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Humanity For Homeless Halts Monday Night Meal

Santa Cruz, CA, 06.04.2007 12:10

Tim Rumford writes: "It has been a sad and difficult time for me. During possibly the most important time in the war on poverty, I have had to stop the feeding program due to health reasons. I simply cannot do the physical part any longer. I am searching for help. Help comes easy, volunteers have come and gone who want to serve food, but volunteers who will really step up and pick up the food weekly and serve it is a different story.

It takes the right kind of person, someone who can deal with a multitude of different people and treat them all equally. A person who can relate and get to know the people it is serving. If such a person steps up, the feeding will continue." Read more

previous coverage: Humanity For Homeless now partially funded by the homeless || Vice-Mayor Ryan Coonerty Declares War on Homeless People

Otro trabajador asesinado por luchar

Argentina, 06.04.2007 12:10

Carlos Fuentealba, docente neuquino: ¡Presente!

Otro trabajador asesinado por luchar

Argentina, 06.04.2007 12:10

Carlos Fuentealba, docente neuquino: ¡Presente!

Today, April 4, 40 Years Later

Philadelphia, 06.04.2007 12:10

New Olivera Egg Farm Unwelcome in the San Joaquin Valley

San Francisco Bay Area, 05.04.2007 21:08

Animal rights and welfare groups have joined Stockton residents in opposing the development of a massive egg factory farm. "The last thing that the Stockton area needs is another factory farm poisoning our community, polluting our environment and abusing animals," stated resident Karen Courtemanche. Despite numerous past complaints against Olivera, the San Joaquin County Planning Department is planning to grant the approval for the farm without an Environmental Impact Report.

Hundreds of thousands march on Washington - Regional anti-war actions also

Western Mass, 05.04.2007 20:11

Here in the real world HUNDREDS of thousands traveled to DC to protest the Bush regime

Anti-escalation in Iraq demo in Springfield - Where are the people??

Western Mass, 05.04.2007 20:11

Today a protest of the Bush regime's escalation of troops in Iraq called by drew only a few dozen demonstrators at the Federal Building in Springfield.

Western Mass Social Forum, April 14 and 15

Western Mass, 05.04.2007 20:11

Another World is Possible! Come to this movement building event. Bring your visions and strategies for a different and better world.

CUBA: Forum with Howard Zinn and Salim Lamrani

Boston, 05.04.2007 20:10

The renowned American historian Howard Zinn, author of “A People’s History of the United States” will address the roots of U.S. policy towards CUBA, while Salim Lamrani, the editor of “Superpower Principles: U.S. Terrorism against Cuba” will explain the case of the Cuban Five and their justified presence in U.S. territory. Other participants will speak about the International Campaign for the visitation rights of the families of the Cuban Five. Interview with lawyer José Pertierra reveals Posada's trial on immigration fraud charges, his links to civil wars in Central America, and U.S. double-standards in dealing with terrorism.

April 11: War on Black Liberation

Houston, 05.04.2007 19:41

April 11: US Government War on The Black Liberation Movement

Despierta Gigante

Houston, 05.04.2007 19:40

May 1st: ¡Giante Despierta! Giant Awake!

Ocampo Freed

Cleveland, 05.04.2007 18:37

Rep. Satur Ocampo Freed in Philippines

Mumia's Appeal

Cleveland, 05.04.2007 18:37

Oral Arguments Set For Mumia Abu Jamal's Appeal

Assault on Resurrection City

Cleveland, 05.04.2007 18:37

Assault on Resurrection City! The Struggle Continues.

A Weapon Out of Control: A short video documenting lethal effects of cluster bombs

Miami, 05.04.2007 18:07

A Weapon Out of Control: A short video documenting lethal effects of cluster bombs

Musician-Environmentalist Jon Hartmann

LA, 05.04.2007 16:40

Musician-Environmentalist Jon Hartmann Addresses America's Oil Addiction with Bush Rap

Ladyfest Leeds - 10th-15th April 2007

United Kingdom, 05.04.2007 16:09

Celebrating creativity, diversity and gender equality in Leeds, Ladyfest Leeds will showcase female artists and performers in a number of venues across the city centre from 10th-15th April 2007.

