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Mayday 2007: Hundreds of Thousands March Again for Immigrant Rights

Chicago, 06.05.2007 02:08

In the most recent in a series of national protests for the rights of immigrant workers, Chicagoans organized what was easily the largest May Day march in the country this year. This marks the second year of a massive resurgence of particpation in International Workers Day in the US, although local protest organizers dubbed it International Working Families Day to underscore how deportations, raids, and other attacks divide immigrant families. Led by disabled activists in wheelchairs and young children in strollers, the march sent a powerful message of resistance and workers' solidarity. Read More [ 2 ]

March organizers had originally predicted a much smaller crowd when applying for permits this year — but widescale community outrage sparked by the April 25 ICE raid in Little Village boosted turnout expectations, and the final rally site at Daley Plaza was unilaterally moved to Grant Park by police at the 11th hour, despite the vocal objection of sponsoring community groups. Corporate media and police estimates place turnout at 150,000, but Mayday organizers were confident that the final turnout was far higher.

Tuesday's Chicago action was boisterous and peaceful — in stark contrast to the police onslaught that marred May Day in Los Angeles. In LA, cops fired rubber bullets and tear gas into crowds of peaceful marchers and charged old people, parents with children, and people in wheelchairs in an orgy of wanton violence that has sparked growing outrage in California and across the nation. Video | Democracy Now! Journalists Covering Los Angeles Immigration March Assaulted by Police | Full coverage: L.A. IMC

Photos: [ 1 ] Video: [ 1 ] Radio: Democracy Now! - May Day 2007: Hundreds of Thousands March for Immigrant Rights

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Criminalización (es)

Barcelona, 06.05.2007 01:11

4 Jovenes Detenidos a KNY

Después de la manifestación de unas 100 personas por el barrio de Korneyà cuatro personas han sido detenidas. La manifestación se hizo en respuesta al desalojo del Centro Social Okupado Tòxics el pasado 19 de abril. Se ha hecho un recorrido por el barrio a lo largo del cual se han hecho pintadas y se han colgado pancartas. Una vez desconvocada la manifestación i que la gente se fuese, el barrio, ha sido tomado por un fuerte dispositivo policial. El resultado se ha saldado con cuatro personas detenidas, dos de ellas, han tenido que ser trasladados al hospital haciendo en éste parte de lesiones. Atentxs a las convocatorias para mañana domingo 6 de mayo.

Noticias relacionadas: detencions a Korneyà

+info: >>>criminalitzación i represión

Criminalització (ca)

Barcelona, 06.05.2007 00:40

4 Joves Detinguts a KNY

Després de la mani d'unes 100 persones pel barri de Korneyà quatre persones han estat detingudes. La manifestació es va fer en resposta al desallotjament del CSO Tòxics el passat 19 d'abril. S'ha realitzat un recorregut pel barri en el que s'han realitzat pintades i s'han pengat pancartes al llarg del recorregut. Una vegada desconvocada la manifestació i que la gent hagués marxat el barri ha pres per un fort dispositiu policial. El resoltat s'ha saldat amb 4 persones detingudes i dos d'ells han hagut de ser traslladats a l'hospital fent part de les lesions. Atents a les convocatòries per demà diumenge 6 de maig.

Notícies relacionades: detencions a Korneyà

+info: >>>criminalització i repressió

Complicit Democrats Ripped at Pro Peace Rally

DC, 06.05.2007 00:09

As a result of the Bush-Cheney Gang’s insane “Surge” strategy, 1,300 Maryland Nation Guard members will be deployed to the hell hole that is Iraq. On May 3, 2007, in Baltimore, a rally was held to protest that action. Maryland State Del. Jill P. Carter blasted U.S. Senators Barbara Mikulski and Ben Cardin for funding the war and then saying that they wanted to “protect the troops.” She called that bizarre conduct: “politically schizophrenic.”

Two Meals a Week Cut for Santa Cruz Homeless

Santa Cruz, CA, 05.05.2007 23:38

In the latest rounds of budget woes, the Santa Cruz Homeless Services Center, in order to balance out the loss of some hoped for grant money, and a food service budget which has caused a deficit for 2 years in a row, will be cuting the Saturday and Sunday afternoon dinners along with staffing cuts, and fewer hours of service. Meanwhile the heavily used HSC's hygiene bay includes 2 washing machines, 4 dryers, 3 showers, and toilets for 2,500 homeless clients. Hours will be cut to 5 days a week instead of seven. But the biggest loss are those two, weekend meals which feed between 65 and 160 people each afternoon.

