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Joe's Mt. Washington Bike Shop goes IWW

Baltimore, 03.05.2007 17:08

The workers at Joe's Mt. Washington Bike Shop in Baltimore, Maryland have gone union. All ten workers at the bike shop are now card carrying members of the Industrial Workers of the World.

El gobierno insiste en no dar respuesta a la demanda salarial

Argentina, 03.05.2007 16:39

Paro y Clase Pública

Garden gnome parties on Mayday in Glasgow

Scotland, 03.05.2007 14:10

The Glasgow Mayday street party passed without any incident as police and partyistas behaved both politely, respectful and cooperatively towards each other.

Bristol Indymedia Film Night: Matewan/International Workers' Day Celebration

Bristol, 03.05.2007 13:38

Monday May 7th 2007 @ Cube Cinema. Doors open 7.30pm, film starts at 8pm Bristol Indymedia Film Night: Matewan/International Workers' Day Celebration. Monday May 7th 2007 @ Cube Cinema. Doors open 7.30pm, film starts at 8pm. £3/4 though nobody turned away for lack of funds. Monday May 7th 2007 @ Cube Cinema. Doors open 7.30pm, film starts at 8pm. £3/4 though nobody turned away for lack of funds. To mark International Workers' Day (1st May), the Bristol Local of the Solidarity Federation – International Workers' Association will be introducing this classic modern US feature film depicting a labour dispute in the small mining community of Matewan, West Virginia, in 1920. The significance of this film for International Workers' Day and for present day labour struggles lies in the solidarity built between the native and the migrant mineworkers in order to confront the real enemy; the boss. "[Matewan's director John] Sayles is a perfectionist with a great ear and eye for historical detail, and Matewan is as rich in it as a film can be." James Kendrick (Q Network Film Desk) Full article. Venue: Cube Cinema: Dove St South (off Kings Square), Bristol - Map| International Workers' Day Film | Cube Cinema Directions | Solidarity Federation | MAYDAY! |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

Anti-Immigration Policies Across America

NYC, 03.05.2007 13:08

Monday night at the Brecht Forum, panelists Max Blumenthal (The Nation), Solana Larsen ( and Omar Enriquez (Immigration Campaign, SEIU) discussed the financial and ideological connections between the different factions of anti-immigration groups across the nation, why immigration is a racial issue, and why the public needs to be educated about the origins of popular figures.

Local Elections Round Up

United Kingdom, 03.05.2007 12:39

Labour takes climate change seriously by campaigning in an SUV in the Berridge Ward.

'A small tale that sheds some light on the ways of politicians....when the campaigners were challenged on their ostentatious fuel-guzzling monster, they at first tried to laugh it off, then claimed "er, it's LPG!"; this was clearly untrue, it was diesel, and when asked to demonstrate this (EG. by showing us the fuel nozzle, they refused, made their excuses and left. This from the same party that claims to be taking climate change seriously in Nottingham!'

Anti-Fascist activists hit Hucknall with leaflets to stop the BNP gaining a foothalt.

'The BNP have published their list of candidates for the Council Elections on 3 May. Including Parish councillors they are fielding a record 827 candidates across the country. The good news is that Nottingham city remains an area where there are no candidates standing. The closest places to Nottingham they are standing are Hucknall, Brinsley, Eastwood, Heanor and Ilkeston. The biggest dangers at the moment are Hucknall where last year the BNP pulled about 25% of the vote, and Heanor, where they lost by only 16 votes last time.'

Local activists call to 'Vote for Nobody'

'It's not just about making a mockery of the farce that is "representative" democracy. It's also about producing more spoiled ballot papers with "Nobody" scrawled across them than the official winning candidate, thus undermining their "legitimacy" (as if they ever had any) to push the same old business-friendly, community-trashing policies that they always do, regardless of who gets in.'

On the newswire: Berridge Labour SUV nonsense! | LAST PUSH TO STOP THE BNP! | Vote Nobody on May 3rd! | Stop The BNP by May 3rd | £7.2m to vote Labour?

Previous feature article: Don't vote! It only encourages them

Links: May 2007 Election candidates Nottingham City | Wikipedia on 2007 Elections | Electoral Commission | Vote Nobody!

Sheffield Mayday

United Kingdom, 03.05.2007 10:39

Striking civil servants joined other protestors to march through the city centre on 1st May 2007. The Mayday protest was called by the Sheffield Trade Council, NUJ and Sheffield Keep Our NHS Public.

