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Royal West of England Academy Exhibition Labeled 'Bloody Propaganda'

Bristol, 15.04.2007 20:09

Espacio Bristol-Colombia/Bristol Rising Tide Protest & Wrench the Pipeline! News Espacio Bristol-Colombia/Bristol Rising Tide Protest & Wrench the Pipeline! News Espacio Bristol-Colombia, Bristol Rising Tide write; People from Espacio Bristol-Colombia and Bristol Rising Tide today picketed the Royal West of England Academy with a visual memorial of some of the people killed by the army and right-wing paramilitaries in the BP-controlled area of Colombia. The gallery is currently exhibiting the National Portrait Awards which are sponsored by BP....The protestors stood silently in front of the gallery for two hours, holding copies of portraits from the exhibition with the faces removed, to signify the face that the faces of the murdered and disappeared are rarely seen. Public support and understanding was overwhelming, with people being visibly moved or angered to learn of BP’s activities...BP is soon to be the subject of one of a series of hearing of the People’s Permanent Tribunal into crimes against humanity by transnational corporations in Colombia. Despite the well-documented, institutionalised links between the Colombian security forces and right-wing paramilitary death squads, BP was exposed by The Guardian in 1997 for using British security contractor Defense Systems Limited to provide 'counterinsurgency' training to the Colombian police and army and contracting the Colombian army as private security. Full article.ON the subject of fossil fuel, Happy Camper writes; Shut down Land And Marine! - All day - Friday 20th April - Land and Marine are the main construction company responsible for the gas pipeline smashing through the Welsh countryside, including the Brecon Beacons. We have one of the company's offices in Bath, and resistance to the pipe has been strong in Wales, it's time to take the fight to their doorstep! We are asking people to blockade, make music, wave banners, leaflet or whatever else springs to mind! For more info on the pipeline, visit| Bloody Propaganda | Faces removed from National Portraits Awards | | Confirmed workshops at Bath Climate Camp (between Thursday 19th and Sunday 22nd of April) | |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

Statement from Political Prisoner Maroon Shoatz on his medical situation

Philadelphia, 15.04.2007 19:38

South Philly Redevelopment Plan Portends Displacement of Poor

Philadelphia, 15.04.2007 19:38

USC Student Activists Step up Pressure, Administration Responds In-Kind

LA, 15.04.2007 17:40

USC Student Activists Step up Pressure, Administration Responds In-Kind

The Zell[ing] Out of the Baltimore Sun

LA, 15.04.2007 17:40

The Zell[ing] Out of the Baltimore Sun

USC Student Activists Step up Pressure, Administration Responds In-Kind

LA, 15.04.2007 17:40

USC Student Activists Step up Pressure, Administration Responds In-Kind

[Sans-papiers] Victoire des Afghans et manifestation à Vottem le dimanche 22 avril

Liege, 15.04.2007 17:08

Alors que la situation en Afghanistan reste pour le moins tendue, 150 afghans résidant en Belgique ont reçu en début d'année un ordre de quitter le territoire émanant de l'Office des Etrangers. Face à l'arbitraire de cette décision, une quinzaine des sans-papiers se sont lancé dans une grève de la faim, les actions de soutien se sont multipliées (lettres au ministre, à l'Office des Etrangers, soutien de principe, rassemblement,...), l'avocate des demandeurs d'asile allant jusqu'à commencer elle aussi une grève de la faim, imitée peu après par un médecin. Après 32 jours de grève de la faim pour les sans-papiers, ces actions ont débouché sur une victoire, l'Office des Etrangers et le ministre de l'Intérieur ont dû accepter le réexamen de toutes les décisions de protection subsidiaire et la recevabilité d’une nouvelle demande d’asile pour tous les Afghans.