California Tribes hold dance for Klamath in the midst of the woodstock of capitalism

Portland, 05.05.2007 17:38

Omaha, NE - Members of California's three largest Indian Tribes and allies from commercial fishing and conservation groups continue to hold outreach events in Omaha, Nebraska in an appeal to shareholders of the company that is destroying their livelihoods and culture. Instead of familiar dance grounds, traditional healer and medicine woman Kathy McCovey prepares the materials for the demonstration on the banks of an unfamiliar river near a bustling downtown business district. "This is very unusual for us. We don't typically perform ceremonies outside of our ancestral territory, but we felt we had to come and share some of our culture with the people here."

The dance involves about 15 singers and dancers, elaborate bead necklaces, hand woven caps, and elaborate buckskin skirts decorated with shells and other natural materials from the Klamath region. Four Karuk fatevaneen, or world renewal priests, came to support the event. The fatavaneen are in the seventh day of a nine day fast. "We make medicine for Pikiawish, which is our fix the world ceremony. We're fasting to purify ourselves so our prayers will be strong and so the creator will hear us loudly when we ask that the dams be removed so our salmon can come home," said a very lean Chook Chook Hillman.

Pikiawish is held each fall to 'fix the world' for all people. The Three tribes represented here, Yurok, Karuk, and Hoopa, each hold their own ceremonies to 'renew the world' annually.

Galiza non se vende

Galiza, 05.05.2007 16:09

As multiplas luitas que nascem do reconhecemento da agressom ao territorio (num sentido, amplo, extenso) tenhem este fim de semana umha cita em Compostela. A manifestaçom convocada por diversas entidades sociais (`Galiza nom se vende´) sintetiza as diferentes iniciativas que se venhem desenvolvendo nos ultimos tempos na Galiza. Desde as infinitas propostas ambientalistas do rural até as recentemente impulsionadas luitas por umha vivenda para todas no urbano , todas aquelas que luitam por umha outra distribuiçom do territorio e dos seus finitos recursos podem reconhecer-se nesta iniciativa que apresenta o conflito desde umha óptica popular e incluinte.


[Agosto 06] Emergência: arde Galiza!


Nueva movilización kolla

Argentina, 05.05.2007 16:09

Tras décadas de reclamos, titularizan 71 mil hectáreas a la Comunidad del Pueblo Kolla de Tinkunaku

Duck Hunting Season Opens Without a Bang!

Aotearoa, 05.05.2007 13:09

To mark the start of duck hunting season 2007 Auckland Animal Action held a demo/occupation of a South Auckland wetland. We approached the hunters and attempted to discuss the ethics of hunting and the reasons behind their involvement however the hunters were not willing to comment on their own motivations other than to say “because we do.” After growing tired of getting nowhere with the hunters we decided to try a new tactic of blocking the only boat access at that point of the wetland. Banners were held over the boat ramp reading “Ban blood sports” and “big guns = small dicks.” Expecting us to move, two hunters backed their boat in to our blockade forcing us in to the water. After much pushing and shoving the hunters attempted to launch their boat, at this point two people grabbed hold of the boat and refused to let go for two hours. During this time there were several attempts to launch their boat but we held on tight knowing that the time we delayed them meant less time that they could be killing and maiming. At times the motor was started with us still holding on as they attempted to reach their mai mai, however we were successful in getting their boat back to shore several times until they finally managed to get away. Links: Video | Auckland Animal Action | click more for photos

1 Mayıs'ta cinayet!

Istanbul, 05.05.2007 12:40

Katliamın 30. Yılında Yılında da yine "Devlet" cinayeti!

Jazz and Justice 04.23.07/Dick Gregory and The Funkinest Journalist -- Jared Ball

DC, 05.05.2007 12:10

Jazz &amp; Justice 04.23.07: This week Lisa Fager of Industry Ears and students from the University of Maryland joined the show to talk about their research monitoring commercial hip-hop radio. We heard music from The Welfare Poets, Hugh Masekela, Abbey Lincoln, ReadNex, Fertile Ground, ...&amp; Blackademics Famed author, comic, activist, researcher and dietician Dick Gregory was with us this week. You must not engage in masochism by missing this show! Tupac, New Orleans, Bob Marley, White supremacy and more all discussed with depth, criticism and, of course, humor....

Queens Hack Slacks on Antiwar Action (The Indypendent)

NYC, 05.05.2007 09:39

Our delegation members came from a variety of organizations including, Progressive Democrats of America, Sunnyside-Woodside Peace, Veterans for Peace, World Can’t Wait — Drive Out the Bush Regime and other people active in the community. We urged Congressman Joseph Crowley, whose district comprises parts of Queens and the Bronx, to introduce legislation to pull all U.S. military personnel out of Iraq immediately and to impeach Bush and Cheney for war crimes. || March 23 Occupation of Staten Island Congressman's Office

Free Skool Picnic &amp; Running a Free Skool

Santa Cruz, CA, 05.05.2007 08:08

Free Skool Santa Cruz (FSSC) is holding their quarterly Community Picnic and Running a Free Skool workshop on the weekend of May 5th and 6th. Saturday May 5th kicks off a special Free Skool weekend with a Free Skool Community Picnic at noon at Ocean View Park. The next day, Sunday May 6th, FSSC is hosting a workshop on Running a Free Skool at 11am at the Big Yellow House.

