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Houston, 08.05.2007 18:09

Hutto Detention Facility: Bustamante Denied Access

Jornada de Arte Abierto

Argentina, 08.05.2007 16:39

"30 años en la plaza, 30 años de lucha"

Demonstration Planned for Today’s Police Commission Meeting.

LA, 08.05.2007 16:09

Demonstration Planned for Today’s Police Commission Meeting.

Vlogging 101, Part of the Community Media Workshop Series

NYC, 08.05.2007 16:08

Don't Miss Vlogging 101
Part of the Community Media Workshop Series
Community Media & Outreach, Manhattan Neighborhood Network
Friday, May 11, from 3p-6p
MNN (537 W 59th St. bet 10th and 11th Ave, 3rd Fl)

Counter- Protest at Huge May 6th Salute to Israel Parade

NYC, 08.05.2007 14:38

A diverse group Pro Palestinian demonstrators that included anti zionist Hasidic Jews protested the May 6th Salute to Israel parade. With banners and slogans, they denounced Israel's occupation of Palestine. The Pro Israel marchers responded with jeers and obcsenities In an emotionally charged atmosphere, both sides lashed out at the other and vociferously argued their cause.

&quot;Don't put death on Boston's tab; we don't want your Biolab!&quot;

Boston, 08.05.2007 14:09

The Supreme Judicial Court is not due to hear the matter of Boston’s University Biolab (a seven floor Laboratory for National Emerging Infectious Disease already in construction in the Roxbury/South End neighborhoods) but the opponents to the project are not taking a break from letting their representatives know that putting the city at risk is simply not an option.

From the Newswire

Perth, 08.05.2007 13:40

Protest at APEC 2007

Pro-choice rally faces off counter demonstration at Four Courts

Ireland, 08.05.2007 10:38

D case continues in High Court The D-case of a 17 ...

Israeli Check Point for Palestine Awareness at UCSC

Santa Cruz, CA, 08.05.2007 06:38

Palestine Awareness Week is taking place at UC Santa Cruz from May 7th through May 10th and began with a Check Point established in the Baytree Plaza. Five Palestinians were being detained for no apparent reason while two Israeli soldiers mentally and physically abused the detainees and prevented them from leaving the prison cell. One Palestinian women plead over and over to be released because she was pregnant and worried should would lose her baby. Unsympathetically, the solider told her to keep quite and replied that he was also pregnant. The two Israeli soldiers communicated to each other in Hebrew while speaking English with a Hebrew accents to the blindfolded, handcuffed and detained Palestinians. View Photos and a Listing of Events

related audio: Phyllis Bennis speaks in Santa Cruz about Challenging Empire

Jornada de Arte Abierto

Argentina, 08.05.2007 04:41

"30 años en la plaza, 30 años de lucha"

El asesinato de Eduardo Córdoba

Argentina, 08.05.2007 03:09

Otra víctima de la represión policial

El asesinato de Eduardo Córdoba

Argentina, 08.05.2007 03:09

Otra víctima de la represión policial

Jeremy Scahill Denounces Blackwater in San Diego

San Diego, 08.05.2007 02:38

Jeremy Scahill, author of "Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Missionary Army," spoke in San Diego May 1 and La Mesa May 2 on Blackwater U.S.A., the politically connected "security" firm supplying more than 120,000 personnel to the U.S. occupation of Iraq — including at least 40,000 mercenaries in combat operations — and its secretive radical-Right founder, Erik Prince. He was brought to San Diego by opponents of the 824-acre training camp Blackwater wants to build in the quiet southeastern San Diego community of Potrero, and he discussed the company's Republican political connections, its involvement in Iraq and the Katrina response, and the failure of the U.S. mainstream media to cover these issues more critically.

