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Voices of a People's History of the United States

NYC, 26.04.2007 03:50

On Wednesday, May 2 at 6:30 pm at Cooper Union, hear inspiring readings and vocal performances by:

Allison Moorer, Steve Earle, Ally Sheedy, Brian Jones, Danny Glover, Deepa Fernandes, Erin Cherry, Harris Yulin, Kathleen Chalfant, Kerry Washington, Opal Alladin, Staceyann Chin and Stanley Tucci.
The public performances of Voices are inspiring, challenging reminders of our rich history of protest and its relevance for today.

Labor's Voices 3, April 26-28, 2007 - CUNY Graduate Center

NYC, 26.04.2007 03:50

This historic conference will unite unions, worker centers, international labor groups, journalists, scholars and media ativists for the first time to network and develop media strategies to support the emerging global workers' movement.

The Paper Industry Greens Up Its Act

NYC, 26.04.2007 03:50

The paper industry has a deservedly bad reputation when it comes to ecological impact; few manufacturing industries can say otherwise. Years of irresponsible environmental practices will plague future generations, but from the inside I am watching an industry taking responsibility for its history and actions. Perhaps driven by the connection between raw materials and ecological impact, or maybe because of the tradition of nepotism that remains, the paper industry is making changes to ensure a more sound environmental future.

Dancing With Myself

NYC, 26.04.2007 03:50

While he was mayor, Rudy Giuliani implemented his “quality of life campaign” which presumably was meant to make NYC a prettier, happier place to live. He tried to cut down on things like graffiti and jumping the subway turnstile. Because the cabaret laws were already on the books (but hadn’t been enforced in years), Giuliani simply beefed up enforcement. As a result, “Guiliani Time” caused a lot of bars and clubs to be fined or closed down. By 2002, of the 4,811 city venues with liquor licenses, only 276 were licensed cabarets where people were allowed to dance.

Senior Gambling Addiction

NYC, 26.04.2007 03:50

For a growing number of senior citizens, gambling addiction is a problem that is often financially and emotionally crippling, yet it is one that few health care providers are trained to screen and diagnose.

I recently visited an Atlantic City casino to talk with some older New Jersey residents about the role gambling plays in their lives. I also spoke with Keith Whyte, executive director of the National Council on Problem Gambling, and Dr. Christine Fernandez, PhD., Project Manager of the Gambling Disorders Clinic at Columbia University Medical Center.

NewStandard News to Shut its Doors

NYC, 26.04.2007 03:50

We regret to announce that, after nearly 3 and a half years online, we will discontinue publication of The NewStandard this Friday.

Fouad Kaady Video:Report Back

Portland, 26.04.2007 03:50

Last night, an outstanding film was shown to a full house in SE Portland. People packed the cozy venue, piling on couches until they were full, and then lining the walls. It was standing room only. And finally, the truth about the killing of Fouad Kaady was told.

The film's producer spoke out about the pattern of police violence and corporate media complicity, describing the link between the stories that are told about incidents of police violence and the public's reaction (or non-reaction). She showed that the police and the corporate media kick in to high gear every time someone is killed by police. They create a story in which the victim either deserved to be killed ("had it coming"), or was someone we don't need to care about anyway. Whether that story is true or not is irrelevant. Once such a story is created, it takes on a life of its own, and influences the way the public reacts to the killing.

I don't think anyone is ever going to look at police killings in the same, passive way again, after seeing this one. There is something rotten going on behind all those badges, and the stink is beginning to leak out. Thanks to those who took the risks and shared their energy to drag this story out into the light of day.

Prisoners revolt around Greece

Portland, 26.04.2007 03:50

In the morning of Monday 23/4, prisoners at the prison of Malandrino (in Fokida, mainland Greece) revolted. The spark igniting the revolt was the beating of anarchist prisoner Yiannis Dimitrakis as well as the vicious, violent response of the guards to the protests staged by his co-prisoners. Disgraceful holding conditions, lack of water, regular beatings, electronic surveillance and the extremely short time they are allowed at the yard comprise a grim reality for the Malandrino prisoners. The prison has seen plenty of revolts in the past... According to our latest info the prison is now under the complete control of the prisoners.

