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AU Administration threatens to shut down NCOR if protests &quot;originate at AU&quot;; cops, Nazis prowl campus

DC, 11.03.2007 03:10

NCOR this year has the feel of a meeting under seige. Cops prowl the halls like never before, Nazis try to stir up trouble, AU staff counts heads in rooms-and the University has threatened to permanently ban NCOR from the campus if any protests "originate" at NCOR this year.

IMC Bolivia

Bolivia, 11.03.2007 02:08

Para que el odio no nos derrote

IMC Bolivia

Bolivia, 11.03.2007 02:08

Carta de aclaraci�n al diario "La Raz�n" sobre Walter Chavez

IMC Bolivia

Bolivia, 11.03.2007 02:08


IMC Bolivia

Bolivia, 11.03.2007 02:08


IMC Bolivia

Bolivia, 11.03.2007 02:08

Acuerdo entre gobierno y Camiri, trasfondo pol�tico del conflicto

IMC Bolivia

Bolivia, 11.03.2007 02:08


IMC Bolivia

Bolivia, 11.03.2007 02:08


IMC Bolivia

Bolivia, 11.03.2007 02:08

Cientos de miles de familias damnificadas por el Ni�o en Bolivia

IMC Bolivia

Bolivia, 11.03.2007 02:08

Un muerto m�s de la guerra civil de Cochabamba

IMC Bolivia

Bolivia, 11.03.2007 02:08

Tarifas telef�nicas: "justicia" sin cambios otro fraude num�rico, la brecha digital contin�a gracias a las transnacionales

Arrested protester speaks out

London, Ontario, 10.03.2007 23:37

Silencing students: we do that. Sadistic threats: we do that. Excessive and unnecessary force: we do that too. Attention Fanshawe Students, the moment you cross onto this side of our gated community’s security barrier - fence - you are trespassing. As a trespasser you are subject to being beaten, threatened, humiliated and arrested without an explanation. Sound ridiculous? It did to me too before February 13; the day it all changed. As many of you already know, a group of six students, including myself, decided to attend the career fair on Tuesday to promote peace, love and the de-militarization of the world for Valentine’s Day. We held signs and handed out information as a counterweight to the military recruiter’s lies. We did not block any tables, we did not block traffic, we were not aggressive and we were openly discussing issues with many supporters of the military, who still appreciated our efforts to promote peace.

Londoners fast in support of Security Certificate detainees

London, Ontario, 10.03.2007 23:37

Public demonstration Saturday, February 24, at 1:00 p.m., Federal Building, 451 Talbot St. Five Londoners have been holding a rotating hunger strike for the last two weeks in solidarity with three imprisoned Muslim men who have refused food for more than two months. These five Londoners join a growing number of Canadians holding rotating fasts in other parts of the country, from Toronto to British Columbia, in support of the detainees and their hunger strike. They have chosen to do this as a symbolic act of protest against the imprisonment of Mahmoud Jaballah, Mohammad Mahjoub, and Hassan Almrei in the Kingston Immigration Holding Centre, a prison encased in barbed wire inside the Millhaven Penitentiary near Kingston.

Huron College students want dialogue on increasing inclusion

London, Ontario, 10.03.2007 23:37

After returning from internships working with youth and the elderly in Tanzania and Belize, 4th year Huron College students Amber Matthews and Renee McBeth want to get people talking about how individuals and groups are excluded in Canada and the world, and to discuss possibilities for change. On March 9th, 2007 Matthews and McBeth are organizing a free conference to do just that. Towards a Paradigm of Inclusion will feature guest speakers and panelists who have worked in local homeless initiatives, feminist causes, international development, independent media, universities, and community organizations such as the Cross Cultural Learners Centre. Throughout the day panelist and workshop facilitators will serve to guide discussion towards various kinds of exclusion that need to be discussed in order to move to more a inclusive community, society and world. The conference will take place from 10am-2pm on March 9th in the Huron Room at Huron University College. The conference is entirely free and will begin with a breakfast and keynote speaker, which will be followed by a panel discussion, complementary lunch and workshops in the afternoon. For more information visit To attend the conference please RSVP by email to

Day of Solidarity

London, Ontario, 10.03.2007 23:37

This Tuesday there was a Day of Solidarity demonstration downtown in support of Aaron George, who has been campaigning to raise awareness of Black History. Free nutritious food was handed out while flyers about a variety of issues were distributed.

