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Celebrate Earthday in Miami April 22nd at EarthFest 2007 on Key Biscayne

Miami, 20.04.2007 03:37

Celebrate Earthday in Miami, April 22nd at EarthFest 2007 on Key Biscayne

Ride Your Bike with &quot;Critical Mass Miami&quot; to Earthday-EarthFest, Sunday April 22

Miami, 20.04.2007 03:37

Ride Your Bike with "Critical Mass Miami" to Earthday-EarthFest, Sunday April 22

Three Arrests at Today's 'Parade Without a Permit'

NYC, 20.04.2007 03:08

at today's queer-solidarity-parade-without-a-permit action, there was a ton of press and three arrests. not going to mess with details of what happened, but they are at the first precinct and will be there overnight. jail solidarity ongoing. charges we know so far are resisting arrest and obstructing governmental administration.

The May/June 2007 IndyKids is Out!

NYC, 20.04.2007 03:08

Go to to download the paper, find out how to get copies and to subscribe.

The new issue includes articles about immigrant families in detention, Armenian history and culture, prisoners set free thanks to DNA evidence, kids’ opinions on military recruiters in schools, a special feature on journalism, plus sports, letters and more!

for the Teacher's Guide that accompanies the new issue

From the Newswire

Perth, 20.04.2007 02:40

SOS FUNDRAISER - BAKERY INDIE ACTION - Students of Sustainability 2007

U.S. Releases Cuban Airline Bomber Posada Carriles

San Francisco Bay Area, 20.04.2007 02:09

On April 19th, right-wing Cuban militant Luis Posada Carriles was released by U.S. authorities and returned to his home in Miami. The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans found in favor of Carriles' release on bail for an immigration charge, even though he is wanted in several countries for terrorist attacks, which include the 1976 bombing of a civilian airliner that killed 73 people.


Arizona, 20.04.2007 00:37

MayDay! MayDay! Compte-à-rebours ...

Liege, 20.04.2007 00:07

Parce qu’aujourd’hui le travail est indissociable de la précarité, de la flexibilité, des licenciements et des plans d’activation des allocations sociales.

especulació (ca)

Barcelona, 19.04.2007 23:11

Comença l'enderroc de Bon Pastor

Dilluns 16 d'abril de 2007 les excavadores han començat a enderrocar les cases barates de Bon Pastor; unes edificacions populars construïdes pel Patronat Municipal de l'Habitatge a l'any 1929 per als immigrants que venien a buscar treball a Barcelona des de Murcia, Andalusia o des de l'interior de Catalunya. Durant 80 anys els habitants de les cases han estat abandonats i han hagut de mantenir les seves cases amb els seus diners i els seus esforços. Ara que la ciutat ha arribat a rodejar el barri, el Patronat s'enrecorda dels seus terrenys i comença a enderrocar cases. L'Associació de Veïns ha aconseguit convencer al veïnat no només que 80 anys d'història no s'havien de conservar, sinò que per tirar-los no feia falta indemnitzar a ningú. El somni d'un pis de propietat ha dividit el veïnat i generat un malestar difòs que s'afegeix al mobbing que estan vivint els veïns i veïnes que resisteixen. SOLIDARITAT AMB LES LLUITES VEÏNALS DE BON PASTOR. [foto]

Més sobre Bon Pastor: Han tapiado nuestras casas igual que tapian nuestras palabras :: Comencen els enderrocs (mapa i fotos) :: Carta d'un veí :: Seguimos viviendo en Bon Pastor :: Carta de solidaritat d'Arquitectes sense Fronteres :: Enquesta sobre les opinions veïnals (2004)

Altres convocatòries: 21 abril manifestació a la Barceloneta :: Una setmana després de la inauguració del mercat :: Més info a secció espekulació