世界「私たちのメディア」(OURMedia)会議4/9~13シドニーで開催〜 日本語でウェブ放送

Japan, 05.04.2007 15:07

日本からの市民メディアの報告・上映と日本語ウェブキャスチングも〜 World-wide OURMedia conference in Sydney to see significant participation from Japanese 'shimin media', to be webcast in Japanese.

Mumia's Oral Arguments set for May 17

NYC, 05.04.2007 14:09

On May 17, the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals will hear oral arguments in the case of internationally renowned black death-row journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal. The court will consider four different issues that it has already certified for appeal. It will then decide to either grant a new trial, affirm the life sentence, or re-instate the death sentence.

Wednesday Food Not Bombs

Portland, 05.04.2007 12:38

Wednesday Food Not Bombs is MOVING!

Wednesday Food Not Bombs is still providing free vegetarian food at 5:30 pm but, we are not doing it in Overlook Park anymore. Starting today (4/4/07) we will be feeding in Dawson Park. Dawson park is at the corner of Williams Ave. and N. Stanton St. across from Legacy Emmanuel Hospital.

BARK April updates

Portland, 05.04.2007 12:38

There is so much happening in April, let me get right to it: Two recent court rulings have found Bush's anti-forest rules illegal. Amazing artists have donated their work to Bark's first ever First Thursday art opening. Bark will celebrate Earth Day with a much-anticipated sequel to the famous Papa Yeti puppet show at City Repair's annual event. Mt. Hood will be a focus of discussion regarding global warming at the Melting Mountains Conference hosted by the Mazamas. And if you are itching to go camping we have just the thing for you...the Clackamas Campout! Find out about these April happenings and more at our website,

Indymedia Street Video Training @ PSU 4/5/07

Portland, 05.04.2007 12:38

Ever wanted to show your friends after an event what really happened? Maybe you like to interview people and want to learn what kind of questions to ask. How about always wanting to do something with your video after and action? Even better, you want to start learning how to take and make video. Well here is your chance! On Thursday, 4/5/07 at 4:30 P.M. at PSU in Smith Memorial Union room 296 there will be an Indymedia street video training for those of you who are interested in this tactic. Everything from what kind of camera's are best for you, to how to shoot, to labeling tapes (a fine art a few of us are still trying to master to this day!) to what you can do with your footage after everything is said and done. Bring you questions, friends, and idea's to a workshop you don't want to miss! All part of a month of workshops going on all over Portland here in April.

Then on Friday 4/6/07 there will be a basic video editing workshop at Reed Rollege Student Activist Office (SAO) in the Gray Campus Room #034 at 4:30 P.M for those of you who would like to take what you have got of the street and show it to the world. The workshop will cover things such as how to import video onto your computer from a camera to exporting you video into a file you can stick onto the internet to show anyone who wants to see it!

Immigration Forum and Community Organizing in Watsonville

Santa Cruz, CA, 05.04.2007 08:38

On March 30th, 2007, César Chávez Day, the MigraWatch Network sponsored a forum on immigration at St Patrick's church in Watsonville. The forum featured guest speakers, a performance by Teatro Sin Fronteras, and group discussion of a plans of action for when Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) come back to California's Central Coast.

The MigraWatch Network was formed after ICE, a branch of the Department of Homeland Security, conducted raids in Santa Cruz county on September 7-8, 2006. The sweeps were part of a nation-wide effort to round up people in violation of immigration laws, an effort ICE calls "Operation Return to Sender." During the September raids, 107 people were apprehended in Santa Cruz, Watsonville and Hollister. Raids continue to terrorize communities in all corners of the nation.

