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Woodfin Workers Rally In Emeryville

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.04.2007 09:41

Immigrant workers at the Woodfin Suites have faced fierce retaliation for standing up for their rights under Measure C - the local living wage law. After mass firings just before Christmas, workers are still fighting for job security and the more than $160,000 in backwages that the hotel owes them. On April 10th, Woodfin workers, faith leaders, Emeryville residents and friends took part in a ceremonial procession from Emeryville's City Hall, through the Bay Street shopping center, and on to the Woodfin Suites.

Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.: Sitting Up Mud Lies Down

Portland, 13.04.2007 09:41

It is with sadness I eulogize Kurt Vonnegut, jr. today. He was an impressive sitting up mud! I used to cut classes in high school, to go sit under a tree and become engrossed in Vonnegut's wonderful novel, "Cat's Cradle." I have used lines from "Cat's Cradle" and "Breakfast of Champions" as life references since the 1970's. Terms such as "karass," "sitting up mud," "bad chemicals," and "Bokononism" have become commonplace in my life, due to my exposure to Vonnegut at an early age. My father gave me "Cat's Cradle" to read, and I handed it to my teenaged son to read as well. I normally do not enjoy fiction, but Vonnegut was an exception for me. I delighted in his plots and twists, all heavily laden with sarcasm and political angst. "Cat's Cradle" is a fictional story about what scientists and their families did the day America dropped the A-Bomb on Japan. I love the dark humor throughout "Cat's Cradle." And the child's game "cat's cradle" has never seemed the same after reading that book! In the book, the father who rarely speaks to his children, walks up to his son and leans into the kid, in a frightening manner, and holding a cat's cradle made of strings in his fingers, says, "See the cat? See the cradle?!" Yes, that in a nutshell, is the madness and beauty of Vonnegut's writing style.

five years since Horehound fell

Portland, 13.04.2007 09:41

on april 12, 2002, horehound (beth o'brian) hiked through the snow to a treesit in eagle creek. it had been announced that the sale she was protesting was to be cancelled, but since we can't trust those f'ing bastards to tell the truth, the treesit would stand until the ink had dried on the paperwork.

shortly after ascending, horehound slipped and fell 150 feet. she survived the fall, and died in transit after being airlifted out.

five years in, i still miss her every day... i'm still agonized over the friendship we never got to nurture... i'm still furious that the world is currently constructed in such a way that it's necessary to put lives on the line like this.

Innocent Man Tells of Tri-Met / Police Hassle

Portland, 13.04.2007 09:41

Hollywood transit station 4-12-07 7:30pm

I go by.... I see a person hog-tied being lifted into a police car
I get my camera out and go by the car but didnt see a person was on the back seat. I start filming from overpass down to where the commotion is by the tracks below me. I missed the rukus but did interview an inocent "victim" his story is not nice.

here is the 5 minute YouTube video

Nazi Germany alive and well?

Portland, 13.04.2007 09:41

The black forest city of Freiburg, in Germany's southwest, yesterday held a burial with full state honors for the former Nazi navy judge Hans Filbinger. A no-protest zone was declared around the cathedral, and hundreds of police were in attendance standing at attention lining the street while Filbinger's carcass passed. Filbinger was most famously responsible for revising cases of WW2 German Navy deserters, demanding the death penalty for sailors instead of 8 years of jail and disohonorable discharge. See the article for links to further information (in German only unfortunately). Executions ordered by Filbinger continued right up until the last days of the war, clearly demonstrating Filbinger's fascist fanaticism in the face of certain defeat.