Previous Coverage of Blackwater West: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Violencia después de los comicios

Argentina, 08.05.2007 02:09

Francia: ganó Sarkozy

Violencia después de los comicios

Argentina, 08.05.2007 02:09

Francia: ganó Sarkozy

Acciones contra los Biocombustibles

Argentina, 08.05.2007 02:09


17th Annual Ashland Community Bike Swap

Rogue Valley, 08.05.2007 00:39

On Saturday May 12 from 7am-6pm volunteers are needed for the 17th Annual Ashland Community Bike Swap. Volunteers get first grabs on the goods... a great way to find a new used bike.

The event will be held in the parking lot at The Grove building located at 1195 E. Main St. If you are 13 or older (or can come with an adult), like bikes, looking to make a purchase, want a chance to win some amazing prizes (new bikes and accessories), to be fed good snacks….come volunteer!

Fifth Day of Hunger Strike: Harvard President’s Administration Vacates the Premises

Boston, 08.05.2007 00:08

Cambridge, Mass.—On the fifth day of the students hunger strike at Harvard to pressure its administration to raise security guards pay, protesters found the President’s Office empty guarded by two university police. The students were not allowed to speak to university officials nor enter the building as there was no one there to meet them, yet they left behind a 24-page report detailing the Harvard Stand for Security Campaign. A banner that read “Living Wage Now” hung undisturbed from the third floor, as the students vowed to return. “Two more days of rational discourse and then it’s irrational action,” voiced one of the hunger strikers to the crowd gathered there in support.

G8 fietskaravaan trekt door het land

Netherlands, 07.05.2007 23:39

De G8 fietskaravaan trekt door het land en laat een spoor van acties en repressie achter. Na uit Gent te zijn vertrokken, kwam afgelopen vrijdag de karavaan aan in Utrecht. Een overzicht van de gebeurtenissen sindsdien:

Zaterdag 5 mei:
Wat begon als een rustige fietsdemonstratie eindigde met over de honderd arrestaties toen de ME op gewelddadige wijze de gehele demo insloot en iedereen oppakte wegens het overtreden van verkeersregels. Hierna werden alle fietsen geconfisqueerd.
Zondag 6 mei:
Ongeveer zestig activisten nemen deel aan een pre-inspectie bij Kamp Zeist. De inspecteurs werd de toegang tot het detentiecentrum ontzegd en twee werden gearresteerd toen zij over het hek zijn gegaan.
Op dezelfde dag is er manifestatie tegen de G8 in Nijmegen.
Maandag 7 mei:
Het eerste deel van de karavaan arriveert in Nijmegen alwaar een fietsdemonstratie met verschillende kleine acties wordt gehouden.
De laatste anonieme arrestant van de fietsdemo zaterdag is inmiddels na een kort oponthoud in vreemdelingendetentie vrijgelaten en de rest van de karavaan is nu ook op weg naar Nijmegen.

Outrage at Licence for 'Dangerous' Hinkley

Bristol, 07.05.2007 23:10

Stop Hinkley: "It's outrageous to grant a license to a reactor in this dangerous condition." Outrage at Licence for 'Dangerous' Hinkley: "It's outrageous to grant a license to a reactor in this dangerous condition." Jim Duffy of Stop Hinkley writes; Campaigners have branded the new ten year safety license given to Hinkley Point B as outrageous and questioned if political motives are at play. The thirty year old reactor has passed a ten year 'Periodic Safety Review', valid upto 2017 subject to £4.5 million of repairs shared with its sister station at Hunterston in Ayrshire, but Stop Hinkley campaigners are astonished as only last year the nuclear safety regulators published documents saying Hinkley's cracked graphite reactor core prevented it being relicensed as there was an increased risk of an accident with prolonged operation of the plant...Jim Duffy spokesman for Stop Hinkley said: "I'm astonished at this inexplicable move. The regulators have contradicted their own safety predictions which said that most reactor core bricks would have cracked during this review period, including some that will be cleaved in half. It's outrageous to grant a license to a reactor in this dangerous condition. No amount of money thrown at Hinkley can repair the crumbling reactor core which is too radioactive and inaccessible to work on." Full article.| Outrage at licence for Hinkley | Health & Safety Executive Reports on Hinkley Point B ( | | Related News: Burnham breast cancer excess 70% over ten years | Hinkley owner's boss resigns following plant's multiple woes |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