Local Elections 2007 : Newswire Round-Up

Bristol, 19.04.2007 23:10

2007 Local Election Polling Stations With 2 weeks to go until the May 2007 Local Elections, Bristol Indymedia does another round up of recent posts to the newswire. Bristol Indymedia Election Guidelines. Solidarity writes: Back on 22 March Bristol City Council agreed a proposal by LibDem cabinet member John Kiely (Easton ward) to privatise the remaining in-house home care service (See here & here). Since then the workers have been out and about protesting loudly about this attack on services for older & disabled vulnerable people in the community, and the attack on their jobs and conditions. This Friday, 20 April, at 2pm, they will march for a second time in Kiely’s Easton ward – meet 2pm on St Marks Rd, Easton, BS5. The event is backed by the TGWU. Full Article. Anarchist606 writes: I notice that Neo-Labour are trying to get in on the 'Bash Kiely' action over the privatisation of home care. The Neo-Labour Ashley candidate, Ricky Nelson, goes in for a bit of a dig writing in the spring '07 newsletter; "The LibDems wouldn't listen to massive protests and have decided to to privatise home care. The women 'home helps' get £7 an hour but the Lib Dems don't mind if they get even less in the private sector. Labour wanted this fully debated at Council but they lost the vote..." First off, the Lib Dems are totally wrong to privatise home care. It is a snide money saving trick that will backfire in the long run. But the CHEEK and audacity of Neo-Labour's propaganda is staggering. Totally staggering. Full Article Recent Articles: Home care workers march on LibDem ward this Friday | Neo-Labour's Local Hypocrisy | Liam Fox exposed | The New Bristle - it's shit-brown (not pro-Brown) | Bristol Social Forum - Election Invitation | Tories gloat over Labour divisions | Exposed: The BNP at the local elections | Bank Holiday TV Special | Earlier Articles: Bristolian starts Tory scandal website | Kiely, Kiely,Kiley OUT OUT OUT! | The strange affair of the Lib Dem Trot | Tactical Voting: Getting Neo-Labour Out! | Lib dems – do as we say, not as we do | Bristol local elections: 3rd May 2007 | Bristol Indymedia and the Coming Elections | BRISTOL INDYMEDIA - More 'Votes' Than The Evening Post - PUBLISH YOUR NEWS! |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

DC Club Ban Update

DC, 19.04.2007 21:10

DC City Council committee hold hearing on bill that will limit the rights of young people


Argentina, 19.04.2007 20:39

“Una idea en la cabeza, una cámara en la mano”


Argentina, 19.04.2007 20:09

“Una idea en la cabeza, una cámara en la mano”


Argentina, 19.04.2007 20:09

"Una idea en la cabeza, una cámara en la mano"

General Meeting April 25

Philadelphia, 19.04.2007 17:38

New US Postal Rates Undermine Small Publications

Portland, 19.04.2007 15:38

The US Constitution's First Amendment guarantees the right of free expression including a press free to do it in. In The Creation of the Media, Paul Starr explained how politics in early America assured the nation's postal system would make it possible for the press to grow and thrive. He wrote: "In the 18th century, the idea was that the press could be people's guardian. (It) could help check abuses of power." Unanticipated at the time was how media would develop becoming so concentrated and dominant it would end up "pos(ing) new problems for democracy." Such is the state of things today, and it's led to first time ever changes in postal policy directly subverting USPS' own 215 year history. There is a major crisis in our media taking place right now; it's getting almost no attention and unless we act very soon the consequences for our society could well be disastrous. And it will only take place because it is being done without any public awareness or participation.

the US postal system is implementing "a radical reformulation of its rates for magazines" to place a much larger cost burden on smaller periodicals than on the largest ones standing to benefit from the policy change, with new rates scheduled to take effect July 15 under which small publications will pay postal rates as much as 20% higher than the largest ones in a willful plan to undermine them, weaken media competition further, and "make it almost impossible to launch a new magazine (or other publication) unless it is spawned by a huge conglomerate" wanting to get huger. This new postal policy, crafted "in the dark of night," will adversely affect every small political journal in the nation including those providing the only print source of real news, information and analysis of vital world and national issues many readers rely on but may lose.

Go to Sign the letter to the Postal Board protesting the new rate system and "demanding a congressional hearing" with no radical changes until one is gotten. Help spread the word on this to friends and family and get them to act as well - NOW. Important: THE DEADLINE FOR COMMENTS IS MONDAY, APRIL 23. Action is needed promptly.

Gun Control is not a leftist position

Portland, 19.04.2007 15:38

Hate to be the first to tell ya, though gun control is not really a leftist position historically or currently. Gun control is a right wing totalitarian, genocidal, classist, ethnic caste, and religious caste domination policy by powerful minorities. I'm really surprised that more lefties don't want to understand it though as they say "there are none so blind who don't want to see". Don't simply blame those people introducing such legislation, you should blame yourselves for having your idealism manipulated by very cold blooded people against your own very rights. If scale of unrequired deaths shows anything, there are many other things that you could concern yourselves to talk about--from the first chart below.