Levantaron los cortes pero siguen las acciones

Argentina, 13.04.2007 05:39

Neuquén: La lucha continúa

Granny D's visit to Southern Oregon 4/7/07

Rogue Valley, 13.04.2007 05:16

--Ashland, Oregon April 4, 2007

"What an innocent gal, our Doris! She is like ancient rainwater, virtually indescribably pure and new. Her words are more timeless, plainly honest, and more youthful than anyone I've ever heard speak. When the crowd laughed during some of her humor, I think a huge component of the response was also surprise at her pure innocence, and at her ability to reacquaint them with their own potential to just simply be what she is telling them -- powerful and magnificent! Granny D is forever young."--Hal

"Granny D gave us an inspirational speech challenging us all to do what we can do to further the causes of peace, justice and environmental harmony. At age 97 she attributed her longevity to continuing to be involved in causes that really matter and helping people of all ages find their voices and their causes."--Allen

"She is such a wonderful combination of strength and softness."--Ruth

Free Radical Folk Music this Sunday

Rogue Valley, 13.04.2007 05:16

George Mann in Concert!

Kicking off Independent Media Week, a free concert featuring the pro-labor, anti-Bush folk music of George Mann will be held Sunday, April 15 at the Beanery in Ashland. The concert begins at 6:30 PM following the free indy film festival which kicks off at 3:00 p.m. at Southern Oregon University (SOU).

Read more below for details about George Mann and his labor singing partner Julius Margolin. A film about Julius "A Union Man" will be shown at SOU prior to George Mann's evening concert at the Beanery. SOU and the Beanery are a short walking distance from each other.

The Iraq War and Failure of the Mainstream Media

Baltimore, 13.04.2007 03:09

The recent bombing of the Iraq parliment building by suicide-bombers undermines the idea that the U.S. effort to create security is improving in Iraq. How much of that will be covered by the mainstream U.S. media?

Levantaron los cortes pero siguen las acciones

Argentina, 13.04.2007 01:09

Neuquén: La lucha continúa

Leaving the Stage of History: Towards a Globalised New Orleans, or the End of Capitalism.

Ireland, 12.04.2007 19:41

Climate change is everywhere. Ramor Ryan gatecrash ...

Standard Oil y Adolf Eichmann

Argentina, 12.04.2007 19:15

El pacto secreto de la industria petrolera con los nazis

&quot;Critical Mass Miami&quot; Rides Calle Ocho! Saturday April 14th

Miami, 12.04.2007 17:38

"Critical Mass Miami" Rides Calle Ocho! Saturday April 14th

The Release of Posada Carriles: A BRUTAL REPLY

Miami, 12.04.2007 17:38

The Release of Posada Carriles: A BRUTAL REPLY

Why the recent Climate Report was so Harsh

NYC, 12.04.2007 16:38

Here is a collection of reports about the scientific studies being conducted around the world from just the past few months. These are the reports that went into the IPCC's data bank and where from they came to their latest estimates and projections. The first few have been published after the Feb. 2 IPCC release.

The majority of them are from foriegn news agencies and were never published in the US media. Our corporate media wants you to know
every detail of a woman who decides to fly to Vegas rather than get married. They don't care if you are aware of the facts regarding our changing climate.

Please send this to eveywhere you can.

Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC) Organizer Beaten to Death in Mexico

NYC, 12.04.2007 16:38

FLOC Organizer Beaten to Death in Mexico
by James Parks, Apr 10, 2007

Santiago Rafael Cruz, an organizer for the Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC), was found bound and beaten to death this morning in the group's Monterrey, Mexico, office.

Facing Race: the Conference Lives On

NYC, 12.04.2007 16:10

Pulling together social justice conferences are tough. Anyone who's been involved with coordinating one, knows what I'm talking about.

April 6 Radio Show

Houston, 12.04.2007 15:12

Welcome to Another Silky Smooth Edition of the HIMC Radio Show

On verge of major protest, CIW reaches landmark accord with McD's!

