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Argentina, 18.04.2007 00:39

Secuestran a Raúl Lescano, integrante de Quebracho

KhaRabia Rayford Dies; Mother, Artist, Educator, Community Activist

DC, 17.04.2007 23:42

KhaRabia Rayford passed away yesterday, succumbing to cancer. Rayford took on tough issues in her community and fought in the struggles of independent media, including to reclaim Pacifica, where her involvement included a role on the WPFW Listener Advisory Board, and collaboration with various incarnations of Indymedia projects. Wednesday April 18th, from 5-9pm, there will be a funeral fund raising tribute party for Kharabia, with music, spoken word, at Al-Fishawy Cafe, 4132 Georgia Avenue, NW, (between Uphur and Taylor) Friday April 20th Funeral at Plymouth Congregational Church, N. Capital and Riggs Road, Friday April 20th; viewing from 9-11am, service at 11am.

The Third History – What Happened To Captain Jack White’s papers?

Ireland, 17.04.2007 23:41

“The Burning” – PDF available below – is a full le ...

Update: Infos zum G8 in Heiligendamm

Switzerland, 17.04.2007 23:09

Der G8 in Heiligendamm rückt näher. Die Mobilisierung ist, zumindest was die Schweiz betrifft, noch im Anlaufen.

Eine G8-Infotour ist durch die Schweiz getourt und hat Infos zum Stand der Mobilisierung sowie Lese-Material mitgebracht.

Um ihre grosse Naturliebe zur Schau zu tragen, treffen sich die G8 seit einiger Zeit in der naturbelassenen Peripherie.
Dort muss mensch aber erst einmal hinkommen.

Francia: Indymedia perseguita per aver denunciato trattamento immigrati

Switzerland, 17.04.2007 22:07

Il prossimo 19 aprile, un mediattivista attivo in indymedia Lille sarà chiamato a comparire davanti ad una corte per un processo contro di lui a Boulogne, in Francia. Le accuse riguardano una pubblicazione avvenuta nel giugno 2004 e sono state mosse dal capo del CRS (Compagnies Républicaines de Sécurité, il corpo speciale della polizia con compiti anti-sommossa) e da Domenique Villepin, primo ministro francese. Il ragazzo sara giudicato per "pubblica diffamazione della polizia". La pubblicazione in questione riguarda la denuncia delle violenze perpetrate dalle agenti verso i rifugiati durante un trasferimento a Sint-Silence, nel nord nella Francia. La giustizia francese si sta accanendo contro questa persona, ritenendola il direttore del nodo IMC di Lille nonostante è ben risaputo che i collettivi di Indymedia non possiedono né direttori né presidenti. In quanto collettivi vige l'orizzontalità senza gerarchia, e i siti funzionano grazie ad un sistema di pubblicazione aperta, che permette a chiunque di pubblicare un articolo, purché questo rispetti la locale politica editoriale. In questo caso Indymedia è stato lo strumento di denucia per l'operato della polizia francese. In una nota, il collettivo di IMC Lille ha affermato che continuerà a mantenere in rete le pubblicazioni e che supporterà l'accusato, essendo questa una "causa diretta ad intimidire e/o a tacere un centro mediatico alternativo che utilizza questi metodi e che illustra ugualmente come alla giustizia e alla polizia preme far tacere le donne e gli uomini rifugiati e celare la violenza politica dell'amministrazione sui migranti nel nord del paese". Sempre nella nota il collettivo invita alla pubblicazione di materiale sulla situazione del trasferimento di migranti al nord e sulla persecuzione della rete d'Indymedia. :: leggi le note di CMI Lille (in francese) :: La legge francese proibisce la rivelazione di immagini violente (in inglese) ::CMI Lille (Francia)

Rally Against Columbia University Expansion Plan on Wednesday, April 18

NYC, 17.04.2007 21:08

Community residents and Columbia University students will be protesting against the Columbia University Administration's latest plan to grab more West Harlem land for its own use, despite the opposition of local community activists to Columbia's latest plan for institutional expansion (as indicated by the following press release)