Sarkozy's Election Victory

NYC, 07.05.2007 22:08

Meet the new colonialism, same as the old colonialism

Circus of (Im)Migration Comes to the Bay Area

San Francisco Bay Area, 07.05.2007 19:08

The Circus of (Im)Migration is touring the west coast from April 30th through May 13th. They will perform at noon on May 7th on the UC Berkeley Promenade, followed on May 8th by a San Francisco evening show at Station 40, before the circus heads south to Santa Cruz and Los Angeles.

Sheehan and Others Converge Upon Matsui's Home

San Francisco Bay Area, 07.05.2007 19:08

Cindy Sheehan and Code Pink join solidarity event while unsatisfied Matsui constituents say, "Stop the Funding now!" Matsui neighbor throws egg, hits 4-year old girl and Matsui aide. Police conduct door-to-door inquiry for egg thrower, without success.


Oost-Vlaanderen, 07.05.2007 17:38

1 mei in Gent heroverd

Free The Weed- Photo Essay

Ireland, 07.05.2007 16:40

Funnily enough the march was delayed as the organi ...

Stop G8

Oost-Vlaanderen, 07.05.2007 16:07

Mobilisering tegen de G8

Buying the War on Palestinians: The US Media, The New York Times &amp; Israel

NYC, 07.05.2007 14:40

After four disastrous years of US military occupation, Bill Moyers’ April 25th PBS special “Buying the War” attempted to hold the mainstream US media accountable for its complicity in selling the war on Iraq to the US public. Moyers documented how the US media, with The New York Times in a leading role, bowed to financial and political pressure, succumbed to an environment of patriotism and fear of terrorism, and uncritically reported false US government claims. Tragically, despite the terrible consequences of 60 years of Israeli oppression of the Palestinian people, there is still no significant movement to hold the US mainstream media accountable for a similar, dramatic failure in covering Israel and Palestine, and for its complicity in the US’ uncritical support for Israel.

The Right of Return: From CORI reform to Reconstructing New Orleans and the Gulf Coast

Boston, 07.05.2007 14:12

Recently, organizers and demonstrators here in the Northeast were in the streets and in the statehouse demanding CORI reform. This reform is an issue of the right of return. Advancing a unified agenda for the right of return, we connect our local struggles with those in the gulf coast and abroad. Coast to Coast Solidarity- Boston reflects on lessons learned and inspiration gained!

Photos of Bio-Justice Puppet Parade In Roxbury

Boston, 07.05.2007 14:11

Several hundred lively protesters led by a marching band and puppets marched through Roxbury today 5-6-07 to protest the Boston Bio-Tech conference and the BU Bio-Terror Lab.

Klamath River people rally at PacifiCorp

Rogue Valley, 07.05.2007 13:40

Karuk, Yurok, Hoopa, and Klamath Tribal members gathered with other river residents and PacifiCorp ratepayers at the company's headquarters in Portland Friday to advocate for the removal of the lower four dams on the Klamath River.

Esso Protest in Aberdeen

Scotland, 07.05.2007 13:10

On 28th April, Aberdeen Campaign Against Climate Change organised a banner protest outside an Esso petrol station, against Exxon Mobil's sponsorship of the climate denial industry, and their massive contribution to global warming. e-mail: Homepage:

BNP wins seat in Broxtowe

United Kingdom, 07.05.2007 13:09

Sadie Graham, the BNP's East Midlands Organiser, has taken Brinsley ward in Broxtowe, beating three other candidates. She has claimed a seat on Broxtowe Borough Council, following last week's local elections. She polled 439 votes in Brinsley, in the west of the borough.

Reverend Robert Murray, a local vicar running as a Labour Party candidate, received 295 votes, while independents Kenneth Phillips 109 and Wlady Wilhardt polled 185. In the last borough council elections, the BNP received 43% of the vote, but were beaten by Labour in a two horse race. This victory comes despite anti-fascist activity in the ward, including leafleting and a meeting. Attended by around 40 people, this event took place in February when Graham was the only candidate to have put her hat in the ring.

