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CodePINK women stand for peace in Senate Hearing Wednesday March 14th

DC, 16.03.2007 22:10

Wednesday morning CodePink activists were in line oustide the Senate Appropriations Defense sub-committee hearing on fiscal 2008 Defense Department spending.

4th anniversary protests

Houston, 16.03.2007 22:08

From Refugio to Dallas, Texans Call for End to Iraq Occupation

Whatever They Vote, Trident is Still Wrong!

United Kingdom, 16.03.2007 21:41

Activists across the country denounced Britain's Trident as illegal and immoral, and called for disarmament of the country's weapons of mass destruction, as the Commons set to vote on the government's plans to renew the ballistic missile submarine-based nuclear deterrent.

In Scotland, activists attempted to occupy the roof of the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood. Whilst 4 were arrested before they could reach the roof, a lone activist managed to reach the canopy over the front of the building. He unfurled a banner reading, "WHATEVER THEY VOTE TRIDENT IS STILL WRONG". A large contingent of students from Universities of Stirling and Edinburgh also inflated a life-size bin bag Trident, bearing the words "Block the Bomb", at Faslane gate [photos]. The action resulted in four arrests.

In London, 9 activists from Block the Builders and the Aldermaston Women's Peace Camp(aign) blockaded Parliament Square, as the Trident replacement debate began in Parliament, using a model of a Trident Missile and concrete-filled bins. The nine were charged with "obstruction of the highway" and "participating in an unauthorised demonstration" (SOCPA) and will appear at Horseferry Road magistrates court on 27 March [photos: 1 | 2 video: 1]. Later in the day, hundreds of people descended on Parliament Square for a rally, called by CND, and a "fish on bicycles" themed Critical Mass bike ride [photos: 1 | 2].

The previous day had seen Greenpeace activists scale a large floating crane moored next to Parliament and hang a banner suggesting that our prime minister is rather keen on WMD [photo].

An anti-Trident rally was held in Bradford in the evening, with several speakers all calling for a vote against renewing Trident [photos]. In Plymouth, activists from several groups staged a day-long protest outside the naval base. Plenty of media coverage was generated, and there was a great amount of encouraging toots, beeps and thumbs-up from passing motorists [photos]

Meanwhile, around a hundred Nottingham residents are busy planning a trip to Faslane. The group will aim to prevent access and disrupt the base over a two day period, 31 March to 1 April. There will be a "Troops Out - No Trident" march in Oxford next Saturday, 17 March, to mark the fourth anniversary of the Iraq war. Block the Builders have also called a blockade of AWE Aldermaston (Britain's WMD factory) for 19 March.

O Indymedia Portugal mudou...

Portugal, 16.03.2007 20:40

O Indymedia Portugal mudou...

Nottingham and Slavery - A Hidden History

United Kingdom, 16.03.2007 19:40

As Britain continues the 2007 celebration of 'Abolition 200', the legal end of Britain's official involvement in trans-Atlantic slave trading, and with most eyes on the main slave trade ports like Bristol and Liverpool, our local councils seem quite unconcerned about direct or indirect involvement with the profits of slavery in Notts and East Midlands, and seem happy just to leave local churches to do the soul searching. Let's ask some questions...

An easy example of Notts involvement in slavery is the well-known Mellish family, whose name is probably best associated in local minds with a Nottingham school. The family is known to have had involvement with ownership and official dealings with plantation estates in the West Indies in the 18th century. Even a cursory look at the Mellish family online archive record reveals inheritance of slave plantation estate property from the governor of the Bahamas (John Tinker), and we can read about William Mellish's official dealings with plantation monies in Jamaica as Receiver General for the Customs & Excise (he was also MP for Retford).

Links: The Mellish and Buchanan Families of Blyth and Hodsock - A Brief History | The Nottingham Sparrow, Nottingham AF | 'Slavery - the Hidden History', Bristol Radical History Group

Memorial to the War Dead In Times Square Comes to an End.

NYC, 16.03.2007 18:40

Thousands passed by it, by few people stopped to hear the names of the war dead.The Granny Peace Brigade's Endless War Memorial paid honor to the memories of thousands of war dead, from March 11 through March 16, 2007. Often standing in the cold and rain, their voices muffled by traffic, members spoke the names, ages, occupations, and dates of death of thousands of Americans and Iraqis. Sadly, most passers-by did not take even a moment to stop and show respect for the Memorial.