US corporate media assault on two independent world leaders:

Portland, 15.04.2007 16:38

the Wall Street Journal's far-right editorial page and New York Times were recently in attack mode taking on two Latin American leaders deserving praise. First, the Journal. self-styled "Latin American expert" Mary Anastasia O'Grady's latest April 9 column titled "Sharp Left Turn in Ecuador" makes the case. O'Grady launches her attack with what she calls "the constitutional crisis that Ecuador finds itself in today... modern day plunder frenzy (pitting) President Raphael Correa, outspoken admirer of... Chavez, against members of Congress who wish to preserve the country's institutional balance of power. At stake is the future of democracy,... under a soft dictatorship allied with the Venezuelan strongman." Correa took office January 15 making impressive promises he's so far trying to keep. That arouses O'Grady's ire so she oxymoronically refers to "non-democratic Ecuador" while admitting, at the same time, Correa "was elected fair and square."

Early on, Correa campaigned like George Bush never did promising real change including using the country's oil revenue (Ecuador is the hemisphere's fifth largest producer) for critically needed social services Ecuadoreans never got before from right wing governments unwilling to provide them. He promised a "citizens' revolution" beginning by drafting a new Constitution in a Constituent Assembly with a national referendum on it scheduled for Sunday, April 15 following the same pattern his ally Hugo Chavez chose in 1999 following his first election as Venezuela's president in December, 1998. With popular support for it overwhelming, it's virtually certain to pass, again arousing O'Grady's ire calling this democratic process a "power grab" (sparking a) constitutional crisis." For the kleptocracy maybe, not for the long-exploited people.

Not about to let the Wall Street Journal one-up it, the New York Times assaulted Hugo Chavez in its April 10 Romero/Krauss article "High Stakes: Chavez Plays the Oil Card." [The Times championed the aborted 2 day coup toppling him briefly calling it a "resignation" and saying Venezuela was "no longer threatened by a would-be dictator."] Chavez made it clear to foreign investors the old way of doing business based on corporate exploitation of the country's resources at the expense of the Venezuelan people is over. The new rules are fair ones, the same kinds foreign oil and other investors agree to in deals with Global North countries but don't have to in relations with developing ones. The article continues with scare-talk saying Chavez's "confrontation could easily end up with everyone losing", meaning if Big Oil leaves, "Venezuela risks undermining the engine behind Mr. Chavez's socialist-inspired revolution by hampering its ability to transform the nation's oil into riches for years to come." Nonsense. If Big Oil leaves, which is very doubtful, it will be the loser and Venezuelan oil production will continue under new joint-venture partnerships.

What Is The Portland Dollar?

Portland, 15.04.2007 16:38

The Portland Dollar is the beginning of a new currency for the Pacific Northwest.

Portland Dollars are circulated only in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana west of the continental divide. They show that our money comes from the Northwest which makes it possible to truly support the local economy.

Cascadia: More than a dream

Portland, 15.04.2007 16:38

The notion that the continent's west forms a natural bloc has deep roots -- now powerful forces are joining to make it true. Cascadia will never involve the loopy idea of provinces or states splitting off from their countries, as some western separatists once hoped. There won't ever be a seat for Cascadians at the United Nations. Cascadia won't ever be on a map any time soon.

Cascadia's guiding principle today isn't nationhood but what might be best called regionhood -- the sense that Alaska, the Yukon, B.C., Alberta and the states of Washington, Oregon, Montana and Idaho -- often share similar regional goals and ambitions. Cascadians may be in separate countries, states and provinces. But, the thinking goes, in an age when centralized governments are often devolving their powers, they often share similar agendas. In Cascadia, these range from environmental issues, a heightened sense that their collective futures are tied to the Asia-Pacific and a desire for more autonomy from federal governments that are thousands of kilometres to the east, in Ottawa and Washington, D.C., and often out of touch with the big questions to the west. In fact, when taken as a whole, Cascadia has evolved into a powerful economic entity with clout its members alone can never hope to wield. If you add up the states' and provinces' individual GDPs and populations, Cascadia is a significant geographic area and market: It comprises a market of more than 20 million people and what would be the world's eighth-richest nation, with a GDP of about $848 billion US, according to the Pacific Northwest Economic Region, the entity that was formed in 1991 by the legislators of Cascadia's provinces and states. Those same leaders will be in Anchorage, Alaska, from July 22 to 26, to continue their work to foster regional cooperation and the idea of an economic bloc. If you add California to the concept, as Premier Gordon Campbell was wont to do in a recent interview when he discussed Cascadia, you would get an entity that would include about 60 million people and a GDP of more than $2 trillion, about the size of China.