Locally, the MigraWatch Network is working with several organizations to build a safe and welcoming area for all people and to work on resolutions with local government declaring sanctuary for undocumented persons of all nationalities. One important part of the organizing is the MigraWatch Hotline, a partner project with the Resource Center for Nonviolence. The hotline serves as an emergency number to alert volunteers that the Migra are in the neighborhood. Volunteers arrive on the scene to document and provide witness to the actions of ICE. Read more and view photos

previous coverage: 107 Locals Arrested in ICE Sweep || Immigration Raid Protest in Watsonville

Rockin' the Boat: Dec. 22, 1999 - Conversation with Mr. Bradlee, aka Brad Will

Santa Cruz, CA, 05.04.2007 08:38

V-Man writes, "While looking through some old cassette tapes, recently, I found this archived edition of Rockin' the Boat, dated December 22, 1999. This show features an interview and conversation with Mr Bradlee, aka Brad Will, who was murdered October 27, 2006 by government paramilitary forces in Oaxaca, Mexico, while documenting the popular uprising there. On this show, Mr. Bradlee and I discuss the founding of Steal This Radio, the NYC squatter's movement, and the WTO protests in Seattle, which had taken place a few weeks prior to this recording. Mr. Bradlee shares his thoughts on these toipics and more, and also sings, and reads poetry. The show also has music from Utah Phillips with Ani DiFranco, Casey Neill, Tchkung!, and David Rovics.

I uploaded the entire, uneditted portion of the show with Mr. Bradlee, and also cut out the song and poem as seperate files."

Audio: Download the show (1 hour 28 minutes / 40.1 MB)

Show, Song, Poem and Photos


Argentina, 05.04.2007 06:39


Colombia, 05.04.2007 06:10

Juan Manuel Santos mintió sobre Carlos Gaviria


Colombia, 05.04.2007 06:10

Bayou City Farmers Market

Houston, 05.04.2007 04:14

Every Day is Kids' Day at the Bayou City Farmers' Market

Distressing editorial

Philadelphia, 05.04.2007 01:09

The Proposed L.A. to Palmdale High-Speed Train

LA, 05.04.2007 00:40

The Proposed L.A. to Palmdale High-Speed Train

High-Speed Train

LA, 04.04.2007 22:41

The Proposed L.A. to Palmdale High-Speed Train

Spring Into Action Now!

United Kingdom, 04.04.2007 22:40

A busy week of workshops, gigs and actions around the issue of climate change has started in Nottingham today. Under the banner of 'Spring into Action' events are taking place in venues across the city. It will showcase practical solutions to climate change. From workshops on bike maintenance, local food production, community compost projects and strawbale building to concerts and performances, it promises to be an action packed week. It will also act as a showcase for existing projects in Nottingham including visits to Bestwood Country Park, Attenborough Nature Reserve, Hill Holt Woods and the Ecoworks project in St Anns. All the workshops are free! A lot of the events will take place at the central venue, also known as the J.B. Spray factory, which is located on Russell Street, Radford.

'Spring into Action' has been organised by Eastside Climate Action, a group made up of local people and groups inspired by the Camp for Climate Action. The week is all about inspiring, educating and empowering people to start making changes in their own lives and demonstrating practical alternatives, local projects and local campaigns in action. 'It is about changing our lifestyles, but also inspiring collective action to create the wider social change that is needed to deal with climate change. Climate change is the greatest threat humanity has ever faced, and we are already feeling its effects. Change is coming whether we like it or not. We need to make these changes sustainable and equitable.'

Links: Spring Into Action website | View programme

From the newswire: Spring Into Action - Printable Programme | Spring Into Action Central Venue Announcement | Spring Into Action! | Spring into Action Workshop venues now online | Spring into Action - Critical Mass | Spring into Action programme now online | Climate Change Bill - they’re havin a laugh! | It's Hotting Up

Background: Indymedia Climate Chaos page | Veggies climate change page | Climate Change Denial (explores the psychology behind it) | How to Talk to a Global Warming Sceptic | RealClimate (climate science from climate scientists)

Пададзеная заяўка на правядзенне «Чарнобыльскага шляху»

