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Indonesian Military officer starts course in NZ - human rights activists protest

Aotearoa, 13.05.2007 10:09

Today (Monday 14th of May) an Indonesian Military officer will start a 7 month course at the NZ Defence Forces (NZDF) Command and Staff training college at Trentham Army Camp. This is despite the fact that the Indonesian Military (TNI) is still committing massive human rights abuses in West Papua and no military personnel have been held legally accountable for their mass murdering of civilians in East Timor (1975-1999) and Aceh (1976-2005). The military still gets paid huge bribes to offer "security" for big business and also represses workers' unions and left groups within Indonesia. The NZ government shamefully kept up joint training exercises, in areas such as counter-insurgency and ground bombing skills with the Indonesian Military, during the occupation of Timor that killed nearly a third of East Timor’s population. Military ties were cut when Indonesia’s occupation became too politically embarrassing in 1999.

On May 11th the Indonesia Human Rights Committee held a small demo outside the NZDF HQ in Grey Lynn, Auckland to call for all NZ military ties with Indonesia to be cut. According to the Auckland Police this demo of 8 people plus a baby required the presence of two police cars and a police photographer. Triangle TV and an AUT student journalist covered the demo.

Peace Action Wellington have also called for NZ-Indonesia Military ties to be cut. Spokesperson Valerie Morse said: “Helen Clark and Phil Goff are operating in a totally underhanded manner. Last year, they gave public assurances that New Zealand was not considering changing its military relationship with Indonesia, which has been suspended since 1999. It seems that was all a lie, a ruse, to hide a growing relationship with the murderous armed forces of Indonesia, the notorious TNI"

Keep out a watch for more actions happening over the next 7 months. Get in contact for more info (see links below for IHRC and PAW)

Public Terror: Escalating the War on Migrants

LA, 13.05.2007 02:39

Public Terror: Escalating the War on Migrants

Antiwar Protesters Picket Office of Congressman Crowley, Call for Impeachment

NYC, 12.05.2007 23:38

The Queens office of U.S. Rep. Joseph Crowley (D-NY) was the site of a picket last Friday afternoon as constituents
called for the Congressman to introduce legislation to cut off funding for the war in Iraq and to impeach Bush and Cheney for war crimes.

Working The Soil: A Look at DC's Community Gardens

DC, 12.05.2007 22:10

Two years ago, my morning get-out-of-bed routine looked like this: A one-man jackhammer would cut through the earth and my sleep. In a drowsy haze, I’d lift the pillow from my head to stare outside my window. For an instant, I’d forget that my ears as well as the neighborhood were under construction. Every morning, it was the city telling me, “hello” to Tivoli Condominium Town Homes and “goodbye” to the community garden that took up most of that block until the fall of 2002. [This article published first in DC North. Support Community Papers.]

Give up America!

DC, 12.05.2007 22:10

ou've had hundreds of years to get it right and you still don't have universal healthcare. Canada is your only hope.

Return to the Park: Community Mobilizes for May 17th March to MacArthur Park

LA, 12.05.2007 21:39

Return to the Park: Community Mobilizes for May 17th March to MacArthur Park

Córdoba: Quieren imponer bastión de Suez-Roggio y el Banco Mundial

Argentina, 12.05.2007 17:39

Escrache al Foro Regional del Agua

Dr. Gilbert Burnham on the 654,965 Death Toll in Iraq

Baltimore, 12.05.2007 17:08

One of the true horrors of the Iraqi War is the death toll of the civilian population caught up in that conflict. In Oct., 2006, “The Lancet,” a prestigious British Medical Journal, published a study entitled: “The Human Cost of the War in Iraq.” One of its co-authors was Dr. Gilbert Burnham of the Johns Hopkins U. Its stunning conclusion: 659,965 Iraqis have died in the war as of July, 2006! On May 8, 2007, Dr. Burnham discussed that report.

