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Code Pink Confronts Pelosi About Iraqi Oil Law

San Francisco Bay Area, 23.05.2007 19:39

Four Bay Area Code Pinkers -- Cynthia Papermaster, Nancy Mancias, Kathy Greene and Janet Weil -- crashed Congressman George Miller's birthday party/fundraiser at the Pleasant Hill Community Center. After Pelosi spoke, Code Pink members called out, "End the war in Iraq! You better do it soon!" and similar remarks in challenging tones.asked her. Later a Code Pink member asked Pelosi: "Why are you pushing for the Iraqi Oil Law? Isn't that what Bush has wanted from the first?"

Brown in Bristol

Bristol, 23.05.2007 19:38

Brown Replaces Blair, but the War Goes On Brown Replaces Blair, but the War Goes On Following the dramatic result in the Fairford trial and Iraq still in the news and as Labour take control of Bristol City Council with help from the Tories, Simon of Stop the War writes; Gordon Brown and the six candidates for deputy leader are at a hustings this Saturday. Let's go and make sure they know that it was the anti war movement that got rid of Blair and that we want the TROOPS OUT NOW! The LP hustings meeting in Bristol on Saturday 26th is at: WISE Campus, Filton College, New Road, Stoke Gifford, Bristol, BS34 8LP This is on the northern edge of the city, a short walk from Bristol Parkway station – accessible by train, bus , plenty of parking (at a price). Buses: Services 73 & 74 from Bristol City Centre – up Gloucester Road to Bristol Parkway. The time currently given for the meeting is 'around mid-day'. The lobby will assemble at 11am...Spread the word. Full article. (image: For the Chancellor, the cost of Iraq war in billions of dollars) | Gordon Brown Comes To Town - Saturday 26th May | Brown hustings location revealed | Related News: Labour take the council | Fairford Disarmers - Direct Action LEGAL | Bristol Protesters sickened by our governments complicity in mass murder of gigantic proportions |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

criminalization &amp; repression (en)

Barcelona, 23.05.2007 14:43

Joan Saura defends repression again

The last May 19th the Assemblea d'okupes(squatters meeting) made a call to demonstration for Squatting and for popular and anticapitalist culture. The demonstration was call off shortly after its beginning when it was clear that it could not be done normally due to Mossos d'Esquadra attitude. Even so, the Mossos, with arrogant and violent manners, keep the demo kidnaped for 2 more hours not allowing anyone to enter or leave until the demo was about to arrive to the port. Both Joan Saura, Catalan Home Office councillor d'ICV-EUiA and Imma Mayol, candidate to Barcelona Mayor (from ICV-EUiA as well) have defended the Mossos action.

The demonstration was always surrounded by a strong police cordon, beating anyone willing to enter o leave the demo, sometimes with truncheons and pushes, sometimes with a weapon named kubotan, in fact it seems that more than 15 people have been attacked with this new weapon with doubtful legality as well as the other bruised.

Released with charges the detained companion from Hospitalet

The Kubotan: Manifest and adhesions against Kubotan use ::: Clarifications and considerations ethic-deontological about mossos' communique ::: Interior (Home Office) admits kubotan it's not a regulation weapon ::: Liberinfo informs that Kubotan is illegal :::The mossos use of armes blanches ::: Communique from the Mossos about Kubotan ::: Info on the kubotan ::: Kubotan's history and manual

related infos: Barcelona Squatter Meeting's communique ::: [Demo pro Squatting] Repression to the bikes block ::: Illustrated report by la Haine ::: Video of the punch to the mosso ::: Paradigmatic photos ::: Feature on the blog punt de mira ::: transversalweb's photos

+info: >>>criminalization & repression + Assemblea d'Okupes de Barcelona

New presidential directive gives Bush dictatorial, imperial powers

Miami, 23.05.2007 14:11

New presidential directive gives Bush dictatorial, imperial powers

93 Bombing World Trade Center Revisted: FBI Linked To Bombing

Miami, 23.05.2007 14:11

93 Bombing World Trade Center Revisted: FBI Linked To Bombing

Arlington South Beach - Memorial Day, May 25, 2007

Miami, 23.05.2007 14:11

Arlington South Beach - Memorial Day, May 25, 2007

Election Reform Bill signed by Fla Governor on Monday, May 21st

Miami, 23.05.2007 14:11

Election Reform Bill signed by Fla Governor on Monday, May 21st

Criminal Mass?