Elsewhere in Europe the precarious took to the streets and on Monday 7th May the Chesterfield Mayday march and rally is due to take place.

Bobby Kennedy joins Klamath Tribes, fishermen and Riverkeeper in PacifiCorp toxin suit

Portland, 03.05.2007 08:38

A group of Klamath River tribal leaders, commercial fishermen and recreational business owners filed suit today against PacifiCorp, contending that two of its dams in Northern California are the cause of massive blooms of toxic algae that are decimating the salmon fishery and causing an extreme potential health hazard to humans. The news comes just days before demonstrations by Native people, fishermen and others in Portland and Omaha.

"These dams are having a devastating impact on the economies and cultures of Native Americans and others who depend on the Klamath River," said Robert F. Kennedy Jr., co-counsel in the case. | read more >>

Fish Kill Memorial Rally Portland

10am Holladay Park, NE 13th and Multnomah. Over 100 Tribal members and Klamath River residents are traveling to Portland where they will gather with Pacific Power ratepayers at the PacifiCorp building in Portland to hold a memorial service for the Klamath River fish kills.

This event is being held in solidarity with Tribal members who are traveling to Omaha, Nebraska for the shareholders meeting of Berkshire Hathaway, Pacific Power's parent company, to hold a healing ceremony. Not everyone could make it to Omaha, so we are showing support for our friends and family by going straight to PacifiCorp's headquarters and demanding that they take responsibility for the disaster they've created on the river. | read more >>

The Long and Winding Road

Portland, 03.05.2007 08:38

I'm in a hurry right now, getting ready for work, so all I have time to share is this one moment that I found so intriguing. It happened after the march was over, when some friends and I (all videographers, cameras in hand) were heading home.

We were walking down to meet up with friends and then go home, when we noticed a pod of Portland's yellow-jacketed finest, riding slowly down the street. They seemed to be following someone, sneak-sneak-sneaking along. What could they be doing? Then, up ahead of us, we noticed a small group of 5 or 6 people, also leaving the march. They felt the eyes on their backs, and noted the sneak-sneak-sneaky pod of 7 police officers. So they stopped, just to see if they really were being followed. Sure enough, the cops stopped too. They began walking, the cops followed. They stopped, the cops stopped. Now, why would such a large pod of police officers be following such a small group of people? Clearly marked with cross patches and arm bands, they were obviously medics. | read more >>

Related: /a>

Mayday Roundup

Houston, 03.05.2007 04:39

Protesters take to the streets worldwide in celebration of Mayday

Movilización jueves 3 de Mayo

Argentina, 03.05.2007 04:12

Movilización por desaparecidas en democracia por las redes de trata

Roseburg Rally May 4 Mercy Nurses &amp; WIB

Rogue Valley, 03.05.2007 00:43

Solidarity to support Roseburg's Mercy Nurses and Women In Black Friday May 4th, 2007

11 AM to 1:30 PM
Roseburg Labor Temple
742 SE Roberts

12:30 - 1:00 PM
BLM building across from Garden Valley Mall on Garden Valley Boulevard.

8:30 a.m. Leave Evos in Ashland, 9:00 a.m. Leave Fred Meyers North Medford

May meeting

Houston, 02.05.2007 22:09

Talk about collective media making...

BioJustice 2007 Responds to Biotechnology Industry

Boston, 02.05.2007 22:09

BOSTON -- A major public gathering on biotechnology is coming to Boston in early May, but this one won't be attended by representatives of biotechnology firms. BioJustice is a week-long series of teach-ins, workshops, protests, marches, and celebrations being organized as a counterpart to the Biotechnology Industry Organization's International (BIO) international convention. Organizers of BioJustice criticize the biotechnology industry's activities in agriculture, medicine, and bioweaponry, and say that better alternatives are available.

May Day Immigration Rally Medford, Oregon

Rogue Valley, 02.05.2007 19:12

What a great day today in Medford at the Immigrant Support Rally! They did a fantastic job. Everyone rallied at Alba Park with music playing loudly. All ages were there. It was neat having the wee ones and the feisty teenagers. I can’t remember the name of the Native drum group, but they played several songs and played us off on to our march. Gerry Cavanaugh gave a rousing speech, as well as a Native American man, and two children spoke about how our terrible immigration policies hurt families and about the deaths in the deserts.