0% MARKET SHARE deunionizing apartment building construction in New York City

NYC, 12.05.2007 13:09

The shocking story of how million dollar coops are built by $ 7/hr non union labor - and why the construction unions have stood by and let this happen.

Photos: International Workers Day in San Diego

San Diego, 12.05.2007 13:09

May 1st is International Workers Day, which originated in 1889 to commemorate the Haymarket Martyrs, who were executed on bogus charges because of their effective advocacy of the eight hour work day and anarchist philosophy. On May 1st, thousands of San Diegans marched and rallied in support of (Im)Migrants.

Millions of workers marched worldwide, including Oaxaca, Zurich, Tehran and Istanbul. In Los Angeles, police rioted, attacking a peaceful crowd of families with children using tear gas, batons and rubber bullets

Photos From San Diego.

'Iraq War On Trial' : Fairford 5 Retrials Begin

Bristol, 12.05.2007 12:08

Retrial Dates : 14th May, 30th May & 2nd July 2007 Five peace activists who took part in disarmament actions at RAF Fairford in the run-up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq will be retried this summer following hung juries in their original trials ... All trials will take place from 10am at Bristol Crown Court, The Law Courts, Small Street, BS1 1DA. Please be there to support them if you can. Full Article Tony writes: Remember the massive demonstration on 15th February 2003, against the Iraq invasion? Seemed like the whole country was there and the streets of London were full to bursting with our great society in all its diversity, all railing against Tony Blair’s push for an invasion of Iraq ... Our “Shock and Awe” campaign was a disgusting massacre of sanction weakened poor people by super-powers US-UK. For three weeks our B52 bombers dropped wave after wave of bombs on Baghdad. Bombs dropped from a height of 30,000 feet on defenceless victims – how very brave!! ... But those who marched in London saw through Blair’s lies, and five people physically tried to prevent this slaughter from happening. They were arrested at Fairford trying to delay the B52 bombers in the commission of war crimes, days before the invasion of Iraq. Full Article1st RETRIAL, 14th May : Andrew Wood writes: Philip Pritchard and Toby Olditch, two Oxford peace activists known at the 'B52 Two', will be retried on the morning of Monday 14 May 2007, not before 10 am, at Bristol Crown Court. They are accused of conspiring to cause criminal damage at RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire on 18 March 2003 when they tried to safely disable B52 bombers to prevent them from bombing Iraq. The two men say they acted to prevent damage to life and property in Iraq, and war crimes by the aggressors ... Philip Pritchard, one of the accused said: “It is devastating that our Government took the road to war in Iraq; we took responsible and peaceful action to stop the B52 bombers. The civilian carnage of the bombing, including the consequences of using cluster bombs and depleted uranium weapons constitutes a war crime.” Full Article. 2nd & 3rd RETRIALS : Josh Richards is to be retried from 30 May, and Margaret Jones and Paul Milling - who non-violently disabled 3 tankers used for refuelling - from 2 July.| Previous Trials: (1) | (2) | (3) | Retrial Articles: War crimes in Iraq highlighted at retrial of peace activists... | Fairford 5 Re-Trials : 14th May, 30th May & 2nd June | Iraq Anti-war Heroes, Fairford Re-trials, Bristol Crown Court, 2007 | Lancet Report: Original Lancet PDF Document | Guardian Article, 28th March 2007 | Nickleberry Blog, 9th May 2007 |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar attachments/may2007/iraq_skull_stats_300.gif

The Circus of (Im)migration is Coming!!!

San Diego, 12.05.2007 11:09

C.I.R.C.A. Boredom Patrol's Traveling CIRCUS of (Im)migration! A benefit for the No Border Camps in Calexico and Mexicali, the second week of November 2007.

Join us for stories, ridicule of fascism, creative resistance, tearing down walls and building community! ...including Fantastical feats of Fire, Lion Taming, Tight Rope Walking, Knife Throwing, Burlesque, Theater of the Oppressed, Videos, oh yeah and clowns too! ...all the walls are falling down, falling down, falling down...

