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Indypendent Reader Issue 3

Baltimore, 27.04.2007 03:08

This issue is about education. Education has always been so important that no society permits it to go unregulated. In Baltimore, a large group of high school students, in what has been called the “Algebra Project” has challenged the control of the Board of Education through strikes, rallies, and a citizen ’s arrest of the state superintendent. Most recently Project participants have organized a shadow Board of Education. At stake are millions of dollars in school funding. We tell the story in three more.

la tortura es mala palabra

Argentina, 27.04.2007 02:39

Caso Gallardo: perpetua para cuatro policías

la tortura es mala palabra

Argentina, 27.04.2007 02:09

Caso Gallardo: perpetua para cuatro policías

Protestors disrupt, drop giant impeachment banners in Hart building

DC, 27.04.2007 00:43

At a little after noon on April 26, protesters from many antiwar groups staged a noisy, disruptive joint action inside the Hart senate office building. Protesters demanded NO funding for the war on any terms-and the impeachment of Bush and Cheney! MP3 Audio, 3 min 57 seconds

McCain Presidential Campaign Appears Over

New Hampshire, 26.04.2007 23:11

On Wednesday, April 25th, John McCain's presidential campaign was launched with more of a whimper than a bang in Prescott Park in Portsmouth. Even with free hot dogs and bus-loads of McCain loyalists imported for the event from other states, the crowd maxed-out around 250.


Argentina, 26.04.2007 21:09

Inundados de mentiras, huérfanos de verdad

Arresto de Tito Kayak en Israel

Puerto Rico, 26.04.2007 20:40

Mensaje de paz contra el Muro del “Apartheid”

Patrick Henry High Promotes Discrimination

San Diego, 26.04.2007 19:40

Last week, in a hopeful attempt to introduce tolerance to Patrick Henry High School, I produced over 30 posters that promoted tolerance and equality for gays and lesbians. I went from class to class, asking teachers if they would be willing to put a poster in their room windows. All but three teachers accepted my request. Most teachers gave me praise for having the courage and concern to act upon the hidden issue of discrimination against homosexuality that plagues our schools. I was disheartened yesterday, to find that all of my posters were torn down by school security at the request of Patrick Henry vice-principal, Laurie Guido.

There is a critical need for the awareness of homosexual discrimination in youth. In America, approximately 7.2 million people under age 20 are lesbian or gay. 45% of gay males and 20% of lesbians encounter physical or verbal assault in high school. As a result, many teens commit suicide. In 1995, gay and lesbian teenagers accounted for 30% of all suicides among youths.

The Massachusetts Department of Education announced in 1994 that, “The average high school student in the U.S. hears anti-gay slurs 25 times per day.” If the situation is not managed, homophobic teenagers will grow to be hateful, intolerant, and uncaring adults. The hate of narrow-minded students and the desolate condition of gay and lesbian students does not end at graduation. People are affected by their high school experiences for the rest of their lives.

March for familes

Houston, 26.04.2007 18:39

March in Defense of Family - March for Immigrant Rights

1° maggio 007: streetparade - quest'anno si parte da Besso!

Switzerland, 26.04.2007 18:07

La strada è in salita, ma non per questo deve spaventarci. Da Besso è tutta in discesa...
Il Coordinamento Precari Esistenziali in occasione del primo di maggio torna a proporre un momento alternativo di riflessione e di lotta contro il precariato.
Concentramento alle 14’00 piazzale san nicolao (Besso/Lugano) [flyer]

Salle 12’00 pranzo a Besso allietato dalla “Ninfea Blues Band”, segue street-parade con carri sound-sistem e interventi precari al termine del corteo aperò musicale con gli Ajelé (world music) e cena popolare al CSOA il Molino.
> Tutte le informazioni

> Il giornale del CPE
> Il primo maggio nel resto della Svizzera
> Corteo sindacale a Bellinzona

CPE 006: 1 - 2

Aderiscono al CPE: AntiWTO Ticino, Bar Trà-l’altro, Circolo Carlo Vanza, Collettivo Zapatista, Creative Anarchy (goa), CSOA il Molino, Giovani MPS, Giovani Progressisti, Giullari di Gulliver, Gruppo Anarchico, Gruppo Svizzera Senza Esercito, IN-Costruzione, Katijusha (punk-oi! band), Lokarno Autogestita, Movimento dei Senza Voce, Movimento per il Socialismo, Ninfea Blues Band, Partito del Lavoro, Rifondazione Comunista Ticino, SEV, Sindacato Indipendente Studenti Apprendisti, Sorrisi Africani, Spakkabelli, Sugo d'inchiostro, Terramatta, Ufficio Svizzero Accoglienza Profughi, Voce Libertaria