I was sad and angered to hear that last year “officials” swept the crowd and deportations occurred. Grrrr. That was the apparent reason for a lower turnout this year. I s’pose if the administration can keep everyone afraid of their neighbors less attention goes toward the occupation of Iraq.

Listen to video clips, Click photos to make bigger, and Look below to see the Greg Walden poem. Its a keeper-


Colombia, 02.05.2007 19:11

Plan Colombia y TLC

Mayday: Riots in ISTANBUL

Portland, 02.05.2007 18:38

In Istanbul, Turkey, mayday protests turned into heavy riots when police tried to stop several thousand protesters to reach central Taksim-place in Istanbul where in 1977 500 000 people celebrated mayday and where police-snipers killed 36... Nevertheless 3000 protesters entered the place. [read more >>]

Mayday, Germany: anti-nazi rally turns into heavy riots

Germany, Dortmund. Thousands of antifascists gathered in Dortmund on tuesday afternoon to protest against 1500 neo-nazis who traditionally try to use mayday for fascist propaganda. After the police declared the anti-fascist protest illegal and tried to desperse it, the protest turned into heavy riots. [read more >>]

Whose Streets? -- Recommendations to the Portland Police Bureau for Responding to First Amendment Assemblies

Portland, 02.05.2007 18:38

The Northwest Constitutional Rights Center and the Portland Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild work together to safeguard the rights of political activists in Portland. At every major demonstration in downtown Portland, legal observers from the National Lawyers Guild take to the streets to walk alongside protestors, documenting incidents of police misconduct. In addition, National Lawyers Guild legal workers and attorneys volunteer their time to defend the rights of individuals arrested at protests. The Northwest Constitutional Rights Center investigates protestors' complaints of police misconduct.

In the sections that follow, this report provides a chronology of Portland Police Bureau tactics during protests in Portland over the past decade. The report also analyzes the Portland Police Bureau crowd control and use of force policies as they relate to these tactics. Finally, the report concludes with a series of specific recommendations for changes in Portland Police Bureau policy.


AUDIO FILE: Whose Streets?

Today, May 1, 2007, the Northwest Constitutional Rights Center and the Portland Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild released the report, "Whose Streets? Recommendations to Improve the Portland Police Bureau's Response to First Amendment Assemblies."

The report was released at a Press Conference, moderated by Alejandro Queral, Director of the Northwest Constitutional Rights Center. Alejandro spoke briefly about why these recommendations are necessary. "The report presents recommendations on what the Police Department needs to do to improve it's crowd control tactics. Over the years we have seen time and again the Portland Police Bureau using excessive force against protesters, ranging from just a show of force all the ay to using impact munitions, such as bean bags and rubber bullets. There have been a number of incidents over the years involving pepper spray...we have also seen the use of mounted patrol as crowd control tactics which have resulted in injuries, panic by the crowd and adverse reactions by the crowd."


Companion Video to Recommendations (via youtube)

May Day in the Central Valley

San Francisco Bay Area, 02.05.2007 18:09

Immigrants in the Central Valley took to the streets by the tens of thousands to protest both measures, which are called comprehensive immigration reform. Reports are in that hundreds gathered in both Berkeley and Oakland, and thousands more gathered in San Jose and San Francisco's Dolores Park for afternoon marches. In Los Angeles, police shot projectiles at a rally tens of thousands strong. Protests were also held in cities such as Mountain View, Davis, Fresno, Modesto, Sacramento, Salinas, Santa Cruz, and Watsonville. The ILWU reportedly stopped work in 6 west coast ports, and May 1st was also a day of nationwide student walkouts.


Arizona, 02.05.2007 18:07

Thousands March in Tucson and Phoenix for Immigrant, Human, Workers' Rights

SEE CIAs At Dulles Airport on Way to Crimes: Bats Out of Hell

DC, 02.05.2007 17:11

You can meet, anytime, at a public airport (PHOTOS BELOW), the U.S. government's Criminals In Action (aka CIA) on their way to commit crimes. The Landmark Aviation terminal (FIRST PHOTO) at the Washington (DC) Dulles International Airport (code: IAD) is the place these batty hellions fly out of. It is open to the public to mingle with the CIA agents.