Sunday May 13 7PM
The Rubber Rose 3812 Ray St North Park
$5 suggested donation or bring some art about your vision of a world without borders

About the No Border Camp (from the no border camp zine (pdf) | español): As long as the US/Mexico border has existed, people have been struggling against it. It is a highly militarized, violent boundary marking an internal space of strict migration controls while allowing for unrestricted movement of capital and wealth. This border exists in a global context of apartheid borders, restriction of movement, and the division of indigenous peoples. For years around the world people have been tearing down fences, freeing detainees and fighting for the rights of migrant people. A global movement is rising. One of the many tactics in this movement is the no border camp – a space for direct action and community.

About the No Border Camp (from deletetheborder): The camp is intended to be a spectacular intervention in a discourse that at times ignores, and at other times justifies, the systematic violence, indignity and exploitation experienced by migrants in this country. The mobilization will bring many of us together in one place to share and learn. It is of equal importance to us that this not be just one isolated event that lasts a few days in one specific location. We view this mobilization as a process. It is a process of creating an anti-capitalist network for freedom of movement. For this mobilization to be a success, groups and individuals from a diversity of locales and experiences must make this project their own. We hope that others see this as an opportunity to build a platform from which this struggle can be demonstrated and articulated.

More info: deletetheborder | Boredom Patrol of the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army

Vaga mobilizadora do norte ao sul

Galiza, 12.05.2007 09:11

Galiza ve-se de novo inmersa numha vaga mobilizadora do norte ao sul. Desde a nova e intensa greve d@s trabalhador@s do metal em Vigo, passando polos conflitos das trabalhadoras de Atento na Corunha até chegar -por ejemplo- a situaçom dos vezinhos de Mugardos em particular e ferrolterra em geral, as intensas fluctuaçons no sistema produtivo alumeam com virulencia a autoorganizaçom aqui e alá.

Cabería reflexionar colectivamente sobre a diversidade de luitas que abrem-se caminho com potência nestes últimos tempos. Sobre a súa composiçom social e a súa genealogía política. Comentario aparte precissa um comúm denominador: a desmedida violencia estatal ante os diferentes signos da alteridade.

Porem, semelha que neste pais de contrastes (onde convive umha amalgama de régimes de exploraçom do territorio e da força produtiva) a plasmaçom das novas formas de fazer política e as alianças entre os movimentos sociais seguem a ser a alternativa que anuncia um novo tempo de luitas e conflitos fronte ao poder Marchas multitudinarias dos traballadores do Naval polo cumprimento do Convenio colapsan Vigo || Os traballadores do Naval ocupan a Delegación de Facenda e paralizan a súa actividade || [ADIANTE] Vigo: O metal novamente en loita

Alerta en Ferrol || Alerta || PSOE recorre à violência policial para defender os interesses de Reganosa || comite cidadán

Sábado 12 ás 12: Emerxencia en Ferrol, convocatoria
atentofonic@ || Ceivar suma-se às exigências de demissom da Subdelegada do Governo espanhol polas cargas policiais contra operári@s

Action at Burger King in Santa Cruz to Support the CIW

Santa Cruz, CA, 12.05.2007 09:09

The Student/Farmworker Alliance announced that May 11th and 12th would be Days of Action vs. Burger King calling on the world's #2 burger chain to take responsibility for the conditions of farmworkers in the fields. On May 11th, four students from the University of California at Santa Cruz and one loyal Burger King customer went to the Burger King on Mission Street / Highway 1 in Santa Cruz to drop off a letter to the manager calling attention to the human rights crisis in Florida's tomato fields.

Campaign on brink of victory

United Kingdom, 12.05.2007 08:09

"THE CAMPAIGN stands on the brink of a major victory. The closure of the factory will send shock waves through the UK/US arms industry."

That's the inspiring message from Smash EDO! activists in Brighton ahead of a big public meeting in the Sussex city featuring local and national activists fighting the arms trade.

