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especulación (es)

Barcelona, 29.04.2007 20:39

Miles de viviendas en alerta creativa

actividades de resistencia>>>Miles de viviendas>>>Passeig Joan de Borbó, 11, Barceloneta: [24 abril] 4.30h Alerta y concentración por el possible desalojo de Miles + Concentraciones todo el día + 18h Miles, Roda de Prensa y actuaciones creativas + activitades setmanales de resistencia + [26abril]miles de sueños ya estan a nuestro lado + [27abril] activitades de resistencia: conciertos y dj's + [28abril] actividades de resistencia: huertos, circo y teatro + [29abril]Mercadillo interno y teatro oprimido + actividades semana 30 abril: continuamos resistiendo

[17maig] CSO La Opera nueva fecha de juicio y convocatorias

[7-19maig]Quincena para la okupación

la suculenta barceloneta: vecinos de la Barceloneta se manifiestan para reclamar alternativas al plan de los ascensores ::: 21 abril manifestación en la Barceloneta ::: otro plan es posible y la barceloneta sale a la calle carrer para demostrar-lo :::

Noticias relacionadas:immobiliariass caen en la bolsa ::: 1 año de okupación, 1 año de resistencia ::: Barcelona: El consulado danés ha sido atacado en solidaridad con Ungdomshuset y la gente presa por resistir a su desalojo::: video manifestación por la vivienda digna ::: Nueva okupación en terrassa ::: Espacio liberado en Girona: La ferralla ::: Iniciativa...represores por sistema... ::: Han desallotjat toxics...

Más info a sección espekulació + web de miles

The Walling Off Of Baghdad Neighborhoods

San Francisco Bay Area, 29.04.2007 20:38

The US military has ordered that at least 10 areas of Baghdad be entirely sealed off by walls. The western Baghdad district of Ghazaliyah has already been walled off. The 15,000 residents of the area are subjected to curfews and can only enter and leave through one checkpoint, where they are subjected to repeated identity checks and searches. Since April 10, US forces have been constructing a five-kilometer wall made of six-ton concrete sections along the highway dividing Adhamiyah from its Shiite neighbors. On April 23rd, residents the Sunni enclave demonstrated and shouted slogans against the wall and Prime Minister Al Maliki called for an end to construction, but the US military has said that it will continue building the walls anyways.

La petrolera Pionner contra una comunidad mapuche

Argentina, 29.04.2007 19:09

Turbación a la Propiedad

La petrolera Pionner contra una comunidad mapuche

Argentina, 29.04.2007 19:09

Turbación a la Propiedad

1er mai 2007 - nous voulons la révolution sociale !

Switzerland, 29.04.2007 19:07

En 1886 manifeste à Chicago plus de 100’000 personnes pour la journée de huit heures. Le 3 mai à Chicago deux travailleurs sont tués par la police en réaction une manifestation à lieu le 4 mai. Lors de celle ci, une bombe est lancée dans le Haymarket Square par des inconnus. Sept policiers sont mort et plus de 70 ont été blessés. La police répond en tirant dans la foule, quartes ouvrier tombes. Suite à cette événements sept anarchiste sont arrêtés et condamnés à mort ou à la prison à perpétuité sans preuves.

Ils s’agissaient de figures important du mouvement anarchiste de Chicago. La police de Chicago profitera de cette incident pour les arrêter. Leur but n’était pas de changer le monde par des bombes jetées au hasard. Mais plutôt par un travaille de prise de conscience sur le long terme parmi le mouvement ouvrier.

« Le verdict prononcé contre moi n’est pas destiné à punir un assassinat mais l’anarchisme. J’ai la conviction d’avoir été condamné à mort parce que je suis anarchiste et non pour être délinquant. (...) Cependant si les classes dirigeantes croient se débarrasser des anarchistes et de l’anarchisme, ils se trompent lourdement, car pour les anarchistes les principes sont plus importants que la vie. Un anarchiste est toujours prêt à mourir pour ses idées, mais dans cette affaire je suis faussement accusé. Je suis condamné pour être anarchiste et c’est tout ce que j’ai à dire. » Adolph Fischer avent son jugement à la peinne de mort pour les émeutes de Haymarket à Chicago (1887)

