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MIT Announces Targeted Divestment from Sudan: Darfur Advocates Celebrate, Ask for Transparency

Boston, 15.05.2007 18:08

Cambridge, MA – The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) took an unprecedented step yesterday, announcing that it will pursue a divestment strategy in rejection of "abhorrent acts" in Darfur. The decision follows a campaign lead by MIT students asking for the Institute to pursue targeted divestment from those companies, such as China's largest oil company PetroChina, that fund the Sudanese government. In a press statement dated Monday, May 14th, the Institute stated, "MIT is reviewing the securities portfolios over which it may exercise direct investment discretion and will divest as appropriate for those portfolios to exclude securities that would violate MIT's investment principles." The statement refers to the U.S. and UN declarations of acts amounting to genocide in Sudan, but does not clearly state the criteria for divestment. MIT did not fully divest from South Africa during the anti-apartheid movement in the 80's and early 90s.

Mayday Sur 07 - Brief Chronology

United Kingdom, 15.05.2007 15:39

MayDays of the precarious take place in many cities [euromayday network | lists on imc estrecho and imc uk].
MayDay Sur 007 was a five day gathering with meetings, actions, workshops, manifestation, discussions, parties, and lots of socialising [program | call | Desobediencia Mutante Rumbo al Maydaysur 07 (mutant disobedience on target for Maydaysur 07)]. This year, it took place in Malaga, with people mainly from cities in Andalucia in the south of Spain, a border region between the Continents of Europe and Africa. People came from Sevilla, Granada, Madrid, Tarrassa and Jerez. Here is a rough translation from indymedia estrecho [original].

Maydaysur - Cabaret Pics | Maydaysur - Visiting a Shopping Center

Reports from Kansas Mutual Aid from tornado devastated Greensburg, Kansas

Portland, 15.05.2007 15:38

On Saturday May 12, four members of Kansas Mutual Aid, a Lawrence based class struggle anarchist collective traveled to the small South Central Kansas town of Greensburg. Our intention was to go as a fact-finding delegation, to report back to the social justice movement in Lawrence on what exactly was happening in the city.

On Friday May 4, 2007 Greensburg was almost completely destroyed by a F5 tornado. 97% of the buildings in the town of 1500 were destroyed or damaged beyond repair. Nearly every single resident was left homeless, jobless, and devastated. Shortly after the tornado, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) took control of the recovery efforts in Greensburg. The United Way became the coordinating organization for relief volunteers but, after orders came from FEMA, halted the flow of volunteers into Greensburg. FEMA demanded that Greensburg needed to be "secured" before the area could be opened to real recovery efforts. So, as hundreds of recovery volunteers were told to not come to Greensburg by the United Way, hundreds of police from dozens of Kansas jurisdictions were mobilized to enter the city and establish "control." No agency in the city besides Americorps was offering to help with the removal of this debris, or the recovery of people's homes. FEMA's mission was to safeguard the property of businesses in the area and offer "low interest" loans to property owners affected.

Kansas Mutual Aid is in the midst of organizing a more permanent and structured relief effort, to offer relief in the form of solidarity and mutual aid, and not as charity. Please join us if you can. Please, if you have anything you can offer, or want to help in the relief, e-mail us at

Related:Disasters of our Age: From Fallujah to Greensburg | Katrina and the Rape of an American City

Judge Affirms Delta Smelt Ruling, DWR Files Appeal

San Francisco Bay Area, 15.05.2007 14:40

An Oakland judge on April 18 refused to back down from his earlier order to stop water exports from the South Delta until an incidental take permit for endangered fish is obtained. Superior Court Judge Frank Roesch ordered the agency to "cease and desist" from operation of the Harvey O. Banks Pumping Plant Operation until the agency has obtained authorization with regard to the Delta smelt, winter-run chinook salmon and spring-run chinook salmon.