The event is being held on Wednesday May 23, from 7.30 - 9.30pm at the Brighthelm Centre in North Street.

Speakers include:

* Jo Wilding (activist and writer who visited Iraq with some clowns)

* Milan Rai (anti-war activist and author)

* Beccie D'Cunha (Local campaigns co-ordinator for Campaign Against the Arms Trade)

* Keith Taylor (Green Party councillor/candidate for Brighton & former UN Peace Messenger)

* Speaker from the Smash EDO! campaign

a cinco años de su secuestro por la policia de Munro

Argentina, 12.05.2007 07:38

Aparición con vida de Raúl Saliwonczyh

Ageist Editorial Cartoon from SD Union Tribune

San Diego, 12.05.2007 07:38

As you look at the cartoon, mother and father look at their daughter protesting. Apparently, Paris Hilton got in trouble with the law and so this girl (of 2007) walks proudly with the "FREE PARIS HILTON" sign. And the mother says, "I guess every generation has its own idea of social activism."

To me personally, that's bullshit. I have not seen any person of my generation walk around with signs as ridiculous as that. I didn't really get the cartoon because really, I haven't heard or seen anyone speaking for Paris Hilton. And if I did, I'd smack the shit out of them haha.

Informe del Secretario General de la Unión de Prisioneros y Detenidos Políticos

Argentina, 12.05.2007 07:11

Más de 10.000 mujeres iraquíes encarceladas y violadas por las fuerzas de ocupación y la policía

UC Students Occupy Berkeley &quot;Anti-Poverty&quot; Center in Support of Custodians

Santa Cruz, CA, 11.05.2007 23:40

On Tuesday, May 8, students from UC Santa Cruz and UC Berkeley occupied the UC "Anti-Poverty" Center protesting poverty wages by demanding that the UC release $8.5 million earmarked for custodians by the State Legislature. The UC administration has been holding up the money - meant for low-paid workers on 4 campuses - in an attempt to force concessions in contract negotiations. Meanwhile, The Coup's Boots Riley joined Danny Glover in boycotting UC Berkeley's graduation speech in support of the custodians' wage-parity campaign.

Harvard Hunger Strike Ends

Boston, 11.05.2007 22:08

Don't consider this post exhaustive, because I don't think I can do it justice, but the hunger strikers broke their fast today. At the 1 PM rally today, we heard from a couple of members of the guards' bargaining committee who thanked the hunger strikers for everything they'd done and asked them to keep their health in mind. Then Michael read parts of a public statement issued today after the strikers' meeting with Marilyn Hausammann, the University's vice president for human resources. It affirmed Harvard's commitment to a living wage (in sort of ambiguous terms - I believe the phrasing was that the wage should ensure a "minimally decent" standard of living) and stated that Harvard does not intend to use outsourcing as a means for busting unions or lowering wages. The University will publicize the results of its audit of AlliedBarton's compliance with the parity policy sometime next week, probably Monday, and meet with SLAM representatives and other community members shortly after.

Iraqi Oil Workers To Strike Over Privatisation Law

United Kingdom, 11.05.2007 21:39

As efforts to secure lucrative oil privatisation contracts in Iraq for multinational companies progress, so does the resistance.

Read on for more...

Links: | | | |

Houston Palestine Film Festival Begins

Houston, 11.05.2007 19:39

First Annual Houston Palestine Film Festival Kicks Off

Healthy Pets Act to Reduce Dog and Cat Euthanasia

San Francisco Bay Area, 11.05.2007 19:39

Every year, over 800,000 pets end up in shelters in California. Taxpayers spend $250 million to house these abandoned cats and dogs and then euthanize the majority of them. Proponents of the Healthy Pets Act, a mandatory spay/neuter law, point to the wide availability of free and low-cost spay/neuter services and say it is a common sense solution to the problem of pet overpopulation. Advocates of the bill plan to mass in Sacramento in support of the proposed law.