United Kingdom, 23.05.2007 13:10

Critical Mass (CM) is a monthly event mainly consisting of cyclists but other forms of human propulsion are welcomed. The first one happened in San Francisco USA on Friday, September 25, 1992 and since then enthusiasts in many towns and cities worldwide have followed suit. Sometimes events calling themselves 'Critical Mass' accompany public demonstrations but purists argue they are not related to the regular monthly ride. It is difficult to describe CM as opinions differ widely but they seem to range from a simple celebration of cycling to an anti-authoritarian blockade of traffic, particularly cars, with many facets in between. Almost from the beginning there has been a mixed reaction from the police, ranging from helpful facilitation to aggressive confrontation.

In the last few years the police have become much more confrontational in the UK and they try to manipulate the rides. London now has large numbers of cycle police attending every Mass, except the one in December which is close to the New Year holiday when they don't turn up at all!. The Metropolitan Police issued a leaflet to participants in September 2005 claiming that the ride is not lawful. Their claim was rejected in the High Court in May 2006 but the police have since appealed and won.

Critical Massers have vowed that the ride will go on. The next London Critical mass is on Friday 25th May, meeting outside the NFT between 6 and 6.30pm and there has been a call-out to make this the biggest ride ever.

From the newswire: Abuse of police powers in Derby | London Critical Mass 30th September 2005 | London Critical Mass under threat | Critical Mass London: Letter from Green Party to Met. Police | London Critical Mass reports | Amazing turnout on "banned" critical mass | Massive Critical Mass Defies SOCPA Exclusion Zone | Southend's first Critical Mass stopped by police | 2nd Southend Critical Mass ends with 3 arrests | Leeds Critical Mass | York Critical Mass | Police charge cyclists at Glasgow Critical Mass | Videos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 |

Other links: Full judgement | Wikipedia | CM London website |

Police Raids Against G8 Mobilisation in Germany

Germany, 23.05.2007 12:40

Police raided about 40 buildings in Germany on Wednesday morning, 9th May, including socialcentres and several private homes in Berlin and Hamburg, as well as the alternative web provider

Reports so far on IMC-UK: 1 | 2 |3 | press groups press release (en) | statement
On IMC-Germany: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
On IMC Scotland: feature | call for soli-protest | paint attack statement | 4 | 5 | 6

G8: The Independent Media Center needs money

Germany, 23.05.2007 06:39

During the action days against the G8 summit in Heiligendamm, Germany, there will be a media center in Evershagen, a district of Rostock. Media activists will have the opportunity to work day and night to propose a different perspective on the protests from what is to be expected of corporate media. There will be information points on the camps as well, and another meeting place is going to be set up in the "Frieda", another school in Rostock. So there will be an infrastructure to allow serious media work, i.e. public access computers, internet connection, and audio and video editing facilities.

A Big Problem with an Easy Fix

Rogue Valley, 23.05.2007 06:13

Each spring, local citizens surrender thousands of cats and kittens to the local animal shelter.

Borf Brigade's &quot;Consolation Ruin&quot; Opens at Bobby Fisher Memorial Building

DC, 23.05.2007 06:12

BANAL OBJECTS PERPETRATED, FUTURE SEIZED; BOBBY FISHER FOUND The year on the Bobby Fisher Memorial Building said 1908, but inside it was the turn of another century, and the future brazenly seized by the artists of the Borf Brigade.

Aboriginal Rights

Perth, 23.05.2007 06:12

National Indigenous Times: "doing the work of the wadjella" - SNVC

Aboriginal Rights

Perth, 23.05.2007 06:12

WOODSIDE destroying Aboriginal sacred site

Climate Change Action

Perth, 23.05.2007 06:12

Rising Tide Perth condemn BP/Rio Tinto giant coal plant for Kwinana

Obama: A New Face for Permanent Occupation

New Hampshire, 23.05.2007 06:12

On Friday the 18th I heard Senator Barack Obama speak in a "town hall meeting" campaign event in Rye, NH. Rhetorically, he claims opposition to the war in Iraq as the centerpiece of his presidential campaign. Yet in practice, his ambition and partisanship eclipses his desire to end the war as soon as possible.

Cuatro TV criminaliza el bilbaino barrio San Francisco

Euskal Herria, 23.05.2007 06:12

El pasado 20 de abril, el programa Callejeros de Cuatro emiti� un reportaje sobre el barrio de San Francisco de Bilbao, que ha levantado una oleada de indignaci�n entre el vecindario y los movimientos sociales de la zona.

