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Locals Visit Cucapá Community

San Diego, 27.03.2007 08:38

Since approximately 9000 years ago the Cucapá have lived in the land
adjacent to the Rio Colorado, dedicated fundamentally to fishing. Eighteen years ago the Mexican federal government began passing laws that made it nearly impossible for the indigenous Cucapá to live in these lands. The rivers near the Cucapá are drying out because of the dams that have been built on the US side of the Colorado River. Therefore, the current fishing grounds have become a last resort for their survival. In addition, in these waters, fishing of any type of marine species has been prohibited. With the implementation of this decree, the life of the Cucapá has been gravely affected; putting at risk the existence of the Cucapá as indigenous people in Baja California.*

*previously posted for full press release CLICK HERE

a san diego indymedia volunteer got an opportunity to interview Fernanda Rios (collective zapatista, california coalition against poverty) and Andrea Donez (collective zapatista, organic collective) who have contributed time to organize support for the Cucapá camp and who recently traveled to the Cucapá community

Q: How did you hear about the Cucapá situation?

F.R.: Sup came to the border and told us we should be supporting the indigenous communities nearby.

A.D.: After the commission visited the Cucapá, Delegate Zero said, “We have decided to send an urgent message to the Mexicans and Chicanos north of the Rio Grande to come here in order to maximize the number
of people here, create a safe space, and protect the Cucapá and Kiliwa
community during the fishing season.”

Glasgow activists commemorate Rachel Corrie anniversary

Scotland, 27.03.2007 08:09

A small but dedicated contingent of Glasgow activists gathered on Friday afternoon in Glasgow city centre to mark the 4th anniversary of the tragic death of American human rights activist Rachel Corrie.

Brand Street Blockade

Scotland, 27.03.2007 08:09

Home Office Reporting Centre at Brand Street, Glasgow is blocked with a person up a tripod.

Dynegy's Coal Agenda

Houston, 27.03.2007 06:12

Protesters to Dynegy: No More Coal Plants!

31 años de la Dictadura Militar

Argentina, 27.03.2007 05:39

Protestas y repercusiones

24 de marzo, una fecha en disputa

Argentina, 27.03.2007 05:39

Doble discurso: para muestra basta una Perla

Fresno: Ironworkers Local 509 On Strike

San Francisco Bay Area, 27.03.2007 05:38

Threatened workers, the majority of whom are Latino, are striking CMC Rebar of Fresno for unfair labor practices. CMC workers in Fresno voted in their Union more than eight months ago. Despite certification by the NLRB, the Union has not been recognized by CMC Rebar.

4th Anniv. Protest

Pittsburgh, 27.03.2007 05:10

Pittsburghers Commemorate 4th Anniversary of the War

We're here to stop the fascists and the Nazis

LA, 27.03.2007 04:39

We're here to stop the fascists and the Nazis

March 25 Begins, Again

LA, 27.03.2007 04:09

March 25 Begins, Again

March and rally for economic justice

Houston, 27.03.2007 03:41

March and Rally for Economic Justice Demands Responses to Poverty

NYPD Repression in South Bronx High School

NYC, 27.03.2007 02:38

An afterschool program coordinator at a South Bronx high school who invited the New York Civil Liberties Union to observe the NYPD’s random scanning procedures, was forcibly detained by NYPD School Safety Agents, held for questioning, and then later banned from the school building indefinitely by the Department of Education last Wednesday, March 21st. On the same morning, students from CSSJ who refused to walk through the random scanners, were intimidated and threatened into complying with the scanning procedures.

Our Square Isn't It?