Battery floods with &quot;Sea of People&quot;

NYC, 17.04.2007 21:08

Sea Monster activists formed a blue-clad mass in Battery Park this past Saturday in support of new legislation demanding an 80 percent reduction in greenhouse gases by 2050.

sithe global vote april 17th

New Mexico, 17.04.2007 19:40

Navajo Tribal council to vote on $2 million for Sithe Global April 17th

April 13

Houston, 17.04.2007 19:39

The Apri 13th Edition of the HIMC Radio Show

From the Newswire

Perth, 17.04.2007 18:39

Burrup Heritage Burrup Action - Perth

A 4x4 Mayor: Are You What You Drive? (Or that you drive at all!)

Bristol, 17.04.2007 18:38

Should Abdul Malik be the next mayor of Bristol? Questions on his eco-credentials... Should Abdul Malik be the next mayor of Bristol? Questions on his eco-credentials... Lee Evans writes: A copy of a letter written to Gary Hopkins giving his support to Abdul Malik as the next mayor of Bristol in which he describes Mr Malik as 'a great advert for the city' and a 'really great advert of an inner-city bloke making good'. Read on to get an alternative point of view...Dear Mr Hopkins, I am writing in response to your comments in the Bristol Evening Post of 12th April regarding the selection of the next lord mayor, Abdul Malik. This is not a topic that would usually interest me but on this occasion I feel obliged to challenge your claims made in the short article. I hope this will help achieve a balanced view of the suitability of Mr Malik’s role as a councillor and a potential lord mayor....You say that ‘Mr Malik is a great advert for the city’ and ‘He is a really great advert for an inner-city bloke making good’. But what concerns me is Mr Malik’s values and the values of the people, such as yourself, who wish to appoint Mr Malik...I do not understand the criteria for selecting a lord mayor but I don’t think that ‘an inner city bloke making good’ is sufficient reason. There are probably many wealthy inner-city blokes driving £40,000 off road vehicles but that should not make them suitable electoral candidates or 'great adverts for the city.' Instead you should, I believe, be looking to appoint someone with sound environmental credentials who will lead by example by using public transport, cycling and walking wherever possible... Full article.| Abdul Malik For Mayor? | Related Local Political News: Kiely, Kiely,Kiley OUT OUT OUT! | The New Bristle - it's shit-brown (not pro-Brown) | Tories gloat over Labour divisions | Tactical Voting: Getting Neo-Labour Out! | The strange affair of the Lib Dem Trot | Bristolian starts Tory scandal website |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

What It Means to be a Patriot on Patriots Day with Howard Zinn and Amy Goodman

Boston, 17.04.2007 18:08

On Patriots Day, in historic Fanuiel Hall in Boston, Howard Zinn and Amy Goodman addressed a packed house about government, media, war, and protest. It was also a fundraiser for Democracy Now, and a promotion event for Howard Zinn's new book "A Power Governments Cannot Supress." Listen to audio report:

Mayor Embarassed by Opponents of Temple Courts Eviction, School Takeover as Thousands March for DC Vote

DC, 17.04.2007 16:11

Thousands of DC residents marched on April 16 to demand that DC residents get a vote in Congress. At this event, however,Mayor Fenty got an unpleasant suprise from residents of the besieged Temple Courts community, and from opponents of his school takeover plan.

Protests and Building the Anti-War Movement (SAIC)

Portland, 17.04.2007 15:39

Here is the latest leaflet from the Seattle Anti-Imperialist Committee(SAIC). It is about the role of protests--throughout U.S. history and today--in building mass movements capable of curtailing (and eventually stopping altogether!) the outrageous crimes of the imperialist system. For more information on SAIC (including meeting times), or to post feedback, visit our website at:

Willamette river flows with blood

Portland, 17.04.2007 15:39

Today peace activists gathered together at Salmon Springs in Downtown Portland on the Willamette and turned the river red to signify the blood of those killed in the latest war for money, power, and control.