Golden Gate Minutemen Confronted in Campbell

San Francisco Bay Area, 15.05.2007 14:40

A newly formed branch of the Minutemen and other similar groups are targeting the San Francisco Peninsula and South Bay cities with their anti-immigrant message. But on May 12, the Raging Grannies sounded the alarm for local community activists to react quickly in response. Calling on peace and immigrant rights groups to counter-demonstrate, the Peninsula Raging Grannies Action Leauge set up a team to get the word out that, "our communities will NOT be divided along lines of immigrant vs. citizen."

Stop Urban Sprawl: Save an Oak Savanna!

Portland, 15.05.2007 12:38

Oak savanna is one of the most severely threatened ecosystems in the United States, and Corvallis, Oregon, is planning a development project that would obliterate 40 acres of it. The project would, at the same time, contribute to urban sprawl that results in long-distance commuting adds to global warming.

On April 29th, the Corvallis Planning Commission voted 4-2 to approve Palisch Homes' proposal to turn 40 acres of threatened oak savannah into 221 houses worth of sprawling suburbs. On May 21st, the Corvallis City Council will decide whether or not to overrule the decision - here's what you can do to make sure the city does the right thing.

On the anniversary of my mothers suicide

Portland, 15.05.2007 12:38

Horrible title to have to read today of all days, I know. I've debated long and hard about whether to share this, believe me...

Today is Mother' Day. It is also 15 years to the day of my mother's suicide. I do not offer this bit of information to prompt sympathy or to wrap a cloak of sadness over anyone's day. I do offer this because I have learned first hand how important it is to cherish and embrace the precious gift of time. I also offer this as evidence that it is possible to overcome the most unexpected tragedies and go on to live a life of balance and intent. And maybe I also offer this because there are a couple of people in my life who I love dearly who are struggling to understand why horrible shit has embraced them in the darkest of clouds...

Mothers Day Vigil - Report and Photos

Portland, 15.05.2007 12:38

There were about 75 people standing in silent vigil on the sidewalk in front of the Rhododendron Garden this afternoon. It was a powerful presence, especially after we went into silence. A variety of reactions from the passersby, none overtly negative, many very positive, many sad, many trying not to look. We were unavoidable.

Most of us were wearing photos of soldiers or Iraqi children and mothers, fathers. During the silence we didn't interact with the crowd at all. There was an aura of grief and deep respect for that half hour.

Aotearoa's first online radical bookshop goes live

Aotearoa, 15.05.2007 10:11

Aotearoa's first online radical bookshop has gone live with the formation of Katipo Books. Katipo Books is a Workers Co-operative in Otautahi/Christchurch who are involved in creating a Bookshop and Publishing co-operative.

Katipo Books are pleased to sell their books at much cheaper prices than other bookshops that sell similar material. The reason for this is so that the information is accessible to more people and because they are a not-for-profit group so there are no huge profit margins to uphold. The Katipo Books project now means that every major centre in Aotearoa is covered by a radical infoshop.

Aotearoa Infoshops: Cherry Bomb Comics | The Freedom Shop | Katipo Books | Black Star Books

Subway franchise taught the power of worker solidarity

Aotearoa, 15.05.2007 10:11

Subway restaurants were targeted for protests by students, youth and trade unionists over the weekend in the wake of the sacking, arrest and detention of Dunedin Subway worker and Autonomous Workers Union member Jackie Lang for sharing her free staff drink with a friend.

News of Jackie's plight spread across the world by way of the Bloggers Boycotting Subway online petition which has been signed by 76 bloggers from across the political spectrum. More than fifty people turned out to a protest in Dunedin while on Saturday radical activists blockaded a Subway store in Auckland for two hours chanting "Subway, Subway What's the score? One law for the rich, one law for the poor" and "Subway Bosses go and hang! Justice for Jackie Lang!". There was also a protest in Wellington.

Report and Pictures: [ Dunedin | Auckland ]

Iru�erria piztera goaz!

Euskal Herria, 15.05.2007 09:42

"Ser due�as de nuestras vidas supone desobedecer ante la injusticia. Desobedecer ante la injusticia es un acto de libertad. Ocupar es desobedecer y es buscar la libertad" (...)