Desde la Coordinadora de Grupos hemos elaborado una carta denunciando los hechos que se ha remitido a todos los medios de comunicaci�n, incluido el canal de TV Cuatro.

As� mismo estamos realizando una campa�a, para que cualquier persona u organizaci�n env�e su protesta, con su texto y, si quiere, adjuntando la carta de la Coordinadora.


Argentina, 23.05.2007 06:11


Colombia, 23.05.2007 06:11

¡23 de Mayo: Todos al Paro Nacional!


Colombia, 23.05.2007 06:11


May Day Police Attack: Bratton’s “Agitators” Story Untrue.

LA, 23.05.2007 06:11

May Day Police Attack: Bratton’s “Agitators” Story Untrue.

Brookline PeaceWorks Celebrates Fifth Anniversary

Boston, 23.05.2007 06:11

On Tuesday, May 15, 2007, Brookline PeaceWorks celebrated its fifth anniversary of activism and hosted James Carroll, Globe Columnist, and National Book Award winner, to a huge turnout at the ‘All Saints Parish’ on Beacon Road. Mr. Carroll was introduced by his longtime friend Dr. David Killian, pastor of All Saints Parish. Their reminiscences about their student days and activism in opposing the Vietnam war made a warm beginning to the evening. They mentioned a night they spent together in a DC jail, a result of their Vietnam activism, as a unique experience.

Boston's Asian Community Raises Awareness of HIV/AIDS among Massachusetts Asian Pacific Islanders

Boston, 23.05.2007 06:11

Boston, Mass-- The Massachusetts Asian & Pacific Islanders for Health (MAP) organization presented awards to Niem Nay-Kret, Project Director, Southeast Asian Bilingual Advocates, Inc. and Veseth Poy, Senior Case Manager, Lynn Community Health Center for their efforts to address HIV/AIDS in the Massachusetts Cambodian community. Over 90 community members came out to attend MAP’s Rooted in Acceptance reception and awards ceremony that was held on May 17th at the Boston Center for the Arts. The awards are named for Siong-Huat Chua, a Malaysian-born, Boston-based gay activist, writer, and pioneer in bringing visibility to HIV/AIDS among Asians. Mr. Chua died of AIDS in 1994.

Tenants Mobilize for Affordable Housing (The Indypendent)

NYC, 23.05.2007 06:10

On May 23, thousands of tenants and more than 80 community groups will converge on Stuy-Town at 1st Ave. and 14th St. for a rally to kick-off the New York Is Our Home Affordable Housing Campaign.

Issue #103: Bursting The Bubble

NYC, 23.05.2007 06:10

How Liberation Came To The African Continent || Pan-African Classics || Louisiana Justice on Trial || Municipal Broadband Takes On The Internet Cartel || Internet Timeline || How Telecoms Got So Big || Jerry Falwell: 1933 – 2007 || /a> || /a> || Tenants Mobilize for Affordable Housing || What Does Pan-Africanism Mean to You? || Community Calendar May 18 through June 7 || Timorese Elections Successful, but Peace is Tenuous || Royal Pain: But the French Left is Not Dead || Roadmap to Apartheid: Israeli “Peace” Plan Points to Palestinian Prison State || Fighting Fascism the Old-Fashioned Way “We learned how to act, instead of just talk.” || We Don’t Want Your Money: A Review of “The Revolution Will Not Be Funded” || Faith No More: A Review of “Chosen” || Toxic Outrage: A Review of “Toxic Lead Smelting in La Oroya, Peru || The Living Theatre Lives! ||

photos from Washington County Peace Vigil

Portland, 23.05.2007 06:10

Over 60 people attended last evenings vigil.K eep contacting your elected representatives urging them to end the occupation of Iraq and to begin impeachment of Bush, Cheney and Gonzales.

Mothers Day Vigil &quot;Surge Brigade Protection Pissed Off Grannies&quot; &amp; &quot;Code Pink&quot; video

Portland, 23.05.2007 06:10

On Mothers Day This Silent Vigil lasted around an hour and a half. I recorded 24 minutes. Peaceful, powerful, visible, and a strong message.

