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1. Mai 2007 - Wir wollen die soziale Revolution!

Switzerland, 22.04.2007 15:07

Von Milwaukee nach Wellington, von Paris nach Bueons Aires: 1. Mai 2007 - Strasse frei! Also, organisiert euch und bildet Banden. Wir haben eine Revolution zu gewinnen...

1886 demonstrierten in Chicago mehrere 100‘000 Menschen für den Achtstundentag. Am 3. Mai 1886 wurden in Chicago zwei Arbeiter von der Polizei getötet, worauf am 4. Mai eine Demonstration stattfand. Bei dieser Demonstration auf dem Haymarket wurde von Unbekannten eine Bombe geworfen. Sieben Polizisten wurden getötet und über 70 verletzt. Daraufhin schoss die Polizei in die Menge, tötete vier Arbeiter und verletzte viele. Nach diesen Ereignissen wurden sieben Anarchisten ohne jegliche Beweisgrundlagen verhaftet und zum Tode oder zu lebenslanger Haft verurteilt.

"Ich wurde hier in diesen Raum des Mordes angeklat und der Anarchie für schuldig erklärt. [...] Wenn die herrschende Klasse denkt, sie vernichte auch die Anarchie, indem sie einige AnarchistInnen hängt, hat sie sich schwer getäuscht. AnarchistInnen lieben ihre Prinzipien mehr als ihr Leben. EinE AnarchistIn ist immer bereit, für ihre Prinzipien zu sterben." Adolph Fischer in seiner Rede im Haymarket Prozess in Chicago bevor das Todesurteil vollstreckt wurde (1887)

:: Liste von Demonstrationen und Umzügen in der DeutschSchweiz
=> Übersicht im PDF von Gewerkschaftsaktionen in der DeutschSchweiz

Aarau: Umzug, 15.30 Uhr, Bahnhofsplatz

Basel: Revolutionärer Block, 9.30 Uhr, Messeplatz

Bern: Libertärer Block, 9.30 Uhr, Kram- und Gerechtigkeitsgasse

Biel: Demo, 16.45 Uhr, Bahnhofsplatz

Burgdorf: Platzkundgebung ab 16 Uhr auf der Brüder-Schnell-Terrasse (bei schlechtem Wetter in den Marktlauben).

Chur: Demonstration, 14 Uhr, Bahnhofsplatz

Grellingen (BL): Umzug, 13.45 Uhr, Bahnhof

Kreuzlingen: Umzug, 9.45 Uhr, Hauptzoll

Luzern: Demonstration, 17 Uhr, Kapellplatz

Olten: Umzug, 13.30 Uhr, Bifangplatz

Schaffhausen: Demonstration, 10.30 Uhr, Vorstadt

Solothurn: Demonstration, 14.45 Uhr, Gewerbeschulhaus

St. Gallen: Libertärer Block, 17.00 Uhr, Bahnhofplatz

Thun: Libertärer Block, 14.30 Uhr, Grabengut

Winterthur: Demonstration, 10.00 Uhr, Neumarkt

Zürich: Revolutionärer Block, Mühlesteg beim Central.
12.00 Uhr, Revolutionärer Treff, Kanzleiareal beim Helvetiaplatz (Diskussion, Handeln, Info's, Musik, Aktionen)
14.00 Uhr, Nehmen wir uns die Strasse! Beim Revolutionären Treff auf dem Kanzleiareal

:: Wir wollen alles!: Überregionale Kampagne zum 1. Mai
:: Heraus zum revolutionären 1. Mai!
:: Feature 2006 | 2005

Occupation at Whakakoro

Aotearoa, 22.04.2007 13:11

Ko te maunga, Ko te Awa, Ko te Tangata, He kopu puta tahi. "We all have made our sacrifices to make this stand and will continue to do so on behalf of the other whanau who are away and on behalf of the generations to come. We dont do this for MONEY, we do this for the return of the whenua o Tatau Tupuna," writes Richard Murray. Ngati Haua is occupying their ancestral Maunga Whakakoro in the far north of Aotearoa to stop it from being alienated from the Hapu (tribe) forever. In 1992 Whakakoro was occupied in protest over Whakakoro being sold by 3rd generation farmer Frank Geddes to 4 million dollar lotto winner Robert Buchanan for $700 000.00. In 2005 He it was sold for $4.5 million to high profile property developer Kim Spencer who had intensions of subdividing Whakakoro into 33 blocks and selling those blocks off for approx 1 million dollars each but who sold it to Philip Parker. Parker was invited to Whangape Marae to introduce himself and said that he was not given any information about Ngati Haua and their claim to Whakakoro. He is currently taking legal proceedings against Kim Spencer and others that lured him into this dispute. He supports our claim to have the land returned and has cancelled the sale as a result. The financiers, bankers, Property developers are all trying to get themselves out of the financial mess they are in. "We need to stop the mortgagee tender by first mortgagers Property Funding Ltd and brokered by Barfoot and Thompson which closes at the end of the month. We need to stop any Property developers purchasing this property and putting our way of life at risk. We need to discourage buyers from this area and tell them the truth that this land belongs to Ngati Haua. This land is your birthright handed down by our Tupuna. We will do what ever it takes to have it returned. Come and join the occupation!" Links: Whangape | More information | Return of the Whenua o tatau Tupuna