"I think there is a very strong, natural pull of the region called Cascadia," he said. Campbell isn't suggesting that there could ever be a full integration of the region, one that could ever challenge the sovereignty of either Canada's or the United States' federal governments. That is the pipe dream of a small band of separatists who hijacked the name years ago. But on issues such as climate change, Campbell suggests, looking at the region as a whole makes good political and economic sense. Cascadian Dreams website | Republic of Cascadia

Time To Write A Gingrich Wrong

Portland, 15.04.2007 16:38

To make Congress more effective we need to restore the Office of Technology Assessment that the sanctimonious Gingrich got rid of in 1995. Few Americans have heard of the Congressional Office of Technology Assessment. It was created by Congress in 1972 and became the fourth congressional support agency. It was designed to provide the House and Senate with independent, nonpartisan and thorough analysis of complex technical issues and policy options for addressing them. In 1995 under pressure from the pompous and nefarious Newt Gingrich the small agency was de-funded.

I was a proud member of the senior OTA staff for 12 years. There is now bipartisan interest among some members of Congress in reinstituting OTA. And that is a wonderful idea that all those hoping to see improved congressional behavior and policymaking should support. For first hand understanding of what OTA did, you can access its reports at With a staff of just 200, two-thirds of which were professional research staff, it produced over 750 reports in its 23 years of existence. The scope and breadth of OTA's work was mind-boggling, and the remaining congressional support agencies have not replicated the depth of its work and the outreach of its staff. Ironically, many nations sent people to visit and examine OTA and then established their own versions of this unique technology assessment agency that they still rely on. The abolishment of OTA by Gingrich was viewed with amazement and chagrin worldwide.

How amazing that at a time in history when government policy has had to address more and more terribly sophisticated and contentious technical issues, Congress lost this precious national resource. And make no mistake about OTA's very positive impacts. Its work guided legislation, improved congressional oversight of agency activities, and helped reduce wasteful federal spending. Just as important, OTA informed Congress about issues likely to become important in the future so members could anticipate and act proactively. Please write you Senators and Representatives in support of providing new funding for OTA that still legally exists on paper at least. Yes, there is too much wasteful federal spending. But OTA is a compelling case; the public would benefit enormously by the relatively small funding for OTA.

Laughing Horse Needs YOUR Support

Portland, 15.04.2007 16:38

Help us make it through the bad months. Attention concerned citizens of Portland. This is a call for solidarity from our community. Laughing Horse Book Collective needs your support. We are a volunteer run radical bookstore and resource for peacemakers, truth seekers, revolutionaries, and all people concerned with the icky state of the world. We've been providing information and meeting space to activists of all kinds for over 20 years.

In order to better serve our community and make it through the slow months, we are asking for you to come buy a book, or 5. :) Give a donation if you can. Small or large, it all goes back into the bookstore, and helps keep us open. We are located at 12 NE 10th Ave, just off Burnside. Keep fighting the good fight and read the good books! Love, Laughing Horse

phone: (503) 236-2893

[SHAC 7 Updates] Shirt Design Deadline Extended &amp; Keep Writing!

Portland, 15.04.2007 16:38

Two quick updates: SHAC 7 prisoner Jake Conroy is now off of lockdown, however Josh Harper is still in the hole, Andy Stepanian and Lauren Gazzola have had their phone privileges revoked for six months--and they all need to hear from you! Please keep writing them while they are in prison, even if you don't know them. You can get their addresses at:


SHAC7 Shirt Design Deadline EXTENDED!!
Got a great idea in mind for a SHAC7 t-shirt design, but just been too busy protesting HLS to get it in to us? Well, don't you fret because we've decided to extend the deadline for design submissions! Get those designs into us RIGHT AWAY though because we've already got some nice submissions and we want to get the official SHAC7 support shirt printed up ASAP! Remember, we want the focus to be on generating support for the SHAC 7 so the design idea should be both compelling and attractive enough that tons of ya'll will want to buy them!

