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Homes Targeted for Demolition get One-Hour Amnesty

New Orleans, 11.05.2007 06:12

Homes Targeted for Demolition get One-Hour Amnesty

A 33 años del asesinato de Carlos Mugica

Argentina, 11.05.2007 02:39

Villa 31: la lucha con alegría

9 Arrested Far Past Closing At Sununu's Manchester Office

New Hampshire, 11.05.2007 01:12

On Wednesday May 9th, nine New Hampshire residents committed civil disobedience at Senator John Sununu’s Manchester office in protest of the Senator’s continued support for the war in Iraq. About 30 other antiwar protesters from Seacoast Peace Response and other organizations throughout the state demonstrated outside in support.

Articulando Alternativas en América Latina y el Caribe

Argentina, 10.05.2007 20:39

Tinkuyaku II

Non-cooperation with ICE Resolution Passes Watsonville City Council

Santa Cruz, CA, 10.05.2007 20:09

The Watsonville City Council meeting was packed on May 8th with attendees in support of a resolution requesting the suspension of random detentions and arrests of residents in Watsonville. Migrawatch, a newly formed network of immigrants rights organizations, called for supporters of immigrant rights to speak up and demand that two clauses be added to the resolution before the council vote. The first clause to make the City of Watsonville a "sanctuary" for undocumented people similar to other cities around the country offering a safe space for members of the community. The second amendment sought by activists was a "notification" clause.

Indigenous Confront Conoco

Houston, 10.05.2007 19:08

Indigenous to ConocoPhillips: Basta Ya!

Police Raids Against G8 Mobilization in Germany

San Francisco Bay Area, 10.05.2007 19:08

On May 9th, German police raided at least 40 locations, including social centers and private homes in Berlin and Hamburg as well as an alternative web provider. Police forces searched the Rote Flora in Hamburg and parts of the Bethanien in Berlin, both planned convergence spaces for the G8 protests next month. Protests against the raids were held in cities across Germany and solidarity protests at German consulates have been announced.


Athens, 10.05.2007 19:08

Επιδρομές της αστυνομίας εναντίον της κινητοποιήσης για τη G8 στη Γερμανία

“Pro Surge” Mikulski Is Paving the Way for Hillary!

Baltimore, 10.05.2007 17:08

Want-to-be president, Sen. Hillary “War Lite” Clinton (D-NY), recently gushed over U.S. Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-MD). She said that “Pro-Surge” Mikulski had “paved” the way for her. Indeed, Mikulski has done a lot of paving, especially with respect to the manufacturing jobs lost on her watch. In addition, Mikulski persists in supporting funding for the Iraqi War. Now, it has been disclosed that she knew the Bush-Cheney Gang was lying about the war.


Colombia, 10.05.2007 16:11

Nuevo Golpe a la Educación Superior

Police Bloody and Arrest BFC Volunteers Filming Bison Hazing

Portland, 10.05.2007 16:10

WEST YELLOWSTONE, MONTANA. Two members of the Buffalo Field Campaign (BFC) were arrested today (May 9, 2007) by Montana Highway Patrol (MHP) and U.S. Forest Service law enforcement. One BFC volunteer was taken to the hospital due to injuries caused during arrest. The volunteers were arrested for exercising their civil rights attempting to document today's Montana Department of Livestock (DOL) and Interagency Bison Management Plan (IBMP) bison hazing operations.

The first volunteer arrested had witnessed the DOL and other agents hazing wild bison across U.S. Highway 191. Highway patrols failed to warn motorists or shut down traffic. Chased by agents on horseback and a helicopter, another group of bison were close to crossing the road the BFC volunteer urged a Montana Highway Patrolman to shut down the highway and warn traffic. The MHP responded to the volunteer's request by arresting him in the heated exchange.
The second BFC volunteer was arrested after attempting to document the first volunteer's arrest. hThe MHP attempted to take the camera away and forcibly placed the volunteer into handcuffs, slammed him to the ground, injuring his face. U.S. Forest Service law enforcement officer assisted the MHP officer with the arrests. The two arresting officers confiscated two Buffalo Field Campaign video cameras.

1,912 bison have been killed since 2000 under the Interagency Bison Management Plan. Last winter Federal and State agencies killed or authorized the killing of more than 1,010 bison. So far this winter two bison were captured and sent to slaughter by Montana Department of Livestock agents and hunters have killed 58.

Support William and Mary Workers and Students!

