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voting protection

Houston, 16.09.2004 04:35

Texas Declared a "High Risk State" for Voting Rights Infringements: Volunteers Needed

El día que secuestraron a las otras Marías

Argentina, 16.09.2004 04:22

jueves 16 de Septiembre 2004 | MUJERES LUCHADORAS
La noche que secuestraron a las otras Marías

From the Newswire

Perth, 16.09.2004 04:03

Sri Lankan Asylum Seekers Plead for Compassion

NGO workers taken hostage

San Francisco Bay Area, 16.09.2004 03:35

Community Appeals for Release of NGO Workers Captured in Baghdad

Herald journalists ban new Sunday paper

Aotearoa, 16.09.2004 02:55

New Zealand Herald journalists have banned work for the Herald's new Sunday paper until the paper's owners allow journalists on the Sunday edition to negotiate their pay and conditions collectively. The paper’s editor, Sue Chetwin, has hired all staff so far on individual contracts and has told workers that no collective coverage is available on the Sunday edition, which is due to launch on 3 October. Australian publisher APN, controlled by Irish millionaire Tony O’Reilly, has told the journalists' union that it is prepared to negotiate with workers collectively for the Sunday only if journalists hired from now on for both the weekday and Sunday editions give up 15 longstanding workers' rights won during the Herald’s 141-year history.

La noche que secuestraron a las otras Marias

Argentina, 16.09.2004 02:49

Jueves 16 de Septiembre de 2004
La noche que secuestraron a las otras Marias

La noche que secuestraron a las otras Marías

Argentina, 16.09.2004 02:47

jueves 16 de Septiembre 2004 | MUJERES LUCHADORAS
La noche que secuestraron a las otras Marías

NPR broadcast

San Francisco Bay Area, 16.09.2004 02:30

Neighborhood Public Radio On The Air

Noticias Destacadas

Argentina, 16.09.2004 02:14

Central Valley: IWW Wins Trucker Labor Battle

San Francisco Bay Area, 16.09.2004 00:48

Truckers Win Demands after Strike in Stockton

Trabajadores y trabajadoras en Lucha

Argentina, 15.09.2004 23:47

Miércoles 15 de Septiembre 2004 | POR UNA LEY DE EXPROPIACIÓN DEFINITIVA
Trabajadores y trabajadoras en lucha


Uruguay, 15.09.2004 23:31

Pensando alternativas

Nam Qom

Argentina, 15.09.2004 23:30

¿Torturar y violar a indígenas no es delito?

Local activists protest Ringling Bros. circus coming to Portland

Portland, 15.09.2004 23:18

Knoxville First Amendment Radio (KFAR 90.9) Raided by the FCC

Tennessee, 15.09.2004 22:26

At roughly 10:00 am this morning, three federal agents from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Atlanta offices, accompanied by three US Marshalls, broke into the KFAR radio station in South Knoxville and confiscated all of its equipment, knocking Knoxville's community voice off the air.

Wake Up and Dream Tour - Knoxville September 15th

Tennessee, 15.09.2004 22:16

The Tour staff will travel a swath of the country to catalyze local organizing, using screenings and discussions of Shocking and Awful: a Grassroots Response to War and Occupation, a 13 part series now featured on Free Speech TV, channel 9415 of the Dish Network. They will also take testimony from local people to create The Open Eye Video Soap Box, an ongoing project to further dialogue and discussion about local, national and international issues. In addition to scheduled screenings, the tour will take be screening images on the walls of clubs and other locations where young people hang out. Wednesday, September 15 Tennessee Valley Universalist Unitarian Church 2931 kingston pike 7 PM. Knoxville, Tennessee Free

Trabajadores y trabajadoras en Lucha

Argentina, 15.09.2004 22:15

Miércoles 15 de Septiembre 2004 | POR UNA LEY DE EXPROPIACIÓN DEFINITIVA
Trabajadores y trabajadoras en lucha

Naked and Chained: Report-back from the PETA protest at the circus

Portland, 15.09.2004 21:31

Εκδίκαση υπόθεσης αρνητή στράτευσης

Thessaloniki, 15.09.2004 20:43

3΍ χρόνια φυλακής, επειδή αρνήθηκε να πολεμήσει στο Ιράκ

Εκδίκαση υπόθεσης αρνητή στράτευσης

Thessaloniki, 15.09.2004 20:43

3΍ χρόνια φυλακής, επειδή αρνήθηκε να πολεμήσει στο Ιράκ

Bush Family Back in Area

NYC, 15.09.2004 20:20

As if the RNC and the Bush twins' $4800 bar tab were not enough, members of the First Family will be back in the New York region this and next week.

The President himself will be attending a lavish fundraising dinner in Manhattan Monday, September 20, according to the New York Post.