Anti-War Weekend

NYC, 16.03.2007 18:40

Events: 3/16, 6:00pm: Living Peace Sign || 3/16, 7:00pm:Christian Peace Witness (D.C) || 3/17, 12:30pm: March on the Pentagon (DC) ||3/17, 2:00pm: 24-Hour Public Speak Out Against the War || 3/17, Noon: Judson Church Antiwar Talks and Music || 3/18, 1:00pm: Public Silent Group Meditation For Peace || 3/18, 1:00pm: UFPJ March Against the War || 3/18, 10:30amBike Ride To End All Wars || 3/18, 4:30pm: Judson Church Antiwar Talks || 3/19, 8:00am: Wall Street Actions || 3/19, 8:00am : Ya Basta! Call for Wall St. Action || 3/19, 9:00pm: Ground Zero Shock and Awe Ceremony

Logistics: Buses to DC || DC March Convergence Points || Wall St. Direct Action Training || Ya Basta Training || Radical Youth Call for DC

Actions and Reports: Memorial to the War Dead in Times Square Ends || SDS Occupies Chambers St. Recruiting Station (3/12) || TONC Activists Arrested in DC (3/16) || Rubber Bullets Used in Washington State (3/05)

Analysis and Commentary: Escalating the Anti-War Movement (The Indypendent) || Clinton Moves Right on War || Fake Congressional Opposition to War || Call to Shut Down the Jefferson-Jackson-Bailey Dinner in CT

Residents Face Further Trouble With Fatima Developer

Ireland, 16.03.2007 15:42

Residents begin painstaking process to decide wher ...

&quot;La pub? parce que vous l'avalez bien&quot;

Liege, 16.03.2007 15:39

Déjà vivace depuis un certain temps (1 - 2 - 3 - 4), le mouvement antipub liégeois continue à s'affirmer.

Homeless Sit Lie Protest Video

Portland, 16.03.2007 12:09

Here is a short clip and some pictures of the peaceful rally
The protest was to bring attention of a no-sit no-lie on sidewalks in downtown which is a "new" proposed law coming soon!
Also the protest highlighted the Human rights of people who are homeless

Listen to Frank Cobb on KBOO (90.7fm)for some LIVE recordings of the protest, interviews, and documentation from the event

Wilson Students Forced to Remove Peace Window Paintings

Portland, 16.03.2007 12:09

Wilson High School in Southwest Portland's activism club Students for Social Justice(SSJ) over the past month have painted the windows of many classrooms at the school, using water soluble paints, displaying the word "Peace" in five languages along with doves and peace signs. This was meant to support the non-political idea of peace. After a parent complaint a legal adviser for Portland Public Schools has asked that the display be removed with the reasoning that in allowing the windows to be included in free speech, other messages could be displayed similar to graffiti. While a large portion of Wilson's staff has encouraged the students, the students have agreed to remove the display from the windows as the janitorial staff would be forced to if they did not.

SSJ is still dedicated to the promotion of peace. In response to the request for the removal of the display, a group of students created a poster declaring "Let Peace Be Heard", and after refusal of the administration to allow the poster to be displayed on walls carried the poster during lunch and passing times.

Greece: 45.000 students on the streets - militant protests

Portland, 16.03.2007 12:09

Since about 3 month half of all universities are occupied and on strike. This Thursday March 8 in Athens and Thessalonica, two great demonstrations took place at the time when the Parliament voted the new law -cadre, which opens universities to private companies.

In Athens, 40.000 demonstrators were in the streets, 5000 in Thessalonica. The demonstration of Athens was regarded as the main event and gathered demonstrators from all of Greece. That of Thessalonica was more local and gathered students from the city itself and north of Greece. The protests become more and more militant, as repression by state escalates.

University professors were also present with the students, whose trade union (POSDEP) has been in strike for 5 weeks, but also of the representations of primary and secondary education teachers, pupils, parent organizations and several sectors of the industry.

Roc na Gàidhlig - First Ever International Gaelic Punk Rock Tour

Scotland, 16.03.2007 11:11

Three bands playing mostly punk but also some tecno are heading off for a tour of Scotland and Ireland. The difference is that all the bands sing in those country's indigenous languages. Oi Polloi, La Luain and Gra Grainne kick off the tour in Dùn Eideann/ Edinburgh on March 18th.

Glasgow Demo Against Mass Removal Flights

Scotland, 16.03.2007 11:11

More than 30 people are gathered outside the Eagle Buildings in Glasgow to protest against the forced removal of people from their communities here.