Police charge cyclists at Glasgow Critical Mass

Scotland, 29.04.2007 18:10

Last night the police committed a surprising u-turn in their approach to dealing with Glasgow Critical Mass. The Mass has previously been accompanied by cycle officers "to ensure the safety of the cyclists" however there has been no police presence since last September. This changed dramatically with the April Critical Mass;

especulació (ca)

Barcelona, 29.04.2007 18:09

"Miles de viviendas" en alerta creativa

activitats de resistència>>>Miles de viviendas>>>Passeig Joan de Borbó, 11, Barceloneta: [24 abril] 4.30h Alerta i concentració pel possible desallotjament de Miles + Concentracions tot el dia + 18h Miles, Roda de Premsa i actuacions creatives + activitats setmanals de resistència + [26abril]milers de somnis ja estan al nostre costat + [27abril] activitats de resistència: concerts i dj's + [28abril] activitats de resistència: horts, circ i teatre + [29abril]Mercadillo intern i teatre oprimit + activitats setmana 30 abril: continuem resistint

[17maig] CSO L'Opera nova data de judici i convocatòries

[7-19maig]Quinzena per l'okupació

la suculenta barceloneta: veïns de la Barceloneta es manifesten per reclamar alternatives al pla dels ascesors ::: 21 abril manifestació a la Barceloneta ::: un altre pla és possible i la barceloneta surt al carrer per demostrar-ho :::

Notícies relacionades:immobiliàries cauen en la borsa ::: 1 any d'okupació, 1 any de resistència ::: Barcelona: El consulat danès ha estat atacat en solidaritat amb Ungdomshuset i la gent presa per resistir al seu desallotjament::: video manifestació per l'habitatge digne ::: Nova okupació a terrassa ::: Espai alliberat a Girona: La ferralla ::: Iniciativa...repressors per sistema... ::: Han desallotjat toxics...

Més info a secció espekulació + web de miles

Elections 2007 : Clampdowns and Punitive Fines

Bristol, 29.04.2007 17:07

Bristol Indymedia Newswire Round-Up 2007 Local Election Polling Stations | Bristol Indymedia Election Guidelines With just a few days of campaigning left before the Local Elections 2007, Bristol Indymedia does another newswire round-up. In the time since the last round-up we have seen an apparent political clampdown (1) (2) on green activism, the revelation that Stop The War are potentially faced with £24,000 (1) (2) in punitive fines from the Lib Dem majority Bristol City Council, and the exposure that the Lawrence Hill Labour candidate faked photos (1) (2) on election leaflets, amongst other news.PUNITIVE FINES!. Giles writes: On June 25th, a ludicrous drama promises to unfold at Bristol Magistrates Court, when Andrew Murry faces 16 charges of unlawful bill-posting. For the offence of playing a leading role in Stop The War Coalition nationally, Murray is to be held personally responsible for every anti-war poster pasted up in our fair city - despite zero evidence that this Londoner has ever set foot in Bristol with a gluepot in his hand! ... But we need to stop laughing long enough to consider the potential consequences of this malicious prosecution by Bristol City Council. If it succeeds, Murray - and the anti-war movement - will be subject to punitive fines ... Bristol's walls host a wide range of unofficial advertising ... yet it seems to be only the posters speaking out against the war that arouse such expensive civic indignation in the city council. Could it be that what is really being hounded here is not a bit of unlawful bill - posting, but the crime of political dissent against the oil wars? Disillusioned writes: So the Lib-Dems are trying to nick the anti-war funds donated by people of goodwill who often could not really afford to give. I've seen honest folk on anti war demos dropping their coins in buckets in the hope that it will ease the plight of Blairs wars victims ... They were a last resort any way, but who the hell do I vote for now?Recent News: Fascists on the streets of Bristol | Slippery People | Faking It! | Bristol Labour Candidate caught in fake photo scandal! | Police Waste '£100,000s' On Mistaken Camp | State Clamps Down On Local Events | Did Bristol's Top Cop Collude With Loyalist Assassins? | More News: Jewel of Castle Park to be Bulldozed? | A group of individuals take on the fight against BAE Systems | Burnham breast cancer excess 70% over ten years | How to close down a nuclear bomb factory! | Earlier Election News: Home care workers march on LibDem ward this Friday | Neo-Labour's Local Hypocrisy | Abdul Malik For Mayor? | Liam Fox exposed | The New Bristle - it's shit-brown (not pro-Brown) | Bristol Social Forum - Election Invitation | Tories gloat over Labour divisions | Exposed: The BNP at the local elections | Bank Holiday TV Special | Bristolian starts Tory scandal website | Kiely, Kiely,Kiley OUT OUT OUT! | The strange affair of the Lib Dem Trot | Tactical Voting: Getting Neo-Labour Out! | Lib dems – do as we say, not as we do | Bristol local elections: 3rd May 2007 | Bristol Indymedia and the Coming Elections | BRISTOL INDYMEDIA - More 'Votes' Than The Evening Post - PUBLISH YOUR NEWS! |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar attachments/apr2007/police_generic.jpg attachments/apr2007/corruption_jpg.jpg attachments/apr2007/fake.jpg

