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34 Horses and Llamas found starved and neglected in Junction City

Portland, 19.09.2004 13:10


San Diego, 19.09.2004 10:56



Preparation continues for the March & Rally planned for October 2nd, Against 10 years of Operation Gatekeeper and the “neoliberal” policies of thef against the people of América Latina. The Raza Rights Coalition together with other progressive organizations seeks to not just denounce this crime against humanity with this call to march, but also to organize our communities in our self-defense. The activities will begin at noon at Howard Lane Park (intersection of Beyer Blvd. and Dairymart Road) in San Ysidro, Ca.

Laura Bush to visit Wausau MN Thr 9/23

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 19.09.2004 09:13

An insider tells me that Laura Bush is coming to Wausau this Thr. Use this feature to post plans.

supporto per genova

Italy, 19.09.2004 08:46



Brasil, 19.09.2004 01:13

Estudantes de pagas ocupam o MEC em São Paulo

Gadabout Film Festival at Barrios Unidos on 10/12; Benefit for SC-IMC and FRSC

Santa Cruz, CA, 19.09.2004 00:46

The Gadabout Film Festival will take place on Tuesday October 12 from 5:30 - 9:30 PM at Barrios Unidos located at 1817 Soquel Avenue.

The Gadabout is a nationally touring film festival that seeks to open new avenues of distribution for truly independent filmmakers that get pushed aside by Hollywood and the commercial film festival circuit. Focusing on short, mostly "low to no budget" films, the Gadabout offers an alternative to the cliche world of commercial film.

[ Gadabout Traveling Film Festival I Girls Not Chicks I Free Radio Santa Cruz ]

Weapons of Mass Detruction

Perth, 19.09.2004 00:38

The secret U.S. nuclear war in Iraq - END THE LIES

Migration an Europas S�dgrenze

Germany, 19.09.2004 00:19

Spanien, das neue "El Dorado" der Migrationspolitik f�r die Massenmedien wird in vehementem Kampf der Betroffenen und ihrer Unterst�tzerInnen demaskiert. Zweiteiliges Feature.

- Marokko/Spanien in repressiver Interaktion
- Was ist, die neue Indymediaseite?
- T�dliche Paradiese

Melbourne celebrates World Car Free Day with a Street Party

Melbourne, 18.09.2004 22:14

Ten years of World Car Free Days!

Crisis at WRCJ Discussed at FCC Town Hall Meeting

Michigan, 18.09.2004 22:02

At a recent Town Hall Meeting with two FCC Commissioners in Dearborn, the crisis at WRCJ was discussed where all community programming has been cancelled amid a struggle over the proposed leasing of the DPS-owned station to private outside interests


Argentina, 18.09.2004 21:14


Victoria, 18.09.2004 20:36

CanWest Global Accused of Changing Context of Reuters Newswire Reports

&quot;Father of Public Access&quot; George Stoney To Visit Capital Region

Hudson Mohawk, 18.09.2004 20:14

Media maker, activist and educator George Stoney is making several area appearances this week. He'll be premiering his new documentary and supporting access organizing efforts throughout the Capital Region.

Lanterns for Peace, Madison 2004

Madison, 18.09.2004 20:02

People in Madison gathered on August 6, 2004 (Hiroshima Day) for the annual Lanterns for Peace Commemoration in Tenney Park.


Victoria, 18.09.2004 19:23

CanWest Global Accused of Changing Context of Reuters Newswire Reports

Film Festival screens The END of SUBURBIA

LA, 18.09.2004 19:00

Silverlake Film Festival Screens The END of SUBURBIA


Colombia, 18.09.2004 17:00


Media EmergenC / San Diego, Oct 6-9th / A 4 Day Convergence

San Diego, 18.09.2004 16:30

Media EmergenC - San Diego, CA - Oct. 6-9, 2004 Media EmergenC - A four day Independent Media Convergence in San Diego, October 6-9, 2004. The National Association of Broadcasters' "Radio Road Show" is in San Diego this year and Media Activists will be there to tell the NAB, "We Want Our Airwaves Back!" Join this convergence in person or virtually on the internet.

Life Size Corporate Logos to Invade New York

NYC, 18.09.2004 16:30

On Monday September 20th, life-size versions of as icons will invade NYC in a procession from Times Square to Madison Ave.

