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The protest in Washington on Saturday - anything to worry about?

Philadelphia, 15.03.2007 14:08

Tesco's Plan to Move Shepton Mallet War Memorial

Bristol, 15.03.2007 10:08

Locals Object to Supermarket's Plans Locals Object to Supermarket's Plans Will Dunscombw of Friends of the war memorial writes: Just a little news on the Shepton Mallet war memorial. We have just discovered that Tescos and Mendip Disrict Council and Somerset Highways have just put in a plan to move the alignment of the road. At the moment there is a bufferzone that is in front of the memorial to protect it from the traffic. The new proposed alignment would have taken all the traffic within feet of it. But at the Town Council meeting on Tuesday evening, we managed to persuade them to reject the plan. There was a vote on the new road alignment and the majority voted no to the new road plan. This is the fifth road plan for the roundabout and yet Highways said there was no problem with the the amount of traffic that Tescos would create. 60,000 people a week to visit the new Tesco store and thay say there is not going to be a problem with traffic The Shepton Mallet Journal are running a poll at the moment to gauge public opinion on whether to move the Cenotaph or not we feel this is just another way of discrediting the friends of the war memorial. Please could you give us some support. Here is a link to the page to vote please could you pass this to as many people as possible and not let Tesco get their own way. Full article.Note! Bristol Indymedia Film Night on Monday 4th June will be on the subject of supermarkets - watch this space for more information!| Tescos Shepton Mallet Every little hurts | The Tesco Takeover ( | How to…oppose a supermarket planning application ( | | One Residents Story: Why I want Sainsbury's to 'Bogoff' | |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

オルタナティブ・メディアたち集まろう〜! 3/19 Alternative Media Gathering in Tokyo!

Japan, 15.03.2007 10:08

☆ インディメディアジャパンの呼びかけ ☆ オルタナティブ・メディアとプログレッシブな組織のためのネットワーキング・アライアンス ミーティング in 東京 ~ Indymedia Japan invites you to a gathering of progressive organizations and alternative media groups in Tokyo on March 19 (Mo). 詳しくDetails

Ending Impunity

Cleveland, 15.03.2007 07:08

Ending Impunity For Violence Against Women and Girls

Refugee Rights

Perth, 15.03.2007 06:39

Australia deports Sri Lankans to Nauru limbo

Nova Displaced Workers' Update

Miami, 15.03.2007 06:07

Nova Displaced Workers' Update

McD's gives 3 top execs $15 mil bonus while rejecting tomato pickers 1 cent a lb increase

Miami, 15.03.2007 06:07

McD's gives 3 top execs $15 mil bonus while rejecting tomato pickers 1 cent a lb increase

Bush's Latin America Trip: Understanding the Protests and Criticisms

Miami, 15.03.2007 06:07

Bush's Latin America Trip: Understanding the Protests and Criticisms

Plastic Bags

Portland, 15.03.2007 05:51

This morning, as I was leaving for work, I heard a report on the radio that San Francisco is considering a ban on plastic grocery bags because they harm the environment. I thought about it, and decided to count how many plastic bags I could see floating around on my way to work. Here is what I found.

My walk took me from NW Portland to downtown. So it's not a very long walk, and I wasn't checking every nook and cranny, but just counting what I could easily see. I counted more than 20 bags. There were bags pressed against fences, bags in bushes, bags flattened out on the street and glued down with rain water, even bags hanging from branches up in the trees. Yikes!

Death threat rec'd for holding sign, &quot;IMPEACH FOR PEACE&quot;

Portland, 15.03.2007 05:51

I was just doing a little morning protesting at the mouth of the Hawthorne Bridge, and when walking to my car, a man saw the above sign and felt he should tell me I was an idiot. I gave him a big, "HAH!! Bush is a LIAR! Read up!!"

His reply... I was already by his car, maybe 15 feet behind, was, "You are endangering the lives of my children, and I WILL KILL YOU!" I yelled back that I had his license plate.

Inslee Tries to Justify Opposing Impeachment

Portland, 15.03.2007 05:51

Wa Rep. Jay Inslee tries to justify his opposition of WA impeachment resolution. He clearly cannot tell the truth and I am not sure he even knows the truth. Here is his letter with my response...

Jay: It concerns me that a resolution to impeach the president, though satisfying, could stunt our progress and have a negative effect on our effort to stop President Bush's multiple errors.