Alert: FDA Attempting to Regulate Supplements, Herbs and Juices as &quot;Drugs&quot;

Portland, 15.04.2007 16:38

A new FDA "guidance" document, published on the FDA's website, reveals plans to reclassify virtually all vitamins, supplements, herbs and even vegetable juices as FDA-regulated drugs. Massage oils and massage rocks will be classified as "medical devices" and require FDA approval.

When it comes to health freedom, this is the FDA's end game. A new FDA "guidance" document, published on the FDA's website, reveals plans to reclassify virtually all vitamins, supplements, herbs and even vegetable juices as FDA-regulated drugs. Massage oils and massage rocks will be classified as "medical devices" and require FDA approval. The document is called Docket No. 2006D-0480. Draft Guidance for Industry on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Products and Their Regulation by the Food and Drug Administration.

The FDA is accepting public comments on the docket until April 30th. 1. Lodge a complaint with the FDA by clicking here, link to MAKE SURE you include the docket number 2006D-0480. But don't trust this to be enough. The FDA will probably simply delete half the complaints it receives, so don't trust your complaint to actually count. It's important to continue...


Related: Derailing local food; Proposed new regulations for Portland Farmer's Markets:
In the aftermath of the E.coli spinach fiasco last year, the Oregon Department of Agriculture plans to draft new food safety regulations for farmer's markets, starting with the 2008 season. However, it appears they will do this without a true public process, but more with the help of the United Grocers, an association of grocery stores that has everything to gain by stifling our burgeoning farmer's market communities.


Art and the Oaxaca Commune

Portland, 15.04.2007 16:38

At a time when many US citizens feel powerless to stop the criminal direction of 'their' government, the examples of revolutionary movements elsewhere give not only hope, but practical education towards organizing a society where humans outrank profit on the list of social priorities. The 'Oaxaca Commune' in Mexico is such an example. The Mexican federal government has taken severe action in repressing this popular movement, but further organizing and revolutionary momentum has already begun. The huge successes of the movement and its continued political evolution should thus be an inspiration for all those interested in social progress. The scant coverage given by the New York Times simply discounted the events as the actions of wayward 'anarchists and protesters'.

A recent event in Portland Oregon highlighted the interest that average people have in the ongoing events in Oaxaca, showcasing the dormant political energy that many are desperately trying to direct into action. On February 4th, an art show was held at Liberty Hall that displayed the revolutionary street art that emerged from the streets of Oaxaca. In Oaxaca, the most widely used art is stencil, practical because it is easily transported around the city and quickly spray-painted onto buildings. The stencil art varies considerably, from mere political slogans to juxtaposed images of past revolutionary figures. The reception to the Portland art show was astonishing— the venue was filled far beyond capacity. The Oaxaca-Oregon solidarity group— including WIL members who helped organize the event— used the turnout as a tool for political education: presentations were given about the effects of NAFTA on the region, and how the accumulated discontent paved the way for open insurrection.

Front Against the Raids

LA, 15.04.2007 12:38


Sack your MP campaign (Stirling)

Scotland, 15.04.2007 11:11

The sack Anne McGuire campaign demonstrations will continue inspite of talks with the MP and police harassment.

Detenido por decirle la verdad a Zapatero

Canarias, 15.04.2007 11:11

El vicepresidente de la Asociación Canaria de Amigos del Pueblo Saharaui, Alberto Negrín, fue expulsado del mitin del P$O€ celebrado ayer sábado, por decirle la verdad al presidente del Gobierno José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, en el auditorio de Santa Cruz de Tenerife. El activista pro-derechos humanos, sentado en las escaleras centrales del auditorio, mostró una bandera del Sáhara Occidental e interrumpió la intervención de Zapatero cuando éste hablaba sobre los "caladeros marroquíes", y declaraba su compromiso de que llegarían allí 37 barcos canarios. Ese fue el momento elegido por el activista para exclamar: "para vender el Sahara". Inmediatamente, miembros de seguridad, se dirigieron hasta él y le pidieron que abandonara la sala, petición a la que se opuso con un movimiento de cabeza de lado a lado. Ante la negativa, los vigilantes levantaron al hombre y lo portaron hasta la salida ubicada en la parte alta y central del auditorio, al final de las escaleras. Alberto, estuvo más de tres horas detenido ilegítimamente, sin otra acusación que la de ejercer su derecho a la denuncia del saqueo de las riquezas del pueblo saharaui . En Canarias, cómo en España, no hay libertad de expresión. Pero sí hay libertad para pisotear el derecho internacional, para venderle armas al genocida y para repartirse el saqueo de unas riquezas, que sólo le pertenecen al pueblo saharaui.