Belarus, 04.04.2007 22:37

koruptado (eo)

Barcelona, 04.04.2007 22:10

La politikistoj kaj la polico fajfas pri la justico

Kelkajn jarojn post la morto de la diktatoro ankoraŭ ne estas vera laŭjura ŝtato. La sendependo de la juĝa,leĝdona kaj ekzekutiva potencoj estas preskaŭ nevidebla, precipe en la aferoj rilate al sociaj movadoj.
En Katalunio, kaj post malpli ol du tutaj parlamentaj periodoj, evidentiĝis que la jugxa potenco ne tenis la devigan sendependon rilate al la ekzekutiva kaj ni vidis ke, kiam interesas al decidantoj en la registaro aŭ en la polico, oni povas subpreme fari justecon kaj povas enprizonigadi senkulpulojn. Oni devas revizii nur la aferojn, ekzemple, pri la malliberuloj de la 4a de februaro, pri la sturmo-taĉmento Dixan kaj, pli ĵuse, pri la kapto de Núria en Girona.
Krome, nun, juĝisto, kaj precipe ino, povas esti malpli grava ol policano, kiel okazas je la kataluna polico en Barcelono. Oni tion klare vidis dum la lastaj vakigoj de la Makabra, aŭ de la nura ejo okupita far inoj, la Mambo, vakigoj faritaj sen juĝista ordono kaj kun la surprizo de la priresponda juĝisto mem.

+infoj:: >>>koruptado kaj potencoo

spekulado (eo)

Barcelona, 04.04.2007 22:10

La faŝismaj agresoj daŭras

Lastatempe la faŝismaj agresoj en nia lando ripetiĝas pli-malpli senpune. Tiel, en urboj kiel Terrassa, Sabadell, Vilanova i la GeltrúPalma de Mallorca, oni suferis ilin diversmaniere, same homoj kaj asociejoj.

Krome en urbo Valencio novnazia organizo kunvokis nazian koncerton dum la valencia festo "Les falles", kio kaŭzis alarmon ĉe ĉiuspecaj grupoj, asocioj kaj kontraŭfaŝistoj de la urbo. Plie, antaŭ kelkaj tagoj en diversaj urboj de la regiono Baix Llobregat estis arestitaj kelkaj homoj de tiu faŝisma organizo, unue kvar homoj kaj poste tri pliaj.

rilataj novaĵoj: La sindikato CGT de Palma de Majorko denuncas bombatakon kontraŭ sia ejo ::: Komuniko de CGT - Balearoj >> Kontraŭ la faŝismo kaj la sentoleremo ::: >Novnaziuloj atakas meksikianinon en Madrido Manifestacio: Konstruantaj alian Madridon, organizataj kontraŭ la faŝismon ::: La Kasacia Kortumo ratifas punojn -entute 16 jarojn– al kvin novnazioj arestitaj en Valladolid, kiam ili kunportis benzin-bombojn

+ infoj: >>>kontraŭfaŝismo

alia mondo eblas (eo)

Barcelona, 04.04.2007 22:10

Denove: Ni rajtas havi dignan loĝejon

La 24an de marto, je la 17a, en diversaj urboj, estas kunvokitaj manifestacioj por postuli la efektivan rajton havi loĝejon. Rajto kiun la politikistaro, vendinta sin al la nemoveblaĵa merkato, neniel volas realigi, sed tute male: ili daŭre ignoras la premon kaj favoras la spekuladon, kiel oni povas laste vidi en la barcelonaj kvartaloj Bon Pastor kaj Barceloneta.

