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Klamath Riverkeeper files pollution suit against Portland's PacifiCorp

Portland, 29.03.2007 14:38

Today [March 27] the Klamath Riverkeeper is filing a citizens enforcement lawsuit in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California against Warren Buffett's PacifiCorp for polluting one of the nation's most important and controversial salmon rivers - the Klamath. Klamath Riverkeeper's suit asserts that the Iron Gate Dam hatchery, which is owned and operated by PacifiCorp and the California Department of Fish and Game (CDFG), is unlawfully discharging pollutants into the Klamath River, in violation of the Clean Water Act (CWA). The complaint is seeking an assessment of civil penalties for violations of the CWA, and injunctive relief to enjoin PacifiCorp and the CDFG from further violating its discharge permit and the CWA.

Washington County Peace Vigil 3-21-07 pictures and video

Portland, 29.03.2007 13:38

Over 55 people attended last evenings peace vigil @ 5th and Hall in Beaverton.

The administration continues down the path of denial. Six years of blind obedience to this outfit has produced disastrous results. Impeach Bush/Cheney.

The Sandy Cops will bake

Portland, 29.03.2007 13:38

An article in the Sandy Post has done a pretty fair job of naming names, and showing photos of some of the thugs that are running up citizens' tax burden while simultaneously driving tourists and other cash bearing folks from their city.

According to the article, written by Marcus Hathcock, "The Sandy Police Department and its officers are facing six lawsuits — including five filed in federal court — that accuse officers of excessive force, harassment and violating constitutional rights."

Those of us familiar with this den of iniquity are very familiar with the case of Fouad Kaady, who was murdered by Sandy Cop Bergin and Clacko wierdo Willard. We are also somewhat familiar with the "mysterious" disappearance and uninvestigated murder of Juan Rubio, and the constant harassment of his father, Carlos, for asking questions. Some of the other details are less familiar, so I am going to do the unthinkable, and swipe some corporate rag text to tell the tale. Those who are more curious can follow the above link to the article, and also research both Fouad Kaady and Carlos Rubio here, on Indymedia.

Beware telemarketing that ATTACKS &quot;net neutrality&quot;

Portland, 29.03.2007 13:38

I just receive an automated telemarketing call asking me to warn Oregon Sen Gordon Smith (why only Smith? Wyden is at least as sleazy...) AGAINST support of "net neutrality" beacuse according to the telemarketing speaker "net neutrality" would mean that "consumers would bear the cost of enhancements and expansions to internet" ...

... and ABSENT net neutrality, according to the telemarketing, "big corporations like yahoo and Comcast" would bear these costs.

Receiver of call is than asked to press "1" (I think it was) to leave what they said was to be a personal voice message to Smith saying that you DON'T WANT NET NEUTRALITY because NET NEUTRALITY means only "higher costs to consumer" without consumer benefit.

PARIS: since 16 am heavy riot at gare du nord

Portland, 29.03.2007 13:38

Paris, wednesday. Since 16 am heavy riots in one of the big stations, gar du nord. Young people attack police with everything possible. Smash windows of shops and banks.

Even soldiers seem to be involved.

The riot started after security personal and police had arrested a young immigrant in a train. Seems they had broken at least his arm. He had no ticket.

Soon about 300 people arrived at the station to free him. They were called by friends with mobile phones. They started a massive attack on about 50 riot cops.

The riots are still on. The number of rioters is still growing.

BIMC Site Appearance Announcement.

Bristol, 29.03.2007 12:38

How to change the text and colour settings + other help summary There have been a number of complaints from users of the Bristol IndyMedia site that the site is hard to use due to the colour and size of text. We are hoping to redesign the site soon. In the mean time here are some suggestions for altering the look of the site that may make text more readable. Click Here For Site Appearance Guide. We are particularly interested in the views of people with dyslexia or other conditions which affect how people use the site. However, please note that the site redesign is a long-term project dependent on the energy of volunteers - so don't expect things to change quickly! Full Article. We have also produced guides which provide help on adding events to the calendar, and contributing articles to the newswire. Please click on the following: Add To The Calendar - A Brief Guide | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Also see the Bristol Indymedia Editorial Guidelines | For more help contact us |


Argentina, 29.03.2007 12:10

Llueve sobre la pobreza


Argentina, 29.03.2007 12:10

Llueve sobre la pobreza

The Ehrlich Report

Baltimore, 29.03.2007 12:09

The number of homeless seems to be growing and the facilities for housing them seems to be shrinking. Is this the way to treat the poor?