Frankly, a "war on bad diets and pesticide poisoned foods" would be more appropriate way to address mental imbalance, if that is what this is. If the school had organic food, everyone would be much better. A 'war on bad medicine' would be even better. Impeaching Bush who has killed around 665,000 Iraqis recently would be even healthier.

Iranian Teacher's Union continues protests and walk outs despite mass arrests

Portland, 19.04.2007 15:38

The teachers follow the protests of Tehran's bus drivers. The billions of dollars of oil revenue generated after the sharp increase in oil prices during the latest Iraq war has only resulted in high inflation.

(New York, April 14, 2007) - The Hamedan Teachers Association is one of 34 local professional organizations that work under the umbrella of the National Council of Teachers Association. During the last two months, Teachers Associations nationwide have been active in organizing peaceful demonstrations to rally the government for better wages and benefits. As a result of these activities, Iranian authorities have banned the Hamedan Teachers Association, cracked down on these gatherings, and have arrested teachers in several cities.

The Iranian authorities should immediately lift the ban on the Hamedan Teachers Association and release teachers detained as a result of their work with the association, Human Rights Watch said today. " The government's banning of the Hamedan Teachers Association and the arrest of its members demonstrate Iran's flagrant disregard for its own laws and its obligations under international human rights law. " ~Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East and North Africa director at Human Rights Watch

Protest Oregon's Right to Life conference!

Portland, 19.04.2007 15:38

Oregon Right to Life [pro-lifers. boooo!] conference is being held this Saturday from 9am-5pm in Wilsonville, OR at the Holiday Inn.

We would be crazy not to protest at this fine opportunity of dissent. Women deserve the right to choose - it's our bodies!!! That said.... a href="">Students for Unity has reserved 2 vans [that can fit up to 24 people] to leave Saturday [April 21] afternoon at 12pm - the vans will be parked in-front of or in-between smith and cramer. We will be back by 4 at latest, maybe even by 3pm. RSVP is preferred but not mandatory and you can bring yer own car if you'd like to follow us.

PLEASE come to this protest, and bring any protest signs, chants, guerilla theatre you can come up with.

World Week for Animals in Laboratories April 22nd - April 28th

Portland, 19.04.2007 15:38

World Week for Animals in Laboratories (WWAIL) is April 22nd thru April 28th. Animals used in research desperately need our voices, as they suffer day in and day out. The labs that make these animals' lives a living hell routinely ignore the laws that exist to offer minimal protection from cruelty. Rather than trying to fix these problems, many would rather spend their energies and resources trying to hide them from the public.

NW IDA will be having events all week including a march to the OHSU campus beginning at the South Park Blocks on Sunday, April 22nd. A full listing of events is at the end of this article in the 'What You Can Do' section. | | | | |

Oregonians Defeat Oregon's and Army's Attempt to Burn Mustard Agent at Umatilla

Portland, 19.04.2007 15:38

Judge Michael Marcus Today Agreed With Oregonians and Ordered the Gov't Shall Not to Burn Mustard Agent at the Umatilla Chemical Weapons Depot

Today, Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge Michael Marcus enjoined the State of Oregon and the U.S. Army from burning mustard agent at the Umatilla Chemical Weapons Depot. Judge Marcus, in his opinion issued today, concludes that Oregon's Dep't of Environmental Quality and Env't Quality Comm'n's findings that incineration is the best available technology [to process Mustard Agent] and that there will be no "major adverse impact on health and the environment are not supported by substantial evidence in the record . . ."

Stu Sugarman, an attorney for The Sierra Club, GASP, Oregon Wildlife Federation, and 22 individual Oregonians, says "this is what we've been telling the judge for 10 years now. This is by far our biggest victory in this litigation to date." Sugarman added that this decision will prevent the facility from spewing high concentrations of mercury through its smokestacks and ultimately into the bodies of unsuspecting children downwind of the facility in Hermiston, Oregon and other cities. Judge Marcus says that his 27 page opinion will be available online on the court's website soon.