Austin, 12.04.2007 13:39

Campaign surges forward with Burger King in its sights! Come to Chicago – now more than ever! Today at The Carter Center in Atlanta, the CIW and McDonald's announced a landmark agreement to work together to improve the wages and working conditions of the farmworkers who pick Florida tomatoes. After two years of escalating pressure by the CIW and its allies, McDonald's has agreed to all of the CIW's demands and more. "Two years ago, our agreement with Yum Brands marked the first step toward a distant dream of ensuring human rights for workers in Florida’s fields," said Lucas Benitez of the CIW. "Today, with McDonald’s, we have taken another major step toward a world where we as farmworkers can enjoy a fair wage and humane working conditions in exchange for the hard and essential work we do every day." Building off this tremendous momentum, the Campaign for Fair Food now surges ahead at full speed – this time towards Miami-based Burger King. Two months ago, the world's #2 burger chain publicly rebuffed the CIW by rejecting a proposed partnership, smugly offering farmworkers jobs at Burger King restaurants instead of real rights and fair wages. Now the tables have turned. This weekend's mobilization in Chicago – where Tom Morello and Zack de la Rocha of Rage Against the Machine have just confirmed they will perform together – takes on new significance. Join the CIW, SFA and thousands of allies in Chicago as we take the fight for fair food to the next level. Coalition of Immokalee Workers || Student Farmworker Alliance || In These Times: A Win for Immokalee Workers

Audio Podcast: Panel Discussion on Jailing of Immigrant Children at Hutto Prison

Austin, 12.04.2007 13:39

"I don't like to stay in this jail. I'm only nine years old. I want to go to my school in Canada." At right is a picture of a letter written by 9-year-old Kevin Yourdkhani, a Canadian boy who, with his Iranian parents, was held at an immigrant jail in Taylor, Texas, about thirty miles away from Austin. Kevin wrote to the Prime Minister of Canada as the Canadian mass media seized on his case and reported on the conditions in the prison. Kevin and his parents were released from the jail after six weeks of detention, but an estimated two hundred children are still imprisoned there as the corporate media in this country is unaware or unwilling to cover the situation.

Last Wednesday at an auditorium on the UT campus, a panel of lawyers, activists, and students spoke out against the imprisoning of immigrant families and children at the Don T. Hutto "residential center," a for-profit private prison operated by the Corrections Corporation of America. The facility, which lies about thirty miles away from Austin, was built to incarcerate adult male criminals, but was recently retrofitted to jail children.

Austin Indymedia recorded the panel's two-hour discussion on the Hutto jail and presents a 50-minute (45 megabyte) mp3 podcast on Hutto - a collection of excerpts from the event. Four panelists discussed Hutto, the plight of the undocumented immigrants imprisoned there, the intersection of harsh enforcement-only immigration policies with the advent of for-profit private immigrant prisons, and the ongoing activist and legal campaigns to shutdown the facility.

Stream or download this mp3 podcast here (or here).
Leave a comment if you have difficulty streaming or downloading the podcast. For more information on Hutto check out:

Greg Moses' coverage for Austin IMC of the Shutdown Hutto campaign: 1 - 2 - 3 || || ACLU Challenges Prison-like Conditions at Hutto Detention Center || Not With Our Money - Corrections Corporation of America || Democracy Now! on Kevin Yourdkhani's release

From the Austin Chronicle: Supporters of T. Don Hutto detainees will stage a three-day walk this weekend in protest of ICE policies, from the state Capitol to the facility in Taylor. Walkers will depart from the Capitol steps at 10am Friday and finish at the intersection of Springdale Road and U.S. 290; on Saturday at 9:30am, they will begin at Manor City Hall (West Parsons & South Burnet) and march to Rice's Crossing (Highway 973 & FM 1660); on Sunday, the third leg will resume at Rice's Crossing and finish at the T. Don Hutto Residential Facility; a vigil will then be held until 8pm.

Sandy unveils 'whacko' city budget

Portland, 12.04.2007 13:39

City budgets and the like are generally just a little too "wonky" for me. I don't have great math aptitude, and I'll admit, following all the revenue streams and expenditures tends to go over my head. But you don't have to be a math whiz or political wonk to understand parts of the City of Sandy's proposed budget for 2007-09. Read on to see the sheer audacity of my hometown's administrators... not to mention their utter denial of the legal problems - and their resulting fiscal effects - our "fair" city is now facing thanks to our abusive cops.