Gatwick Protest: No More Immigration Prisons

United Kingdom, 22.04.2007 12:09

Over 100 people held a lively protest in Crawley, West Sussex, on 21 April, 2007, against a new planned detention centre nearby. The protest, called by the No Borders network in the UK, aimed to show opposition to the new purpose-built Immigration Removal Centre (as it's called by the government) which is being built at Gatwick Airport. The new prison for asylum seekers will have a capacity of 420 places for male and female detainees and is another step in the Labour government's efforts to meets its target of 4,000 places in detention centres throughout the country.

The demonstration, which was mainly made of two large groups from Brighton and London, marched through Crawley town centre in the high of Saturday's shopping spree. Many leaflets were given out, informing locals about the reasons for the demonstration, whilst pointing out the fact that a new concentration camp for innocent people is about to be built on their doorsteps. Policing was relatively low but the level of surveillance and 'information gathering' was incredibly high and intimidating.

Report and pics | Video

Police Waste '£100,000s' On Mistaken Camp

Bristol, 22.04.2007 12:08

"Police also confirmed their use of phone tapping to one activist: 'Acording to your phone calls, you only expected 10 people at your meeting, but when we there you had 100.' It seems that the police had confused our camp with that of the coming national Climate Camp, this summer - and wasted 100,000s of pounds in the process. The head of this over-zealous policing operation is probably sweating round about now." Led Astray writes: Although the camp part of the Bath Climate Camp was evicted, demonstrations have still continued... Friday 20th April, at 8 am, a group of 8 activists approached the Land and Marine office, to leaflet and banner drop, as part of the advertised blockade. As expected, we met a huge police presence: at least 42 coppers, more in reserve, 10 police vans. they quickly imposed their conditions, no more than 6 activists ... to demonstrate from 8.45 am until 10.45 am, which later extended to 12.30. They tried to move us also, up 30 meters and round the corner, which we refused. Eventually, after frequently checking the site of yesterday's attempted camp opposite, the majority of the police moved on. However, with the combination of the double walls of metal fences encircling the office block, combined with the siege like atmosphere of rows of Avon & Somerset's finest [and the Met...], the vast majority of workers wouldn't have been able to get their work done anyway, so all but about 3 members of staff had been given the day off. The place was empty. Conclusion - Land & Marine were shut down! ... Saturday 21st April. The Party Against Petrol crowd gathered in Bath Abbey at midday to begin what would have been a colourful and noisy protest against car culture and fossil fuels, intending to occupy Lower Bristol Road and the Esso station forecourt there. Around 25-30 activists turned up, and the police, themselves numbering 30 or more, with mounted police again, imposed conditions on the procession: march round the Abbey for 30 mins, then disperse. Well, we did as were told, marched round the Abbey, drumming and dancing and playing football, returned and dispersed... only to form up again and continue the parade, flowing through the police lines easily. Full Article| Bath Climate 'Camp' continues... in our hearts | Previous Front Page | Camp For Climate Action, Aug 14-21st 2007 |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

28 Seconds: The Killing of Fouad Kaady Video Showing Saturday @ The Watershead

Portland, 22.04.2007 11:39

You've heard the lies. Now come and learn the truth.

For 18 months, the police and the corporate media have claimed that the killing of Fouad Kaady was justified. They said he was on drugs. They said they feared for their lives. They said he threatened to kill them. They said officers "never violated policies or procedures."

We beg to differ.

Believe it or not, this story is told in the officers' own words. And you won't even believe what you hear.

Where: The Watershed is located at 5040 SE Milwaukie (On the corner of Milwaukie and Mitchell, just South of Holgate.)

When: Saturday, April 21st, 7pm

Why: Because the truth matters.

Lone Vet Report

Portland, 22.04.2007 11:39

I don't know what I will do from here, it looks like this war will go on for another year, that is the best the dems have come up with so far, very depressing. One more year will cost us maybe a thousand more lives and many thousands of injured soldiers, the Iraqis will take the hardest hit, how many more must die for these criminals is beyond me.

