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Менты под дверями Петра Рауша

Belarus, 13.03.2007 14:37

23 Antiwar Protesters Arrested at Port of Tacoma

Portland, 13.03.2007 12:38

Tacoma, WA, March 11, 2007 - Fifteen protesters, including Olympia City Councilman TJ Johnson, were arrested for crossing a police barricade in an attempt to deliver a "Citizen's Injunction to Halt Shipment of Military Material to Iraq." The injunction declared the Iraq war to be "contrary to the rule of law" and the current escalation to be "counterproductive" and opposed by "a majority of United States Citizens."

On a ship docked nearby, hundreds of Stryker vehicles from nearby Fort Lewis were being loaded for the 4th Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division, which will be deployed next month to Iraq as part of the unpopular escalation announced on Jan. 10 by President George W. Bush.

In addition, eight persons were arrested for challenging on First and Fourth Amendment grounds what protesters believe to be an illegal police ban on backpacks, bags, and purses. Phan Nguyen of Olympia told police his backpack contained only a copy of the United States Constitution. He was arrested anyway. "Just as we feel that soldiers should disobey unlawful orders, so I refuse to obey illegal orders from police," he said.

Send This Letter to Stop Gold's Gym on Division

Portland, 13.03.2007 11:39

Dear Suzanne Savin:

I am writing to express my support for the appellants in their appeal of Administrative Decision - LU 06-179785-AD.

As the appellants point out, a 33,000 square foot retail service would not "equally or better meet the purpose" of "insuring 'small scale' retail use" on Division, but would achieve the opposite result. Thus, the proposed development should not qualify for an adjustment to the Code.

City of Eugene Votes to End Oil Wars

Portland, 13.03.2007 11:39

The Eugene City Council just passed a resolution on a vote of 5 to 3 to end current wars in Persian Gulf, and to oppose Bush's plans for new wars in Iran of Syria. Curiously, the city councilors who opposed the resolution stated that they were also against the war, but that they felt it "is not a local matter"... and that specifically it is congress job to end the war.

Peter Defazio has been hiding and avoiding taking leadership against the oil wars. Please contact him and let him know the time has come for him to stand up and cut off funding for the current wars.

&quot;Shoot Out&quot; With Police On SE 39th &amp; Holgate

Portland, 13.03.2007 11:39

According to eye witness no cop has been shot. I repeat, no cop has been shot. The suspects are 2 females and 1 male all in their late teens. The 2 females did not run. The cops chased the suspects from the Belmont area and trapped them in by Trader Joe's. The male exited the car and shot as he ran. No one was hit. He escaped into the neighborhood...

We have a "reporter" from the inside. Person reports that the situation inside is somewhat dangerous. The cops are very nervous and carrying fully automatic weapons in ready positions. If you are currently in this perimeter be very cautious when/if approaching cops. Be sure to speak calmly and keep your hands visible at all times. Person reported, in their encounter, that even in taking precautions, the cop kept their gun ready and maintained nervous demenor.

Flag Display Of Iraq War Body Count.... a video

Portland, 13.03.2007 11:39

Well I took a bunch of photos of the all day flag display memorial installation effort (at Lewis & Clark College) That was organized by - - and "Students For Democracy"

It was a powerful sight..... There were flags everywhere

For every flag I put in that was colored represented "6 dead Iraqis" For every red flag it represented an "American solider who had died" What is just overwhelming is how many rows and rows and rows of flags there were It was fields and rows of flags .... and then times by 6 for every white one my my!

GREECE: Ongoing repression against students

Athens, 13.03.2007 09:09

Solidarity actions to the arrested students clashed by the police once again

Sacramento's 4th Anniversary Protest

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.03.2007 07:39

On Saturday, March 17th, from 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm, thousands of peace activists will converge at 16th & Broadway, in Sacramento, to protest the 4th year since the start of the criminal invasion of Iraq. The huge Sacramento anti-war protest will occur in solidarity with national actions in D.C. on Saturday and S.F. on Sunday. The national protests are expected to be the largest since the Vietnam War.

Halliburton Goes to Dubai

Houston, 13.03.2007 07:38

Halliburton Goes to Dubai

Watershed Restoration

LA, 13.03.2007 07:11

Watershed Restoration Tree Planting Day!