Meantime, information coming in right now (2:30pm, April 24) indicates that prisoners at the Ayios Stefanos prison of Patras have also revolted; two hundred of them abstained from their meal. 340 prisoners at the prison of Tripoli have gone on hunger strike.

Turn the RAT into Roadkill

Portland, 26.04.2007 03:50

In the early days of fee-demo, the US Forest Service concentrated it's effort to transform recreation into Disneyfied products, goods and services near urban centers. They focused upon those parts of the country where they expected the least resistance. For example, they converted the four major forests of Southern California located within a hundred miles of Disneyland, into one great big pay-to-play "Enterprise Forest" where even basic entry was prohibited except to "Adventure Pass" holders. Yet at the same time, the agencies largely avoided implementing fee-demo in the conservative, more-traditional, West. Barely a fee was charged in the Big Sky state of Montana.
The Forest Service knew exactly from where the most hostile reaction to their Disneyfication agenda would come. They avoided confrontation in those regions for as long as possible. Only with the passage of the RAT did the land management agencies begin expanding and extending their commercialization / privatization agenda into every corner of the nation. And now that they've done so, the backlash they long feared, is bursting forth uncontrollably.

It is with great pleasure that I share the news that the RAT is in serious trouble on many fronts. Opposition has materialized in all quarters and, based upon the appended article from NewWest, it
appears likely that the senior Senator from Montana, Max Baucus, will introduce legislation to REPEAL THE RAT. Not only that --- in an area long considered "safe" by the USFS, the California Legislature will vote this week on a resolution (AJR-21) calling upon Congress to REPEAL THE RAT.

Trident Submarine Protest at Indian Island

Portland, 26.04.2007 03:50

On Saturday, April, activists staged a peace vigil at Naval Magazine Indian Island to protest the arrival of the Trident Nuclear Submarine, Ohio. The Ohio has been converted from a ballistic missile sub to one that carries cruise missiles and Navy SEALS. Indian Island is approximately 2 miles from Port Townsend, Washington. Liz Rivera Goldstein and Bethel Prescott were both arrested on Saturday at the gate to the base. Both were also part of the 37 activists that were arrested last year at Indian Island.

Gypsy Moth Spraying in St Helens

Portland, 26.04.2007 03:50

I learned, today, that plans are underway to inundate the St Helens community with Bacillus thuringiensis var. kurstaki (BtK), an insecticide intended to eradicate the infamous gypsy moth. St Helens sits on the banks of the Columbia river, and is known for its lush wetlands, once-thick forests (before all the logging of the 1980s and 1990s reduced them to rubble), and rolling, green meadows. And... for its butterflies.

For my part, I have real concerns about the spraying of any toxin into the environment here in Cascadia. I am especially concerned when this spraying is accompanied by the kind of stone-walling, white-washing nonsense that has generally been doled out by the USDA any time questions are asked about the possible collateral damage that might result from the spraying of Bt.

If you would like to hear some of that white-washing, or if you would like to register your complaints about the moth spraying scheme, feel free to call the USDA at. Please let them know that we care about our environment, we care about butterflies, and we are not guinea pigs.

UCSD Shuttles to be phased out in 2007

San Diego, 26.04.2007 03:50

Chancellor Fox of the University of California San Diego addressed several hundred students on Saturday morning to proclaim her commitment to environmentalism by promising to turn UCSD into a "green" campus. This announcement was followed by official notification from the UCSD parking authority that the campus would be phasing out it's public shuttle system in the following year.

Losing the shuttles will put unnecessary strain on the environment as well as intensify already appalling parking and traffic conditions on the UCSD campus.