I have been off line for a few weeks but now have high speed and will get back to writing what I see and hear. I will continue to protest but in my own way, joining others when needed but mostly by myself. I truly believe we must take on the dems and push them to stop this pretender who calls himself the Commander in Chief. The dems say they don't have the votes to over-ride a veto so they are trying to compromise in order to get something passed. I understand what they are saying but hate this idea. How do you tell the families of those who will die during this compromise that you did the best you could? All who will die or be torn apart from this point are senseless casualties and their sacrifices are for nothing----wasted.

Happy B-Day Fall Creek

Portland, 22.04.2007 11:39

Quite a few years ago some crazy people got together and decided to try to stop the forces of destruction at a place called Fall Creek.

Many people passed through those woods. Some staying a few days, some staying a few years.

There were tears and laughter, conflict and resolution.

The campaign grew into more than a direct action camp. For some it became a home, a community, an autonomous zone, a free place in the midst of so much restriction.

Surge Protection Brigade Granny Arrested with Bike and “Grandkid”

Portland, 22.04.2007 11:39

On Friday April 20, 2007 bike riders in front of the Army Recruiting office In Portland Oregon traded in bright jackets for signs that read "No Blood for Oil" and "Seriously Pissed Off Grannies" T shirts. The bikers rode west on Broadway and then walked their bikes past the recruiting office to minimize risk to pedestrians. The group of about 40 people, fairly evenly split between seniors and young adults, gathered at 10:30 and by 12:30 two of the protesters had been arrested for blocking the doorways to the recruiting office. Sara Graham, 66, blocked the door with her vintage bike. After about 15 minutes she was joined by Wendy B., a young woman who blocked the second door. For a while it appeared as if the officers would allow the protest without arrests, but after some consultation and gathering of copies of laws they moved in to arrest the protesters.

The recruiting office was undergoing an inspection on Friday, and many of the recruiters from the office and those sent to do the inspection stood in the doorway chatting with the demonstrators. The tone was more civil that the past two protests on March 30 and April 6. Some protesters attributed the respectful atmosphere to the presence of the City Attorney. Officer Schaffer, who in the past has antagonized demonstrators and used physical force to push protesters out of the doorway, was civil. Other officers were friendly, as they have been in the past.


related: A20 Surge Protection Brigade Pix, Surge Protection "Everybody Look Whats Going Down"

Carta del Preso Político/Letter from Political Prisoner: David Venegas &quot;el Alebrije&quot;

San Diego, 22.04.2007 09:38

Me encuentro preso en el penal de Santa Maria Ixcotel, en mi Ciudad de Oaxaca, entre aquí por una acusación fabricada de posesión de drogas, los policías que me detuvieron me golpearon y... soy acusado, ahora, de otro proceso judicial de sedición, y otros atentados en contra de la sociedad oaxaqueña, como la quema del tribunal del estado el día 25 de noviembre, demás es decirle a este valiente y digno pueblo de Oaxaca que todas estas acusaciones son falsas...en cada rostros antiguo, en cada consigna, en cada pinta que aparece furtivamente por la noche, en cada niño, en cada manta y en cada uno de nosotros que estamos presos, hay los motivos fraternos para seguir luchando, los invito a que no abandonemos esta lucha jamás. --Leer Mas--

I’m a prisoner in the Santa Maria Ixcotel prison in my city, Oaxaca. I was brought here on trumped up charges of narcotics possession. I was beaten by the police who arrested me and ...charged with a new count of sedition and other offenses against the Oaxacan society such as burning down the state Courthouse on November 25. I don’t need to tell the courageous, dignified people of Oaxaca that all these charges are false... In each elderly face, in each chant, in each graffiti that appears in the still of the night, in each child, in each banner, and in each one of us prisoners, our brother and sisterhood motivates us to keep struggling. I urge you never to abandon this struggle. Never. --Read More--

March Against Police Brutality from Oaxaca to San Diego: Wed April 25 6PM (English/Español): March | Bike Bloc || International Day of Solidarity with David Venegas Reyes and All Political Prisoners: Fri April 27 Español | English || || Murders by Cops in San Diego County || Police Brutality at SD Reclaim the Streets


Colombia, 22.04.2007 07:10

"Cooperativas de Trabajo Asociado"
Nueva Esclavitud

Free David Hicks

Melbourne, 22.04.2007 04:40

Pressure continues on Government over David Hicks

Challenging the Culture of Fear: An interview with Noam Chomsky

Philadelphia, 22.04.2007 01:38

am*dam zuidoost: Manifestatie tegen Armoede, Racisme en Onderdrukking

Netherlands, 21.04.2007 23:40

Een aantaal burgerrechten- en bewonersorganisaties uit Amsterdam Zuidoost roepen voor dinsdag 24 april op tot een 'Mars tegen Onderdrukking'. Het gaat om protest tegen het repressieve en veelal racistisch getintte veiligheidsbeleid van gemeente en politie. De nadruk ligt op het feit dat repressieve middelen zoals ID plicht en preventief fouilleren in de praktijk gebruikt worden in een racistische strijd tegen de armen.