[24an mar] je la 17a, en Pl. Catalunya Manifestacio en Barcelono

[24an mar] je la 17a, en Pl. Major Manifestacio en Palmo de Majorko

[20an, 23an kaj 24an mar] Sants moviĝas Diversaj mobilizoj

Okupita Socia Centro l'Òpera L'Hospitalet [29an mar je la 9a kaj 31an mar je la 18a] Proceso kaj Manifestacio

Rilataj novaĵoj: [Sants] La polico iris en Can Punxes ::: Komuniko manifo Okupita Socia Centro Tòxics ::: Aferoj portendaj al la manifestacio la 24an ::: Tendaro en la Aŭtonoma Univo por la loĝ-rajto ::: Kaserolprotesto por la loĝado en Nou Barris ::: Terrassa: SOLAR 07, festivalo por la loĝ-rajto ::: V de Vivienda kun B de Barcelono ::: La malmultekostaj domoj de Bon Pastor ::: La plano de Barceloneta ::: La afero Veiret kaj la manipulado en la amaskomunikiloj ::: Nova okupado en Maresme ::: Can Ricart ::: Lastaj vakigoj ::: Liberigita ejo en Vilanova i la Geltrú ::: La Truo translokiĝis ::: Nemoveblaĵa mafi-agado ::: La laboristoj de TMB (Metropolaj Transportoj de Barcelono) kun Can Vies ::: La urba konsilio de Barcelono lotumas apartamentojn sekrete ::: Proceso kontraŭ la Okupita Socia Centro L'Òpera::: Agoj solidaraj kun la Okupita Socia Centro L'Òpera::: Els Verds-EE manifestas sian apogon al la Okupita Socia Centro L'Òpera:::

+ infoj: >>> spekulado

reprimen a docentes en Neuquén y Salta

Argentina, 04.04.2007 21:40

Se consolida modelo educativo: Bastones sí, aumentos no

Celebrating social change

London, Ontario, 04.04.2007 21:07

Although my articles usually serve to inform about problems in the world and what needs to change, I felt that this week’s article needed a change in focus. It is not enough to simply point out the problems that exist in our world. It is not enough to denounce the negative actions taken by others. We must work for social change. We must acknowledge the progress being made, and the organizations and individuals contributing positively to the cause. We must also celebrate the achievements and progress in the fight for social justice.

Curvina Rebelde

Tijuana, 04.04.2007 20:38

Levanta tu pedido de Curvina Rebelde

Locals Protest Vulture Capitalists and the Iraqi War

Baltimore, 04.04.2007 20:12

On March 19, 2007, the Baltimore City Council unanimously approved a Resolution condemning the Iraqi War, the lies that got us into it, George W. Bush’s insane “Surge,” and demanded the troops be “safely” withdrawn from that conflict. On that same night, a Peace Rally was held at St. Vincent de Paul RC Church. The Rev. Heber Brown III said: “It’s time for us to raise hell for peace in our churches.” The event was sponsored by the local UPJ group.

reprimen a docentes en Neuquén y Salta

Argentina, 04.04.2007 20:12

Se consolida modelo educativo: Bastones sí, aumentos no

Reporter Josh Wolf Freed

NYC, 04.04.2007 19:41

On April 3rd, independent reporter Josh Wolf was freed from federal custody after spending 7 1/2 months in prison for failing to turn over video footage to a federal grand jury. The unedited video was the target of the federal grand jury subpoena that caused him to be held at the federal holding facility, in Dublin, CA for over 226 days, a record amount of time for any journalist in U.S. history.

That morning, Josh wrote on his blog, "During the course of this saga I have repeatedly offered to allow a judge to be the arbiter over whether or not my video material has any evidentiary value. Today, you the public have the opportunity to be the judge and I am confident you will see, as I do, that there is nothing of value in this unpublished footage."

A rally and press conference was held at 5pm on the steps of SF City Hall.

Read More: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 Josh Wolf's 7/8/05 Unedited Video | PDF of Release Order | Josh Wolf interviewed by Amy Goodman on April 4th

Josh's Blog | Free the Media | Wikipedia: Josh Wolf Indybay's Past Coverage of Josh Wolf's Case: March 2007: Josh Captured on Video | February 2007: Judge abruptly sends case to U.S. Magistrate | February 2007: Press Conference and Fundraiser | November 2006: Josh to Stay in Prison | November 2006: Grand Jury Resisters Honored | September 2006: Josh Headed Back to Federal Prison | August 2006: Josh Wolf Released | August 2006: Grand Jury Resistance Project Calls for Support | July 2006: Josh Jailed For Refusal to Hand Over Video of Protest | April 2006: SF Grand Jury Targets G8 Protest And Independent Journalist

The March 30th Radio Show

Houston, 04.04.2007 19:17

Thanks for Tuning In!

