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April 3rd Memorial for Nadia Cabezas, aka Kitty Kastro

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.03.2007 08:39

A memorial for Nadia Cabezas, who was also known as Kitty Kastro, will be held on Tuesday, April 3rd at 2pm at St. Anthony's Foundation, 121 Golden Gate Avenue in San Francisco. Kitty Kastro was struck and killed instantly by a reckless driver in Indiana on March 5th. Nadia Cabezas stood with ACT UP, educated society about transgender issues, confronted the religious right, and fought for the rights of disabled people. Kitty Kastro hosted a public access show called Tranny Talk, where she interviewed police chiefs, children of transsexuals, religious extremists, mothers of transsexuals who have been killed, and others. Nadia is survived by her partner, who is Tranny Talk producer Dina Boyer, as well as her Mom Kathy, her dog Maya, and the couple's two cats, Samantha and Kitty.

Native Youth Movement

Cleveland, 24.03.2007 08:37

Native Youth Movement Rising Up

la plata marchó a 31 años del golpe genocida

Argentina, 24.03.2007 06:08

"Los derechos humanos no son pieza de museo"

Saturday Night Memorial for Alice Nuccio

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.03.2007 05:40

Alice Nuccio, a member of Local 510, the Sign and Display Workers Union, and an activist in the social justice community in the Bay Area, died of cancer on Wednesday, March 21st, 2007, at age 46. Her community has been invited to a memorial service on Saturday March 24th at 6:30pm, at the St. Martin DePorres House, 225 Potrero Avenue (near 16th St.). Her life as an activist began with the anti-nuclear peace movement on the east coast in the late 1970s, then continued with her relationships, serving food with Food Not Bombs, working on AIDS issues with ACT UP, participating in the direct actions that shut down the WTO in Seattle, and organizing Anarchist Cafes. Alice fought for people to have more access to information about their illness, as well as for more holistic and less intrusive healing methods. Alice enjoyed community gardening, potlucks, bonfires at the beach, spending time with her cat, and collective musical experiences such as playing music with friends.

Local Group Joins Nationwide Call To Action To Urge Congress To “Step It Up On Global Warming”

Oklahoma, 24.03.2007 05:38

Tulsa residents will gather at Veterans Park -21st & Boulder from 12:00 to 5:00, Saturday, April 14t Tulsa residents concerned about the catastrophic effects of global warming will gather together to urge Congress to cut carbon dioxide emissions 80% by 2050. Tulsa’s event, Climate Action Day, is part of the Step it Up 2007 campaign, the largest day of citizen action focusing on global warming in our nation’s history. Tulsa residents concerned about the catastrophic effects of global warming will gather together to urge Congress to cut carbon dioxide emissions 80% by 2050. Tulsa’s event, Climate Action Day, is part of the Step it Up 2007 campaign, the largest day of citizen action focusing on global warming in our nation’s history. Climate Action Day will be held at Veteran’s Park, located at 21st & Boulder, on Saturday April 14th from 12:00 to 5:00 pm and can be best described as an “environmental fair.” The event is free to the public and will include numerous local organizations such as The Met, OG&E’s Wind Energy Department, Tulsa Transit, and other area businesses sharing information on how each of us can reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The event will also feature several speakers well-informed on the subject of climate change and methods of reducing human impact on the environment including Susan Postawko and Mark Morrissey, professors of Meteorology at OU, and the Met’s Executive Director, Michael Patton. Live music will be performed by The Paul Benjamin Band, Steve Liddell, and Klondike5 String Band throughout the day. As a fun way to promote the event and alternative methods of transportation, a bike ride is scheduled to begin at 41st & Riverside at 12:30 pm and conclude at Veteran’s Park. Participants in the event will be photographed displaying their message: “Step It Up Congress! Cut Carbon 80% by 2050!” This photograph will be sent to Washington, DC along with photos from hundreds of other events across the country so members of Congress can see for themselves that their constituents are demanding bold action. ***Climate Action Day Coordinator Derek Smoots will be available to speak to the media before, during and after the event at Veterans Park between 12:00 and 5:00 pm. To schedule an interview, please call him at (405) 512-9771 *** “As a city and a community, Tulsa has a lot to gain from going green. An Earth-friendly image would attract many new businesses in the vastly growing sustainable industries to Tulsa. Helping members of our community understand how to be more environmentally responsible is the first step,” said Climate Action Day Coordinator, Derek Smoots of Tulsa. Step it Up is a nationwide campaign comprised of over 1000 events in 50 states rallying around the need for substantial and rapid action on the issue of global warming. Events are being held in every corner of the country, from Maine to Hawaii, and Seattle to Key West. The events are being held in major cities, iconic locations and small towns across America. Rallies have been organized by groups and individuals from all walks of life who agree on one thing: the time has come for our elected officials to take bold and immediate steps to combat global warming. “The groundswell of support for this effort is incredible. This is truly a viral grassroots movement, organized mainly through word of mouth, email outreach among friends, and the online community.” said Step it Up Organizer, Bill McKibben. “The enormous participation in today’s movement is a wake-up call to legislators from across the country. Their constituents are urgently demanding that America get on the path towards reducing carbon emissions before it is too late.” “If we don’t act now, scientists tell us we’ll face an entirely different planet. From melting glaciers to unseasonable and erratic weather patterns, we are already feeling the impact of global warming. This is a global crisis that will affect all of us and requires immediate and bold action. But while global warming presents us with our most pressing challenge, it also presents our most inspiring opportunity,” McKibben added. “As Step It Up has shown, it is only by uniting across the lines that too often divide us – geography, partisanship, economic and racial boundaries – that we will be able to address this crisis.” Global warming’s impact will be felt greatest among the most vulnerable of the world’s population. The droughts and stronger and more frequent storms combined with rising sea levels caused by global warming will dramatically affect the already scarce resources relied upon by hundreds of millions for the basics of life. The organizers of today’s events see an opportunity and a responsibility to ensure that solutions to this crisis take vulnerable populations – developing nations, people of color and low income communities - into account. “Stopping global warming will catalyze a new, green, industrial revolution which will impact workers across the globe. We must protect both their ability to provide for their families and also the long-term health of the environment,” said McKibben For more information please visit the Step it Up campaign website:

&quot;Lend a Hand: Rock for Results&quot; concert

Oklahoma, 24.03.2007 05:38

Hosted by TU activists to benefit charity at The Hive March 30 Great Benefit with some Amazing Artists!!! Great Benefit with some Amazing Artists!!!Tulsa, Oklahoma—For the fourth time in five years, TU student activists will hold a benefit concert for Tulsa area causes. This year’s event, “Lend a Hand: Rock for RESULTS” will be held at The Hive, 216 N. Elgin, on March 30th, 2007. Proceeds will be split between TU Habitat for Humanity and TU RESULTS. In a new joint effort, activists from three student organizations will collaborate on the 2007 benefit. TU Peace & Justice Fellowship sponsored the concert in 2003, 2005, and 2006. This year the Coalition for Women’s Issues and a new group, TU RESULTS, join the effort; all three fall under the umbrella of the United Campus Ministry. TU Habitat for Humanity is part of a national organization that recruits community members to aid low-income families in building their own houses. The University of Tulsa’s RESULTS group is the first campus chapter of a national grassroots anti-poverty advocacy organization, and is raising seed money to start a village microlending bank. Microcredit grants small loans to impoverished people to allow them to start small businesses and raise themselves out of poverty. Grameen Bank founder Muhammad Yunus won the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize for his work in microcredit. The show promises entertainment as well as humanitarian aid; bands on the bill are local electro-dance duo Stevedore, reggae-salsa outfit Citizen Mundi, cloaked-keyboard pop band Ghosts, indie-melodic hopefuls Arlis Moon and the Stars and acoustic-punk activist Jacob Ide. DJ Kiké will be spinning Latin beats between acts. “This concert has grown to be one of our favorite events of the year. Last year we raised over $1500 for charity and this year, with a bigger space and a fantastic lineup, we hope to raise even more,” said one of the event’s veteran planners, TU senior Mana Tahaie. Cover for the event will be $4 for TU students and $7 for community members at the door. The event is all ages, 21 and over to drink. Doors open at 7:00pm and the event is expected to run through 2:00am. Information on microcredit, Habitat for Humanity and how to get involved with any of the above-mentioned organizations will be available at the show. For more information on the event please contact Colleen McCarty at (918) 902-7798.


santiago, 24.03.2007 02:40

Día Mundial del Agua

California Faculty Association Authorizes First-Ever Strike

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.03.2007 02:39

On Wednesday March 21st, the California Faculty Association announced that members had authorized a strike. Faculty at San Francisco State University, San Jose State University, and five other California State University (CSU) campuses could walk out of classrooms as soon as the beginning of April. In the past four years, the faculty has only received a 3.5 percent pay raise, while CSU execs have gotten in 23 percent pay hikes.

Contra el desalojo de huerta Orgazmika

Argentina, 24.03.2007 02:09

Actitud Buenos Aires

Benetton y Gulumapu

Argentina, 24.03.2007 02:09

Yellowstone: The grizzly truth?