Hundreds march for end to ICE terror raids and Bush immigration bill

DC, 02.05.2007 17:11

Immigrants and their supporters held a rally and march out of Malcolm X Park on Mayday, May 1st, to demad and end to ICE's raids, the defeat of Bush's enforcement and guest worker immigration bill(STRIVE), and for DC to be declared a Sanctuary City. (AUDIO: 5 min 36 seconds)

Immigrants March to Stop the Raids, Full Legalization Now

Boston, 02.05.2007 16:09

Boston, Mass--It was 4:30 a.m. when they came banging on her door, waking her and everyone else in the house. She went to see what was going on. “Get down!” called out one of her housemates in a loud whisper, “La migra! Get on the floor!” She could barely see the men face down on the carpet but saw the shadows on the window and a bright flashlight that began scanning inside her living room. She ran back to her 4-year-old and locked herself up in the bedroom. She grabbed her child who immediately started whimpering sensing his mother’s panic. “Don’t cry, don’t make a sound. There are policemen outside who want to take us, take me away. We can’t let them hear us. Don’t say a word.” The child understood. Immigration officers had been raiding homes for days in his neighborhood, going after someone with an expired visa and arresting everyone within it without proper documentation. Mothers talked about it in corner stores, in laundry mats, at the playground.

Mayday plus one - save Children's Magical Garden

NYC, 02.05.2007 16:08

Gerson wants to see if the community wants to save the Children's Magical Garden, the only garden I know of that's dedicated just for children in the city, and one of the very very few in the Lower East Side below Houston Street. He wants to know if he should ask Serge Hoyda, the developer who owns 1/3 of the garden, to keep the existing garden as is by donation or exchange for the land, making all the children very happy! Or if we'd be just as happy to have the garden bulldozed by Serge, and replaced with an apartment building with over 70% luxury units.

Mayday! Police Attack in NYC and LA; tens of thounsands march for Immigrant Rights in NYC and millions nationwide; see video

NYC, 02.05.2007 16:08

The video shows a violent arrest of participant at the NYC Mayday march, and a subsequent near-riot as crowd became outraged at the NYPD

Watch Video | Photos from Gothamist

In Los Angeles, Police Attack May Day Demonstration with Tear Gas and Rubber Bullets | Police Terror in the Park | More at Democracy Now

In San Francisco and the whole Bay Area, thousands march to support immigrant workers

In Chicago, over 150,000 demonstrate for immigrant right

For more stories of Mayday from all over the United States, check out and Democracy Now

Commentaries: For a World Without Borders | The Migrant Trap, and the Migrants' Way Out: May 1, 2007 | A Look at the Forces Behind the Anti-Immigrant Movement

Come to Boston for Biojustice 2007!

NYC, 02.05.2007 15:09

BioJustice 2007 is a week long celebration of sustainable food and alternatives to corporate healthcare. It is being developed by a wide coalition of public interest groups, activists, farmers, scientists, and concerned citizens, working together in response to the biotechnology industry's international convention scheduled for the new Boston Convention and Exhibition Center during May 6-9, 2007.

Letter to local paper on &quot;Missing news&quot;

Philadelphia, 02.05.2007 14:39

A28: Philadelphia Calls for Impeachment

Philadelphia, 02.05.2007 14:39


Philadelphia, 02.05.2007 14:39

May Day 2007 National Mobilization to Support Immigrant Workers

San Francisco Bay Area, 02.05.2007 14:08

May 1, 2007 was the first anniversary of the Great Boycott of 2006, in which immigrants led walkouts, boycotts, and protests all over the US. Reports are in that thousands marched in Oakland, San Jose and San Francisco. In Los Angeles, police shot projectiles at a rally tens of thousands strong. Protests were also held in Berkeley, Mountain View, Davis, Fresno, Modesto, Sacramento, Salinas, Santa Cruz, and Watsonville. The ILWU reportedly stopped work in 6 west coast ports, and May 1st was also a day of nationwide student walkouts.