Desde el s�bado 12 de mayo diez personas comenzaron una huelga de hambre "porque no estamos dispuestas a seguir tragando con tanta prepotencia, tanto abuso y tanto sinsentido como nos est� tocando tragar en todos estos a�os de gobierno municipal de UPN". Exigen respeto para los Gaztetxes y para todas las iniciativas en las que "la participaci�n, la cultura popular, lo colectivo y lo com�n por encima de la tiran�a de lo privado" hacen que Iru�ea sea Iru�ea.

La intransigencia municipal en Iru�ea ha tratado de enviar al "reino de las tinieblas" todo el trabajo de cientos de personas en espacios okupados y autogestionados y por eso, al mismo tiempo, se ha iniciado una campa�a con el lema Iru�erria piztera goaz! que busca prender la mecha que acabe con la represi�n policial, el encarcelamiento de Xabier Errea, el acoso a los espacios liberados y el Pacto C�vico.

"Declaramos el estado de desobediencia. Anunciamos nuestra disposici�n a plantar cara. Reivindicamos locales liberados y autogestionados. Exigimos que gaztetxes y centros sociales sean respetados. Denunciamos el negocio de la vivienda. Hacemos propio el valor del cambio social frente al dinero y la corrupci�n generalizada."

Para adherirse al manifiesto: escribe aqu�

M�s info: |Iru�erria piztera goaz!| |Manifiesto| Calendario| |Rueda de prensa 12/05| |Cr�nica d�a 12| |Teatro en la Nabarreria| |Acci�n en la Casa de la Juventud + Encadenadas + Testimonio huelguistas|
Otras noticias: |Juicio contra la okupaci�n en Iru�ea| |Interferencias imaginativas en el nuevo Bilbao| |Los Gaztetxes de Bilbo en "punto de mira"|

Due nuovi nodi nella rete Indymedia: benvenute Toscana e Napoli!

Switzerland, 15.05.2007 09:10

Sono appena nati due nuovi nodi di Indymedia: Cmi Toscana e Cmi Napoli.

Dopo la chiusura di Indymedia Italia lo scorso dicembre è nata una fitta discussione in una mailing list pubblica in cui i mediattivisti si sono confrontati su come ripensare un nuovo nodo del network.
Il confronto non e' finito, ma stanno già nascendo dei nodi locali che puntano a ripartire dal territorio.

Se sei interessat* allo sviluppo dei nodi Indymedia in Italia, partecipa alla mailing list pubblica di Indymedia Italia.

From the Newswire

Perth, 15.05.2007 06:39

No Extra Yarragadee Taps

Anti GMO

Perth, 15.05.2007 06:14

Keep GMOs out of WA!


Colombia, 14.05.2007 23:11

LOS PARAMILITARES ASESINAN A FRANCISCO - Comunidad de paz de San José de Apartadó

Die Dinge in Bewegung bringen - eine antifaschistische Kampagne

Switzerland, 14.05.2007 23:08

Am 4. Mai ist im Raum Mittelland die antifaschistische Kampagne «Die Dinge in Bewegung bringen» angelaufen Die Kampagne ist breit abgestützt; über 14 Gruppen tragen sie mit: Anarchistische Aktion Bern, Antifa Bern, Antifa Festival, Antifa Oberland, Augenauf Bern, Ausstellungskollektiv Brennpunkt Faschismus, Autonome Gruppe Bern, Bündnis Alle gegen Rechts, Gassenküche SIKB, Infoladen Bern, Libertäres Antifaschistisches Kollektiv Thun (LAKT), Organisation Socialiste Libertaire (OSL) Biel/Bienne, Repro und Soletta Antifascista.

Mit einem bunten Strauss von lokal organisierten Aktionen und Happenings soll mit der Kampagne diesen Frühling und Sommer ein unmissverständliches Zeichen für eine Gesellschaft ohne Ausbeutung und Ausgrenzung gesetzt werden. Martialisch aufgerüstete Polizeiaufgebote sollen ins Leere laufen.