DC, 24.03.2007 01:40

Wow, there's been a lot of news about the so called Yellowstone wildlife this week. First, there was a hearing on bison a couple miles down from me over on Capitol Hill. That generated a fair amount of national news and press releases, but none of that can possibly compare with the news onslaught generated by the announcement that grizzly bears in Greater Yellowstone would be de-listed entirely from the endangered species list.

SDS Leads Week of Anti-War Actions at George Mason University

DC, 24.03.2007 01:40

George Mason University Students for a Democratic Society (GMU-SDS) held a wide range of events on campus this week to mark the fourth anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

March 25: Seattle IMC Meeting: DIY Journalism Skillshare and &quot;Indymedia 101&quot;

Seattle, 23.03.2007 22:39

Get advice on writing articles for the public -- Learn about Indymedia and how to use the site -- Get a zine-y "handbook" with writing tips and resources in the Seattle area!

Anti-War Round up

Houston, 23.03.2007 21:10

Round up of anti-war activies in Houston

Video Reporting From March 18th Protests

Portland, 23.03.2007 20:38

Night Observation Interview M18 8pm - With the cops in rows on one side and the people on the other side, and each side both had about a hundred-fold. They stood on each side of the streets facing each other. [more]

Video File: Let Peace Prevail - An 8 minute video of the March 18, 2007 March to commemorate the fourth year of the Occupation of Iraq. The March followed right after a Rally in the South Park Blocks, and wound about 20 blocks through downtown Portland, eventually returning to the Park Blocks. [more]

"Do Something" - having went home after the peace march and not witnessing the confrontation that happened before dusk. i arrived later around 8pm and walked through the 3rd street park with my camera taping. [more]

Just The Way It Is - Blumenauer Speech - An aerial view with music coming from the stage, clip is taken prior to the march. A dubbed speech of Representative Blumenauer - (sound taken from within crowd - low quality). [more]

Pans & Opinions - I was not at first intending to film this man. he kept talking so I kept recording. I didn't want to raise the camera at him so he would continue speaking freely. [more]

Pro War Protester & Da Da - Video one - "Pro War" protester at Peace March. Video two - "Da Da" singing after the Peace March. [more]

more - Protestors/Police clash at Park and Morrison, March For Peace - video

Report from direct action in San Francisco

Portland, 23.03.2007 20:08

First, at around noon, there were many people (I'd say around 50) who lay down at the cable-car turnaround on market, though this was on the sidewalk and while there were many police there, no one bothered us. Later, we went up to Montgomery and many people lay down on the sidewalk, but then after that many went into the streets and lay down (including myself, but I got up after I was warned). About 45 people were arrested there, to lots of noise and a great band! After everyone was taken away, we followed the band to Powell and Market where many of us spontaneously just sat/lay down in the streets (again, including myself). So about 60 of us were arrested overall. We were taken to the station in paddy wagons, held for processing, and released within a few hours. I'd say the average age of those arrested was well over 50 (I recognized quite a few Quakers in the crowd), but there were a lot of young people in the crowd who gave us support.

Bend Sit-In at Walden's Office

Portland, 23.03.2007 20:08

Six women (Code Pink & Rural Organizing Project) were arrested last night for trespassing in Rep. Greg Walden's office in Bend.

They took with them testimony from a Feb. Town Hall meeting on the "Cost of the War", showing that Walden's constituents are done with this war. Their "People's Resolution" calls for: troop withdrawal, no further $$ for the war, no expansion into Iran and coordination around the state to ensure the Or. Congressional Delegation acts in accordance with the Resolution.

Fran Davis of Crooked River Ranch, grandmother of a soldier serving his 3rd tour in Iraq says her grandson comments, "We are throwing money into a pit."

G8 Info Tour in DC! April 4th

DC, 23.03.2007 19:10

What the hell is up with the 2007 G8 mobilization for Heiligendamm, Germany? Massive protests against the 2007 G8 summit meeting of neoliberal globalizers and warmongers at the Baltic Sea resort Heiligendamm near Rostock in Germany are scheduled before and during the June 6-8 meeting.

speculation &amp; suqatting (en)

Barcelona, 23.03.2007 19:09

Again: We have right to a decent house

Next March 24th, at 17:00 hours, there's a call for demonstrations in several cities, to demand an effective right to a decent house. A right that the politicians class, sold out to the property market, have no intention to make effective, on the contrary: they keep turning a blind eye on mobbing and favouring speculation, as we have recently seen in Bon Pastor and Barceloneta areas.