Sign the Petition To Save the Shuttle

Comments from Petition Signers Include...
E.M.: Uhhh, big no no. This will screw over lots of students. You will not receive any admiration for such actions, only admonishment. We can all transfer to SDSU if you like, and then maybe you'll see how much you need us. We pay your salary; all we want is a bus line. Don't be stupid.
t.: you better not do this and then give the administration a raise
Y.F.: Roger Revelle would be appalled. Stop your backward slippage. KEEP this green model of UCSD & promote ridership instead of cancelling the shuttle buses... UCSD: Be visible, get even more involved in your city & protect OUR environment, don't just publish studies on it!
M.O.: Budget cuts are out of control, meanwhile the chancellor has a new home built on our dollar?
GM2: They're diverting our attention from the real case at hand. UCSD will NEVER get rid of the shuttles, but will reduce funding. The possibility of removing is just a tactical distraction so that they can do what they want while we have our focus on the wrong thing, and they slip funding slowly while we don't realize. Heed my words.
G.M.: UCSD behaves more like a corporation than like a educational institution. Stop trying to shaft us with every opportunity you get, damnit.
E.R.: I feel we already pay this university more than the education is worth. The least that can be done is to offer the unfortunate thousands who live off campus a way to get to school in an efficient manner.
P.: We cannot afford this. Some students work 40 hrs a week on top of being a full time student just to manage their rent and bills. How do you expect us to afford living here, work AND keep our grades up?... You are promoting our failure.
S.X.: Be a green campus, keep the shuttles, don't encourage private cars
S.K.: This is my life... Don't make me destroy the atmosphere....
T.F.: Do you really want to build more parking structures?
K.H.: It's time for the UCSD administration to start thinking of students as important members of the community rather than the school's ugly stepchild as they have done so often lately. The administration depends on US students for THEIR jobs; without students they'd be nowhere. We students need to start asserting our power and making the school work for US.
L.P.: I thought we were trying to move towards a more green friendly community. Taking away the city shuttles only will further degenerate our earth.
J.W.: This will make it very hard for students from lower economic backgrounds to be students at UCSD if this happens. Also this will cause more cars, less parking, more pollution, more traffic... Why would we want these things?
K.C.: This is madness!

Prison Resistance in Greece and Indiana

San Diego, 26.04.2007 03:50

From Athens Indymedia: Prisoners at the prison of Malandrino in Fokida, mainland Greece, revolted. The spark igniting the revolt was the beating of anarchist prisoner Yiannis Dimitrakis as well as the vicious, violent response of the guards to the protests staged by his co-prisoners. Disgraceful holding conditions, lack of water, regular beatings, electronic surveillance and the extremely short times allowed at the yard comprise a grim reality for the Malandrino prisoners. The prison has seen plenty of revolts in the past...The latest information from Malandrino says that the prisoners are in full control of the prison. [Resistance quickly spread to other prisons in Greece, and solidarity actions are ongoing]--Read More--

From and corporate sites: Inmates rioted at a prison near New Castle, Indiana on Tuesday afternoon, setting at least one fire in the prison yard and prompting the state to mobilize emergency squads. A group of prisoners brought in from Arizona were believed to have started the disturbance at about 2 p.m. at the New Castle Correctional Facility. According to prison staff contacted by cell phone, many of the Arizona inmates have been dissatisfied with circumstances there. New Castle is privately operated by the GEO Group, which also manages a federal detention facility in downtown San Diego. California has contracted with the GEO Group to imprison over 1000 inmates from its overcrowded facilities at New Castle. --Read More--

Marcha contra la represion policiaca en SD / March against Police Brutality - Oaxaca to SD

San Diego, 26.04.2007 03:50

Vicente Fox, el ex-presidente de Mexico, responsable por masacres de gente indígena en Chiapas, por las desapariciones de participantes en la lucha en Oaxaca y por la negligencia en el caso de las mujeres asesinadas en Juarez y Chihuahua, viene a San Diego el 25 de abril para recibir el "Premio de la Democracia y la Paz", dado por el Instituto de las Americas, una organización derechista que está ubicado en el campus de la Universidad de California de San Diego. El 13 de abril, participantes en la acción pacifica Recupera las Calles eran las victimas de la brutalidad policíaca. En los últimos dos años, 17 personas han sido asesinatos por la policía y la migra en el condado de SD. ¡Hay que mostrarles que NO nos intimidarán con su violencia! ¡Lleva su bicicleta! ¡La lucha sigue!

Como la coalición vAPPOroaxaca, creemos que premiar a Fox es un insulto profundo a toda la gente afectada por las grandes violaciones de derechos humanos hechas por su gobierno. Las violaciones de derechos humanos cometidas por el gobierno de Fox están bien documentadas: 1 | 2
--Leer Mas--

Former Mexican president Vicente Fox, responsible for brutal police repression in Oaxaca, Atenco and Chiapas, is coming to receive the "Award for Democracy and Peace", given by the Americas Institute, a right-wing organization located on the UC San Diego campus. On April 13, several participants in the non-violent Reclaim the Streets were victims of police brutality. In the past two years at least 17 people have been murdered by police and the border patrol in SD County. We need to show them that we will NOT be intimidated by their violence! Bring your bike! La lucha sigue!