Naomi Klein Speaks at NYC Ethical Culture Society: full transcript

NYC, 04.04.2007 19:16

Naomi Klein recently appeared in New York for the launch of Jeremy Scahill's book on Blackwater and delivered a short speech at the the Ethical Culture Society. The transcript below is courtesy of Democracy Now!.

A Sea of People to Show How Climate Change Will Alter New York City

NYC, 04.04.2007 19:16

The Sea Of People project combines the dynamics of a mass rally with the expressive power of an interactive artistic installation. Following a 12 Noon Rally in Battery Park on Saturday, April 14, 2007, thousands of participants, dressed in blue, will stretch north in two columns along the projected eastern and western 10-foot waterlines that may one day redefine lower Manhattan under the ten-foot sea level rise scenario.

Ft. Lauderdale March with Al Sharpton and Displaced Nova Workers April 14th

Miami, 04.04.2007 19:08

Ft. Lauderdale March with Al Sharpton and Displaced Nova Workers April 14th

Sedition Books Is Back

Houston, 04.04.2007 18:14

Sedition Books Rises from the Ashes

Alex Wukman is Dead

Houston, 04.04.2007 18:14

Alex Wukman is Dead (Rest In Peace)

Racist Michael Berry

Houston, 04.04.2007 17:45

Mayor Pro-Tem Michael Berry Attacks Reparations, Native Americans on his Radio Program

Bristol Indymedia: Local Elections Round-Up

Bristol, 04.04.2007 16:38

2007 Local Election Polling Stations With 4 weeks to go until the May 2007 Local Elections, Bristol Indymedia rounds up recent posts to the newswire. Bristol Indymedia Election Guidelines. The Investigator writes: One of the ex-Bristolian editors has started a website to expose corruption in the Tory party. Sarah CO writes: John Kiely the LIb Dem councillor for Easton is destroying our elderly care services. He is responsible for pushing through a deal to privatise home care services which will inevitably lead to a decrease in working conditions for the home carers and a decrease in quality of service for the clients. (eg.just as it has in public transport, refuse collection etc.) This leaves some of the poorest and most vulnerable people in our society at risk. The Bristol Blogger writes: Meet Steve Comer ... He’s a Liberal Democrat and a Bristol City Councillor. He’s quite influential in Bristol because he’s an Executive Member and sits on the Cabinet that takes decisions about the city. Steve is a very busy man as he also has another job sitting on the National Executive of the PCS (Public and Commercial Services Union). This is the civil serviçe union dominated by the far left that has a reputation for militancy and robustly taking on New Labour over public service cuts, privatisation, pensions and the growth of fat cat consultants in the public sector. Tacitus writes: OK, we are approaching election time and following a canvaser from the hopeful Neo-Labour guy for Ashley knocking on my door, it reminds me that I want to vote tactically to punish Neo-Labour over Iraq....You can use these links to do your own tactical voting!| Recent Articles: Bristolian starts Tory scandal website | Kiely, Kiely,Kiley OUT OUT OUT! | The strange affair of the Lib Dem Trot | Tactical Voting: Getting Neo-Labour Out! | Earlier Articles: Lib dems – do as we say, not as we do | Bristol local elections: 3rd May 2007 | Bristol Indymedia and the Coming Elections | BRISTOL INDYMEDIA - More 'Votes' Than The Evening Post - PUBLISH YOUR NEWS! | Related Articles: More planning permission due to be given for or Packers Field | Update on Packers Field, BCC and the City Academy..the plot thickens | No Trees for Lockleaze |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

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