[Mar 24]17h, Catalunya Sq. Demo in Barcelona

[Mar 24]17h. Plaça Major Demo in Palma

[Mar 20, 23 & 24] Sants in movement Several mobilizations

L'Òpera CSO, L'Hospi [Mar 29 9h & Mar 31, 18h] Trial and Demonstration

Related news: [Sants] Mossos have entered in Can Punxes ::: Tòxics CSO demo's communique ::: Things to talk about on March 24th demo ::: Camping at the UAB for housing ::: Sauce-pan banging for housing in Nou Barris ::: V de Vivenda with B de Barcelona ::: Bon Pastor's cheap houses ::: The Barceloneta plan ::: The Veiret case and media manipulation ::: New squatting in Maresme ::: Can Ricart ::: Latest evictions ::: Freed space in Vilanova i la Geltrú ::: El Forat has moved ::: Property thugism ::: TMB workers support Can Vies ::: The Barcelona City Council raffles flats in secret ::: Trial to the Òpera CSO ::: Els Verds-EE declare their support to Òpera CSO:::

+ info >>> speculation & squatting

IMC Maritimes: Get involved

Maritimes, 23.03.2007 19:08


Surge Protection Brigade:Nonviolent Resisters will Return to Recruiting Center Friday

Portland, 23.03.2007 18:38

Are you pissed off enough yet to take it to the next level?? The Surge Protection Brigade / Seriously Pissed Off Grannies will return to the recruiting center on NE Broadway and 13th tomorrow, Friday March 23rd at 10:00 am.

We continue to protest the recruitment of our young men and women by the insatiable war machine. At this event, there will be opportunity for civil resistance. There is also need for support in the form of protesters and witnesses. Bring signs, or use ours. Bring rocking chairs! (however, know that they may be confiscated for "evidence").

&quot;Schaf Euratom af!&quot; eisen Europeanen

Oost-Vlaanderen, 23.03.2007 18:08

"Schaf Euratom af!" eisen Europeanen

A Review of John Ross' Zapatistas

Arkansas, 23.03.2007 17:10

John Ross is a Latin American correspondent and activist who's been living in and writing about Mexico for nearly four decades turning out some of the most important and incisive analysis of events there of anyone covering the country, its history, politics and people. Few writers anywhere make the country come alive like he can. He lives among the people and knows them well including Zapatista leader Subcommandante Marcos who may have given Ross his first ever interview.

March 24th: World Water Day: Walk for Water

Seattle, 23.03.2007 16:08

More than one billion people worldwide lack access to safe drinking water. Please commemorate World Water Day by joining Mercy Corps, Starbucks, and Ethos in a "Walk for Water". The event is free and open to the public.

Commemorate World Water Day and "Walk for Water"
Saturday March 24, 11:00AM
Alki Beach (Statue of Liberty Plaza across from Starbucks) 1702 Aliki Ave. SW

March 24th: International Community Build-It Convergence -Camp Quixote Solidarity Event (Olympia)

Seattle, 23.03.2007 16:08

Join Us At Our Upcoming Event!
International Community Build-It Convergence and Camp Quixote Emergency Solidarity Event.

Date: Saturday, March 24th, 2007
Time: Doors open at 5pm. Meeting runs from 5:15pm-7pm.
Location: The FreeSchool Building, 610 Columbia Street, Olympia, WA 98501

Protesters Occupying Staten Island Congressman's Office

NYC, 23.03.2007 14:38

Peace Action Staten Island and friends (including Movement for a Democratic Society and World Can't Wait) are inside the office of Congressman Vito Fossella.

Sticking Together For Peace

United Kingdom, 23.03.2007 14:09

This morning Bradford students took part in one of the most daring and creative acts of civil disobedience ever seen at Faslane Naval base. Ten of them superglued themselves together outside the North Gate whilst another four chained themselves together outside the South Gate, effectively shutting the base.

It was one of the longest-lasting blockades since Faslane 365 started their year-long campaign of blockades, and is believed to be the first time activists have glued themselves together.

The students from Bradford and Leeds universities and a lecturer went to the base after the government voted to renew the UK's Trident system.

Earlier in the week Bradford students went to visit the university's careers department to invite the royal navy to join them in this blockade. They sadly declined.

See also the original newswire post with more photos.

Victory! HSBC Stops Making Pre Tax Time Loans

NYC, 23.03.2007 14:08

Who says I never have good news to report in my blogs?