Links: Sadie Graham Shoots Straight | Evening Post coverage

Gedächtnis der anarchistischen Bewegung in Gefahr

Switzerland, 07.05.2007 13:07

Das CIRA in Lausanne ist als grosses Archiv und kleine Forschungseinrichtung eines der Gedächtnisse der anarchistischen Bewegung. Es existiert seit über 50 Jahren - aktuell ist es in seiner Existenz gefährdet.

Es gibt nun einen Spendenaufruf für das CIRA um dessen weiterbestehen zu ermöglichen und damit diese wichtige Arbeit weiter bestehen kann.

Buffett will not help tribes or remove Klamath dams

Portland, 07.05.2007 12:38

Members of California's three largest Indian Tribes and allies from commercial fishing and conservation groups demonstrated today at the Berkshire Hathaway shareholder meeting, known as the Woodstock of Capitalism. The group is demanding the removal of four Klamath Dams owned by Berkshire subsidiary PacifiCorp. Two members of the coalition asked questions directly to Buffett and his partner Charles Munger before a crowd of 27,000 shareholders. Buffett denied the need for dam removal with an uneducated remark. | read more >>

Reflections and Photogs of Fish Kill Memorial Rally

Tribes and supporters met at Holladay Park near Lloyd Center and marched a few short blocks to the offices of PacifiCorp, now owned by billionaire Warren Buffet. After a few brief words by the moderator, the mic was opened up to whoever wished to speak to the issue at hand, the dams on the Klamath river that are destroying the fisheries and Native American cultures who have subsisted in large part on these salmon runs for thousands of years. | read more >>

Klamath River People Rally at PacifiCorp

Karuk, Yurok, Hoopa, and Klamath Tribal members gathered with other river residents and PacifiCorp ratepayers at the company's headquarters in Portland yesterday [May 4] to advocate for the removal of the lower four dams on the Klamath River. | read more >>

Proteste gegen die G8 in Heiligendamm

Germany, 07.05.2007 12:09

Am 7. und 8. Juni treffen sich in Heiligendamm an der mecklenburgischen Ostseeküste Vertreter der acht wirtschaftlich und militärisch führenden Staaten des Nordens (USA, Kanada, Japan, Großbritannien, Frankreich, Italien, Deutschland und Russland). Ohne irgendeine Legitimität zu besitzen stimmen sie ihre Politik ab und stehen so für die Kontinuität des Zustands der Welt, der für die Meisten Hunger, Elend, Krieg und Ausgrenzung bedeutet. Gegen das Treffen der Acht bildet sich ein breiter Protest, der am Wochenende vor dem Gipfel beginnt. Der Versuch eines Überblicks über den Stand der Dinge.

Zentrale Seiten: Dissent!-Netzwerk | Interventionistische Linke | Revolutionäres Bündnis | Gipfelsoli | Protestkoalition | Alternativgipfel | Wiki Medienaktivismus | Camps | Move Against G8

MigraWatch Calls for Support at Watsonville's City Council Meeting

Santa Cruz, CA, 07.05.2007 12:09

The MigraWatch Network calls for supporters of immigrant rights to come to the Watsonville City Council meeting on Tuesday, May 8 at 6:00pm, to ask that the City Council pass a resolution which will direct the Watsonville police to notify a human rights group when Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is present. It has been reported that when ICE comes into a community, they notify the local police department beforehand. Even in cities that have non-cooperation policies, like Watsonville and Santa Cruz, ICE is able to carry out their agenda without the aid of local law enforcement as evident in the raids in Santa Cruz County last fall.

White Racism: The Major Obstacle To A United Left

Portland, 07.05.2007 11:38

Why hasn't the Left been any thing other than PR?