Police Terror in the Park

LA, 02.05.2007 08:38

Police Terror in the Park

May Day Events and Actions

Portland, 02.05.2007 07:39

May Day Jail Support Number is 503.233.3194
Please call this number if you witness arrests, if you are arrested or injured, or if you witness police brutality or misconduct.
Por favor, llame a este numero si usted es testigo de un arresto or de cualquier ejemplo de brutalidad policial.
[read more]

Immigrant Rights Now! May Day Action Let's march for immigrant and Workers' rights! We demand just and comprehensive Immigration Reform Legalization NOW! Come and join us! When: May 1st 2007, 4:00pm. Where: SW park blocks and SW Salmon St., Portland What to Bring: food, water, and white, red or blue T-shirt and all of your friends! [read more]

Sin Fronteras Portland Mayday events! 4PM March and Rally with the Immigrant Rights Coalition. Meet down town at SW park blocks and SW Salmon St. Look for L@S Macheter@s de Justicia and the Sin Fronteras banner! Later MAY 1ST: SIN FRONTERAS AND THE WATERSHED MAYDAY CELEBRATION! 8PM @ the Watershed [read more]

Activists, be safe tomorrow and always, KNOW YOUR RIGHTS Tonight, 6:00 at Liberty Hall (311 N Ivy) come and listen to lawyers from the NWCRC speak about what your rights are on the street. Do you have to leave when police say, do you have to give police your name, where can you be, what can you carry, have your questions answered. [read more]

Immigrants and Allies to Rally for Comprehensive Immigration Reform What: Mass rally and march for Comprehensive Immigration Reform and access to Oregon driver's licenses. When: Tuesday, May 1, 2006. Gather at 11 am, rally at 12 noon with march and lobbying to follow. Where: Oregon state capitol building, 900 Court St NE, Salem, Oregon. [read more]

related: [ Fire the Bosses! A Call for a Mayday Black Bloc | PREPARE for Mayday! | What's going on May Day? | March on May Day! | May Day 2007 - Requests for Documentary Contributions on May 1 | Help from Food Not Bombs on MAYDAY? | Mayday Flier ]

Portland Indymedia May Day Coverage

Pedestrian Killed in Crosswalk

Portland, 02.05.2007 07:39

Tonight [ Saturday night ] at about 9:20 pm, a pedestrian in a marked crosswalk was struck by a hit and run driver. The location was SE 28th Place and SE Powell. acrosswalk servicing Cleveland High School. According to police scanner the car was a dark sedan with left front damage. | read more >>

UPDATE: It was Saturday night not Friday. I posted it just minutes after it happened and having stood next to the victim's shoe where it landed 25 yards from his body. No excuses, I was a bit shaken by this happening just outside where I live. I have nearly been run over in this location myself. | read more >>

shit, THAT crossing: I use that crosswalk from time to time, as I live South of Powell, but have need to go North of it regularly. Powell is a major barrier in the City, comparable to I-84 or the River. The car traffic is nearly freeway speed, and the anxiety of the drivers is tangible, expressing itself as rage, disconnection, rushing, and more. Getting across without using a crossing is madness in many places, but the majority of the designated crossings are sketchy as hell. | read more >>

1 Mayıs Taksim

Istanbul, 02.05.2007 07:11

Katliamın 30. yıldönümünde Taksim yeniden 1 Mayıs alanı

Police Attack May Day Demonstration with Tear Gas and Rubber Bullets.

LA, 02.05.2007 06:38

Police Attack May Day Demonstration with Tear Gas and Rubber Bullets.


Colombia, 02.05.2007 03:08

Cien mil personas nos movilizamos en Bogotá

1 de Mayo

santiago, 02.05.2007 02:10

1º de mayo dia del Trabajador, Absolutamente nada que Celebrar


Argentina, 02.05.2007 00:11

Mentirosa, mentirosa

Crystal Lake Update

LA, 01.05.2007 23:42

Crystal Lake Update

Environmental Change Makers

LA, 01.05.2007 23:42

Environmental Change Makers March in Westchester

May Day 2007

Jakarta, 01.05.2007 21:07

MayDay (1 Mei 2007). Sejak pagi hari, Jakarta diwarnai unjuk rasa memperingati Hari Buruh Sedunia (May Day). Ribuan buruh, mahasiswa, organisasi kepemudaan, dan masyarakat turun ke jalan. Berbagai titik di Jakarta dipenuhi para pengunjuk rasa, seperti Kawasan Istana Merdeka, Gedung MPR-DPR-DPD, Gedung Balai Kota dan DPRD DKI, Gedung Depnaker dan Disnaker DKI, serta Bundaran Hotel Indonesia. ...

May Day LA Demonstrations: Breaking News

LA, 01.05.2007 19:39

May Day LA Demonstrations: Breaking News

Surge Protection Brigade provides metro area with “the news the media won’t tell you.”