Reading between the lines has always been a valuable skill when perusing the Sandy Post. Those timid stenographers occasionally show a little spine by covering controversial issues like the six (count 'em - SIX!) lawsuits currently being leveled against city police. But alas, they invariably let me down by resorting to platitudes and by parroting the one-sided reporting so typical of the O and the other "players" in the MSM they wish to emulate.

Can Anyone Help Carlos Rubio Find Justice?

Portland, 12.04.2007 13:38

Some people remember the story of Carlos Rubio. A young man from a close family, he disappeared one night in June of 2005. It happened only days after a Sandy police officer threatened him and his father, Juan Rubio. The Rubio family had endured months of harassment by the Sandy police, culminating in Carlos' arrest. They had been called racist names, had been threatened and intimidated, and had come to fear the police. One night, police began following Carlos, and attempted to pull his car over. Carlos called 911 and reported that the police were behind him, and that he was afraid of them. He told the operator that he would not stop, because he feared what might happen to him. Instead, he would drive to a lighted area, where there were witnesses. There is a recording of this call, for anyone who might care to listen. It's a matter of public record.

He carefully drove to his family's home. There is a video tape, taken from the dashboard of the police cruiser that followed him. The tape clearly shows that Carlos did not speed, stopped at every traffic light, and obeyed all traffic laws. When he arrived at his home, he got out of his car, and was promptly pummeled and assaulted by jeering officers who pointed tasers at his face, laughed at him, and called him "homie." He was charged with "eluding an officer," and was violently arrested.

Arrested for trying to lobby your Senator

Portland, 12.04.2007 13:38

Over the weekend, I received an email from a colleague that advertised of a rally at Senator Gordon Smith's offices in several cities around Oregon on Tuesday. The topic was the War in Iraq. Interested in the topic and needing to get my political photography fill for the week, I decided to attend the one in Portland.

Upon arriving I saw a calm crowd of about twenty or so people. Many were older than I -- mostly in their 40's, 50's, and 60's -- maybe older. According to one gentleman, the majority of the faces I was seeing were those of parents and grandparents of soldiers fighting in Iraq.


6 Peacemakers Arrested - Videos from the Protest

Smiths Office On Private Property has 6 arrested for requesting "NO WAR FUNDING". 6 Brave Peacemakers are joined by 60 people outside Smith Office. After a few speeches they are peacefully arrested for trying to access Smiths Office on the 11th floor of the WTO building. They were walked un-cuffed to the Justice CXenter and booked.


Manifestacion Sábado 14 de abril: ¡Acude y tráete a tus amigos!

Canarias, 12.04.2007 12:10

L@s canari@s tenemos una nueva cita en la calle este sábado 14 de abril, a las 12 horas en la plaza Secundino Delgado (conocida oficialmente con el nombre del criminal "Weyler"). Este sábado habrá nuevo ejercicio de democracia participativa, convocado por la Asamblea por Tenerife. Nos reuniremos en Santa Cruz para volver a decir lo que ya hemos gritado tantas veces en estos últimos años de lucha masiva contra la administración esperpéntica del tándem político-empresarial que gobierna y que nos tiene la democracia maltrecha : NO A LA CORRUPCION, NO AL PUERTO DE GRANADILLA, Sí a los servicios públicos de calidad, a una sanidad y una educación digna, NO la autopista exterior y demás carreteras que cubre de piche lo poco que queda de tierra, NO a la RIC; en defensa del sector primario frente a la especulación, por las energías renovables, por el transporte público… ¡QUEREMOS QUE ESTO CAMBIE!

La adjudicación de las obras en granadilla tras los esfuerzos masivos de la ciudadanía para parar este disparate de puerto o la aprobación de nuevas camas turísticas tras las leyes de moratoria nos deja ahora bien claro que estamos sól@s. Sol@s ante unas leyes hechas a medida del poder, que se pliegan a su conveniencia. Pero también sabemos que nos tenemos a nosotr@s, que somos una multitud que es capaz de pensar, de hablar, de gritar: que no permitiremos que las condiciones sociales, económicas, culturales, medioambientales de nuestro pueblo se deterioren aún más.