el semillero

Valparaiso, 15.04.2007 04:09

Sabado 14 Abril 2007 | Convocatoria Abierta

Asamblea Urgente Desalojo "El Semillero"

What Next For Mexico?

Philadelphia, 15.04.2007 03:40

Billionaires for Coal

Houston, 15.04.2007 00:41

Billionaires for Coal Show Merrill Lynch some love

Sedition Books New Place

Houston, 15.04.2007 00:41

Photos From Sedition Books New Place!

IRS Seizes Peacenik's Wages for Unpaid War Taxes

Santa Cruz, CA, 14.04.2007 22:39

The IRS has issued a notice requiring the Resource Center for Nonviolence in Santa Cruz to turn over staff member Scott Kennedy's salary. Kennedy said, "The timing is auspicious during the last two weeks before Federal income taxes are due. The House of Representatives has just recommended another $100 billion for our brutal, immoral, and unwinnable war in Iraq. I won't in good conscience voluntarily pay for such madness."

Police Mar Peaceful Protest Against DRC Deportations in Solihull

United Kingdom, 14.04.2007 21:41

Over 200 people protested on Thursday, 12 April, at the immigration reporting centre in Solihull, near Birmingham, against deportations to the Democratic Republic of Congo. The protest was part of a UK-wide coordinated day of action to mark a Directions Hearing for the Country Guidance Tribunal regarding DRC asylum seekers.

The peaceful protest was marred by a large police presence and was penned, twice, into Sandford House's car park. Protesters, however, broke off after a while and blockaded the road for about 2 hours. Two people were arrested, one also assaulted by an aggressive cop. They were released later on but only because their fellow protesters, in an empowering show of solidarity, refused to leave the site before they were released.

Report | Photo report | Report & photos | video

Six arrests in Ballinaboy As 30 Enter Shell Site

Ireland, 14.04.2007 19:42

30 enter Shell site Six people were arrested this ...

The Fight to Save a Planet

LA, 14.04.2007 18:38

The Fight to Save a Planet

Sen. Hatch on the Democrats and war funding, reports of U.S.-supported militia attacks on Iran

DC, 14.04.2007 18:10

On March 25 Sam Husseini spoke with Senator Orrin Hatch outside of CNN’s Washington studios. Hatch claimed that Saddam kicked out the UN weapons inspectors, contradicting the public record that the inspectors were withdrawn. Hatch also claimed that Mohamed ElBaradei, the head of the IAEA, told him that the inspectors could not get any further than they did, although ElBaradei is also on the public record as having asked for more time and attesting to working inspections.


Houston, 14.04.2007 17:41

Police Increase Surviellance of Freeway Bloggers

Report from the April 7 rally at Oakland Port Hq

Portland, 14.04.2007 16:09

SOME 200 PEOPLE attended the April 7 rally at the Port-of-Oakland Headquarters. It was a smaller turnout than we would have liked, but considering that it was Easter weekend I guess it's as much as we could've hoped for. During the week before the rally, I took an informal poll and found that a lot of people whom I had expected to see at the rally were instead going to be out of town. Practically everyone, it seemed. And, to make matters worse, the weather reports were forecasting rain...

The rally commemorated the 4th anniversary of the police attack in which 59 protesters and longshoremen were injured. Other themes and issues were: Stop war shipments. Port money for schools & social services. Bring the troops home now, and give them the healthcare they need. Express solidarity with Tacoma protestors trying to stop war shipments.