We in the coalition vAPPOroaxaca believe that giving the award to Fox is a grave insult to all people who have been affected by the gross violations of human rights committed by his administration. The human rights violations perpetrated by the Fox administration are well documented: 1 | 2 | 3
--Read More--

Como respuesta, hacemos una llamada de accion a toda la comunidad de SanDiego a participar en la marcha "Fox, NO estás bienvenido!" que empezará a las 6 pm en frente de la estatua de Benito Juarez en Pantoja Park (en el G Street, entre las calles Kettner y State) y terminará en una manifestación en la esquina de 4th y Broadway, frente al hotel US Grant donde Fox recibirá su premio: Mapa

April 25 at 6pm at the Benito Juarez statue in Pantoja Park on G Street between Kettner Blvd and State Street: Map

Bike Bloc || vAPPoroaxaca || Institute of the "Americas"


Athens, 26.04.2007 03:50

Εξέγερση στις Φυλακές Μαλανδρίνου


Athens, 26.04.2007 03:50

Prisoners revolt around Greece

Immigrants Are People

Philadelphia, 26.04.2007 03:50

Mumia Abu-Jamal Rally on April 24 Spotlights May 17 Oral Arguments

Philadelphia, 26.04.2007 03:50

Conferencia de Prensa

Valparaiso, 26.04.2007 03:49

Lunes 23 Abril 2007

Se Convoca a los medios de comunicación a una Conferencia de Prensa.


Oost-Vlaanderen, 26.04.2007 03:49

Kutunka 2007

Grève des acteurs du Conservatoire

Liege, 26.04.2007 03:49

Un millier de manifestants pour dire Non au centre fermé de Vottem

Liege, 26.04.2007 03:49

Чернобыльский шлях: что, где, когда...

Belarus, 26.04.2007 03:48

Save ESOL: Speak out because I can't

United Kingdom, 23.04.2007 19:44

On 21st April 2007, protestors marched through the city centre to oppose the Government proposals to cut the provisions of free ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) classes.

At the moment, some ESOL classes are free to those on benefits, and can be accessed by asylum seekers and newly arrived refugees and others, such as migrant workers, who have an immediate need to begin learning English in order to manage their daily life-not to mention dealing with the bureaucracy of the Home Office, JobCentre, and other organisations.

Photos | Report

The High Cost of Free Parking

NYC, 23.04.2007 16:08

Slate has a nice column about Donald Shoup's pathbreaking book The High Cost of Free Parking, called Why Parking Your Car Is More Environmentally Destructive Than Driving It . .

Coalition Agreement With New York City, DOE

NYC, 23.04.2007 16:08

On Thursday, April 19 an agreement was reached between New York City, the Department of Education and member organizations of the Coalition to Put The Public Back In Public Education – the UFT, ACORN, the Coalition for Educational Justice, the New York Immigration Coalition, the Working Families Party, and the Urban Youth Collaborative. Other groups, [...]

City Council Speaker Quinn vs the Environment

NYC, 23.04.2007 16:08

On Monday April 23rd the NY City Council is preparing to override the Mayor’s veto of its terrible pedicab bill. This bill would ban the bikes from bike lanes and bridges, give the NYPD the right to ban them from any streets anytime, ban tiny electric-assist motors, require six times as much insurance as a yellow cab and permit only enough of these fine conveyances to serve the most profitable locations, like Times Square.

How Green Is Our Mayor: Bloomberg announces PlaNYC 2030

NYC, 23.04.2007 16:08

Bookmarking his much-vaunted Earth Day speech with congratulatory video clips from California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Mayor Mike Bloomberg called for New Yorkers to take the initiative in the international fight against global warming, positioning himself as a leader on the issue.

