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Josh Harper &amp; fellow SHAC 7 defendants update

Portland, 19.03.2007 03:39

Several of the SHAC7 defendants need your support now more than ever! Please read further for updates on the ridiculous punishments they're dealing with inside prison.

Josh Harper and Jake Conroy are both currently on indefinite lock-down in prison, which for them means no access to what few vegan food options they'd had (read: little to no eating), loss of most (if not all) of their possessions, loss of phone "privileges", and being locked inside a cell all day every day. Josh is in "the hole"; he was taken there yesterday and not given a reason why. There was a fight at the prison where Jake is, and so his unit has been locked down. Both are okay, but extremely in need of letters to keep them sane through this!!

Lauren Gazzola and Andy Stepanian have also recently lost phone privileges for 6 months, depriving them of an important means of contact with the outside. And though not currently suffering these extra punishments, Darius and Kevin are still suffering the deprivation of being imprisoned for voicing their beliefs.

Pentagon Focus of a Spirited Peace Demonstration

Boston, 19.03.2007 02:10

The Pentagon was the focus of a spirited Peace demonstration on March 17, 2007. The crowd in the tens of thousands heard from over 30 riveting speakers. Activist Cindy Sheehan said: “Let’s stop this b... s...These b... s.... wars. It’s for the make them rich and line the pockets of the...war criminals.” She added: “We’re the deciders. And we have decided that we want Bush and Cheney impeached...indicted...and imprisoned.”

Hundreds Amass in New Bedford to Denounce Immigration Raids

Boston, 19.03.2007 02:10

Saturday, March 17th -- Nearly two weeks after roughly 360 people were detained in one of the largest immigration raids in recent Massachusetts history, around 600 people converged in New Bedford to demand an end to such raids.

3/17 Pentagon protest-photos

Boston, 19.03.2007 02:10

About 50,000 protesters braved the cold yesterday 3/17/07 in Washington DC to protest at the Pentagon. 3 buses from Boston came to DC.Here are some photos.

Bolivia: hacia un Estado plurinacional

Argentina, 19.03.2007 00:08

Evo Morales quiere elecciones para consolidar las reformas

VIDEOS: March on the Pentagon

DC, 18.03.2007 23:39

(photos by Brian Long)

Pentagon Focus of a Spirited Peace Demonstration

DC, 18.03.2007 23:39

The Pentagon was the focus of a spirited Peace demonstration on March 17, 2007. The crowd in the tens of thousands heard from over 30 riveting speakers. Activist Cindy Sheehan said: “Let’s stop this b... s...These b... s.... wars. It’s for the make them rich and line the pockets of the...war criminals.” She added: “We’re the deciders. And we have decided that we want Bush and Cheney impeached...indicted...and imprisoned.”

NYC Reacts to Sean Bell Grand Jury Verdict

NYC, 18.03.2007 22:39

A diverse group of activists held a rally in Union Square to demand community control and police accountability. The group then marched down Broadway closing the entire street until reaching City Hall. || More Description and Call For Tuesday Gathering || Video || More Video

March 17 Photos: March on Pentagon

NYC, 18.03.2007 22:09

About 10,000 protesters and 1000 right wing protesters marched in DC on Saturday.

Fourth Anniversary of the Invasion Marked by Protests, Vigils, and Civil Disobedience.

Philadelphia, 18.03.2007 21:08

Strike at Community College of Philadelphia Leads to Cancellation of Classes

Philadelphia, 18.03.2007 20:39

Thousands March in Hollywood Against Iraq War

LA, 18.03.2007 19:09

Thousands March in Hollywood Against Iraq War

CITIZEN ALERT: Corporate Enterprise Zones planned in Jackson County, Oregon

Rogue Valley, 18.03.2007 17:11

Please read the article in today's Medford Mail Tribune and think about what it says and how this will play out in the long haul. ...we often sell the farm when we enter into relationships with corporations that don't respect labor and the enviroment.

MMT story: "Enterprise zone could spur business"

What about unintended consequences? Of particular interest should be the plans to both make plastic bottles and then bottle the water near Butte Falls. The bottled water industry is wasteful and many times nothing but a big scam that sucks money and resources out of a community.

Carol Shea-Porter Reversal: Will Vote for Iraq War Funding

New Hampshire, 18.03.2007 17:10

Mexican Native Speaks for American Nativists

San Diego, 18.03.2007 17:10

In the past year, Claudia Garcia Spencer has emerged as a new voice in the anti-immigration movement, which relies on Spencer’s Mexican heritage to add a patina of legitimacy to known nationalist organizations. Spencer, who says she speaks on behalf of the majority of American Hispanics and Latinos, claims that the American way of life is threatened by “hordes of shameless, ungrateful, illegal foreigners,” who are turning US cities into “third-world cesspool[s].”