Here is the google video link to the video I filmed:

Ensuring a Valid Method to Verify Election Results

Portland, 23.05.2007 06:10

Have you been wondering what's happened with HB 3270, the bill sponsored by Representative Mitch Greenlick to mandate verification of machine-tallied election results in Oregon? Thanks to all of you who previously contacted your elected representatives, it's still alive in the Oregon House - not well, but alive.

The Secretary of State's office has been voicing objections to the bill but it is finally on its way to being amended and is scheduled for a work session in the House Elections, Ethics and Rules (EER) Committee next Friday, May 25th. If the bill makes it out of committee, it will go to the full House for a vote and then on to the Senate. Time is critical now, with the legislative session scheduled to end on June 30th. The clock is ticking to pass legislation mandating verification of machine-tallied election results before the 2008 elections!

Your voices are needed once again.

Eco-Sabotage Cases: Judge Aiken Rules on &quot;Terrorism Enhancements&quot;

Portland, 23.05.2007 06:10

On Monday evening (5/21/07) Judge Ann Aiken issued her ruling on whether the "Terrorism Enhancement" could apply to the District of Oregon federal defendants in the "Operation Backfire" eco-sabotage cases. Although Judge Aiken stated that this enhancement may apply, the government still has to provide clear and convincing evidence that the enhancement applies in the case of each individual defendant.

From the Civil Rights Outreach Committee:
"Monday's ruling by U.S. District Court Judge Ann Aiken gave the government the green light to attempt to brand 10 environmental and animal rights activists as terrorists, though they caused no injury to human life. Pursuant to Judge Aiken's opinion that a "federal crime of terrorism does not require a substantial risk of injury," the government will likely seek harsher prison sentences under the terrorism enhancement provision of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. Judge Aiken has retained discretion to determine whether the terrorism enhancement provision should apply to each individual defendant involved in arsons intended to stem environmental destruction and animal abuse. The ruling does require however, that the prosecutors prove that defendants' actions were directed at the government itself and not just at private or corporate entities."
(Full Civil Rights Outreach Committee release is here.)

UPDATE, EVENING OF 5/22/07: The sentencing hearing of cooperating defendant Stan Meyerhoff that began today has been continued to tomorrow, 5/23, at 10 am. No decision was made by the court today. Full notes will be posted as soon as the hearing is completed tomorrow.


Bristol, 23.05.2007 06:09

Fairford Jury reaches unanimous verdict in less than three hours. Jury reaches unanimous verdict in less than three hours. Josh Writes: This afternoon, Tuesday 22 May, at Bristol Crown Court, the trial of two Oxford peace activists Philip Pritchard and Toby Olditch (known as the 'B52 Two') concluded with the jury returning a unanimous verdict of not-guilty- in less than three hours. The two were charged with conspiring to cause criminal damage at RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire on 18 March 2003 when they tried to safely disable US B52 bombers to prevent them from bombing Iraq. The court heard the two men acted to prevent damage to life and property in Iraq, and war crimes by the aggressors..During the trial the prosecution accepted that even delaying the bombers would have prevented civilian casualties, as it would have allowed those fleeing cities more time to escape. In his hour and a half summing up today, Justice Crowther explained the legal tests that must be met for the prosecution to succeed, he reiterated the facts and summarised the evidence. A document 'steps to verdict' had been provided to assist the jury. Toby Olditch said "We're overjoyed, and thankful for the good sense of the jurors, for the wonderful support we've received, and for the commitment and expertise of our legal representatives. But hundreds of thousands of Iraqi people have still suffered as a result of the Government's actions. It shouldn't have come to the point that people had to take direct action to try to check the abuse of executive power." Phil Pritchard; "I am delighted that the jury have returned a unanimous not-guilty verdict. Our action in trying to prevent illegal attacks on the people of Iraq in 2003 is vindicated. I hope war of this kind never happens again." Full Article. | Trial Reports: Fairford Disarmers - Direct Action LEGAL |Fairford Trial End Day 3 | Fairford Trial Day 1 and Two.. | B52 Trial Blog | Petition: Stop the Legal Persecution of the Fairford Five | Full Fairford Article Archives | Previous Trials: (1) | (2) | (3) | Retrial Articles: War crimes in Iraq highlighted at retrial of peace activists... | Fairford 5 Re-Trials : 14th May, 30th May & 2nd July | Iraq Anti-war Heroes, Fairford Re-trials, Bristol Crown Court, 2007 | Lancet Report: Original Lancet PDF Document | Guardian Article, 28th March 2007 | Nickleberry Blog, 9th May 2007 |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