Mandatory Drug Sentencing:

Cleveland, 13.03.2007 07:08

Mandatory Drug Sentencing: The Devil's Fun

Legal Slavery and H2B Visas

New Orleans, 13.03.2007 05:11

Organizing in the Gulf South against Legal Slavery under the H2B Visa Program

Rightist Astroturfers' Flack Caught Spying at NCOR

DC, 13.03.2007 04:11

This man, David Martosko, was seen at NCOR today. taking photos. He was followed and did eventually leave, his license plate was taken down as Maryland 9CDZ42. The car was possibly a blue Chevrolet Cavalier. He essentially has made a career out of spying on animal-rights activists — and doing a pretty clumsy job at that. Sam Spade he ain't.

Busboys and Poets Joins the Fox Community

DC, 13.03.2007 04:11

Busboys and Poets Restaurant co-opted? Busboys and Poets has hosted Howard Zinn and Robert McChesney. They were known as a progressive location where Cindy Sheehan would pop by when she’s in town. Now they are hosting Fox TV! My, how times have changed.

23 Arrested: NYC Anti-War Direct Action: March 12th, 4PM

NYC, 13.03.2007 04:09

Around 100 activists occupied the military offices for close to two hours, surrounded by NYPD and FBI agents, who arrested 23.

Rising Tide Climate Action Tour Performace in Miami on March 13th

Miami, 13.03.2007 03:08

Rising Tide Climate Action Tour Performace in Miami on March 13th

Se oponen a nombramiento político en una escuela

Argentina, 13.03.2007 02:40

Salta: 29 heridos por represión a protesta kolla

New York Fire Tragedy a Lesson for Muslims and Non-Muslims

NYC, 13.03.2007 02:10

With the cost of living sky-rocketing in NYC and housing prices so high ( which translates into high rents for most people) those that are in New York and have to work hard for a living are forced to live in cramped conditions often times and there is a housing crisis for the working-class and the working-poor in New York as more and more ground is made way to gentrification and development. If something is not done about houisng in this city we are likely to see more tragedies in the future.

SDS Occupies Chambers St. Recruiting Station, 23 Arrested

NYC, 12.03.2007 23:40

Twenty-three members of Students for a Democratic Society entered and occupied the recruiting station shutting down recruitment activity for nearly two hours before being arrested. Outside dozens more protesters supported those being arrested with chants including, “Troops out now!” “N o justice, no peace. U.S. out of the Middle East!” and “Stop the war. Yes we can. SDS is back again!” || The rebirth of SDS || SDS Then and Now

Scripted Libby Trial Ends on Cue: What Can Happen Next?

DC, 12.03.2007 22:11

The Prosecutor, Patrick J. Fitzgerald, crafted the “Scooter” Libby case to protect the Bush-Cheney Gang. Even the members of Libby’s jury knew something was missing. Now, it’s time for the House’s Judiciary Committee to pick up the baton. Sen. Harry Reid (D-NEV) said Libby manipulated “intelligence” to get us into the war and that the case revealed “deeper truths” about VP Dick Cheney. I say: “Bring Cheney to the Bar of Justice!”

Marine Mom Returns to Rep. Obey’s DC Office

DC, 12.03.2007 22:11

Washington, DC: Today, Tina Richards, mother of a Marine facing a third Iraq deployment, who made national news last week when she had a chance encounter in the hallway with Rep. David Obey, Chair of the Appropriations Committee, will return to Obey’s office.

de ziua internationala a femeilor

Romania, 12.03.2007 20:38

Anul acesta, tema Zilei Internationale a Femeilor a fost "Punand Capat Impunitatii pentru Violenta Impotriva Femeilor si Fetelor"

Despre 8 Martie ca zi de activism la nivel global:

-- Greva Mondiala a Femeilor:
-- "8 Martie – Ziua femeilor militante" (2006):
-- Stiri din presa comerciala despre evenimente si noutati de ZIF din lume:

Combaterea inegalitatii sistemice de gen presupune adresarea saraciei, violentei si altor discriminari ce afecteaza in special vietile femeilor