De organisatoren stellen in een interview dat de overheid arme buurten schoonveegd voor de nieuwe middenklasse, en dan met middelen die aan het apartheidsregime doen denken.

De demonstratie begint dinsdag 24 april 2007 om 17.30 op het arenaboulevard, metrostation Bijlmer Arena.

Growing Your Own Food in the City: An Interview with Larry Kloze

Baltimore, 21.04.2007 22:08

Larry Kloze is a master gardener who has worked on many community gardens in Baltimore City. Indymedia met with Mr. Kloze at his home in April 2007. Note: Look for Indypendent Reader Spring 2007, a special issue on food and poverty.

April 24 Broward Comm Meeting: Ask for Creation of Citizen Election Advisory Board

Miami, 21.04.2007 22:07

April 24 Broward Comm Meeting: Ask for Creation of Citizen Election Advisory Board

Gonzales hearing

Philadelphia, 21.04.2007 19:40

Rossport Five man wins $125,000 Goldman Environmental Prize

Ireland, 21.04.2007 14:11

Anti-Shell campaigner Willie Corduff among six win ...

speculation &amp; squatting (en)

Barcelona, 21.04.2007 10:08

Bon Pastor demolition begins

This Monday April 16th, 2007, the diggers have begun the Bon Pastor's cheap houses demolition; these were popular buildings constructed by the Patronat Municipal de l'Habitatge in 1929 to house immigrants who came to Barcelona from Murcia, Andalucía and Catalunya interiors looking for a job. During the 80s the houses inhabitants have been abandoned and they've had to keep their homes with their own money and efforts. And now once the city has gone round the district, the Patronat remembers its terrains and starts pulling down houses. The Associació de Veïns(Neighbours association) has achieved to persuade the neighbourhood not only that 80 years of history were not worth conserving, but even that there were no need to indemnify anyone affected. The dream of having a house has divided the neighbours and has created a diffuse uneasiness which adds to the mobbing that are suffering the neighbours who resist. SOLIDARITY WITH BON PASTOR NEIGHBOURS' STRUGGLES. [photo]

More about Bon Pastor: Our houses have been bricked up like our words :: The demolitions start (map and photos) :: Letter from a neighbour :: We're still living in Bon Pastor :: Arquitectes sense Fronteres(Architects Without Borders) solidarity letter :: Polling about neighbours opinions (2004)

Other calls: April 21st demonstration in la Barceloneta :: A week since the market inauguration :: More info in the section >>speculation & squatting

Actie DAK

Antwerpen, 21.04.2007 09:39

Actie DAK tegen 'daklozencel'

Al Gore ultimatum to Miami Green Forum- &quot;It's him or Pres Uribe&quot; - Color Al Gone

Miami, 21.04.2007 06:38

Al Gore ultimatum to Miami Green Forum- "It's him or Pres Uribe" - Color Al Gone

Coming Together to Honor Local Activists

Santa Cruz, CA, 21.04.2007 06:09

On April 14th, Santa Cruz County activists crowded into the First Congregational Church to honor some of their own local heroes of Latin America Solidarity. The evening was filled with good food, laughter and inspirational words from a variety of community members. The event bridged the divide between young and old and brought together people from north and south Santa Cruz County. Said event organizer Lois Muhley, "The pulling together of the two ends of our county was an especially gratifying part of the whole proceedings. The more we can do this, the better our north south relations will be." It has been recognized, as evident in the formation of the Monterey Bay Latin America Support Network, that numerous groups in the county are involved in similar struggles and that more can be accomplished if everyone works together.