Villaraigosa &amp; MTA fare hikes

LA, 22.05.2007 01:38

The Disturbing Case of Antonio Villaraigosa

criminalizacion (es)

Barcelona, 21.05.2007 23:11

Joan Saura vuelve a defender la represión

El pasado 19 de mayo l'Assemblea Okupes había convocado una manifestación por la okupación y por la cultura popular y anticapitalista. Esta fue desconvocada al poco de iniciarse al verse que era imposible realizarla con normalidad por la actitud de los Mossos de Esquadra. A pesar de esto, los Mossos, con actitud prepotente y violenta, mantuvieron secuestrada la manifestación durante 2 horas más sin dejar entrar ni salir a ninguna persona hasta que no se llegó casi al Puerto. Tanto Joan Saura, conseller de Interior de ICV-EUiA como Imma Mayol, candidata a la alcaldía de Bcn por ICV-EUiA han defendido la acutación de los Mossos

En todo momento la manifestación estuvo rodeada por un fuerte cordón policial, agrediendo brutalmente toda persona que quisiera entrar o salir de la manifestación sea con porras y empujones sea con una arma blanca llamada kubotan, de hecho se piensa que han sido más de 15 las personas agredidas por esta nueva arma de dudosa legalidad, además de todass las contusionadas.

[mt 22 10h Judjados L'Hospi] Concentración por el compa de l'hospi detebido

El Kubotan: Liberinfo informa que el Kubotan es ilegal ::: ::: Uso de armas blancas por parte de los Mossos ::: Comunicado de los Mossos sobre el Kubotan ::: Info sobre el kubotan ::: Historia y manual de uso del kubotan

infos relacionadas: Comunicado Assemblea d'Okupes de Bcn ::: [Mani Okupación] Represión al Bloque Ciclista ::: Reportaje gráfico por la Haine ::: Vídeo del puñetazo al Mosso ::: Fotos paradigmáticas ::: Crónica del blog punt de mira ::: Fotos de transversalweb

criminalitzacio (ca)

Barcelona, 21.05.2007 23:10

Joan Saura torna a defensar la repressió

El passat 19 de maig l'Assemblea d'okupes havia convocat una manifestació per l'Okupació i per la cultura popular i anticapitalista. Aquesta va ser desconvocada al poc d'iniciar-se en veure's que era impossible realitzar-la amb normalitat per l'actitud dels Mossos d'Esquadra. Tot i açò, els Mossos, amb actitud prepotent i violenta, van mantenir segrestada la manifestació durant 2 hores més sense deixar entrar ni surtir cap persona fins que no es va arribar quasi al Port. Tant Joan Saura, conseller d'Interior d'ICV-EUiA com Imma Mayol, candidata a l'alcaldia de Bcn per ICV-EUiA han defensat l'acutació dels Mossos

En tot moment la manifestació va estar envoltada per un fort cordó policial, agredint brutalment tota persona que volgués entrar o surtir de la manifestació sigui amb porres i espentes sigui amb una arma blanca anomenada kubotan, de fet es pensa que han estat més de 15 les persones agredides per aquesta nova arma de dubtosa legalitat a més de totes les contussionades.

[dt 22 10h Jutjats L'Hospi] Concentració pel company de l'hospi detingut

El Kubotan: Liberinfo informa que el Kubotan és il·legal ::: ::: Ús d'armes blanques per part dels Mossos ::: Comunicat dels Mossos sobre el Kubotan ::: Info sobre el kubotan ::: Història i manual d'ús del kubotan

infos relacionades: Comunicat Assemblea d'Okupes de Bcn ::: [Mani Okupació] Repressió al Bloc Cicilista ::: Reportatge gràfic per la Haine ::: Vídeo del cop de puny al Mosso ::: Fotos paradigmàtiques ::: Crònica del blog punt de mira ::: Fotos de transversalweb

