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Parents, children, teachers protest proposed HPV vaccine requirement

DC, 09.03.2007 06:12

Many DC parents are very worried about Merck's attempts to use DC kids as "guinea pigs" by requiring use of Merck's brand-new and unproven HPV vaccine as a condition of school attendance. On March 6, dozens turned out to say so at City Hall.

Arson Suspected in Fire at Houston Indymedia’s Office

Austin, 09.03.2007 06:10

Sedition Books, a radical community space and lending library, as well as the current office and meeting space for Houston Indymedia, caught fire at around 3am Monday February 26. The fire destroyed property of the residents and damaged some of the books available as part of the lending library. Luckily no one was injured during the blaze. Read A Collective Statement on the Arson at Sedition Books From the open publishing newswire So I woke up to smoke at 3 this morning, leaped out of my loft yelling "fire!" and woke up my room-mate Nik… we rushed outside and saw the back corner of the house covered in flames, I ran back inside and grabbed some shorts and Nik got his cell phone and called 911, the fire department showed up pretty fast and put out the fire… but there's hella smoke and water damage everywhere, and a giant hole in the wall and ceiling. Then the HPD arson investigators arrived, and straight off one of them started to question me about my politics… "Looks like you guys are pretty anti-american, what's the deal with that?" "Don't you know capitalism makes everything run?" I was so dazed from the smoke and the shock that I actually started to argue politics with him, but then said "What the fuck, am I under investigation for my political beliefs or are you investigating a fire?" His boss took over and was more polite but their main interest still seemed to be devoted to the radical politics on display in the infoshop… They said it was almost definitely an intentional fire, because it was started form the outside… then they told us that "if you get too extreme like this, this is what happens" and "if you do this again somewhere else, this kind of stuff is just gonna follow you…" Photos of the damage || More pictures || More reports || Sedition Books burns, prepares to rise from the ashes

Office occupation against I-69 and the Trans-Texas Corridor!

Austin, 09.03.2007 06:10

On February 26, 20 people shut down the Cintra-Zachry office in Austin, TX with a festive occupation. Cintra-Zachry is responsible for building long stretches of the TTC and Cintra is involved in I-69 construction in Indiana.

Following this year's Earth First! Winter Organizers Conference, affinity groups planned a direct action targeting the corporation Cintra-Zachry. Cintra is involved in roadbuilding and privatization plots around the world, especially in Texas, Indiana, and Mesoamerica, encompassing the infamous I-69 free trade corridor.

In order to confront the road-builders and corporations which profit from "development", activists festively took over the Cintra-Zachry office in Austin with noise-makers, instruments, banners, chants to disrupt the planning process and express dissent. Confusion reigned as Earth First!ers played trumpets, performed a kiss-in, banged on drums and shouted in opposition to destructive superhighway projects. There were no arrests. Similar office demonstrations have erupted along the proposed route of Interstate 69.

Cintra-Zachry owns several pieces of the Trans-Texas Corridor, a highly contested road building project which hopes to facilitate the easy transport of goods from Mexico and Central America for trade on American markets. Its parent company, Cintra, also has its hands in similar free-trade enabling infrastructure projects across the globe, including the proposed "NAFTA Superhighway" Interstate 69, planned to stretch from the Canadian border in Port Huron, MI and to connect to the Trans Texas Corridor and other highways linking to the vast development project in Mesoamerica called Plan Puebla Panama. The TTC, I-69 and the PPP are all under harsh criticism for the ecological devastation and displacement of communities which they will cause. Additionally, the massive construction of these infrastructure networks (which includes power plants, factories, sweat shops, hydro-electric dams, dry canals, ports and airports in Mesoamerica) will only tighten the grip of neoliberal capitalism on a region already facing widespread exploitation.

More action is needed across the route and throughout the hemisphere if we are to stop these highways! With these actions we can both defend our homes and bioregions and act in solidarity with struggles against the PPP in Mesoamerica.

I-69 News || NARAN's I-69 Project || No Plan Puebla Panama || I-69 Tier 2 Studies

Viva Mujeres!!!