Me: Do not trivialize impeachment. We know how serious this action is. You want to stop Bush on "multiple errors." We want to stop Bush for clear violations of the law, for putting an end to our system of checks and balances and for effectively re-writing the bill of rights. We are not talking about errors. We are talking about abuse of power and law breaking. We don't need to find him guilty on every action or "error", but we do need to name his violations to the Constitution so that we can restore it back to its pre-2001 form. The four we have identified: using fraudulent evidence to get us into war (and he clearly is using the same strategy for Iran -- why not -- no one is stopping him), illegal spying of citizens, arresting and imprisoning people without due process, dismissal of habeas corpus, torture, and the use of Signing Statements declaring he only has to follow the laws he wants to follow -- all seriously damage our Constitution.

Lone Vet Report

Portland, 15.03.2007 05:51

I have not been out with my signs for a few Thursdays, there are two main reasons for my absence, and the first is that our family and I have to move to new digs. A few weeks ago our beloved dog Lucky suffered a leg injury and can no longer get up the stairs to our apartment. She is now isolated much of the time in a small area just inside our front door. We live in an old house, which is now two apartments--- one up stairs and other down stairs; Lucky cannot get up the thirteen steps four times a day, so we will move in about a week to a place with no stairs. She is part of our family and we do take care of each other the best we can. The second reason for not being part of the action, I had to go to court for my resistance at Gordon Smith's office. Troy and I were ordered to court on the 26th of February but the DA did not have their paper work in on us so, we had to return on the 12th of March.

Mourn for Iraq at the Port Of Tacoma

Portland, 15.03.2007 05:51

Daylight gathering at the Port of Tacoma Thursday March 15th 2007, welcoming communities in collaboration to end the Iraq War and Occupation.

Wear mourning clothes, bring many flowers to honor the victims.

Gather at 4PM at Thorne and 11th on the Port of Tacoma.

Carpool from Olympia at Harrison and Division to LEAVE at 3PM Sharp.


OLY City Councilmember Johnson Defended for Protest at Port of Tacoma

From Larry Mosqueda: I gave each council member 31 pages of notes that shows that many elected officials, including congresspeople have a proud history of engaging in civil disobedience, especially around the issues of war and aparthied. I wanted to provide documentation that what TJ Johnson did had this proud history and not just a personal statement of moral support (which were also valuable, of course.) I read excerpts of various publications, listed below in the order that I presented the information (in three minutes.) The full articles are available from the links provided. Extra comments I added between the articles are indicated by the initials LJM-.


DPR menolak Pengadilan HAM Trisakti-Semanggi

Jakarta, 15.03.2007 05:42

Jangan pilih lagi mereka dalam pemilu depan Harapan kasus Trisakti dan Semanggi I dan II (TSS) untuk menggelar pengadilan HAM ad hoc bagi para oknum tragedi berdarah itu dipastikan gagal tercapai. Badan Musyawarah (Bamus) DPR kembali memveto rekomendasi tersebut (6/3). Putusan tersebut membuat usul pengadilan HAM kandas, karena tak akan pernah disahkan di rapat paripurna. ...

Fault Lines #20 Sizzles....

San Francisco Bay Area, 15.03.2007 04:39

Fault Lines, the bi-monthly newsmagazine of Indybay, has just released another issue of radical political analysis and social commentary. Fault Lines #20 features exclusive articles on war resistors, squat riots, Climate Change, resistance to CAFTA, UC Berkeley's corporate sell-out and much more. Free issues of Fault Lines are available at various locations throughout the Bay Area, or join the Fault Lines crew for a Dinner Distro Party Thursday in SF to grab a stack and distribute it yourself!

PDF of Issue 20

Bush Get Out: Rejection and Mobilizations in Central and South America

Aotearoa, 15.03.2007 03:10

Mobilizations in Colombia and São Paulo, marked the start of the days of protest in the different countries of Central and South America, that George Bush will "visit."

The visit of Bush, is better termed an invasion, since where he visits there exists a great security apparatus for the North American President, which has been seen already in countries like Mexico and Uruguay, and signifies the virtual taking of the cities where Bush visits, on the part of security agents, as what happened in Uruguay, where agents of the CIA are escalating the repression against people that express their full rejection to the presence of the number 1 terrorist in the in the planet.

(((i))) coverage of the mobilizations against Bush: Brasil | Uruguay | Colombia | Yucatan

Protests across Aotearoa | No NZ support for US war machine

Aotearoa, 15.03.2007 03:10

Anti-war demonstrations will take place all around the world over the next week to protest against 4 years of occupation of Iraq. The Labour government has supported the 'war on terror' by running two spy bases in Aotearoa providing raw intelligence directly to the US, sending troops to Iraq in 2003 and soldiers to Afghanistan for the last 6 years.

