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Flotillas Of Hope

20.06.2004 08:01

Flotilla crosses into Nauru

Human Rights Flotilla prepares to enter Fortress Nauru

Melbourne IMC, 20.06.2004 05:10

Update: The flotilla has turned back to Australia.

Flotilla crews of the Eureka and One Off prepare to confront an Australian Police blockade of Nauru. In a letter Nauru public relations spins intention to blockade flotilla. Previously, the Nauru Government signalled its intention to suspend the Conventions of the Law of the Sea by seizing the Flotilla boats and imprisoning its crews. The Flotilla of Hope have sailed 4,000 kms to Australia's internment camp on Nauru to protest against the Australian Government's detention of those who arrive in Australia by boat and without papers. Imprisoning asylum seekers is costing the Australian taxpayer $400,000 per day.

In a statement for World Refugees Day, June 20th, the flotilla crew brings messages of hope and teddy bears for the asylum seekers on Nauru, which includes 74 children. Read Stavros Logs: 19 June, 12 June, 30 May, Ruth and Nerida's Log 18 June, Ruth's Log 11 June.

On Nauru seven Iraqi Asylum seekers are on hunger strike. Three of those have been admitted to hospital and were rehydrated and have since rejoined the strike. The hunger strike has now been going for five days.

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18 haziran

Istanbul, 20.06.2004 00:15

18 Haziran - Anti NATO Eylemleri

18 haziran

Istanbul IMC, 20.06.2004 00:15

18 Haziran - Anti NATO Eylemleri


Istanbul IMC, 20.06.2004 00:09

Biyoteknoloji End��stri Kongresi protestolarla engellendi

19 Haziran

Istanbul IMC, 20.06.2004 00:09

19 Haziran - Anti NATO Eylemleri


Istanbul IMC, 20.06.2004 00:06

Bergama i��me sularında arsenik

17 Haziran

Istanbul IMC, 19.06.2004 23:59

17 Haziran - Anti NATO Eylemleri


Istanbul IMC, 19.06.2004 23:58

Polis baskınları s��r��yor!

Flotilla prepares to enter Fortress Nauru

19.06.2004 23:56

Crews of the Eureka and One Off prepare to confront an Australian Police blockade of Nauru. In a letter Nauru public relations spins intention to blockade flotilla. Previously, the Nauru Government signalled its intention to suspend the Conventions of the Law of the Sea by seizing the Flotilla boats and imprisoning its crews. The Flotilla of Hope have sailed 4,000 kms to Australia's internment camp on Nauru to protest against the Australian Government's detention of those who arrive in Australia by boat and without papers. Imprisoning asylum seekers is costing the Australian taxpayer $400,000 per day.

On Nauru seven Iraqi Asylum seekers are on hunger strike. They have been admitted to hospital and for rehydration and have since rejoined the strike. The hunger strike has now been going for seven days.

In a statement for World Refugees Day, June 20th, the flotilla crew brings messages of hope and teddy bears for the asylum seekers on Nauru, which includes 74 children. Read Stavros Logs: 19 June, 12 June, 30 May, Ruth and Nerida's Log 18 June, Ruth's Log 11 June.