Miami PROTEST Against the Seal Hunt on March 15th

Miami, 12.03.2007 20:09

Miami PROTEST Against the Seal Hunt on March 15th

Empty Buses, Open Questions

Bristol, 12.03.2007 18:38

"Cynics could be forgiven for believing that the Council is keen to 'prove' the lack of demand..." "Cynics could be forgiven for believing that the Council is keen to 'prove' the lack of demand for bus services to help sharpen the knives for future cuts.." Crash writes: Bristol City Council published their council tax budget recently, with 'only' an increase of 4.44% that apparently offers 'good value for money'. Certain long-suffering residents may disagree....One of the largest items of new expenditure is a whopping £820,000 a year for supporting 'off peak bus routes and park & ride'. The 'off-peak bus routes' in question include the mysterious buses that orbit the city going, it seems, nowhere in particular. These are mainly run by South Glos Bus and Coach, owned by the Durbin family in Patchway who have made millions out of their bus contracts over recent years. But there is one other problem with this: where are all the passengers?....The council has complete control over these services, yet is doing virtually nothing to make the travelling public aware of their existence. Cynics could be forgiven for believing that the Council is keen to 'prove' the lack of demand for bus services to help sharpen the knives for future cuts...Full article.| Empty seats on the move | Budget set for 2007/08 (from | Past Transport News: A week without our train | Council invest in frequent trains | Reclaim the buses |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

March on Pentagon - U.S. Out of Irag Now! - March 17, 2007

Miami, 12.03.2007 18:08

March on Pentagon - U.S. Out of Irag Now! - March 17, 2007

Photos Critical Mass M10 Matheson Hammock Ride + Halloween &quot;Frankenbike&quot; Ride

Miami, 12.03.2007 18:08

Photos Critical Mass M10 Matheson Hammock Ride + Halloween "Frankenbike" Ride

Endless War Memorial-All Week in Times Square

NYC, 12.03.2007 16:39

At dawn on Sunday, March 11th as we approached the fifth year of the invasion of Iraq, people of conscience started reading the names of the war dead, both civilian and military. We will continue reading from sunrise to sunset for six days, through Friday, March 16th

M11 Peace March 2007 Photos

Arkansas, 12.03.2007 15:14

Photos from today's Peace March & Rally in Fayetteville, Arkansas

Police Extinguish Camp Soverignty Fire

Melbourne, 12.03.2007 12:40

Police Extinguish Camp Soverignty Fire

David Hicks Vigils Continue

Melbourne, 12.03.2007 11:40

David Hicks Vigils Continue

Wanna get involved in pirate radio?!

San Diego, 12.03.2007 11:39

The lovely ninjas at 106.9fm are looking for a home. We have lovely silk black ninja outfits and like to bake mutant cakes. But, we need a home to put our antenna on. IF you want to get involved in supporting pirate radio in san diego, email us at ninjaradiosd At riseup (d0t] net.

Related: 106.9FM Given Notice of $10,000 Fine | San Diego Escalates its War on Free Speech: Free Radio San Diego 96.9 Raided

NYM Warriors Targeted &amp; Arrested At Anti-olympic Protest

Portland, 12.03.2007 11:39

Once again colonial fascism rears its ugly head as the colonial brownshirts (vancouver police) arrested three Native Warriors on February 13, 2007 for protesting the 2010 winter olympic games, scheduled to take place in unceded Squamish Territory (whistler re: vancouver). In yet another example of colonial terrorism, the kops arrested NYM Warrior Tselletkwe, of the Secwepemc Nation, Gord Hill of the Kwakwaka'wakw Nation, and Lynn Highway of the Anishnabe Nation. The kops, well known for the terrorism they inflict on Indigenous Peoples, also arrested members of the Indigenous Resistance Organizing Committee (IROC).

As the vancouver olympic organizing committee and the vancouver board of trade (businessmen) were celebrating their unveiling of a "3 year countdown clock" in the downtown business district in vancouver, one Native Warrior stormed the stage and took over the microphone, yelling "Fuck the olympics" until the kops managed to capture him and haul him away.

Impeachment Day: Monday at the Capitol

Portland, 12.03.2007 11:39

We are going to make a last push to get 8016 to the Senate floor for a vote. People will be converging on the Capitol to meet with the Senators and to generally be a presence. We will begin to meet around 11 on the North side of the Capitol--top of the stairs. Vigil with signs--noon-1, so folks who work for the state can join in.

Others may wish to lobby Senators to support 8016. Lobbying: Visit the Senators and ask them to support 8016. Most likely, you wil talk to their staff. Find out how the Senator will vote when 8016 comes to the floor. Ask them if they are willing to call for 8016 to come to the floor.