Support sacked hotel workers

Aotearoa, 19.04.2007 15:09

Last week there was a great turnout of supporters at the protest at Ascott Metropolis hotel in support of union members who were sacked from their restaurant jobs. Around 30 people marched into the hotel restaurant and staged a sit down. The hotel and restaurant owners need to be sent a loud message: Union members were wrongfully sacked, singled out for being in a union. What happened to the missing wages? Around $50 a week was deducted from one worker’s pay for 10 months for student loan repayments. The money wasn’t forwarded to Inland Revenue. Further, she is being charged over $800 in interest as a result. Child support, taxes and union fees have also gone missing. Protest Thursday 26th April 5.30pm Ascott Metropolis Hotel Courthouse Lane, Auckland city (off Victoria St) East & Bowen Ave

What May Come: Asian Americans and the Virginia Tech Shootings

Richmond, 19.04.2007 15:08

Like many, I was glued to the television news yesterday, keeping updated about the horrific shootings at Virginia Tech University. I was trying to deal with my own disgust and sadness, especially since my professional life as a graduate student and college instructor is tied to universities. And then the other shoe dropped. I found out from a friend that the news channel she was watching had reported the shooter as Asian. It has now been reported, after much confusion, that the shooter is Cho Seung-Hui, a South Korean immigrant and Virginia Tech student.

Edinburgh Army Recruitment Centre Attacked

Scotland, 19.04.2007 13:12

As part of our ongoing campaign against the further militarisation of our society, the armed forces recruitment center on Shandwick Place in Edinburgh has been attacked this morning by comrades from The Fuck The War Coalition! in retaliation for the atrocities committed by allied Imperialist forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Scotland, 19.04.2007 13:12

It was a grand day. How could a day full of fools possibly go wrong. There were many game player, mischief makers, strange monsters, and people with yellow jackets making up silly rules up at at the base for April Fool day.

Faslane blockaded again - Faslane 365

Scotland, 19.04.2007 13:12

Trident Ploughshares as part of Faslane 365, the year long blockade of Britains nuclear weapons base, succesfully blockaded Faslane on the Clyde for 2 hours. Protestors arrived simultaneously and used concrete reinforced lock-on tubes to block 3 entrances. Base workers were unable to get in and work in the base was disrupted.

Direct Action

Manila, 19.04.2007 13:11

ELECTION SPECIAL REPORT: Steal Your Life, Don�t Vote

Por López, Fuentealba y los presos políticos

Argentina, 19.04.2007 08:38

Hubo marcha y denuncia de irregularidades en la investigación por el testigo desaparecido

Library Funeral at Commissioners' Meeting

Rogue Valley, 19.04.2007 07:40

Inside chambers, Commissioners determined budget costs for maintaining closed libraries. Outside, a group of young avid readers held a funeral procession, demonstrating their displeasure with the County decision to close the libraries.

What May Come: Asian Americans and the Virginia Tech Shootings

Philadelphia, 19.04.2007 06:38

Supreme Court Decision Marks Setback for Women's Health and Privacy

San Francisco Bay Area, 19.04.2007 04:40

On April 18th, the US Supreme Court upheld the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003. In a 5-4 ruling the Supreme Court held that the act did not violate a woman's constitutional right to an abortion. Pro-choice activists will gather in San Francisco's Civic Center Plaza on Polk Street for the "Women's Health Counts" rally at 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 19 in response to the Supreme Court's ruling.

Satire: UCSC Campus Wide Ethics Briefing Missing Pages

Santa Cruz, CA, 19.04.2007 04:11

bigmammoth writes: The University has required all of its employes to participate in an Online Ethics Briefing. Unfortunately several of the ethics pages went missing from the official distribution. Fortunately some pages have been recovered and posted here. It would be ideal if people could email the missing ethics pages to as well as share them online to ensure that future ethical briefings do not accidentally misplace these critical pages again. Read More Satire About UCSC's Online Ethics Briefing

The Day the University Ground to a Halt - April 14, 2005

Santa Cruz, CA, 19.04.2007 04:11

On April 14, 2005 thousands of students and workers at UC Santa Cruz shut down the campus in a coordinated statewide strike by low-paid service workers in AFSCME 3299. The strike, organized by AFSCME, clerical workers in the Coalition of University Employees (CUE), T.A.s in the United Auto Workers (UAW), students in the Student and Worker Coalition for Justice (SWCJ) and others, was one of the biggest actions UCSC has seen in recent years and led to a new, better contract for AFSCME workers within two weeks.

April 14 should be remembered as the day the university ground to a halt. It shows the power that students and workers have if they have concrete demands, solid strategies and a long-term vision for a united university run from the bottom up. April 14 was the result of years of organizing by the unions (particularly AFSCME), as well as students and a few profs engaged in labor solidarity. It shouldn't be seen as some spontaneous event, but as the product of the anger, empowerment, and hope that many in the community felt. photo Read More and View Photos

Día Internacional de la Lucha Campesina

Argentina, 19.04.2007 02:39

Somos un árbol, queremos que hayan árboles en todas partes

Arrests and rough horse cops at suprise Gitmo protest at White House

DC, 19.04.2007 02:10

Hours after charges stemming from the January Gitmo protest were dismissed, members of Catholic Worker marched from the courthouse to the White House and staged another Guantanimo Bay protest!