Photos: Impeach Bush Rally at CA Democratic Convention

San Diego, 29.04.2007 13:38

[These photos] give just a partial shot of the much larger crowd that showed up to demand that the Democratic Party get serious about stopping the War in Iraq and to pass a Resolution Calling for the Impeachment of War Criminal and Mass Murderer George Bush! The word at the end of the Demonstration from inside the Convention Hall was that the California State Democratic Party has put a Resolution to call for Bush's Impeachment onto the Agenda for Sunday's wrapup session! Let's see if these normally spineless Democratic Party Opportunists finally get up the courage to pass the Impeachment Resolution!

Impeach Events for 4/28 Announcement

International Day of Direct Action against Climate Change

San Diego, 29.04.2007 13:08

From Rising Tide North America: We all know the terrifying statistics: a million species extinct by 2050, 19 of the 20 hottest years on record since 1980, Greenland and Antarctica melting, droughts, floods, famines … the G8 have had over 30 years to address climate change and only succeeded in providing trillions in subsidies to the very industries that are destroying our planet and our future. And while the G8 continues to line their pockets, island states disappear and hundreds of thousands die as a result of the freak weather conditions caused by their irrational and uncontrollable obsession with never ending economic growth. We have a ten-year window to act. As the megalomaniac G8 leaders meet in Germany in June, masked behind a barrier of fences and soldiers, intent on leading us further towards catastrophic and irreversible climate chaos, we must shout, scream and roar ‘no more’. Now is the time to take direct action and shut them down, them and their climate criminal industry friends!

The 8th of June International Day of Action Against Climate Change and the G8 has been called by the International Rising Tide Network. This is a call for autonomous, decentralised actions appropriate for your town, city, or local area...--Read More--

Links: Rising Tide North America | Rising Tide UK | Climate Indymedia | Campaign Against Climate Change | UK Climate Camp | Union of Concerned Scientists Global Warming Site | Real Climate (by Climate Scientists) | OilWatch | Carbon Trade Watch | Energy Justice Network

Summer of Resistance Reloaded (Video/Film)

Germany, 29.04.2007 12:39

Studierendenproteste breiten sich seit dem Sommersemester 2005, dem Summer of Resistance, immer weiter aus. 2006 schwappt die gelbe Welle von Hamburg über NRW auch nach Hessen. Inspiriert von den Kämpfen gegen das CPE in Frankreich, aber auch durch das Einsehen der Hoffnungslosigkeit der bisherigen Protestformen, wird 2006 der Summer of Resistance reloaded ausgerufen, mit neuen Kugeln sprich neuen Aktionsformen versuchen die Studierenden mittels begrenzter Regelverletzung das zu erreichen, was ihnen seit Jahren verwehrt wird: Partizipation in der Bildungspolitik. Die durch föderale Bildungspolitik hervorgerufene Dezentralisierung der Gegenaktivitäten löst sich scheinbar auf in bundesweiten Demos (6.7.2006 in Frankfurt/Main) und gelebter Solidarität der AktivistInnen. Ein Film über den wohl heißesten Protestsommer der letzten Jahre.