George Jackson, Blood In My Eye..."The major obstacle to a united left in this country is white racism. There are three categories of white racists: the overt, self-satisfied racist who doesn't attempt to hide his antipathy; the self-interdicting racist who harbors and nurtures racism in spite of his best efforts; and the unconscious racist, who has no awareness of his racist preconceptions...the self-interdicting racist, no matter what his acquired conviction or ideology, will seldom be able to contribute with his actions in any really concrete way. His role in revolution, barring a change of basic character, will be minimal throughout..."

George Jackson's words in 1971. How could something said so long ago have such perfect applicability to today? How could so few understand processes so evident to their victim/inferiors, yet continue to deny the existence of such conditions? | read more >>

Building a Community of Information War

The revolutionary movement (the product of the untold sacrifices of millions from before the time of Spartacus through the Russian and Chinese revolutions and the smaller current struggles) is today in a period of quagmire and lull. That's the bad news. The good news is that this will change. The current US imperialist adventure in the Middle East is business as usual. In reaction to it a movement has emerged here in the U.S. The movement is not yet large or militant or sufficiently politically conscious to make a decisive break from imperialist politics. Movements like this emerge periodically and usually they do not amount to much. What this movement will amount to remains to be seen. What is new at this time is the emerging revolution in communications. | read more >>

Aberdeen: Not in Our Harbor

Portland, 07.05.2007 11:38

The Grannies hold a peace vigil every Friday at 3:30 p.m. in Zalesko Park. Yesterday, over two-dozen people joined them. The police presence was noticeable. Police cars from the neighboring towns circled many times along with police in unmarked cars and the county sheriffs cars. Why anyone thought this was a good use of their time or tax dollars is a mystery.

Like the demonstrations in Olympia and Tacoma, the argument centers on how best to support the troops. The pro-war people believe that stopping the shipments hurts the troops and believe that we have to stay until we win. The peace people believe that by speaking out against this war and demanding that it end is the best way to support the troops. One of the peace grannies told about her experience working in a local hospital and meeting a family there whose husband had served several tours of duty in Iraq and had attempted suicide. We barely hear about those killed in Iraq and virtually nothing about those who have been injured or who suffer from the war. These are the real costs of the war. Others pointed out many of the troops do not want to be there and want to come home. They are tired of being sent there many times and having their time extended again and again. | read more >>

Fascism in Aberdeen

Today there was the first little rally. We got together at a nearby boat launch, marched on the street to the port where we could see the death machines and then dispersed. The whole time we were surrounded by cops. I talked to a woman who had lived in Aberdeen for 50 years and she had never seen anything like it before. Today was EXTREMELY low key and still the police were all over us. Remember, this is a really small town. I expect this shit in Seattle and Portland. I learned to expect it in places like Tacoma. But Aberdeen!

We were all at a taqueria eating lunch. Some of us went out to have a smoke. One of us found a bunch of broken toys behind the taqueria dumpster. One of the toys was an orange tipped plastic gun. The individual picked it for 15 second, we all giggled and the individual put it back. Within 2 minutes, the cops were there, 8 cruisers with two pigs each, respnding to a "person carrying a gun."

They were watching us the whole time, found an excuse to harass us and swarmed in. We gave them buckets of shit and humiliated them. The workers in the taqueria were on our side and the pigs took off.

Later, a group of us went to a punk show. The owner had told us we could speak for a few minutes in order to spread word of the action tomorrow. Right before the break between sets, the pigs showed up and told the owner of the venue that if he let us speak they would send the riot squad in and bust up the show. The owner yelled at them, calling them nazis, fascists, pigs. The cops did more to spread the word than we did. | read more >>

Oakland Critical Mass Riders Repair Bikeway, Storm Big Boxes, Visit Collapsed Freeway

San Francisco Bay Area, 07.05.2007 09:40

Friday, May 4th was one of the most successful Oakland Critical Mass rides to date. The bicyclists rolled together down Telegraph, visited the Art Murmur, and encountered a scene where a bicyclist had apparently been struck by a motorist. After the ride, some cyclists continued through West Oakland to the collapsed portion of the MacArthur Maze, where they entered the worksite and observed the deconstruction/reconstruction. Later, they corrected a bike hazard that is known as the "Grates of Death." To further assert the message of carmageddon in the face of deadly grates, mazes, and consumer culture, the big box stores of Emeryville were stormed by TallBike.