Valencia, 26.04.2007 17:07

Concentración miercoles 11 de abril: 14 años sin Guillem

Allí mismo bailaremos una danza i después iremos todos juntos a ca Bassot (Bisbe Muñoz, 52. Burjassot)

CONCENTRACIÓN MIERCOLES 11 DE ABRIL: 14 ANYS SIN GUILLEM. Llamada de Maulets a participar en este acto ++ GreSKA. Guillem Agulló: homenage radiofónico


Valencia, 26.04.2007 17:07

21 de abril: Por nuestra Tierra. No a la especulación! Basta de corrupción!
Compromís pel Territori. 18:00 h.
Castelló: Pl. Independència
València: Pl. Sant Agustí
Alacant: Pl. Ajuntament

21 d'abril: Per la nostra Terra. No a l'especulació! Prou de corrupció! ++ Subestación de Patraix: mani para el día 21 ++ón de Patraix: reunión con el ministerio de industria ++ Subestación de Patraix: IberTrola NO consigue cerrar nuestra web ++ Subestación de Patraix: expo fotográfica en el Cabanyal ++ Las emisiones de gas invernadero en España (1990-2006) ++ No a l’alta tensió, prou especulació ++ BIODIESEL, un paso a la quiebra biológica ++ El mito de los biocombustibles ++ El negacionismo del cambio climático por José Santamarta Flórez

25 d'abril: Jornada de lluita nacional

Valencia, 26.04.2007 16:38

300 anys d'ocupació, 300 anys de resistència
El 25 d’abril es complia el tres-cents aniversari de la batalla d’Almansa. Aquesta desfeta militar va suposar l’entrada dels exèrcits castellans de Felip de Borbó a les comarques valencianes. En poc més de set anys els Països Catalans eren definitivament ocupats, i això malgrat els episodis de resistència popular que es succeïren a molts indrets del nostre país.

Accións descentralitzades:
++ Maulets reivindica diverses accions en el marc de la jornada de lluita nacional del 25 d'abril ++ [CAJEI Comunicat pel 25 d'abril de 2007] ++ Joves unides en lluita per la terra ++ La Vall d’Albaida es mou

Beware of Candidates Who Let Money Do Their Talking!

Philadelphia, 26.04.2007 14:38

Senate Bill 672 Limits Trapping Cruelty

Portland, 26.04.2007 10:39

Oregon Senate Bill 672 will require traps to be checked every 24 hours. This will significantly reduce the suffering of trapped animals. It's a step in the right direction.

The use of leg- and body-hold traps remains in wide use in Oregon, with well over 20,000 animals trapped each year. Under current ODFW regulations, animals can, and do, remain in a trap for from 48 hours to 30 days. SB 672, which is in the Oregon Senate Environmental and Natural Resource Committee, would reduce the time allowed between checking traps to 24 hours. The reason for a 24 hour check time is because these types of traps are so inherently cruel that every measure should be taken to reduce the time any animal spends in one. Furthermore, studies have shown over and over again that for every targeted animal caught, two or three non-targeted animals are trapped, and if they are released within 24 hours, they may escape death or maiming.

First Casualty: Sea Lion Down

Portland, 26.04.2007 10:39

Last night, I heard the plaintive barking of a far-off sea lion, somewhere down by the river. Usually, I love that sound. It reminds me that there are still wild beings left in the world, despite the best efforts of the worst of humans. And it connects me to the seasons. I know when I hear the sea lions, that the salmon are surging in the river, and the eagles and the osprey are gliding in the skies. Usually, when I hear the sea lions, the skies are full of geese and swans, either coming or going at the beginning or the ending of the warmer seasons.

Usually, when I hear the sea lions, I know that everything is as it should be in the world.

AUDIO FILES: How Bush Drowned New Orleans and the Theft of 2008

Portland, 26.04.2007 10:39

Greg Palast, investigative reporter visited Portland Wednesday evening, April 24, 2007, promoting the addition of two chapters to his most recent book, "Armed Madhouse." The event was co sponsored by KBOO Radio, and was a benefit for the Portland Alliance Newspaper.

Palast was in town last year on his Armed Madhouse Tour, and this visit presented some of the same information. Though he did review much of the earlier material, the additional two chapters added much that was new, especially his investigation of the Federal Debacle in New Orleans leading up to and after Hurricane Katrina.

The event was extremely well attended, filling up the majority of the seats at the First Unitarian Church, probably about 300-350 people.

Berlin: Zwangsversteigerung der KÖPI am 8.5.

Germany, 26.04.2007 09:10

Seit dem 8.02.2007 ist bekannt, dass die Köpi und der daran anliegende Wagenplatz am Dienstag, dem 8.05.2007 versteigert werden sollen. Dagegen formiert sich Widerstand.