Shannon Airport is an Election Issue

Ireland, 29.04.2007 11:39

Pana Poll on Irish complicity in the war p ...

Первомай. Креатив и идеи.

Belarus, 29.04.2007 11:07

Humanitarian Crisis Worsens in Somalia

San Francisco Bay Area, 29.04.2007 08:38

Fierce clashes in Mogadishu are being described as some of the heaviest fighting in the city's history. Hundreds of people have been killed over the past two weeks and over a thousand died during fighting in the weeks before. The United Nations says more people - over 350,000 - have been displaced in Somalia in the past three months than anywhere else in the world.

Rainforest Relief Saturday Protest Cancelled Due to Early Progress

Portland, 29.04.2007 08:38

Last Wednesday, (several years after we first called them) Williams Sonoma (which owns Pottery Barn) agreed to meet with Rainforest Relief's executive director, Tim Keating, to discuss our demand that the company stop selling outdoor furniture made with nyatoh wood from Indonesia's highly endangered rainforests. The company also said they are looking for alternatives to this furniture, so we decided to postpone our protests planned for Saturday and Sunday in our National Days of Action on Outdoor Furniture. We're going to give them a chance to get serious about ending the use of woods from all endangered forests, and can always go back to the streets if necessary.

We decided to switch to our backup target, Restoration Hardware, which sells similar items through its catalog, although not currently through its mortar and brick stores. To our suprise, the company's senior vice president and chief marketing officer called us late this afternoon (we're not sure how they found out about the planned actions!). According to Tim, the company offered to work directly with us and really sounded like they wanted to act responsibly on this important issue, so we are also calling off our protests against Restoration (interestingly, the company seemed particularly concerned about the potential Portland protests - we've no idea why, but way to go, Portland!).

Without having to hand out a single flyer, we made real progress this week on this issue.

Coal Train Blockade Underway

Aotearoa, 29.04.2007 03:09

The Save Happy Valley Coalition has begun a blockade of the main rail line that coal miner Solid Energy uses to transport coal between the West Coast and Christchurch. There are two people locked into the railway tracks in prelaid concrete, much like a blockade in 2005, and they have thus far resisted efforts by police to remove them.

The blockade began around midday, and about 20 protesters clambered over the first stopped coal train and displayed a 22 metre banner reading "Solid Energy: Govt Sponsored Climate Chaos".

From their media release: "Solid Energy is ever increasing its production, leaving decimated ecosystems and waterways in its wake. Already, they are responsible for annual carbon dioxide emissions approximately equivalent to New Zealand's entire transport fleet. Saying "no" to new coal mines would be an easy first step in actually addressing climate change," said Simon Riddel, one of the activists locked to the tracks.

The blockaders have been declared prisoners, and a police line has formed around them. Their support person has been arrested for communicating with prisoners while trying to get water to them.

The blockade continues and more information will be posted as it develops.

Links: Save Happy Valley Coalition

Día del trabajo

Colombia, 29.04.2007 01:39

Día del trabajo


Colombia, 28.04.2007 23:09


Gender Borders &amp; National Borders

San Diego, 28.04.2007 22:08

From chaparral/deleteTheBorder: what do I mean by gender borders? By gender borders, I refer to the line that’s drawn between female & male, woman & man. The line that causes doctors to feel an obligation to use surgery on a non-consenting intersex baby to make it conform to the sex on one side of the border or the other. The line that means you don’t put a baby boy in a pink outfit or give a young girl a beebee gun or a toy truck and such examples. But also the line that means women should be put in their place- and stay there. If she rejects her submissive role, she’s called a bitch. The line that makes it so there are certain things that if a guy does, he’s subject to be called “fag” or “pussy”...

They’re trying to build a big wall on the border, dividing native people’s lands, making it more likely people will die crossing, wasting a fucking ton of money, and profiting the private corporations who will be involved in the development of it... Corporations are involved in the detainment and transportation of undocumented immigrants; people are blaming the immigrants for lack of jobs, but ignoring the fact that corporations are bringing thousands of job out of the country to exploit cheaper labor; the minutemen are patrolling the border for the 3rd year in a row, immigrants are getting shot by the border patrol...