City Council Votes &quot;YES&quot; to Casino Referendum

Philadelphia, 18.03.2007 17:08

Voet- en fietstocht van Rijsel naar Brussel

Oost-Vlaanderen, 18.03.2007 17:07

Voet- en fietstocht van Rijsel naar Brussel

Noisy antiwar protest in Melbourne Streets

Melbourne, 18.03.2007 14:09

Antiwar Protests commemorate Iraq Invasion

Semaine sans télé du 23 au 30 mars

Liege, 18.03.2007 14:08

La télévision telle qu’elle est conçue et « consommée » aujourd’hui est essentiellement un outil d’abrutissement et de désocialisation.

Is Iran Next?

Cleveland, 18.03.2007 12:37

Is Iran Next? What Can the Average Person Do to Stop a New War With Iran?

Dam gebouwd bij IJslandse Ambassade Brussel - fotoverslag

Oost-Vlaanderen, 18.03.2007 09:07

Dam gebouwd bij IJslandse Ambassade Brussel - fotoverslag

Dam gebouwd bij IJslandse Ambassade Brussel - fotoverslag

Oost-Vlaanderen, 18.03.2007 09:07

Dam gebouwd bij IJslandse Ambassade Brussel - fotoverslag

Dam gebouwd bij IJslandse Ambassade Brussel - fotoverslag

Oost-Vlaanderen, 18.03.2007 09:07

Dam gebouwd bij IJslandse Ambassade Brussel - fotoverslag

4th Annivsary of Iraq War marked in OK City with music, speeches, and reading of names of war dead

Oklahoma, 18.03.2007 06:38

Support the troops -- bring them home A rally to commemorate the 4th Anniversary of the Iraq war was held on the state capital steps on 3/17/07. Click for more photos of this event. For a first hand report of event by attendee James Nimmo, see this OKIMC story.

Religious protest marches from Cathedral to White House, hundreds of arrests

DC, 18.03.2007 06:09

Late evening on Friday, March 16, over 3,000 people gathered in Washington Cathedral for a service, and then marched down Mass Ave towards the White House, looking like a sea of fireflies with electric "candles' held high. On arrival at the White House, hundreds were arrested an a planned civil disobediance

SDS/Shield Bloc faces stun grenade, pre-emptive arrests

DC, 18.03.2007 06:09

The anti-authoritarian Bloc met ferocious police resistance at the Pentagon, followed by 2 pre-emptive arrests on our return to DC during a bike cop blitz.

Zombie Insurgent Brigade: Feeder March

Portland, 18.03.2007 04:39


Feeder March Starts @ 1:10pm

All those lost from US sanctioned oppressors, disasters, tyranny and injustice: (War victims, Katrina victims, Genocide, Women, Children, Police brutality victims... ) And how the list goes on. And on...


related: zombie insurgents attack?

March 18th Rally & March

DATE: Sunday, March 18, 2007
TIME: 12-5pm - Action Camp, 1:30pm - Rally & March
WHERE: South Park Blocks (SW Madison St. and Park Ave), Portland, OR


related: March 18: Call for Peacemakers' Takeover of Blumenaueresque Event

Four Years Ago Today

I've got a garden to plant, and a thousand things I'd rather do, but once again this spring, I'm gearing up for action. The peace marches have become boring, strident and predictable. To be absolutely honest, I hate marching around in the street chanting the same slogans I've been chanting for forty years. I'm going, anyway. I'm so tired of die-ins and sit-ins and predictable speeches shouted over bullhorns that I could scream if I weren't hearing in my ears the far more bitter screams of the dying. I'm even tired of trying to drum and sing and make the protest into a creative act of magic. It's not creative?it's a damn protest, and I have real creative work to do: books to write, courses to teach, and rituals to plan. Nonetheless, Sunday will find me trudging along on the peace march and Monday will find me lying down on Market Street in some picturesque fashion with a group of friends and our requisite banners.


April 11: War on Black Liberation

Houston, 18.03.2007 02:38

April 11: US Government War on The Black Liberation Movement

6 meses sin lopez

Argentina, 18.03.2007 02:09

Rosie O'Donnell Takes A Stand for 9/11 Truth

Miami, 18.03.2007 02:07

Rosie O'Donnell Takes A Stand for 9/11 Truth

A 6 meses de su desaparición

Argentina, 18.03.2007 01:38

Actividades por López en todo el país

PHRF Tenants Rights Hearing

New Orleans, 18.03.2007 01:11

PHRF Makes a Breakthrough on Tenant's Rights in New Orleans

Bush Makes Propaganda Tour of Latin America

San Francisco Bay Area, 17.03.2007 23:09

President Bush stopped in countries where he would meet the least opposition: Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia and Mexico. He nonetheless encountered criticism and protest at every step. In Colombia, demonstrators turned out in Bogotá despite massive numbers of police and soldiers who tried to enforce a ban on protest. Indymedia Colombia writes: "The more than 3,000 protesters here, in one of the most important crossroads of the presidential tour, demonstrated the resistance with which this unwanted visit was met."