CND rally at the top of the Mound

Scotland, 16.03.2007 11:11

A CND rally was held on the mound last night to protest the re-arming of trident warhead, including other groups such as Scotland for Peace, Students Against War as well as Solidarity and the Scottish Socialist Party.

[ Faslane 365 | Indymedia UK Faslane pages | Anti-Trident Demonstrators Arrested | inflatable submarine occupies MPs office | Chernobyl Day actions | Smash Trident protest in Scottish parliament | public consultation with MP ]

Imprisoned Video Journalist Josh Wolf Captured on Video

San Francisco Bay Area, 16.03.2007 10:43

Bay Media Lab host Howard Vicini will present video evidence during a Friday March 16th broadcast on San Francisco cable access covering the case against Josh Wolf. The video is consistent with Wolf's assertion that he was there as journalist covering the event despite statements made by the prosecutor and the judge that called into question Wolf's status as a journalist. The live broadcast will feature discussion among media activists and journalists concerning the Wolf case and others that have resulted in journalists facing federal subpoenas and the prospect of jail time.

Ungdomshuset este evacuat

Romania, 16.03.2007 08:37

Casa ocupata din Copenhaga, Danemarca numita 'ungdomshuset' a functionat ca un centru politic si social foarte important inca din 1982. A fost implicata intr-o lunga batalie politica si legala datorita existenti ei. Dar ieri dimineata in jur de ora 7am politia Daneza a oprit aceasta, intrand prin acoperisul cladirii folosind un elicopter si au inceput o operatiune neanuntata de evacuare.

Sacramento Train Trestle Fire

San Francisco Bay Area, 16.03.2007 07:41

The American River parkway in Sacramento includes a bike trail along the river that is a 24 mile stretch from downtown Sacramento to the Folsom dam. The bike trail runs directly through and under the elevated 300 foot long railroad trestle near the REI store and the Sacramento Fair grounds. The fire started today around 5:30. The trestle is made of creosote soaked wood. The cause of the fire is unknown at the time of this reporting. Between the sign and the smoke in the first picture is the Capital City freeway, which came to a near stand still due to drivers observing the fire.

photo Photos

4th Anniversary Of Iraq Invasion

Bristol, 16.03.2007 06:38

Bristol Vigil Tuesday 20th March 2007 A Flyer For The Vigil Can Be Found Here info@bristolstopwar writes: Commemorate the anniversary of the invasion of Iraq - stop any attack on Iran. Tuesday 20th March will be the fourth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq by the USA and Britain. To commemorate this, Bristol Stop The War Coalition calls on all its supporters to join the peace vigil on that day to show the continued opposition in Bristol to the occupation, and our support for the right of Iraqi people to decide their own future. Please tell your friends, neighbours, work colleagues about this important event. Bring banners, placards. Come to the Centre opposite the Hippodrome (St. Augustines Parade) at 5.30pm on Tuesday 20th March ... In the four years since Britain and the USA invaded Iraq the lies that were used to justify the invasion have all been exposed; hundreds of thousands of Iraqis have died; the wealth of the country has been plundered; essential services are worse after four years of occupation than they were after ten years of sanctions; the country is in turmoil; US and British casualties mount; the majority of Iraqi people continue to resist the occupation. George Bush’s response is to send more troops. Tony Blair thinks this ‘makes sense’. At the same time Blair pretends that the situation is improving in southern Iraq so he can re-deploy troops to Afghanistan. At home, the invasion and occupation has been used as an excuse to restrict civil liberties. Importantly, this vigil will also focus on campaigning against the attack the USA is planning against Iran. Faced with the collapse of their policy in Iraq, the Americans want to extend the war across the region and are using the issue of Iran’s nuclear energy programme as an excuse. It needs to be made clear to our government that there is very wide opposition to any British involvement in or support for such an attack. Please download the Flyer, print it, copy it and distribute it as widely as you can.| 4th Anniversary Of Iraq Invasion | 20th March Flyer | Regional Anti-War Newsletter : March / April 2007 |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

shipyard strike

New Orleans, 16.03.2007 06:12

7,000 Strike in Pascagoula Shipyards

Greece: Massive demonstrations of the entire student community

Athens, 16.03.2007 02:09

Protests evolved peacefully, as faculty occupations carry on

Rise of the Anti-War Soldier

Miami, 16.03.2007 02:07

Rise of the Anti-War Soldier

Iranian Kurd on 15th day of Hunger Strike in Dublin

Ireland, 15.03.2007 23:10

An Iranian Kurd Adnan Hassan Mohammadi is in his 1 ...