Two Arrested at Indian Island Protesting Trident Submarine

Seattle, 23.04.2007 16:08

18 people gathered at the Naval Magazine Indian Island Gate on the afternoon of Saturday April 21 to protest the USS Ohio Trident nuclear submarine and the war in Iraq. They carried signs saying “No Iraq War”, The Longer We Stay, the Worse it Gets” and “Purge the Urge to Surge”, among others. Doug Milholland gave a short speech quoting Abraham Lincoln, President Eisenhower and Martin Luther King, speaking about the danger that militarism poses to our society. Then protestors walked towards the gate.

Milholland drew a large dollar sign with Marinara sauce, symbolizing the blood that has been spilled in American military adventures around the world. Liz Rivera Goldstein, of Port Townsend and Bethel Prescott, of Irondale stood in front of the gate, while the others watched. Both were arrested and charged with Disorderly Conduct by Jefferson County Sheriffs.

Israeli detention of Puerto Rican activist Tito Kayak continues after protest

NYC, 23.04.2007 15:09

Rare case of 96 hour detention of international, possible trial on
Sunday: Tito's action was part of the weekly Friday demonstrations against Israel's Apartheid Wall in the village of Bil'in, which has stolen 60% of the land from the village. Yesterday's demonstration came after the Second Annual Bil'in International Conference on Non-violence.

Amnesty International’s Get on the Bus Protest

NYC, 23.04.2007 15:09

On Friday, April 20th, over 1,000 student activists gathered for Get on the Bus, an annual protest hosted by Amnesty International. A panel of speakers went over this year’s issues (China’s role in the Darfur genocide, the Bhopal chemical plant explosion, human rights abuses in the War on Terror, and Guatemala’s Civil War), before the crowd headed over to JP Morgan and the Chinese and Gautemalan missions to the UN.

Shutting Down the Minutemen at UT

Austin, 23.04.2007 14:40

On Tuesday, April 10, dozens of immigrant rights activists stormed the UT campus and shouted down Minutemen leader Chris Simcox and his supporters. Simcox was delayed for over 20 minutes from starting his speech, and was interrupted and shouted down at regular intervals throughout. Simcox, the Minutemen and their supporters seek to scapegoat society's problems on poor migrants, rather than addressing the structural imbalances of power that are the real causes. Through inflammatory and dehumanizing rhetoric as well as fear mongering, Simcox and his supporters justify continued violence and oppression against already marginalized communities, and seek to maintain their unearned privileges that come with being white and middle class. In the course of the protest, one woman was detained by police and then released, and another woman was arrested and taken to County Jail on what I heard was a Class C misdemeanor (the equivalent of a parking ticket).

Take Action In The Fight For Clean Syringe Access

Austin, 23.04.2007 14:40

ACTION ALERT!!! Make A Phone Call To Support Critical Needle Exchange Legislation! Below is a message from the ACLU of Texas regarding important legislation that has the potential to provide lifesaving access to clean syringes for thousands of Texans. Please take a moment out of your day to make this important phone call and help curb the spread of HIV and Hepatitis C in some of Texas' most vulnerable communities. Denton! Houston! Dallas! Rural Texas! You're voice is especially important when it comes to this issue, so BE HEARD! Know someone in one of these places? Call them up and ask them to TAKE A STAND in the fight against HIV and Hepatitis C! ACT UP! Fight Back! Fight AIDS!

Entre Los Olvidados - Among The Forgotten (Oaxaca 2007)

Austin, 23.04.2007 14:40

"That's the women that kidnapped me last time." Says the 16 year old young women I am conducting a video documentation workshop with in San Isidro Vista Hermosa, as a green Nissan pickup truck passes us by. The women in the truck looks me straight in the face and laughs. She has several small children in the car with her, presumably her own. This is my second time in Vista Hermosa, and it won't be my last. I am not supposed to be here as a journalist, or human rights activist as in the past, but rather as a friend, a teacher, and a student. I am here to teach video, and the power of the camera. I am here to teach the people themselves how to use this weapon, which is obviously better placed in their hands, permanently, than it ever was in mine. I am here also to learn how places like Vista Hermosa get to this point. Today however, the intricacies and complications of San Isidro Vista Hermosa, and my partial understanding of them, make it impossible not to scream at us, in the north "What the fuck are we doing wrong?" My feeling is that Vista Hermosa exposes all of our holes of international solidarity with Mexico, the kind of holes which have consistently decided who receives our attention and support, and who doesn't. San Isidro Vista Hermosa keeps on falling through the cracks, and challenges us all to re-evaluate what we consider resistance, struggle, community, and worthy of our attention.