Danny Glover Joins Boycott Against the University of California

Santa Cruz, CA, 05.05.2007 08:08

On April 26, 2007, Danny Glover announced that he is joining with Congresswoman Barbara Lee in supporting the ongoing boycott by UC workers against UC Berkeley due to the unsolved issue of pay equity for custodians. Before the boycott began last year, custodians who clean the dorms and classrooms at UC Berkeley have been urging the Chancellor to end poverty wages. According to the Economic Policy Institute 100% of the custodians at UC Berkeley earn a wage that is below the $19.78 per hour needed to support a one parent and one child household in the East Bay.

Iraq combat veterans, turned war resisters, speak out

Santa Cruz, CA, 05.05.2007 08:08

Just weeks after being released from a military stockade in Germany for refusing redeployment to Iraq, Agustin Aguayo will be joined by fellow war resisters on a greater San Francisco Bay Area speaking tour from May 9-18. Agustin served almost eight months in prison after fighting for nearly three years to be recognized as a conscientious objector. Agustin will explain for the first time why he chose jail instead of redeploying to Iraq.

Nationalism, socialism and partition

Ireland, 05.05.2007 01:41

Class struggle in Belfast 1880-1920 Today is the 8 ...

Movie: The Nu Face of Rebellion (Tonga 2006)

Aotearoa, 05.05.2007 01:12

Following the pro-democracy riots in Tonga in 2006, troops from New Zealand and Australia were sent to quell the rebellion and restore Monarchical order. This documentary was filmed by Smush and Slm of Aotearoa Indymedia in the week after the troops arrived and details the riots, the pro-democracy movement, the abuse of people by Tongan forces and the operations of the New Zealand and Australian army. The movie stands very much at odds with the mainstream media account of the events.

Movie: Download | YouTube | GoogleVideo

Indymedia Reports + Pictures from Tonga: [ 1 | 2 ]

Hotels für alle - Besetzung in Basel

Switzerland, 05.05.2007 00:39

In den vergangenen Monaten wurden in Basel mehrere besetzte Häuser geräumt und Menschen verloren ihren Wohnort. Parallel wurden seit Dezember 2006 immer wieder Häuser besetzt, die zum Teil seit Jahren nicht mehr genutzt oder weitervermietet werden. Die Räumungen erfolgten jedoch jeweils einige Stunden später. Nun wurde im Anschluss an die 1. Mai Demonstration ein seit über zwei Jahren leer stehende Hotel am Steinengraben 51 besetzt. [ Bericht | English ]

Am Donnerstagabend (03.05.2007) fand ein Gespräch zwischen dem Vorsitzenden der ZLV (Zentrale Liegenschaftsverwaltung), Andreas Kressler und der Regierungspräsidentin Eva Herzog, (Finanzdepartement), statt. Die Zuständigen für die Liegenschaft, teilten den BesetzerInnen mit, dass sie das Haus bis Sonntagabend, 24 Uhr zu verlassen hätten und drohten bei Nichtbefolgung ihrer Forderung mit einer polizeilichen Räumung. Die Besitzer behaupteten, das Gebäude sei unbewohnbar und berge Gefahren. Diese fadenscheinigen und unfundierten Gründe werden aber von den BesetzerInnen widerlegt. Das Gebäude ist den rechtlichen Grundlagen zufolge, (welche ein bewohnbares Gebäude folgendermassen definieren: sanitäre Einrichtung, Wasser, Strom und einen geschlossenen Raum für eine Küche) bewohnbar. [ Bericht ]

Am Sonntag, dem 6. Mai wird ab 11 Uhr ein Brunch vor dem Hotel stattfinden. Alle Interessierten, ob NachbarInnen, FreundInnen oder einfach nur Neugierige, sind herzlich eingeladen sich zu Informieren, zu Plaudern, gemütlich zu Essen und zu Trinken, und den Widerstand gegen eine allfällige Räumung vorzubereiten. Auch sonst ist mensch jederzeit willkommen.

Mayday 2007

United Kingdom, 05.05.2007 00:11

While most workers were still working on their 'special day', hundreds of pickets, rallies, demonstrations and other events took place throughout the world on 1st May to celebrate the International Workers Day and the social and economic struggles of the working class and labour movement.