Animal Rights Activist Gina Lynn Has Been Released

Portland, 18.09.2004 14:40

Free speech in a headlock again: Cheney protester assaulted in Eugene

Portland, 18.09.2004 14:35

The War Machine Recruits with Laser Shows: Spirit of America at Pepsi Sept 24-25

Hudson Mohawk, 18.09.2004 14:20

The "Spirit of America" is coming to the Pepsi Arena, Friday 24 and Saturday 25 of September. School children are actively recruited and they are taken out of school to attend. War is not entertainment. Propaganda is not education. Their promo reads: "Spirit of America is a free, patriotic, live-action show presented by the U.S. Army Military District of Washington. Performed by more than 400 soldiers of the U.S. Army's elite ceremonial units, the 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard) and The U.S. Army Band "Pershing's Own," this free show features traditional and modern music, disciplined drill and historical narrative as Soldiers recap the heritage of our country in an inspiring and entertaining performance."

Trabalhadores argentinos marcham por uma lei de expropriações

Portugal, 18.09.2004 12:37

Trabalhadores argentinos marcham por uma lei de expropriações

Kucinich Calls for House to Hold Bush Account

Rogue Valley, 18.09.2004 08:15

In light of the recent intellingence analysis that Iraq is a "catastrophic failure" and the best case scenario is for a continuation of the current chaos. Dennis Kucinch has called on the House Subcommittee on National Security to hold hearings to investigate Bush's lies

Revolution in UK Solidarity with Venezuela

United Kingdom, 18.09.2004 07:59

The level of solidarity between the UK grassroots movements and the Venezuelan people, alongside their popular radical government, have reached a new high. Activists from all political stripes are transcending ideological and personal differences to defend Venezuela's embryonic "Democratic Revolution".

During the recent referendum process, two London-based activists from the Global Women's Strike were invited to Caracas as international observers. The GWS have been campaigning for years for the kinds of achievements now won by women in Venezuela, such as economic recognition of their vast amount of unpaid caring work. On Saturday they shall be holding a debriefing in Camden with video-reportage.

Keep Space For Peace: Protest Rally at Vandenberg Air Force Base on Sept. 25

Santa Cruz, CA, 18.09.2004 07:57

An International Week of Protest to Stop the Militarization of Space will take place from September 25 to October 2. Helen Calidicott is the keynote speaker on September 25 at the Front Gate Protest Rally at Vandenberg Airforce Base in Santa Barbara County. At 11:30 there will be a 4 mile march to the front gate starting at the Hwy 1 on-ramp at Vandenberg Village.

The Bush Administration (after abandoning the ABM Treaty that outlawed missle defenses) plans to deploy missle defense interceptors before the next election as the next step to controlling and dominating space. Fifteen interceptors (that have yet to be proven effective) will be put into the ground at Ft. Greely, Alaska and Vandenberg AFB, California. We oppose the development of the proposed "sheild" from behind which pre-emptive strikes can be launched. Help build support for a U.N. sponsored ban on weapons in space.

Audio: Bruce Gagnon's Update on the Privatization and Militarization of Space

[ Vandenberg Peace Legal Defense Fund I Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space I Womens International League for Peace and Freedom I DISARM committee I Sept 25 – Oct 2 Local Actions ]


South Africa, 18.09.2004 07:43

Anant Singh Shuts Down Free Speech

Nader Campaign stop in Minnesota with Photos

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 18.09.2004 07:26

Nader delivered a 1-1/2 hour speech that addressed in depth issues that affect all Americans.


Colombia, 18.09.2004 03:58

Asesinado Alfredo Correa de Andréis

Boston Pedals Ahead?

Boston, 18.09.2004 03:48

City Hearing on Bicycle Safety This Monday, 9/20, 5pm at Honan Allston Library Bicycling activists all around the city have tried for years to get the city thinking on two wheels but no amount of coaxing, re-assuring or elbow padding seems to work. MassBike has partially convinced the state to take off its training wheels but no luck with li’l Boston, Critical Mass continues to try to slap some sense into the kid on a monthly basis to no avail, and at one time the city hired a tutor with the appropriate title of “Bicycle Program Manager,” but so far all the efforts to get the city to understand how to pedal forward have ended up flat on the pavement. This city either has a total lack of coordination or something wrong with it's ability to think. Now, suddenly, when all heads are turned the other way, the city is asking for advice on bicycle safety.

Obituary: Gaye Dyson

Aotearoa, 18.09.2004 02:08

I just heard tonight that Gaye Dyson died recently of breast cancer and that her funeral took place near Wellington in the last couple of days. I don't know any more details yet but I feel moved to pay tribute to my friend and sister-in-activism.

A victory for peace! Project ELF to close!

Madison, 18.09.2004 01:53

Protestors convince the Navy to shut down Project ELF!