Austin, 09.03.2007 06:10

International Women’s Day - In 1975, during International Women's Year, the United Nations began celebrating International Women’s Day on March 8th.. Annually, thousands of events are held throughout the world to inspire women and celebrate their achievements. The day remains an official holiday in Armenia, Russia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Moldova, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Vietnam, and is observed by men giving the women in their lives - mothers, wives, girlfriends, colleagues, etc., flowers and small gifts. March 8th is a historic day when women stood together to demand justice in the workplace. They protested, got arrested, when to jail; formed labor unions and women´s organizations. Because of the courage of many strong women, we have and enjoy the rights and privileges that many of us take for granted, including the right to vote. But, everyday women are still underpaid, overworked, sexually discriminated and abused at work and at home. The struggle continues and women have the power to create a more just world for men, women and children. Read below for International Women´s Day festivities in Austin, TX.

Rising Tide Climate Action Tour Performace in Miami on March 13th

Miami, 09.03.2007 04:37

Rising Tide Climate Action Tour Performace in Miami on March 13th

President Bush's Latin American Journey: A Matter of Low Expectations and Utter Despair

Miami, 09.03.2007 04:37

President Bush's Latin American Journey: A Matter of Low Expectations and Utter Despair

President Bush's Latin American Journey: A Matter of Low Expectations and Utter Despair

Miami, 09.03.2007 04:37

President Bush's Latin American Journey: A Matter of Low Expectations and Utter Despair

President Bush's Latin American Journey: A Matter of Low Expectations and Utter Despair

Miami, 09.03.2007 04:37

President Bush's Latin American Journey: A Matter of Low Expectations and Utter Despair

Mar 2 Radio Show

Houston, 09.03.2007 03:38

The March 2nd Edition of the Indymedia Radio Show!

Día Internacional de la mujer trabajadora

Argentina, 09.03.2007 03:09

Ni flores ni bombones, reivindicación y lucha

March 19: Wall St. Direct Action

NYC, 09.03.2007 02:09


Stop the opening bell! Mass convergence to SHUT THEM DOWN!

Presos Políticos Libertad!!! vAPPOroaxaca

San Diego, 09.03.2007 01:40

Estoy intentando poner las fotos, va otra vez corregido y aumentado. Lo siento por las molestias, que esto ocasiona.

Heavy repression in Greece, following the voting of the new legislation for the universities