Richmond, 10.05.2007 16:10

Last November, the students of the Tidewater Labor Support Committee (TLSC) joined campus workers to oppose a proposed six-day workweek and demand a campus policy giving workers a voice in administrative decisions that affect them. The six-day workweek policy was tabled, and we were told there would be exploring of solutions as a community. Since then, we've been talking to he administration and to the workers. Every worker we've talked to tells us conditions are bad the are understaffed, threatened with mandatory overtime and mandatory weekend hours and some have been threatened with termination for trying to unionize. Our President admits that there are problems, but when it comes to solutions, he says his hands are tied.

Memorial to Johnny Z

Richmond, 10.05.2007 16:10

A memorial to the life of a cherished friend to Richmond, VA.


Colombia, 10.05.2007 14:43

El Plan de Desarrollo es de Subdesarrollo

Choice Ireland calls for no more “X” “C” or “D” Cases

Ireland, 10.05.2007 12:40

Press release in response to the verdict on the "M ...

Police Raids Against G8 Mobilisation in Germany

United Kingdom, 10.05.2007 11:10

Yesterday morning police raided about 40 buildings, including social centres and several private homes in Berlin and Hamburg, as well as the alternative web provider Police forces searched the Rote Flora in Hamburg as well as parts of the Bethanien in Berlin. Both social centres are planning to be convergence spaces for the G8 protests in early June. See for up-to-the-minute info.

Reports so far on IMC-UK: 1 | 2 | 3 | press groups press release (en)
On IMC-Germany: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Solidarity demonstrations have taken place in several cities around the world, including Amsterdam, Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Goettingen, Managua. Internet activists hacked "" , a police bulletin board. Many more demonstrations are planned for the next few days, including one in London and another one in Edinburgh, both on Friday 11th. Next G8 UK mobilisation meeting in London May 17th.


Valencia, 10.05.2007 11:08

Aquest matí, a les 11:30h,la coordinadora de barris *Estafa Immobiliària*que agrupa diferents col·lectius de la ciutat de València, ha despenjat una pancarta al vaixell que han instal·lat al mig de l'Avinguda d'Aragó, amb el lema: "NO VOLEM REGATES, VOLEM CASES BARATES!".

Amb aquesta acció *Estafa Immobiliària* vol denunciar com amb la gran mentida de la Copa Amèrica, que amaga foscos interessos especulatius, els polítics, un cop més, ens volen vendre la València dels "grans esdeveniments" per tal d'amagar a l'opinió pública els molts i greus dèficits que té aquesta ciutat. Entre els quals un dels més greus és el cada vegada més sagnant problema de l'habitatge.

Des del col·lectiu ESTAFA IMMOBILIÀRIA us convoquem a les 11:30h a una acció que es farà la plaça saragossa de València ++ VdenoVotes: Tu voto legitima su corrupción ++ [Madrid VdenoVotes: Texto Propuesta Manifiesto/Panfleto] ++ Quinzena per l'okupació Barcelona ++ sentencia desalojo csoa casas viejas ++ 12.000 persones a la Mani de Compromís pel Territori a València. Fotos de la Mani


Valencia, 10.05.2007 11:08

Esta mañana, a las 11:30h, la coordinadora de barrios *Estafa Immobiliària*que agrupa diferentes colectivos de la ciudad de València, ha descolgado una pancarta en el barco que hay al medio de la avenidade Aragón, con el lema: "NO QUEREREMOS REGATAS, QUEREMOS CASAS BARATAS"
Con esta acción *Estafa Immobiliària* quiere denunciar como con la gran mentira de la Copa América, que esconde oscuros intereses especulativos, los políticos, una vez más, nos quieren vender la València de los "grandes eventos" con el objetivo de esconder a la opinión pública los muchos y graves déficits que tiene esta ciudad. Entre los cuales, uno de los más graves és el cada vez más sangrante problema de la vivienda.

Des del col·lectiu ESTAFA IMMOBILIÀRIA us convoquem a les 11:30h a una acció que es farà la plaça saragossa de València ++ VdenoVotes: Tu voto legitima su corrupción ++ VdenoVotes: Texto Propuesta Manifiesto/Panfleto ++ Quinzena per l'okupació Barcelona ++ sentencia desalojo csoa casas viejas ++ 12.000 persones a la Mani de Compromís pel Territori a València. Fotos de la Mani

Crisis y escalada represiva en Santa Cruz

Argentina, 10.05.2007 09:42

Brutal agresión policial a trabajadores municipales

Crisis y escalada represiva en Santa Cruz

Argentina, 10.05.2007 09:42

Brutal agresión policial a trabajadores municipales

Hay cuatro heridos, uno de ellos de gravedad

Argentina, 10.05.2007 07:40

Mueren 6 trabajadores al incendiarse una fábrica

Hay cuatro heridos, uno de ellos de gravedad.