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Freedom Of Movement

19.06.2004 22:18

Refugee Advocates Successful in Media Challenge

Floats like a Butterly, Stings like a Bee

Indymedia Ireland, 19.06.2004 04:19

Interview and profile of Caoimhe Butterly who is holding a 14-day hunger strike in protest against Cement Roadstone Hauling's alleged involvement in the building of the Apartheid Wall. From the Newswire: Twenty-five year-old Caoimhe Butterly is used to attracting media attention. On November 27th 2002 the Guardian newspaper ran an in-depth interview with the human rights activist who had just suffered a gun shot wound from the hands of Israeli soldiers while out protesting in the streets of Jenin. That year also saw her profiled in TIME Europe magazine as a true 21st century hero. Butterly however finds the coverage embarrassing, and can�t help recoiling when reminded. �It was such a badly written article,� she cringed when questioned about The Guardian piece. Butterly nevertheless welcomes the media interest, not for her personally, but for the causes she supports so wholeheartedly. As Indymedia first reported last Thursday, she has been camped outside the offices of Cement Roadstone Holdings (CRH), undergoing a 14-day hunger strike. The hunger strike has been initiated in an attempt to focus attention on direct Irish complicity in the construction of the Apartheid Wall, which violates International Law and contributes to grave human rights violations of the Palestinian people. C.R.H. own a 25% stake in the Mashav Group, an Israeli holding company for Nesher Cement, which is the sole provider of cement in Israel. Ammnesty International recently stated that �C.R.H., through it�s subsidiaries Mashav and Nesher is likely to be providing the raw material of the fence/wall..if so, it would contravene the U.N. norms on the responsibilities of Transnational Corporations and other Business Enterprises with regard to Human Rights(2003).� As ordinary people have been busying their minds with the elections/referendum, Butterly has helped place the ongoing suffering in Palestine back to the forefront of people�s consciences. Original Report (with pictures) of the start of her fast Latest Update (from redjade) After 14 days Caoimhe ends fast Other Links: Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign Amnesty Urges CRH to Explain Its Role on Israeli Wall 19th Feb 2004 IPSC Demands CRH Answer Questions on Apartheid Wall - May 23rd, 2004 Vincent Browne's piece in the Business Post on CRH's interesting dealings �This has always been an issue that people in Ireland have cared deeply about,� she says. �The Irish people have always had sympathy with the human rights violations in Palestine.� She does have a tinge of regret about not being registered to vote on Friday last, but has no regrets regarding her arduous 14-day hunger strike. �I�ve done it before,� she states placidly. �And when you�ve seen what goes on over there as I�ve done then you quickly realise that your pain is nothing compared to theirs.� She has though has to endure a fair degree of, if not pain then certainly discomfort so far. Heavy rain on her first few days has resulted in the abandoning of plans to set up candle-lit vigil; added to that has been the odd rude gesture from a passing motorist. �Most of the time they have been supportive,� Butterly counterpoints. Indeed they have, as anyone who has spent more than thirty minutes in Butterly�s company these past few days would testify. �They�ve been waving and blowing their horns, and it�s all been really nice.� Moreover, passers by have constantly been stopping to ask questions and here what the activist has to say. �They often approach me during their lunch breaks and I leaflet them. The support has been excellent.� Some have even gone further, handing Butterly books to help while away the hours. One has even granted her a chair and a table. Butterly, however, doesn�t seem to get bored. �It�s not an ordeal when you do something you strongly believe in,� she states emphatically. Caoimhe Butterly plans to shift camp to opposite the Israeli Embassy tomorrow and for the next seven days, and will be holding a press conference on Friday at 1.30pm. CRH have so far issued no statement regarding their involvement in the building of the Apartheid Wall. Butterly also strongly urges people to boycott Israeli goods.

Something for the Weekend - Anti War Events - First Indymedia Mayday Video Screening

Indymedia Ireland, 19.06.2004 00:00

Saturday June 19th. The Indymedia collective are screening a selection of topical documentaries and music videos, including copyleft productions from Dublin Mayday 2004. Saturday June 19th: The Indymedia Collective are screening a selection of topical documentaries and music videos, including copyleft productions from Dublin Mayday 2004 in Dublin at the IFI in Dublin: This will be followed by a public meeting for those interested in getting involved at whatever level in the Indymedia Ireland Collective. Read More Here On the same day: Kelly Fuels Protest (Belfast ) and Anti-War gig at Vicar Street (Dublin) with Christy Moore and Damien Rice. There's also an Anti-War demonstration in Cork to protest against upcoming Bush visit and an Anti-War Tour Of Dublin. Finally, last time it was walking - this time cycling is the theme: Civilian Weapons Inspection and Bike Ride - from Belfast to Drumaness and the 'Bikes against Bush' Critical Mass Ride departs Dublin for Shannon. Keep an eye on the Indymedia Events list either here or on Near FM for further event info. Make sure to report back - Be the Media Saturday June 19th. The Indymedia collective are screening a selection of topical documentaries and music videos, including copyleft productions from Dublin Mayday 2004. The screening is a fundraiser for the collective to cover costs for such things as equipment damage (those water-cannons hurt cameras!), internet hosting costs and leftover expenses from the media centre. The screening will start at 7.30pm, upstairs in the IFI (last door on the right off the entrance corridor). The charge will be a paltry 5 euros and the first twenty people in the door will get a free video CD of all the indymedia footage. The number of seats is limited, so please get there early. After the screening there will be an open meeting for anybody who wants to find out more about indymedia Ireland and how to get involved. You can get involved.