Also, Laura Bush will be in New Jersey tomorrow visitng a Hamilton firehouse. New Jersey Transit trains travel from Penn Station to Hamilton on a regular basis.

Social Forum

Sydney, 15.09.2004 19:59

Sydney Social Forum

Putting 'Ireland of the Welcomes' to the Test

Ireland, 15.09.2004 19:55

campaigns begin to regularise immigration laws and give security to those already here A report on the campaigns to regularise our immigration laws and provide residency / work rights to some of those currently in Ireland. (photo by redjade - 'Tomso is an Irish Citizen in Hiding' - the irish state has recently deported his mother to nigeria - read his story here) The recent referendum on citizenship may have changed the constitution but in many ways this is only the start of a debate on immigration in Ireland as legislation on the issue is still in the pipeline. Currently under Irish law any child born on the island is still an Irish citizen, the status of migrants on work visas is starting to be an issue for the trade union movement and the promise by Michael McDowell to 'deal with those currently here' has yet to be fulfilled. A number of campaigning groups have now started to look at the reality for migrants currently in Ireland. Residents against Racism, a group which has been in existence for 5 years, launched its campaign last week to seek residency and work rights for the non-national parents of Irish children. These were the people affected by the February 2003 Supreme Court judgement which removed their residency rights. These are the people that were much discussed during the recent referendum campaign. Given that the CSO fgures showed 85,000 people immigrating to ireland last year alone, the 11,000 or so people affected by this change are a small number. Mark Grehan from Residents against Racism questions even this number making the point that deportations and outward migration have already reduced the number. Included in those deportations were at least 19 Irish citizens who were deported along with their parents. The RAR campaign is a coalition of groups including immigrant and refugee support groups and has begun seeking support from Irish political parties and trade unions. To this end a letter will be sent to all TD's in the next week and a protest is planned for the 29th of September - the day the Dail returns from the summer recess. According to Mr Grehan the change can be made by ministerial order and will result in these people being granted residency and work rights. Next Saturday will see another group - variously billed as the African Social Forum or Amnesty for All - holding their launch in Liberty Hall. According to Joe Carolan from the group, they want Minister McDowell to live up to his commitment given on June 14th to deal with all the people currently resident in Ireland. Mr Carolan points to the example of Portugal which granted an amnesty in 1992 to non-EU citizens who were resident for 6 months or more in the country. He also stresses the importance of the right to study mentioning the case of Celine Codorean who achieved 450 points in the Irish Leaving Certificate and who was accepted into Trinity College but who now has a deportation order against her. What both campaigns agree on is the fallacy of the notion that immigrants will have a negative impact on existing Irish workers. In this they are backed up by international research such as that conducted across Europe by the European Commission and published in July 2001 with the title 'Labour Demand, Education and the Dynamics of Social Exclusion'. In one of its conclusions this study (which covered Ireland as well as the rest of the EU) found “.. that there were no negative labour market effects of immigration on natives and hence confirm the results obtained in other countries such as the US or Canada.” Indeed the impact of immigrants has been found to be universally positive from an economic point of view with growth and wealth having a direct correlation to levels of immigration. John Fitzgerald from the ESRI in a paper delivered last month to the Merriman Summer School (Ireland – an Ageing Multicultural Economy: Aug 2004) warned that “If Ireland fails to embrace and build on the benefits of becoming a multicultural economy, through allowing appropriate migration in and out, it will rapidly fall behind its competitors.” He points to the inefficiencies of the current system of work visas and calls for a transparent, open system both for skilled and unskilled workers. Given that the ESRI is not known as the most radical of groups it is surprising to see that his conclusions open up the possibility that the 'No Borders' policy of those campaigning on Mayday, dismissed at the time by all mainstream political commentators, has an economic justification. “There is a choice between two different approaches: allowing limited immigration of unskilled labour through a transparent programme or, alternatively, an open door policy that allows fairly free inward movement. ...Evidence from the US suggests that an open door policy on unskilled immigration would probably enhance the growth potential of the economy and would be good for skilled Irish citizens..” While he acknowledges that there could be an impact on the social services system with an open door policy - nowhere does he propose that the existing system can or should be retained. In many ways the current system seems to be the worst of all possible worlds. The EU commission report warned that “the two most important determinants of fast assimilation identified in all countries are language skills as well as attachment to the labour market in order to accumulate labour market experience.” Given the large number of residents in Ireland who are cut off from the labour market this seems to be a policy which is not only economically sort sighted but one which seems designed to ensure poor assimilation, heighten social tensions and institutionalise the morally questionable practice of deporting our own citizens. The citizenship referendum may have been passed by a huge majority as a result of widespread and government approved scaremongering about 'Benefit Tourists' and the 'hordes' of pregnant women supposedly arriving on our shores. But until the legislation which was presented is actually passed nothing has actually changed. There is still a window of opportunity to devise a coherent, sensible immigration policy for this society. This argument should be pursued by all regardless of their positions on the political spectrum. Even those who view the economic sphere as all important have to admit that immigration is good for this country. For those driven by social or moral concerns there can be no excuse for tolerance of the cowardly, insular and economically illiterate policies of our supposedly socially and economically liberal Minister for Justice.