Zsar Karl's Protest in Tigard and Message to Media

Portland, 14.04.2007 16:09

I just got back from Tigard. There must have been around 100 people at one point. Not as big a turn out as I expected. Everything went smoothly. The protestors behaved peaceably. Not surprisingly it was the Bush supports who were out of control. I doubt the mainstream media will bother reporting that. My favorite part was a group of 2-3 young men holding up a confederate flag to protest the protestors. Scary thought-they had to have this in their closet, and pulled it out just for us. How proud their parents must be. We got flipped off more than I have experienced before. No wonder they held it in Tigard. There were around 6-10 other protestors there supporting Bush. "Support the War" was their sign. They flip us off where we hold up signs saying "Support Peace" but they go to all this trouble to support killings. I bet their christians. The Embassy Suites was holding another function for a real estate group. One of the men going in apologized to the protestors that he was there, but that he had to go. My kind of guy.


"Rove" Arrested Inside of Hotel in Tigard

On Friday the Thirteenth of April members of the Surge Protection Brigade and Code Pink greeted Karl Rove with a surprise party that included enactment of his arrest and incitement by citizens inside the Embassy Suites Hotel in Tigard, Oregon where he was speaking. Two groups of protesters made reservations for dinner- one of them a "Birthday Party" of twelve. They had dinner in the restaurant then took their brightly wrapped "presents" to an Atrium table right in front of the entrance to the room where Rove was speaking. The "presents" contained costumes and signs for a mock citizen's arrest and incitement of Rove just before he began speaking. When the citizens and a handcuffed "Rove" were escorted out by police they joined about 40 other demonstrators on the sidewalk behind the hotel. A person who counted demonstrators estimated that up to 100 people protested throughout the evening.


Photos from the Embassy Suites Karl Rove Protest

I really feel sorry and pity the folks who would actually pay money to support this war party. Why are you bearing witness to a war criminal on the stage who is shilling for a failed president and a disastrous foreign policy? It is just pathetic you consider yourself a conservative and a proud republican. I guess that you are the 28% that Chuckle Nuts still considers his base. I pray for your soul.I am a parent who has a son in the Persian Gulf. I was out there tonight to support him and his fellow service members who want to come home and end this senseless occupation of Iraq.


Karl Heads to SEATAC -- Citizens Plan to Arrest Him

Portland, 14.04.2007 16:09

Karl Rove is scheduled to speak at the King County Republican Party's Lincoln Day Dinner 2007, at the Hilton Seattle Airport Hotel in Seatac at 6:30 PM. Private reception begins at 5:30 PM.

World Can't Wait and others will be meeting at the corner of Highway 99 and S 176th St at 5:00 PM.

We will be serving an "ARREST WARRANT" on Karl Rove charging him for aiding and

Please bring your own signs with your own "special" message for Karl Rove!

Climate Change Awareness Bike Ride, ending at BIG RALLY downtown

Portland, 14.04.2007 16:09

[On Saturday] April 14, 2007 10 am to 1 pm, The Community Exchange Cycle Touring Club and Bike School will lead off the day of events with a bicycle ride 3029 SE 21 Ave (People's Co-op)starting at Peoples Co-op in SE Portland at 10:00 am and ending at the BIG RALLY downtown Portland.

Saturday's ride will [begin at] Peoples Food Co-op, (3029 SE 21 Ave), a passive solar residence in Northeast Portland, the Ecotrust Jean Vollum Natural Capital Center and the Step It Up rally at Terry Schrunk Plaza. The Community Exchange Cycle Touring Club and Bike School will be leading a bike tour to promote low or zero carbon solutions as part of our mission to promote peace and ecological respect, said Aaron Tarfman, volunteer leader of the ride on Saturday.

The event is part of the Step it Up 2007 campaign which will culminate at a rally downtown from 1:00-3:00 pm. The idea behind the Step It Up bike ride was to visit locations that showcase sustainable ideas in Portland from residential to commercial.