Last week, HSBC, one of the largest makers of "holiday" and "paystub" loans, announced that it would cease making two particularly noxious and abusively expensive forms of short term loans made through tax preparation companies. H&R Block and Jackson Hewitt are among the tax preparation companies that essentially served as brokers for HSBC loans.[Read More From DMI Blog]

Lib Dems – Do As We Say, Not As We Do

Bristol, 23.03.2007 11:38

"LibDems claims to be both ‘green’, and in favour of decentralised local community politics are unravelling fast in the south west, as events these last two days in Bristol and Somerset show." BS5'er BS5'er writes: In Somerset, both the county council and Taunton Deane borough council announced a ‘joint venture’ today with ... IBM In a deal worth around £400million over 10 years to IBM, the councils will pass over not just IT functions but also the running of property and customer services. The councils claim they will save themselves £millions. Given that IBM will only be in for this on a profit basis, a Unison spokespersons comment that job losses are likely may not be far from the truth. Expect cuts in services, job losses, and further damage to local communities ... Meanwhile in Bristol, LibDem greaser John Kiely ... presided ... over the decision to privatise Home Care services in the city, putting the jobs and terms of employment of hundreds of mainly middle-aged, female workers at risk. Will the unions lead a fight back? On 21st March: Several hundred concerned Bristolians attended the launch of ‘Transition Bristol’ at The Trinity centre. Conspicuous by their absence – Bristol’s oh-so-green LibDems, who currently are not even giving any funding to this vital initiative, no doubt too busy concreting over what green spaces we have left in the city ... But as the local elections get increasingly dirty in Easton, with Kiely facing opposition from an Asian NewLabour candidate, a local community campaigner has caught Malik out good and proper, with the following text circulated to council officers and local press (so I’m sure the author wont mind this being reproduced here – it is excellent): “For the second time in a number of weeks, I have found the Liberal Democrats councillor Abdul Malik (Easton Ward) illegally or irresponsibly parked in St Marks Road; firstly infringing a disabled parking space, secondly parked on double yellow lines (see picture). This area has enough problems with traffic and parking, without our 'elected representatives' adding to them." Full Article (Image Left: We are currently consuming more than 4 barrels of oil for every 1 discovered, with global production now apparently at the peak of the curve.)| Lib dems – do as we say, not as we do | Bristol local elections: 3rd May 2007 | A Vision of Post-Oil Bristol (Prior Front Page + Links) | Bristol Indymedia and the Coming Elections (Editorial Reporting Position) | 2007 Local Election Polling Stations | BRISTOL INDYMEDIA - More 'Votes' Than The Evening Post - PUBLISH YOUR NEWS! |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

4 a�os despu�s, sigue la lucha contra la ocupaci�n.

Euskal Herria, 23.03.2007 10:08

Hace ahora cuatro a�os que comenz� la invasi�n de Iraq por parte de Estados Unidos, Gran Breta�a y Espa�a y la lucha en contra de la ocupaci�n sigue viva en Iraq y en el resto del mundo.

La guerra iniciada en favor de la "democracia" y la "libertad" se ha convertido en una pesadilla en Iraq y la situaci�n es cada d�a peor: violencia diaria en contra de la poblaci�n civil, escuadrones de la muerte, el empeoramiento de la situaci�n de la mujer, los bombardeos diarios del ej�rcito norteamericano, los centros de reclusi�n ilegales, la tortura, el asesinato selectivo de intelectuales y en general la negaci�n de los derechos civiles y pol�ticos de toda la poblaci�n iraqu�...

Al mismo tiempo, Israel mantiene su pol�tica genocida contra el pueblo palestino que al menos ha logrado un acuerdo para conformar un gobierno de unidad y frenar los enfrentamientos entre los diferentes sectores pol�ticos.

En todo el mundo son muchos los movimientos sociales y grupos que han querido aprovechar este cuarto aniversario para denunciar el imperialismo de los gobiernos ocupantes y solidarizarse con los pueblos que sufren esta situaci�n y que luchan para liberarse. Miles de acciones, manifestaciones y signos de solidaridad se han realizado ya por todos los lugares y en otros, como en Bilbao se har�n este fin de semana.

M�s informaci�n: |Campa�a Estatal en contra de la Ocupaci�n de Iraq|, |Entrevista con un miembro de la resistencia iraqu�|, |Israeli boikot euskal ekimena |.

Inceneritore di Giubiasco: veleni ed ipocrisia made in Ticino

Switzerland, 23.03.2007 09:37

Alla fine ce l'hanno fatta: sono riusciti a dimostraci ancora una volta come politici e imprenditori nel nostro bel cantone hanno la meglio sulle decisioni del popolo e sul volere delle persone direttamente interessate.

I cantieri dell'eufemisticamente chiamato termovalorizzatore, sono già stati avviati, nonostante siano state raccolte migliaia di firme che avrebbero potuto portare davanti al Tribunale Federale la questione.

Questo inceneritore sarà uno scempio sia a livello ambientale che economico.

