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Vandals attack home and car of Navajo Opponent of proposed Desert Rock

Portland, 27.05.2007 06:38

For Immediate Release May 25, 2007: Farmington, New Mexico - The home and car of Elouise Brown, a leader of the grassroots Navajo group Dooda Desert Rock, were vandalized early this morning. Dooda Desert Rock and their allies are mobilizing Navajo people and supporters to attend the hearings to be held in June by the Bureau of Indian Affairs on the proposed power plant. Although it cannot be known if the vandalism is connected to the Desert Rock controversy, Navajo opponents of the power plant are worried this may be an act of retaliation and harassment in response to increased activism of power plant opponents.

The vandalism occurred as Navajo people and their supporters are waging a strong and high-profile fight against Sithe Global, Navajo tribal government and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Bureau of Indian Affairs in an attempt to stop the siting of what would be the third giant coal-fired power plant in the area south of Farmington, New Mexico. "We will not be intimidated by this vandalism," said Elouise Brown. "We will continue fighting to stop the proposed Desert Rock power plant and to protect the health, environment and culture of our Navajo people."

Background: Dec '06 Desert Rock Blockade Report
Doodá Desert Rock!

Activists Demand Action from Al Gore for Jeff Luers - Imprisoned Climate Activist

Portland, 27.05.2007 06:38

Activists attending Gore's book-signing held a banner and distributed fliers to call attention to climate change and the incarceration of a young activist, Jeffrey Luers. Hundreds of Al Gore fans lined up at Barnes & Nobles in Manhattan to hear the former Vice President speak out against the growing detachment of American culture.

All attendees of the events learned about Jeffrey Luers, the incarcerated climate activist. In June 2001, the 23 year-old forest defense activist was sentenced to 22 years and 8 months in prison for actions in Eugene, Oregon. His stated purpose was to raise awareness about global warming and the role that SUVs play in that process. No one was hurt in this action nor was that the intent. However, despite the fact that this action hurt no one, Jeff was sent to prison for a sentence considerably longer than those convicted of murder, kidnapping and rape in Oregon state. Even the City Human Rights Commission stated "...We found that similar crimes have not been met with such harsh sentences, and we are concerned about the length of Mr. Luers' sentence".

Reminder: June 9, 2007 is the International DAY OF SOLIDARITY With JEFFREY LUERS.

106.9FM Ninja Radio Still looking For a Home

San Diego, 27.05.2007 04:40

The Ninjas of 106.9FM are still looking for a brave soul who owns a property (or a mortgage) willing to host our broadcasting equipment. The content will continue to be provided by the people of radioActive sanDiego. All the setup requires is a decent internet connection and electricity, preferrably on a hill, not in a canyon.

Why 106.9FM?
Because we live in an age of information warfare, where the US murders foreign journalists, shuts down foreign newspapers that are critical of it and invades peoples' homes at gunpoint to confiscate broadcast equipment... Because we reject the intellectual property regimes that say that we don't have the right to share the music we love. Those same intellectual property regimes say that the genes in your body are owned by corporations, and that indigenous knowledge can be patented without reparation, like colonists of old with electron microscopes... Because as a part of capitalism, the corporate media only represents the richest white men in this country, and is organized in an oppressive heirarchy where Rupert Murdoch can define how every journalist in his corporation is going to behave. Their images of false beauty, of whiteness, straightness and piety do not represent us... Because we make the decisions that affect our own lives.

Meanwhile... Free Radio San Diego, 96.9FM, is back on the air. Yaaah!

FCC harassment of community radio in san diego: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Ward 5 Councilmember Fears Gay Clubs Will Drive Off &quot;Development.&quot;

DC, 27.05.2007 04:11

Councilmember Jim Graham's bill allowing Gay clubs closed by stadium construction to reopen in an Ivy City warehouse district is in trouble. Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas is trying to gut the bill, saying he fears the clubs will repel development. (MP3 Audio, 1 min 49 secs)