Argentina, 10.05.2007 07:12

Mueren 6 trabajadores al incendiarse una fábrica


Colombia, 10.05.2007 07:11

Nuevo Golpe a la Educación Superior

IndyKids events: Benefit Concert this Friday on May 11

NYC, 10.05.2007 04:09

IndyKids is a progressive current events newspaper and teaching tool
for grades 4-8.

Get IndyKids Newspaper for Your Classroom!

IndyKids is a newspaper and teaching tool that aims to inform
children on current news and world events from a progressive
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May Day 2007

Seattle, 10.05.2007 04:08

The Bush regime has been terrorizing immigrant communities with raids and deportations. Despite this, thousands of immigrants and their supporters marched in Seattle on May Day. With their lives and future on the line, they called for comprehensive immigration reform.

Demands included: an end to raids and deportations; an end to separating families; an end to the guest worker program which has been described as modern slavery; in support of labor rights and living wages for all workers; and perhaps most important, a reasonable path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.

G8 Heiligendamm - § 129 reloaded

Switzerland, 10.05.2007 00:38

In den Morgenstunden des 9. Mai begann in Deutschland ein grosser Rundumschlag gegen linke Projekte. Unter dem Vorwand der Untersuchung bezüglich einer terroristischen Vereinigung durchsuchte die Bundesanwaltschaft mit insgesamt über 800 Polizisten im Einsatz verschiedene Räumlichkeiten in Hamburg, Bremen und Berlin.
Dabei wurden unter anderem Computer, Drucker und weitere Materialen beschlagnahmt. Die Bundesanwaltschaft will damit angeblich gegen 17 bekannte und eine unbekannte Person ermitteln, welche unter dem Verdacht stehen unter dem Gefäss "militante gruppen" (mg) verschiedene Brandanschläge durchgeführt zu haben. Ein Blick auf die betroffenen Projekte (unter anderem der linke Internet-Serviceprovider lässt dies jedoch unglaubwürdig erscheinen und es wird klar, dass diese Aktion vor allem auf die Einschüchterung und Behinderung der bisher erfolgreich gelaufenen Anti-G8 Mobilisierung abzielt. (Weiter)

Als Antwort auf die Angriffe der Bundesanwaltschaft fanden heute Abend verschiedene Demonstrationen statt: Berlin | Hamburg | Marburg | weitere
Desweiteren wurde ein Polizeiforum beschlagnahmt um kriminelle Aktionen der Polizei zu untersuchen.

Artikel bei 09.05. Durchsuchungen in HH und Berlin, Terror-Paragraph reloaded | Police Raids against G8 Mobilisation in Germany | Repressionswelle gegen G8 Mobilisierung in Deutschland

Mehr Infos: | | gipfelsoli
Weitere Features: de | Global | UK

Students Hunger Strike at Harvard Forces AlliedBarton to Negotiate with Workers Union

Boston, 09.05.2007 23:14

Cambridge, Mass—Today is the seventh day of the student hunger strike at Harvard University, where as many as 11 students are protesting the administration’s lack of involvement in wage negotiations between security guards and an outsourced contractor, AlliedBarton. One of the students, Javier Castro, was hospitalized Tuesday for dangerously low sodium and electrolyte levels; a second student was not allowed to leave the hospital premises and is currently under medical supervision. “The strike has made an extreme difference,” said Milton Scope, a security guard at Harvard’s Longwood Campus. “The contractor was just going in circles. It’s only now that they are trying to seriously sit down at the negotiating table.” Nine guards came personally to thank the students for their sacrifice and confirmed that negotiations with AlliedBarton that same morning were moving along, although the main issue of wage increases was not addressed and re-tabled for tomorrow morning.

Miami Women's Summit 2007: Women Finding Common Ground (May 12th)

Miami, 09.05.2007 22:38

Miami Women's Summit 2007: Women Finding Common Ground (May 12th)

manipulation &amp; media (en)

Barcelona, 09.05.2007 22:13

SGAE strikes again

The companions from libertarian portal have been sued by SGAE (Editors and Authors General Society) for alleged comments against the image and reputation of the singer known as "Ramoncín". By this an information campaign about the SGAE's attack against alasbarricadas portal is being made.