Mehr Infos: Jetzt erst Recht! | Aktionen im Detail

Artikel auf 15.04. Kampagnen Aufruf | 05.05. Sie zündeln wieder - Auftaktveranstaltung der Antifa-Kampagne | 14.05. Mediencommunique zum Wagenkonzert in Burgdorf am 11. Mai 07

Philippines midterm elections

NYC, 14.05.2007 22:38

Philippines: As Election Day Nears, Violence Escalates || Philippines: Election death toll climbs past 100 || Filipinos In The United States || Town Hall Meeting on Philippine Overseas Election Held in Los Angeles || Sen. Recto rejected the idea of fielding battalions to deployment in the area. || (Filipino) Youth party list group to end campaign in cyberspace || Philippine Election Updates:GMA Cheating Machine Revs Up || This May 14 is Judgment Day for Arroyo-Bush State Terrorism ||

Reverend Al Sharpton Joins East Side Residents to Protest Hunter Land Grab

NYC, 14.05.2007 22:08

The Julia Richman Education Complex, a six school complex (housing four high schools, a pre-K-8 elementary school and a middle school for children with autism) has been an inspiration to schools across the country. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has called JREC "the best example in the United States of a multiplex with a group of schools that are showing really outstanding results." Yet, it is being threatened by Hunter College in a proposed land grab that would displace this historic school.

Rev. Al Sharpton says, "Hunter College has other options, our children don't. Hunter has a million square feet of property on 25th St. to build itself a state-of-the-art science building. Instead, Hunter and the DOE want to push our kids out of the upper east side to an inaccessible location on the FDR Drive between two major hospitals. This is an outrage. Hunter and the DOE have made a real estate deal that sacrifices our children."

Dave Zirin and Chuck D in NYC

NYC, 14.05.2007 22:08

Chuck D and Dave Zirin speaking at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, 55 Malcolm X Blvd., this Tuesday, May 15, at7 pm.

"Welcome to the Terrordome." Public Enemy's 1990 hip-hop anthem was a call to arms against a world—and a popular culture—gone mad. A real Terrordome emerged in the New Orleans Superdome in the horrifying aftermath of Hurricane Katrina—a gruesome collision of sports and politics as thousands sat stranded in a sports arena where most could never have afforded even the cheapest ticket.
Today the "Terrordome" is a twenty-first century sports world that is frightening, ridiculous, horrifying, and inspiring…all before the next commercial break. From Don Imus' racist comments to the inspiring, yet mixed, legacy of Muhammad Ali; from the stormy marriage between hip-hop and the NBA to Zinedine Zidane's head butt—it will get you talking and thinking.
Welcome to the Terrordome. You'll find heroes and villains. You'll find oppression and protest. And you'll find an engaging and provocative look at the world of sports like no other.

Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Protests

United Kingdom, 14.05.2007 21:10

The northern branches of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign held a series of events in Sheffield on 12 May, 2007, in what was described as the biggest Palestinian solidarity event outside London for many years, calling for an end to 40 years of Israeli occupation and for justice in Palestine. The day's events included a march and rally, a mock-up of a checkpoint, food, dancing and a photo exhibition.

Reports and photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Links: Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign | Palestine Solidarity Campaign | Enough Coalition | Palestine topic page

Related: Call for Action - 40 Years of Occupation in Palestine | latest This Week In Palestine audio


Argentina, 14.05.2007 21:10

Piquetes kollas durante el acto oficial por el Día de la Minería

Miami Women’s Summit: Women in Miami-Dade Are Chronically Underemployed

Miami, 14.05.2007 20:11

Miami Women’s Summit: Women in Miami-Dade Are Chronically Underemployed

Le site refonctionne

Liege, 14.05.2007 19:40

Après quelques jours de flottement dû à des problèmes techniques, toutes les fonctions du site ont été rétablies (merci beaucoup à notre hébergeur:), vous pouvez donc recommencer à lire, poster, consulter les archives, etc. Désolé pour ce petit désagrément...