28 years since the Noche de los lápices

Argentina, 18.09.2004 01:15

16th of September 2004
28 years since the Noche de los lápices

Water is worth more than gold

Argentina, 18.09.2004 01:14

15th of September 2004
Water is worth more than gold

Workers in the struggle

Argentina, 18.09.2004 01:13

14th of September 2004
Workers in the struggle


Pittsburgh, 18.09.2004 00:35

testing new feature

Tormenta Jeanne

Puerto Rico, 17.09.2004 23:53

A mal tiempo buena cara

Precedent Setting Agreement Reached, Mt. Olive Pickle Boycott Over

Tennessee, 17.09.2004 23:25

After five years of a public action boycott by the Farm Labor Organizing Committee, AFL-CIO (FLOC), it has reached a precedent setting agreement with the North Carolina Grower’s Association (NCGA) and the Mount Olive Pickle Company...

Quirky DC Primary Numbers?!? You Decide...

DC, 17.09.2004 22:31

The voting numbers from the 2004 Local DC Primary seem to point out that at least 10,000 Democrats didn't bother filling out their ballots entirely.

Nam Qom

Argentina, 17.09.2004 22:18

¿Torturar y violar a indígenas no es delito?

Reading Workers' picket a rousing show of solidarity

Aotearoa, 17.09.2004 22:15

Solidarity was in abundance down at the picket organised by low-paid workers union Unite outside Courtenay Central Reading Cinema in Wellington on Friday. Over fifty people from over eight different unions came to show their support for the cinema workers who are campaigning for a decent wage and recognition and length of service in their workplace.

A 28 años de la Noche de los Lápices

Argentina, 17.09.2004 21:13

A 28 años de la Noche de los Lápices

Public decries deterioration of journalism, media consolidation at Town Hall Meetng

Michigan, 17.09.2004 19:36

On Tuesday night, Sept. 14, 300 people traveled to Dearborn MI to attend a town hall meeting on the Future of Media at the Ford Center of the Performing Arts. The hearing, featuring FCC commissioners Michael Copps and Jonathan Adelstein, was organized by the media reform organization Free Press to give the public a chance to voice concerns over the state of the media today. The event included two panels of people representing various viewpoints and interests concerning media and everyone in attendance were allowed two minutes to address the commissioners.

Earthworks and Better Tomorrows

Boston, 17.09.2004 19:10

“This program is experimental by nature”, muses Ben Crouch, Program Director for Earthworks Boston. “We are documenting our work to track the results of how the land is adapting to what we’re doing. We want to help inform Boston on how to better manage the natural areas of the city”. If this sounds like a science experiment, done on the green spaces of our Boston cityscape, that’s because it is. And like any good experiment it is being done to further a process of understanding. However, this experiment is taking more into consideration than just science.

&quot;I am not a truck&quot;: Observations on bizarre police presence at today's Cheney protest in Oregon City

Portland, 17.09.2004 19:05

YUNANİSTAN: Vicdani Retçi tutuklandı

Istanbul, 17.09.2004 17:53

YUNANİSTAN: Vicdani Retçi tutuklandı

16 de septiembre

Colombia, 17.09.2004 17:43

En todo el país miles de personas protestaron contra las políticas de Uribe


Atlanta, 17.09.2004 17:13

At roughly 10:00 am this morning, three federal agents from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Atlanta offices, accompanied by three US Marshalls, broke into the KFAR radio station in South Knoxville and confiscated all of its equipment, knocking Knoxville's community voice off the air. !

Who seized Simona Torretta?

NYC, 17.09.2004 15:28

When Simona Torretta returned to Baghdad in March 2003, in the midst of the "shock and awe" aerial bombardment, her Iraqi friends greeted her by telling her she was nuts. "They were just so surprised to see me. They said, 'Why are you coming here? Go back to Italy. Are you crazy?'" But Torretta didn't go back. She stayed throughout the invasion, continuing the humanitarian work she began in 1996, when she first visited Iraq with her anti-sanctions NGO, A Bridge to Baghdad.

Today, Torretta's life is in danger, along with the lives of her fellow Italian aid worker Simona Pari, and their Iraqi colleagues Raad Ali Abdul Azziz and Mahnouz Bassam. Eight days ago, the four were snatched at gunpoint from their home/office in Baghdad and have not been heard from since. A growing number of Islamic leaders are hinting that the raid on A Bridge to Baghdad was not the work of mujahideen, but of foreign intelligence agencies out to discredit the resistance.

Nader Campaigns in the Twin cities

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 17.09.2004 13:51

Ralph Nader addressed enthusiastic Crowds at Macalaster College and the University of Minnesota.

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