I’m arguing here that people who cross gender borders and people who cross national borders (specifically those who cross national borders into a first world country from a non-first world country, and more specifically crossing from mexico into the u.s.) have a common struggle...

R E D E Y E - Sat. April 28, 9 - noon

Seattle, 28.04.2007 20:09

Redeye - 3 hours of alternative politics and culture
Saturdays, 9 - noon on Co-op Radio, CFRO, 102.7 fm

Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice is here!

Rogue Valley, 28.04.2007 19:41

The Southern Oregon Jobs With Justice (SOJwJ) coalition has its first annual meeting this Sunday afternoon April 29th at the Central Point Labor Temple and your presence is encouraged. We just received our charter from National Jobs with Justice and it is time to celebrate our arrival, we are official now. Watch out Southern Oregon: here we come!

Please join us Sunday afternoon for this memorable occasion.
SOJwJ Annual Meeting - April 29 1:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Southern Oregon Central Labor Temple
4480 Rogue Valley Hwy, Central Point (next to State Police and just north of Crater High School)

Below is the planned agenda plus a link to our first newsletter - April, 2007

Wildcat strike in Musgrave Warehouse In Dublin

Ireland, 28.04.2007 17:09

Warehouse Crew Down Tools Against Discrimination O ...

Root Force Makes a Stop in Watsonville

Santa Cruz, CA, 28.04.2007 03:38

Root Force swept through Watsonville on April 26th for the first stop of their tour through the greater Bay Area. Root Force gave a presentation on the direct action campaign in solidarity with communities in Guerrero, Mexico and San Salvador, the capital city of El Salvador. These communities are resisting massive infrastructure expansion projects which are causing ecological devastation, massive dislocation and cultural disruption. The evening included live music, puppets, an excerpt from a film, and a slideshow.

May Day 2007 events in Santa Cruz and Watsonville

San Francisco Bay Area, 28.04.2007 03:38

International Workers' Day (May Day) is a May 1st celebration of the social and economic achievements of the international labor movement. May Day was originally the commemoration of the Haymarket Riot of 1886 in Chicago. In most of the world, May Day is marked by massive street rallies led by workers, their trade unions, anarchists and various socialist and communist parties.

The First and Second Red Scare periods ended May Day as a mass holiday in the United States until 2006 when millions of people took to the streets to support immigrant rights. In 2007, students and workers across the US and around the world are organizing walk-outs and demonstrations which proclaim, "We Are All Humans! No One Is Illegal!

The Movement for Immigrant Rights Alliance (M.I.R.A) at UC Santa Cruz is organizing a week of actions which include a May Day rally in the Quarry at 1:30pm followed by a march toward the Clock Tower. In Santa Cruz, the Reel Work Film Festival has announced a march down Pacific Avenue which will start at 6:00pm at the Poet and Patriot Irish Pub and end at the Vets Hall with songs, stories and films. In Watsonville, the Migrawatch Network has organized a march against immigration raids which will start at 5:00pm in the Watsonville Plaza. Read More

May 12: Green Party Convention (Olympia)

Seattle, 28.04.2007 01:38

Green Party Takes Olympia By Storm -- Nonviolently, Of Course

Green Party of Washington State Spring Convention
Saturday, May 12, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
The Evergreen State College
Lecture Hall 03

Near riot on Alberta

Portland, 28.04.2007 00:38

Last night, the Last Thursday of April, a perhaps insignificant event got turned into a near riot by irresponsible gun brandishing Portland police. This is a first hand account.

I had just seen David Greir play a great show at the Alberta Street Pub and was biking with my friend toward a Mexican restaurant to pick up some food. A lot of people were hanging outside and in The Nest, and several friendly faces were seen. We stopped and chatting with friends. I mention these inane unimportant things to illustrate how much of an everyday affair it was. It was Last Thursday, everyone was hanging out in a peaceful manner, no one was causing any trouble-- the whole street was an art show after all.

The Nest was too crowded for me to have a good time in, so I went to get my bike and head towards a party. It was just around the corner, but as soon as I had unchained my bike I heard the cops screech to a stop blaring sirens and flashing lights. I rushed with my bike to the front lines to see a cop straddling another man on the ground in the middle of a busy, thumping street. Evidently in the 7 seconds it took to get my bike, the man on the ground had been tasered three times by this man in a police uniform.