THE MOUNTAINS STRIKE BACK! Mountain Justice Summer, May 20-28,

Miami, 14.05.2007 17:07

THE MOUNTAINS STRIKE BACK! Mountain Justice Summer, May 20-28,

Articulando Alternativas

Argentina, 14.05.2007 11:09

Tinkuyaku II

Oakland Port and War Profiteers to be Blockaded on May 19th

San Francisco Bay Area, 14.05.2007 07:08

On May 19 a coalition of groups are vowing to blockade the Port of Oakland. The Port of Oakland is a departure point for military shipments destined for the war in the Middle East. The day-long blockade will highlight the longlasting struggle of the independent truckers, the environmental damage caused by the activities of the port and the lack of financial contribution to the city despite the $33 billion dollar annual profit, some of them from war shipments.

Refugee Rights

Perth, 14.05.2007 04:41

No Aussie Guantanamo! 10,000 Signatures Or Bust!

baner trata

Argentina, 14.05.2007 03:10

Piquetes kollas

Argentina, 14.05.2007 03:10

Medea Benjamin visits University of Arkansas

Arkansas, 14.05.2007 02:41

Building a Global Movement for Peace and Justice ... and a Non-Violent Civil Disobedience Workshop with Medea Benjamin

Code Pink &quot;Pink Umbrella Brigade&quot; Harrassed at St. Johns Parade

Portland, 14.05.2007 02:38

A group of ten members of Code Pink Portland and several supporters were stopped by two policemen on motorcycles at the end of the annual St. Johns Parade at about 1:45 PM today, at the intersection of N. Lombard St. and N. New York Ave. The group had walked in the street at the tail end of the parade, carrying pink umbrellas that spelled out the word "I-M-P-E-A-C-H" and carrying signs exhorting U.S. Congressman Earl Blumenauer, who had ridden a bicycle in the parade, to "Remember your oath, get some guts, impeach them both". As they finished their march, the group was greeted by waves of cheering supporters, a surprising response in normally staid St. Johns.

Iris M. Peach, self-identified organizer of a "Pink Umbrella Brigade" action to call for the impeachment of Bush and Cheney, and one other woman, were given $97.00 citations for "Improper Position On Highway", although they had followed the orders of the police to return to the sidewalk. Several other members of the group received a lecture on always following police orders, and they were allowed to leave without being cited. Ms. Peach said that she and her companion had left the lecture in order to rest after several hours of marching and protesting.

Germany: Projects and Social Spaces Targeted as G8 Summit Approaches

Portland, 14.05.2007 01:38

On Wednesday, May 9, raids took place against approximately 40 apartments, offices and social spaces associated with leftist or radical projects in Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen and other locations. Approximately 900 police were involved in this wave of raids. This repression arrives in the run-up to the summit of the G8 nations, set to take place in Heiligendamm from June 6-8.

The German federal police seemed especially concerned about shutting down the server, which hosts many alternative and activist mailing lists and internet sites. The raids, targeting a hodge-podge of those who have voiced opposition to the G8, are seen as an attempt to discourage active opposition to the summit. Some of the searches were justified by section 129a of the German criminal code, which involves "forming a terrorist association." This has given the authorities wide-ranging powers of data gathering and intimidation against their targets, although conviction under this section is rare.

UPDATE: Bicyclists targeted by German Police (
Background: Portland Indymedia articles from May 9 and May 11. post on wave of repression here.

Mother's Day in Fresno

San Francisco Bay Area, 14.05.2007 01:09

Three Mother's Day events took place in Fresno today. The Catholic Workers held a vigil for peace and to end the war in Iraq on a busy street corner in North Fresno. The Raging Grannies sang songs of peace and held a silent vigil at Woodward Park. Prison Moratorium Project members were at the Fresno County Jail in downtown Fresno demanding alternatives to incarceration.

Police Attack May Day Demonstration.