United Kingdom, 26.03.2007 20:40

'Tash [alan lodge]' writes:

" I went to the Playhouse Theatre, where the Lantern Parade was due to assemble from Wellington Circus. This was a really colourful event with thousands taking part. Giant puppets, youth arts, drummers, samba band and a fire show. Folks paraded from there, down Maid Marian Way, and into the square. The usual suspects there included the Sheriff of Nottingham, Lord Mayor, assorted troups of King John's Army, oh, and Robin Hood, & Maid Marian on a wire, bobbing about above the crowds. Firworks from the roof of the council House, with guys on rotating wheels. A windmill decked with fireworks, and the crowd ohh'd and ahhh'd as yet another lot of fireworks, went off, from the Castle. Event finished at about 9pm. Now, I ask you. What other country in the world, puts on a main event of celebration in its public space, and closes down in the early evening? "

'Umbrella Group' writes:

" It's lovely to have the Market Square finally finished, isn't it? Now we can start to use it again; as a great hang out, somewhere to sit around with our friends in the sun, but the question is ... Is it really our Square, or not? The council has its own agenda for the Square. It wants it kept clear of pretty much everyone except shoppers and commercial outfits. It tells us it’s employing Community Protection Officers for our safety, but all they seem to do is kick people off the steps when we try to meet by the Lions. Just try gathering there in any numbers at the moment. The point seems to be to keep away young people and anyone whose face doesn’t fit. "

Articles: Market Square Opening Events : Saturday Pix 1 | Market Square Opening Events : Saturday Pix 2 | Market Square Opening Events : Construction & Preparation | Reclaim Slab Square (March 24) | Reclaim Our City! - leaflet text for Nottingham's Market Square reopening night | Vote for band to open new market square

Links: 'Reclaim Our City' Leaflet (PDF) | Wikipedia on the Old Market Square | Old Market Square Events (city council website) | Another Market Square site

Beatnik Haven Jazzes it up on the Lower E

NYC, 26.03.2007 19:08

Cafe 5C, while fighting an evil landlord, strives to serve the community a dish of culture in the beatnik tradition, offering music lessons, tutoring, jazz and poetry.

March 23rd Radio Show

Houston, 26.03.2007 18:10

The March 23rd Edition of the HIMC Radio Show

Seven arrested Friday at Matsui's office

San Francisco Bay Area, 26.03.2007 17:40

SACRAMENTO - Five veterans - among seven people arrested at the office of Rep. Doris Matsui (D-Sacramento) Thursday as they read the names of those killed in Iraq - said today they will fight those charges, and intend to subpoena the democrat as a witness in their trial.

Affirmative Action and the Quest for Democracy

Baltimore, 26.03.2007 14:09

Michigan's recent ban on affirmative action is inspiring similar ballot initiatives in several other states, and this should be of deep concern to every citizen with a democratic social conscience. Coppin State University Humanities Professor Robert Birt argues that until U.S. citizens are ready to radically democratize the entire social order, we have a moral duty to defend and strengthen those limited achievements of reform.

ALA statement - Jackson Co. Library Closures

Rogue Valley, 26.03.2007 08:10

Lots of folks in Southern Oregon are working very hard to save our Jackson County Libraries which are currently on Death Row. The entire 15 library system is set to shut down come April 7, 2007 due to lack of funding brought on by the loss of O & C monies.

Concerned citizens who care about libraries in Jackson County have formed a political action committee (PAC) to plan and implement a vigorous and positive county-wide campaign to pass ballot measure 15-75, the ballot measure that would provide funding for 3 years for the Jackson County Library System.

Find out how to help by joining up with Save Our Library System-YES!

Below read the statement by Leslie Burger who is the President of the American Library Association

День Воли: фото, впечатления, выводы

Belarus, 26.03.2007 06:37

Thousands March Down Michigan Ave. to Demand Troops Home Now

Chicago, 26.03.2007 04:09

More than 5,000 people gathered on Tuesday, March 20 for an evening march down Michigan Ave to Daley Plaza to mark the 4th anniversary of the beginning of the Iraq War — and to demand an end to war funding and troops home now.

Organized by the ad hoc M20 Coalition, Tuesday's protest was the second successful effort by Chicagoans opposed to the war to march down the city's showcase commercial boulevard since the March 2003 mass arrest of over 800 people during the emergency protest at the onset of the Iraq invasion ignited an on-going free speech battle with the city.

Contingents included veterans from a recently organized Chicago chapter of Iraq Veterans Against the War, Military Families Speak Out, embattled Cook County nurses, union postal workers, church delegations, Arab American and Muslim community organizations, student groups from area colleges and high schools and dozens of other groups from the greater Chicago area. In the mix? Plenty of parents pushing kids in strollers, seniors, and passersby who joined the march from the sidewalks.