Employee Free Choice Act builds the middle class

Rogue Valley, 11.05.2007 19:15

May 4, 2007-Roseburg, Oregon--

Watch this video and learn about the Employees Free Choice Act

An Act For the Middle Class!!!



Colombia, 11.05.2007 19:13

En el gobierno de las fosas comunes

AUC Antioquia

Colombia, 11.05.2007 19:13

En el gobierno de las fosas comunes

pos debate

Colombia, 11.05.2007 19:13

Tras el debate sobre paramilitarismo en Antioquia: evasivas y acecho a la oposición

Post Debates

Colombia, 11.05.2007 19:13

Tras el debate sobre paramilitarismo en Antioquia: evasivas y acecho a la oposición

Interfaith Coalition Launches New Sanctuary Movement

NYC, 11.05.2007 18:38

Responding to the moral imperative to address the need for more just and humane treatment of immigrants, clergy and communities of faith across the country are offering sanctuary to immigrants with deportation orders. Rooted in the 1980’s sanctuary campaign, the New Sanctuary Movement will launch on May 9th with public events in New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago and San Diego.

Colombian dictator Uribe confronted IN PERSON over FTA, human rights

DC, 11.05.2007 18:11

Colombian President Uribe,a US trained imperialist thug, visited DC on May 2 to push the embattled US-Colombia Free Trade area. He was over an hour late to his event at 1333 H st-and was confronted in person, face to face, when he arrived!

DC VIllage Homeless shelter to CLOSE for bus garage stadium displaces

DC, 11.05.2007 18:11

We finally found out what the city plans to do about relocating that Metrobus garage across from where the Gay clubs used to be. They are now in the way of the stadium parking lot plan-so Fenty wants to close DC Village Family Emergency Shelter and put them there! (audio: 1 min)


Colombia, 11.05.2007 18:08

CONTRAVIA, revelará un testimonio que estremecerá al país

Searing heat forcast for the east on the eve of NY hosting Climate Summit

NYC, 11.05.2007 18:08

Just as New York is about to play host to mayors from around the world to talk about climate change The Independant (UK) reports the Eastern US is in for searing heat in the summers if greenhouse gasses are not dramatically curtailed.

Flee, Freedom Fighter, Flee: Israeli Anarchist on Azmi Bishara

NYC, 11.05.2007 18:08

Due to its inability to deal with the demand that the state change from a Jewish ethnocracy to a real democracy, Israel is these days opening a new front in the attack on its Palestinian citizens. This front has taken shape in the form of Shabak [Israel's General Security Services - equivalent to the US FBI] statements to the effect that the demands of Israeli Arabs for equality is subversive and will be terminated even if it is not against the law, in the definition of Israeli Arabs as a strategic threat, and most of all in the invention of a criminal case against one of the most prominent leaders of the the Palestinian public in Israel - Azmi Bishara.

Freeing 3 Million Bus Riders from the Tyranny of Traffic

NYC, 11.05.2007 18:08

After two weeks of fixation on the $8 that a 5% minority of drivers would pay to enter Manhattan below 86th street, New Yorkers are waking up to the benefits of the Mayor's congestion pricing plan.

Free Speakout: Education or Indoctrination; at Vox Pop May 11, 6 p.m.

NYC, 11.05.2007 18:08

Here's how it works: it's a free speech open mike for political expression for one hour and a half, while the audience listens, speaks out, eats, and drinks. Then, we close the last half hour with a performance artist or poet singing or reading poetry specific to that evening's subject matter. Local and national politics discussed civilly with dinner, drink and good company. Everyone has the opportunity to speak or just observe.

Prison Suicide Hearing at MA State House

Boston, 11.05.2007 16:08

Hearing on the rise in prison suicides in MA DOC facilities. This is a Boston Indymed1a audio report with an approximate length of 7min.