Again we're front precedents that let us glimpse what could be happening to media antagonistic portals. We'll must be alert.

related infos: The cànon and SGAE ::: Final judgement in Madrid: It's against the law that trials pay the canon ::: The future LLei d'Impuls de la Societat de la Informació (Law for Information Society Impulse) could limit freedom speech ::: According to Criminal Code reform: hackers criminals ::: How affect us the new digital canon(tax)? ::: SGAE censors putasgae ::: A popular celebration gains the trial against 'SGAE ::: The government presents a bill to block non spanish websites ::: Again the LSSI

More info in: manipulation & media + alasbarricadas

Edinburgh Protest against G8 Repression - Friday

Scotland, 09.05.2007 21:11

German Police have carried out roughly 40 raids across Germany or social centres and homes as well as taking out the alternative internet provider This is all done as part of a security operation surrounding the G8 summit due to take place within a month in Northern Germany. Demonstrate against repression: Friday 1pm German consulate in Edinburgh 16 Eglinton Crescent!! bring people, banners, drums… See for updates on the situation in Germany.

Schrunken Justice: No Charges for Firefighter Assault

Portland, 09.05.2007 19:40

The firefighter who beat Terry DeGeorge in the Fairfield Hotel lobby will not be charged.

This is no surprise, unfortunately. You will remember the video of Lt. Robert Bedgood beating Terry DeGeorge in a downtown hotel during a 'routine' call in January. Mr DeGeorge was 'having words' with the authorities, and they took him to the ground and kicked and beat him. It was all caught on the surveillance video. I was pretty sure that this time, at last, such abusive behavior would be cause for indictment. Not so. The Multnomah County District Attorney has decided not to bring charges against Lt. Bedgood. This concludes the Portland Fire Bureau "investigation". A civil suit is still pending. I wonder why we pay the District Attorney so much to do a job that he is apparently incapable or unwilling to perform?

DA Contact Info: | 503-988-3162 | More


Kapitalistischer Reichtum in Deutschland

Germany, 09.05.2007 19:12

Die Debatte über ein Grundeinkommen für alle hat volkswirtschaftliche Gesamtrechnungen wieder in Mode gebracht. Der Debatte geholfen haben diese Berechnungen kaum. Der Aufmarsch einer Zahlenarmee von Milliardenbeträgen wirkt wie eine Doppeldosis Schlaftabletten. Meine grafisch unterstützte Analyse des kapitalistischen Reichtums in Deutschland und seiner Verwendung begnügt sich mit nur sechs offiziellen Zahlen des Statistischen Bundesamts.

Ich beginne mit der Gesamtsumme des im Jahr 2006 vorhandenen Reichtums.

Acciones contra los Agronegocios

Argentina, 09.05.2007 18:09

"No queremos biocombustibles, Sí soberanía alimentaria"

labour issues (en)

Barcelona, 09.05.2007 17:09

The May 1st is here

Events in Barcelona
[17h Universitat Sq.] Mani Anticapitalista
[17h Jardinets de Gràcia] Mani llibertària

[Urgent El Prat] ICV-EUiA doesn't allow the united act in Baix Llobregat

Other acts and calls: Tarragona ::: Girona ::: Vilanova i la Geltrú ::: El Prat ::: Sabadell

Communiques: cnt ::: cgt ::: endavant

other infos: The delphi workers block traffic access to Badia de cadis bridge again ::: SAS workers gather outside the Barcelona Tennis Open SEAT Godó ::: [CNT-Mercadona] Mercadona immigrant workers begin a hunger strike tomorrow ::: High participation in the 24 hour strike call made by CGT in all Atento platforms ::: SAS workers cause another production stop in SEAT ::: A court forces Iberia to take back the 45 days sanction against one employee due to the landing strip invasion

More info: labour issues


Valparaiso, 09.05.2007 14:38

Announcing the Santa Cruz Art Conspiracy

Santa Cruz, CA, 09.05.2007 13:39

Rico writes: Sarah, who I met in Boston, an artist with old found stuff right up my alley, told me that if you don't document art, any newcomer in town is not going to know that Santa Cruz has a vibrant art community that exists largely outside of the gallery grind. Document, she said, and the artists in town, new and old, will have a sense of momentum -- a sense, that in spite of the lack of art galleries, art buyers, art patrons, art grants, art money, that this town has a lively habit of blurring the boundary between art and life.