Twenty-Four Injured at Demonstration Marking End of Bil'in Conference

DC, 28.04.2007 00:10

Israeli forces injured twenty-four demonstrators, including Nobel Peace Prize recipient Máiread Maguire, at a nonviolent demonstration last Friday marking the end of the second annual Bil'in Conference on Nonviolent Popular Resistance.

Vets, military families protest against war funding, 14 arrested

DC, 28.04.2007 00:10

The same hour the revised war supplemental was passed by the senate a dramatic action took place in the atrium of the Hart Senate Office Building yesterday.

May Day across Aotearoa - Worker's struggle continues

Aotearoa, 28.04.2007 00:10

Events will be happening around Aotearoa to mark International Workers' Day on May 1st.

Auckland: May Day Rally and March - Tuesday 1st May. Commemorate International Workers' Day by rallying at Britomart at 5.00pm, and marching at 5.30pm. Organised by the NZ Council of Trade Unions.

Wellington: Carnival in Cuba Mall from 11:30 with stalls, Food Not Bombs and speakers. Followed by march to Mexican Embassy in solidarity with the striking workers in Oaxaca being attacked by the Mexican military and police

May 3, 6pm: The Bridge and Wildcat, two films on worker's struggles in Aotearoa during the late 1970s and early 1980s. Film Archive, corner Taranaki & Ghuznee Streets, entry by koha.

Blackball May 4-5: Two days of events with speakers, education, debates and a workers' march through town. See here for more details

Immigrant Rights Rally May 1- Manchester

New Hampshire, 28.04.2007 00:10

STOP THE RAIDS!!! END DEPORTATIONS, KEEP FAMILIES TOGETHER! Rally at Manchester City Hall Plaza - May 1st 4:00 PM Sign-making - May 1, 1 PM, Latin American Center, 521 Maple St., Manchester (More information as we get it.)

April 28: Stand for PEACE

Rogue Valley, 27.04.2007 23:42

Hundreds stood on this corner on March 17. Our work is not done until our soldiers are home.

Saturday April 28 from 12:00 - 1:00 PM

at the PROTEST CORNER (Riverside & Barnett in Medford)


Come stand for peace and sanity!

Zeemanshuis blijft

Antwerpen, 27.04.2007 23:10

Het Zeemanshuis moet blijven

Denim Day in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA, 27.04.2007 20:39

Santa Cruz City Hall Courtyard hosted a jean art exhibit on April 25th as part of Denim Day in Santa Cruz. April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and wearing denim, "Wear Your Jeans", is part of an international protest of an Italian High Court decision to overturn a rape conviction because the victim was wearing jeans. Denim Day is about challenging myth-based injustice.

Heavy-handed Chicago Raid Sparks Community Protests

Chicago, 27.04.2007 20:09

A Chicago Indymedia newswire post from the Latino Union reads: "Armed with machine guns, the FBI and ICE sealed off a popular shopping center at 26th & Albany and according to community reports, temporarily detained more than 160 shoppers while carrying out their action." Community members immediately took to the streets to protest the hard-handed police response.

Ostensibly, the raid sought to a break up a counterfeit-identifiying-documents ring, but an article by the New York Times reports: "The raid angered some immigration-rights advocates, who said they believed that it was carried out to intimidate the immigrant community just days before a May 1 rally on proposed changes in immigration policy." Read more

Additional Coverage: Gapers Block | ICE Press Release | Chicago Daily Southtown

1st May Is Your Day! (Probably)

United Kingdom, 27.04.2007 18:39

Unless you make money off other people's hard work, 1st May each year is YOUR day! Yes, it is a day to celebrate YOU, and all YOUR struggles against the profit system! It also helps us remember our predecessors, many of whom died so that we could live better lives.