Monday - Military research panel featuring David Noble

London, Ontario, 10.03.2007 23:37

Counter-Stryker proudly presents: PANEL ON THE ETHICS OF MILITARY RESEARCH IN THE UNIVERSITY Monday March 12 at 3:00 PM UCC Council Chambers, Rm. 315 3rd floor, University Community Centre, UWO (

Marin County Responds to Immigration Raids

San Francisco Bay Area, 10.03.2007 22:39

In the wake of two days of 5:00am raids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement teams in San Rafael and Novato, numerous Marin County groups felt called to respond with solidarity vigils that will be held each morning from 5:00am to 8:30am in the Canal District of San Rafael. The first vigil took place on Friday, March 9th, at Medway and Canal Streets in the San Rafael Canal District ( Photos: 1 | 2), and these actions will reportedly continue "until no longer necessary."

On Monday March 12th, a community meeting in response to the raids will be held at 6:00pm at the Pickleweed Center in San Rafael. The ICE raids will be an agenda item at the Marin County Board of Supervisors Meeting on Tuesday, March 13th at 9:30am.

Coaltion Blases Maywood PD

LA, 10.03.2007 22:39

Coalition of Community and Police Watchdog Groups Blast Maywood's Criminal Cops

Cobertura 8 de Marzo

Argentina, 10.03.2007 22:38

Congressman Obey Says 'Idiot Liberals' Need to Support War Money

DC, 10.03.2007 20:14

House Appropriations Chair David Obey (Dem., Wisc.) ran into woman in the hallway in Washington recently and ended up yelling at her and her friends, accusing them of "smoking something that's not legal" if they disagreed with him, and denouncing "idiot liberals." The woman, Tina Richards, introduced herself to Obey as the mother of a Marine about to depart for his third tour of Iraq, and as someone who has tried to communicate with Obey but received no response. Then she… Well, watch the video yourself. It may be depressing, but it's certainly entertaining (just like network television):

freEtech 2007 -- an (un)conference: march 25 san diego

San Diego, 10.03.2007 20:13

freEtech 2007 -- an (un)Conference: san diego, march 25th

why freEtech 2007?
Community. Free Software. Openness. All of the values of the Free Software movement are totally violated by O’Reilly publishing’s conferences. These same values are what has made internet culture exciting and vibrant and an important social force, and they are also the words that O’Reilly uses to market its $1500 per seat ETech conference.

If you care about creating and sustaining a technological culture that is accessible to everyone, instead of being accessible to those who have $1500 to blow on a 4 day conference, then help us create freEtech, a free and open unconference in San Diego on March 25th, the day before eTech begins. There’s a reason why the list of presenters is overwhelmingly white men, we’ll talk about why...

Click Here to sign up.

Links: Borderlands HackLab | Free Software on Wikipedia

NM Impeachment Resolution KILLED without even a Debate!

New Mexico, 10.03.2007 20:12

NM Impeachment Resolution KILLED without even a Debate!

Mortsel Belgie

Antwerpen, 10.03.2007 20:08

Mortsel: Don't mention the war

The most severe police brutality against 35.000 of students and teachers in demonstration

Portland, 10.03.2007 19:39

The new law for the functioning of the Universities is being voted at the moment, after the decision of the government to start the process in the Parliament despite the public outrage; since students, pupils, teachers and academics have been in an ongoing struggle since May 2006, including occupations of schools and faculties, strikes and demonstrations...

It was in front of the Parliament that some demonstrators clashed with the police while the air got full of asphyxiating and tear gas. The march was forced to split into pieces and about 100 hundred demonstrators that had randomly been at that place, were segregated and severely walloped by a heavy police force. Several attacks followed, in order to split the rest of the march into smaller pieces, when the school teachers were beaten as well. Individuals had to ran away and hide into nearby buildings.

Police Attack

Portland, 10.03.2007 19:39

I have just returned from Tacoma. The police responded to non violent civil disobedience in the form of passively sitting in a road with huge amounts of tears gas, pepper gas, pepper spray, bean bags, rubber bullets and pellets. It's unclear how many are injured. There has been at least one arrest (for taking a backpack in a no backpack zone). This was a MASSIVE show of police reppression. I estimate at least 20 canisters were launched.

THIS IS A CALL OUT TO ALL WHO WISH TO SEE AN END TO THIS WAR AND AN END TO POLICE REPPRESION! Please join us in Tacoma tommorrow (3/10/07) at 4:00 at the federal building for a continuing NON VIOLENT but non complicit protest.