Monday March 12th, Impeachment Day In Olympia

Monday is Impeachment Day in Olympia. Our intention is to lobby undecided Senators effectively. We are asking that you attend for an hour or all day.

You are welcome to start the day at any time. Let's meet in the cafeteria around 10:30 or 11:00 to meet others from Washington For Impeachment, The Backbone Campaign, Oympia Meetup to Impeach Bush and Cheney , Progressive Dem's, and many others.


Call for Another Massive Convergence at Port of Tacoma on Monday Night @ 9pm

Portland, 12.03.2007 11:39

We will meet at the corner of Lincoln and Milawakee, the intersection where everyone got gassed. Let's show these rutheless, bloodthirsty pigs that we are not afraid of going back to where the confrontation happened and that we will not stop. The boat will be gone soon and if we do nothing, especially after what they did to us, we will all regret it later. Bring all of your friends, tell them to bring all of their friends, and be there at the corner of Lincoln and Milawakee at 9pm. From there, after or before, we will figure out what to do on Tuesday, but let's just worry about being there tomorrow. [read more]

Twenty-three arrested at Port of Tacoma in Protest of the War - Sunday March 11, a committed group of citizens from Olympia, Seattle, Port Townsend and Portland engaged in non-violent civil disobedience to prevent equipment from the 4th Stryker Brigade from being loaded at the Port of Tacoma on a ship bound for Iraq. This is an effective way to show support for the troops - prevent them from being placed in a position where they may kill or be killed. Other efforts to stop the war have not worked--the President and Congress continue the war despite letters and demonstrations, said one of those arrested. [read more]

As Resistance to Stryker Shipment Grows, Police Turn Violent on Peaceful Protesters - Following an afternoon rally at the Federal Courthouse in Tacoma on Friday, members of Port Militarization Resistance staged a peaceful demonstration at the Port of Tacoma, where they were met by Tacoma Police. Later, police turned violent and launched tear gas and rubber bullets at activists as they sat chanting peace slogans. [read more]

Report Back From Port of Tacoma - A protest organized by the olympia/tacoma port militarization resistance and the tacoma sds ended in violence at 3:30 early this morning. Protesters moved from one heavily reinforced police barricade (about 250 riot police) to another in the hopes of participating in a non violent act of civil disobedience by sitting in a street and allowing themselves to be arrested. The police responded by firing into the group with pepper spray pellets, bean bags and rubber bullets followed by CS (tear) gas and pepper spray dispersal gas. A few protesters returned the canisters back to the police line to keep them out of the unsuspecting crowd who was not participating in the action. The police then advanced through the cloud of gas and opened fire on the fleeing protesters, chasing them three blocks and launching at least 20 canisters of gas. [read more]

related: [ police attack protestors at port of tacoma and cause small riot | Tacoma City Council Violates Resolution 36058 | gas mask question | Chemistry of CS Gas (active agent in tear gas) ]

Antiwar Actions Escalate as M20 March Approaches

Chicago, 12.03.2007 04:09

As the days approach the March 20 Festival of Rights at Michigan Avenue and Daley Plaza, political activists are increasing the intensity and number of actions against the war apparatus in Chicago.

On March 6, 2007, political activist Andy Thayer filed suit in federal court against the City of Chicago for civil rights violations and attacks against three Constitutional amendments. The violations came amid a police crackdown during downtown peace actions on March 19, 2005.

On March 7, 2007, Code Pink activists involved with the Occupation Project were arrested amid civil disobedience actions at a local office for pro-war Democratic party representative Rahm Emanuel. Emanuel is one of more than twenty Senators and Representatives (nearly evenly divided between political parties) who have been targeted by direct actions demanding an end to funding the occupation of Iraq.