SFSU Students Protest Higher Fees And Privatization Of Education

San Francisco Bay Area, 27.04.2007 17:38

On April 26th, students from San Francisco State walked out of classrooms to protest higher fees in education and the privatization of public education. Students first met at Malcolm X plaza and then marched towards the center of campus. More students began to file out of class and join the crowd. Later, the students went inside different buildings to encourage even more students to walk out. At the highest point of the protest there were about a thousand students marching.

Miami April 28th &quot;Unwelcoming Party&quot; for George Bush at MDC - Kendall Campus

Miami, 27.04.2007 16:07

Miami April 28th "Unwelcoming Party" for George Bush at MDC - Kendall Campus

UC Berkeley Students Getting Organized

San Francisco Bay Area, 27.04.2007 14:38

On April 26th, the Stop BP-Berkeley student group opposing the $500 million dollar contract between oil giant British Petroleum and the University of California Berkeley held its first teach-in on the issues surrounding the agreement. The 7pm teach-in on the UCB campus was webcast live on Indybay. Meanwhile, the newly-formed Phoenix coalition that emphasizes direct action to "Free the University of California" continues to occupy a redwood tree in the heart of the campus.


Athens, 27.04.2007 14:38

Ποινικοποίηση των κοινωνικών αγώνων, της αλληλεγγύης και των πολιτικών ιδεών

Origin of Violence in Virginia

Cleveland, 27.04.2007 14:08

The Origin of Violence in Virginia

Elecciones a la vista!!!

Euskal Herria, 27.04.2007 13:40

Se acercan las elecciones y en IndymediaEH tambi�n se "calienta" la contienda electoral. En la columna de publicaci�n libre aparecen sobre todo, reflexiones sobre la ilegalizaci�n de las diferentes listas de la izquierda abertzale (Un primer vistazo a las listas) (Espionaje politico? Democracia?) (Ezker Abertzaleko Hautagaiak interneten) (La corrupta Ley de Partidos ) (Askatasuna exige unas elecciones democr�ticas y avances en el proceso) (El PNV endurece el ataque a Batasuna) (Badator Sestao berria!!! sinadura bilketa) (El ayuntamiento de Iru�a "contribuye" con su firma al proceso), pero tambi�n se suman reflexiones m�s locales (Paracaidistas en Noain) sobre los maneras de hacer pol�tica (El PNV espera empezar las grandes obras despues de las elecciones) (La ultraderecha navarra apuesta por UPN), reflexiones sobre este modelo de democracia (Elecciones trampa), llamadas a la abstenci�n...

En pr�ximos d�as, m�s cap�tulos...

Mural Arts Projects in Low Income Neighborhoods

Philadelphia, 27.04.2007 13:38

Aggressive policing at blockade of Shell HQ in Dublin

Ireland, 27.04.2007 12:09

This morning at 7.30 Dublin Shell to Sea members b ...

Scots Descend on UK Nuclear Weapons factory

Scotland, 27.04.2007 11:11

A group of activists from Scotland have shut 3 gates at Aldermaston this morning since 6.05am. At Home Office gate two people have been arrested for obstruction of the highway (but not removed) and one is sitting on top of the gate keeping it shut. At Tadley gate six people have been arrested and are still locked-on in the roadway preventing vehicles from leaving or arriving. A third (Construction) gate was also locked shut with a D-lock. One further person has been arrested and removed.

1. Mai in München und anderswo

Germany, 27.04.2007 10:39

"Du hast mehr verdient! Mehr Respekt. Soziale Sicherheit. Gute Arbeit." Mit diesem Spruch mobilisiert der DGB zum diesjährigen 1. May. Neben dem DGB tun dies auch wieder Gruppierungen mit radikaleren Ansichten. Im folgenden findet sich eine kurze Einschätzung zur DGB-Mobilisierung und eine Übersicht zu den vom DGB unabhängig Aktivitäten in München und anderswo.