A differenza delle numerose alternative ecosostenibili già esistenti, questo termovalorizzatore non sarà altro che un "primitivo" forno a griglia dove, senza alcun riguardo per un'adeguata e civile separazione dei rifiuti, verranno dispersi tutti i veleni della spazzatura ticinese, portando la qualità dell'aria già pessima a un livello inaccettabile per la salute.

L'inceneritore potrebbe mettere in ginocchio molte aziende, biologiche e non, che trovano sede sul Piano di Magadino, in quanto le nanoparticelle prodotte dallo smaltimento dei rifiuti avrebbero un effetto devastante per la qualità dei cibi.

Inoltre un quarto delle ceneri dello smaltimento, saranno portate in un'altra centrale di smaltimento nel Mendrisiotto facendo diventare la valle della Motta, il "portacenere del Ticino".

25 marzo a Giubiasco
Per dire no a tutto questo, le "Individualità anti inceneritore", organizzano una manifestazione per domenica 25 marzo a Giubiasco.
> Maggiori informazioni, programma e volantino

:: Materiali ::
Il parere del biologo Marco Rudin | Inceneritore e labbro leporino (pdf) | Beppe Grillo: le nuove pesti | Effetti sulla salute (pdf)

Chico Grandmother Jailed for Protest at Army's &quot;School of Assassins&quot;

San Francisco Bay Area, 23.03.2007 08:39

Cathy Webster trespassed on the U.S. Army base formerly known as the School of the Americas in order to protest the teaching of counter-insurgency techniques and torture to Latin American soldiers. In the same spirit as the civil rights movement, she used non-violent civil disobedience to shine a spotlight on the teachings of the school, which was renamed the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHINSEC) in 2000.

Support Your Local Anarchist

Portland, 23.03.2007 05:39

I, for one, am proud of the local anarchists that burned the US flag and the American troops in effigy during the March 18 anti-war rally in Portland. The growing local and national outrage against these radical demonstrators (and even the uninvolved college student who apparently took and posted the photo) is so predictable and lame.

The Oregonian's editorial in today's issue is simply a gutless and incompetent response to honest and ugly outrage against our US war criminal administration that carries out its illegal, immoral and carnivorous brand of capitalism only through the blind obedience of a lapdog military machine.

Violence Continues In Iraq

San Francisco Bay Area, 23.03.2007 02:40

The US troop surge has already begun but it is unclear what exactly is going on. Some Sunni officials claim the Iraqi government "dissolved Al-Mahdi Army before the implementation of the plan and asked the Al-Mahdi Army not to take up arms against US forces." According to one official, the government has absorbed them into the National Guard, the Interior Ministry storm troopers, or law enforcement personnel. Many Shias see themselves as the victims of the US military push. On March 16th, several thousand people protested following evening prayers in the first public expression of hostility toward the US military operations in Sadr City. Demonstrators chanted "No occupation" and "No America" as they marched in opposition to the announcement by American commanders that they were establishing their first permanent base inside Sadr City's limits, at an Iraqi police station.

A 31 años del golpe militar

Argentina, 23.03.2007 01:40

Convocatorias por el 24 de Marzo

Masa Crítica este sábado en Tenerife ¡acude!

Canarias, 23.03.2007 00:11

La primera fue el 22 de septiembre de 2005. Sin casi publicidad ni organización unas 25 bicicletas recorrieron La Laguna formando así la primera masa crítica de la ciudad.

Este fue el germen de lo que aconteció casi un año después, el 30 de junio de 2006 unas 300 bicicletas rodaron por el casco de la laguna al grito de "La Laguna en bicicleta es más coqueta como respuesta a la política de Ani Oramas y Fernando Clavijo de prohibir el uso de bicicletas en las nuevas zonas peatonales del casco histórico.

Ahora, el sábado 24 de marzo, y por iniciativa de Ben Magec Ecologistas en Acción, se celebrará la 3º masa crítica de La Laguna. El objetivo es claro: concienciar a la gente en el uso de la bicicleta como el medio de tranporte más adecuado para los centros urbanos. Para ello es necesario exigir la implicación de los políticos y las instituciones. Hoy por hoy, la bicicleta es el único medio de transporte que no contamina.

Pedal a pedal puedes contribuir a frenar el cambio climático, puedes contribuir a crear una ciudad mejor, hacer de La Laguna la ciudad de las bicicletas.
Necesitamos que saques tu bici a la calle siempre que sea posible.
Necesitamos una red de carriles bici.
Necesitamos estacionamientos para bicis.
Necesitamos que los conductores aprendan a respetar a los ciclistas.