Local activists protest Ringling Bros. circus coming to Portland

Portland, 15.09.2004 17:32

Protest The Jailing Of Gina Lynn This Friday In Seattle

Portland, 15.09.2004 16:40

Senator Smith Lies

Rogue Valley, 15.09.2004 15:17

Calls Needed to Stop a Salvage Logging Rider

On September 15, Senator Gordon Smith (R-OR) threatened to eliminate all environmental law pertaining to logging in the Biscuit Fire area. In an attempt to intimidate environmentalists days before court-ordered mediation with the timber industry, Smith has vowed to push through a salvage logging rider which would force the destruction of 19,000 acres of ancient forest.

To justify his thwarting of the law, Smith claims that environmental lawsuits have stopped all logging and reforestation work in the Biscuit area. Smith's lies are easily disproved. For example, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals record clearly shows that only a handful of sales have been legally enjoined, 47 million board-feet of timber out of a total of 372 mmbf proposed.

Puerto Rico

Colombia, 15.09.2004 14:43


City Council review of RNC arrests, etc. TODAY

NYC, 15.09.2004 13:23

Committee(s) on: Governmental Operations
Time: 10:00 AM
Location: Council Chambers - City Hall
Chairperson(s): Bill Perkins

Oversight: The Republican National Convention: Reviewing the Post-Convention Detention of Protestors and Any Issues Surrounding Their First Amendment Right to Express Themselves.


Athens, 15.09.2004 12:50

Αρνήθηκε να συμμετάσχει στον πόλεμο του Ιρακ και φυλακίστηκε

Colombia [marcia indigena]

Italy, 15.09.2004 12:17

Marcia indigena verso Cali

Save Our Transit

Pittsburgh, 15.09.2004 12:01

'Save Our Transit' Rallies For State Bills To Increase Bus, Light Rail Funds

Support Seasonal Workers' Push to Organize with UTN

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 15.09.2004 11:56

Seasonal workers at Lakeside Foods have organized an independent union to demand better wages and working conditions. Lakeside representatives are intimidating workers with threats such as taking away their housing if they gain union recognition. The workers need your support now...

Possible voter intimidation by MPLS Police

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 15.09.2004 11:55

Wednesday 9/15 at 1:30pm in Hennepin County Govt. Ctr., voter registration legworker Lindell Jack faces dubious charges following a period of police harassment. Has Florida-style election policing come to the Twin Cities? Fight it by attending the hearing and by grabbing yourself some voter registration forms and signing up new voters.

Governo planeia aumento das taxas moderadoras

Portugal, 15.09.2004 11:55

Governo planeia aumento das taxas moderadoras


Uruguay, 15.09.2004 11:51

Pensando alternativas

The 9-11 Truth Movement Rises Up

Portland, 15.09.2004 11:24


Police &amp; Prisons: Dyron Brewer

San Francisco Bay Area, 15.09.2004 08:14

Another Death in CYA

California Youth Authority

San Francisco Bay Area, 15.09.2004 07:55

Another Death in CYA

RNC Reportbacks in SF and East Bay

San Francisco Bay Area, 15.09.2004 06:59

Weekend of Reportbacks from RNC Protests

Million Worker March

San Francisco Bay Area, 15.09.2004 06:28

October 17th: Million Worker March in Washington, DC

noticias de latinoamerica

Argentina, 15.09.2004 06:04

Avanza la Marcha indígena

Argentina, 15.09.2004 03:43

jueves 14 de Septiembre de 2004
Avanza la Marcha indígena

From the Newswire

darwin, 15.09.2004 02:33

Murder charges to be laid against NT Prison Officers

Eco/Cultural Defence

Perth, 15.09.2004 02:29

Ludlow Campaign Continues

Education System Critique

San Francisco Bay Area, 14.09.2004 23:52

It's Time To De-School

El agua vale más que el oro

Argentina, 14.09.2004 23:25

Martes 14 de Septiembre 2004 | RESISTIENDO LA MINERIA EN SAN JUAN
El agua vale más que el oro

El agua vale más que el oro

Argentina, 14.09.2004 23:25

Martes 14 de Septiembre 2004 | RESISTIENDO LA MINERIA EN SAN JUAN
El agua vale más que el oro

El agua vale más que el oro

Argentina, 14.09.2004 23:18

Martes 14 de Septiembre de 2004
El agua vale más que el oro

Noticias destacadas

Argentina, 14.09.2004 23:17

War in the streets in Northeast Portland

Portland, 14.09.2004 23:09

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