An anti-war demonstration will take place in Auckland on Saturday, 17th March 07, 12pm, Aotea Square. Auckland University Students for Justice in Palestine are marching on the Superfund Office to protest taxpayer investments in the US war machine on Tuesday, 20th March, 12pm, Auckland University Quad.
[ SJP -"Our Future is Not in Empire" | Green Party report on SuperFund ]

In Wellington, Peace Action has organised a rally at parliament followed by action for Tuesday, 20th March, 12pm.

Links: Peace Action Wellington | Global Peace and Justice Auckland | Peace Movement Aotearoa | Students for Justice in Palestine

Venezuela: we denounce the forced delocation of indigenous

Arkansas, 15.03.2007 02:11

We denounce the forced relocation of indigenous families from their traditional lands at the hands of the Venezuelan government and the multi-national coal corporations.


Uruguay, 15.03.2007 02:10

¡Ojo que Estados Unidos apunta a América Latina!

Rally for First Contested Teacher Union Election in 14 Years!

Santa Cruz, CA, 15.03.2007 00:42

Francisco Rodriguez, Candidate for President, Pajaro Valley Federation of Teachers, and Jennifer Laskin, Candidate for Executive Vice President of Alternative Ed, rallied on March 13th, 2007, to inform teachers of the campaign to elect Rodriguez for PVFT President in the first contested election in the union since 1993. With handmade signs and chants eliciting honks from passers by, the group called attention to this year's Teachers Union Election. "I believe it is time to have real communication, accountability and collaboration, not only within our Local, but with the other CFT Locals in the Monterey Bay" said Rodriguez.


Athens, 15.03.2007 00:41

"ή θα νικήσει ο τρόμος, ή θα νικήσει ο δρόμος..."

Yorkshire Anti-Trident Actions

United Kingdom, 15.03.2007 00:40

With the Government making a decision on replacing the Trident nuclear weapons system soon, Yorkshire activists have been busy having their say.

Demonstrators from all across the country, including York, made their way to London for a national demonstration on February 24th. The vote date was then announced as being March 14th, and so activity was stepped up a gear with Leeds Quakers joining a larger group of Quakers, including four from York, in a blockade of Faslane on March 3rd/4th/5th.

About 40 people held a Meeting for Worship outside Faslane nuclear base. After this 10 Friends were arrested whilst upholding Peace Testimony by non-violently blocking the road. All protesters were subsequently released with the usual warning letters.

Then on March 11th/12th Leeds University sent a small group up to Faslane. But despite these small numbers and the wet weather, a very visible presence was maintained on both days.

On the day of the vote, a number of actions were called for across the country, including a rally in Bradford and a benefit gig in York. The Bradford rally saw the samba band play, the usual speeches from politicians and then sitting around watching the results of the vote on the big screen.

A group of around 50 campaigning Vikings from York plan on visiting Faslane on March 18th and welcome more people to join them. The group will include residents and students alike. One Viking described the planned blockade as a "peaceful and playful act of resistance".

Tibet Uprising Protest

Houston, 15.03.2007 00:40

Friends of Tibet protest China's brutal occupation of Tibet

Benefit to support Kasa de Kultura in Cd. Juarez

New Mexico, 14.03.2007 22:09

Benefit to support Kasa de Kultura in Cd. Juarez

Cre8 Garden Phuqed Over

Scotland, 14.03.2007 19:11

The Cre8 Community Garden, set up in the summer of 2005 on the route of the M74 Extension, was bulldozed some time last week.
[ Cre8 2005 | Cre8 film | pictures | M 74 report | M74 court case collapses | Demolition and Deception ]

Rosario: crisis agravada por fuertes lluvias

Argentina, 14.03.2007 19:10

Tobas y criollos logran respuestas tras 12 días de piquete

Why is it News when Restaurant Workers Protest?

NYC, 14.03.2007 19:09

Anthony Ramirez of the New York Times reported last week that restaurant workers were locked out of an Upper West Side restaurant after protesting against working conditions and refusing to sign what they called an illegal contract stating that they earned $7.15 /hour when in fact they often earned less than $2/hour. The article profiles one restaurant employee in particular, a 23 year old deliveryman from Fujian, China, with limited English proficiency. After he was robbed at gunpoint while on the job, the restaurant owners required that he pay them back the $300 that was stolen from him. In protest of all these injustices, 30 workers picketed outside with placards.