Photos: [ 1 ] Video [ 1 ] CIMC wire accounts: [ 1 | 2 ] Additional coverage from the Chicago FreeSpeechZone: [ March 20 student actions | The Road to M20: Once More, With Feeling ] Corporate new coverage: [ 1 | 2 ]

Indypendent Milestone: Issue 100

NYC, 26.03.2007 03:38

How did an all-volunteer newspaper with $500 in startup capital survive and thrive for the past six years when most of the newspaper industry was retreating and retrenching? Find out the rest of the story in this special 100th issue of The Indypendent while we also look at grassroots direct action against the war from NYC to Pittsburgh to Tacoma, examine infighting in the Minuteman movement, assess Bush's latest trip to Latin America, review Subcomandante Marcos's new detective novel and much, much more.

Issue 100

La tortura es un Crimen de Estado

Argentina, 25.03.2007 23:10

Comienza el Juicio contra los asesinos de Diego Gallardo

La tortura es un Crimen de Estado

Argentina, 25.03.2007 23:10

Comienza el Juicio contra los asesinos de Diego Gallardo

Monday: Public Read-Out for Justice in Oaxaca, Mexico

San Francisco Bay Area, 25.03.2007 20:41

On Monday, March 26th, a public read-out for Justice in Oaxaca, Mexico will be held just prior to David Solnit's hearing for allegedly throwing red paint on the entrance to the San Francisco Mexican Consulate last fall. At 12pm, Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, Arnaldo Garica, Rebecca Solnit, Larry Bogad, and others will read from their works outside of the Mexican Consulate, at 532 Folsom St., between 1st and 2nd Streets. Afterwards, a pre-trial hearing on felony vandalism charges against David Solnit will be held at 1:30pm at the Hall of Justice, 850 Bryant Street, between 6th and 7th Streets.

Indymedia Orientations and Meetings

San Francisco Bay Area, 25.03.2007 20:41

The San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center is a non-commercial, democratic collective of Bay Area independent media makers and media outlets and serves as the local organizing unit of the global Indymedia network. Indybay and Faultlines have seperate orientations for new volunteers as well as joint orientations every few months. The next website orientation will be April 23rd in Oakland. The next meeting for the entire Bay Area Independent Media Center will be May 19th in Oakland.

Court Date for Mumia-May 17th 2007

Philadelphia, 25.03.2007 20:08

&quot;People's Rally for Peace and Justice&quot; in Newark, NJ

NYC, 25.03.2007 19:38

Held by the “Peace and Justice Coalition”, a group of over 124 endorsing peace and justice organizations, and led mainly by The People’s Organization For Progress” (a Newark based peace and justice group whose Chairman is Mr. Larry Hamm), the Essex County College hosted event in Newark, NJ was attended by more than 600 activists.

Prikactie Kinderen Zonder Papieren

Oost-Vlaanderen, 25.03.2007 18:08

Prikactie Kinderen Zonder Papieren

Rachel Corrie

Seattle, 25.03.2007 17:08

Four years after Rachel Corrie was killed by an Israeli soldier driving a US-made Caterpillar bulldozer, members of the Theatersquad and Palestine Solidarity Committee, along with others from Seattle community, presented sidewalk music and readings of Rachel Corrie’s writings in memory of her death.

Many stood in silent vigil with tears-of-blood masks, holding photographs and silhouettes, remembering not just Rachel but the thousands of Palestinians killed by Israel’s military occupation, including 11 Palestinians who have been killed while participating in nonviolent resistance against Israel’s Annexation Wall.

Josh Harper update / Still in &quot;the Hole&quot;

Portland, 25.03.2007 16:38

Thanks to all of you who've written to the SHAC7 in the past few weeks- they're appreciating the much-needed letters!

We heard from Josh today- he gets one 15-min call per week while in "the hole" (aka "special housing"). He's been given paperwork stating their reasoning for putting him there- the Bureau of Prisons is accusing him of being a "threat" and a "domestic terrorist", using as evidence against him a vague response he gave to a small skate/dumpstering zine questionnaire (something to the effect of: go at them, with all you've got), and possession of copies of No Compromise and Green Anarchy magazines. He's also been informed that the FBI is interested in going to question him, which is (of course) a waste of a trip for them.