"No blood for oil" and "Bring the troops home" banners were dropped and hung from the Hawthorne bridge. Death was everywhere and bloody zombies reminded everyone why they were there.

Here are few photos from the event.

Dinner with the Pirate of Compassion, A Benefit for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Portland, 17.04.2007 15:39

Benefit Event for Sea Shepherd Conservation Society featuring Captain Paul Watson's harrowing tales, dinner and live music. At the Pirate's Tavern on Wednesday, April 18 at 8:00pm at the Pirate's Tavern (all vegan restaurant)

Captain Watson, founder of Sea Shepherd has been defending ocean life from illegal pillage and plunder by rogue whalers and marine murderers for over 20 years. Come to the Pirate's Tavern to hear of his adventures on the high seas!

Sea Shepherd defeats Japanese whaling fleet!!

Earth Day 2007 - Volunteers needed this week!

Portland, 17.04.2007 15:39

Over 150 sustainable organizations and businesses, 3 stages of entertainment, bike rides from 18 starting points around Portland and so much more! An all volunteer-organized event, Earth Day 2007: Planting Seeds of Community will start setting up at Woodlawn Park this Thursday for the event on Saturday, April 21. Please come volunteer and have some fun!

Earth Day 2007: Planting Seeds of Community
Saturday, April 21, 2007 ~ 10am - 10pm
Woodlawn Park ~ NE Portland
NE 13th & NE Dekum

Video File: Oregon Citizens Arrested for Attempting To Speak With Senator Smith

Portland, 17.04.2007 15:39

Following a brief rally in front of the Portland World Trade Center, where Oregon Sen. Gordon Smith has his offices, six of his constituency were stopped by building security at the foot of the escalator and arrested for trespassing. Their only "crime" was wishing to speak to their elected Senator, or one of his aides concerning the Iraq War. This is the ninth time since the first of the year that Oregon citizens have been denied access to their elected official, and there have been numerous arrests over this time period.

The group, Defund the War have made a commitment to pressure Sen. Smith to stand behind the speech he made early in this year, condemning the war and withdrawing his support for it. Quoting Sen, Smith, "I, for one, am at the end of my rope when it comes to supporting a policy that has our soldiers patrolling the same streets in the same way, being blown up by the same bombs day after day."

Should the fact of private ownership trump a citizens right of access to their elected officials? As Peter points out in the video, it is against the law to pass any law denying a citizen this access.

[ Posted to Google at: ]


Immigrant Rights Now! May Day Action &amp; Background Reading

Portland, 17.04.2007 15:39

From PCASC: As May Day approaches, ICE (aka la migra, formerly known as the INS) is picking up their campaign of raids targeting the Latino community. While the aim of these raids is to terrorize immigrant communities and scare them behind closed doors, they have only made people more determined: this May Day we will stand up once again for immigrant and worker rights. See event details below. Legalization now! Stop the raids! No militarization of the border!

Push and Pull: Free Trade and the Immigration Debate
Thursday April 19, 2007 6:30 PM
AFSCME Offices, 6025 E. Burnside St.
, Portland

David Bacon and Juan Sandoval, two leading scholars and activists, one from each side of the border, will help us grapple with the complex and controversial issues surrounding free trade and immigration using photos and stories from their years of organizing.

International Workers' Day Celebration on May 1st Let's march for immigrant and Workers' rights! We demand just and comprehensive Immigration Reform Legalization NOW!

When: May 1st 2007, 4:00pm
Where: SW park blocks and SW Salmon St., Portland

Related:/b> MayDay background | MayDay2006 | Sin Fronteras Portland Mayday events! | Putting it in Writing: Immigrants Rights Coalition Sends Strong Message to Congress

El Semillero NO se va!!!

Valparaiso, 17.04.2007 15:39

May Day 2007 - Glasgow, Tues May 1

Scotland, 17.04.2007 12:10

Plans are afoot for the annual celebration of May Day in Glasgow city centre on Tuesday May 1st. Meet-up at 12 noon, Buchanan St Underground.

