement

DC, 06.03.2007 16:09

Speak Out Against the FCC

Cleveland, 06.03.2007 15:07

Speak Out Against the FCC

Конец демократии…

Belarus, 06.03.2007 11:37

Tucumán: casos en Tafi del Valle y El Mollar

Argentina, 06.03.2007 10:08

Diaguitas protestan por desalojos

Great-Grandma Gets Ten Months for Protest

Portland, 06.03.2007 09:39

A BC Supreme Court justice today sentenced Betty Krawczyk, age 78, to ten months in jail for protesting the destruction of a wetlands last year. A crowd of Betty's supporters took over the lobby of the Supreme Court building in downtown Vancouver, chanting "Shame, shame" and beating drums. The courthouse was closed for two hours and CBC Radio reports two people were arrested.

Krawczyk pitched a tent in the path of bulldozers building a highway bypass in West Vancouver last spring, defying a court order banning protestors from the area. She was arrested and carried away by police, but returned to the blockade site twice more and later refused to apologize to the court for her actions. After her third arrest last July, Krawczyk was held in jail for two months "to protect the public," the judge said at the time. She will not be credited for time served.

Diaguitas y Lonko

Argentina, 06.03.2007 09:38

Rbo cambia sede

Italy, 06.03.2007 09:11

Sospese le trasmissioni per un mese

What's up?

Italy, 06.03.2007 09:11

Un giorno di ordinario antagonismo

il sangue di roma

Italy, 06.03.2007 09:11

Il Sangue di Roma

repressione a Benevento

Italy, 06.03.2007 09:11

Vietato stampare

((( i )))

Italy, 06.03.2007 09:11

Film sui network indipendenti che fecero la cronaca della lotta in Argentina

il sangue di roma

Italy, 06.03.2007 09:11

Il Sangue di Roma

il sangue di roma

Italy, 06.03.2007 09:11

Il Sangue di Roma

((( i ))

Italy, 06.03.2007 09:11

Film sui network indipendenti che fecero la cronaca della lotta in Argentina

Ripensare Indymedia

Italy, 06.03.2007 09:11

Indymedia-Italia chiude (e indySard pure)


Italy, 06.03.2007 09:11

Bad Trip

Video of Arrests at Office of Oregon Senator Gordon Smith

Portland, 06.03.2007 08:39

On Friday, March 2, 2007, constituents of Oregon Senator Gordon Smith were again denied an audience with members of his staff, and two were arrested for trespass.

This is the sixth episode with two people being arrested for seeking an audience with their Senator since the first of the year when Smith made a blistering speech condemning the war as "absurd and maybe even criminal."

Since that time members of the group, Defund the War have visited his office weekly, demanding, in light of his earlier pronouncements, that he announce his plans to deny any future funding for the war. Smith has refused to make a statement either way, and in fact no longer allows these constituents even to go beyond the lobby in the building where his offices are located.

Eighteen Months Since Fouad Kaady Was Murdered

Portland, 06.03.2007 08:39

Eighteen months have passed since two murderous thugs under cover of the authority of the state, chose to terminate a young life, rather than administer first aid to a severely injured person who had his clothes burned from his body in a car fire.

Officer Bergin (Sandy Oregon Police Department) and Clackamas County Deputy Willard, after eighteen months, are you sleeping well? If that drug induced sleep seems peaceful to you, hang on, the other shoe is going to drop. It is the hope of every decent, law abiding citizen in this county that Gerry Spence and his law firm will render your estates dry, as well as rake your soulless reputations over the coals for weeks. YOU HAD NO RIGHT!

Action at the Tacoma Port

Portland, 06.03.2007 08:39

There are several eyewitness reports that three people were arrested for peacefully protesting at the Port of Tacoma at about 12:30 AM Monday morning, March 5. They were protesting the shipment of Stryker Brigade equipment to the illegal war and occupation in Iraq. One person was brutally dragged on his stomach and another was shot by a rubber bullet as they were engaged in non-violent protest. The Tacoma police appeared to have become less violent after the media arrived...

The war is now being brought home in profound ways. These protests were part of a continuation of protests begun last year against the use of the Port of Olympia to ship offensive weapons to Iraq. The military at Ft. Lewis decided this year to avoid the use of the Port of Olympia, but rather to ship arms at the Port of Tacoma...

The military equipment is still at the Port of Tacoma and peaceful protests are expected to continue this week at the port and elsewhere in the city. A vigil is planned for by Olympia Port Militarization Resistance (OLYPMR) and Tacoma Port Militarization Resistance (TPMR) in Tacoma at Pacific and I-5, from 4-6PM on Monday, March 5. Bring signs to oppose war being exported from the Port of Tacoma. On Tuesday, March 6, there is a planned rally at Noon at the Federal Courthouse at 1717 Pacific Avenue in downtown Tacoma.

read more>>

Press Release, Port Militarization Resistance

Olympia Port Militarization Resistance (OlyPMR), a local grassroots organization, is claiming victory in its campaign to close the Port of Olympia to military shipment bound for Iraq as part of President Bush's escalation of the conflict.

The decision by the US army to not use the Port of Olympia to ship the 4th Brigade, 2nd Division Stryker unit's equipment to Iraq is a clear recognition that choosing to do so would have been a logistical and public relations disaster for the Port of Olympia and the Ft. Lewis based Stryker group.

"This is a tremendous victory in the campaign to end our community's participation in the illegal and immoral occupation of Iraq," said TJ Johnson, an Olympia City Councilman who has helped spearhead the campaign. He added that "our success in Olympia can serve as powerful model and beacon of hope for other communities seeking to take direct action to end their community's participation."