¡Hacemos un llamamiento a la asistencia, con más fuerza que nunca!. Si luchamos podemos perder, pero si no luchamos estamos perdidos. ¡por nuestra tierra, por nuestros hijos, salgamos a la calle a dar una patada en el culo al gobierno! ¡mándense a mudar!

American Author, Satirist, and Social Critic Kurt Vonnegut Dead at 84

NYC, 12.04.2007 11:09

American author, and satirist Kurt Vonnegut has died. He was 84.

Most famous for his great anti-war novel Slaughterhouse Five, Vonnegut authored 14 other novels, mainy of them works of social criticism. Vonnegut was a harsh critic of war, American imperialism, scientific expertise, and the general miserable behavior of most human beings. He was a member of the American Civil Liberties Union, and the American Humanist Association, which promotes individual freedom, rational thought and scientific skepticism, made him its honorary president. He was a merciless critic of George W. Bush and the current American government.

Vonnegut was a native Hoosier who spent most of his life in New York State.

What follows is an excerpt from Vonnegut's novel Breakfast of Champions. Add some of your own favorite Vonnegut quotes in the comments below.


Valparaiso, 12.04.2007 09:11

Martes 10 Abril 2007 | Convocatoria Abierta

Tercera Asamblea Abierta CES Quilpué


Valparaiso, 12.04.2007 09:11

U libre

Valparaiso, 12.04.2007 09:11

Miércoles 11 Abril 2007 | Convocatoria Abierta

Asamblea fundacional de la U Libre V Región

Aznar y Chaco

Argentina, 12.04.2007 05:39

Standard Oil y Adolf Eichmann

Argentina, 12.04.2007 05:39

El pacto secreto de la industria petrolera con los nazis

Immigration Rally

Houston, 12.04.2007 05:10

Vigils show opposition to immigration raids

Manufactured Division and Gang Conflict

Santa Cruz, CA, 12.04.2007 02:09

Tomás Alejo writes: In the influential and time-honored book The Art of War, Sun Tzu instructs that one of the most effective methods used to defeat an enemy is to "cause division among them." The book further instructs, "Seduce them with the prospects of gain, send interlopers in among them, have rhetoricians use fast talk to ingratiate themselves with their leaders and followers, and divide up their organization and power." It is when the enemy is divided that it is at its weakest and susceptible to attack and defeat.

Antifa-Demo in Wismar

Germany, 12.04.2007 00:39

In Wismar hat sich eine rechtes kriminelles Milieu etabliert, dessen Aktivitäten vom Geschäftemachen bis zum Morden reichen. Während die Stadt sich um ihr Image sorgt, wollen Antifas am kommenden Sonnabend gegen die Neonazi-Strukturen auf die Straße gehen.

Issue #101: Taking on the Mob and the Cops

NYC, 12.04.2007 00:09

The Indypendent comes out swinging this issue with hard-hitting coverage of both the Mafia and the NYPD. A special report by Bennett Baumer looks at the long-running efforts by dockworkers to democratize the mob-controlled International Longshoremen’s Union (ILA). We also have in-depth coverage of the NYPD’s continuing crackdown on dissent from Critical Mass to RNC to the South Bronx and beyond as well as articles about climate change activism, the Immokalee workers upcoming confrontation with McDonalds, the “Salvador option”, anti-Muslim hysteria in a society much like our own plus book and movie reviews and much, much more.