Acude el 24 de marzo a las 11:00h a la plaza del cristo de la laguna, con tu bicicleta. Daremos un paseo.
ver spot de la convocatoria | ver convocatoria publicada en Indymedia |

>>Aquí te puedes descargar una imagen para hacer una pegatina para tunear tu bici para la masa crítica


Canarias, 22.03.2007 23:10

Toda Canarias ha vuelto a hacer gala de su unión y firmeza para defender el territorio e impedir a los piratas del cemento seguir su escalada de destrucción y contaminación del territorio para la obtención de pingües beneficios para los políticxs-empresarixs. Hace ya tiempo que las encuestas encargadas a empresas subvencionadas ya no hacían su trabajo cómo antaño, pero todo puede quedar bien disimulado con un carnaval diferente, unos datos "alarmantes" y una campaña electoral iniciada no se sabe cuándo para sí se sabe qué . Y así se adivinaba que iba a ser la campaña electoral en el reino, entre cotilleos y falsas noticias, pan de cada día en esta sociedad atrofiada por el capitalismo y anulada por la falsa ilusión del "Estado de Derecho". Una vez más la ciudadanía, toma la iniciativa, la calle y la lucha para seguir defendiendo nuestra herencia y la de nuestros hijxs contra sus puertos, autopistas y carreteras. Esta vez ha sido la Federación ecologista canaria BEN MAGEC quién ha coordinado la primera movilización conjunta en distintas islas simultáneamente, por la proximidad de las elecciones del mes de mayo, y para mostrar el desacuerdo con proyectos de megainfraestructuras como el Puerto de Granadilla en Tenerife, la autopista que atravesaría la isla de La Palma de este a oeste y la carretera Agaete- La Aldea en Gran Canaria uniendo las tres islas con un lema común: “NO con mi voto” instando a los partidos políticos que concurren a las elecciones a que aporten propuestas más sostenibles para el archipiélago. Antonio Rodríguez, portavoz de Ben Magec, dijo a los periodistas que en este asunto "es absolutamente infumable" la actitud del P$O€, partido al que responsabilizó por no frenar el proyecto y al que reprochó que al mismo tiempo que lo autoriza, intenta estar al lado del movimiento ciudadano que se opone al puerto. La cadena humana ha unido el sábado las plazas de Candelaria y Weyler de Santa Cruz para protestar contra la construcción del puerto de Granadilla, bajo el lema No con mi voto reunió a miles de personas. La organizacón ha tachado de éxito rotundo la concentración. Están previstos nuevos actos de protesta. Pablo Díaz, portavoz de Ecologistas en Acción en La Palma, indicó que la protesta estaba encaminada a "decirle a los responsables públicos que con nuestro voto no queremos que se realicen megainfraestructuras que son desde todo punto de vista insostenibles e innecesarias". En el caso de La Palma, señaló que "la autopista programada, que atravesará la Isla por la mitad, no es lo más adecuado y, de hecho, así se han posicionado miles de vecinos en sus alegaciones". "Nosotros pedimos infraestructuras más sostenibles y acordes con el medio ambiente", recalcó Díaz. El Parque Natural de Tamadaba es el espacio protegido de mayor biodiversidad del archipiélago, que está declarado como Lugar de Interés Comunitario de la Red Natura 2000, Zona Especial de Protección de Aves. Este espacio se ve ahora amenazado por la Autovía de Agaete- La Aldea que contaría con nueve viaductos y diez túneles. Ben Magec-Ecologistas en Acción considera que esta obra supondrá el destrozo del frente marítimo del Parque Natural de Tamadaba y que se ha despreciado el estudio de una alternativa que ponga al mismo nivel los criterios de seguridad y velocidad frente a los valores naturales y culturales del citado espacio. Los ecologistas dicen que el sector de Tamadaba, Gu Guy e Inagua, constituyen la porción del territorio insular con mejor estado de conservación, es zona núcleo de la propuesta de Reserva Mundial de la Biosfera que discutirá el Patronato de Espacios Naturales en su próxima sesión.                                                              Esto sólo es el principio, la lucha…está en la calle # Video NO CON MI VOTO # Video ManiFIESTAacción por TAMADABA #Sets de Fotos: No Con Mi Voto | No Con Mi Voto

Masa Crítica este sábado en Tenerife ¡acude!

Canarias, 22.03.2007 23:10

La primera fue el 22 de septiembre de 2005. Sin casi publicidad ni organización unas 25 bicicletas recorrieron La Laguna formando así la primera masa crítica de la ciudad.