LA, 13.05.2007 22:39

Police Attack May Day Demonstration.

he Migrant Trap, and the Migrants' Way Out: May 1, 2007

LA, 13.05.2007 22:39

he Migrant Trap, and the Migrants' Way Out: May 1, 2007


LA, 13.05.2007 22:39


March 25 Begins, Again

LA, 13.05.2007 22:09

March 25 Begins, Again

We're here to stop the fascists and the Nazis

LA, 13.05.2007 22:09

We're here to stop the fascists and the Nazis

April 7 Coalition March Rally in Los Angeles Draws 75,000

LA, 13.05.2007 22:09

April 7 Coalition March Rally in Los Angeles Draws 75,000

PORT TO CLOSE ON MAY DAY - Troqueros Declare Victory!

LA, 13.05.2007 22:09

PORT TO CLOSE ON MAY DAY - Troqueros Declare Victory!

Front Against the Raids

LA, 13.05.2007 22:09


Children March Against Deportations

LA, 13.05.2007 22:09

Children March Against Deportations

May Berkeley Critical Mass Ride Ends With Three Bikes Trapped Under Car

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.05.2007 22:08

On Friday, May 11th, Berkeley Critical Mass was stopped by a car that destroyed several bicycles. The cyclists had been through much of Berkeley, including a sojourn to Indian Rock, and were heading back down the Alameda. The riders entered an intersection on a green light, and several were struck by a car, which trapped three bicycles underneath it. They, along with dozens of others, had been participating in a monthly bicycle ride around Berkeley, promoting bicycling and the reduction of automobile and oil dependency. Police reportedly sided with the driver and denied the rights of the demonstrators.

Guatemala Femicide: Happy Mother's Day????

San Diego, 13.05.2007 20:08

When Rosa Franco and I hugged I could feel the pain of her loss. The thought of a mother who would live the rest of her life without receiving another hug from her daughter filled me with sadness. Rosa Franco’s 15 year old daughter was kidnapped on her way home from work in 2001. Two days later Rosa learned of her daughter’s whereabouts as she watched the news and saw her dead body lying in a field. Maria Isabel Franco had been raped, stabbed, and strangled. Her hands were tied with barbed wire, her face disfigured from being punched and her body was punctured with small holes.

I met Rosa at Loyola Marymount University (LMU) during a conference on the Femicide in Guatemala. The organizers MuJER*, a Guatemala City based women's rights organization, and LMU had flown her in from Guatemala. Rosa told us about her daughter, how the police did little to help and even made things worse by contaminating the evidence. She courageously addressed the group and pleaded for help to solve her daughters case and to end the femicide.

Four months prior, I constructed a dia de los muertos altar to honor the women and girls that had fallen victim to the femicide. On my altar was picture of Maria Isabel Franco. I grieved for this young woman, not knowing I would one day meet her resilient mother.

More Info: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

No a la crminalización de la protesta

Uruguay, 13.05.2007 18:38

Por la liberación de Fernando

another world... (en)

Barcelona, 13.05.2007 16:09

Està tot fatal (Everything is awful)

Before caring about nothing...Let's get into action!! Week of struggles in defense of the land and against speculation (May 14-20) Ei!, haven't you noticed it already? EVERYTHING IS A MESS!
Housing states everywhere, very high voltage lines, golf courses, evictions, 4th belts, road axis, POUMs, PGMs, Directive Plans...
From May 14 to 20 make your action, activity, Day, cycling, speaker, chocolatada, banners post, appearances in public acts... Just spread the word:: “Everything is awful, let's get into action”

[May 13-20] Everything is awful...let's get into action!

Actions: Viladecans gets into action: We must save little olive trees + Week of struggle in Nou Barris: Everything is awful! ::: Crush speculation: basketball championship, everything is awful

More info at:

Mother's Day Vigil for Peace

Portland, 13.05.2007 14:38

Join members of The Surge Protection Brigade and Code Pink for a silent vigil for Peace on Mother's Day from 1-2 PM in front of the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden, SE 28th and Woodstock. Bring photos (but no signs) of victims injured or killed in the occupation of Iraq. Wear pink &/or black, pink for compassion and black for mourning the violence spanning the globe this Mother's Day. All who wish to express their hopes for peace are invited to stand silently in front of the Rhododendron Garden.

