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June 24th: Impeachment Town Hall Meeting in Seattle

Seattle, 29.05.2007 03:40

Elizabeth de la Vega, David Lindorff and Phil Burke will be speaking at--Our Constitution in Crisis: A Call to Action"

Sunday, June 24th, 1-5 p.m.
at Pigott Auditorium, Seattle University.
Doors open at 12:00 noon.

Suggested donation $10.00.

Critical Mass Celebrates Cycling Lifestyle and Amazes Visitors

Seattle, 29.05.2007 03:40

Like precision clockwork, the monthly Critical Mass event took place on the final Friday evening of the month. Part art, part activism, but mostly fun the event celebrates the cycling lifestyle and a more likely acceptable form of city transportation as oil prices raise and gasoline fuel for cars becomes much less affordable. However, Critical Mass does not assert any particular agenda.

Dwight and Sharon were visiting from Oregon and were resting in Seattle’s Westlake Park when the bicyclers started gathering. Sharon simply quips, “It is neat and interesting.” It is a true enough statement to describe an extraordinary event. They have never witnessed anything like this. As the bikers rode off west on Pine, they scrambled to top of the stage to watch with amusement as the throng joyfully headed into evening traffic.

June 4-6: Protest War Contractors in Tacoma

Seattle, 29.05.2007 03:40

This is a call to NW activists to mobilize in Tacoma for a war contractor exhibit that will be visiting our city within the next two weeks. The defense industry has registered for a trade show at the Greater Tacoma Convention Center, June 4-6 billed as "SpecOps West 2007 ExpoTrade Show and Symposium" at which it will share new tachnologies and products for "today's war fighter." There will be approximately 75 exhibitors including Lockheed Martin, Nortrop Grumman, and Raytheon.

We will protest outside the trade center each day. Come express your outrage that NW cities are using our facilities to glorify war and destruction. Our cities cannot keep using our ports and convention centers to promote war and atrocities against other people. Come prepared for anything. Affinity groups welcome.


-Monday June 4 @ 4pm
-Tuesday June 5 @ 12pm
-Wednesday June 4 @ 12pm
Greater Tacoma Convention and Trade Center
1500 Broadway, Tacoma, WA 98402

Wherever you are in the northwest, please come. We can find you a place to sleep. See you there!

&quot;Drown it in a bathtub!&quot; - The Jackson Co. Library System

Rogue Valley, 29.05.2007 02:11


Grover Norquist is the right wing mover and shaker who is famous for his widely quoted comment that he wants to shrink government "down to the size where we can drown it in the bathtub."

Corporate newspaper whore, the Medford Mail Tribune produced its Saturday 5/26/07 edition as a HUGE front page advertisement for LSSI. LSSI is the company that wants to run OUR Jackson County Library System. The mail Tribune's "news" is a sham as this smoke and mirrors' story could just as easily been written by Grover Norquist himself.

Here is the story, front page above the fold and with lots of big black ink. Read it and weep.

Outside contractor for libraries?
In possible alternative, Maryland firm would run operations

Independent socialists and electoralism as a strategy

Ireland, 29.05.2007 01:11

Croutons, ninjas and posterboys, an anarchist's el ...

Protests in Germany against the G8 summit

Aotearoa, 29.05.2007 00:14

Over 5,000 people marched through Hamburg against the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) and the G8 summit. When the route was all settled with police the march started. The march was led by a "black block" of over 1,0000. In Germany it is illegal to cover your face but everyone dressed in black with hoods, hats and sunglasses.

Flares and fireworks were let off along the way.The police peppersprayed the crowd and the march was stopped by water cannons several times but then went on again. The organisers finally decided to end the march early as a protest over police tactics. There had been arrests and other harassment. The march began to disperse but the cops blocked the street. People tried to break through the lines then eventually sat down in the street. Dozens of people were arrested today.

Small demonstrations formed and riots erupted around the left-wing district of Hamburg. At one stage, a cop lost the plot and, after his car was attacked by protesters, he pulled out his gun to fire a shot in the air. A paint bomb was thrown at him and he got back into his car and drove away.

More: Report | Photos | Timeline 28.5.07 | |

G8 Protests: No To Imperialist Globalization!