Alternatives to Incarceration

NYC, 14.03.2007 19:09

In the early 1980's, the United States already incarcerated the most serious violent offenders. So how does one explain a prison population that has risen by 628% since 1970, so that today there more than 5.6 million living Americans having spent time in a state or federal prison?

1er mai des précaires : 1ère Assemblée ouverte

Liege, 14.03.2007 18:38

MayDay MayDay ! Un lustre

Anti-NSV betoging

Antwerpen, 14.03.2007 17:09

Anti-NSV betoging 08 maart

Herauten van de haat

Antwerpen, 14.03.2007 16:39

De jonge herauten van de haat

Plan for Tacoma Tuesday Night

Portland, 14.03.2007 13:40

Meet at Pierce County Jail at 7pm and then head down to port at 9pm.

The computer system is down in the jail and the 5 arrested last night still have not been released. 7 is the earliest the police said they could be released so lets all get down there and have a JAIL RELEASE PARTY! From there we can head down to the port for the 9pm meet up. Bring stuff to make noise. As long as we are on the sidewalk, we can cause any kind of rucus we want to.

The jail is on 9th and Yakima in Downtown Tacoma. We will be meeting in the back where the prisoners will be released. The jail is near the top of the hill from Downtown so find 9th and head up until you hit Yakima.

&quot;Camp Pelosi&quot; Turning Up the Heat to Defund War

San Francisco Bay Area, 14.03.2007 10:43

Members of the Ghandi Peace Brigade and Code Pink have been holding vigil outside of Nancy Pelosi's San Francisco residence demanding that the Speaker of the House stop funding the war. On March 13th, SF police ordered that Camp Pelosi tear down their tent but the activists are holding strong, refusing to leave, and they are asking others to join them. A teach-in is scheduled for 11:30am on March 14th at Pelosi's office in the SF Federal Building. photo Photos


Argentina, 14.03.2007 10:42

Concentración en fiscalía a dos meses del asesinato de Darian Barzabal

East Timor: Iraq on our doorstep

Aotearoa, 14.03.2007 08:10

It is a strategically located country, rich in oil and gas, with a long and tragic history of invasion and colonisation. The latest chapter in that history began this decade, when the United States and some of its allies organised an invasion. George Bush and his Deputy Sheriff John Howard argued that the country had become a 'failed state', a growing magnet for terrorists, and a threat to its neighbours.

Links: Peace Action Wellington | Global Peace and Justice Auckland | Reading the Maps | On Labour continues warmongering


Perth, 14.03.2007 05:42

Noongaroke - Queers 4 Reconciliation

AIPAC’s Gabfest: Israel Lobby Shows Off Its Power

DC, 14.03.2007 02:41

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) was in Washington, DC, for a three day gabfest. Leaders of both the Democratic and Republican Parties were slated to make appearances at the event held at the Washington Convention Center. The Israel First Lobbying group is known for its dominating influence over the U.S. Congress and the presidency. Outside the Center, on March 12, 2007, activists made their voices of protest heard.

March 17 Mass Anti-War Protest in Los Angeles

LA, 14.03.2007 01:40

March 17 Mass Anti-War Protest in Los Angeles

Jazz and Justice - Political Organizing

DC, 13.03.2007 20:10

Jornada de colectivos y organizaciones

Argentina, 13.03.2007 19:39

¡Que Viva el Agua!

Jornada de colectivos y organizaciones

Argentina, 13.03.2007 19:39

¡Que Viva el Agua!

Antiwar Rally

Perth, 13.03.2007 17:40

ACTION: END THE WARS - RALLY FOR PEACE March 17 Perth Cultural Centre

antifeixisme (ca)

Barcelona, 13.03.2007 17:09

Les agressions feixistes continuen

Darrerament les agressions feixistes a casa nostra s'estan repetint amb més o menys impunitat per part dels feixistes. Així a ciutats com Terrassa, Sabadell, Vilanova i la Geltrú o Palma de Mallorca s n'han patit de diferents maneres siguen a persones o siguen a locals dels moviments socials.