¡Gigante: Despierta! Giant: Awake!

San Francisco Bay Area, 17.04.2007 07:39

In 2006, a historic mobilization for immigrant rights swept the US as millions took to the streets. Corporate news media predictably covered the marches with a mix of surprise, ignorance, and racism, yet grassroots media activists were there to document the voices and the stories behind this mass movement. ¡Gigante: Despierta! ("Giant: Awake!") is a DVD compilation of short films from around the U.S. documenting the story of May Day 2006, due to hit the streets in the weeks before May 1, 2007. The project was shot, edited, and brought together by a network of independent video activists, graphic designers, community organizers, musicians, and immigrant rights activists.

Northeast Ohio: Step it Up!

Cleveland, 17.04.2007 07:07

Northeast Ohio: Step it Up!

Intento de censura

Argentina, 17.04.2007 05:38

El Vaticano amenaza con demandar a Indymedia

Intento de censura

Argentina, 17.04.2007 05:08

El Vaticano amenaza con demandar a indymedia

Parade Without A Permit

NYC, 17.04.2007 05:08

An Un-permitted Parade to Call Out Chiristine Quinn and Defend Free Assembly

Protests at IMF/World Bank Spring Meetings – a Prelude to October

NYC, 17.04.2007 05:08

From April 13-15, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank met in Washington DC. Once again, the Mobilization for Global Justice (MGJ) and allied groups organized protests to highlight the profound injustice that these institutions visit upon the world. This time, however, the April protests wren merely a prelude to bigger, more exciting things happening in the fall.

MayDay 2007 National Mobilization to Support Immigrant Workers

San Francisco Bay Area, 17.04.2007 04:39

Tuesday, May 1st will be the first anniversary of the Great Boycott of 2006, in which immigrants led walkouts, boycotts, and protests all over the US. In San Francisco on May 1st, immigrant and workers' rights groups will gather at Dolores Park at 12pm for a rally, followed by The Grand March for Unconditional Amnesty to Civic Center at 1pm. The ILWU will reportedly stop work in 6 west coast ports on May 1st, in part to support the Alcatraz ferry workers and their struggle against Hornblower Cruises. May 1st will also be a day of nationwide student walkouts.

Two Tax Day Actions in South Florida, April 17th

Miami, 17.04.2007 02:38

Two Tax Day Actions in South Florida, April 17th

Noise Brigade Wakes Up World Bank, IMF Delegates at Their Hotels

DC, 17.04.2007 00:11

In an unannounced action on the evening of April 14th, two dozen individuals braved the cold rain and took to the streets with makeshift soccer balls and noisemakers in hand, to send a message to World Bank and IMF delegates in town for the joint spring meetings of the Bank and Fund.

Juicio al Gatillo Fácil

Argentina, 16.04.2007 23:11

Bravo Asesino

Westchester County, NY Wholesaler Calls for Boycott of Coca-Cola

NYC, 16.04.2007 21:08

Yesterday, I was walking home from White Plains, NY when on Central Avenue I saw something rather interesting. A local beverage wholesaler by the name of the Leewood Beverage Center had signs in their windows that read “Boycott Coke for Unfair Trade Practices”.

&quot;Biwater, back off!&quot; call by Brighton anti-poverty campaigners

United Kingdom, 16.04.2007 20:39

On Wednesday 11th April 2007, anti-poverty campaigners from Brighton & Hove World Development Movement (WDM) travelled to Surrey in order to depict Dorking-based water company Biwater as an aggressive bully beating up poverty-stricken Tanzania behind closed doors.

Actie Kinderen Zonder Papieren

Antwerpen, 16.04.2007 19:38

Actie Kinderen Zonder Papieren 15 april Merkplas

San Diego Reclaim the Streets: Summary

San Diego, 16.04.2007 17:38

On Friday, 100-200 people came together for a 3 hour Reclaim the Streets street party, marching all over downtown San Diego with music, puppets, glitter, costumes, dancing, jumping and lots and lots of FUN. The partiers included giant bunnies, zombies and a foot-powered City Heights Free Skool bus. The dancing throng occupied downtown streets normally reserved for overconsuming tourists in the face of heavy police presence featuring two undercovers, who stood out like anarchists at a corporate board meeting. Many people joined the party off the sidewalks but others were confused, despite huge banners saying "ReclAim the Streets" and "Lets PArty!"