Protest at Kidnap Centre

United Kingdom, 17.03.2007 21:39

The Congo Support Network held a demonstration on 13 March 2007 at Dallas Court Reporting Centre, Salford Quays, in opposition to the recent and continuing deportations of Congolese asylum seekers to war-torn DRCongo. It was attended by over 100 Congolese and Libyan refugees and supporters. To begin with everyone assembled in the road opposite the main entrance to Dallas Court before marching round to the back, where kidnapped asylum seekers are snuck out in blue vans to detention centres. Soon after, the crowd assembled at the entrance and the demonstartors held a banner completely across the doors.

The entrance to Dallas Court was then blockaded by the brave protesters, before being forced back by the police. The refugees chanted: 'SHUT DOWN DALLAS COURT!' and 'NO DEPORTATIONS!' throughout, along with many chants and songs in French. At around 1:30pm news emerged that Rosetta, a female Congolese asylum seeker who had had to 'report', had been kidnapped at Dallas Court while the protest was happening! In solidarity, the protesters announced that they would extend their protest and stay until Rosetta was released. They chanted for the next 2 hours and the atmosphere was electric. At one point the police attempted to arrest a Congolese man. As he was dragged off towards the police van the crowd swarmed around and dragged him from their grasp.

Full report

antifascism (en)

Barcelona, 17.03.2007 20:44

Fascists aggressions continue

Recently the fascist aggressions in out territory are recurring with more or less impunity on the fascist part. So cities like Terrassa, Sabadell, Vilanova i la Geltrú or Palma have suffered it in different ways both to people and to social movement's locals.

Furthermore, in València city a neonazi organization has called for a neonazi concert in the middle of Valencian falles, putting in alert several antifascist associations, organizations and people from the city. A few days ago, several people from this organization have been detained in different Baix Llobregat's cities as well, firstly 4 people and 3 more people later.

related info: Palma CGT reports and attack with explosives to their headquarters ::: CGT's communique - Balears >> Against fascism and intolerance ::: Several Neonazi assault a Mexican woman in Madrid ::: Demo: Let's build a different Madrid, organized against fascism ::: The Supreme Court ratifies punishments that make 16 years to five neonazi detained in Valladolid with molotov cocktails

+info: >>>antifascism

Formosa: Masacre de pilagás en 1947

Argentina, 17.03.2007 20:44

Fallo permite investigación sobre Rincón Bomba

Anti-Racists arrested in Stephensville

Houston, 17.03.2007 20:43

Anti-Racists Arrested attempting to reach anti-Klan protest

Otro caso de represión al arte

Argentina, 17.03.2007 17:39

Convocatoria contra procesamiento a Diego Abrego

Media Reform HouseCAT Party

Arkansas, 17.03.2007 17:11

Thursday, March 22nd from 6-9 PM. Thousands of people will be gathering in homes and community centers throughout the country to share information, energy and inspiration that was generated in Memphis at the 2007 National Conference on Media Reform.

Resistance and Riot in Campsfield

United Kingdom, 17.03.2007 17:10

Early in the morning of 14 March, an Algerian detainee held in Campsfield immigration prison in Oxfordshire forcefully resisted an attempted 'removal' by the immigration authorities. Fellow detainees then tried to intervene in solidarity and a riot soon spread in the detention centre, with facilities smashed and set on fires. 2 detainees and 7 staff were taken into hospital, all suffering smoke inhalation [see reports and updates]. In addition to emergency services, Tornado units (riot squads) from the Prison Service were deployed to deal with the 'disturbances'. According to a written ministerial statement by Immigration minister Liam Byrne, 60 of the detainees at Campsfield House have been transferred to other parts of the Home Office detention estate, but other detainees have remained at the centre, which holds up to 200 detainees and was operating at near full capacity at the time of the riot.

Links: Campaign to Close Campsfield | National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns | UK NoBorders groups

Pelosi gets DC home demo, Mikulski fires back at office protestors

DC, 17.03.2007 16:10

On March 15, Code Pink staged home demo at Nancy Pelosi's apartment in DC at 3030 K st NW. Earlier that same day, MD Senator Mikulski asked protestors "what do you want us to vote against-the bullets?" Mikulski then stated she won't vote to cut off funding.