Cleveland, 29.05.2007 00:10

Protests Against G8 Summit in Germany

Convocatoria abierta Indymedia Buenos Aires

Argentina, 28.05.2007 23:09

Convocatoria abierta Indymedia Buenos Aires

Fresnan's Demand Police Accountability

San Francisco Bay Area, 28.05.2007 19:40

The Central California Criminal Justice Committee is working to establish an Independent Police Auditor in Fresno. Momentum is building as the Tuesday, June 5 Fresno City Council meeting approaches where this issue will be discussed. Funding for an IPA is in the mayor's proposed budget, but a majority of city council members have indicated they are opposed to greater transparency in the police department.

Boston Youth Coalition Marches Downtown Demanding Funding and Summer Jobs from City Hall

Boston, 28.05.2007 19:10

"We are asking you now, because next year we might not be here" May 25, 2007 BOSTON, MA [DOWNTOWN] – Over 200 Boston teens and youth workers marched through downtown on their way to City Hall, where eleven youth delivered moving testimony inside the Council Chambers, during the Council's hearing regarding the City's Summer Job program.

PORT TO CLOSE ON MAY DAY - Troqueros Declare Victory!

LA, 28.05.2007 19:10

PORT TO CLOSE ON MAY DAY - Troqueros Declare Victory!


LA, 28.05.2007 19:10


Thousands Demonstrate at Downtown Anti-war Protest

LA, 28.05.2007 19:10

Thousands Demonstrate at Downtown Anti-war Protest

Protesters Shutdown Hollywood Army Recruitment Center

LA, 28.05.2007 19:10

Protesters Shutdown Hollywood Army Recruitment Center

Peace Activists Protest Israel Aggression

LA, 28.05.2007 19:10

Peace Activists Protest Israel Aggression

Peace Vigils Held Throughout Los Angeles

LA, 28.05.2007 18:38

Peace Vigils Held Throughout Los Angeles

Stop the War Protests in LA and OC

LA, 28.05.2007 18:38

Stop the War Protests in LA and OC


LA, 28.05.2007 18:38


Michael Albert Video Talk- Remembering Tomorrow: From SDS to Life After Capitalism

Boston, 28.05.2007 18:09

May 8th 2007 - This is a video of Michael Albert speaking at the Harvard Coop about his new book Remembering Tomorrow: From SDS to Life After Capitalism. He starts by talking about the major differences and obstacles to organizing a mass movements today as compared to the 1960s.


LA, 28.05.2007 18:09


Report Back: 5/23 New York Is Our Home Rally and March

NYC, 28.05.2007 17:38

On Wednesday, May 23rd, and estimated 7,000 people, representing over 90 community and tenant organizations tenant rallied outside of Stuyvesant Town for the launch of the New York is Our Home Affordable Housing Campaign.

Photos: Operation First Casualty

NYC, 28.05.2007 17:09

The Iraqi and Afghanisan Vets Against the War staged street theater all over Manhattan designed to show New Yorkers what it was like living under a military occupation.


Argentina, 28.05.2007 15:11

Escrache a Carlos Lucena, responsable de crímenes de lesa humanidad en Catamarca

Imperial Disinformation: The Guardian's Iran/Iraq Coverage

United Kingdom, 28.05.2007 12:39

On 22nd May, 2007, the front page of The Guardian was taken up by pro-war propaganda, designed to prepare public opinion to accept that war with Iran is an inevitable next step in the Anglo-American 'war on terror'. Simon Tisdall's high-profile piece claimed that Iran has secret plans to do nothing less than wage war on, and defeat, American and British forces in Iraq by August.

Last February, Indymedia UK published a feature on MI6 Iran disinformation being run by The Telegraph and the BBC [ 1 | 2 ], "the British mainstream media are now reflexively boosting the US claim that Iran presents a threat to the West". The feature also contains more details about the looming war and what it's really about.