62 arrestees and political orders for heavie penalties

Athens, 10.03.2007 18:39

the student uprising is still fighting all aroung Greece

Some Reasons DC Appeals Court Gun Decision Makes Sense

DC, 10.03.2007 18:10

The Progressive Review's Sam Smith reminds us why the DC Appeals Court ruling against the gun ban makes sense, both Constitutionally and historically.

From the Newswire

Perth, 10.03.2007 12:10

Breaking News - Cockburn Corruption - Council meeting disrupted!

Stop the surge, keep the 4th Brigade home!

Portland, 10.03.2007 11:40

Four arrests at the Port of Tacoma this week have not deterred anti-war activists from their campaign to prevent Stryker vehicles and other combat equipment from shipment to Iraq as part of President Bush's escalation of the conflict.

Olympia Port Militarization Resistance (OlyPMR) and Tacoma Port Militarization Resistance (Tacoma PMR) plan to continue daily vigils and other actions for as long as the military equipment continues to arrive at the Port of Tacoma, and while the equipment is being loaded on a ship bound for Iraq.

(Video) Nablus: New Clips from Army Operation

Portland, 10.03.2007 11:40

Today, a-films and RJI released another two short video-interviews from the recent military operation in Nablus, Occupied Palestine. The first interview was conducted with Ashraf al-Tibi, the injured son of 'Anan al-Tibi, whom the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) shot dead on February 26th, 2007. The second interview is with 11-years-old Jihan Tahdush, who was used as a "human-shield" by Israeli soldiers during house-to-house searches in the Old City of Nablus.

Impeachment in Washington -- Round 3

Portland, 10.03.2007 11:39

Impeachment Rally
March 10, 12 noon
Downtown Seattle ­ Westlake Park

Your presence is requested to support the impeachment of Bush and Cheney for high crimes against the citizens of the United States. We will gather, rally, then set out into the streets to gain support for SJM8016 in the state Senate.

The Bill is not dead and has until March 14 to be moved to the floor of the Senate for a vote. By appealing to the Democratic Caucus through the grass roots and lobbying in Olympia the people can convince the Senate leadership that voting for SJM8016 is the right thing to do.

Right to Protest march in Brighton

United Kingdom, 10.03.2007 11:11

LOCAL activist groups in Sussex are getting together for a march in Brighton defending the Right to Protest.

March 10th Evening of Resistance, Solidarity and Song with So An

San Francisco Bay Area, 10.03.2007 07:39

Haitian singer and grassroots organizer Annette Auguste ("So An") was seized from her home by US Marines as part of the 2004 coup d'etat in Haiti, and was held as a political prisoner for over 2 years. Oakland will welcome So An on Saturday, March 10th, at 7PM at The Uptown, 401 26th St (between Broadway & Telegraph, near 19th St BART).

"Haiti: We Must Kill the Bandits," the new 90-minute film by Kevin Pina, introduced by So An, will be screened on Wednesday, March 14th, at 7PM at the Grand Lake Theater, 3200 Grand Ave. in Oakland.

IWW WINS LABOR BOARD RULING - Workers reinstated at Amersino

NYC, 10.03.2007 05:09

IWW WINS LABOR BOARD RULING - Workers reinstated at Amersino

ICE Headed by Bush Crony; Investigated by Homeland Security for Deplorable Prison Conditions

Boston, 10.03.2007 03:10

Julie L. Myers, Assistant Secretary for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the branch of Homeland Security responsible for conducting the immigration raids in New Bedford, Massachusetts that helped create a humanitarian and economic crisis there, was appointed to her post by President Bush thanks to close family connections, according to several sources.

Miami Critical Mass Ride to Matheson Hammock Park, Saturday, March 10th

Miami, 10.03.2007 01:07

Miami Critical Mass Ride to Matheson Hammock Park, Saturday, March 10th

Miami journalist beat up, handcuffed, arrested by police after photographing them

Miami, 10.03.2007 01:07

Miami journalist beat up, handcuffed, arrested by police after photographing them