BAE Filton Occupied over Dropped Fraud Case

Bristol, 27.04.2007 09:10

Campaign Highlights BAE Fraud Claims & Arms Deals Campaign Highlights BAE Fraud Claims & Arms Deals The Guardian reports; "Five protesters against the arms trade were arrested yesterday after a break-in at a BAE Systems facility at Filton near Bristol...In an earlier statement to a BBC journalist the group said they were protesting against the dropping of a Serious Fraud Office investigation into arms sales to Saudi Arabia...The statement from the protesters said: "We're going to fight the arms trade until it disappears. We're going to keep on laughing at the myth that any corporation will act responsibly." As Fight the BAE System writes; In there 2005 Annual statement, BAE Systems includes a comment from their Corporate Responsibility Committee (which includes that well known 'honest man' Michael Portillo). It admits there is "a need to continue to increase transparency on how we manage certain business issues. We are committed to addressing this." This comment seems to have slipped BAE's mind, so a group of individuals have today occupied part of the BAE Systems site in Filton, Bristol to help them keep their promise by focusing the public spot light on their immoral dealings. The Serious Fraud Office began investigating BAE Systems in 23004, after a £60 million slush fund was uncovered, which was put at the disposal of the Saudi Royal Family in return for their business in the form of the massive Al-Yammah arms deal. The investigation was later widened to include alleged payments to General Augusto 'The Butcher' Pinochet, who was used to further 'persuade' potential buyers. The Al-Yammah deals, worth £43 billion over the past 20 years, was used to arm-to-the-teeth a country whose human rights record has been described by Amnesty Internationl as "dire". All of the sales were under the pretence of 'defence agains aggression' but all could just as easily be used for aggression against these state's own population...Now they've got away with their 'slaughtergate' tactics. BAE now think they can carry on with 'their thing' in peace. Carry on arming lethal dictators so they can butcher their populations. Carry on arming the super powers with more introcate and devious ways of bringing death, giving more distance to the solidiers as they push a button to murder innocents. When killings your business, then business is always good. In 2006 BAE's profits were up to over £1 billion a year, on sales of £13.8 billion. Full article.| A group of individuals take on the fight against BAE Systems | Corruption in the Defence Industry | BAE Bedminster subvert | BAE - Killing 'Ecologically' | Activists held after BAE break-in ( | UK tries to sabotage BAE bribes inquiry ( | BAE spy named by campaigners is friend of leading Tory ( |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

Protesters take action at Derby nuclear plant

United Kingdom, 27.04.2007 08:10

Protesters take action at Derby nuclear plant on the 21st anniversary of Chernobyl, in solidarity with Faslane365 Environmentalist blockade. Twenty-one years ago today, the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster caused large areas of Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia to be badly contaminated with radioactive material, resulting in the evacuation and resettlement of over 336,000 people. To mark the anniversary of this environmental and a humanitarian catastrophe, protesters today disrupted work at Rolls Royce Raynesway near Derby, which makes and tests the enriched uranium fuel rods that power Britain's Trident nuclear submarines.

The protest was timed to coincide with a blockade being carried out by a group of environmentalists at Faslane in Scotland, where the Trident submarines are based. One of the protesters, James Evans aged 24, said: "With the government intending to replace it's illegal Trident system, and to build more nuclear power stations in the UK, it's vital that ordinary people take a stand to prevent future nuclear disasters."

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25 de abril: Jornada de lucha nacional

Valencia, 27.04.2007 07:38

300 años de ocupación, 300 años de resistencia
El 25 de abril se cumplía el trescientos aniversario de la batalla de Almansa. Esta derrota militar supuso la entrada de los ejércitos castellanos de Felipe de Borbón a las comarcas valencianas. En poco más de siete años los Països Catalans eran definitivamente ocupados, y ello a pesar de los numerosos episodios de resistencia popular que se sucedieron en muchos lugares de nuestro pais.

Acciones descentralizadas:
++ Maulets reivindica diverses accions en el marc de la jornada de lluita nacional del 25 d'abril ++ [CAJEI Comunicat pel 25 d'abril de 2007] ++ Joves unides en lluita per la terra ++ La Vall d’Albaida es mou ++ [Campanya 300 300 anys després, la repressió continua ben viva als nostres carrers!] ++ [|Suport al País Valencià des

Florida anarchists gear up for MayDay 2007

Miami, 27.04.2007 05:37

Florida anarchists gear up for MayDay 2007

Miami UMOJA Village Shantytown Burns... Will Rise Again!

Miami, 27.04.2007 05:37

Miami UMOJA Village Shantytown Burns... Will Rise Again!

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