ecology (en)

Barcelona, 15.03.2007 21:39

Entesa (Agreement) for degrowth

It's being told to us that we must grow economically... and increase the number of cars, the housing development, the road belts and the very high voltage lines. On the other hand, the climate change appears more threatening day by day and the energy crisis is just around the bend, facts that will imply an unavoidable transformation of the model of production, mobility, consumption, anyway, our life model. On this historical crossroad, we can take up the controls of our life again, snatching it from those who have made existence an exponential business, or we can trust again the Market Gods' worrying recipes, the technology, the shows and the strong arm . We declare ourselves objectors to growing and we celebrate it with a conferences where you all are invited! the degrowth arrives to Catalunya at last, an idea that catches on in France and Italy and that can join us all in a single fight!

[March 7-11] Barcelona Conferences for Degrowth

[March 23-25] Cerdanyola del Vallès XX Organization and Platform meeting in defense of Països Catalans' territory

related news:[Mar 13] Everyone to the streets for the planet ::: a black future for white tourism ::: that nuclear is back again? ::: cancelled the trial against those accused of misdemeanour for Collserola's defense ::: video report about Valencia's market garden devastation :::

++info::>>>ecology +

Stand for Bell, Guzman, and Benefield

NYC, 15.03.2007 19:09

The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement is asking every member of the Hip Hop generation, to take ten minutes today to became a friend on MySpace and Facebook, we are moments away from a decision from the Queens grand jury that may or may not indict the four police offices, who murdered Sean Bell and attempted to murder Joseph Guzman and Trent Benefield.

Acampe por huerta orgánica

Argentina, 15.03.2007 19:09

Ante el asfalto, está la huerta!

Matxinaden topalekua - Encuentro de rebeld�as [errepikatuta]

Euskal Herria, 15.03.2007 18:09

Estos proximos 15, 16 y 17 y organizadas por el Oaxakarekin Elkartasunerako Taldeak se realizaran en Bilbo las Matxinaden topalekua - Encuentro de rebeld�as. As� tendremos:

  • Jueves 15 de marzo: Atenco: video-charla. Frente de defensa de la tierra de Atenco. A las 20.00 en Gatazca, Ronda 12, Bilbo.
  • Viernes 16 de marzo: Mesa redonda en las que participaran la Coordinadora De Mujeres De Oaxaca, Solidari@S con Itoiz, la gente de Okupazioa Eta Erresistenzia Zazpi Katu Gaztetxea y por ultimo Amnistiaren Aldeko Mugimendua
  • S�bado 17 de marzo : Mesa redonda en la que participaran la Frente De Pueblos De Defensa De La Tierra Atenco, Liga Mexicana De Derechos Humanos, Asamblea Anti-TAV y oor ultimo Per-L! Horta "Resistencia De La Punta" Valencia y despues fieston!!!

Todo en Bilbo, en el Zazpi Katu Gaztetxea del casco viejo bilbaino!!