Athens, 09.03.2007 01:09

35.000 people were brutally attacked with rubber bullets and tear gas


Canarias, 09.03.2007 00:10

Toda Canarias ha vuelto a hacer gala de su unión y firmeza para defender el territorio e impedir a los piratas del cemento seguir su escalada de destrucción y contaminación del territorio para la obtención de pingües beneficios para los políticxs-empresarixs. Hace ya tiempo que las encuestas encargadas a empresas subvencionadas ya no hacían su trabajo cómo antaño, pero todo puede quedar bien disimulado con un carnaval diferente, unos datos "alarmantes" y una campaña electoral iniciada no se sabe cuándo para sí se sabe qué . Y así se adivinaba que iba a ser la campaña electoral en el reino, entre cotilleos y falsas noticias, pan de cada día en esta sociedad atrofiada por el capitalismo y anulada por la falsa ilusión del "Estado de Derecho". Una vez más la ciudadanía, toma la iniciativa, la calle y la lucha para seguir defendiendo nuestra herencia y la de nuestros hijxs contra sus puertos, autopistas y carreteras. Esta vez ha sido la Federación ecologista canaria BEN MAGEC quién ha coordinado la primera movilización conjunta en distintas islas simultáneamente, por la proximidad de las elecciones del mes de mayo, y para mostrar el desacuerdo con proyectos de megainfraestructuras como el Puerto de Granadilla en Tenerife, la autopista que atravesaría la isla de La Palma de este a oeste y la carretera Agaete- La Aldea en Gran Canaria uniendo las tres islas con un lema común: “NO con mi voto” instando a los partidos políticos que concurren a las elecciones a que aporten propuestas más sostenibles para el archipiélago. Antonio Rodríguez, portavoz de Ben Magec, dijo a los periodistas que en este asunto "es absolutamente infumable" la actitud del P$O€, partido al que responsabilizó por no frenar el proyecto y al que reprochó que al mismo tiempo que lo autoriza, intenta estar al lado del movimiento ciudadano que se opone al puerto. La cadena humana ha unido el sábado las plazas de Candelaria y Weyler de Santa Cruz para protestar contra la construcción del puerto de Granadilla, bajo el lema No con mi voto reunió a miles de personas. La organizacón ha tachado de éxito rotundo la concentración. Están previstos nuevos actos de protesta. Pablo Díaz, portavoz de Ecologistas en Acción en La Palma, indicó que la protesta estaba encaminada a "decirle a los responsables públicos que con nuestro voto no queremos que se realicen megainfraestructuras que son desde todo punto de vista insostenibles e innecesarias". En el caso de La Palma, señaló que "la autopista programada, que atravesará la Isla por la mitad, no es lo más adecuado y, de hecho, así se han posicionado miles de vecinos en sus alegaciones". "Nosotros pedimos infraestructuras más sostenibles y acordes con el medio ambiente", recalcó Díaz. El Parque Natural de Tamadaba es el espacio protegido de mayor biodiversidad del archipiélago, que está declarado como Lugar de Interés Comunitario de la Red Natura 2000, Zona Especial de Protección de Aves. Este espacio se ve ahora amenazado por la Autovía de Agaete- La Aldea que contaría con nueve viaductos y diez túneles. Ben Magec-Ecologistas en Acción considera que esta obra supondrá el destrozo del frente marítimo del Parque Natural de Tamadaba y que se ha despreciado el estudio de una alternativa que ponga al mismo nivel los criterios de seguridad y velocidad frente a los valores naturales y culturales del citado espacio. Los ecologistas dicen que el sector de Tamadaba, Gu Guy e Inagua, constituyen la porción del territorio insular con mejor estado de conservación, es zona núcleo de la propuesta de Reserva Mundial de la Biosfera que discutirá el Patronato de Espacios Naturales en su próxima sesión.                                                              Esto sólo es el principio, la lucha…está en la calle # Video NO CON MI VOTO # Video ManiFIESTAacción por TAMADABA #Sets de Fotos: No Con Mi Voto | No Con Mi Voto

ecologia (ca)

Barcelona, 08.03.2007 23:10

Entesa pel decreixement

Ens diuen que per anar bé hem de creixer econòmicament... i fer augmentar el nombre de cotxes, les urbanitzacions, els quarts cinturons i línies de molta alta tensió. Per una altra banda el canvi climàtic cada cop es mostra més amenaçant i la crisi energètica està a la cantonada, fets que implicaran una transformació inevitable del model productiu, de mobilitat, de consum, en fi, de vida. En aquesta cruïlla històrica, podem reprendre el comandament de les nostres vides, arrabassant-lo als qui han fet de l'existència un negoci exponencial, o tornar a confiar en les inquietants receptes dels déus del mercat, la tecnologia, l'espectacle i la mà dura . Ens declarem objectors del creixement i ho celebrem amb unes jornades on hi esteu totes les persones convidades! Per fi el decreixement aterra a Catalunya, una idea paraigües que cala a França i a Itàlia i que pot unir-nos a totes en una sola lluita!

[7-11 mar] Barcelona Jornades pel Decreixement

[23-25mar] Cerdanyola del Vallès XX Trobada d'entitats i plataformes en defensa del territori dels Països Catalans

notícies relacionades:[13nar]tots al carrer pel planeta ::: futur negre pel turisme blanc ::: torna allò nuclear? ::: suspès el judici dels encausats per faltes per la defensa de collserola ::: vídeo denúncia de la devastació de l'horta de València :::

++info::>>>ecologia +

ecología (es)