Moreno: fueron detenidos y procesados dos obreros

Argentina, 27.05.2007 01:40

Represión policial en planta de Fargo

Moreno: fueron detenidos y procesados dos obreros

Argentina, 27.05.2007 01:11

Represión policial en planta de Fargo

Spies exposed in local activist groups

Aotearoa, 26.05.2007 23:10

The Christchurch Save Happy Valley (SHV) group, the Wellington Animal Rights Network (WARN) and Peace Action Wellington (PAW) have exposed corporate spies operating within their groups. In Christchurch, Ryan had been involved in the group for 7 months, while in Wellington Somali had been spying for around 2 years. The pair were employed by Thompson &amp; Clark Private Investigations Limited, an Auckland firm that specialises in "covert physical and electronic surveillance" and "political activism". In Ryan's case, the money came from Solid Energy, while in Somali's, it was likely to be the NZ Biotech Industry for WARN and the NZ Defence Industry Association for PAW. Frances Mountier, spokesperson for SHV Christchurch, said "It is shocking that a state owned enterprise would use such insidious and underhand tactics to undermine the public debate on climate change". "Thompson &amp; Clark are a leech-like company, feeding off political groups while making sure not to kill their main source of income" stated WARN spokesperson Mark Eden. "The companies which have hired them are engaging in disgraceful practices and continue to attempt to hide this from the public." The Save Happy Valley Coalition has previously exposed Thompson &amp; Clark on two occassions - in February 2006, people at the Happy Valley occupation came accross two T&amp;C spies on a ridgeline overlooking the campsite, while in September 2006 a camera with a powerful zoom lens was discovered at the start of the track into the Valley.

Tire Burning Plant: Corrupt St Helens City Officials Turn Deaf Ear to Citizen Concerns

Portland, 26.05.2007 11:39

Speculative industrialists are trying to foist a dirty, toxic tire burning plant upon the community of St Helens, just North of Portland. Despite an underhanded effort to sneak this in under the radar of public comment, hundreds of people showed up last week to register their strong opposition to the proposal. But it seems that corrupt and short-sighted city officials may have already made up their minds, long before the public was even informed about the project at all.

Reklaim Technologies wants to make a killing. Literally, it seems. "Recycling" tires is the next big thing. They say they can get just over a gallon of oil for every tire they burn. They call themselves "eco-friendly," and their website is decorated with pictures of trees and waterfalls and hiking boots. They say that their "patented pending process" will "improve the environment." Those who know bullshit when they see it will recognize this for what it is. It's a lie. A story, manufactured to quell public concerns about the highly toxic process that this company will be using. A lie that will pave the way to profits for Reklaim technologies.

photos from Washington County Peace Vigil May 23,2007

Portland, 26.05.2007 11:39

Over 50 people assembled at 5th and Hall in Beaverton last night. Of course, everyone was disappointed of the compromise with that the congress reached with Chimpy yesterday.We must continue to hold all elected officials accountable for the continued occupation of Iraq. Keith Olberman said it best last night: "The entire government has failed us in Iraq."

Demonstrators Offer “Spotted Owl Sampler Plate” to Market of Choice Customers

Portland, 26.05.2007 11:39

On Friday, May 25 at 12 Noon, Cascadia's Ecosystem Advocates (CEA), Cascadia Forest Defenders (CFD) and the UO's Forest Action held a citizen demonstration outside two Eugene Market of Choice stores (29th/Willamette and Coburg Road) to urge Market of Choice to stop banking with Umpqua Bank, whose board of directors is responsible for clearcutting and herbiciding hundreds of thousands of acres of Oregon's forests.

Despite Market of Choice's green, eco-friendly image, by continuing to bank with Umpqua Bank, they are complicit in the destruction of Oregon's precious forests and watersheds.

Field of Cows

Portland, 26.05.2007 11:39

I pass by this field every day on my way home. It's not important which one it is, it could be any field. It's a rolling, green pasture, sprinkled with spring flowers and bursting with rich, green grasses. There's a pear tree out in the middle, and a stream running through it. On one side, it runs along the river, and often geese gaggle along the shore, haughtily daring anyone to come too close. This time of the year, there are often eagles sitting in the trees near the shore. This is a beautiful and blessed place. But the most conspicuous residents are the cows.