Portland, 01.05.2007 19:38

The Oregon Extra, a special Peace Edition, was inserted into over a thousand copies of The Oregonian today. The single page insert was created and distributed by the Surge Protection Brigade (aka the Seriously Pissed Off Grannies) as a May Day protest. The Extra spotlights subjects that mainstream media will not cover, such as the dangers and casualties of depleted uranium, the truth behind the lies told by military recruiters and how big media's failure to act as a watchdog has failed the American people.

UNU MAI 2007: mai mult decit mici si bere

Romania, 01.05.2007 19:38

Unu Mai e ziua in care ai rara oportunitate de a observa cu efort minim existenta unei intregi lumi care nu apare in restul anului in vizorul mass mediei centrale. De regula, presa centrala, in goana dupa senzational, prezinta demonstratiile alter-mondialiste ca o explozie irationala de violenta.


Arkansas, 01.05.2007 16:10

La siguiente denuncia pública viene por el Centro Por Medios Independientes de Chiapas.

Students Re-Occupy Radio Universidad in Oaxaca City Today

NYC, 01.05.2007 16:08

At approximatly 5:3O today, Radio Universidad was re-occupied by students sypathizing with the APPO in order to show support for 1rst of May mobilizations

speculation and squatting (en)

Barcelona, 01.05.2007 14:11

"Miles de viviendas" in creative alert

To know more about what's going on...
resistance activities>>>Miles de viviendas (thousands of dwellings)>>>Passeig Joan de Borbó, 11, Barceloneta: 30th April activities: still resisting
[April 24th] 4.30h Alert & gathering for the possible eviction of Miles + All day gatherings + 18h Miles, Press conference and creative performances + week of resistance activities + [April 26] thousands of dreams are already on our side + [April 27] resistance activities: concerts and dj's + [April 28] resistance activities: vegetable gardens, circus and theater + [April 29] Indoors street market and oppressed theatre

In a event of an eviction...gathering at Miles

[May 17] CSO L'Opera new trial date and calls

[May 7-19]fortnight for squatting

succulent barceloneta: Barceloneta neighbours demonstrate to claim for alternatives to lifts plan ::: April 21st demonstration in la Barceloneta ::: another plan is possible and la barceloneta goes to the street to prove it :::

Related news: construction companies fall down in stocks exchange ::: 1 year squatting, 1 year resisting ::: Barcelona: Danish consulate has been attacked in solidarity with Ungdomshuset and the people jailed for resisting to eviction ::: video about the demonstration for a decent house ::: New squatting in terrassa ::: Freed space in Girona: La ferralla ::: Iniciativa...oppressors as a rule... ::: Toxics CSO has been evicted..

More info in speculation & squatting + miles de viviendas website

Students Re-Occupy Radio Universidad in Oaxaca City Today

DC, 01.05.2007 12:09

Students sypathetic to the APPO re-occupied Radio Universidad today in support of mass mobilizations planned tomorrow, May 1st, in Mexico. Listen! Live from Oaxaca!

Interview mit Bundestagsbesetzerin

Germany, 01.05.2007 11:09

Am Freitag, 27. April, sprangen vier AktivistInnen in den Plenarsaal des Bundestages und der Slogan des Bundestages "dem deutschen Volke" wurde durch ein Banner von weiteren AktivistInnen mit der Aufschrift "der deutschen Wirtschaft" überdeckt. Die AktivistInnen der Gruppe "Geld oder Leben" warben für eine Bewegung für eine radikale Demokratie, da der Bundestag und damit der Parlamentarismus gescheitert sei, was sich besonders in der von den parteien gepredigten Alternativlosigkeit zum Kapitalismus zeige. Nach der Räumung des Bundestages kam es zu lautem Jubel durch die Bundestagstouristen für die AktivistInnen. Ein Interview mit einer Aktivistin.

Video zur Aktion | Fotos | Aktion „Der Bundestag ist gescheitert”

Radio Universidad Re-occupied in Oaxaca City

San Francisco Bay Area, 01.05.2007 09:39

On April 30th, at 5pm, sympathizers of the Popular Assembly of the People of Oaxaca (APPO) and students from the Benito Juarez Autonomous University occupied Radio Universidad in preparation for the May 1st general strike in Mexico. The section 22 teachers' union will participate in the march to the main square, the Zocalo, that will take place on Tuesday in Oaxaca City. Radio Universidad was fiercely defended against the invading federal police last November 2nd and continued to broadcast until a few days after the 25th of November, when massive state repression forced much of the movement into hiding.

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