In the UK, Mayday 2007 was marked with a series of demonstrations, actions, events, pickets and strikes throughout the country. Click at the Full article link for an overview of what went on, and see the Mayday 2007 topic page for full coverage.

spekulado (eo)

Barcelona, 04.05.2007 22:10

"Miles de viviendas", jen kreiva alerto

Por iomete kompreni kio okazas...
rezista agado>>>Miles de viviendas>>> Passeig Joan de Borbó, 11,kvartalo Barceloneta: agadoj dum la semajno de 30a de aprilo: ni daŭre rezistas + [3an de majo] je la 11a gazetara konferenco: prezentado de la alternativan planon de la kvartalo Barceloneta kaj najbara apogo al la okupita domo 'Miles de Viviendas'
[24an de aprilo] je la 4:40a Alerto kaj koncentriĝo pro la ebla vakigo de 'Miles' + Koncentritaj dum la tuta tago + je la 18a ĉe 'Miles', Gazetara konferenco kaj kreivaj agadoj + semajnaj rezist-agadoj + [26an de aprilo] miloj da revoj jam apud ni + [27an de aprilo] rezist-agadoj, muzik-koncertoj kaj dj's + [28an de aprilo] rezist-agadoj: hortoj, cirko kaj teatro + [29an de aprilo] Interna merkadeto kaj subpremita teatro

Kaze de vakigo... koncentriĝo en 'Miles' + je la 20a en placo Sant Jaume

[17an de majo] CSO L'Opera nova dato de la proceso kaj kunvokoj

[de la 7a ĝis la 19a de majo]Duonmonato por la okupado

la suka kvartalo Barceloneta: genajbaroj de la kvartalo Barceloneta manifestacias por reklami alternativojn al la lifto-plano ::: 21an de aprilo manifestacio en Barceloneta ::: alia plano eblas kaj la Barceloneta foriras straten por ĝin montri :::

Rilataj novaĵoj:kompanioj pri nemomeblaĵoj falas en la borso ::: 1 jaron okupante, 1 jaron rezistante ::: Barcelono: La dana konsulejo estis atakita pro solidareco kun Ungdomshuset kaj la rezistantoj enprizonigitaj post ĝia vakigo::: video de la manifestacio por digna loĝejo ::: Nova okupado en Terrassa ::: Liberigita ejo en Girona: La ferralla ::: Iniciato... kutimaj supremantoj... ::: Oni vakigis la domon Toxics

+ infoj: spekulado + web de miles

popoloj (eo)

Barcelona, 04.05.2007 22:10

Okupitaj, sed nek venkitaj nek konvinkitaj

Preskaŭ 300 jarojn post la batalo en Almansa, en 1707, kiam la okupacio far la kastiliaj trupoj estis sekvata "por el justo derecho de conquista" (pro la justa okupaci-rajto) de la 'Decret de Nova Planta', la hispana reĝo Filipo el Burbono, antaŭulo de la nuna burbono, eliminis kian ajn katalunan memregeblecon kaj la lingvo restis laŭlitere malpermesita.

La katalunaj rezistado kaj lukto atingis progresojn pri la lingvo kaj la memregado, sed ankoraŭ nun, la sinsekvaj registaroj kaj la diversaj politikaj partioj de la hispana ŝtato, ĉu dekstraj aŭ maldekstraj, ne manifestis la volon forlasi tiun okupacion kaj nacian subpremadon aŭ fini arĥaikajn reĝadon kiel la burbonan.

Ekde tiam, malgraŭ daŭraj torturoj, militoj, diktaturoj, enprizonigoj, cenzuroj, ekziloj kaj kriminaligoj, la rezistado karakterizis, kaj daŭre karakterizas, la homojn el tiu lando daŭre antaŭeniranta al libero.

[aprilo 2007] Aranĝoj kaj kunvokoj: komenciĝas la kampanjo '300 anys de resistència' + aranĝoj en Irlando + [23an aprilo] ekde la 12a en Pl. Catalunya, la kataluna, komuna lingvo sankta georgo du mil sep

[23an aprilo] je la 18a en Pl. Universitat Unueca manifestacio okaze de la sankta-georga festotago

[25an aprilo]Flagoj en la balkonoj
[28an aprilo] Ni reiru al Almansa

rilataj novaĵoj: Manifesto de Xirinacs okaze de la sankta georga festotago ::: Kritikoj kaj laŭdoj al dokumenta filmo pri Terra Lliure ::: kastilia postebrio ::: privataj kontrolistoj devigas eks-senatoron paroli kastilie ::: protestoj kontraŭ la burbonoj en penedès ::: denonco kontraŭ la cenzuro al TV3 en valencilando ::: La hispana ŝtato kaj la hispanaj politikaj partioj denove rifuzas la katalunan lingvon

+ infoj : >>>popoloj + +

spekulado (eo)