Large, quiet, soft-eyed cows graze the grasses, blink somberly at the geese, and gaze into the fragrant, green light of spring. Heady, heavy thoughts are obviously on their minds. Joyful, spindly-legged calves trot along beside them now, their noses wet with the dew of new life, their eyes full of the wonder of a new day. I love these cows. The mothers and their babies gather in soft communion in the shade of the pear tree, and down along the coolness of the shallow stream. Wisdom and strength reverberate through the bones and hides of these ancient mothers' sturdy bodies, while joy and faith and exuberance ring out from their leaping, wide-eyed progeny.

transgender confronts tri-met

Portland, 26.05.2007 11:39

Here is the relevant text from the Union Grievance I plan to deliver to ATU 757 tomorrow:

Beginning in April 2001, Grievant experienced constant workplace bullying by individuals angry at her gender expression ("male-to-female transgender"). Grievant has filed several security complaints since April 2001. Tri-Met has made no effort to educate the public and its workforce as to appropriate restraint of discriminatory language and actions in the workplace. Tri-Met has exacerbated the suffering of Grievant by refusing doctor-ordered medical care. See City of Portland 23.01.050 (anti-discrimination), also ORS 659.030 ("... may not... discriminate in compensation, terms, conditions or privileges of employment... ").

The Truth Arrives in Sandy

Portland, 26.05.2007 11:39

Finally, a shipment of truth has arrived at the gates of hell, also known as Sandy, Oregon.

Today, almost two dozen copies of the excellent DVD, "28 Seconds, The Killing Of Fouad Kaady" were delivered to an unsuspecting city of Sandy, Oregon. May they live, and multiply, and maybe serve to educate those who are still foolish enough to believe that the cops are there to protect and to serve them. Oh, several other copies have been scattered hither and yon, as well. Estacada's brand new library has a copy, and there are more to follow. Please, if you manage to score a copy, if you have the means, burn a copy or ten, and spread the wealth. We can use all the help we can get, to illuminate the dark regions of Clackamas County.

And Now For Something Completely Different

San Diego, 26.05.2007 07:39

A mysterious do gooder on the loose in San Diego leaves a trail of happy neighbors in their wake.

I walked out to my car this morning and noticed immediately that it was sparkling clean! The entire exterior of my car was detailed by a random stranger in the middle of the night! I told the story to our local barista who informed me several people had been buzzing about this mysterious do gooder. A note was left on my windshield that read "It was the least I could do, have an excellent day!" It was signed The loving, Abel Magwitch...--Read More--

Comment by Tom Shirazi: I don't know specifically who this person is, but Abel Magwitch is a character from Great Expectations. The convict who ends up being Pips Benefactor. Clever, and very very cool.

Wilson H.S: Where have all the flowers gone?

Portland, 25.05.2007 22:38

Gone to broken ankles every one. When will they ever learn?

Wilson High School students planted marigolds in the shape of a peace sign on school property. The only one to confess is facing severe consequences. School officials claim that they don't object to the message of peace (yeah, right), just the "damage" to the grounds.

One student, senior Maggie Collins, has admitted to taking part in the planting. She now faces consequences which could prevent her from gaining admission to college. She will be expected to pay for damages or repair the grounds before receiving her diploma or transcripts. "I think it's sad that we're living in a society right now where you're teaching us to silence our voices," she said.

Interview done by a commentor with school officials : "It's in a courtyard and now we have 6 inch trenches of dirt and the kids are going to break their ankles playing frisbee now." What?! "They're going to break their ankles... on marigolds?" I asked. "The marigolds are all going to die, and then we're just going to have trenches of dirt, and then they will break their ankles," she replied. Seemed a little hyperbolic to me. I asked to speak with the principal, but was told she was busy.

Collins is planning a work party this weekend to patch things up (so to speak) at Wilson H.S. this Saturday @11am - 1151 SW Vermont St.

&quot;Dial-up is a thing of the past...&quot;: New Yorkers testify at Broadband Hearing

NYC, 25.05.2007 21:08

On Tuesday May 22, the second of five scheduled public hearings on the topic of broadband access in New York City took place at Brooklyn’s Borough Hall. The hearings are a product of Local Law 126, passed in 2005, which created a fifteen-member committee to hear testimony from community members and experts in all five boroughs on the topic of broadband access in New York City.

DobaDoza Performance at March 18 Antiwar Demonstration in SF

Santa Cruz, CA, 25.05.2007 09:13

On March 18th, Shannen and Patricia of the group DobaDoza performed in San Francisco at the International ANSWER rally and demonstration to commemorate the 4th anniversary of the invasion and occupation of Iraq. Both Shannen and Patricia are members of the Watsonville Autonomous Chapter of the Brown Berets. They were joined by a young member of the Berets, a middle school student who also DJ's, raps and sings for fun in his free time.