Barcelona, 08.03.2007 23:09

Entente por el decrecimiento

Nos dicen que para ir bien hemos de crecer económicamente... y hacer aumentar el número de coches, urbanizaciones, cuartos cinturones y líneas de muy alta tensión. Por otro lado el cambio climático cada vez se muestra más amenazante y la crisis energética está a la esquina , hechos que implicarán una transformación inevitable del modelo productivo, de movilidad, de consumo, en fin, de vida. En este cruce histórico, podemos retomar el mando de nuestras vidas, arrebatándolo a quienes han hecho de la existencia un negocio exponencial, o volver a confiar en las inquietantes recetas de los dioses del mercado, la tecnología, el espectáculo y la mano dura . Nos declaramos objectores del crecimiento y lo celebramos con unas jornadas dónde estáis todas las personas invitadas!. Por fin el decrecimiento aterriza en Catalunya, una idea paraguas que cala en Francia y en Italia y que puede unirnos a todas en una sola lucha!

[7-11 mar] Barcelona Jornadas por el Decrecimiento

[23-25mar] Cerdanyola del Vallès XX Encuentro de entidades y plataformas en defensa del territorio de los Países Catalanes

noticias relacionadas:[13mar] todos a la calle por el planeta ::: futuro negro para el turismo blanco ::: vuelve eso nuclear? ::: suspendido el juicio de los encausados por faltas por la defensa de Collserola ::: vídeo denuncia de la devastación de la huerta de València :::

++info::>>>ecología +

Confronting Militarism in Our High Schools

DC, 08.03.2007 22:10

I'm giving a counter-recruiting workshop on Saturday at 9:30 am at AU during the National Conference on Organized Resistance. Confronting Militarism in Our High Schools: I'll be talking about our limited successes in Montgomery and strategies to employ in your own school district. There are counter-recruiting efforts that are on-going in ten local jurisdictions, yet little is happening in Northern Virginia. National Conference on Organized Resistance

The Vortex Occupied Social Centre Evicted

United Kingdom, 08.03.2007 21:09

Early in the morning of March 6th, high court bailiffs and police moved in to evict the Vortex Occupied Social Centre. The old Jazz bar on Stoke Newington Church Street, North London, had been occupied since the beginning of the year and had been open for numerous and varied community events [ 1 | 2 | 3 ]. A demonstration against the eviction has been called for Saturday, 10 March, 11am - 1pm, at the entrance to Abney Park Cemetary, Church Street, N16.

An International Women's Day event, due to take place at the Vortex on March 8th from midday, is still happening, same time and day, but will be at a different location in the area (check the calendar for announcements or phone 079 5078 1893 for updates).

Ungdomshuset demolido!

Portugal, 08.03.2007 19:41

Ungdomshuset demolido!

4th Anniversary of the War in Iraq Rally - OKC

Oklahoma, 08.03.2007 18:09

NO MORE WAR!!! An event to commemorate the 4th anniversary of the war in Iraq will take place in Oklahoma City on Saturday, March 17th at the Oklahoma State Capitol - south steps at 11 AM. This event is in alignment with the national March on the Pentagon taking place the same day in Washington, DC. Please join us to Stop the Escalation, End the Occupation, Bring the Troops Home Now and Prevent the war in Iran. An event to commemorate the 4th anniversary of the war in Iraq will take place in Oklahoma City on Saturday, March 17th at the Oklahoma State Capitol - south steps at 11 AM. This event is in alignment with the national March on the Pentagon taking place the same day in Washington, DC. Please join us to Stop the Escalation, End the Occupation, Bring the Troops Home Now and Prevent the war in Iran. [Info on related event in Tulsa.] 4th Anniversary Of The War in Iraq Saturday, March 17th at 11 AM Aligning with the National March on the Pentagon in DC RALLY FOR PEACE Oklahoma State Capitol 21st & N. Lincoln, Oklahoma City, OK 73105 South Plaza State Capitol Steps Stop Escalation, End Occupation Bring Troops Home, No Iran War Speakers, Music, Actions Sign Peace Petitions, Tables for Peace Groups for more info: 405/524-5577 Sponsors include: The Peace House, OK Veterans For Peace, AntiWarFair Coaltion, Central OK Stonewall Democrats, OCCC Democrats/Advocates of Peace, Peace Education Institute, Green Party of Oklahoma, Oklahoma County Green Party, Oklahoma Committee for Conscientious Objectors, Episopal Commission for Justic & Peace, Joy Mennonite Church

Quem vai ganhar com o biodisel?