Berlin/Togo: Hungerstreik gegen Massenabschiebung

Germany, 18.06.2004 23:06

Hungerstreik gegen die kriminelle Abschiebepraxis und die Verfolgung der togoischen und kamerunischen Exilopposition vom 19. bis zum 22. Juni 2004 auf dem Berliner Gendarmenmarkt

Mit der Massenabschiebung in der Nacht des 26. Mai von togoischen und kamerunischen politischen Asylsuchenden hat die Abschiebepraxis Deutschlands in Zusammenarbeit mit weiteren Europ�ischen L�ndern ein neues Signal gesetzt. Seit der Pr�sidentschaftswahl-Farce in Togo im Juni 2003 hat die togoische Exilopposition eine intensive Kampagne gegen die Diktatur in Togo und in anderen afrikansichen L�ndern initiert.
Thematik war dabei auch die europ�ische Unterst�tzung der Regime in kolonialistischer und imperialistischer Tradition. Dazu z�hlt auch die Abschiebepolitik. Trotz aller Bem�hungen der Exilopposition die �ffentlichkeit auf die repressive Situation in der Heimat und die Verfolgung� der Opposition aufmerksam zu machen, setzen die deutschen Beh�rden zu immer gr��eren Schl�gen gegen die Fl�chtlinge aus Togo und anderen westafrikanischen L�ndern an.

English | Fran�ais
Spenden werden dringend gebraucht!
Videos bei kanalB

KARAWANE Dauerkundgebung in M�nchen
Aktionen f�r die Rechte von Fl�chtlingen in Spanien (Bilder) und in Frankreich (Bilder).

Brasil perde oportunidade de investimentos em energia renov��vel

18.06.2004 22:20

Brasil perde oportunidade de investimentos em energia renov��vel

Sabor Livre!

18.06.2004 21:48

Sabor Livre!

&quot;Geef ons de ruimte&quot;

Indymedia West-Vlaanderen, 18.06.2004 18:10

"Geef ons de ruimte"

&quot;Geef ons de ruimte&quot;

Indymedia West-Vlaanderen, 18.06.2004 18:08

"Geef ons de ruimte"

Protests against WEF meeting in Seoul show Asian peoples' opposition to imperialist globalization

QC, 18.06.2004 15:04

On June 13, some ten thousand people marched to the posh Shilla hotel in Seoul, Republic of Korea, in an attempt to thwart the World Economic Forum's "Asia Strategic Insight Roundtable." They denounced the imperialist policies that are advocated by this exclusive business organization.

Filipino migrant workers (photo) joined delegations from other Asian countries and Korean contingents from trade unions, farmers' organizations and NGOs. The militant but peaceful mobilization was blocked and violently attacked by anti-riot police, which was present in huge numbers to defend the WEF summit from the people's anger.

The WEF is composed of some 1,000, mainly US, European and Japanese, corporations with annual revenues of at least USD 1 billion. The organization brings together the leading business elite with their counterparts from politics in Davos, Switzerland and in regional meetings. Through the meeting in Seoul, the WEF sought to tighten monopoly capital's stranglehold on the peoples of East Asia.

Related links: QC indymedia | KCTU | Anti-WEF

Edinburgh Solidarity actions for Jeff &quot;Free&quot; Luers

bamse, 18.06.2004 07:49

On tuesday the 15th of june we in the Bilston Glen Collective held two solidarity events for political prisoner Jeff "Free" Luers. More solidarity events: [ | Indymedia Leeds/Bradford | Russia Indymedia | audio Interview on Imc Portland]

Time to Fight for Papers! Sin Papeles Actions in Barcelona

imc uk, 18.06.2004 02:02

On Saturday 5th June, more than 2000 'sin papeles' (immigrants without papers) occupied Barcelona Cathedral and the church Santa Maria del Pie [pics]. They are calling for unconditional recognition and that the authorities take responsibility for their unstable situation [Manifesto es | en | fr].

Although police violently evicted the Cathedral [reports] and 25 immigrants are facing certain deportation, the Assembly for Regulation Without Conditions is calling for further actions [1 | 2], supported by many civil society organisations and demonstrations all over Spain.

While Barcelona���s ���Cultural Forum 2004��� (sponsored by multinationals) appears to celebrate culture, peace, and sustainability, it remains obvious that some are not welcome. Many immigrants living ���illegally��� in squatted abandoned buildings have been evicted and the buildings demolished to make room for housing developments connected to the Cultural Forum [article].

Imc Barcelona [es | en] | Imc Estrecho [es] | Sin Papeles Updates | Plan Gotta [es] | Papeles Para Tod@s 2003 | Barcelona Forum Parody Page

Brunswick Georgia G-8 Arrestees Begin Hunger Strike

Atlanta IMC, 18.06.2004 01:51

There are still 10 people in the Glynn County Jail in Brunswick, Georgia, 9 males and one female. Four of the Brunswick Ten have begun a hunger strike and are demanding that the charges for all 15 arrested on Thursday's walk to Sea Island be dropped. [PRESS RELEASE] The Brunswick Ten are still being denied access to the press, visititation from friends and family, and the ability to meet with their lawyers as a group which is hindering their legal preparations. [PRESS RELEASE] [UPDATE] Daily vigils outside the Glynn County Jail will be held at 2pm, corner of Reynolds and H streets, and in front of the courthouse at 7pm on Reynolds between G & H streets. The preliminary hearing for the Brunswick Ten is scheduled for next Thursday, June 24th, 9:30 a.m.