Guardian Disinfo Newswire Articles: Guardian promotes Bush administration war propaganda against Iran | Pentagon Propaganda Occupies the Guardian's Front Page | Guardian at the Gates: Surging Toward War With Iran | The Grauniad: An Unlimited Conduit for US-UK's War Propaganda | CASMII Strongly Criticises the Guardian for Anti-Iranian Article

Police Accused of Harassing Critical Mass

Bristol, 28.05.2007 11:08

Well attended event ends in policing controversy and arrests Well attended event ends in policing controversy and arrests The Critical Mass in Bristol on Friday ended in arrests and a debate here as to the policing of the event. Meanwhile, Kaleb writes; Critical Mass yesterday was phenomenal. I think we had over 100 participants and it was flowing beautifully for about 40 minutes... Then of course some drivers, three I think, all got a bit impatient all at once and a couple of cyclists were knocked over, 14 police cars an ambulance and a riot van, two arrests later, tail backs from the Fountains right up past Stokes Croft... all got a bit nasty. It will be interesting to see if the press have anything to say and what the police presence is next time...Just to be clear though, whilst there was quite a lot going on as far as I am aware at least one of those arrested got stuck in to the fracas after the police arrived and had nothing to do with the ride itself, and neither of the cyclists who were hit behaved inappropriately at any point. No motorists were arrested and the police let one hit and run driver leave the scene without formally recording an accident, despite him having deliberately rammed a cyclist and ruined his bicycle. So, people, I understand there will be another ride on the 29th of May. Meet 5.30pm at the Fountains, leave at 6pm. Those of you who aren't at Glastonbury that is. The more reasonable cyclists that attend the better we can create a good organic flow and have a safe and effective ride to celebrate cycling. Full article & comments.| This Friday - 25th of May - Critical Mass | Bristol's Critical Mass Discouraged by Authorities | Legal Clarification – Critical Mass Is Not Illegal (Uk Indymedia) | Critical Mass (on|Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar


Argentina, 28.05.2007 07:40

“El coqueo es un derecho que reafirma la identidad”

Colapso del servicio de transporte ferroviario

Argentina, 28.05.2007 05:40

Cuando los trenes te privan del derecho a volver a casa

Día Internacional de Acción por la Salud de las Mujeres

Argentina, 28.05.2007 05:13

¡Ni una muerta más!

Día Internacional de Acción por la Salud de las Mujeres

Argentina, 28.05.2007 05:12

¡Ni una muerta más!

From the Newswire: Dawn Raids in Northland

Aotearoa, 28.05.2007 03:10

On Wednesday 23 May, the New Zealand Immigration Service carried out a series of raids on hostels and backpackers across Northland. The officers involved took part in room-to-room searches, kicking people out of showers and arresting and deporting at least three workers who did not have the right papers. Roadblocks were set up and people were questioned on their way to work.

"One hostel owner was surprised at the timing of this years NZIS operation as 6-8 weeks of work still remain. He suspected that a recent govt policy to use Kiwi's and Pacific Islanders for seasonal work was the impetus behind the suddeness and large scale of this years raid."

World Press Freedom Is in the Eyes &amp; Ears of the Beholder

NYC, 28.05.2007 03:08

Representing half a million media professionals around the world on behalf of the International Federation of Journalists was Judith Matloff, a Professor at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, and a member of the International News Safety Institute. Professor Matloff implored the international community to uphold UN Security Council Resolution 1738 which prohibits the killing and targeting of media, and protects free speech and freedom of the press globally... In a followup conversation by telephone on May 25, I asked Prof Matloff for her opinion on how UNSCR 1738 applies to Lebanon's Al Manar TV and the LMG communications network- Lebanese media outlets bombed by Israel during the 2006 war, and officially censored as a "terrorist organization" by the US Congress.


NYC, 28.05.2007 03:08

West Point anti-war protest became interesting when a small group of Pro-War Pro Busher’s tried with microphones and insults to drown out the voices that spoke truth to power. I was actually assaulted by one of the Scripture Quoting counter demonstrators. I crossed the street and was punched in the kidney numerous times. The police would not allow my husband or son to come to my defense. I have been going to protests my whole life and never saw a more vicious bunch of animals then those counter protesters today."

Photos: Protest and Counterprotest At West Point

NYC, 28.05.2007 03:08

A group of about 200 anti-war protesters and about 50 pro-war protesters squared off in the town of Highland Falls just outside of the United States Military Academy at West Point.

Reportback: Support at Wilson High

Portland, 28.05.2007 02:43

A "small" work force arrived about 9:30 a.m. That was the last time that the word "small" could be applied to the community that showed up in support of Maggie, Daniel, and all of their un named associates in dissent. By the time that was designated (11:00 a.m.), at least a hundred folks were present.