The Army's decision to not risk the consequences of shipping the Stryker unit through Olympia forced it to move equipment through the Port of Tacoma. Military equipment began arriving at the Port of Tacoma around 10:30 pm on March 2, and additional equipment arrived late in the evening on March 3 and 4.

read more>>

Chelsea and Low Income Communities Fight Power Plant, Against Environmental Injustice

Boston, 06.03.2007 07:09

In an astounding display of solidarity, community members from Roxbury, Dorchester, Chelsea, East Boston and their local government officials gathered at Chelsea High School last week to speak out against plans to build a diesel power plant in Chelsea. Standing before the Energy Facilities Siting Board, a board known for historically approving every siting permit request presented before them, people bitterly complained about Energy Management Inc.’s (EMI) railroading strategy to build the diesel plant a mere 250 yards from Chelsea’s only elementary school.

Iniciam a demolição da Ungdomshuset, Copenhague

Brasil, 06.03.2007 07:09


Granito De arena

Houston, 06.03.2007 04:08

March 8th HIMC Presents: Granito De Arena

Rethinking Privatization: Henry Giroux's the'Terror of Neo Liberalism'

Richmond, 06.03.2007 02:09

When people talk about privatization, they’re usually referring to governments selling off state assets (ostensibly) to the highest bidder. But in his cultural studies based take on neo-liberalism, The Terror of Neo-Liberalism: Authoritarianism and the Eclipse of Democracy, Henry Giroux takes an entirely different tack. For him, privatization is the process of transforming social problems into individual problems.

Urgent Action Needed: Help Rashid at Red Onion Prison

Richmond, 06.03.2007 02:09

Kevin "Rashid" Johnson, a prisoner at Red Onion State Prison in VA and prominent Black Panther leader is being abused regularly and is having his life threatened. Your help is needed to let them know we are all watching.

Pittsburgh Organizing Group Shuts Down Defense Contractor

San Diego, 06.03.2007 01:39

On Friday, March 2, Pittsburgh Organizing Group (POG) and supporters set out to shut down the National Robotics Engineering Center (NREC), a largely Pentagon-funded venture of Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) that has become a world leader in warfare robotics. The action succeeded beyond the organizers' expectations.

Two actions were organized for the purpose of creating a barricade. The first was a non-publicized effort by four affinity groups to barricade the main entrances through the use of lockboxes (long pipes through which people's hands are locked together), u-locks, and a tripod. These groups deployed at 5am, before police were on the scene. This action alone blocked all vehicular access to NREC and severely disrupted the possibility of pedestrian traffic. [14 arrests, all released]. The second piece of the action was a publicly announced 7:30am march from Friendship Park to NREC, which also intended to barricade the facility. As expected, a large number of police were deployed at various locations to ensure the march would not be able to successfully create a barricade.
--Read More--

More information and photos at the Pittsburgh Organizing Group WebSite | Additional Reporting and Links: Pittsburgh Indymedia, lenny and neil (video links)

Some San Diego Defense Contractors: Science Applications International Inc. (tech services, incl border security, criminal injustice, spying, media propaganda): WebSite Analysis: 1, 2 | Titan Corporation/L3 (communications, aerospace, homeland security, mercenaries--abu ghraib): WebSite, Analysis: 1, 2 | General Atomics (nukes, predator drone): WebSite Analysis: 1, 2 | Cubic Corporation (combat training, battlefield systems): WebSite

International Women's Day 2007

Aotearoa, 06.03.2007 01:10

Thursday, 8th March, is International Women's Day with events around Aotearoa and the world. This year's action are marked with demonstrations against the police rapists.

Tamaki Makaurau - Auckland
March against police rape!
7pm, Aotea Square

Te Whanganui a Tara - Wellington
March to demand justice for rape survivors
5.30pm, Civic Square
and Innermost wom*n invite all wom*n for "Seed for Peace" event. We are gathering at our garden spot, Old Bandoleers Club (next to the men’s golf club), between Majoribanks (parallel to Elizabeth Str.) and to Lawson Place in the Town Belt at Mt Victoria at 6.30pm. More fun at the YWCA Wellington (75 Ghuznee Str. Level 3) which is another wom*n’s space from 8pm onwards.

Otautahi - Christchurch
Come together to express our solidarity with rape survivors and our disgust with the courts of injustice and the rapist cops they protect.
7:30pm, Cath Square

International Women's Day: 2006 | 2005 | 2004 | A History of International Women's Day

Barack O-Bomb-'Em Sucks Up To AIPAC

DC, 06.03.2007 00:10

Sen. Barack Obama said Friday the use of military force should not be taken off the table when dealing with Iran, which he called "a threat to all of us." Speaking before a pro-Israel crowd at a downtown hotel, Obama also repeated his call for a phased pullout of U.S. troops from Iraq and strongly backed a strong U.S. relationship with Israel… …(Others said) Obama, who largely read from prepared remarks, seemed slightly less passionate about the topic than presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, who spoke at AIPAC's national convention last year. Both Clinton and Obama will be at the convention March 11 in Washington. Time to pull together a Welcoming Committee…?

Urgent Action Needed: Help Rashid at Red Onion Prison

DC, 06.03.2007 00:10

Kevin "Rashid" Johnson, a prisoner at Red Onion State Prison in VA and prominent Black Panther leader is being abused regularly and is having his life threatened. Your help is needed to let them know we are all watching.

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