In all, five local heroes were honored by their respective organizations, Bill Burtch from the Santa Cruz Cuba Caravans, Takashi Yogi of the Cuba Study Group, Ramiro Madrona from the Watsonville Brown Berets, Colleen Crosby nominated by Three Americas, Inc, and Oscar Rios nominated by Barrios Unidos. Congressman Sam Farr also spoke and presented the award to the winner of the Three Americas essay contest, the prize being a scholarship to go on this year's Pastors for Peace Caravan to Cuba. Read More and View Photos

You Can't Wash Away the Hate

Santa Cruz, CA, 21.04.2007 06:09

Vinny Lombardo writes: "In this photo-essay, I've got alot more questions, than answers. "Jews Are Poison." "Jews Caus Wars." "Jews Spread Porn." These are the messages I've scene angrily scrawled on many benches along Pacific Ave. In my mind, I tried to simply laugh at the idiocy of whoever did this. I mean, this person couldn't even spell the word, 'cause,' so how could I take their 'cause' seriously? But I couldn't shake the feeling that it might be something more. Has there been other such hateful messages tagged around Santa Cruz? What about vandalism at local synagogues? These were the questions swirling through my mind as I raced home to find answers." Read More and View Photos

josh sonnenfeld comments: "Santa Cruz's 'progressive' image is relatively new (since the University came and changed things), and it has always been spotty. Ever since Spanish colonization, Santa Cruz has been unsafe for people of color and it very much continues to this day, 'progressive' image or not. The local indigenous were enslaved under the Spaniards, the mestizos were lynched under Duncan McPherson's reign at the Santa Cruz Sentinel in the late 1800s, local Chinese were assaulted and had their homes burned down by the local (and statewide) anti-Chinese movement of the early 1900s, mid-century black folks, who had built a community after WWII found themselves frequently harassed, such as the minister who was moving to the East Side from San Francisco who had his home burned down by a group of white vigilante neighbors who didn't want their neighborhood desegregated." Read More

EPMU and Labour collude to sell out Air NZ workers

Aotearoa, 21.04.2007 04:13

Andrew Little and the Enginering, Printing and Manufacturing Union (EPMU) together with the Labour government have colluded to sell out 1675 Air New Zealand workers who faced having their jobs outsourced by the company, which is 80% owned by the government. The EPMU cut a deal with Air NZ that will see many of the workers face cuts in pay and conditions in the year after the company posted a profit of $96 million.

The Workers' Charter reported that the Air NZ CEO, "who wants to trim the pay packets of 1,700 ground staff by $7, 000 each takes home nearly $1 million a year." Meanwhile Air NZ has been attempting to bribe its workers with pay outs of up to $3000 to leave the Service and Food Workers Union (SFWU), which represents 260 of the Air NZ workers, has vowed to fight both the outsourcing and the cuts in pay and conditions. Labour MPs have been haranguing SFWU secretary Jill Ovens to accept the deal the EPMU took and EPMU delegates have been ripping down SFWU posters.

As Don Franks wrote, "What the situation cried out for was a strike in defiance of that rotten anti-worker law. EPMU leaders chose to put obedience to the law above loyalty to their members.

There are eleven different unions involved at Air NZ. A determined strike by all of them, endorsed and supported by the Council of Trade Unions, would have had a fair crack at repelling the airline’s ultimatum. Such a struggle would have probably won wide public support."
Read More

Links: LabourStart New Zealand | EPMU leaders put Labour's law above worker's needs | SFWU News

Rock for Zapata

Houston, 21.04.2007 03:08

Houston rocks for Zapatista support

National Day of Truthtelling in Durham (But Some of Us are Brave)

Philadelphia, 21.04.2007 01:38

April 14: Protest ICE Raids (Tacoma)

Seattle, 21.04.2007 01:38

This Saturday, April 14th, we have an opportunity to stand up against the wave of ICE raids, detentions, and deportations that is sweeping the country. Activists from Bellingham have organized a protest at the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, 1623 E. J Street, on Saturday from 1:00pm to 4:00pm.

Marcha de los Ninos: Children's March

Seattle, 21.04.2007 01:38

On April 11th, hundreds of people took part in the children's immigration march in Seattle. Starting at Westlake Mall it ended with speeches at the Federal building. Numerous speakers told stories about their families being torn apart because some members have been deported. The speakers called for immigration reform that reunites families, protects all workers, ensures due process, and provides a path to citizenship.

Impeachment and the War: Washington Legislature

Seattle, 21.04.2007 01:38

An historic debate about impeachment and the War in Iraq will occur on the floor of the Washington State Senate on Thursday, April 19th at 11 am. There will be a rally at 10 am.

As the second state to call for impeachment through our state legislature, we are providing hope and leadership for the rest of the country. We must keep pushing ahead, and keep impeachment "on the table". Every day that we make our voices heard, we win another step toward restoring democracy.

You need to help.

May 1: International Workers Day Program in Tacoma

Seattle, 21.04.2007 01:38

America in Solidarity , the Tacoma-based grassroots working families' advocacy group, will present a special May Day program intended to honor the sacrifices of workers throughout American history.

According to local volunteer and chair of Solidarity's Education Committee, Jeff Richardson, this event is designed to: "recapture the spirit of turn-of-the-century labor rallies. We hope to fill the bookstore with workers and their families to remember the struggles of all who helped build this modern Labor Movement."