Full PDF || Taking on the Mob: Jersey Dockworkers Tell Corrupt Union Bosses to Take Long Walk On Short Pier || Fighting for Union Democracy || South Carolina Dockworkers Show the Way || NYPD Gone Wild: Critical Mass Targeted || Timeline: NYPD vs. Critical Mass || || 93 Years of Illegal Parades in NYC || Amplifying Freedom of Speech || NYPD Black & Blue || Watched Cops Boil || Imokalee Workers to McDonalds: We’re Not Lovin’ It || Down Under the Veil: Australia’s Women Face a Growing Tide of Xenophobia || Remembering Rufina Amaya & the Salvador Option || Iran Bans the Girls: Review of “Offside” || Guerrilla Art vs. Guerrilla Marketing || Gone But Not Forgotten: A Review of “Los Desaperecidos” || Weapon of Choice: A Book Review of “Complicity with Evil” || April Community Calendar

GM Potatoes - Blessing or Blight?

United Kingdom, 11.04.2007 23:08

On Monday 2 April, Cambridge GM Concern organized a public meeting regarding the forthcoming NIAB/BASF trial of GM potatoes in the Cambridge area. Some fifty people turned up for the event, which featured three speakers, who had travelled up from London for the occasion: Michael Antoniou is a Reader in Molecular Genetics at Guy's Hospital Medical School, Helena Paul is the chair of GM Freeze, and Clare Oxborrow is from the Real Food Campaign organized by Friends of the Earth.

Meanwhile campaigners concerned about similar trials in Yorkshire have set up the mutatoes website and a myspace page.

Read more ...

NY tattoo artist monica Henk in hit and run accident/in coma

NYC, 11.04.2007 21:08

Monica is essentially brain dead. Her entire family has signed documents to turn off life support, they are waiting for the hospital to process the request. All efforts are being focused on finding the hit and run driver.

Taxi Drivers Hold Vigil To Commemorate Death of One of Their Own

Philadelphia, 11.04.2007 13:08

Ideas for taking action

Portland, 11.04.2007 12:39

Wear a button! Carry around a sign! (Note: a great way to get feedback when you are at a vigil is to have someone stand on the most visible street corner with a sign that says "Honk for peace." This allows otherwise passive passers-by to actually participate in what you're doing. And that's what this is all about. Get more people aware and involved in what you are doing! I'm always amazed at how, when I go to certain peace rallies, many people just stand around in a closed circle, preaching to the choir. Get your message out to the uninitiated ... reach as many people as possible! Get visible!

14 Protestors Arrested at Wiradjuri Lake Cowal demonstration

Portland, 11.04.2007 12:39

Fourteen protestors have been arrested at a demonstration in support of Wiradjuri Traditional Owners who want the Lake Cowal Gold Mine stopped.

Around 100 Aboriginal and environmental supporters demonstrated at the Lake Cowal Gold mine, 47 kms from West Wyalong over Easter to protest against the desecration of traditional Wiradjuri lands and environmental damage caused by gold mining.

Some of the demonstrators locked themselves onto pieces of machinery, shutting down mine operations, while others occupied the mine's offices.

protest @ Senator Smith's office in Portland

Portland, 11.04.2007 12:39

About 6 brave people were arrested at Gordon Smith's office today. My son called me from the Persian Gulf yesterday. He urged me to keep the pressure on our elected officials to stop the occupation of Iraq now! Despite what the right-wing pundits say, we are the majority. Call, write or fax your represenative and bring all the armed forces home now. Here is a brief speech by one of the people arrested.


Valencia, 11.04.2007 11:07

Concentració dimecres 11 d'abril: 14 anys sense Guillem


allà ballarem una dansà i Després anirem tots junts a ca Bassot (Bisbe Muñoz, 52. Burjassot)

CONCENTRACIÓ DIMECRES 11 D'ABRIL: 14 ANYS SENSE GUILLEM. Crida de Maulets a participar en aquest acte

Climate Activists Bring Powerstation Operations To A Halt

United Kingdom, 11.04.2007 09:08

Climate activists from around the East Midlands managed to stop some operations at Radcliffe on Soar Power Station after climbing onto convear belts and dumper trucks inside the plant yesterday. The power station is located just outside Nottingham and is the 3rd biggest emitter of CO2 emissions in the UK. The owner of the plant, E-On, said operations ran as normal and that their environmental record is good with aiming to be a clean coalfired power station. A spokeswoman for the protesters said: "Putting pressure on individuals to reduce emissions when companies like E.ON are profiting from this polluting industry is obscene and irresponsible. We should not be burning coal in the 21st century."