Alternative Community

Manila, 29.03.2007 10:39

Radical Centers Popping-up Like Wild Mushrooms in Davao and Manila

otro mundo está aquí (es)

Barcelona, 29.03.2007 09:08

Romper con la protección y la seguridad engañosa

La tapia que sella los centros sociales para proteger a la especulación. ¿Para que no puedan nunca ser casas ni centros llenos de vida y actividad combativa?
La puerta que cierra con llave al compañero, marido o amante para proteger el maltrato. ¿Para que la mujer no pueda nunca ser libre de decidir cómo y con quién quiere vivir?
La reja que encarcela para proteger del mal gobierno. ¿Para que las ideas liberadoras no se hablen ni se escuchen?
La verja que separa países y continentes para proteger los imperios. ¿Para que las personas no puedan circular libremente ni desear una vida mejor?

[31mar]18h. Centre Social de Sants: Olzinelles, 30 La presión urbanística en nuestros barrios

[31mar] Barcelona.Magdalenes cómete las fronteras antes que ellas te coman a ti

[31mar] 15h. Casal de joves de les Corts Jornadas por la colectivización de la vida

noticias relacionadas: web de los compañeros de acción directa ::: Salah Dahri, vecino de Cornellà detenido en el CIE de Zona Franca y pendiente de ser expulsado ::: desalojos y protestas en Sant Andreu, Gràcia y Sabadell ::: La policía corta la electricidad en el CSO Milano. Los okupantes continúan dentro. Llamado a la solidaridad ::: han tapiado nuestras casas igual que han tapiado nuestras palabras [bon Pastor] ::: el "pocero" de fuenlabrada ::: Ariadna Pi sortea la torre Agbar ::: La ley de estranjería es violencia de género ::: Libertad núria ::: Sobre el sumario 18/98

más info: represión y criminalización + mujeres + okupación y especulación + immigración

un altra món és aquí

Barcelona, 29.03.2007 09:08

Trencar amb la protecció i la seguretat enganyosa

La tàpia que segella els centres socials per protegir l'especulació. Perquè no puguin ser mai cases ni centres plens de vida i activitat combativa?
La porta que tanca amb pany i clau el company, marit o amant per protegir el maltractament. Perquè la dona no pugui ser mai lliure de decidir com i amb qui vol viure?
La reixa que que empresona per protegir el mal govern. Perquè les idees alliberadores no es parlin ni s'escoltin?
La tanca que separa països i continents per protegir els imperis. Perquè les persones no puguin circular lliurement ni desitjar una vida millor?

[31mar]18h. Centre Social de Sants: Olzinelles, 30 La pressió urbanística als nostres Barris

[31mar] Barcelona.Magdalenes menja't les fronteres abans de que se't mengin

[31mar] 15h. Casal de joves de les Corts Jornades per la col.lectivització de la vida

notícies relacionades: web dels companys d'acció directa ::: Salah Dahri, veí de Cornellà detingut al CIE de Zona Franca i pendent de ser expulsat ::: desallotjaments i protestes a Sant Andreu, Gràcia i Sabadell ::: La policia talla l'electricidad al CSO Milano. Els okupants continuen a dins. Crida a la solidaritat ::: han tapiat les nostres cases igual que han tapiat les nostres paraules[bon Pastor] ::: el "pocero" de fuenlabrada ::: Ariadna Pi sorteja la torre Agbar ::: La llei d'estrangeria és violència de gènere ::: Llibertat núria ::: Sobre el sumari 18/98

més info: repressió i criminalització + dones + okupació i especulació + immigració

Norman Solomon and Cindy Sheehan in Sac on 4/4

San Francisco Bay Area, 29.03.2007 05:39

Author Norman Solomon and peace mom Cindy Sheehan will be speaking at the next Sacramento for Democracy meeting on Wednesday, April 4. The title of the talk is "Meeting the Historic Challenge: War, Peace and the 2007 California Democratic Convention." Norman is a nationally syndicated columnist on media and politics and a newly elected delegate to the State Democratic Party from the 6th Assembly District. SFD's meeting will take place at the Coloma Center Auditorium 4623 T St. at 7 p.m.