From the Newswire

Perth, 25.05.2007 07:40

Mal Brough is not God

Este sábado en el Centro cultural Libres del Sur

Argentina, 25.05.2007 04:09

Fiesta por el Canal Dario y Maxi

Este sábado, en el centro cultural Libres del Sur

Argentina, 25.05.2007 03:39


The Good Ol' Boys of the GOP – OUCH!

DC, 25.05.2007 03:10

Where are the Whigs when you need them? Forgive me, dear reader, for not stopping everything to immediately comment on the recent Republican presidential ‘debate’ in South Carolina. Frankly this cattle call production of Republican hopefuls was even more dismal than that of their Democratic counterparts, if that is possible. Fortunately I have been spending my time not commenting on the debate reading a book on the Age of Jackson…

Swarm on Congress actions nets arrest, harassment of bus

DC, 25.05.2007 03:10

On May 24, the Swarm on Congress continued with actions at the Dept of Injustice, the Cannon Building-and the Hart building again. In the Hart, a 75 year old activist was arrested on sight!

Freedom Caravan

Houston, 24.05.2007 23:39

Peoples Freedom Caravan brings voices from the South to the US Social Forum

Is Gavin Cheating on Community Choice Energy?

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.05.2007 22:43

On Wednesday, May 23, while the San Francisco Board of Supervisors reviewed the implementation plan of Community Choice Energy (CCE), the Green Guerrillas Against Greenwash staged a street theater performance outside City Hall. The performance included caricatures of Mayor Newsom and PiG&E being caught "in bed" by woman dressed as a giant windmill. Material distributed by the protesters highlighted Newsom's relationship with PG&E, including indirect campaign contributions totaling over $30,000 and his recent history of blowing off CCE events while publicly praising PG&E for their token "green" publicity events. CCE is the plan to run San Francisco on 51 percent renewable energies by 2017. It achieves this goal by dismantling PG&E's monopoly and allowing the city of San Francisco to bulk buy energy from independent producers.

G8 Heiligendamm: saremo ovunque!

Switzerland, 24.05.2007 22:07

Il Summit del G8 quest'anno si terrà dal 6 all'8 luglio a Heiligendamm in Germania.

Questo vertice è stato preceduto da un'insolita primavera tedesca fatta di sequestri preventivi ed arresti. A seguito di questa operazione a chiaro scopo intimidatorio, a Heiligendamm è stato imposto il divieto di manifestare ed è stata allestita un'insolita zona rossa.

Nel Nord della Germania sono stati preparati 3 Centri di Convergenza: ad Amburgo [de], Berlino [de en] e Rostock [de en fr].

L'agenda delle mobilitazioni di contestazione del vertice è fittissima.
Un blocco del G8 flessibile e mobile, una dinamica di mutuo appoggio tra le diverse forme e pratiche di lotta. Moltitudini che valorizzano le differenze e cooperano fra di loro.

:: Avvicinamento al G8 ::
[22.5] Il media center ha bisogno di soldi
[22.5] Aggiornamenti azioni No-G8
[17.5] Vietate dimostrazioni davanti il muro di Heiligendamm
[17.5] Presidio solidale al consolato tedesco di Lugano

Ascolta Smash the G8 1 | 2 | 3

:: Informazioni logistiche ::
cartine | camping [de|en|fr] | centri di accoglienza | treni dalla svizzera

:: Links in italiano ::
Globalproject | Gipfelsoli | Dissentnetzwerk

:: Links multilingue ::
Indymedia Germania | Indymedia Gran Bretagna | Dissent [en] | Block-G8 [de|en] | G8-2007 [de|en] | Heiligendamm 2007 [de|en] | G8-alternative [de|en|fr] | Nadir [en] |

:: Edizioni precedenti del G8 ::
San Pietroburgo 2006 | Scozia 2005 | Evian 2003

:: I giorni della protesta | aggiornamenti::
Agenda completa delle manifestazioni

Indymedia Cambridge Logo Competition

United Kingdom, 24.05.2007 21:09

With Tony's Decade of Darkness rapidly drawing to a close, the banner at the top of this page will soon become obsolete. And that's where you come in: we need you to put your creative talents to the test, and make up a new banner for Indymedia Cambridge. It doesn't matter what form your idea takes. Obviously, the closer to a finished product that we can just bung on the webpage the better, but if you just want to sketch out a doodle on a napkin, that's fine too.