Brasil, 08.03.2007 17:08


Peace Fresno President Speaks Out about the War in Iraq

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.03.2007 16:13

To mark the fourth anniversary of the beginning of the war and occupation in Iraq, Peace Fresno and a coalition of valley and foothill peace and justice groups will hold a huge anti-war march and rally, including a 'die-in' at the Federal Building on March 18 from 1:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. Everyone who is against the war needs to come out to the annual "Rally in the Valley for Peace and Justice: Bring the Troops Home Now"!

photo Photos

The Day That Destroyed The Immigrant Family

Boston, 08.03.2007 16:11

Boston, Mass. - Yesterday, a humanitarian crisis emerged from the aftermath of the March 6, 2007 raids by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement at the Michael Bianco Inc. factory in New Bedford. Throughout New Bedford, children were left at day care centers, babies with babysitters and elders without caregivers. Throughout the day and evening, hundreds descended upon Our Lady of Guadalupe at St. James Church looking for loved ones.

Dos años de Indymedia Córdoba

Argentina, 08.03.2007 15:12

Vamos Andar

Black Mesa benefit events - support indigenous resistance!

Santa Cruz, CA, 08.03.2007 14:09

Two benefit events are taking place in Santa Cruz for Native American (Dineh) families at Black Mesa who are resisting forced relocation from their homeland and the continuation/expansion of devastating mining operations by Peabody Coal. There will be an educational film screening at the RCNV on Saturday, March 10th, and a fundraising concert at 418 Front Street on Wednesday, March 14th.

Día Internacional de la mujer trabajadora

Argentina, 08.03.2007 13:39

Ni flores ni bombones, reivindicación y lucha

UCSC Student Government Resolution for Wage Parity

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.03.2007 13:10

In January 2007, the official (Regent-endorsed) student government of UC Santa Cruz, the Student Union Assembly, unanimously approved a resolution demanding that low-paid workers receive wages in accordance with other nearby institutions. The UC promised thousands of dollars to the lowest paid workers, many of which are members of AFSCME 3299, yet, up to this date, have not released this money.

36 people were arrested outside the UC Office of the President on February 15th, while hundreds rallied in support both on-site in Oakland, as well as at a rally at UC Santa Cruz.

Read the Resolution and Letter to President Dynes

Justice for Rape Survivors - Kia Kaha e nga Wahine

Aotearoa, 08.03.2007 12:10

In Wellington, about 400 people gathered at Civic Square at 5:30 for a rally in support of rape survivors, and for women wanting to vent their rage at the verdicts in the trials of Clint Rickards, Brad Shipton and Bob Schollum. Outside the police station, a woman disclosed her own history of abuse and attempted to present this to police. The police line (comprised almost entirely of women) violently stopped her from entering the police station and pushed the crowd of women from the steps. The march proceeded to the High Court where a lovely women sprayed 'Justice for rape survivors' on the front of the court and then burned an effigy of Clint Rickards. [ Report | 1 | 2 | Effigy burning | TV3 extended footage | 'One More Thursday in Black' MP3 ]

Hundreds of people marched down Queen Street in Auckland. Speeches were held in Aotea Square. One placard said "Castrate Clint". [ 1 ]

Publish your own story, photos and videos on Aotearoa Indymedia HERE.

BCI Censoring Trocaire's Campaign for Gender Equality

Ireland, 08.03.2007 11:39

International Women's Day 2007 The Broadcasting Co ...

NW Call to Action -- Converge on Tacoma to Resist Escalation of the War

Portland, 08.03.2007 11:39

In Tacoma, Washington, we are witnessing Bush's "surge" right here, right NOW. The armored Strykers are being brought from Ft. Lewis to the Port of Tacoma. We expect the Strykers of the 4th Brigade, 2nd Infantry will be loaded onto military ships bound for the Persian Gulf starting Friday, which normally takes three days. That gives us less than a week to act. By slowing or stopping the Strykers from being loaded, we are drawing attention to the criminal escalation of the Iraq War against the will of the American people. Join the Port Resistance!! KEEP THE 4TH HOME!!! Tues. March 6th to Sun. March 12th or until Strykers have left the port.