Este fue el germen de lo que aconteció casi un año después, el 30 de junio de 2006 unas 300 bicicletas rodaron por el casco de la laguna al grito de "La Laguna en bicicleta es más coqueta como respuesta a la política de Ani Oramas y Fernando Clavijo de prohibir el uso de bicicletas en las nuevas zonas peatonales del casco histórico.

Ahora, el sábado 24 de marzo, y por iniciativa de Ben Magec Ecologistas en Acción, se celebrará la 3º masa crítica de La Laguna. El objetivo es claro: concienciar a la gente en el uso de la bicicleta como el medio de tranporte más adecuado para los centros urbanos. Para ello es necesario exigir la implicación de los políticos y las instituciones. Hoy por hoy, la bicicleta es el único medio de transporte que no contamina.

Pedal a pedal puedes contribuir a frenar el cambio climático, puedes contribuir a crear una ciudad mejor, hacer de La Laguna la ciudad de las bicicletas.
Necesitamos que saques tu bici a la calle siempre que sea posible.
Necesitamos una red de carriles bici.
Necesitamos estacionamientos para bicis.
Necesitamos que los conductores aprendan a respetar a los ciclistas.

Acude el 24 de marzo a las 11:00h a la plaza del cristo de la laguna, con tu bicicleta. Daremos un paseo.
ver spot de la convocatoria | ver convocatoria publicada en Indymedia |

>>Aquí te puedes descargar una imagen para hacer una pegatina para tunear tu bici para la masa crítica


Athens, 22.03.2007 22:40

Κατακλυσμός Διαδηλώσεων...

Happy Fourth Anniversary, America!

DC, 22.03.2007 22:11

Carlos Latuff scores again with a new series of cartoons marking the fourth anniversary of President Chimp's War. Here's just one of Latuff's Four For The Fourth!

Make Hip-Hop Not War Tour Launches

DC, 22.03.2007 22:11

Shell shut down at Bellanaboy

Ireland, 22.03.2007 22:10

Shell' s site shut down by mass trespass in respon ...

Vijf jaar gevangennisstraf OMWILLE VAN EEN POLITIEKE MENING… : onaanvaardbaard!

Oost-Vlaanderen, 22.03.2007 20:37

UPDATE on Bend Women's Arrest re: Greg Walden

Rogue Valley, 22.03.2007 20:11

Rogue IMC brings to you an update on the citizen struggle for Accountable Democracy with Congressman Greg Walden. An earlier story reported yesterday is here:
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
ROP Women Arrested after 12 hours of Asking Walden to Listen

Yesterday 6 rural women, several of them grandmothers, locked themselves in the offices of Oregon Republican Congressional Representative Greg Walden. The women showed up at Walden's office to deliver petitions, testimonials and other stories from a huge, locally arranged Town Hall Meeting on the Cost of War that neither Walden nor his staff could bother to attend despite having received notice of the meeting for several months. These town halls were put on in four of Oregon's five Congressional districts and were attended by more than 700 rural Oregonians. They were supported by the statewide Rural Organizing Project in Oregon, but were put on and run by local groups dedicated to human dignity and ending this inhumanity called the Iraq War.

After Walden refused to talk to these brave women on the phone, they refused to leave the office and locked themselves in. One of these women has a grandchild on his third tour in Iraq. One would think she deserved the courtesy of a phone call.


Argentina, 22.03.2007 19:09

Represión a piqueteros en Rosario


Argentina, 22.03.2007 18:39

Represión a piqueteros en la zona oeste

From the Newswire

Perth, 22.03.2007 17:41

Stop the political repression in the Philippines - Stop the killings

New Search Warrants in Migrant Camp Vandalism

San Diego, 22.03.2007 16:38

SAN DIEGO—Detectives from San Diego Police Department served two more search warrants this morning in connection with the vandalism of migrant camps in McGonigle Canyon. Vandals entered the camps on January 27, and slashed new clothing, tents, blankets, sleeping bags, and other personal property.

The search warrants were served at the homes of Jeff Schwilk, founder of the San Diego Minutemen, and Julie Adams, resident of Rancho Penasquitos and one of the organizers of the November 2006, McGonigle Canyon anti-migrant protests.

Previous Coverage: Vandals Target San Diego Migrant Camps | I guess the minutemen aren't big pacifists...

Toys Against Terrorism

Scotland, 22.03.2007 15:10

Protesters (and toys) break into Defence Munitions Beith, Ayrshire to commemorate the 4th anniversary on the start of the Iraq War.

Pro-War MPs' offices smashed

Scotland, 22.03.2007 15:10

On the morning of the 4th anniversary of the start of the Iraq war, members of the Fuck The War Coalition trashed the offices of the two Edinburgh MPs who voted for the war in 2003.
[ Statement of the Fuck the War coalition ]

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