Miami: Invite to &quot;Photography is a First Amendment Right&quot; Fundraiser May 12th

Miami, 11.05.2007 16:07

Miami: Invite to "Photography is a First Amendment Right" Fundraiser May 12th

Critical Mass Miami: Ride Through the Design District on May 12th

Miami, 11.05.2007 16:07

Critical Mass Miami: Ride Through the Design District on May 12th

A 33 años del asesinato de Carlos Mugica

Argentina, 11.05.2007 15:40

Villa 31: la lucha con alegría

Ugandan govt. killing rainforest protesters

Germany, 11.05.2007 14:42

Ugandan police have opened fire at hundreds of Mabira rainforest
protection campaigners in Uganda protesting against government
plans to allocate forest land to a sugar company. Ecological
Internet is sad to report that two local rainforest
conservationists, protesting to save the Mabira protected
rainforest from being 1/3 cleared for sugar cane have, were shot
dead when protesting according to BBC.

Where are the barn swallows?

Portland, 11.05.2007 14:41

Every year, there have been fewer, now there are just a handful.

Succumbing to years of nest-scraping and destruction of wooden eaved buildings, the barn swallow has become a rare sight in Astoria. The few large populations of the past years are reduced to just a handful. very unsettling the dead quiet evenings here, very few birds. A flush of goldfinches were hanging out at the feeders last week, yesterday, I nearly tripped on a lone male feeding on the ground. He flew away for a minute, then hopped back down to the sunflower seeds`scattered below the feeder, and stayed a long while, didn't look well. No one else around.

How are the birds doing in Portland?

Sit-Lie Ordinance, Done Deal!

Portland, 11.05.2007 14:41

Portland City Council put their Stamp of Approval on SIT -LIE Ordinance.


It clearly states that other than sitting on a city owned park bench, or on a chair at those sidewalk cafe's, tickets will be issued. Ordinance is Posted on the city's website.

It states that you'd better be having a medical emergency, passed out, for a reason to be laying down or sitting, between the hours of 7am to 9 pm.

Bad cop, worse cop

Portland, 11.05.2007 14:41

It would appear that Tom Potter is attempting to do the right thing in regard to the cop that killed a guy for parking in front of his sister's home last year. While he could not control the DA or the "grand" jury, he nonetheless is asking for the termination of Lt. Jeffrey Kaer, for "using poor judgement," in the shooting.

Lt. Jeffrey Kaer used "poor judgment and decision-making" and violated bureau policies and training when he fatally shot 28-year-old Dennis Young on Jan. 4, 2006, according to the Mayor's memo.

Assistant Chief Lynnae Berg presented the mayor's proposed termination letter to Kaer on Wednesday and placed him on paid administrative leave.

Nobody Knows About THE OTHER War Resisters

Portland, 11.05.2007 14:41

Everybody has rallied around Ehren Watada, but have neglected some of the others, three of which are right here in Portland.

Talk about the "unknown Soldiers"! Here's the info I found on three more AWOL resisters who were/are sitting right here under everybody's noses! That means that 75% of the war resisters have gone completely unnoticed, while the only one that I've heard about lately, Ehren Watada has gotten all the support.

I'm ashamed of myself for not finding this info earlier.

Protest against the G8 Summit in Heiligendamm

Germany, 11.05.2007 14:11

From June 6th to 8th the representatives of eight of the most powerful States from the global north are planning to meet in Heiligendamm near Rostock in Germany. Without any legitimacy to decide about global politics they will coordinate their decisions and therefore stand for the continuation of the state the world which for the majority means hunger, misery, war, and exlusion. International protest is being organized for months and is going to increase in the weeks before the summit. This article is an attempt to give an overview of the preparation process.

websites: Dissent!-Network | AGP | all for all | Interventionist Left | | Gipfelsoli | | Alternative Summit | Camps | Infos auf deutsch

A Most Amazing Henge - Lismullin

Ireland, 11.05.2007 10:39

We told you so! Experts had warned for years that ...