We don't know what will happen now, and considering that new charges could be brought against Josh we can't discuss many details (not that we know many at the moment). Josh is locked down all day long and doesn't know when this might change. He apologizes for any lack of response- while he's in the hole he has very limited access to writing materials- but he still enjoys hearing from you!

Wondering how you can help??

From the Newswire

Perth, 25.03.2007 15:11

Action: Yarragadee Rally

BlackWater USA and the Cascadian Subduction Zone Mega-Earthquake

Portland, 25.03.2007 14:38

"AMY GOODMAN: Jeremy Scahill, yesterday you talked about being in New Orleans after Katrina, seeing the Blackwater guards come in, being paid $350 [a day] by Blackwater, but Blackwater charging $950. What about other places in the United States, deploying here, like the border?

JEREMY SCAHILL: Well, Blackwater really viewed New Orleans as an opportunity to begin a whole new division, and they started, after Hurricane Katrina, a domestic operations division. Blackwater representatives, a few months ago, met with California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger about doing disaster response in the event of an earthquake. The company has simultaneously applied for operating licenses in all of the coastal states of the United States. Their new training facility, they call it -- I call it a private military base -- is opening up now in Illinois. In fact, they just released yesterday their new training schedule, and there's grassroots resistance in Illinois happening to the opening of this private military base in Mount Carroll, Illinois, which is a few hours outside of Chicago. Blackwater is also struggling to open a new facility in San Diego -- near San Diego, California. Once again, local people are rising up and saying, "We don't want these men with heavy weapons coming into our community. We don't want the rattle of machinegun fire." So Blackwater really, I think, views the domestic feeding trough in the United States as a frontier to conquer.

Democracy Now! transcript

Spring comes to Olympia

Portland, 25.03.2007 14:38

Once again, children and adults gathered by the Kiss on Percival Landing to welcome spring. The pink cherry trees and purple azaleas are in full bloom as folks gathered for this year's bubble blowing event to welcome spring. This is a grassroots event organized by a west side resident, who has been showing up with bubble Paraphernalia for the past 15 years to celebrate spring's arrival. Children and adults enjoyed the moment as the tried various bubble blowing implements. One mom took her kids out of school for an hour to join in this annual event because, she said, it is important to pay attention to the earth's seasons. Plus, her kids love this celebration. The kids alternated between creating the biggest bubbles and chasing the bubbles before they drifted into the inlet. Even the reporter joined in. People passing by smiled and an otter floated in the inlet enjoying all the activity.

International Statement from Secwepemc Native Youth Movement!

Portland, 25.03.2007 14:38

Native Warrior societies will not sit by while our mother earth is desecrated!!

On Sunday March 18th Skwelkewkwelt Protection Center, Secwepemc Native Youth Movement Warrior Society, Supporters, Allies from many Native Nations, and International Observers Smashed on Sun Peaks Ski-Resort. The Protest and Press Conference was held to let the world know that Secwepemc People will continue to Fight against the illegal development on Un-Surrendered/Un-Ceded Secwepemc Territory. Sun Peaks is presently in the midst of a 294 million dollar destruction (expansion), & is planning new paved highways to go through our hunting grounds, and continue the Genocide of Native Lands & Way of Life.

Sun Peaks is also attempting to become a municipality and take all of our Land, as well as making sewage water into snow and dumping shit on our Sacred mountains. Skwelkwelk'welt is the name for our mountains, that Sun Peaks is now destroying. Skwelkwek'welt is our home, It is home to all the animals and plants that we depend on as a Nation of distinct Peoples. This is our Survival.

Major Mobilization for Farmworker Justice - Three weeks to go!

Portland, 25.03.2007 14:38

In just a few short weeks, farmworkers from the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) and their allies will travel from Immokalee, FL - home of one of the largest farmworker communities in the country - to Chicago, IL, home of the world's largest restaurant chain, McDonald's. The "2007 Truth Tour: Behind the Golden Arches" will culminate in two national days of action on April 13th and 14th in the Chicago area marking a new phase in the Campaign for Fair Food. Now is the time to finalize plans to join us for these historic actions!