Barcelona, 04.05.2007 22:10

La malkonstruo de Bon Pastor komenciĝas

Lundon la 16an de aprilo 2007 la fosmaŝinoj komencis malkonstrui la malmultekostajn domojn de Bon Pastor; popolaj konstruaĵoj starigitaj por la Urba Organizaĵo por la Loĝejo en la jaro 1929 por la enmigrintoj venintaj el Murcio, Andaluzio aŭ el malproksimaj regionoj de Katalunio. Dum la okdekaj jaroj la enloĝantoj ne estis helpitaj kaj ili devis subteni siajn domojn kun siaj mono kaj streboj. Nun, la urbo jam ĉirkaŭis la kvartalon, kaj la Organizaĵo ekmemoras pri la terenoj kaj komencas malkonstrui domojn por konstrui apartamento-blokojn. La Loĝanto-Asocio sukcesis konvinki la najbararon: ne nur pri tio ke 80 jaroj da historio ne konservindas sed ankaŭ pri tio ke pro ĝia malkonstruo neniu meritas ricevi kompenson. La revo aĉeti apartamenton dividis la najbararon kaj kreis misfarton sekvita de la spekulada premo kiun suferas la rezistantaj najbaroj. SOLIDARECO KUN LA NAJBARAJ LUKTOJ DE BON PASTOR :: Legu plu :: [foto]

Novaĵoj Bon Pastor: Genevoj de la kvartalo kontraŭstaras la spekuladon :: Informo-manipulado en TV3 :: Oni masonfermis niajn domojn kiel niajn vortojn :: La malkonstruoj komenciĝas (mapo kaj fotoj) :: Solidara agado la 17an de marto [fotoj][pliaj fotoj][komuniko][komento] :: Letero el najbaro :: Ni daŭre loĝas en Bon Pastor :: Solidara letero el 'Arquitectes sense Fronteres' (Senlimaj Arĥitektoj) :: Enketo pri la najbaraj opinioj (2004)

Aliaj kunvokoj: 250 najbaroj foriras straten en la kvartalo Barceloneta :: La Barceloneta foriras straten: alia plano eblas :: 21an de aprilo manifestacio en la Barceloneta :: Semajnon post inaŭguro merkaton :: + infoj: spekulado

alia mondo eblas (eo)

Barcelona, 04.05.2007 22:10

Ĉesigi la trompeman protekton kaj sekurecon

La muro masonfermanta la sociajn centrojn por protekti la spekuladon. Ĉu por eviti ke ili fariĝu domoj kaj ejoj plenaj je vivo kaj luktagado?
La pordo enŝlosanta la kunulon, la edzon aŭ la amaton por protekti la mistrakton. Ĉu por eviti ke la ino estu iam libera decidi kiel kaj kun kiu ŝi volas vivi?
La krado enprizoniganta por protekti la malbonan registaron. Ĉu por ke la liberigajn ideojn oni ne prononcu kaj ne aŭskultu?
La barilo disiganta landojn kaj kontinentojn por protekti la imperiojn. Ĉu por eviti ke la homoj libere transiru kaj deziru pli bonan vivon?

[31an mar] je la 18a en Centre Social de Sants: Olzinelles, 30 La konstru-premado en niaj kvartaloj

[31an mar] en Barcelono. 'Magdalenes' (tipa kuko) formanĝu la landlimojn antaŭ ol ili formanĝu vin

[31an mar] je la 15a en Casal de joves de les Corts Tagoj por vivkolektivigo

Rilataj novaĵoj: TTT-paĝo de la gekunuloj de 'Acció directa' ::: Salah Dahri, loĝanto en Cornellà arestita en la CIE (Fremdula Internigejo) de Zona Franca kaj atendanta la forlandigon ::: Vakigoj kaj protestoj en Sant Andreu, Gràcia kaj Sabadell ::: La polico senhavigas elektroprovizon al OSC Milano. La okupantoj daŭre enloĝas. Solidaralvoko ::: Oni masonfermis niajn hejmojn same kiel niajn vortojn [Bon Pastor] ::: La kloakisto de Fuenlabrada ::: Ariadna Pi lotumas Agbar-turon ::: La leĝo pri eksterlandanoj estas kontraŭvirina perforto ::: Liberon por Núria ::: Pri la proceso 18/98

+ infoj: kriminaligo + virinoj + spekulado + enmigradoj

laboro (eo)

Barcelona, 04.05.2007 22:10

Alvenas la 1a de majo

Kunvokoj en Barcelono
[17a en placo Universitat] Kontraŭkapitalisma manifestacio
[17a en Jardinets de la kvartalo Gràcia] Manifestacio liberecana

[Urĝa El Prat] ICV-EUiA rifuzas la unuigan agadon en Baix Llobregat

Aliaj agadoj kaj kunvokoj: Tarragona ::: Girona ::: Vilanova i la Geltrú ::: El Prat ::: Sabadell