Francisco Lissa

Argentina, 29.03.2007 04:09

SOA Watch Staffperson Incarcerated for 3 Days by Capitol Police and the Department of Homeland Security

DC, 29.03.2007 03:40

This past weekend, Hendrik Voss, a volunteer in the SOA Watch national office and an organizer in the struggle to close the School of the Americas, was being detained on an order from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Betoging tegen alle kampen en gevangenissen: nu zaterdag 31 maart in Brussel

Oost-Vlaanderen, 29.03.2007 01:38

Betoging tegen alle kampen en gevangenissen: nu zaterdag 31 maart in Brussel

Proces tegen VZW Trekt Uw Plant

Oost-Vlaanderen, 29.03.2007 01:08

Proces tegen VZW Trekt Uw Plant

3 would-be eco-terrorists set-up &amp; arrested because of FBI infiltrator &quot;Anna&quot;

Miami, 28.03.2007 23:08

3 would-be eco-terrorists set-up & arrested because of FBI infiltrator "Anna"

3 would-be eco-terrorists set-up &amp; arrested because of FBI infiltrator &quot;Anna&quot;

Miami, 28.03.2007 23:08

3 would-be eco-terrorists set-up & arrested because of FBI infiltrator "Anna"

Leg. Victory for Public Housing

New Orleans, 28.03.2007 22:41

Victory in the House of Representatives for Public Housing Residents

NYC Immigrants in the Zapatista's Other Campaign

NYC, 28.03.2007 22:39


THURSDAY, April 5th, 8:00 PM
The New School
65 Fifth Avenue, RM 205 btw. 13th and 14th St.

NYC Concedes Defeat and Drops Major Lawsuit Against Time's Up!

NYC, 28.03.2007 22:39

The City of New York quietly dropped a major lawsuit against TIME'S UP! after two years of legal browbeating at taxpayers' expense. In the lawsuit, filed March 22, 2005, the City claimed that cyclists riding together in a group are required to apply for a parade permit. The lawsuit against TIME'S UP! and four of its volunteers sought to inhibit their right to free speech and to freely assemble in public space.

Transition City Bristol...

Bristol, 28.03.2007 22:38

Building on the Energy Descent Launch "We are currently consuming more than 4 barrels of oil for every one discovered..." Following on from the successful Energy Descent Launch event on Wed 21st Feb, 'Transition City Bristol' continues to build this new initiative. Sarah Pugh - Transition City Bristol writes: Tackling the issues of Peak Oil and Climate change head on, Transition City Bristol is looking for answers to the question of how we, the people of Bristol, can create a resilient, sustainable city we’d all like to live in now and in the future. Many of us are already striving to reduce our ecological clodhopper by reducing our household energy use, car use and food miles. But within a highly unsustainable system, how much difference can we actually make? TCB will be looking at ways we can make changes on an individual level, but we’ll also be seeking out community responses towards a more sustainable system overall. Taking a good hard look at all aspects of the city’s energy use – transport, food, buildings, water, energy production, waste and more we hope to bring together an Energy Descent Action Plan which will present a roadmap for the city towards local resilience to the changes to come ... We’re not here to tell you not to fly – we hope you’ll participate in making Bristol such a vibrant, thriving, green and pleasant place to be you won’t want to go anywhere else!Dates For The Diary: Tue 3rd April: Meeting for people wanting to be practically involved in TCB. We are a small group of volunteers and we need all the help we can get. Whether its admin, research, design or distribution of posters, giving talks, arranging film showings in your local area, fundraising or organizing benefits – your input is invaluable. 7pm at the Scout Hut, The Boathouse, Redcliffe Wharf, off Redcliffe Parade. Tue 17th April: Paul Mobbs, Author of Energy Beyond Oil, Talk on Peak Oil and the consequences to all aspects of our lives. As part of the National ‘Wakey Wakey! Tour’. At The Trinity Centre at 7pm. £3 donation on the door. If you’re organizing a local event or group – email us and we’ll put it on the website. Full Article| Transition City Bristol | | A Vision of Post-Oil Bristol (Front Page of Energy Descent Launch + Extra Links | Related Items: Freecycle Network - Better Than E-bay, It's Free! | No Trees for Lockleaze |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