Against The Wal 2007: Schedule of Counter-Shareholder Events

Arkansas, 21.05.2007 21:12

May 30th - June 1st Join the 2007 Wal-Mart Shareholders Meeting Protest! AGAINST THE WAL • • It’s been a year since we last confronted the Wal-Mart shareholders-- another year of poor healthcare, gender discrimination, environmental degradation, poverty wages, the destruction of local businesses and union busting. The Wal-Mart shareholders are meeting up again and Against the Wal is gearing up for another exciting week of resistance. Lets ask the shareholders to make this year a year of people over profit, a year of human rights, living wages and respect for communities! 2007 CALENDAR OF EVENTS Wednesday, May 30th 6:00 PM &amp; Thursday, May 31st 6:00 PM Against the Wal Street Theatre Meet up at Bike City (546 West Center Studio C) and suit up for some radical clowning on Dickson Street. For 2 nights in a row, we will bring our message of change to the shareholders with laughter and mockery. Friday, June 1st 9:30AM – Noon Wal-Mart Shareholders Meeting Protest Meet up in the Fayetteville High School Parking Lot, 1001 Stone Street, Fayetteville. March to the shareholders meeting in the Bud Walton Arena, University of Arkansas Campus. Bike City Recyclery and Infoshop is located at 546 West Center st. Studio C, behind Razor's Salon by the bike trail) In case you haven’t heard, Wal-Mart is very scared of our annual protest—so scared that an employee wearing a wireless microphone was sent to infiltrate our meetings! You can read all about it on our website. Instead of spending million dollars on Glossy Advertising campaigns and high-tech spy gear, why doesn’t Wal-Mart just stop its destructive practices? Come join us as we demand real change! See or contact for more information.


Valencia, 21.05.2007 16:37

Ο σέρβερ του athens.indymedia δέχτηκε επίθεση

New England Commemorates the Nakba

Boston, 21.05.2007 16:09

Summit &quot;Russia - EU&quot; in Samara

Germany, 21.05.2007 09:09

The repressions against "Intergalactic Libertarian Forum" and other opposition actions which took place during the Summit "Russia - the European Union" on 16-18 of May in Samara (Russia).

Anarchist Group Denied Access to Greensburg

Portland, 21.05.2007 06:39

I asked repeatedly what we had done and why we were being ordered to leave the city. "You're part of a dangerous anarchist group that will only drain our security resources," he responded. "We've been monitoring your website and e-mails, we know what kind of agenda you have."

"So this is about our political beliefs?" I asked.

"No," he responded. "This is about you being federal security threats.
Kansas Mutual Aid is not welcome in this city, end of story. I know you
are going through legitimate means to work in the city, and you're story
seems picture perfect, but we know who you are, and you're not allowed

Tinkuyaku II

Argentina, 21.05.2007 03:40

El Agua Une

El martes intensificarán sus reclamos

Argentina, 21.05.2007 03:40

Afectados de Yacyretá aún esperan fallo de la Corte

Fears Of Oldbury Restart

Bristol, 21.05.2007 01:39

'Shut Oldbury campaigners are appalled at the safety risks...' About Oldbury : "Oldbury power station, located on a 71 hectare site 15 miles north of Bristol on the south bank of the River Severn in South Gloucestershire, is an operating twin reactor station. Since 1967, the station has produced electricity around the clock supplying on a typical day 435 MW of electricity - enough to meet the needs of a city one and a half times the size of Bristol." British Nuclear Group Shut Oldbury Campaign writes: Campaigners fear that a reactor that has been shut for two years through safety concerns is about to be fired up again this month. Shut Oldbury campaigners are appalled at the safety risks involved in restarting the corroded reactor and are fearful that the back-up safety systems are inadequate. Reactor 2 at Oldbury nuclear power station was shut down in may 2005 due to severe corrosion of the graphite reactor core. In its worst affected bricks, which contain the suspended fuel elements, the weight loss was found to be more than a third. Manchester University reasearch showed that at 35% weight loss, the reactor bricks could only support twelve percent of the weight they were designed to support. A small misalignment in just one of the thousands of bricks could create localised overheating in the nuclear fuel, trap fuel elements and render the safety control rods useless. A 'boron beads' back-up safety system is laborious to apply and requires the boron to drop a long way into the reactor with associated uncertainties to its effectiveness. A nuclear fire could develop with unthinkable consequences.The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority who own the plant have recently commissioned British Energy to sell Oldbury's electricity despite both reactors being shut down. Other sources point to the imminent restart of the ageing reactor. Reactor 1 has been shut since August last year for identical problems. The NDA has run into financial difficulties since a huge leak of nuclear waste occurred at its THORP reprocessing plant in Cumbria, which has also been shut for safety reasons for two years. Decommissioning projects have been hit by funding uncertainty and Oldbury's shut down, much earlier than its scheduled 2008 closure, has exacerbated the NDA's problems. Jim Duffy, spokesman for the Shut Oldbury Campaign said: "This must be the most corroded reactor of its kind in the world, now that two Russian reactors with similar graphite corrosion have shut down. An accident is now much more likely, the shut-down systems are questionable and a release of radiation could be on the cards. This outrageous money-saving plan should be halted now." Full Article(Image Left: UK Nuclear Reactor Sites) | Fears of Oldbury restart | Stop Hinkley... and Shut Oldbury Campaign | Outrage at licence for Hinkley (Original Article) | Outrage at Licence for 'Dangerous' Hinkley (Front Page + Extra Links) |