3029 SE 21 Ave (People's Co-op) Directions: Ride your bike to Peoples Co-op and then we'll ride around town!

10 Years of New Labour

Bristol, 14.04.2007 14:40

Bristle 24 looks at 10 years under Blair + Film Night and Cafe Bristle 24 looks at 10 years under Blair + Film Night and Cafe An editor writes: Issue 24 comes in a shit-brown cover, because we have a shit government that continues to shit on us all whilst aiding & abetting the plunder of the planet. Our special feature this issue is on 10 years of New Labour – we look back to the 10 key pledges of their 1997 manifesto and see how they measure up, taking special note of their impact on Bristol. In addition we’ve got Bristling in Bath, lactivism, a look at the Fairford trials farce, guns in Acadamies, the defence of green spaces, Bristol’s rising tide, news, comment, reviews, some dodgy humour, local political artwork, and even a t-shirt competition!..Love & solidarity - the bristle collective. Full article.In addition, @punk at Bristle writes; Once upon a time…before the anti-globalisation & anti-capitalist movements of the late-90’s and ‘summit trashing’, before Reclaim the Streets, before the emergent social centre network, before the summer of love & rave & free parties, before the direct action & anti-roads movements of the late-80’s onwards, before the miners strike, before New Labour was a dream, before Class War, but after the original wave of punk rock in 1976/7…there was Anarcho-Punk. Café & Film night at Kebele social centre (see for directions) from 6pm. Vegan meal from 6.30pm, film at 7.30pm.| The New Bristle - it's shit-brown (not pro-Brown) | | Mum, what did you do as an anarcho-punk? | |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

Kein Krieg im Iran!

Switzerland, 14.04.2007 14:39

Schon im März 2006 berichtete in einem ausführlichem Bericht von einem möglichen militärischen Angriff der USA auf den Iran. Kurz darauf schrieb der Investigativjournalist Seymour Hersh, der massgeblich an der Aufdeckung des Folter-Skandal im irakischen Abu-Ghuraib-Gefängnis beteiligt war, in einem Bericht, dass "die Bush Administration [...] klandestine Tätigkeiten innerhalb des Irans verstärkte und intensivierte die Planung für einen möglichen Luftangriff."

Trotz wiederholter Besänftigungen deutet nach wie vor alles auf einen Krieg gegen den Iran hin. Die USA haben jetzt im Persischen Golf ihre Truppen zusammengezogen. Der Truppenaufmarsch der USA und der NATO Staaten ist soweit fortgeschritten, dass die Streitkräfte einsatzbereit sind. Kommt der Befehl aus Washington, steht einem Angriff gegen den Iran nichts mehr im Wege. In Basel findet nun am Samstag, 21. April 07 um 14 Uhr eine Demonstration statt (Treffpunkt Barfüsserplatz). [ Aufruf ]

Links: Kein Krieg im Iran | Iranian Blogs | Campaign Iran Stop War on Iran | Workers Left Unity Iran

San Diego Reclaim the Streets: Street Party Followed by Cop Violence

San Diego, 14.04.2007 08:08

From Reclaimer: Reclaim the Streets was a 3 hour street party with 100-200 people all over downtown with music, puppets, glitter, costumes, dancing, jumping and lots and lots of FUN. Many people joined the party off the street but many were also confused, despite the huge banners saying "Reclaim the Streets" and "Lets Party!" The night ended with extreme violence from the SDPD... --Read More--

From Anarchist on wheels: 3 confirmed arrests, others assaulted with pepper spray... Several people began screaming at the top of their lungs. Someone was pounding on the wall, another couple of people on the ground--all screaming. Someone yelled "Pepper Spray."--Read More--

Comment from one spy in a house of love: The party was fantastic, my legs are sore and spirits high..despite the nonsense at the end... Comment from reclaimer: If you have photos of the two undercovers, please post them. they were two older men, one very heavy set, who were both wearing brand new flannels and black beanies and shiny new white socks and sneakers and cut off pant shorts. --Read More Comments--

Photos: From Reclaimer | Call for Video From adydashawn
SD Reclaim the Streets Website | SDRTS Announcement


Peru, 14.04.2007 06:09

11 y 12 de abril del 2007
Áncash: policía asesina a joven durante contundente Paro Regional

Step It Up: Rallies Against Global Warming in Bay Area and Around the Country

San Francisco Bay Area, 14.04.2007 04:40

On April 14th, tens of thousands of people will gather across the country to call for action on climate change. The group Step it Up is spearheading the national day of action. Over 1,300 rallies, demonstrations and actions are being held in all fifty states to call on Congress to cut carbon emissions by 80 percent by the year 2050.