Don't vote! It only encourages them

United Kingdom, 26.04.2007 07:10

You are expected to turn out to vote on May 3rd. By this seemingly straightforward act you will tacitly endorse a sham democracy and are unlikely to change anything really important. Voting alone does not a democracy make. It crucially depends on which particular issues you are allowed to vote for, or not.

Why is our democracy a sham? Democracy is supposed to be 'rule by the People' but there are huge areas in the UK system of government where the People have absolutely no say at all, such as foreign policy and defence. They also cannot influence by voting the decisions of global organisations which may have a profound effect on the lives of UK citizens, such as the G8 and the WTO. Much the same applies to multi-national corporations and quangos operating within the UK.

So what are you allowed to vote for? A strictly limited set of policies contained in a party manifesto, mere promises which may or may not be honoured during the next term of office before you are permitted to vote again. Those who abstain from voting may not be able to bring about a proper democracy in the immediate future but at least they will have the satisfaction of knowing they are not helping to perpetuate a downright lie.

From the newswire: Vote Nobody! Campaign hits Cardiff city centre | Vote Nobody at the Welsh Assembly elections | Bristol Indymedia: Local Elections Round-Up | A Change is Gonna Come
Other: General election 2005 | 66% saying the government is not by the will of the people | Just how little MPs knew about the Iraq war | Royal Prerogative | Party Whip

26 апреля в 18.00 на Площадь Якуба Коласа! Против второго Чернобыля! За ответственную энергетику!

Belarus, 26.04.2007 06:07

Former Mayor Williams protested over his &quot;Public Properties Investment Trust&quot;

DC, 26.04.2007 04:12

On April 25, Mayor Williams was the guest of honor at a UDC-sponsored dinner, even though he tried to close UDC in 1999! Due to his continued involvement in public land privatization, Empower DC called for protesters to counter his message.

Declaracion Publica C. Cultural El Semillero

santiago, 26.04.2007 03:53

Un Espacio Derribado Es un Muro Derribado

David Rovics Radical Concert: Ashland, Oregon

Rogue Valley, 26.04.2007 03:53


Bellview Grange Sunday April 20, 2007

IndyMedia Week (April 15-21, 2007) had two concerts, the George Mann kickoff event on Sunday and the David Rovics-Patrick Dodd event Friday Night Here is David Rovics on Friday night, taken with a hand held video camera without an external mic..

So much fun to sit on a couch up front and just kick back and listen to the wonderful performance of David Rovics and Patrick Dodd. I only held up my video camera for 15 minutes of raw footage thinking it too dark for video and that my camera's built-in microphone was not capable of getting good sound (for the techies, i needed an external mic). But then I listened to it and decided it was much better than imagined and so here is a streaming vid from the friday nite concert

(photos and video song, plus text of song below)

Judge Hunter Orders Release of 42 Prisoners

New Orleans, 26.04.2007 03:53

Judge Hunter Orders Release of 42 Prisoners

A Big Ol' Cup of &quot;Shut Up&quot;: MinuteKlan, FAIR Shouted Down by RAS, SDS, ISO at Lafayette Square

DC, 26.04.2007 03:53

On April 22 in Lafayette Park, members of Resistance and Solidarity, SDS, and the ISO answered the call to shout down the MinuteKlan and other anti-immigrant racist rally. With air horns, whistles, and loud chants, the racist message was stepped all over, just like a radio station getting heavy interference!

Barack Obama and 'the legacy of slavery'

DC, 26.04.2007 03:53

Roots Revolution Live! 04.23.07: Barack Obama and 'the legacy of slavery'; sisters from the continent and the African Diaspora add their voices to this stale and divisive argument. MP3 Download:

Lest we forget Afghanistan, the Solomon Islands and Timor Leste

Aotearoa, 26.04.2007 03:53

Anti-war protests took place in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch this morning during the ANZAC Day dawn services. "ANZAC Day has ceased to be a day where we commit to 'never again', and has instead become nothing less than a celebration of the New Zealand military and the glorification of war. Lest we forget that the New Zealand military is currently engaged in combat in Afghanistan, the Solomon Islands and Timor Leste. Lest we forget that the New Zealand military is currently deployed in 18 different missions around the world," wrote Peace Action Wellington.

In Auckland a silent but visible vigil marked ANZAC day in Auckland with protesters highlighting the ongoing involvement of New Zealand troops in unjust wars around the world. Protesters held a six meter long banner saying “Honor the dead; no more wars.”

Two people were arrested after protesters held banners and burnt New Zealand flags in Wellington. Around 15 people held big banners and used loud horns. The activists will appear in court at 1pm this afternoon.

In Christchurch a banner was held saying "in remembrance of women and children raped and killed in wars" by the group 'Women in Black'.