There are few parameters. The size of the banner will have to be roughly the same size as the current one, and have a space somewhere to insert the words INDYMEDIA CAMBRIDGE. It also needs to contain the Indymedia logo (the 'i' with the radio waves). And finally, it would make sense to have some visual link to Cambridge. If you really want to show off, you could make sure the banner stretches with the width of the browser window.

When we were kicking this around the editorial office, we thought it'd be cool to have a famous Cambridge landmark like the Reality Checkpoint (pictured) or the cycle bridge over the railway line as the 'i', and then draw in the radio waves. But that's just one idea. Maybe you can come up with a better one.

Is there a prize for the winning entry, you ask? How about this: a year's free entry to Indymedia film screenings. Oh, and our eternal gratitude. So get your camera / inkpot / GIMPshop / napkin out and start creating.

You can send your ideas and contraptions to Cambridge Indymedia before 20 June or add your logo as a comment to this article. That will give us a week to put up scaffolding and hoist the new banner onto the top of our homepage.

May 27: Operation First Casualty - NYC

NYC, 24.05.2007 21:08

In an effort to illuminate the true reality of the conflict in Iraq, members of Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) will engage in a series of street theater actions around New York City on May 27.

Democrats sell-out over Iraq is now complete

NYC, 24.05.2007 21:08

The Democratic congressional leadership on Tuesday formally accepted a supplemental war-funding bill that abandons any timelines for withdrawing US troops from Iraq. The bill further gives President Bush the power to waive economic penalties should the Iraqi government fail to meet a series of “benchmarks” for stabilizing the country and opening up its oil resources to exploitation by American oil conglomerates.

The agreement is a full and abject capitulation by the Democratic Party to the Bush administration. It is the inevitable and predictable outcome of months of antiwar posturing by Democratic leaders.

Funcionarios provinciales se negaron a recibirlos

Argentina, 24.05.2007 19:11

Marcharon por mejoras en escuelas y reactivación del COE

Estaban trabajando en Avellaneda

Argentina, 24.05.2007 18:39

Detienen a 4 integrantes de La Rivolta

Sri Lankan Man Deported From Halifax

Maritimes, 24.05.2007 18:39

Community Delegation Accompanies Sri Lankan Man Facing Deportation; Targets Air Canada

Funcionarios provinciales se negaron a recibirlos

Argentina, 24.05.2007 18:09

Marcharon por mejoras en escuelas y reactivación del COE


Houston, 24.05.2007 18:08

Campecine showcases films by Latin@ youth

Contra la cumbre del G8

Argentina, 24.05.2007 15:39

Contra la cumbre del G8

NRC needs your help to recieve city funding for montessori school

Richmond, 24.05.2007 15:09

Dear NEIGHBORS, I have some exciting news! The Neighborhood Resource Center has been included in the City's upcoming budget, and we are set to receive $30,000 for the Montessori Pre-School program! BUT - we need your help to CONTACT THE MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL before they vote on the budget next Tuesday, May 29th. Let them know the NRC needs that money. see article on NRC's Montessori school


Valencia, 24.05.2007 14:37

El proper dijous 24 de maig, a les 20:00 hores, anem a concentrar-nos en la Plaça de l'Ajuntament de València per a exigir la clausura definitiva de la subestació de Patraix i el seu immediat trasllat a un emplaçament adequat, lluny de les zones residencials.
Subestación de Patraix: manifestación por el cierre del engendro ++ Subestación de Patraix: protesta ante el ministerio de industria ++ Subestación de Patraix: exigimos el cierre de la planta eléctrica YA ++ Subestación de Patraix: las autoridades esconden datos sobre la explosión ++ Subestación de Patraix: la "inocua" subestación ha explotado ++ Subestación de Patraix: la subestación ha explotado!!! ++ Subestación de Patraix: manifiesto del día de las telecomunicaciones ++ Subestación de Patraix: mani ahora mismo por el cierre del engendro!!