The Santa Cruz Art Conspiracy (SCART) is an attempt to share and document some of the creative efforts of artists in Santa Cruz, California working to blur the lines between art and life, and between the personal and the political. The focus is on the cathartic process of creating art, collaboration and community, conceptional art and performance. Non-commercial, non-institutional, SCART believes in the importance of DIY (do-it-yourself). Read More

see also: Fight tyranny! Resist oppression! Join Trash Orchestra!

Tuesday Vigil at the Recruitment Center: The Neo-Gestapo Drops By

Portland, 09.05.2007 13:08

For the past year I have been going to the Broadway military recruitment center every Tuesday. Each week somewhere between a half to a dozen people show up. Today there were seven people at the vigil, holding signs, a banner, and handing out literature. Today an officer named Walker decided he wanted to bully people. Here is what I saw:

People had been there for about half an hour out of the usual 1 hour vigil from 5-6pm. So it was about 5:30. Officer Walker (or Thug Walker as I will refer to him since that is how he behaved) came walking up.


Portland police lay down the law at counter-recruitment vigil

This evening, a handful of protesters had taken their usual stations in front of the recruiting center (1317 NE Broadway), holding signs saying things such as, "Don't Die for Lies," "Killing is Wrong," and "War is Not the Answer." Most stood in a no parking spot. An unmarked police car parked across the street, an officer emerged and began observing and taking photos of the protesters.

Soon, a squad car pulled up and two police rushed up and told everyone to get out of the street [parking lane] or they would be arrested. A fairly burly cop earned extra credit in his "intimidation" practicum as he stood with barely an inch between himself and one of the protesters - the smallest of the bunch, a woman several inches shorter than the cop. He talked down at her; she stood her ground holding her sign without a hint of fear. Eventually, she complied got out of the parking lane.


Kriminalisierung der G8-Proteste

Germany, 09.05.2007 11:39

Heute Morgen, am 9. Mai. 2007 hat die Bundesanwaltschaft begonnen, bundesweit 40 Projekte, Wohnungen und Arbeitsplätze zu durchsuchen. Dem Onlinemagazin Spiegel zu Folge waren daran 800 Polizeibeamte beteiligt. Als Begründung wird der Verdacht auf die Gründung einer terroristischen Vereinignung nach §129 vorgebracht. Ziel dieser terroristischen vereinigung soll es sein, den G8 zu verhindern. Den Durchsuchungen liegt angeblich eine Liste von 15 Namern und zwei Fotos zu Grunde.

Infos | Artikel | Mehr zum G8 || English | 2 | More on G8 || Français

Schumacher Furs Complaint

Portland, 09.05.2007 10:38

Schumacher Furs owners Gregg and Linda Schumacher filed a federal lawsuit in Oregon District Court last week. The case names the City of Portland, In Defense of Animals, the Animal Liberation Front, Poeple for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Matt Rossell and several other named and unnamed individuals.

The complaint and several associated pleadings were not available on the Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) until today.

Attached is a copy of the Complaint. I will post the rest of the pleadings as comments to this article.


The Fall of Schumacher Furs

The people of Portland, Oregon have spoken: Furrier company Schumacher Furs® is no longer wanted in town. The companies that sell animal furs and skins for humans to wear are obsolete and, in most American citizen's opinions, extremely disgusting if not outright immoral for dealing in what is essentially an unnecessary, inexcusable industry.

Most Americans eat meat and most Americans are willing to accept the wearing of animal skins if such animals are slaughtered for food. The "byproducts" from the meat-animal food industry that would otherwise be wasted by being discarded are generally recognized as being legitimate to use for clothing, shoes, and accessories.


Fouad Kaady Remembered, Again

Portland, 09.05.2007 10:38

According to the latest read out from You Tube, "28 Seconds: The Killing of Fouad Kaady" has now been downloaded and viewed at least 587 times. If you have not yet done so, now is the time to view it for yourself.

Cat has done a much more thorough job of telling how this young man was murdered by the police than I could ever hope to do. It should be required viewing for anyone who ever hopes to make this world a better place. Of course, if you were fortunate, as I and so many others were, and able to view the film in it's entirety, on a large screen, with a lot of other company, so much the better.

I know that the film will be re screened many times in this area, and you really NEED to see it.