Criminal Charges Filed Against Minuteman

San Diego, 28.03.2007 20:09

SAN DIEGO—The San Diego City Attorney’s Office filed criminal charges yesterday against 36-year-old John Monti, a member of the Minuteman Project, for acts of violence against two day laborers at a Rancho Penasquitos hiring site in November 2006.

No pueden cursar por problemas edilicios

Argentina, 28.03.2007 20:09

La EMPA sale a la calle

No pueden cursar por problemas edilicios

Argentina, 28.03.2007 20:09

La EMPA sale a la calle

Sierra de la Ventana: Lucha contra la contaminación

Argentina, 28.03.2007 16:39

Vecinos Autoconvocados contra la mineria a cielo abierto

Why Occupy Corrib House?

Ireland, 28.03.2007 13:39

End the Gas Giveaway! This morning myself and a nu ...

Protest Kernafvaltransport

Antwerpen, 28.03.2007 11:38

Protest tegen hoog-radioactief afval (Mol)

Historic Egg Farm Cruelty Case to Be Decided in April

San Francisco Bay Area, 28.03.2007 08:39

Esbenshade Farms, one of the nation's top egg producers, is being prosecuted on animal cruelty charges. Stemming from an undercover investigation by a worker affiliated with Compassion Over Killing, the manager and owner of Esbenshade Farms in Pennsylvania have each been charged with 35 counts of animal cruelty. For each count, the two men face up to 90 days in jail.

Jornada por el 24 de Marzo

Argentina, 28.03.2007 06:08

A 31 años, a 6 meses

SF Board of Supervisors Votes To Ban Plastic Bags

San Francisco Bay Area, 28.03.2007 05:39

On March 27th, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed the nation's first ban on the use of non-biodegradable plastic bags. The ban will apply to 54 grocery stores in the city as well as large pharmacies. San Francisco currently consumes 1000 tons of plastic bags each year.

sierra de la ventana

Argentina, 28.03.2007 04:39

Vecinos Autoconvocados dicen No a la mineria a cielo abierto

Walden says Yes to War, No to Libraries

Rogue Valley, 28.03.2007 02:41


Many fleas are jumping off the ship, but Oregon District 2's Greg Walden continues to stand with the listing shrubboat.

Below you will find the excuse that Walden sends to his voters in Oregon. It is as if Carl Rove wrote it for him. Take a look and judge for yourself...

Refugee Rights

Perth, 28.03.2007 02:41

Villawood Falun Gong asylum-seeker in isolation facing deportation

Montgomery County parents question military recruiters' special access

DC, 28.03.2007 02:12

On March 26th, parents opposing military recruiting on campus attended a meeting of the Montgomery County, MD school board to ask tough questions about recruiters' access to youth. Report via WSQT 87.9fm

World Water Day

Philadelphia, 28.03.2007 02:08

Impeachment Forum

Philadelphia, 28.03.2007 02:08

Brazil’s President Lula is Coming to Washington

Miami, 28.03.2007 02:07

Brazil’s President Lula is Coming to Washington

The Alarm Realease

Houston, 27.03.2007 23:40

The Alarm Celebrates Birthday, New Issue

Kick Israeli Apartheid Out of Football

United Kingdom, 27.03.2007 21:40

On Saturday 24th March England played Israel in a Euro 2008 qualifying match. A group of activists picketed the Football Association in Soho Square calling for a Sporting boycott of Apartheid Israel.