Nuclear Warhead Convoy Secretly Passes Through Chilwell, Nottingham

United Kingdom, 11.05.2007 10:09

It has come to light that in the early hours of Thursday 10th May a convoy carrying nuclear warheads secretly passed through the Stapleford and Chilwell area of Nottingham. The vehicles were spotted driving into the Chetwynd Barracks in Chilwell at 6.30am for a rest stop. Heading for the Royal Naval Armament Depot (RNAD) in Coulport, Scotland, the convoy was spotted along the M1 and also the next day as it continued its route along the east coast and along the Edinburgh Bypass. According to a spokesperson for Nukewatch UK, who keeps an eye on nuclear convoys around the UK, the route hasn't been used since the early 90's. She also mentioned that no convoys have been spotted entering the Chetwynd Barracks and it might be an indication of the convoys starting to use the Chetwynd Barracks for rest stops.

The convoy passed through dense populated areas in Stapleford and Chilwell before and after its rest stop at the army base on Chetwynd Road, Chilwell. According to campaigners each lorry weighs approx 44 tonnes and can carry up to 2 ready assembled nuclear warheads, which can contain up to 8 kg of plutonium and uranium each. Each of the modern warheads has the capacity of creating 8 times the impact of that of the bombs used in the attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki by America in 1945. The convoy was spotted leaving Burfield Atomic Weapons Establishment, 50 miles North of London around 12.30am on Thhursday morning. At Burfield AWE the warheads and explosives get assembled into working nuclear weapons. There were people stationed along the route from Stirling to Coulport attempting to resist the convoy. Read report.

Links: Map of location Chetwynd Barracks | Nukewatch UK | Nottingham CND |Nuclear Warhead Convoy Routes | Video: UK nuclear warhead's on the move, November 2006 | Nuclear Warhead Convoy on the road today (report from Edinburgh)

Objeci�n fiscal a los gastos militares!!

Euskal Herria, 11.05.2007 08:09

Un a�o m�s se acerca (ya est� encima de nosotr@s) esa maravillosa forma de sentirse ciudadan@, que es pagar el impuesto de la renta. Y tambi�n un a�o m�s desde diversos grupos antimilitaristas y sociales se invita a la gente a hacerse objetor@s a los gastos militares.

Este a�o 2007, seg�n el Presupuesto General del Estado el gasto militar supone el 12% del gasto p�blico. El presupuesto para investigaci�n militar supone casi 3 veces m�s que el dedicado a investigaci�n cient�fica b�sica; m�s de 5 veces el de investigaci�n sanitaria; 22 veces el de investigaci�n agraria y 31 el de investigaci�n oceanogr�fica y pesquera. S�lo 5 empresas vinculadas a la industria militar (EADS-CASA, Santa B�rbara Sistemas, SENER, Izar e ITP) se llevan el doble de dinero del que reciben en conjunto todas las Universidades y el CSIC para I+D civil.

La manera de realizarlo es sencilla, simplemente consiste en entregar un escrito declar�ndote objetor a los gastos militares, y solicitando, por ello, que la parte proporcional de tus impuestos, que el estado planea gastar en lo militar, sea invertida en la construcci�n de la paz basada en la justicia. Como bien nos indican desde los grupos antimilitaristas, hay dos formas de hacerlo, ambas igual de v�lidas y valiosas, pero con diferente nivel de compromiso. Para m�s informaci�n de c�mo hacerlo, contactar:

  • Kakitzat: llamar al 652 762 232
  • Grupo de Objeci�n Fiscal de Gipuzkoa (KEM-MOC): escribir o llamar al 666-619586
  • KEM-MOC de Bilbo: escribir o llamar al 94-4619586
  • Grupo de Objeci�n Fiscal - Iru�eko KEM-MOC: escribir o llamar al 948 21 05 30 o pasarse los martes por Bakearen Etxea, Merced 18 bajo. 3001. Iru�ea

Mas informaci�n en Objeci�n Fiscal. Otras curiosas iniciativas sobre el impuesto de la renta.


LA, 11.05.2007 08:09


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