Normon Solomon: Media in Times of War

Santa Cruz, CA, 08.03.2007 10:41

Media analyst and antiwar activist Norman Solomon spoke at UC Santa Cruz on February 7th, 2007, about media in times of war. On this night, Solomon received the third annual Ruben Salazar Journalism Award.

Rubén Salazar was a Mexican-American news reporter killed by the police during the National Chicano Moratorium March against the Vietnam War on August 29, 1970 in Los Angeles.

Listen to Norman Solomon at UCSC

What Did Israel Know in Advance of the 9/11 Attacks?

Portland, 08.03.2007 10:40

It's no small boon to the U.S. government that the story of 9/11-related Israeli espionage has been thus relegated: the story doesn't fit in the clean lines of the official narrative of the attacks. It brings up concerns not only about Israel's obligation not to spy inside the borders of the United States, its major benefactor, but about its possible failure to have provided the U.S. adequate warning of an impending devastating attack on American soil. Furthermore, the available evidence undermines the carefully cultivated image of sanctity that defines the U.S.- Israel relationship. These are all factors that help explain the story's disappearance, and they are compelling reasons to revisit it now.

AUDIO FILE: Lynne Stewart Speaking in Portland

Portland, 08.03.2007 10:40

Lynne Stewart was in Portland tonight, March 6, 2007, at Portland State University, as part of a West coast fund raising tour. She spoke for about 45 minutes, in part about her case, but much, much more. As she says at the outset, "this really isn't about the case and me, as much as it is about lawyering and what has become of lawyering over the past five perception about this is....that we have seen a freezing of the playing field upon which lawyers operate. And this has to do of course with the sense that we have of who controls the court."

She continues speaking about her case, but mostly as an example of government overreaching and attempts to instill fear in the community of lawyers who defend American citizens. Her trial was a horrendous mockery, being held a few blocks from Ground Zero in New Your City, before a jury of local citizens, "who each had their own 911 story to tell." And at one point in this trial a large photograph of Osama Ben Laden was somehow introduced to the jury. The judge permitted this. One of many grounds to fuel their appeal.

18/98+ �final?

Euskal Herria, 08.03.2007 08:09

Despu�s de 16 meses de esperp�ntico juicio, se acerca el final y despu�s de mostrar p�blicamente lo "irracional" del proceso, la fiscal�a y acusaciones particulares siguen en sus trece y mantienen sus elevadas peticiones de condena. La acusaci�n p�blica sostiene en su totalidad los argumentos utilizados por el juez Garz�n y el Gobierno de Aznar para abrir estos sumarios, como si no se hubieran producido declaraciones y pruebas. As�, bajo la premisa de "todo es ETA", se ha producido una tremenda vulneraci�n de derechos y libertades fundamentales de la ciudadan�a vasca, y hoy es el d�a que esa vulneraci�n se mantiene, en los �ltimos meses proliferan los ejemplos.

El mi�rcoles 7 de marzo en Bilbo, en la Biblioteca de Bidebarrieta (Casco Viejo), a las 19 horas se presenta el DVD "18/98 auzia auzi" donde se recoge lo que han sido estos 16 meses de este continuo ir y venir a Madrid de 52 personas, adem�s de muchos otros agentes sociales y pol�ticos de Euskal Herria que han pasado como testigos.

Y tres d�as despu�s, el s�bado 10 de marzo en la manifestaci�n que convoca 18/98 Lantaldea en Bilbo, habr� una estupenda ocasi�n para materializar el mensaje de "18/98 auzia auzi". Dado que los derechos que est�n en juego son de toda la ciudadan�a, la manifestaci�n necesita la participaci�n de todas y todos.

M�s informaci�n en: |Claves para un juicio que rompe moldes|, |Euskal Herria watch: �qu� es el sumario 18/98?|, |Noticias del grupo de trabajo 18/98+|, |Documentaci�n|, |Plataforma de Madrid de solidaridad con l@s afectad@s por el Sumario 18/98+|.