The night ended with the SDPD beating and arresting three nonviolent partiers, among them an independent media videographer, and pursuing and pepper-spraying the dwindling crowd. In a replay of past SDPD attempts to silence political dissent, bogus charges included felony assault for one arrestee and misdemeanors for the other two. All were released by late Sunday evening following posting of bond or bail. A protest against police brutality both north and south of the border will take place at an awards ceremony for Vicente Fox in downtown San Diego on April 25, to be held across the street from friday's police riot.

Compiled from accounts by Reclaimer, Anarchist on wheels, Anonymous, one spy in a house of love, partier, owl, fuck the sdpd, owl, joshysex, partier, a pissed off reclaimer, zombie, bjk, vAAPOroaxaca, Rocky, and Reclaim the Streets SD.

Reports: Reclaimer | Anarchist on wheels | Anonymous | Rocky | Community compilation || Photos reclaimer || Prisoner Support: Call for bail money and evidence | Bail update || SD Reclaim the Streets: Website | Announcement | J20 2005 Report || Protesting Police Brutality: 1 | 2 | 3

Rally Against Global Warming Photos

Boston, 16.04.2007 15:10

Several hundred people rallied 4-14-07 on Boston Common, to protest against global warming. It was sponsored by Step It Up 2007, an environmental group. There were info tables, speakers, and inspired music. Here are some photos.

Tensions Rise Between Iraqi Kurds and Turkey

San Francisco Bay Area, 16.04.2007 14:40

On April 6th, Kurdistan President Massoud Barzani, said that Turkey must not interfere in the Kurds' bid to attach northern Iraq's oil-rich city of Kirkuk to the Kurdish semiautonomous zone, otherwise Iraq's Kurds will retaliate by intervening in Turkey's southeast. On April 12th, the head of Turkey's army, called for a military operation in northern Iraq to target Kurdish rebels. On April 13th, Mahmoud al-Mashhadani, the speaker of Iraq's parliament spoke out in support of Barzani, warning Ankara that "the hand that will be extended to interfere in our internal affairs will be cut."

Lüsewitz: Genfeld-Besetzung knapp verhindert

Germany, 16.04.2007 13:40

In der Nacht zum Donnerstag (12. April) konstruierten etwa 30 AktivistInnen auf einem der teuersten Genfelder der BRD das Gestell für einen etwa 17 Meter hohen Turm. Die Polizei hatte durch Denunziation einer AnwohnerIn Verdacht geschöpft und entdeckte in mehreren in einem Nachbarort abgestellten Wagen Infrastruktur und weitere Hinweise auf die Aktion. Trotz der deutlichen Informationen und mehrfacher Kontrollen des betreffenden Ackers bemerkten die PolzistInnen die noch auf dem Boden liegende mehr als 30 Meter lange Holzkonstruktion und die dort befindlichen AktivistInnen nicht und zogen unverrichteter Dinge ab. Erst ein blöder Zufall sollte zur Entdeckung führen...

Weitere Artikel:
Anti-Gentech-Basteln vorm AgroBioTechnikum

Broward: Delegation Request for Citizen Advisory Board on Elections, April 17

Miami, 16.04.2007 12:08

Broward: Delegation Request for Citizen Advisory Board on Elections, April 17

Removing a blight on our landscape - GM trials return to UK

United Kingdom, 16.04.2007 10:41

This month a controversial experimental genetically modified potato crop is due to be planted in the UK by the German chemical giant BASF (offshoot of the infamous AG Farben). DEFRA initially gave approval in December for BASF to undertake trials at two sites, one in Cambridgeshire and the other initially in Derbyshire until the farmer pulled out.