Get on the Bus! Check here for a list of cities currently organizing transportation to Chicago

Coalition of Immokalee Workers | Student Farmworker Alliance |

NN nog steeds in Bajesboten

Oost-Vlaanderen, 25.03.2007 11:37

NN nog steeds in Bajesboten

SPHR DERATIFIED - Something is not quite right, on another Canadian campus

London, Ontario, 25.03.2007 04:37

ustin Podur interviews Tarek Lubani of Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights, University of Western Ontario The University of Western Ontario is a medium-sized University campus at which typical campus activism takes place. Like many North American campuses, activism on Israel/Palestine is a feature of campus life. Also like many North American campuses, suppressing such activism seems to be a priority for the establishment. The deratification Tuesday, and treatment throughout of the campus group Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights (SPHR) fits well into this North American context, though it seems a particularly farcical example. In the interest that there be a public record of all such events, great and small, tragic and farcical, I conducted a short interview with Tarek Lubani, a campus activist in SPHR, who described the strange situation for the record.

Rally for Kyoto

London, Ontario, 25.03.2007 04:37

An estimated 125 people gathered in London’s Victoria Park at noon on Sunday, March 11 to rally as part of a national day of action against climate change.

Visual Exploration of the Relationship Between Globalization and Climate Change

Rogue Valley, 25.03.2007 01:41

We hope you'll join us for an interactive, multi-media, combined presentation that celebrates fossil fuel resistance from around the globe AND embarks on a visual tour of the Beehive Collective's Graphic Trilogy about corporate globalization in the Americas (FEATURING a behind-the-scenes look at the long-anticipated MESOAMERICA RESISTE graphic, currently on the cusp of completion!)

Together we will expound upon the interrelated ecological and social crises threatening the hemisphere, making links between global economic structures, militarization, and resource and energy consumption, while also highlighting grassroots resistance struggles and what YOU can do to participate in active change.

The fun start March 22nd and runs till April 7th. We’ll be speaking in Ashland April 7th, 7:30-9:30 PM @ Inner Child Cafe, 310 Oak St. #4, in the Oak Street Plaza, FREE!

Ce coup-ci ce sera le dernier : G8-Heiligendam07

Liege, 25.03.2007 01:08

Comme chaque année, le « club » très fermé du G8 qui regroupe les dirigeants des 7 pays les plus riches, plus la Russie, va se réunir pour décider du sort de la planète et perpétuer (accentuer) les inégalités existantes. Les « maîtres du monde » se retrouveront du 6 au 8 juin 2007 à Heiligendamm, près de Rostock en Allemagne.

Cesar Chavez Day in Sacramento

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.03.2007 23:40

Cesar Chavez Day march will occur on Saturday, March 31 at Southside Park in Sacramento, starting at 10 a.m.

Following Colorectal Cancer Network's Money

DC, 24.03.2007 22:11

It's spring again, and that means it's time for another round of great, huge, feel-good disease-research charity events that don't really seem to do anything but make the participating proles feel good, bring in fat wads of cash for administrators and marketing departments, and generate upbeat publicity for the corporate donors whose logos are crammed onto the backs of the t-shirts they give away at the end of the event… Colorectal Cancer Network Announces March 26th Event

freEtech a(n) (un)Conference Sun March 25

San Diego, 24.03.2007 18:08

It's Geek Week in San Diego!

This week, the publishing giant O'Reilly will be holding its emerging technologies conference, Etech, in San Diego. This Sunday, borderLands hackLab and the City Heights Free Skool will be holding their answer to Etech, freEtech, which will feature free computer classes and skillshares in an environment of rich cultural exchange, community and passion.

Speakers at Etech will include Eric Freeman, VP of tech at Disney Online and Marc Hedlund, Chief Product Organizer at a personal finance startup.
Speakers at freEtech will include community organizers don kilo, djlotu5, and you.
Etech's presentations will include Coder to Co-Founder: Entrepeneuring for Geeks and Extreme Productivity in the Enterprise.
freEtech's presentations will include Hacking Neocolonialism and Creating Community and Independent Media with Drupal.
Etech's corporate sponsors include Microsoft Virtual Earth and Adobe.
freEtech has no corporate sponsors.
Etech costs $1500.
freEtech is FREE.