The show will begin at 6 PM at King's Books in Tacoma (218 St. Helens Ave, Tacoma, WA 98402), and will feature Frank Blair and Traci Kelly of Tacoma's favorite progressive talk show, Equal Time for the Progressive Side(3). There will be labor songs, a few special guest appearances by local politicians, and an advance screening of a brand new film about a labor strike in West Virginia that paralyzed a town and galvanized a generation.

Animal Liberation Activist Peter Young Discusses Legal Issues at UW Law School

Seattle, 21.04.2007 01:38

Animal liberation activist Peter Young spoke at the University of Washington Law School on April 5th to discuss the legal issues surrounding activism.

Northwest Students for a Democratic Society Convention

Seattle, 21.04.2007 01:38

The Second Northwest Regional Convention of the new Students for a Democratic Society will be held at Evergreen State Collge, April 20th until April 22nd, in the city of Olympia, Washington. The convention starts Friday at 7:00pm and ends Sunday evening.

The Washington Legislature Fails to Pass an Impeachment Resolution

Seattle, 21.04.2007 01:38

The effort to pass an impeachment resolution in this legislative session ended today in Washington. Over 100 people rallied on the Capitol steps before taking seats in the gallery to watch a debate that was scheduled for impeachment and the Iraq war. Curiously, no one defended the President or Vice President. No one stood up to say the allegations were untrue. Yet, impeachment failed because too many believed it wasn't their job to stand up for the Constitution.

Fue denuncia por un médico del Hospital Argerich

Argentina, 20.04.2007 21:11

La justicia ordena investigar a una mujer que se realizó un aborto

Fue denuncia por un médico del Hospital Argerich

Argentina, 20.04.2007 21:11

La justicia ordena investigar a una mujer que se realizó un aborto

State Clamps Down On Local Events

Bristol, 20.04.2007 21:09

Bath cops - ready and waiting LATEST (10:46pm, 20th April): A well placed legal source revealed today that Bath cops 'custody suites' would be closed for the weekend, due to a major operation. Please note that 'custody suite' is a misnomer. You do not get an ensuite bathroom, TV, or mini-bar. You may get your hair pulled, or a kicking, or denied your legal rights though. It would be good if people attending Bath protests could post up info of the events & police behaviour. Full Report Saturday 21st, Party Against Petrol -meet 12 noon at Bath Abbey. 13 Kingston Buildings, Bath BA1 1LTCOMPLAIN TO YOUR MP | JOIN THE PARTYrhubarb bob (5:11pm, 20th April) writes: Early morning raids on established bender sites around Bath. All day more police presence in and around the Georgian Village. Sirens and transits full of the bully boys in blue, looking for climate camp folks in the hedgerows. Full ReportMollie (1:41am, 20th April) writes: Sources indicate a bit of a state clampdown on 2 local 'positive' events - the Bath climate camp, and the latest Bristol Insurgent Art weekender. According to UK Indymedia and confirmed by email ( see here ) Bath Climate Camp was evicted today (19th April) ...but the protests tomorrow & Saturday will still go ahead. Or at least try to. More info at but it aint been updated (understandably). In Bristol it appears the Insurgent Art weekender is being fored into a quick change of venue after their initial choice was the focus of quick legal action - see for new details ... Tread lightly, move fast. Full ReportMore From 5:11pm: rhubarb bob writes: What do THEY fear? Who are THEY? Police effort has clearly been planned and co-ordinated well in advance of the Climate Camp and the story spun by their media officers to the local press.Shame really that when concerned people come together to talk about a brighter greener future that the authorities find it so necessary to arrest them or move them on. Perhaps if they had organised there climate camp in a hotel and conference centre on the other side of the world and all taken first class flights there, worn suits and surrounded themselves with miltary body guards and BIG OIL advisors they would have been allowed to have their climate camp.| Map To Bath Abbey, Sat 21st, 12noon Party Against Petrol | Bath Climate Camp evicted - BUT THE DEMOS ARE STILL HAPPENING! | Bath cops - ready and waiting | State clamps down on local events | | |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

Rovics, Dodd &amp; Montana Soul + Vegan Dinner &amp;

Rogue Valley, 20.04.2007 15:11

Friday 4/20 David Rovics + Patrick Dodd + Montana Soul + Vegan Dinner + Gourmet Desserts = Lots of FUN x Indi-Media Week End Bash

Protest over multi million pound redevelopment of Edinburgh

United Kingdom, 20.04.2007 13:39

Demonstrations have taken place throughout the city on redevelopment plans which may mean the demolition of some of Edinburgh's most historic and listed buildings.