A més a més, a la ciutat de València una organització neonazi ha convocat un concert nazi en plenes falles valencianes, posant en alerta als diferents col·lectius, organitzacions i persones antifeixistes de la ciutat. També, fa pocs dies a diferents ciutats del Baix Llobregat han estat detingudes diverses persones d'aquesta mateixa organització, primer 4 persones i posteriorment 3 persones més

infos relacionades: La CGT de Palma denuncia un atemptat amb bomba contra la seva seu ::: Comunicat de la CGT - Balears >> Contra el feixisme i la intolerància ::: >Neonazis ataquen mexicana a Madrid Mani: Construint un altre madrid, organitzades contra el Feixisme ::: El Suprem ratifica penes que sumen 16 anys per a cinc neonazis detinguts a Valladolid amb còctels molotov

+info: >>>antifeixisme

antifascismo (es)

Barcelona, 13.03.2007 17:09

Las agresiones fascistas continuan

Últimamente las agresiones fascistas en casa nuestra se estan repitiendo con más o menos impunidad por parte de los fascistas. Así en ciudades como Terrassa, Sabadell, Vilanova i la Geltrú o Palma de Mallorca se han atacado a personas o a locales de los movimientos sociales, según el caso.

Además, en la ciudad de València una organización neonazi ha convocado un concierto nazi en plenas fallas valencianas, poniendo en alerta a los diferentes colectivos, organizaciones y personas antifascistas de la ciudad. También, hace pocos días en diferentes ciudades del Baix Llobregat han sido detenidas diversas personas de esta misma organización, primero 4 personas y posteriormente 3 personas más

infos relacionadas: La CGT de Palma denuncia un atentado con bomba contra su sede ::: Comunicado de la CGT - Balears >> Contra el fascismo y la intolerancia ::: >Neonazis atacan mexicana en Madrid Mani: Construyendo otro madrid, organizad@s contra el Fascismo ::: El Supremo ratifica penas que suman 16 años para cinco neonazis detenidos en Valladolid con cócteles molotov

+info: >>>antifascismo

Nonviolent Direct Action Planned for Chevron Headquarters

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.03.2007 16:40

A nonviolent direct action has been called for March 19th to say "4 Years of War for Oil -- Enough! Basta!" and to protest Chevron's oil crimes from Richmond to Iraq. The protest will say, "No blood for oil! Climate justice now! and Stop war, end empire!" Protesters will gather at 7am at Chevron World Headquarters, 6001 Bollinger Canyon Road in San Ramon. Participants have been asked to wear the color red. Organizers have denounced Chevron's refinery in Richmond for spewing toxins such as cancer-causing dioxins on neighboring communities that consist of immigrants and people of color: "The people of Richmond are fighting back and demanding that Chevron clean up or get out. We need to imagine a world without Chevron, its oil, and its climate chaos."

Italian Journalist Giuliana Sgrena to Speak in NYC Wednesday

NYC, 13.03.2007 16:11

As the fourth anniversary of the war approaches, CCR would like to invite you to an event this Wednesday featuring Amy Goodman, host of Democracy Now! ; Giuliana Sgrena, the Italian Journalist abducted in Iraq and shot at by U.S. forces when returning to the Baghdad airport after her release, and Vincent Warren, the Executive Director of the Center for Constitutional Rights.

March PN

Houston, 13.03.2007 16:10

PIck up the March Issue of Houston Peace News

Stop in Bush in Guatemala and Colombia

Portland, 13.03.2007 15:42

Bush arrives in Guatemala tonight. Amidst a number of protests, Mayan priests are furious that Bush will visit a sacred archaeological site and plan to cleanse the area of evil spirits upon his departure. Read more here:

A scandal over right-wing paramilitary death squad ties to Colombian President Alvaro Uribe's government clouded Bush's visit there. According to the New York Times, some lawmakers are beginning to question U.S. military aid to the volatile South American country. This is a historic opportunity to take action against Plan Colombia and the U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreement. Click here to read more:

Grow Zapatista GMO-Free Corn

Portland, 13.03.2007 15:42

The Zapatista community is selling GMO-free Mayan corn. The seed is being sent all over the world in an effort to save an old lineage. Mutated corn seed is being planted by corporate interests to destroy this old lineage. The money from the sale of the corn will be used to build Chiapas schools. Sow the seeds of resistance and join the growing movement against transgenic contamination of Mayan corn in Chiapas, Mexico!

By planting Zapatista corn, you become a part of a global effort to preserve a vital genetic heritage that has evolved over thousands of years. You can plant these powerful Zapatista corn seeds in your community, farm, home, school, or family gardens. These seeds have been donated by Zapatista farmers who hope and pray that people of conscience around the world will provide respectful sanctuary for this living part of their cultural heritage. Despite massive importation from the USA of corn carrying genetic modifications, the autonomous Mayan communities in Chiapas are dedicated to keeping their corn pure and natural.

To find out more about this seed go to:

Tras la visita de BUSH

Uruguay, 13.03.2007 14:39

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