Athens, 18.04.2007 23:43

Στο δρόμο για το Heiligendamm (1-8 Ιούνη)

With Major Protests Imminent, Military Recruiters Withdraw from UCSC Job Fair

Santa Cruz, CA, 18.04.2007 21:39

With hundreds of students expected to protest, U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corps recruiters announced on April 17th their withdrawal from the Last Chance Job Fair being held at UC Santa Cruz on April 24th. Although the law prevents schools from banning recruiters outright, UCSC students, through massive protests, have effectively prevented recruiters from operating on campus for nearly three years.

Now and Zinn: An interview with Howard Zinn

Philadelphia, 18.04.2007 20:38

America's dialogue for change

Arkansas, 18.04.2007 18:10

This is an incomplete proposal/outline that I am to use for a lecture/discussion that I am organizing for the Arkansas Coalition for Peace and Justice (ACPJ). The event has been postponed and if anyone is interested, contact me and I will be sure to notify you of the new date. Anyone's serious input is appreciated and in fact encouraged. Thank you.

Protest over multi million pound redevelopment of Edinburgh

Scotland, 18.04.2007 17:10

Protesters from 'Save Our Old Town' (SOOT) demonstrated on the Royal Mile outside the City Chambers today as the Council discussed the £300 million development plans of both the Canongate and Market Street.

USSF and bus tour

Houston, 18.04.2007 16:40

Freedom Riding to the US Social Forum

USC Students Stage Anti-sweatshop Sit-in

LA, 18.04.2007 16:08

USC Students Stage Anti-sweatshop Sit-in

UK-wide Day of Action Against Deportations to DR Congo

United Kingdom, 18.04.2007 12:10

Thursday, 12th April, saw a national day of action to protest against deportations to the Democratic Republic of Congo. Nine coordinated protests took place in Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow, Leeds, Leicester, London, Manchester, Newcastle and Nottingham. The protests, called by the Congo Support Project and supported by many other groups, including NCADC and No Borders, were to mark a Directions Hearing for the Country Guidance Tribunal regarding DRC asylum seekers facing mass deportation.

Earlier this year, in a Home Office operation named Castor, 38 DR Congolese nationals, including 21 children, were forcibly removed on a charter flight, operated by XL Airways, from Stanstead airport near London. There are signs that another 'operation' is already being planned.

自由と生存のメーデー07──プレカリアートの反攻/Mondo MayDay for the Precariat 007 in Tokyo

Japan, 18.04.2007 08:07

──生きることはよい。生存を貶めるな! ──低賃金・長時間労働を撤廃しろ。まともに暮らせる賃金と保障を! - End wage slavery! We demand decent wages for decent lives! Tokyo MayDay | メーデー in Tokyo About Mondo Mayday | Actions World-wide| EuroMayDay Network | Flexworker Videogame | Virtual Demo


Athens, 18.04.2007 04:40

Προσοχή! Η παραμονή σε αστυνομικά τμήματα της ΕΛ.ΑΣ σκοτώνει

Randi Rhodes Smears White Men in Her Crusade Against Racism

Miami, 18.04.2007 03:37

Randi Rhodes Smears White Men in Her Crusade Against Racism

British Journalists Pledge Support for Venezuela's Bolivarian Revolution

Miami, 18.04.2007 03:37

British Journalists Pledge Support for Venezuela's Bolivarian Revolution

Miami April 28th &quot;Unwelcoming Party&quot; for George Bush at MDC - Kendall Campus

Miami, 18.04.2007 03:37

Miami April 28th "Unwelcoming Party" for George Bush at MDC - Kendall Campus

How many Minutemen does it take to formulate an argument?

San Diego, 18.04.2007 02:09

The fifth annual Cesar Chavez pilgrimage occurred in Pomona, CA. this past Saturday. Approximately one hundred and fifty Pomona Valley residents attended the walk and festivities. Several members of the local Minutemen were also in attendance. However, given that walk was set to honor the legacy of giving and civil rights, why were the Minutemen/women compelled to attend?

I conversed with several of the Minutemen/Minutewomen in attendence. It became clear that the only clear thing about them was that they believed in something deeply. However, they simply don’t know what they believe in...

Mumia's lawyer responds to Philly DA in new interview

Philadelphia, 18.04.2007 01:39

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