The first thing that became apparent to all of us, is just how little the school officials cared about the entire detail: All access gates to the school were chained and locked, a situation that is not normal, according to many who walk or play there every week end. This was an obvious attempt to keep the work detail small as the administration had predicted. No, it did not accomplish it's intention. Wheelbarrows were brought from homes, and we wheeled the donated sod from the street, up the hill to the quad, a distance of about three hundred yards. Dedicated rebels are not going to be silenced or discouraged, no matter how many stinkin fences you put in our way!


Previous Articles: Wilson H.S. peace sign planter: "'re teaching us to silence our voices" | Peace signs are terrorism!?!?!?

G8 Reportback from Germany

Portland, 28.05.2007 01:39

Report from Germany #1: Story from Hamburg: As my plane landed in Hamburg a lightning bolt almost hit it. I was looking out the window and saw the bolt streak down barely 300 feet from the plane. I landed without being blown to pieces, which was nice. However, I sincerely hope it is not an omen.

Never having been to Germany, Hamburg appeared to me as an anarchist paradise. Political graffiti was everywhere. You can identify people like you by sight. And the Rote Flora, the convergence center for Hamburg, is incredible. An old theatre from the 1800's, it is now a political center/squat with dozens of rooms all for specific things. There also a bike shop. Take the best community bike shop in the US and amplify it 100% and you will understand. Which brings me to the Critical Mass... There well over 200 of us, probably more. Every time I looked backwards I could not see the end. We were pursued by a dozen green vans. When they thought they had us, black and green clad cops streamed out of the vans. But we always got away, thanks to the sidestreets. The filming on the part of the cops is a lot more intense than it is in the states and it is big concern for the people in Hamburg, now that they are being called terrorists by their government, just as we will be soon.

The next day, it turned out that after the St. Pauli football game there was a riot. Things were thrown, the bullen let loose the water from their cannons and there was a standoff near the Rote Flora. On Monday the EU is having its Asia summit and things will get really crazy. When I can I'll get as much information out as possible. Until then, remind your friends that something is about to happen in Germany. Their biggest weapon is the suppresion of information and they use it well. The only way to counter it is to spread it all ourselves. Perhaps what is happening here can give you some form of hope. It is giving me hope.


Another story from Hamburg:

There was a student demonstration today, protesting the EU's desire to privatize education. We all met at one of the university plazas and waited until we had enough people. On the way there I felt my weak American heart sink at the sight of 25 police vans waiting outside the university. When we marched out of there we only got a few hundred feet into the city before we were stopped. The police were saying that the permitted student march could not proceed because there were people against the G8 amongst the crowd. They boxed us in completely all the way into the inner city. When we got to the inner city, where most of the tourists and monied types and big banks and shopping centers are, we found barricades and water cannons all around us. The German media reported that there will be snipers on the rooftops when the EU ASEM summit takes place in order to "protect the delegates". I'll try and get people out here to send video and their accounts to the US.


Related Articles: German Police Opens Thousends Of Letters Of Suspected G8 Activists | Anti-G8 Filmfest and Informational | G8, Germany: Soldiers Against Protesters | German cops will track G8 crusties by their smell | Security Fence going in around G8 Hotel/Restaurant | Solidarity for the Köpi squat in Berlin! Evictions planned June 15/16


Uruguay, 28.05.2007 01:09

Nunca más terrorismo de Estado

Colapso del servicio de transporte ferroviario

Argentina, 28.05.2007 00:38

Cuando los trenes públicos te privan del derecho de volver a casa

Okupación e desaloxo da Panificadora en Vigo

Galiza, 28.05.2007 00:15

O reflexivo sábado 26 de maio desenrolouse unha acción de okupación dun emblemático complexo industrial do centro de Vigo.

Indiviudos procedentes de toda Galiza participaron da acción que pretende por en evidencia tanto o proceso de especulación como o abandono que sofre este céntrico espazo, o cal pensase adicar a "outro" centro comercial e a vivendas (das cales _ningunha_ sera de protección oficial, negociuse o seu cambio por 400 metros cadrados de parque... esperemos que nos permitan durmir nos bancos)

Rekuperemos os edificios abandoados, ocupemos os espazos que precisamos:

Para desenvolver actividades sociais, para vivendas... para ter o modelo de cidade que desexamos

[[Crónica da okupaçom colectiva]] [[Okupación en Vigo]]