Komunikoj: cnt ::: cgt ::: endavant

+ infoj: Laboristoj de Delphi denove haltigas la trafikon sur la ponto de Badia de Cadis ::: Laboristoj de SAS koncentriĝas antaŭ la pordoj de la tenis-konkurso Open-SEAT-Godó en Barcelono ::: [CNT-Mercadona] Enmigrintaj laboristoj de Mercadona komencos malsat-strikon morgaŭ ::: Granda aliĝo al la 24a striko kunvokita de CGT en ĉiuj la platformoj de Atento ::: Laboristoj de SAS provokas novan halton de la produktado de SEAT ::: Juĝejo devigas al IBERIA retiri la 45tago-sankcion kontraŭ laboristo pro la invado de la dromoj

+ infoj: laboro

Harvard Hunger Strike for Workers Rights

Boston, 04.05.2007 22:09

Cambridge, Mass--Yesterday, 11 students at Harvard University began an indefinite hunger strike in support of hundreds of newly unionized security guards at Harvard, in their fight to win a first contract with fair wages, steady full-time work, fair procedures, and the right to organize for all workers. The strike coincides with yesterday's decision by AlliedBarton, a private security firm contracted by Harvard, to walk away from the bargaining table. The strike will last until Harvard takes responsibility for the conditions of workers on its campus and makes a public statement supporting the basic standards demanded by guards and students.

Where Will New York’s Working Poor Live?

NYC, 04.05.2007 22:09

As the New York City Rent Guidelines Board (RGB) begins to debate how much more the millions of tenants who are protected by rent stabilization laws will be paying when leases come due next year, they will be factoring some interesting and conflicting data (see this article from last week’s Times). The RGB’s staff puts out a few reports each year to help inform the debate on how much rents should go up, and the Income and Affordability Study released last month reveals that while the NYC economy is strong, incomes among rent stabilized tenants are stagnating (i.e., the rich are getting richer and the poor are... you know the rest). After first citing “increasing Gross City Product, falling unemployment rates and public assistance cases, and increasing employment levels,” it then acknowledges “an increase in the number of food stamp recipients…falling real wages and escalating gross rent-to-income ratios.”

NY Senate Introduces Domestic Workers Bill of Rights

NYC, 04.05.2007 22:09

New York, NY -- Last week, the New York State Senate introduced S.
5235, a comprehensive set of labor standards for the invisible, yet
critical and growing industry of domestic work. Known as the Domestic
Workers Bill of Rights, the Bill would set a living wage and other
protections for workers who are employed as housekeepers, nannies, and
elderly caregivers in homes.

Death Threats on YouTube Against Portland Effigy Burners. Officials Won't Investigate.

Portland, 04.05.2007 21:38

This May Day the downtown streets of Portland promise to be a vibrant mix of demonstrators protesting everything from the Iraq War to corporate capitalism to immigration restrictions to US-sponsored terrorism. Portland Police will no doubt be out in force to crack down on the willful jaywalkers, unpermitted marchers, disobedient youth, and unruly peaceniks that decide, at least once a year, to take the First Amendment at face value.

What all the bike riding, horse mounted and riot helmeted gendarmes may not yet fully appreciate, however, is the real possibility of dark-hearted predators prowling those same chaotic pavements looking to cause serious bodily harm, particularly to the radical antiwar crowd.

Impeachment Day report from San Francisco

Portland, 04.05.2007 21:38

Well, I just want to report we had a lot of fun here in San Francisco on A28. First, I went to the second "beach impeach" event where over a thousand people wrote "Impeach Now!" in the sands of Ocean Beach with their bodies. It was a perfect day for it -- the weather was awesome. There was free food, a festive atmosphere, and a great marimba band called Sadza many people danced to after our picture was taken. If you look carefully at the photo you'll see the letter "C" is mostly pink for ladies from Code Pink, and I believe the exclamation mark is made up of "World Can't Wait" people who dressed in orange jumpsuits to protest torture.


Impeach Beach Demands Impeachment

With splashes of orange, green, black and pink, and a myriad of other colors, about 1,500 activists came together on Ocean Beach in San Francisco on Saturday to spell out their demands to congress?-"IMPEACH NOW! in 100 foot tall letters.

The kaleidoscopic colors fit in well to the festive, yet serious, Beach Impeach event organized by San Francisco activist Brad Newsham.


The Circus is Coming!

Portland, 04.05.2007 21:38

Don't miss this event! C.i.r.c.a Boredom Patrols traveling Circus is coming to Portland tomorrow, May 5th, with workshops and performances at the Watershed in SE at 5040 SE Milwaukee St from 5pm till 10pm. A major theme of the workshop/performance is immigration and gathering of support for the upcoming NoBorder Camp in 2007.

Come down for the "Subvert Everthing Workshop" which is a clowning skillshare from 5pm to 8pm and learn some fundamentals about clowing... Release your inner clown!