Austin, 23.04.2007 14:40


Here's what Tom Morello had to say about the "Concert for Fair Food": "It was very exciting for everybody in the room, myself included. I mean, the place was just packed to the rafters and even the stage was packed with this ring of 25 photographers two feet away from us while we were playing, so it was kind of a trippy, you know, way to do our first show. But it was a great cause and we were happy to be a part of the Immokalee farmworkers victory." read more

Watch y ahora que? here
Ver y ahora que? aca

ATX report from CIW Chicago mobilization

Austin, 23.04.2007 14:40

Thirty seven people from ATX, San Anto, and the Valley ranging in age from 15 to 75 boarded a bus on Thursday 4/12 to head up to Chicago to celebrate the Coalition of Immokalee Workers recent victory against McDonald's and to launch the first stage of the next campaign against Burger King. The CIW recently asked Burger King to join McDonald's and Taco Bell in implementing a modest set of reforms in their purchasing practices that would make an enormous difference in the lives of farmworkers. Burger King responded by offering the workers jobs at their restaurants. We left Austin ready to take to the streets of Chicago in response. CIW | SFA |Audio (mp3) interviews with CIW allies and more information below

Palestine: IDF Shoots Irish Peace Prize Winner With Rubber Bullets

Ireland, 23.04.2007 14:09

In a Gandhi-like protest, a completely unarmed pea ...

Behind the numbers are faces, lives - and voices

Philadelphia, 23.04.2007 13:38


Barcelona, 23.04.2007 13:09

Catalan country: occupied but not defeated or conquered

Three hundred years after the 1707 battle of Almansa, when the military occupation by the Castilian army provided the occasion for the "Decreto de Nueva Planta", the Spanish king Felipe V de Borbón, an ancestor of the now reigning Bourbon, abolished all Catalan
self-government, and the Catalan language was literally forbidden. The struggle and resistance of Catalunia achieved some results in the matter of language and self-government, but still today the governments and political parties of the Spanish State, of
the Rights as well as of the Left, show no sign of giving up the occupation and national oppression, nor of putting an end to the archiaic Burbon kingdom. Ever since then, in spite of yeas of torture, wars, dictatorships, jail, censorship, exile ad criminalization, resistance has been the mark of the people of this land that is in march toward freedom.

[april 2007] Acts and calls to action:

[april] 300 years of resistance campaign begins
[april]acts in ireland
[23april] from 12h. Pça Catalunya, catalan common language sant jordi twothousand seven

[23april] 18h Pça Universitat Unitary demonstration for Sant Jordi day

[25april] Senyeres (catalan flags) in the balconies
[28abril] back to Almansa

related news: Xirinacs Manifesto for Sant Jordi's day ::: Critiques and congratulations to Terra LLiure's documentary ::: resaca castellana ::: security force an ex-senator to speak castilian ::: protests against the borbons in penedès region ::: denounce against censorship in TV3 in valencian country ::: The spanish state and political parties continue with mistreat to catalan language

+info : >>>cultures + +

Post Your Stories by TELEPHONE to the San Diego Indymedia HOTLINE

San Diego, 23.04.2007 07:08

You can now post stories to San Diego Indymedia using a telephone. This might come in handy if your access to the internet is spotty, if you are at an event and want to report the information fast or while you remember it, or if you just can't face spending more time in front of the computer.

Here's how to telepost:
1 - Call the San Diego Indymedia Hotline: *67.619.tHreeSeVeNEiGhT.OHnInEFouRSiX
2 - Your call will be answered by our dedicated Indybot - your cue to start is the word "Cool" (followed by a beep)
3 - Speak loud and clear. Give the title of your story first, then the author (feel free to make something up!), and then your story. You have a total of 2 minutes after the beep sounds before the Indybot hangs up on you.
4 - The Indybot will forward the story to a San Diego Indymedia volunteer. It should appear on the website as an audio file with a short summary within 12-24 hours (subject to the same procedures for hiding offensive material as for written posts). For stories that are candidates for features, we might include a partial or full transcript. During important events, the delay might be considerably shortened. We expect to automate many aspects of this process with our upcoming software upgrade later this year.
5 - Please contact us by leaving a message on the Hotline or at imc dAsh sd aT lists d0T indymedia d0T org if you have any questions.