Dr David Ray Griffin in Ashland @ SOU May 24

Rogue Valley, 24.05.2007 12:40

ANNOUNCING: Dr David Ray Griffin
"Dean" of the 9-11 Truth Movement
Thursday, May 24, 2007 - SOU Britt Ballroom on the SOU Campus.
Doors open at 7:00pm

On Thursday, May 24, 2007, Dr. David Ray Griffin will discuss his latest
book entitled "Debunking 9/11 Debunking: An Answer to Popular Mechanics and
Other Defenders of the Official Conspiracy Theory" including a 30 minute post-discussion
Q & A session. Local author Mike Green with introduce Dr. Griffin.

Adi�s Eva (1928 ? 2007)

Euskal Herria, 24.05.2007 11:09

Desde Indymedia Euskalherria tambi�n queremos despedirnos de Eva Forest. Su lucha, su trabajo, su palabra, es su legado.

Eva Forest In Memorian

Art�culos publicados en IndyEH:

Kampf um Freiräume in Dijon

Germany, 24.05.2007 10:09

Am 19. Mai 2007 demonstrierten in Dijon über 400 Menschen für das räumungsbedrohte Autonome Zentrum « Les Tanneries ». Im Anschluss an die Demo wurde ein Park besetzt und ein Fest gefeiert. Abgesandte des Rathauses boten daraufhin eine Verlängerung der Duldung des selbstverwalteten Freiraumes bis 2011 an.

23.05.2007: Espace Autogéré des Tanneries in Dijon bleibt

Food not Bombs and Christchurch students reclaim public space

Aotearoa, 24.05.2007 08:10

On Friday 18 May, people gathered in Christchurch's Cashel/City Mall, at the “Hack Circle” to “reclaim” this public space from the clutches of Christchurch City Council (CCC) and the Business Community. Food NOT Bombs was there for the regular Friday lunchtime food sharing and to support this action.

The city council wants to reintroducve traffic into this pedestrian free space which students from the local high school and Food NOT Bombs activists say is an attempt to colonise public space.

Brown Berets on Immigration

Santa Cruz, CA, 24.05.2007 05:09

Ramiro writes: Human migration is a phenomenon as old as humanity. Throughout the ages humans have been known to migrate extensively all over the world. Indeed, it is migration which created human isolation and is therefore responsible for our current genetic differences and the makeup of the world today. One of the main theories in explaining the populating of Turtle Island is through migration of Asians along a temporary land bridge called the Bering Strait, although this theory is currently under much scrutiny.

Dam Nation: Dispatches from the Water Underground

Santa Cruz, CA, 24.05.2007 05:09

Grey water activists and editors Laura Allen and Cleo Woelfle-Erskine will be celebrating the release of the book, Dam Nation: Dispatches From The Water Underground, and facilitating an interactive workshop, Future Water Solutions, on May 24th at the Louden Nelson Community Center from 7:00 - 9:00 pm. You are invited to take a closer look at what individuals, communities, and municipalities are doing to reconnect to water cycles, and join a discussion of local and global issues.

Edited by the coauthors of the notorious zine The Guerrilla Graywater Girls Guide to Water, Dam Nation is a collection of original essays, drawings, and photographs. It is part radical history of water and part DIY guide to disengaging one's home, school, or workplace from the wasteful water grid. Read More

Audio: PeaceTalks: Laura Allen, editor of Dam Nation

Es hijo de una pareja de militantes e la Coordinadora Antirrepresiva del Oeste

Argentina, 24.05.2007 02:41

Secuestran y amenazan a un niño de 8 años

UCSC Admins Seek 3 year Suspension of Prominent Black Activist

Santa Cruz, CA, 24.05.2007 02:08

UC Activist Defense Committee writes: Administrators of the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) have announced their intention to "suspend" Alette Kendrick, a prominent Black activist, for a period of three years - in essence, a sentence of expulsion for the third year student. In response, Alette has immediately requested a formal hearing - her right under the school's judicial process - while supporters have organized a week of action culminating in a large rally on Thursday, May 24, featuring Angela Davis as a speaker.

Alette Kendrick asserts that she was racially and politically targeted as a Black woman at a student speak- out against the visiting UC Regents on October 18, 2006. To date, thousands of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and dozens of respected organizations agree. A letter, including 10 demands to defend Alette and combat an environment of racial violence and political repression on campus, has received the support of the official undergraduate student government (the Student Union Assembly), the African/Black Student Alliance, the T.A. union (UAW 2865), the campus chapter of the ACLU, the queer Network, and almost 20 different campus organizations. Additionally, support for Alette has come from the UC Student Association, the UC Santa Barbara student government, and UCSC's Grad Student Association.