Newswire Report

Prevous boycott actions and campaigns include:
Agrexco: 1 | 2 | video | 3 4 | 5 | 6 Text of Letter to Carmel Agrexco | Apartheid and Agrexco in the Jordan Valley | War on Want's Report - Profiting from the Occupation
Caterpillar: : 1 |2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
Caterkiller Shutdown | Jewish Voice for Peace - Rachel Corrie (1978-2003) | Caterkiller

Supermarket protests: Boycott Van | Marks and Spencers Stencilled | Repression of M&S Protesters
Academic boycott: AUT Boycott | NAFTHE Boycott | CUPE Ontario | COSATU (South Africa).

Links: Boycott Israeli Goods | ISM Palestine | Palestine Solidarity Campaign | Stop the Wall in Palestine

Bildungsproteste in Griechenland gehen weiter

Germany, 27.03.2007 19:10

Am 8. März 2007 wurde über das neue Rahmengesetz für griechische Universitäten abgestimmt. Die Regierung hatte entschieden, trotz der öffentlichen Entrüstung den Prozess im Parlament zu beginnen. Studenten, Schüler, Lehrer und Wissenschaftler kämpfen seit Mai 2006 mit Besetzungen von Schulen und Fakultäten, Streiks und Demonstrationen gegen dieses Gesetz.
Vor Monaten hatte die griechische Regierung beschlossen 1. die Lehrmittelfreiheit an Unis wird abgeschafft und Studiengebuehren eingefuehrt, 2. es darf nicht mehr beliebig lange studiert werden, sondern nach einer bestimmten Zeit erfolgt der Rauswurf, 3. das Asyl auf dem Unigelaende wird abgeschafft, die Polizei darf die Unis betreten. Gegen diese Plaene gibt es jeden Donnerstag Demos, im woechentlichen Wechsel im ganzen Land oder zentral in Athen.

Hintergründe und mehr: Uniproteste in Griechenland eskalieren | | Telepolisartikel

Boston Protests 4th Anniversary of Iraq War - PHOTO ESSAY

Boston, 27.03.2007 17:09

MAR/24/07 - Several thousand people gathered on the Boston Common for a rally and festive march against the continuing war and occupation in Iraq. Demonstrators form all over the state demanded an immediate end to the war and that all US troops be pulled out of the region.

West Students Respond: Statement to Press

Philadelphia, 27.03.2007 17:08

CCP Strike Ends

Philadelphia, 27.03.2007 15:08

cops are above the law

Portland, 27.03.2007 13:38

Using a somewhat obscure law, civillian Richard Koenig brought charges against Mult. Deputy Todd Brightbill for speeding to Judge Hannons courtroom this week. The deputy gave a speeding ticket last May to Portland School Board member, Marc Abrams for trying to keep up with him as he went down 84 doing up to 90 MPH. In his affidavit accompaning Mr Abram's ticket, Brightbill admits to doing over 80 MPH although he was not responding to any call or emergency.

Mr Koenig brought no witnesses or additional evidence to court thinking that the sworn affidavit filled out by Brightbill admitting his guilt would be enough. Not so.

24 de marzo, una fecha en disputa

Argentina, 27.03.2007 12:40

Doble discurso: para muestra basta una Perla

More LNG on the Columbia?

Portland, 27.03.2007 12:38

There appears to be yet another major fossil fuel project on the Columbia River. We are awaiting formal notification of a third massive liquefied natural gas (LNG) import termilna in Oregon. Calpine Corporation stated its intent to develop an LNG terminal in Warrenton (near Astoria) two years ago. It went bankrupt, and sold its LNG asset out of bankruptcy to Leucadia Nataion Corporation. Leucadia now intends to develop the mouth of the Columbia River with a massive fossil fuel import project.

Критическая Масса - открытие сезона 2007!

Belarus, 27.03.2007 12:07

5 Years After The FBI Raid On 'Raise The Fist'

Portland, 27.03.2007 08:38

On January 24, 2002 I was surrounded by 25 federal agents from the FBI and Secret Service Los Angeles Joint Terror Task force while I was at home asleep taking a nap. The agents were armed with sub-machine guns, shot guns, bullet-proof vests, a battering ram, and a 25 page search and seizure warrant filled with as much "terror rhetoric" as they could think of. While asleep I was unaware that agents were already positioned around every angle of the house, including right outside my window with loaded weapons ready for a fire fight. I was 18.

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