Open Letter to Sen. Mikulski

DC, 17.03.2007 16:10

Senator Barbara Mikulksi, in voting for S.J. Res 9 which would have further authorized the continued murderous occupation of Iraq well into 2008 loses a supporter.

Correction: Complete Info on This Weekend's Antiwar Events at Judson Church

NYC, 17.03.2007 14:39

Here's the complete, correct information on this weekend's antiwar events at Judson Church. Apologies to the organizers of this great event. For more, see

Three ham sandwiches indicted in NYC

Portland, 17.03.2007 12:39

Well, apparently the sacred and all powerful cop code was not enough to protect at least three of the coppers who gunned down an unarmed bride groom and his bachelor party back on November 25. Unlike so many other murders by cops, this one was so egregious, and so witnessed, that some of the cops are actually indicted. Of course, it is still a long way to justice...

Imagine my surprise, coming from a state where cops can kick a helpless man to death, taser and then murder an even more helpless man, and indiscriminately kill at will with no consequence, save an occasional Starbuck's gift certificate, or (shudder) a medal for "courage" under fire.

Senator Smith Nudged at His Office in Eugene

Portland, 17.03.2007 12:39

Today at 1PM I visited Senator Smith's office in Eugene and spoke with his Constiuent Service Representative Jean Borland. Jean said Senator Smith would not be able to meet with me because he was in Washington D.C. I told Ms. Borland that I wanted to thank the Senator for being the sole Republican to vote to end the war yesterday. I also asked if the Senator had decided how he would vote on the upcoming war appropriations bill, and asked if the Senator would oppose the Bush administrations stepped up plans to invade Iran. Ms. Borland replied that Senator Smith, it was her understanding, would need to vote in favor of the war appropriations bill because it had a rider providing timber funding for rural Oregon counties.

She said she did not know if Senator Smith would support or oppose Bush'es invasion of Iran.

Rachel Corrie

Portland, 17.03.2007 12:39

Today is the fourth anniversary of Rachel Corrie's death, murdered while peacefully standing in defense of a Palestinian home, murdered by an Israeli soldier, murdered with a US-made Caterpillar 'dozer.

It is outrageous that the typical American knows all about Spears & Smith, but nothing of brave & wonderful Rachel Corrie. Olympia remembers. We should all remember, what injustice brings.

I'll be at my best corner in Vancouver today during afternoon rush, with Rachel's picture, a Palestinian flag, & other stuff. I can't do nothing on this sad day. Not much on my part. She gave everything.

BC Activists Stage Protest Against Israeli Military Occupation at Israeli Consulate

Boston, 17.03.2007 04:09

Boston, Massachusetts—A large group of Boston College students and others took part in a nonviolent direct action involving elaborate street theater at the New England Israeli Consulate building coinciding with the 4th anniversary of the killing of American peace activist Rachel Corrie and to draw attention to the construction of Israel’s Apartheid wall and Israel’s continuing illegal Military Occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip at 1PM on Thursday, March 15, 2007.

Maine Pro-Pot Proposal Gets 'Smoked' at Town Meeting

Maine, 17.03.2007 02:08

Heath proclaims "major victory" for decent Mainers Article 11, a proposed ordinance seeking to effectively decriminalize marijuana-related offenses, was soundly voted down this past weekend at the annual West Paris Town Meeting. The vote itself has been officially reported by the Town Moderator, Vern Maxfield, at zero votes in favor of the article offered by the fledgling Maine Marijuana Policy Initiative. Others in attendance report that as many as a dozen town residents voted for the article, but there is a consensus that approximately 80 votes were recorded in opposition to the measure. The news of this lopsided defeat was greeted gleefully by both the League and by West Paris-area pastors. League Executive Director Mike Heath proclaimed, �This is a major victory for decent, law-abiding Mainers. The League has fought vice like this for 110 years, and although this stunning vote is heartening, we must remain vigilant in our temperance efforts.� Heath nostalgically concluded, �I am confident that somewhere in Heaven, Ben Bubar is smiling his famous smile [about this].� Ben Bubar, Jr. was the League�s leader for over three decades until 1984, and was a prominent national and local leader in the drug and alcohol temperance movement.

MWC Update: Showdown Over Miami-Dade Housing Agency Authority

Miami, 16.03.2007 22:37

MWC Update: Showdown Over Miami-Dade Housing Agency Authority

Protestors confront Mayor Fenty at home over school takeover plan

DC, 16.03.2007 22:10

On March 13th, protestors showed up at Mayor Fenty's home at 4712 17th st to oppose his plan to take over the schools and cripple the elected school board. Fenty showed up partway through the demo-in the same Lincoln Navigator Williams used to use. Why Fenty's Takeover isn't Good for DC Schools District Beat: Fenty Schools Plan In Play

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