Villa Caraza: Los vecinos y vecinas resistieron

Argentina, 14.04.2007 01:39

Intentan desalojar nuevamente el asentamiento de ACUBA

Villa Caraza: Los vecinos y vecinas resistieron

Argentina, 14.04.2007 01:39

Intentan desalojar nuevamente el asentamiento de ACUBA

Global Warming Solution. Will it make it through the bureaucracy to the upper atmosphere?

Miami, 14.04.2007 01:38

Global Warming Solution. Will it make it through the bureaucracy to the upper atmosphere?

DC Offers Settlement to People's Strike Arrestees

DC, 13.04.2007 23:10

If you were arrested in the People's Strike actions at Vermont and K st. in DC on Sept. 27 2002, DC owes you money! Please forward widely and to anyone this might affect!

Juicio al Gatillo Fácil

Argentina, 13.04.2007 22:09

Bravo Asesino

Recrear el enemigo: Indigenismo en la mira

Argentina, 13.04.2007 22:09

Del Santa Fe II a la Doctrina Aznar

Thousands of Union Workers March on Hotels on Eve of IMF Meetings

DC, 13.04.2007 21:10

Unite Here local 25 gathered thousands of hotel workers for a spirited march on the Woodley Park Mariott, a hotel in which some but not all workers have union representation. Even with the union, workers are being pushed to injury and exhaustion, but non-union worksrs have it even worse.


Colombia, 13.04.2007 21:08

Las CONVIVIR de Uribe

May 5th-6th Weekend of Solidarity With Eric McDavid

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.04.2007 19:11

Eric McDavid has now been in jail, pre-trial, for 15 months. He has been in Total Separation, or solitary, that entire time. Since their arrest, his co-defendants (Zachary Jenson and Lauren Weiner) have agreed to testify against him, in a case that has been based on the reports from a paid FBI informant. In contrast, Eric has stood by his principles during his incarceration - including enduring a grueling two week hunger strike to get vegan meals. A hearing in his case has been scheduled for April 16th in Sacramento. May 5th and 6th, 2007 will be a weekend of international solidarity to help raise awareness about his case, as well as funds for his legal expenses.

The Rising Sea of Action: Creative New Yorkers Turn Up the Political Heat

NYC, 13.04.2007 17:09

Joining more than 1,100 actions in all 50 states for the Step It Up! Campaign on the National Day Against Climate Change, New York City organizers hope that this dramatic action will help convince Congress to cut global warming – causing pollution by 80 percent by 2050.

Tulane 'Scuba' University

New Hampshire, 13.04.2007 14:11

Those of you who go to New Orleans over spring break should make sure to ask people to share their story. Ask them how they felt as events unfolded. Then, just listen. This will probably be as beneficial as whatever assistance you might provide building a house.

Hooksett GE workers are getting together for a new voice at work

New Hampshire, 13.04.2007 14:11

Workers at GE's Hooksett facility are uniting to improve their wages and working conditions.

Mass for Critical Mass!

United Kingdom, 13.04.2007 12:08

Birmingham's Critical Mass has been steadily growing to reclaim the city's roads, where people are often forced by petroleum guzzling road users to ride dangerously in the gutter. This month's ride saw over 30 people, joined by a few skaters and BMXers, joyfully cycling along the City Centre's main roads and streets, accompanied by a trailer sound system pumping out cycling-related grooves, without any intervention from cops or psychotic car drivers. Last month's ride saw a cap driver attempting to undercut the mass and colliding with a cyclist. It also saw attempts by the police to intervene in the Mass.

Birmingham Critical Mass takes place on the first Friday of every month. Poeple usually meet up at 5:30pm in Pigeon Park (St Philip’s Cathedral) and set off at about 6pm for a spontaneous ride around the city centre.

Recent Rides reports: April | March | February | January: cyclist wins re-trial

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