28 seconds : The Killing of Fouad Kaady Now On Youtube

In the early afternoon of September 8, 2005, police encountered Fouad Kaady shortly after he was in an accident that left him in shock and bleeding, burned over much of his body. Rather than calling for medical help, the police commanded him to lie on the pavement, even though they could see the burned flesh hanging from his body, and even though they said he appeared to be "in a catatonic state." When he did not comply with their orders, but instead continued to sit on the ground in a daze, they tasered him repeatedly. And then, they shot him to death.

In a report that was typical of the corporate media's response to this killing, Channel 8's ever-mealy-mouthed Kyle Iboshi held up a wad of papers left over from the "investigation" into the death, saying, "you can see how extensive this investigation was." He then commenced to highlight (literally, with a yellow highlighter pen) what he claimed to be the relevant details of the case. Not surprisingly, Iboshi was very selective in what he chose to focus on. He accepted, without question, everything that the PIO had told him to say. He never asked a single question about why two officers might have shot an obviously unarmed man to death. And, he concluded his report by implying that Kaady must have been "on drugs" at the time of the killing, as if that might excuse the officers' behavior.


Que custodiet ipsum custodes?

Ireland, 09.05.2007 09:39

Today was the official opening of the Garda Síochá ...

MIWON still covering for LAPD mayday attack

LA, 09.05.2007 09:12

MIWON still covering for LAPD mayday attack

BREAKING NEWS: Massale invallen in Duitsland in aanloop naar de G8

Netherlands, 09.05.2007 09:11

Op dit moment zijn er politie invallen gaande bij activisten en collectieven in Duitsland, waaronder het Glocal anti G8 kantoor en het aanstaande convergence center.

Op diverse plekken in Hamburg en Berlijn is, onder meer met anti-terreur-inzet, binnengevallen. Ook in Bremen schijnen er invallen te zijn. Laatste berichtgeving (in Duits)

Wordt vervolgd...

Acciones contra los Agronegocios

Argentina, 09.05.2007 03:08

"No queremos biocombustibles, Sí soberanía alimentaria"

Batasuna denunziert &quot;Schiebung&quot;

Germany, 08.05.2007 22:10

Wie erwartet hat die Sonderkammer des Obersten Gerichtshofs in Spanien hat am Sonntag die baskische Linke aus den Kommunal- und Regionalwahlen vom 27. Mai verbannt. Auf Antrag der sozialistischen Regierung wurden alle 246 Listen der Partei Abertzale Sozialistak (Patriotische Sozialisten/AS) verboten. Auch 133 Listen der Traditionspartei Eusko Abertzale Ekintza (Baskisch-Patriotische Aktion/EAE-ANV) wurden getilgt, hinter denen ebenfalls die Partei Batasuna (Einheit) stehen soll, die 2003 verboten wurde. Verboten wurde aus dem gleichen Grund auch eine unabhängige Liste.

Proteste gegen den G8-Gipfel in Heiligendamm

Germany, 08.05.2007 21:10

Vom 6. bis zum 8. Juni treffen sich in Heiligendamm an der mecklenburgischen Ostseeküste Vertreter der acht wirtschaftlich und militärisch führenden Staaten des Nordens (USA, Kanada, Japan, Großbritannien, Frankreich, Italien, Deutschland und Russland). Ohne irgendeine Legitimität zu besitzen stimmen sie ihre Politik ab und stehen so für die Kontinuität des Zustands der Welt, der für die Meisten Hunger, Elend, Krieg und Ausgrenzung bedeutet. Gegen das Treffen der Acht bildet sich ein breiter Protest, der am Wochenende vor dem Gipfel beginnt. Der Versuch eines Überblicks über den Stand der Dinge.

Zentrale Seiten: Dissent!-Netzwerk | Interventionistische Linke | Revolutionäres Bündnis | Gipfelsoli | Protestkoalition | Alternativgipfel | Camps | Move Against G8 | Information in english

Primer Encuentro de Cooperativas Culturales

Puerto Rico, 08.05.2007 20:14

Primer Encuentro de Cooperativas Culturales

Desde Curanilahue

santiago, 08.05.2007 18:40

Reportes por el Asesinato de Rodrigo Cisterna

Water As A Weapon

Miami, 08.05.2007 18:37

Water As A Weapon

The Real Miami- Dade Housing Authority Takeover

Miami, 08.05.2007 18:37

The Real Miami- Dade Housing Authority Takeover

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