Anteriores noticias en IndymediaEH: |Un grito contra el "macrojuicio 18-98" en el BEC|, |La Audiencia Nacional sigue a la carga|, |Los movimientos sociales en el banquillo|

&quot;8 Days of Anarchy&quot; from March 13th to March 20th

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.03.2007 07:09

Each year, the week of the Bay Area Anarchist Bookfair and the BASTARD conference of anarchist theory includes more and more events. This year, the Anarchist Bookfair will take place on two days, on Saturday, March 17th from 10am to 6pm and on Sunday, March 18th from 11am to 5pm at the San Francisco County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park, near Ninth Avenue and Lincoln Way. The BASTARD conference will take place on Sunday, March 18th from 10am to 6pm at UC Berkeley's Dwinelle Hall.

Radio Streaming

Uruguay, 08.03.2007 04:39

Transmisión en vivo por la visita de Bush

HUD poised to take over corrupted Miami-Dade Housing Agency

Miami, 08.03.2007 03:37

HUD poised to take over corrupted Miami-Dade Housing Agency

Scott-Carver Update: The Struggle and The Victory

Miami, 08.03.2007 03:37

Scott-Carver Update: The Struggle and The Victory

Scott-Carver Update: The Struggle and The Victory

Miami, 08.03.2007 03:37

Scott-Carver Update: The Struggle and The Victory

Scott-Carver Update: The Struggle and The Victory

Miami, 08.03.2007 03:37

Scott-Carver Update: The Struggle and The Victory

Miami Women's Summit 2007: Women Finding Common Ground (May 12th)

Miami, 08.03.2007 03:37

Miami Women's Summit 2007: Women Finding Common Ground (May 12th)

Clergy and Peace Activists Protest in Sununu's Offices

New Hampshire, 08.03.2007 03:10

This afternoon (March 6) local clergy and peace activists demonstrated in Senator John Sununu's offices in Pease Tradeport, praying, reading poetry, and speaking out, calling for an end to US militarism and the war in Iraq.


New Orleans, 08.03.2007 02:11

Increased Permit Fees Killing Culture of Second Lines

Ato de repúdio ao coronel Cordero, torturador argentino preso no RS

Brasil, 08.03.2007 00:42


&quot;Writer&quot; Anne Coulter Make Outrageous Racist Comments About Helen Thomas

DC, 08.03.2007 00:11

March 1, 2005, Washington DC— The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) is deeply offended by insensitive and outright racist remarks made by Ann Coulter, a syndicated journalist and writer. In an article published February 23, 2005, Coulter argues “Press passes can’t be hard to come by if the White House allows that old Arab Helen Thomas to sit within yards of the president.”

Free EC Day at Planned Parenthood means putting prevention first - March 21

Richmond, 08.03.2007 00:08

The Virginia League for Planned Parenthood will offer Free Emergency Contraception to the Richmond community on March 21 in honor of national Back Up Your Birth Control month.

Acclaimed War Casualties Exhibit Comes to Richmond

Richmond, 08.03.2007 00:08

Boots and Shoes Represent Virginians and Iraqis Lost in the Iraq War An exhibit symbolizing U.S. servicemen and women and Iraqi civilians killed in the Iraq War will be on display on March 20th and 21st at the Virginia Commonwealth University Student Commons Plaza and on March 24th at the Wal-Mart parking lot on Sheila Lane off Forest Hill Avenue. “Eyes Wide Open Virginia: The Human Cost of the Iraq War” focuses specifically on the costs of war to the Commonwealth. It is being presented as a commemoration of the fourth anniversary of the start of the war in Iraq. Tuesday and Wednesday, March 20-21 10am to 6pm @VCU Student Commons Plaza Corner of Floyd st. and Cherry st. Saturday, March 24 10am to 6pm @Wal-Mart on Forest Hill 2501 Sheila Lane


Colombia, 07.03.2007 23:09

Petro responde críticas del Ministro de Defensa

Bush em São Paulo

Brasil, 07.03.2007 21:40


Mulheres Camponesas lançam Campanha Nacional pela Produção de Alimentos Saudáveis

Brasil, 07.03.2007 21:40


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