Community Outraged: NOVA President gets humanitarian award after firing 100 workers

Miami, 12.03.2007 04:07

Community Outraged: NOVA President gets humanitarian award after firing 100 workers

Community Outraged: NOVA President gets humanitarian award after firing 100 workers

Miami, 12.03.2007 04:07

Community Outraged: NOVA President gets humanitarian award after firing 100 workers

Community Outraged: NOVA President gets humanitarian award after firing 100 workers

Miami, 12.03.2007 04:07

Community Outraged: NOVA President gets humanitarian award after firing 100 workers

March 17 Medford, OR: Fund Books Not Bombs

Rogue Valley, 12.03.2007 02:40

Come to Medford on Saturday March 17 for a massive anti-war demonstration and march followed by a Peace Forum. Citizens for Peace and Justice and a local coalition of organizations and activists have organized events to mark the 4th anniversary of the War on Iraq. Stand in protest at the corner of Barnett Road and Riverside Avenue. Hold signs to oppose the war and to promote peace in Iraq. Bang pots and pans as Molly Ivins suggested. March with protesters to the Medford Library where the Rogue Valley Peace Choir will sing and where Peace Forum participants will rally before the Forum.

Bring a sack lunch and hear rally speakers. Forum speakers will include Peter Buckley, Mike Green, Dennis Kyne and Linda Richards.

Animal rights activists preparing to protest meat conference

Aotearoa, 12.03.2007 00:10

Between March 29 and 31, 2007, animal rights activists will converge on Poneke/Wellington, to disrupt and protest the annual meat industry conference.

The Wellington Animal Rights Network is inviting activists from around the country to come to Wellington for three days of protests and other events during the meat conference.

Thursday 29th March: Vegan dinner
Friday March 30th: Protest at the opening of the conference
Saturday 31st March: 11am main protest against the Meat Industry Conference | 6:30pm Protest outside parliament as the Meat Industry Gala Dinner

Links: Auckland Animal Action | Arkangel (New Zealand) | Exposing Poultry Fraud | Campaign Against Factory Farming

Free the Eight former Black Panthers

LA, 12.03.2007 00:09

Free the Eight former Black Panthers

Graffiti y Libertad de expresión

Puerto Rico, 11.03.2007 22:40

Foro: Graffiti y Libertad de expresión

donde estan

Colombia, 11.03.2007 22:39

Dresden: Initiative Neustadt

Germany, 11.03.2007 22:09

Nach zwei kleineren Randalen in der Dresdner Neustadt holen Ordnungspolitiker, Gewerbetreibende und diverse Initiativen mit der ganz großen Keule aus, um jede Form von Freiräumen und alternativen Lebensweisen im Stadtteil zu verdrängen. Ziel ist ungezügelter Kommerz.

Dresden: Ein Hauch von Kopenhagen
Neustadtwiki | Audio: Aktionsplenum gegen Videoüberwachung

señor chaves

Puerto Rico, 11.03.2007 21:10

señor chaves

señor chaves

Puerto Rico, 11.03.2007 21:10

señor chaves

March 9 Show

Houston, 11.03.2007 19:38

The March 9th Edition of the HIMC Radio Show Fresh off the Presses

D.A. Ignores Evidence of Police &amp; Mayoral Misconduct

NYC, 11.03.2007 17:39

If you were in NYC during the RNC, or know someone who was, and witnessed the fascist preemptive mass arrests, you know the truth. The cops - brass - and civilian commanders - the Mayor - should be charged for civil rights offenses. Such contempt for the law by law enforcement and high officials should not be allowed to pass without a response.

Amnesty makes noise over 5 years Guantanamo

United Kingdom, 11.03.2007 17:09

The University of Nottingham's Amnesty International Society's held a protest against the continuing human rights abuses at Guantanamo Bay. On Saturday the 10th of March folks protested against the continuing human rights abuses at Guantanamo Bay.

It is now over five years since the first detainees were transferred to the detention camp and despite widespread international condemnation, hundreds of people from more than 30 nationalities remain there: without charge and with little hope of obtaining a fair trial. Alan Simpson, MP for Nottingham South, joined in the protest about half way through.

Audio: Interview 1 | Interview 2

Photo: Close Guantanamo Bay [Please] Photoreport | Slideshow (avi/19M)

Links: Amnesty International Society | Amnesty International | The National Guantanamo Coalition | UK Feature article: Tackle the Shackles, Close Guantanamo | Other articles: Sheffield G8 Events: Guantanamo Bay orange jump suits | The Road to Guantánamo

Movimento lança petição pela destituição dos corpos gerentes da Fundação D. Pedro IV

Portugal, 11.03.2007 16:39

Movimento lança petição pela destituição dos corpos gerentes da Fundação D. Pedro IV

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