San Diego Indymedia Hotline: *67.619.tHreeSeVeNEiGhT.OHnInEFouRSiX

Protesting Market of Choice's &quot;poor choice&quot; of banking with StUmpqua

Portland, 23.04.2007 04:42

On Thursday, April 19 Cascadia's Ecosystem Advocates (CEA), Cascadia Forest Defenders (CFD) and the UO's Forest Action held a citizen demonstration outside Market of Choice in Eugene to urge Market of Choice to stop banking with Umpqua Bank, whose board of directors is personally responsible for clearcutting and herbiciding hundreds of thousands of acres of Oregon's forests.

Members of CEA and CFD held a 9 foot banner outside of the store saying "Save Oregon's Ancient Forests: Boycott StUmpqua Bank" and other signs, as well as passing out leaflets (on tree free, sugar cane based paper) to Market of Choice customers. Leaflets asked customers to call Market of Choice and urge them to do the right thing by withdrawing their accounts from Umpqua Bank and placing them in an environmentally responsible local bank. Postcards addressed to Market of Choice owner, Mr. Wright, were passed out as well as brochures explaining Umpqua Bank's ecocidal practices.

Hundreds of customers were made aware of the issue and dozens of individuals approached protesters to learn more about it. Despite one "friend" of Market of Choice owners and Umpqua Board of Directors who thought native forests were an "unpicked crop" and who didn't believe in global warming, the public was almost entirely supportive of the rally and expressed surprise and concern about Market of Choice's decision. Despite Market of Choice's green, eco-friendly image, by continuing to bank with Umpqua Bank, they are complicit in the destruction of Oregon's precious forests and watersheds.

Final Act of Submission

DC, 23.04.2007 03:09

"... if we are to continue to permit AIPAC to operate as an undeclared agent of a foreign nation, and to influence American foreign and national security policymaking at the expense of our Constitution, then we should acknowledge our true status as nothing more than a colony of Israel, pull down the Stars and Stripes and raise the Star of David over our nation’s capitol. While representing the final act of submission, it would also be the first truly honest act that occurred in Washington, D.C. in many years."

Protest Against Iraq's New Oil Law in San Francisco

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.04.2007 23:40

On April 19th anti-war protesters gathered in front of a Chevron station in San Francisco to protest a proposed Iraqi law that would give Western oil companies more control over Iraqi oil. If the law is adopted as is, control of the Iraqi oil industry will shift from the public sector, where it's been since the 1970s, into the hands of the multinational oil companies, especially British and American firms.

People's Park 38th Anniversary Celebration

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.04.2007 23:40

On April 22nd, Berkeley will celebrate the 28th anniversary of the founding of People's Park. There will be music, poetry, speakers, a Food Not Bombs lunch, and much more. Among those speaking and tabling will be activists focusing on the Berkeley oaks tree-sit, resistance to UC's sellout to BP, and anti-war organizing.

Zapatista Cucapa Camp Defends Fishing Rights on Colorado River Delta

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.04.2007 23:40

The Cucapa Tribe on the Colorado River Delta in Baja California faces similar problems in the battle for environmental justice that the Winnemem Wintu and other California tribes face on the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and California rivers and coastal waters. The Cucapa Tribe in El Mayor, Baja California has organized an historic Zapatista peace camp to defend their fishing rights against harassment and intimidation by the Mexican government on the Colorado River Delta.

Impeachment Movement Heats Up with Beach Impeach #2

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.04.2007 23:40

On Saturday, April 28th, people all over the country will organize events, ranging from writing on the sidewalk in chalk, to organizing 2,000 people on the beach to make a human "Impeach" mural. On Friday, April 27th, an Impeach Blimp Launch and press conference will be held at 12:00pm at 450 Golden Gate Ave. in San Francisco (outside of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office). On April 28th, Beach Impeach Project #2 will take place. Two thousand people will spell out the words "IMPEACH NOW!" in 100 foot-tall letters, starting at 10:00am. CodePink will lead a 12pm march up to Nancy Pelosi's house- reportedly including a stop off at Dianne Feinstein's along the way. There will be also actions in Sacramento and other cities around the US that day.