World Bank Critics Unimpressed by Wolfowitz Resignation

DC, 20.05.2007 23:14

With or Without Wolfowitz, the Institution Remains Corrupt, Say Campaigners The Washington DC-based Mobilization for Global Justice and Friends of the Congo, reacted to news of World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz’s resignation yesterday, with indifference. Campaigners warned that the damning findings in Monday’s Bank panel report regarding Wolfowitz’s controversial promotion of partner Shaha Riza, were symptoms of a much larger problem of transparency and legitimacy within the Bank.

Borf Art Show Opens

DC, 20.05.2007 23:14

From the opening night of the Borf Brigade's "Consolation of Ruin" exhibit at the Bobby Fisher Memorial Building, Washington, DC May 25-27 Bobby Fisher Memorial Bldg 1644 N. Capitol St, NW

5th Citizen Inspection NATO base Valencia

Germany, 20.05.2007 23:13

In the 5th Citizens Inspection, on the 12th May, at 11.30a.m. a team of 7
citizen inspectors entered the main facilities of the NATO Response Force base
despite security vigilance measures, demand its closure and conversion into a
social and ecologically friendly space, as part of a week of actions against
military installations.

How painful for Shell will this get?

Ireland, 20.05.2007 22:40

Shell to Sea Campaign moves to Dublin and the Hagu ...

Malmö, SE: Street party against the G8

Germany, 20.05.2007 22:40

Saturday, May 19 three hundred young people took over the centrally located spot Triangeln and placed a great party right in front of shopping avenues and luxurious hotels. Hip hop acts with local bands from Rosengård (a part of the city which has the most poor of which the big share are immigrants) was mixed with mobilising speeches about the G8-meeting. Participants from Mexico, Germany, and the USA, who stopped in Malmö on their way to Rostock, used the microphone to announce why everyone should go to Germany in the beginning of june to block the meeting.

Stores Close in Honor of Malcolm X

NYC, 20.05.2007 20:39

May 19, 2007 would have been Malcolm X's 82nd birthday. A Black Power rally was scheduled but the rains dampened the festivities - a smattering of people were gathered around the stage listening to music and speakers.
Most shops along 125th were closed in observance though, to the surprise and bafflement of many shoppers.
With the shops closed, the sidewalks were not crowded as usual with people shopping - the sidewalks turned into the stage for some.

Hundreds March for Mumia Abu-Jamal Outside Court Hearing in Philadelphia

Boston, 20.05.2007 16:08

Over 500 people turned out to demonstrate on behalf of Mumia Abu-Jamal outside the U.S. 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia May 17. Inside the packed courtroom another 200 observed the proceedings in which the justices peppered prosecution and defense lawyers with questions about the deliberate exclusion of blacks in jury selection during Mumia’s 1982 trial, the instructions to the jury on the death sentence, and evidence of judicial bias against Mumia. In court, the prosecution demanded that the death sentence against Jamal be reinstated while defense lawyer Robert Bryan asked for a new trial. Outside, hundreds of demonstrators circling the courthouse chanted over and over, “Brick by brick, wall by wall, We’re gonna free Mumia Abu-Jamal.” While some had illusions that a new trial could be fair, many declared that the entire “justice” system was racist to the core.

&quot;Support the Troops Week&quot; at San Diego City Schools

San Diego, 20.05.2007 16:08

How are we supposed to support our troops?

My English teacher shared an e-mail with me he received from the San Diego City Schools Information Office. It was about the “Support Our Troops Week” on campus.

Tuesday May 22 Show Your Support Day
“District employees who are former military members are encouraged to wear their uniforms; all other employees and students are encouraged to wear red, white and blue. Schools may elect to wear yellow (peace), if any of the above colors conflict with their dress code.”

Are you serious?

Répression policière en prévision du G8

Liege, 20.05.2007 15:08

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