Michael Wilkin, of Humber Lane, Welwick near Hull agreed to step in to replace the Derbyshire trial. Other farmers and local residents have urged him not to plant the experimental crop. He said: "We never expected there to be so much fuss. If we had realised what public opinion would have been like, we would never have agreed ... I've spoken to friends who are against it, then when they have found out it's me who has agreed to do it, they have realised it must be safe because I am trustworthy."

Sue Jolliffe, of FoE Hull and East Riding, said: "We do not want this farmer to become a victim of hate, but we want him to listen to our considerations carefully."

In Cambridge on April 14th protest walk took place. Meanwhile April 20th is the end of the consultation period for the new location near Hull and the crop is likely to be planted soon after. A national public rally will take place in Hull on the 21st April. Transport from around the country is being organised. If you can organise in your area, distribute leaflets, offer car-share, etc, please get in touch with the campaign via or on 0113 262 9365.

Cambridge Cambridge annoucement | Cambridge GM Concern public meeting | permission granted

Hull Rally against Frankenspuds, Hull, 21st April |

Derby needs stopping

Background GM - Back on the agenda? | Sabotaged promised | New GM crop trials

Campaign sites | | Cambridge GM concern |


Oost-Vlaanderen, 16.04.2007 08:38

Kinderen zonder papieren

The Fight to Save a Planet

LA, 16.04.2007 04:43

The Fight to Save a Planet

THE MOUNTAINS STRIKE BACK! Mountain Justice Summer, May 20-28,

Miami, 16.04.2007 03:37

THE MOUNTAINS STRIKE BACK! Mountain Justice Summer, May 20-28,

Billionaires for Coal Personally Thank Manhattan Banks

NYC, 16.04.2007 02:38

Brushing aside global warming as "a liberal myth," a handful of “wealthy elite” visit the "Wall Street Seven" coal-burning power plant investors

Marjorie Ellen Thomas Larkin: Jan. 12, 1926-April 4, 2007

Philadelphia, 16.04.2007 01:38

Gerald B. Pidcock: World War II Veteran, Teacher and Friend

Philadelphia, 16.04.2007 01:38

Send Public Comment To SEPTA. No Fare Hikes and Service Cuts

Philadelphia, 16.04.2007 01:38


Valparaiso, 16.04.2007 01:09

Viernes 13 Abril 2007 |

Se Fundó la Universidad Libre 5ª

Detenido por decirle la verdad a Zapatero

Canarias, 16.04.2007 00:10

El vicepresidente de la Asociación Canaria de Amigos del Pueblo Saharaui, Alberto Negrín, fue expulsado del mitin del P$O€ celebrado ayer sábado, por decirle la verdad al presidente del Gobierno José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, en el auditorio de Santa Cruz de Tenerife. El activista pro-derechos humanos, sentado en las escaleras centrales del auditorio, mostró una bandera del Sáhara Occidental e interrumpió la intervención de Zapatero cuando éste hablaba sobre los "caladeros marroquíes", y declaraba su compromiso de que llegarían allí 37 barcos canarios. Ese fue el momento elegido por el activista para exclamar: "para vender el Sahara". Inmediatamente, miembros de seguridad, se dirigieron hasta él y le pidieron que abandonara la sala, petición a la que se opuso con un movimiento de cabeza de lado a lado. Ante la negativa, los vigilantes levantaron al hombre y lo portaron hasta la salida ubicada en la parte alta y central del auditorio, al final de las escaleras. Alberto, estuvo más de tres horas detenido ilegítimamente, sin otra acusación que la de ejercer su derecho a la denuncia del saqueo de las riquezas del pueblo saharaui . En Canarias, cómo en España, no hay libertad de expresión. Pero sí hay libertad para pisotear el derecho internacional, para venderle armas al genocida y para repartirse el saqueo de unas riquezas, que sólo le pertenecen al pueblo saharaui.

Mountain Justice Summer III the mountains strike back!

Arkansas, 15.04.2007 22:11

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