Barcelona, 22.04.2007 23:39

Ocupados, pero ni vencidos ni convencidos

A 300 años de la batalla de Almansa, en 1707, cuando la ocupación militar por parte de las tropas castellanas daba paso "por el justo derecho de conquista" al Decreto de Nueva Planta, el rey español Felipe V de Borbón, antepasado del actual Borbón, eliminaba toda capacidad de autogobierno catalán y la lengua quedaba literalmente prohibida.

La resistencia y lucha catalana llevó a avances respecto a la lengua y el autogobierno, pero aún hoy, los diferentes gobiernos y partidos políticos del Estado Español, tanto de derechas como de izquierdas, no han mostrado la voluntad de abandonar esta ocupación y opresión nacional, como tampoco de acabar con reinos arcaicos como el borbón.

Desde entonces, a pesar de años de torturas, guerras, dictaduras, encarcelamientos, censuras, exilios y criminalizaciones, la resistencia ha caracterizado, y continúa caracterizando, a la gente de esta tierra que sigue avanzando hacia la libertad.

[abril 2007] Actos y convocatorias: inicio Campanya 300 anys de resistència + actos en irlanda + Campanya decido decidir
[23abril] des de 12h. Pça Catalunya, el catalán lengua común sant jordi dosmil siete

[23abril]18h Pça Universitat Manifestación unitaria por la diada de Sant Jordi

[24abr]actos sant Jordi UPF-Rambles
[25abril] Senyeres en los balcones
[28abril] volvemos a Almansa

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pobles (ca)

Barcelona, 22.04.2007 23:39

Ocupats, però ni vençuts ni convençuts

A 300 anys de la batalla d'Almansa, el 1707, quan l'ocupació militar per part de les tropes castellanes donava pas "por el justo derecho de conquista" al Decret de Nova Planta, el rei espanyol Felip Vè de Borbó, avantpassat del Borbó actual, eliminava tota capacitat d'autogovern catalana i la llengua restava literalment prohibida.

La resistència i lluita catalana portà a avenços respecte la llengua i l'autogovern, però encara avui, els diferents Governs i partits polítics de l'Estat Espanyol, tant de dretes com d'esquerres, no han mostrat la voluntat d'abandonar aquesta ocupació i opressió nacional, com tampoc acabar amb reialmes arcaïcs com el borbònic.

Des d'aleshores, tot i anys de tortures, guerres, dictadures, empresonaments, censures, exilis i criminalitzacions, la resistència ha caracteritzat, i segueix caracteritzant, la gent d'aquesta terra que segueix avançant cap a la llibertat.

[abril 2007] Actes i convocatòries: inici Campanya 300 anys de resistència + actes a irlanda + campaya decideixo decidir
[23abril]des de 12h. Pça Catalunya, el català llengua comuna sant jordi dos-mil set

[23abril]18h Pça Universitat Manifestació unitària per la diada de Sant Jordi

[24abr]actes sant jordi UPF-Rambles
[25abril]Senyeres als balcons
[28abril] tornem a Almansa

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Mass lone demo breaks Guinness Book of Records

United Kingdom, 22.04.2007 19:09

"According to the Home Office there have been 1,379 demonstrations authorised under SOCPA in 18 months (1 Aug 2005 - Dec 2006). With your help we'd like to attempt to hold 2,000 demonstrations in a day!"

So reads the splurge on the Mark Thomas website ( Today's efforts alone totalled 2294, breaking, according to Mark, the challenge set by records administrators.

June 9th Day of Solidarity with Jeffrey Free Luers

Portland, 22.04.2007 16:38

The 7th anniversary of Jeff's imprisonment is fast arriving, and to mark this date we are encouraging everyone once again to participate in a Day of Solidarity. This year we are asking people to hold demonstrations to demand change, not just for Jeff's case but for the world. Please plan an event in your community and inform us of the details so we can help you publicize it.

Below is an announcement that can be circulated and reposted.

Donations are still needed to help with Jeff's legal costs.

Thank you all again for your support! We don't have any updated information about Jeff's resentencing as of yet, but we will certainly keep you posted! ~Friends of Jeffrey Free Luers

Past solidarity events & actions |

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