Soulforce Five Arrested in Oklahoma

Oklahoma, 15.03.2007 17:38

GLBT action for equality Members of Nationwide Journey of Gay and Straight Young Adult Leaders Arrested at Oklahoma Baptist University Members of Nationwide Journey of Gay and Straight Young Adult Leaders Arrested at Oklahoma Baptist UniversityOklahoma, OK, THURSDAY March 15, 2007 – Yesterday, five Equality Riders were arrested for attempting to worship at chapel with students from Oklahoma Baptist University. The Soulforce Equality Ride is a nationwide journey of 50 young adults visiting conservative Christian colleges to challenge policies that discriminate against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) students. The arrests were made when all 26 of the East Bus Equality Riders and one community member sought to enter onto campus and were turned away with a warning of trespassing. Five of the Equality Riders, truly determined to worship with students, were arrested by the Shawnee Police. The five arrested were Katie Higgins, 23; Rachel Loskill, 21; Robin Reynolds, 23; Curtis Peterson, 21; and Angel Collie, 24.The bus, holding 25 diverse young adults, including former students of conservative Christian colleges, straight allies and gay evangelical Christians, traveled to Shawnee to visit OBU and bring a message of inclusion and academic freedom to students. This is the second time the Equality Ride has visited OBU. The first time came in 2006 when Equality Riders were forced to remain in a single room, which limited dialogue with students by the campus administration. Since the visit by the inaugural Equality Ride, the school's policy has become more extreme and explicit – it now bans advocacy and support for LGBT students by straight allies as well as openly gay and transgender students.When the Equality Riders arrived they were warned by campus security that any entrance onto campus would result in arrest. Relentless in their mission to talk with students about the university's discriminatory policy towards LGBT students, five of the Equality Riders chose to go onto campus anyway in the hopes of initiating conversation. "Many students are disappointed with the administration's decision to deny this opportunity for dialogue. Last year, important steps were taken in expanding the minds of students on the issue of faith, gender, and sexuality. This year, however, administration has decided to remove inclusive perspectives from the discussion, exemplifying the injustice that has brought the Equality Ride here," said Co-Director Jarrett Lucas. In addition to the harsher policy, a student's request to include LGBT students in the university's anti-discrimination policy was rejected this past year. The rejection came in spite of the university's previous promise to add sexual orientation and gender identity to the list of protected groups.The Equality Ride plans to return to OBU's campus today in hopes of continuing conversations with students just outside of campus grounds. The group will also be presenting a tapestry of affirming statements and biblical verses.The Equality Ride East Bus was in Springfield, MO earlier this week, where two straight allies were arrested for attempting to enter onto Central Bible College's campus. After its stop in Shawnee, OK the Equality Ride plans to visit Baylor University in Waco, TX, where Equality Riders are being allowed onto campus as guests of students.Soulforce Q is the young adult division of Soulforce, a social justice organization that works to end political and religious oppression of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender people.

Photos 3-14 Immigrants rights I.C.E. protest, Boston

Boston, 15.03.2007 16:10

About 200 people held a picket line on Wed. 3-14-07 in front of the Boston JFK Federal Building to protest Immigration and Naturalization's I.C.E. raid in New Bedford last week


santiago, 15.03.2007 15:43

Las Movilizaciones que vienen

Counter-Stryker questionnaire

London, Ontario, 15.03.2007 15:38

Do you have anything to say about military research in universities and corporate funding of research in universities — or any other issues that were raised at the Counter-Stryker forum event today? This questionnaire is an opportunity for you to state your views.

(Selected responses to these questions will be gathered into an article)

Saturday, MARCH 17: Protest War AND Climate Change

London, Ontario, 15.03.2007 15:38

**MARCH 17: Protest War AND Climate Change on the 4-Year Anniversary of the Iraq War.* Hundreds of communities throughout the US, and the world, will be holding events on March 17-19, to mark the 4-year anniversary of the Iraq war. We urge environmentalists and climate change activists to attend the protest on the upcoming 4-year anniversary of the Iraq war. Victoria Park at Richmond and Central at 12:30pm.

Just Like Us - US America and its discontents

Philadelphia, 15.03.2007 14:08

Old and new writers' editorials on local and national issues of violence and public policy.

Philadelphia, 15.03.2007 14:08

300 brave the cold for immigration reform on FEB 14th 2007

Philadelphia, 15.03.2007 14:08

Crisis in Guinea prompts worry among Philadelphia's Ex-Patriates

Philadelphia, 15.03.2007 14:08

Lt. Ehren Watada Support Action: Report from Phila Feb 5

Philadelphia, 15.03.2007 14:08

Ash Wednesday: 10 Years Ago the Wooden Shoe Burned

Philadelphia, 15.03.2007 14:08

Brown, Loud and Proud!: Afropick Making Music and Building Community

Philadelphia, 15.03.2007 14:08

NW Equal Partners in Change

Philadelphia, 15.03.2007 14:08

Philly IMC Open General Meeting March 28

Philadelphia, 15.03.2007 14:08

The Children of Incarcerated Parents

Philadelphia, 15.03.2007 14:08

Philadelphia/Pennsylvania Juneteenth Coalition

Philadelphia, 15.03.2007 14:08

The Mayor’s Office for the Reentry

Philadelphia, 15.03.2007 14:08

Community Groups File Appeal Against Gaming Board's Decision

Philadelphia, 15.03.2007 14:08

The &quot;Land of Free&quot; is a Prison Nation

Philadelphia, 15.03.2007 14:08

Sad News from Books Through Bars

Philadelphia, 15.03.2007 14:08

On International Women's Day: Mothers say DHS give us back our children!

Philadelphia, 15.03.2007 14:08

The Verdict on Lewis Libby

Philadelphia, 15.03.2007 14:08

Philadelphia Collective Hopes to Open Autonomous Space in Kensington

Philadelphia, 15.03.2007 14:08

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