Largest Mercenary Army: Blackwater

San Francisco Bay Area, 07.05.2007 09:40

from the newswire: Independent journalist and author of 'Blackwater-Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army', a New York times bestseller, gave a fervent speech Thurs. May 3 at the United Methodist Church on J and 21st streets in Sacramento.
Investigative reporter Jeremy Scahill, a correspondent for the independent radio and television news show Democracy Now, and frequent contributor to The Nation, went into detail with the crowded room about his investigation into the private contractor security company Blackwater USA.
"It's sort of an inappropriate term because when you hear the term contractor I think what comes to mind is construction worker, people that are building something, a bridge or a building or a hospital. I think it's an odd term for heavily armed men running around war zones with no laws governing their presence," Scahill said....continued

Media Alliance Bids Farewell to Director Jeff Perlstein

San Francisco Bay Area, 07.05.2007 09:40

Jeff Perlstein, who was one of the founders of Indymedia, steps down as Executive Director of Media Alliance this month. On May 3 a meeting/party was held in Jeff's honor at New College in San Francisco. The event also marked the 31st birthday of Media Alliance, as well as World Press Freedom Day. Media Alliance always struggles for the cause of community journalism. It helped kick off Indymedia in the Bay Area in 2000.

May 17th: Court Date and Protess for Mumia

San Francisco Bay Area, 07.05.2007 09:40

On Thursday, May 17th, oral arguments will be heard in federal court in Philadelphia on what could be the last appeal of death-row journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal, who is known as the "Voice of the Voiceless." Bay Area supporters of Mumia have organized a rally that will be held outside of the 7th U.S. Court of Appeal building, at 7th and Mission Streets in San Francisco, from 4pm to 6pm on May 17th. Mumia Abu-Jamal has been on death row in Pennsylvania for 25 years.


Athens, 07.05.2007 09:40

Θεσσαλονίκη: σύλληψη φοιτητή, έτοιμη καταδίκη από τα κανάλια

Police pogrom and random arrests in Thessaloniki.

Athens, 07.05.2007 09:40

Student facing multiple felony charges from nothing

Día proletario

Puerto Rico, 07.05.2007 09:10

"Unidos somos gigantes"

Call for Action - 40 Years of Occupation in Palestine - June 6-12

NYC, 06.05.2007 20:09

Please join in a week of international actions marking the European Zionists' perpetual war to wipe Palestine off the map.

Radical Emergency Preparedness

NYC, 06.05.2007 20:09

September 11th wasn’t first and Katrina wasn’t the last. Capitalism, Nation states and a culture of consumerism have conspired to make our planet more and more unstable. The fear inspired by disasters plays into the hands of those destroying people, animals and the planet for profit. Our governments (technologies, religious leaders, etc.) can not protect us but they can certainly get us killed. The time is now to organize to protect our friends, neighborhoods, and our planet.