Annual Oklahoma Sustainability Conference to be Held April 20-21

Oklahoma, 10.03.2007 00:39

Ideas to Action: Envisioning the Next 100 Years in Oklahoma OKLAHOMA – In connection with worldwide Earth Day celebrations, Oklahomans will be learning about how they can improve the environment and local economy at the 6th annual Oklahoma Sustainability Network Conference. Farmers, ranchers, students, architects, city planners, religious, business and community leaders will be among the participants at the Oklahoma Sustainability Conference hosted by the Oklahoma Sustainability Network April 20-21 at the National Weather Center in Norman. Farmers, ranchers, students, architects, city planners, religious, business and community leaders will be among the participants at the Oklahoma Sustainability Conference hosted by the Oklahoma Sustainability Network April 20-21 at the National Weather Center in Norman. OKLAHOMA – In connection with worldwide Earth Day celebrations, Oklahomans will be learning about how they can improve the environment and local economy at the 6th annual Oklahoma Sustainability Network Conference. Farmers, ranchers, students, architects, city planners, religious, business and community leaders will be among the participants at the Oklahoma Sustainability Conference hosted by the Oklahoma Sustainability Network April 20-21 at the National Weather Center in Norman. This conference will offer resources, networking opportunities, and information on a variety of topics related to sustainability, including: farming and agriculture; green building; biofuel, wind and solar energy; business and industry; food; climate change; land use; transportation; religion and ethics; activism; ecological footprints; and the natural environment. "This year we are celebrating Oklahoma's centennial,” said Miles Tolbert, Secretary of Environment for the state of Oklahoma. “The conference’s focus on sustainability is very well timed, since ‘sustainability’ is just another way of saying that we intend to stay a while. In fact, you need to look no further than the headlines about the development of the state's alternative fuels industry and debates over water to see how crucial sustainability is to the state's future." Two keynote speakers will bring national expertise to the event. On Friday, April 20, Victor Davis Hanson will speak about the importance of food and farming to sustainability, moving away from the agro-industrial model and returning to agriculture’s traditional role in society. Hanson is a nationally syndicated columnist and Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. On Saturday, April 21, Doug McKenzie-Mohr, co-author of Fostering Sustainable Behavior: An Introduction to Community-Based Social Marketing, will discuss how to take the ideas of sustainability to a broader audience through focused social marketing. McKenzie-Mohr will also lead a half-day, intensive workshop on the same topic. Additional featured speakers for the Oklahoma Sustainability Network Conference include: * Alan Hart, principal of VIA Architecture of Vancouver, architect and urban designer for transit infrastructure projects in Vancouver and Seattle. * Mike McAnelly, senior planner for Carter and Burgess of Dallas and consultant for central Oklahoma’s Fixed Guideway Study. * Bob Waldrop, founder of the Oklahoma Food Cooperative and local advocate for social and environmental responsibility. * Jim Garrison, president of Wisdom University in San Francisco and president/cofounder of the State of the World Forum with Mikhail Gorbachev. * Dr. David Karoly, Williams Chair Professor of Meteorology at the University of Oklahoma, lead author and review editor of the recent UN report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. “The challenge is to accept that global warming is real, it will increase in the future, and policy choices that we make now will affect the climate that our grandchildren will experience towards the end of this century,” said Dr. Karoly. “The opportunity for Oklahomans is to use this information wisely, to seize its benefits, to plan for adverse impacts, and to take advantage of business opportunities in Oklahoma.” Each year, the Oklahoma Sustainability Network offers lunch and snacks made entirely of locally grown foods. Buying enough local produce to feed a crowd of more than 300 people requires conference coordinators to place their catering orders several months in advance. Coordinators say it’s worth the extra effort, because it supports the local economy, ecology and equity and is highly valued and enjoyed by attendees. “This difficulty is indicative of why we need this conference,” said Jennifer Gooden, conference coordinator. “Part of the Oklahoma Sustainability Network’s mission is to make it easier to buy locally-grown and produced goods. Buying local produce should be as easy as walking to your neighborhood grocery store.” The Oklahoma Sustainability Conference will be held April 20 and 21 at the National Weather Center in Norman, Okla. For more information or to register, visit or call (405) 632-2066. The Oklahoma Sustainability Network Conference is presented by the Oklahoma Sustainability Network and hosted by Sustainable OKC. The Oklahoma Sustainability Network Conference is sponsored by the Office of the Oklahoma Secretary of the Environment; OG&E; Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture; Harlan Hentges, Attorney at Law; Department of Environmental Quality, Pollution Prevention; The Sierra Club, Oklahoma Chapter; OU Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Environment; American Planning Association Oklahoma and Oklahoma Alliance for Public Transportation; Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture; OSU Environmental Institute; OSU Environmental Science Graduate Program; Oklahoma Food & Agricultural Products Center; Guaranteed Watt Saver Systems Inc.; EIA Design; and Land Legacy. # # # Editor’s Note: For more information, photos or interviews or to attend the conference as working media at no charge, call Anglin Public Relations at (405) 840-4222. For more information: Kinsey Cox or Debbie Anglin at Anglin Public Relations (405) 840-4222 After hours number for media on deadline: (580) 402-5269

women (en)