Hurry, hurry, hurry COME! for the Circus Performance from 9pm to 10pm.... you'll see Lion Taming, Tightrope walking, the Theater of the Oppressed and Subversion! All donations will go to the No Borders Camp which will be the second week of November 2007. More info: NO BORDER Camp - Nov. 2007 | Article 2 | Article 1

Asesinan a Trabajador

santiago, 04.05.2007 19:13

Carabineros en enfrentamiento acribilla a obrero durante una protesta

Critical Mass on Friday

Seattle, 04.05.2007 19:10

Some photos I took during the ride

Seattle Students Walkout against the Iraq War

Seattle, 04.05.2007 19:10

Over 800 students walked out of schools throughout the Seattle area on April 18 to demand an immediate end to the Iraq war. The walkout, organized by Youth Against War and Racism (YAWR), culminated in a protest at a meeting of the School Board, calling for military recruiters be kicked out of our schools. The students also protested the School District’s plan to close 7 Seattle schools, calling instead for money for education, not war.

<br/> <br/><br/> Robin Hood Stikes the Tory Party - Take from the Rich and give to the poor!

Maritimes, 04.05.2007 18:40

Robin Hood Stikes the Tory Party - Take from the Rich and gives to the poor!


Colombia, 04.05.2007 16:40

El Plan de Desarrollo es de Subdesarrollo

Euromayday@liege 007

Liege, 04.05.2007 15:39


DC, 04.05.2007 15:10

That's right, the anti-immigration drive, not anti-illegal immigration drive. Maybe if they didn't go after immigrants for other reasons besides crossing the border illegally, they might have a case. They might have an even stronger case if they decided to go after those immigrants who are white, but that's a pipe dream too! Still, the xenophobes that have intentionally infested their cause with neo-Nazis, the Klan and other assorted racists now know they have an image problem, and that was so apparent with the lame attempt at a drive to get Congress to answer to them last week. The rule among them is to get violently offended whenever someone charges them with being racist, and either put some Black or Hispanic activist with them between themselves and the one making the charge, or say that you have a Hispanic wife to show that them are not racist and those that call them that are mindless morons engaging in slander. Of course they have to forget that all of those Black and Hispanic activists that are around are there because of a group that has a well-documented history of rubbing elbows with those that are racist that just so happens to be sponsoring the week's campaign. This event was a buffet of suit-and-tie hate and we were there to eat it all up. This week will be see a number of pro-immigrant protests around the country on May 1, just like last year, and we will be involved with that as well. If that year's rally, is any indication of what to expect, the people we met last week are going to have a rather lousy May Day. We woudn't have it any other way.

アジア開発銀行京都総会2007市民フォーラム05・06 MAY 6 People’s Forum on Asian Development Bank in Kyoto

Japan, 04.05.2007 14:08

国内外から50以上のNGO(海外20カ国から)が参加します。シンポジウム、ワークショップ、ナイトイベントが企画されています。 毎日新聞 | アジア開発銀行京都総会2007市民フォーラム | 参加者レポート大募集 ☆ Wanted: Your report & Photos

Mayday 2007 in the West Mids

United Kingdom, 04.05.2007 11:09

Well, it was almost pathetic compared to other places such as Turkey, Germany or Switzerland, for example. But at least some things happened on May 1st to celebrate the International Workers Day and the social and economic struggles of the working class and labour movement..

Striking civil servants held a few pickets throughout Birmingham in the morning, then a rally in Chamberlain Square, organised by the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS), in defence of jobs, services, pay and work conditions. [report]

Later in day, the University and College Union (UCU) did a stall in Birmingham city centre to protest against government plans to cut free English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) classes for asylum seekers and refugees, while members of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) joined in protest at plans to close local blood processing and testing sites around the country and merge them into three "supercentres" in Bristol, Manchester and Colindale. [report]

In the evening, workers and activists from across the Midlands headed to Wolverhampton for the 13th Wolverhampton Annual May Day Festival, organised by Wolverhampton May Day Committee. The event was supported by the West Midlands Fire Brigades Union, West Midlands UNISON and Midlands TUC. The theme was "Keep Wolverhampton a fascist-free zone". [report]