Protesters from 'Save Our Old Town' (SOOT) demonstrated on the Royal Mile outside the City Chambers as the Council discussed the £300 million development plans of both the Canongate and Market Street.

With these, and many more 'redevelopment' plans for around the city, Edinburgh is changing quickly, and the Old Town is being destroyed quicker than you can say 'Listed Buildings'.

Links: - Canongate Community Forum - 600 protest against Meadowbank Stadium destruction

Refugee Rights

Perth, 20.04.2007 10:39

Australia deports asylum seekers to danger as Hunger Strike continues

especulacion (es)

Barcelona, 20.04.2007 10:39

Empieza el derribo de Bon Pastor

Lunes 16 d'abril de 2007 las escavadoras han empezado a derribar las casas baratas de Bon Pastor; unas edificaciones populares construidas por el "Patronat Municipal de l'Habitatge" el año 1929 para los immigrantes que llegaron en busca de trabajo a Barcelona desde Murcia, Andalucia o desde el interior de Catalunya. Durante 80 años los habitantes de las casas han estado abandonados y han tenido que mantener sus casas con su esfuerzo i dinero. Ahora que la ciudad a llegado a rodear el barrio, el "Patronat" se acuerda de sus terrenos i empieza a derribar casas. La Asociación de Vecinos ha logrado convencer al vecindario no solo que 80 años de historia no hacia falta conservar ni respetar, sinó que para tirar las casas tampoco hacia falta indemnizar a nadie. El sueño de un piso de propiedad ha deividido el vecindario i ha generado un malestar difundido que se añade al mobbing que estan viviendo los vecinos i vecinas que resisten. SOLIDARIDAD CON LAS LUCHAS VECINALES DE BON PASTOR [foto]

Más sobre Bon Pastor: Han tapiado nuestras casas igual que tapian nuestras palabras :: Empiezan los derribos (mapa y fotos) :: Carta de un vecino :: Seguimos viviendo en Bon Pastor :: Carta de solidaridad de Arquitectos sin Fronteras :: Encuesta sobre las opiniones vecinales(2004)

Otras convocatorias: 21 abril manifestación en la Barceloneta :: Una semana después de la inauguración del mercado :: Más info en sección espekulación

Request for letters of police perceptions for Mayor's office

Portland, 20.04.2007 09:11

Hi All,

Next week I have a meeting with the Mayor's office as an average citizen discussing some of my experiences with the Portland Police. This stems from an officer detaining me and using the threat of arrest for a law that did not exist.

Anyhow, as part of my meeting I would like to leave the Mayor's office with a stack of printed out letters from other citizens that have had experiences where they felt that the PPB over stepped their legal bounds.

Mountain Cops' Embarrassing Secret: Sandy’s “Bonanza Bunkhouse”

Portland, 20.04.2007 09:11

Let me tell you a story I've just heard recently about how the "wild, wild, west" brand of justice that law enforcement employ here on the mountain played out at Sandy's infamous "Bonanza Bunkhouse."

Like I imagine many were, I was understandably concerned and upset after reading of the six lawsuits filed against members of the Sandy police force and Clackamas County Sheriff's department. Even the staunchest conservative or law-and-order type should question why - especially after 20 years without - the city and county now face six legal actions alleging corruption, police brutality and other serious violations of constitutional rights.

Urgent: Oregon HB 3099 Statewide Mandatory Water Fluoridation Bill Moving Closer to Law

Portland, 20.04.2007 09:11

Tomorrow, Friday, April 20th, 2007, the Oregon House of Representatives Health Care Committee is having a work session on House Bill 3099 (HB3099) which would institute mandatory water fluoridation statewide in Oregon for all communities of 10,000 or more residents. It is very important that Oregon citizens educate themselves on this issue as this would result in us paying for hazardous and toxic waste materials to be added to our drinking water. Call and e-mail your representatives today (contact info on my web site!)

The Washington Legislature Fails to Pass an Impeachment Resolution

Portland, 20.04.2007 09:10

The effort to pass an impeachment resolution in this legislative session ended today in Washington. Over 100 people rallied on the Capitol steps before taking seats in the gallery to watch a debate that was scheduled for impeachment and the Iraq war. Curiously, no one defended the President or Vice President. No one stood up to say the allegations were untrue. Yet, impeachment failed because too many believed it wasn't their job to stand up for the Constitution.

The Senate Joint Memorial 8016, which petitioned Congress to begin impeachment investigations of the President Bush and Vice President Cheney, began its journey on February 14th. Freshman Senator Eric Oemig led the effort, along with eight co-sponsors: Senators Fairley, Fraser, Kauffman, Kline, Kohl-Welles, Prentice, Regala, and Spanel.