Barcelona, 09.03.2007 23:08

March 8th, 2007: free from patriarchy

On this day where the value of women's contributions to our society is claimed, a day to denounce women discrimination on several fields of human activity and a day to fight for women liberation, make us remember and commemorate the official creation of "mujeres libres" (free women), main precursors of our today feminist struggles.

March 8th Acts: [Mar 8-9]femelek 2007: women and electronic music ::: [Mar 7-28]Series "DONA I SOCIETAT" (WOMEN & SOCIETY), critical thinking on gender perspectives in UAB (next Wednesday March 7th, first session) ::: [Feb-Mar] Cajei Acts: young people fight sexism + [Mar. 5]Women in Gelida: Let's talk about women+ [Mar. 2-29]March 8's acts in Vilafranca+ March 8th Revolutionary platform + [Mar. 9][Inca] Workshop on gender relationships on TV ads

related news: Free women: It's been 70 years already... ::: Party to support Núria ::: declaration from women for an alimentary sovereignty ::: 50 women detained in Rambles ::: The Turing prize goes to a women for the first time ::: Neus Català: Catalana of the Year ::: For witch and for venomous ::: story of a rape

+info : >>>women

Día internacional de la Mujer

santiago, 09.03.2007 22:39

Un 8 de marzo como en dictadura

Kate Bornstein wants you to stay alive! Listen to RVA IMC's lecture audio!

Richmond, 09.03.2007 22:09

Kate Bornstein is an author, playwright and performance artist whose latest book is "Hello, Cruel World: 101 Alternatives To Suicide For Teens, Freaks, and Other Outlaws." Ze gave a talk entitled "Dangerous Dreams and Damned Desires" at VCU on 3/1/07.

Radio Streaming

Uruguay, 09.03.2007 21:40

Transmisión en vivo por la visita de Bush

Justicia Para Noé Rojas!!

San Diego, 09.03.2007 20:40

On February 10, 2007 young Noé Rojas was gunned down by San Diego Police Officers Louis Galante and Jack Pearson, after they stopped him for allegedly running a stop sign.

50 activists led by the Brown Berets marched from Emerald Hills Park to the site of the shooting to demand JUSTICE for Noé Rojas!!!

According to eye-witnesses, they shot him down with his hands in the air and then claimed he had a gun which they say now was actually plastic. Two family members in the car at the time said there was no such gun. If one turned up, then AS USUAL, the police planted it.

We demand that officers Galante and Pearson be fully investigated and tried for murder.

We demand that SDPD and SD County Sherrifs quit waging war on Mexican and Mexican-American youth in San Diego County! --Read More--

Related: Justice for Jake | SDPD's Phillip Bozarth Kills 5th San Diegan | CopWatch Conference on Police Brutality | October 22 CopWatch Protest Highlights Police Abuse

Radical Encuentro Camp

Houston, 09.03.2007 20:39

Radical Encuentro Camp raises climate justice issues in Wimberly


Athens, 09.03.2007 19:10

Στις μέρες της δημοκρατίας τους... Τα ΜΑΤ δολοφονούν, τα ΜΜΕ σιγοντάρουν

Report &amp; Photos from Protest outside Rogue Anti-Choice Agency

Ireland, 09.03.2007 16:40

Pro Choice Activists marked International Women's ...

Joe Nichols Executed

Houston, 09.03.2007 16:38

Joseph Nichols second man executed for same crime


Colombia, 09.03.2007 15:41

¡Fuera Bush! Presidente de la guerra y el saqueo

200 hour anti-war protest

Cleveland, 09.03.2007 14:07

200 Hour Anti-War Vigil Begins in Downtown Cleveland.

Oakland's Intertribal Friendship House in Need of Support

San Francisco Bay Area, 09.03.2007 11:09

In February, Oakland's Intertribal Friendship House (IFH), the oldest American Indian Urban community center in this country, announced that it is facing possible closure. IFH has to raise $30,000 by March 23rd, to pay current and back taxes. Several benefit events will be held in Oakland from March 15th through 17th, and IFH is also accepting donations.

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