Indymedia UK's Mayday 2007 topic page |


Argentina, 04.05.2007 06:38

Dos inundaciones, ninguna justicia


Argentina, 04.05.2007 06:08

Dos inundaciones, ninguna justicia

Fasting for Justice

Houston, 04.05.2007 02:08

Six Day Fast in for Immigrant Justice

Issue #102: Spring Break in Cuba

NYC, 04.05.2007 01:39

The Indypendent || Gunslingers: Review of Blackwater & The Occuption || Backseat Battle: City’s Plan to Require Costly Computer Screens in Yellow Taxis May Lead to Strike || Reading, Writing and Red-baiting || Stop Trashing Our School || Tweakin’ on Beacon: Why The NYC Media Smeared One of the City’s Best Public Schools || You Can’t Go There: A Short History of the Cuba Travel Ban || Padilla Gets His Day in Court || From Blacksburg to Baghdad: A Double Standard on Violence || Rebuilding Palestine with Video || Rockin’ Against Lower East Gentrification || in Gitmo || Laughing All the Way to the Guillotine: Viva La Revolution || Party Politics: Out of the Clubs & Into the Streets || The Iraqi Crisis that has No Name || The Meaning of May Day + Events || Queens Hack Slacks on Antiwar Action || City Council Sends Pedicabs Backpedaling || Abstinence Ed Gets an “F” || Education as Commodity: Corporate Dollars Seek to Redefine Public Schools || The Indy Recommends…..April 28th through May 16 ||

To Chavez, Lula, Requião and Carlos Rovira.

Arkansas, 04.05.2007 01:10

If were not enough all those local threats we mentioned here on the Amazon and other forests of Earth, it weighs on them and on us all, this hiper-threat that is global heating.

SOS/Minutemen to Protest Against Indigenous Art on Cinco de Mayo

LA, 04.05.2007 01:09

SOS/Minutemen to Protest Against Indigenous Art on Cinco de Mayo

Nerve 10 - Injustice For All?

United Kingdom, 03.05.2007 22:09

Catalyst Media have published issue 10 of their FREE cage-rattling and rebel-rousing Nerve magazine. As always, the team have combined a dedication to social justice with a passion for art and culture, to create an issue which no self-respecting individual should be without. Look out for it all fine local cafés, cultural venues, and especially News From Nowhere.

mitjans (ca)

Barcelona, 03.05.2007 20:10

L'SGAE ataca de nou

Els companys i les companyes del portal llibertari de han estat demandats per l'SGAE (Societat General d'Autors i Editors) per suposats comentaris contra la imatge i la reputació del cantant conegut com "Ramoncín". Per això mateix s'ha endegat una campanya d'informació sobre l'atac de l'SGAE contra el portal de alasbarricadas.

Una vegada més tornem a estar davant precedents que ens deixen entreveure que pot anar succeint amb els portals comunicatius antagonistes. Haurem d'estar alerta.

infos relacionades: El cànon i l'SGAE ::: Sentència ferma a Madrid: és contrari a la llei que els judicis paguin cànon ::: La futura LLei d'Impuls de la Societat de la Informació podría limitar la llibertat d'expressió ::: Segons la reforma del codi penal: hackers delinqüents ::: Com ens afecta el nou canon digital? ::: L'SGAE censura putasgae ::: Una festa popular guanya el judici contra l'SGAE ::: El govern presenta un projecte de llei per bloquejar webs internacionals ::: A vueltas con la LSSI

Més info a: espekulació + alasbarricadas

media (es)

Barcelona, 03.05.2007 20:10

La SGAE ataca de nuevo

Los compañeros y las compañeras del portal libertario de han sidodemandados por la SGAE (Sociedad General de Autores y Editores) por supuestos comentarios contra la imagen y la reputación del cantante conocido como "Ramoncín". Por eso mismo se ha puesto en marcha una campaña de información sobre el ataque de la SGAE contra el portal de alasbarricadas.

Una vez más volemos a estar ante precedentes que nos dejan entrever que puede ir sucediendo con los portales comunicativos antagonistas. Tendremos que estar alerta.

infos relacionadas: El canon y la SGAE ::: Sentencia firma en Madrid: es contrario a la lei que los juicios paguen canon ::: La futura Lei de Impulso de la Sociedad de la Información podría limitar la libertad de expresión ::: Segun la reforma del codigo penal: hackers delincuentes ::: Como nos afecta el nuevo canon digital? ::: La SGAE censura putasgae ::: Una fiesta popular gana el juicio contra la SGAE ::: El gobierno presenta un proyecto de ley para bloquear webs internacionales ::: A vueltas con la LSSI

Más info a: espekulación + alasbarricadas


Colombia, 03.05.2007 18:08

III Foro de Medios Alternativos

Indypendent Reader Issue 4

Baltimore, 03.05.2007 17:08

This issue of the Indypendent Reader examines local food systems in Baltimore. Food is a necessity we all share, so common and everyday that it has the potential to bring us together and break down the boundaries of race, ethnicity and culture that so often keep Baltimoreans fragmented. Yet we find that food is also an indicator of extreme inequalities within our city. From Harbor East’s Whole Foods to the corner-stores of East and West Baltimore, ours is a city increasingly polarized by class divisions, in which the few who can afford it have the option to eat high quality organic foods while the rest of the population has almost no choice but to live on a diet of unhealthy, over-processed, high-fat, high-sugar junk food—not to mention the tens of thousands of Baltimore residents who epend on soup kitchens and emergency food banks every week for their meals. ....Read More.

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