Currently, UCSC administrators are denying Alette legal representation at her formal hearing, while still expecting her to cross-examine the police officers who assaulted her. This raises serious constitutional questions and is in the process of being appealed. Read More

see also: Defend Alette* Protect Free Speech* Fight Racism || A Personal Narrative By Alette Kendrick || UC Activist Defense Committee

SOS desde la Federación Estatal de Asociaciones de Inmigrantes y Refugiados en España Delegación en Fuerteventura

Canarias, 24.05.2007 00:14


Desde la Federación Estatal de Asociaciones de Inmigrantes y Refugiados en España Delegación en Fuerteventura, a través de su Presidenta y Coordinadora doña Cristina Chongo Waya con el respaldo de toda su junta directiva y socios, os hacemos llegar este comunicado.

Hace unos cuantos años que la comunidad autonómica de canarias y en particular la isla de Fuerteventura, Las Palmas de Gran Canarias y Tenerife vine sufriendo un trato deplorable por parte de la dirección insular de estas islas hacia todos los inmigrantes que atienden vulnerando en gran parte todos sus derechos.

Pero la causa por la cual os hacemos llegar este comunicado, es por la larga cola que innumerables inmigrantes tienen que hacer para tan solo presentar y solicitar información sobre los trámites que han de realizar para su regularización tanto para ellos como para sus familiares ante las delegaciones de gobierno de estas islas.

Por ello la Federación Estatal de Asociaciones de Inmigrantes y Refugiados en España Delegación en Fuerteventura os pide, a todas las personas, Asociaciones, ONGs etc., que antes del 27 de Mayo de 2007, unamos nuestras fuerzas para exigir, mediante el dialogo, al delegado de Gobierno y todos los organismos competentes en la materia de extranjería, Derechos Humanos, etc., que pongan fin a este calvario mencionado anteriormente y el cumplimiento total de la ley de extranjería.

Y si no se facilita soluciones inmediatas por parte de la delegación del gobierno, utilizar todos los medios legales que nos ofrece vivir en un país democrático ya que esta situación no solo esta afectando a la población migratoria sino también a la población autóctona de estas islas.

Leer más en
Leer más en Indymedia Canarias

Ver también el sitio de FERINE

Empty Buildings, Crowded Shelters, and You

NYC, 24.05.2007 00:11

Vacant properties don’t just hurt the people who are forced to remain homeless while apartments languish.

Justice for Sean Bell

NYC, 24.05.2007 00:11

The undersigned New York City Legal Aid attorneys and support staff believe that the indictment of three police officers, for the fatal shooting of Sean Bell in a hail of 50 bullets, is too little and too late.

Climate Camp To Target Heathrow

United Kingdom, 23.05.2007 22:39

Last summer, over 600 people converged outside Drax coal-fired power station for 10 days of sustainable living and collective education, culminating in a day of mass action against Drax. This year, the Camp for Climate Action will pitch its tents near Heathrow airport.

There will be a day of mass direct action aiming to disrupt the activities of the airport and the aviation industry, but in the interests of public safety there will be no attempt to blockade runways.

Although the location is different, the philosophy of the camp remains the same: to be a place for the burgeoning network of people taking radical action on climate change around the country to come together for a week of low-impact living, education, debate, networking, strategising, celebration, and direct action. The camp will feature over 100 workshops covering topics such as climate change impacts, carbon offsetting, biofuels, peak oil, permaculture, practical renewables, campaign strategy, skills for direct action, and much more. Run without leaders by everyone who comes along, it will be a working ecological village using renewable energy, composting waste and sourcing food locally.

Voices Of Republicanism

Ireland, 23.05.2007 21:08

An indyradio documentary 'Voices of Republicanism' ...

Three students begin march across America to oppose war

San Francisco Bay Area, 23.05.2007 19:39

After a brief press conference on May 22nd in front of San Francisco's City Hall, three students embarked on a "March for Peace" yesterday with the intent of walking every step of over 3,000 miles across North America. If all goes to plan, they will arrive in Washington DC in late August.

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