Report back from Painesville- immigrants raids and protest

Cleveland, 27.05.2007 19:08

Report back from Painesville- Immigrants Raids and Protest

B52 Two: Not Guilty

United Kingdom, 27.05.2007 18:09

On 22th May 2007, the trial of two Oxford peace activists Philip Pritchard and Toby Olditch (known as the 'B52 Two') concluded with the jury returning a unanimous verdict of not-guilty in less than three hours [1] | [2]. The two were charged with 'conspiring to cause criminal damage' at RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire on 18 March 2003 when they tried to safely disable US B52 bombers to prevent them from bombing Iraq. The court heard the two men acted to prevent damage to life and property in Iraq, and war crimes by the aggressors. During the trial the prosecution accepted that even delaying the bombers would have prevented civilian casualties, as it would have allowed those fleeing cities more time to escape.

Links: B52 Two website | B52 Two trial blog | Wikipedia on B52 bombers

On the newswire: the B52 TWO - Bristol Crown Court | B52 two in Bristol Crown Court | US War Crimes in Iraq on Trial in Bristol Crown Court | B52 two face retrial after jury fails to reach verdict | B52 disarmers on trial this week | Now It's The Turn Of The 'B52 Two' To Face Trial | Trial of the 'B52 Two' Peace Activists begins in Bristol Crown Court, 2 October | Video - B52 Two Vigil at Gloucester Prison

Further coverage: Bristol Indymedia | Schnews on the B52 two victory

Common Ground: Black Flags and Windmills

Austin, 27.05.2007 17:38

The conversations about Common Ground Collective/Relief in New Orleans are always interesting. When I meet people who came to CG I never know if I am going to hear about the worst—or the best—time of their lives. I think it depended on when, where, or how you came in as well as what your expectations were. But one thing is clearly emerging it has had a deep effect on many grassroots movements and groups within the U.S. in it’s brief history. What will this look like in the future? Common Ground was an experience within the devastation of the gulf that will take years to sort out internally as well as publicly by many. I wanted to add some small fragmented perspective from my point of view to the dialog. A Rough House Is Built Common Ground IS NOT the same organization we co-founded at the kitchen table in 2005 after the levees gave away. I look at the 'heyday' of that phase to have ended within the first year, and then it moved towards a service organization only model—with less radical analysis and more 'non-profit' type work and structures. That is not to say that 'anarchist' or anti-authoritarian elements didn't still exist or weren't dreamed of, but they were not as valued or supported by the open white volunteer base that was coming through.

Preparing for martial law in the United States

Miami, 27.05.2007 17:08

Preparing for martial law in the United States


Uruguay, 27.05.2007 14:39

Nunca más terrorismo de estado

Big Bike Blessing - Another great Glasgow Critical Mass

Scotland, 27.05.2007 13:10

About 80 cyclists came out to the Big Bike Blessing on this sunny evening in Glasgow. The priest from the church of the Holly Bikes were sent by St Cycle to help cyclists realize that by ridding their bikes they are actually saving the city dwellers and the planet at the same time. Every cyclists was praised as a hero, a savior for they are the only ones that can help this oil driven economy. They are the only ones that can bring fresh air to the contaminated city. They are the ones taking action on a daily bases no matter where they are from, what their religion might be, or what their profession is. The bike will save us. AMEN!

The World says: “Hands Off John Bowden!”

Scotland, 27.05.2007 13:10

Friday 25th May marked the first International Day of Solidarity in support of John Bowden and in defence of the ABC. John is a long-term prison resister, who has spent more than a quarter of a Century fighting for prisoners’ rights, and is now being kept in jail because of his politics rather than because of his original conviction.

Hamburg G8 Critical Mass

Germany, 27.05.2007 13:09

Some 300 people to the streets of Hamburg on 25 May, 2007, in a Critical Mass cycle protesting against the upcoming G8 summit. Police vans tried to break up the ride by driving into and standing in front of them, but protesters managed to disrupt the traffic in the city centre during rush hour. Cops then followed smaller groups of cyclists to 'disperse' them. 12 people were arrested and held for several hours.

Reports: 1 | 2 | 3 | Pics | Video

Aboriginal Sovereignty

Perth, 27.05.2007 10:39

1967 Referendum - still nothing to celebrate!

Nano Expo at Nottingham Uni

United Kingdom, 27.05.2007 09:38

On 16-17th May a 'Nano Expo' took place at the East Midlands Conference Centre, University of Nottingham. Nanotechnology is hailed as the new technological fix for the world's problems by certain scientists, but there are serious issues with the technology itself and the way it is being developed.