Sunday March 25 10AM-4PM
City Heights Free Skool
4246 Wightman St
On the corner of Van Dyke and Wightman

freEtech Wiki/More Info | freEtech flyer: Espanol, English | barcamp in Los Angeles

mutual aid and solidarity conference

New Orleans, 24.03.2007 17:41

From New Orleans to Caracas - Mutual Aid & International Solidarity conference May 24 - 27

Bristol A Green Capital? Not Without Trees for Lockleaze!

Bristol, 24.03.2007 17:08

"...we have gone from 200 trees to 80 to 26 to nothing...It is a scandal" "...we have gone from 200 trees to 80 to 26 to nothing...It is a scandal" Karen of Lockleaze Environment Group (LEG) writes: This is the story of how the Council stopped Lockleaze residents from going ahead with planting trees that they had petitioned, consulted and fundraised for over a period of 2 years. It is a story of a community's determination and resourcefulness in the face of bullying, corruption and incompetence. Residents in Lockleaze have been campaigning for more trees in their area for a number of years....One LEG member said "The so-called 'balanced and sustainable communities initiative' does not seem to listen to residents now so how can we believe that they will take any notice of what we say when they carry out what they have called a consultation in the summer. Apart from our loss of the chance to have trees and all the associated benefits in terms of environmental, social and economic factors: if we don't go through with the tree planting we will be letting people down again. This is the last thing people in this area need. It is extremely damaging to our community. Over the last six months, we have gone from 200 trees to 80 to 26 to nothing. They have used delaying tactics to bring us to this point and have wasted everyone’s time. Grounds for Change have had £100,000 of public money to do environmental work in our area and have now got away with doing virtually nothing. They will not be allowed to do any improvements to the communal areas while the land-sell off plan is on the table. It is a scandal". Full article.| No Trees for Lockleaze | Related Stories: Bristol For Sale | Bristol: 'Green capital of Europe' ( | Video Letter to Tony Blair by the users of the Lockleaze Day Centre, Bristol |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

Substandard Housing and Care is Nothing New For DC Homeless Vets

DC, 24.03.2007 15:10

The District is currently home to over 2,400 homeless veterans. As a long term resident of Franklin Shelter I shared a dorm with a number of them who continue to live in conditions that mirror or surpass those of the now notorious military hospital's outpatient residence. Black mold covers the ceiling and walls of the shower rooms and raw sewage drips down upon the heads of those attempting to utilize the toilets on the first floor.


Valparaiso, 24.03.2007 14:08

Viernes 23 Marzo 2007 | Llamado a la Solidaridad

Posible desalojo Ocupa Casa TIAO

UMOJA Village Benefit: &quot;Bebop Theatre Collective&quot; Matinee Performance March 31st

Miami, 24.03.2007 14:07

UMOJA Village Benefit: "Bebop Theatre Collective" Matinee Performance March 31st

Three Grannies and a Gramps Arrested at Recruiting Office

Portland, 24.03.2007 13:39

Four members of the surge Protection Brigade were arrested while closing down the NE POrtland Army recruiting Center on Friday, March 23rd. It is the eighth time the group has closed the office. A total of ten people - and seven rocking chairs - have been arrested. Today the rocking chisrs were just cited and released.

This action is in opposition to continued funding for a war of occupation that is destroying the people and country of Iraq, tearing apart families of dead and injured U.S. soldiers and draining scarce financial resources from domestic programs. Sara Graham, one of the grandmothers arrested at the recruiting center on February 2nd, was back again on Friday. She says, "Congress is betraying us, our children and our grandchildren. We're here because we want no more funds for the war, no more troops for the war, no more war."

The group is taking direct action at this recruiting office because we are frustrated that our elected officials have not heard the people's voice that we want this war to end now. "We are appealing directly to young people - potential new recruits - please do not offer your life for this cause," says Bonnie Tinker, a spokesperson for the group.

Chubut: recuperación de tierras en Leleque

Argentina, 24.03.2007 11:39

Confirman desestimación de la denuncia penal de Benetton

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