The blockade lasted for 3 hours and 11 people were arrested all of which were still in custody on Tuesday night. The action was part of 'Spring Into Action' - a week of workshops, entertainment and actions around the issue of Climate Change in Nottingham.

Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |

Links: Spring Into Action | Notts Indymedia | Wikipedia on the Ratcliffe-on-Soar Power Station

[NL] Action contre les bateaux-prisons à Zaandam

Liege, 11.04.2007 08:37

Bay Area IWW Intervention Rallies in Berkeley

San Francisco Bay Area, 11.04.2007 07:10

On March 16th the Bay Area IWW held two workplace intervention rallies. The first was at Curbside Recycling in Berkeley to show support to the shop steward for alleged harassment (including unpaid suspension) on the part of management. Later there was a rally outside of Shattuck Cinemas, also in Berkeley, where the IWW has won a representation election. Landmark Cinemas, the parent corporation, has been stalling on a contract, trying to get in clauses which could bankrupt the union in mediation or take away the rights of the workers to act on their own.

UCLA Vivisection Protest

LA, 11.04.2007 06:42

UCLA Vivisection Protest

NYC Anarchist Book Fair this weekend

NYC, 11.04.2007 06:40

So here it is. The confirmed details of the '07 NYC anarchist book
fair. It was a long time coming but it is finaly done!! This is going
to be a very exciting event and hope everyone will come on down!

groups/book presses/zines/infoshops and 12 workshops through out the

Sisters in Strength Strikes Back: Our Struggle with Street Harassment

NYC, 11.04.2007 06:40

“Hey ma, your bootie looks nice.” If she keeps walking, the response that inevitably follows from his mouth ranges from “You can’t take a compliment?” to a derogatory name calling. Girls and women face this public harassment from boys and men every single day.

Reclaim the Streets! Friday April 13

San Diego, 11.04.2007 06:40

On Friday, April 13 at 7PM San Diegans will Reclaim the Streets, meeting at 4th and Broadway Downtown. From the announcement:

Come share, learn, dance, and create in a free carnival in the streets of downtown. Please bring creative ideas, artwork of all kinds, instruments, games, hobbies, costumes and anything else you can think of to contribute to the street festival....We will create a space to make our dreams a more tangible and livable reality. Let’s turn the street into a garden paradise, a carnival, a haven for thought. Let’s be inspired again and reminded what another world looks like...We will unite as freaks and monsters. We will embrace our humanly-freakish nature and let our wild spirits free...

On April 13th we will take the streets. We’ll take the streets back from the corporations who stole them from us in the first place. We’ll take the streets because the machines that drive on them take up too much space and are destructive to our lives and the planet. We’ll take the streets because, well, why the hell not?

The last Reclaim the Streets action in San Diego was held on J20, 2005 - the inaguration date of the decider.
From CIRCA-BF: The tactical Furniture subFaction placed two couches in the intersection, hung a 20 ft long banner between two street lights that read “RECLAIM THE STREETS”, dropped beach balls and streamers, and ran away, expecting the crowd to arrive any second. --READ MORE--
From Rocky: In our liberated zone; young people danced in the streets, ideological and political foes embraced, a few of us "aged" activits fell in love with a "new" generation, and, more importantly, every participant sensed the weakness of this police force, this society -and they will remember. --READ MORE--
From S T A R R : Capitalism got SHUT DOWN for hours while we voiced our dissent. Some announced on bullhorns that Sept 11 was a government ploy while others lugged huge anti 2 party puppets. Streamers were thrown over lightposts while the pigs just gawked & wondered what to do.--READ MORE--


Colombia, 11.04.2007 04:12

La tragedia del Chocó

High Spy

NYC, 11.04.2007 03:39

A new video work at the Metropolitan Museum in New York makes surveillance into art - and we all love art, don't we?

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