Links: NZ Troops Out | Peace Action Wellington

Gay rights

Perth, 26.04.2007 03:52

WA push for gay rights

Anti War

Perth, 26.04.2007 03:52


Conscription and World War 1 in Australia

Melbourne, 26.04.2007 03:52

Behind the ANZAC Myth

International Campaign Against Nuclear Weapons

Melbourne, 26.04.2007 03:52

Doctors launch Campaign Against Nuclear Weapons


Argentina, 26.04.2007 03:52

Buenos Aires: Penalizar la diferencia

Argentina, 26.04.2007 03:52

La hoja de coca no es delito… según quién la tenga

Día Internacional de la Lucha Campesina

Argentina, 26.04.2007 03:52

Otra realidad puede ser posible


Argentina, 26.04.2007 03:52

Inundados de mentiras, huérfanos de verdad

acciones de lucha en el país

Argentina, 26.04.2007 03:52

Cuando falta Salud, cuando falta Educación, hay cacerolazo

acciones de lucha en el país

Argentina, 26.04.2007 03:52

Cuando falta Salud, cuando falta Educación, hay cacerolazo

Día Internacional de la Lucha Campesina

Argentina, 26.04.2007 03:52

Otra realidad puede ser posible


Colombia, 26.04.2007 03:51

CHOCÓ: La tragedia continúa…


Colombia, 26.04.2007 03:51

Tras el debate sobre paramilitarismo en Antioquia: evasivas y acecho a la oposición

Hostigamientos oposición

Colombia, 26.04.2007 03:51

Más hostigamientos contra la oposición - Una orden de inspección judicial o allanamiento a Of. Senador Gustavo Petro

A Portrait: 420 at UC Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA, 26.04.2007 03:51

Every year on April 20, folks gather around North America to celebrate and smoke. UC Santa Cruz has historically had one of the largest gatherings around, a self-fulfilling prophesy of sorts, spurred on by UCSC's unique cultural history and the occassional spotlights from outside (like Rolling Stone Magazine a few years ago). Its a big community event - a place where thousands of people can bring a bunch of friends, musical instruments, frisbees, you name it, and just have fun. This year, cops and administrators attempted to intimidate students, but the party went on.

Bike Week Pasadena

LA, 26.04.2007 03:51

Bike Week Pasadena


LA, 26.04.2007 03:51


No VX in TX

Houston, 26.04.2007 03:51

No VX in Port Arthur Texas

Despierta Gigante

Houston, 26.04.2007 03:51

May 1st: ¡Giante Despierta! Giant Awake!

Hundreds March for CORI Reform

Boston, 26.04.2007 03:51

On Thursday, April 19th, hundreds of people marched from Roxbury Crossing to the state house, demanding passage of the Public Safety Act of 2007. The act seeks to end arbitrary discrimination against people with criminal records, shorten the length of time that records are open, and train employers on properly reading CORIs.

&quot;Arcata People Project&quot; Encampment Attacked By Police

San Francisco Bay Area, 26.04.2007 03:50

On April 21st, activists from the Arcata People Project established an encampment in Arcata California. According to an organizer, the protest aimed to "reclaim common spaces and create awareness about the issue of homelessness in the country and the fact that folks just don't have a place to sleep and be safe." On April 25th, police raided the protest encampment and several homeless rights activists were attacked and arrested by the police.

NYC 2007 May Day Solidarity Picket At Steinway Hall

NYC, 26.04.2007 03:50

For over one year 230 UAW Local 364 strikers have been forced out at Conn Selmer's in Elkhart, Indiana. Conn Selmer's is owned by Steinway Musical instruments and this May Day in New York there will be a solidarity picket in support of the Elkhart, Indiana strikers. There will also be a delegation of striking workers on the picket line

April 20, 2007 Decision in RNC Putative Class Action Re: Privilege Assertions

NYC, 26.04.2007 03:50

From the Memorandum and Order: "This case is one of many cases arising from the arrests of approximately 1,800 people during the Republican National Convention (the “RNC”) in New York City in the summer of 2004. Throughout the litigation, the City of New York and the individual defendants (collectively, the “City”) have withheld or redacted a number of documents requested by the plaintiffs on the basis of various privileges. On March 14, 2007, I granted in part and denied in part the plaintiffs’ motion to compel production of documents that the City claimed were subject to the self-critical analysis privilege, the attorney-client privilege, and the deliberative process privilege. MacNamara v. City of New York, No. 04 Civ. 9216, 2007 WL 755401 (S.D.N.Y. March 14, 2007). The plaintiffs now seek an order compelling the City to produce in unredacted form additional documents that the City has withheld on the basis of the deliberative process privilege and the law enforcement privilege. In addition, the plaintiffs seek an order reopening depositions at which the City instructed witnesses not to answer questions regarding the presence of undercover or plainclothes officers at demonstrations. For the reasons set forth below, the plaintiffs’ motion is granted in part and denied in part."

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