The first Mother's Day was proclaimed in 1870 by Julia Ward Howe who said: Let them meet first, as women, to bewail and commemorate the dead. Let them solemnly take counsel with each other as to the means whereby the great human family can live in peace... Inspired by the book, The Great Silent Grandmother Gathering, by Sharon Mehdi, the event is one of many ""Stand In the Park for Peace" events planned for Mother's Day around the world, and one of several in Portland.


A Plea to Moms on Mother's Day

A mother's care is a special gift that is taken for granted most of the time. And, sadly, that is the way man is concerning Mother Earth. We have been taking and taking from her with barely any regard... very few people are even concerned because they haven't been affected by any climate change. And what's worse is that we have all been duped by the giant energy companies who have been reaping astronomical profits and giving millions to junk science in an effort to keep people skeptical of the problem.

It would be wonderful if the moms of the world would all take an interest in the future of the planet and put pressure on government and industry to slow the global warming. It is another chore that they would take on because it is their children who will be the most affected by the droughts and famine that is now guaranteed because of the greenhouse gases... if every mother would send a letter to these companies and their congress people, and fill their offices with pleas for our Mother Earth, things would change much faster than they will if you don't.


Defendants Decry Government Attempt to Label Crimes “Terrorism”

Portland, 13.05.2007 13:08

Civil liberties groups argue provision does not apply to nonviolent actions:
Eugene, OR -- On May 15 defense attorneys representing environmental activists accused of arson and property destruction will argue to U.S. District Judge Ann Aiken that the "terrorism enhancement" provision of the federal sentencing guidelines - which would add an extra 20 years of prison time to each defendant's sentence - should not be applied to their clients.

MEDIA ADVISORY: A press conference will be held outside the courthouse at noon. Speakers will include defense attorneys for Daniel McGowan, along with representatives from the Civil Liberties Defense Center and the Northwest Constitutional Rights Center. The two organizations have opposed the prosecutors' attempt to label the actions by the defendants as acts of "terrorism," because their acts did not cause, nor were intended to cause, any harm to human or animal life. "When everyone is a terrorist, no one is."

WHAT: Federal Terrorism Enhancement Hearings for all Oregon Green Scare defendants
WHEN: Tuesday, May 15, 2007 - 10 am [Press Conference & Rally @ noon]
WHERE: New Eugene Federal Building (405 East 8th Ave.), Judge Aiken's courtroom
(spillover seating will be available)

Copies of a press packet with current related articles, background information, historical examples of sabotage in the U.S., and a history of F.B.I. repression of political activism will be available at the event.

Related: Mother's Day Message: "Destroying property is not terrorism". by Jonathan Pauls mom

un altre mon (ca)

Barcelona, 13.05.2007 12:09

Està Tot Fatal

Abans de passar de tot... Passem a l’acció!! Setmana de lluita en defensa del territori i contra l’especulació (14-20 de maig) Ei!, que no t’havies adonat? QUE ESTÀ TOT FATAL!
Urbanitzacions a tort i dret, línies de molt alta tensió, camps de golf, desnonaments, quarts cinturons, eixos viaris, POUMs, PGMs, Plans Directors...
Del 14 al 20 de Maig fes la teva acció, activitat, jornada, bicicletada, xerrada, xocolatada, penjada de pancartes, aparicions a actes públics... Només cal que corris la veu: “Està tot fatal, passem a l'acció”

Més info a:

otro mundo (es)

Barcelona, 13.05.2007 12:09

Està Tot Fatal

Antes que pasar de todo... Pasemos a la acción!! Semana de lucha en defensa del territorio y contra la especulación (14-20 de mayo) Ei!, es que no te habías dado cuenta? QUE ESTÁ TODO FATAL!
Urbanizaciones a diestro y siniestro, líneas de muy alta tensión, campos de golf, deshaucios, cuartos cinturones, ejes viarios, POUMs, PGMs, Planes Directores...
Del 14 al 20 de Mayo haz tu acción, actividad, jornada, bicicletada, charla, chocolatada, colgada de pancartas, apariciones en actos públicos... Sólo hace falta que corras la voz: “Está todo fatal, pasemos a la acción”

Más info en:

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