Local Elections 2007 : Another Record Low

Bristol, 06.05.2007 20:08

+ The Slow March Of The Greens? summary With the results all in, the most significant outcome of the May 2007 Local Elections was yet another historically low voter turnout - now averaging only around one third of the Electorate in Bristol alone - for local elections. It seems that away from the artificial glare of media frenzies and ego driven mainstream politics, the electorate continues its walk away from the mainstream political parties and the democratic process as it stands.Election Round-Ups: (5) | (4) | (3) | (2) | (1)Anarchist606 writes: I have been looking at the Bristol Local Election results, which have not changed the council numbers much with Labour winning two seats and the LibDems loosing two and the 'resurgent' Tories coming in with the same number of councilors: Liberal Democrat 31 (-2) - Labour 25 (+2) - Conservative 13 (no change) - Green 1 (no change). While nationally Neo-Labour are getting a bit of a hammering ... in Bristol they gained two, though I think that was the 'Kiely' effect over the privatisation of homecare – Kiely lost his seat to Labour in Easton, so he's out! (Respect party managed a third place, and were pretty close to beating the LibDems) ... But I think the real story is the slow, but sure march of the Greens as a political force in Bristol, and this is driven by the change in the culture of the city towards ecological and sustainable issues, plus a dissatisfaction with the mainstream parties ... If you follow the green vote over the last few years it has steadily risen; in 2004 it was just over 5%, in 2005 just over 8%, in 2006 it was just over 12% and they gained their first seat in Southville. Still, elections are only a single day of so-called 'democracy', we still have another 364 days a year to fight for our rights and environment. Full Article| Results: Bristol Election Results | Bristol Local Election Results – Kiely Out/The Slow March of the Greens | Round-Ups: (5) | (4) | (3) | (2) | (1) | More News: International Workers' Day Film | Anti-Fascist bloc on Bath Uni BNP demo | BNP PLAN TO VISIT TO BATH - 14 MAY | Tony Benn: how the 'mighty' will fall (audio) | Event Reports: Bell's Diner Anti Foie-Gras Demo | BAE systems office occupation report | Transition Bristol - Preparing for Post-Oil Life |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

Mayday! Mayday! Celebrations in Nottingham

United Kingdom, 06.05.2007 19:08

Mayday was celebrated properly in Nottingham. On the 1st May the PCS civil service union celebrated by going on strike, picketing and marching, including through Nottingham to a rally in the Congregational Hall. Picket lines sprung up with the sunshine all over Nottingham this May Day. Besides the main civil service workplaces (Revenue and Customs, Department of Work and Pensions, Driving Standards Agency) all sorts of office blocks in the City, housing a civil service work unit, sprouted a PCS picket in the door way: many experienced pickets; many first time pickets. Read full report.

On 5th May another Mayday march decended upon the city. Marchers rallied in the Brewhouse Yard, just around the corner from Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, departing just before one. The march was led by a samba band followed by the No Borders, No Nations, No Deportations banner. A good few hundred people made their way up Castle Boulevard, onto Maid Marian Way and then down Friar Lane. After having been at the Market Square and once back in at the rallying point, marchers were addressed by speakers talking about Darfur, the Democratic Republic of Congo, the occupation of Iraq, the rise of the BNP, the PCS strike last week and ID cards. There was also music by bands from Zimbabwe, Kurdistan and even Birmingham. Read full report.

Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

On the newswire: May 5th: Mayday 2007 | May Day in Nottingham (Round One) | Mayday in Nottingham (Round Two) | Nottingham Mayday 1 Event Pictures | Nottingham Mayday 2 Parade Pictures

Links: UK Indymedia Mayday 2007 page | Wikipedia on Mayday | Global Indymedia article about conference and actions around the world

Judith Miller Defends NYPD Repression of Antiwar “Terrorists”

NYC, 06.05.2007 04:40

Judith Miller, the former senior correspondent of the New York Times who played a key role as a conduit for the fabricated intelligence about Iraqi “weapons of mass destruction” used to drag the American public into the Iraq war, has found her way back into print—this time as a mouthpiece for selective and self-serving intelligence released by the New York City Police Department.

Miller left the Times with a hefty severance package a year and a half ago, posing as a martyr for the First Amendment and—as she wrote in her parting statement—a hapless victim of “public fury over the intelligence failures that helped lead our country to war.”

Her dubious claim to First Amendment credentials stems from her spending 85 days in jail for defying a court order to divulge a confidential source. While the principle of press freedom from judicial coercion is no doubt important, in Miller’s case the source she was protecting was the since-convicted chief of staff for Vice President Cheney, I. Lewis Libby. By all appearances Libby was collaborating with the New York Times reporter in the scheme to punish Joseph Wilson—who blew the whistle on the Bush administration’s false claims about Iraq seeking to buy uranium in Niger—by exposing his wife, Valerie Plame, as a CIA operative.

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