Valencia, 20.04.2007 08:37

21 d'abril: Per la nostra Terra. No a l'especulació! Prou de corrupció!
Compromís pel Territori. 18:00 h.
Castelló: Pl. Independència
València: Pl. Sant Agustí
Alacant: Pl. Ajuntament

21 d'abril: Per la nostra Terra. No a l'especulació! Prou de corrupció! ++ Subestación de Patraix: mani para el día 21 ++ón de Patraix: reunión con el ministerio de industria ++ Subestación de Patraix: IberTrola NO consigue cerrar nuestra web ++ Subestación de Patraix: expo fotográfica en el Cabanyal ++ Las emisiones de gas invernadero en España (1990-2006) ++ No a l’alta tensió, prou especulació ++ BIODIESEL, un paso a la quiebra biológica ++ El mito de los biocombustibles ++ El negacionismo del cambio climático por José Santamarta Flórez

Activist News in Melbourne

Melbourne, 20.04.2007 08:09

News Round Up 20 April

Clowns Recruiting at UCSD Art Show!

San Diego, 20.04.2007 08:08

On April 6th, 2007, the Boredom Patrol of the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army set up a recruiting booth at UCSD's Open Studios gallery show. They recruited new clowns, uncovered the racism at UCSD and prettied up the gallery.

From the recruiting brochure:
We, the Boredom Patrol of the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army (CIRCA) are here at UCSD to recruit for our army. We see that there is already so much recruiting on campus: army, navy, police forces, sheriffs and our competition, the Border Patrol! Also, we see that UCSD is truly a school run by clowns, because they don't mean what they say or say what they mean, they're always creating contradictions.

Take, for example this little comparison between the UCSD Principles of Community and The Koala, a newspaper on campus funded by the school through Associated Students...--Read More--

CIRCA-Boredom Patrol Website | Video Shown at Recruiting Booth | Circus of (Im)migration West Coast Tour/No Border Camp Benefit

Women in Oaxaca

Portland, 20.04.2007 04:43

Concepcion Nunez Miranda will be speaking Fri. April 20th, at Liberty Hall. She has been highly involved in the Oaxacan social movement and will be discussing the role of women, as well as media within the movement. Please come and see this amazing speaker.

A part of the women's takeover of radio and TV stations, and a leader in the fight for indigenous women's rights in the prison system in Oaxaca, Concepcion will speak on the dynamic role of women in the social movement in Oaxaca, with an emphasis on their use of the media. Concepcion speaks from extensive and passionate experience as a teacher, APPO member and writer, who's interviews with Indigeous women prisoners have been incorporated into two films resulting in the release of some of those prisoners.

Friday, April 20th at Liberty Hall (311 N Ivy St). Dinner and Oaxacan Music will begin at 5:30PM. Concepcion will speak at 6:30 PM.

Intergenerational Panel on Direct Action

Portland, 20.04.2007 04:43

An effective movement to recreate our world must learn from the triumphs and failures of the past. Join veteran Portland activists in a panel to discuss the history of direct action in Portland. From the Black Panthers to Earth First!, come learn from past struggles to inform today's. Panelists will focus on direct action as a tactic and explore ways in which communities can directly organize and act to reshape their world. All welcome!

Hosted by the blueheron infoshop, the panel consists of Karen Coulter, Loyd Marbett, Kent Ford, Dot Fishersmith, Amy Harwood, and Sasha Coulter. It will begin at 6:00 pm on April 20th. The panel will be held at Reed College, in the Psychology building's auditorium (Psych 105) at. Maps and directions to the Psych building can be found at

Bring yer bikes - join Surge Protection Brigade tomorrow (Friday) at recruiting center

Portland, 20.04.2007 04:43

The Seriously Pissed Off Grannies will get off their rockers and onto their bikes with the rallying cry: No Blood for Oil. Join us!

On Friday, April 20th, the Surge Protection Brigade will stage a protest at the military recruiting center on NE Broadway at 13th beginning at 10:30 a.m. This week the theme, No Blood for Oil, will be underscored by the presence of a bicycle brigade from the Portland cycling community joining the grannies to protest the link between US military action and the country's dependence on oil. Bicyclists will form a moving picket line in front of the recruiting office.

The Surge Protection Brigade is committed to escalating nonviolent civil resistance if our elected officials are not responsive to the majority of American voters who want the Iraq occupation to end. Their have been 21 arrests at their actions at the Recruiting office.

Your Invited to Miami's UMOJA Village 6 Month Anniversary Celebration April 23rd

Miami, 20.04.2007 03:37

Your Invited to Miami's UMOJA Village 6 Month Anniversary Celebration April 23rd

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