The Nano Expo site says that the event is: "Designed to bring together key industrialists and researchers in the field of micro- and nanotechnology. Leading international speakers will contribute to parallel sessions targeted at both commercial and scientific audiences." There are some of us who are less excited about this new technology and think that such conferences should be protested.

Links Nano expo website |

Articles: Nanotech: Corporations make money, government ducks issue, public takes the risk | Time to make your voice heard on nanotech regulation | Protest at Nano-tech conference, Oxford | Nanoparticle based spray recalled after 80 made ill

Upcoming Events

Portland, 27.05.2007 06:38

Last Schumacher Furs Saturday protest tomorrow (slight time change) A slight change from previous weeks, instead of meeting at 1:00 we will meet at 2:30. The end time will still be 5:00 or whenever they close for the day. Please join us for the entire 2.5 hours, or a few minutes or just to stop and say hello. [more]

EF! Troubadour Darryl Cherney plays benefit for Grandmother Aggie in So Oregon 5/26 Infamous Earth First! Troubadour Darryl Cherney, along with his band the "Patriot Act" (formerly the Chernobyls) will be performing at Grandmother Aggie's benefit in Takilma on Saterday the 26th at 8:30 PM. [more]

End the Occupation March / Vigil, Waterfront Park, Memorial Day, Portland, Oregon Meeting at the Waterfront Fountain, Standing quietly to Honor Our Fallen Soldiers, And Honor in solidarity the ones whom served in the Past that are still with us. Then Marching to end the Occupation at 1:30 p.m. down to the Korean War Memorial. [more]

Anti-G8 Filmfest and Informational May 30th 5-7pm, Portland State Universiaty RM 298. We will be showing 2 films and have updates on events at G8 meeting in Germany June 6th thru 8th. June 6th 2:30-4:30pm, Portland State University RM 238. Updates and video footage from events currently going at G8 in germany (June 6-8) and film on FTAA (free trade agreement of the americas). [more]

Impeachment Discussion in Portland Impeachment is on the table on June 2, 2007, at the Friends Meeting House, 4312 SE Stark, Living Earth Gatherings ( at its monthly potluck. The potluck starts at 6:30, and the impeachment discussion part at 7:45 to 9:00 p.m. Earth Gatherings asks a $5 donation of attendees. [more]

War Contractor Exhibit in Tacoma This is a call to NW activists to mobilize in Tacoma for a war contractor exhibit that will be visiting our city within the next two weeks. The defense industry has registered for a trade show at the Greater Tacoma Convention Center, June 4-6 billed as "SpecOps West 2007 ExpoTrade Show and Symposium"... [more]

Review of Finding Common Ground in New Orleans

Portland, 27.05.2007 06:38

[this played at Hollywood Theatre may 24] The context of this film is important: Hurricane Katrina and its after math are supposed to be resolved issues now... The mainstream media is more likely to approach New Orleans now as a story of statistics, (how many people have returned), of the allocation of federal relief money and the problems associated with that, of developer's dreams for the city, etc...These are all important issues, but they don't give a continuing, lasting picture of the Dust Bowl-like tragedy of the Gulf Coast region in the aftermath of Katrina.

From what I remember, Katrina was presented as a regional story, and not something that affects all of us in this country. Walidah's film gives the on-the-ground perspective that I, personally, haven't seen on the topic of post-Katrina New Orleans, save for one or two Nation articles, and possibly some other journalists' reports. We all need to sense what it's like to drive (or walk) through a landscape of chaos like that, passing by military vehicles.

Far from being a resolved matter, post-Katrina New Orleans is a matter that needs to be continually looked at from new perspectives such as the one that this film brings. Thanks to Walidah and Suncere for presenting the two films and for the after-film discussion.

Comment: I thought the discussion afterwards was very powerful as well. My favorite memory was Walidah's statement to the effect of "A lot of people believe that the US Government blew the levy. It's important to recognize that that is something that people not only in New Orleans, but all over the country are willing to believe very easily, given the daily lived experience of black folks. Whats most important, is that it doesn't really matter whether or not the US Government specifically acted to blow the levvies, fifty years of neglect, knowing that a category five-storm would blow them, the outcome is exactly the same. They just managed to save themselves that certain amount of dynamite or c4 that they can instead drop on Iraq."

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