Baltimore's Kids on the Hill

Jim George, 17.06.2004 22:11

What's a white woman doing hanging out with a crew of black kids in Baltimore's Reservoir Hill? Why? And what's the sushi connection?

Sorgintxulo Karmelon!

17.06.2004 21:06

100 grupos de toda Euskal Herria, y sobre todo de Bilbao, se est��n adheriendo al manifiesto elaborado por la plataforma 'Sorgintxulo Karmelon!', en contra del desalojo del gaztetxe de Sorgintxulo en Santutxu (Bilbao).

El pasado viernes 18 de junio convocaron una manifestaci��n que reuni�� a m��s de 1000 personas. El sirimiri que acompa���� a la movilizaci��n no achant�� a la gente del barrio de Santutxu que sali�� a la calle a favor de los j��venes.

Al t��rminio de la manifestaci��n dos miembros de la plataforma leyeron el manifiesto (>manifiesto.sxw, MS Word->manifiesto.doc). Dos j��venes bertsolaris cantaron y, para terminar, otros dos j��venes en nombre de la asamblea de Sorgintxulo agradecieron el apoyo del barrio.

Despu��s de la movilizaci��n se ofreci�� en el gaztetxe un espect��culo de poes��a y danza por parte del Bilgune Feminista.

:: Fotos de la manifestaci��n
:: Llamamiento para nueva manifestaci��n y gazte eguna (25 de Junio)

Israel Threatens to Deport Bay Area Citizen

sf-imc, 17.06.2004 19:07

Israel Threatens to Deport Bay Area Citizen Brooke Atherton

Families Members Raise Questions for Commission Hearings on NORAD Response to Hijackings

Mark HM IMC, 17.06.2004 16:17

Even though there was a collective failure by those responsible for our national security to heed these warnings, our country should have been able to defend itself from an air attack. 9/11 was a massive defense failure. One cause may have been the deviations from normal hijacking protocols by the FAA and NORAD. As a result, standard intercept protocols were fatally delayed. The upcoming 9/11 Commission hearing is an opportunity to elicit information about these critical gaps. We hope (in contrast to the recent hearing in New York) the rigorous and thorough questioning of the witnesses on these topics will be the rule - rather than the exception. The Family Steerting Committee, representing the 9/11 victims, have submitted detailed questions to the Commission seeking answers. The Commission has largely ignored the Family Members' questions at prior hearings.

Same Sex Marriage Lawsuit Filed in Albany

Mark HM IMC, 17.06.2004 15:26

Two capital district same sex couples who were recently married in an Albany Unitarian Universalist church, sued the City of Albany and the State of New York today for denying them a marriage licence. This lawsuit is based on the irrefutable principle that the City, in concert with the State Health Department, has established a discriminatory policy that violates their constitutional right to the equal protection of law. A lawsuit is also being filed in Massachussetts challenging the restriction on same-sex marriage for out of state residents.

World Refugee Day - 20 June 04

17.06.2004 01:44

Flotillas Of Hope Reach Nauru - Turning Back Home

Anger Strike Resumes Thursday 17th - Dail Eireann - Get Them Out!

Indymedia Ireland, 16.06.2004 19:07

'Anger Strike Calls for Politicians to Force General Election by Opposing National Monuments Bill.' . NRA: "The M3 will only impact 2 sites." WAG: "That's funny - I count 28." From The Newswire: The Anger Strike protest, called by Save Tara Skryne Valley Group, against the National Monuments Bill will continue Thursday morning, at 9.30 am at the Kildare Street entrance to the Dail. The goal of the campaign is to rally support from the Opposition and Fianna Fail backbenchers, in order to vote down the National Monuments Bill, and formation of a new Governmewnt that will protect Ireland's national heritage at the Hill of Tara, as well as Carrickmines and Waterford. This morning (Wed 16th June) Trevor Sargent TD (Greens), Eamon Gilmore TD (Labour), and Mary Lou McDonald MEP (Sinn Fein), as well as newly elected Meath County Councillor, Philip Cantwell (Ind) were among politicians who joined the Anger Strike. A group of approximately 30 campaigners are calling on members of all parties to oppose the bill, to save Ireland's heritage, and to bring down this Government for once and for all. They are hoping that if the Government loses on this Bill, that a general election will have to be called. Continue at this link for the Full Feature including the reasons why the Save Tara Skryne Valley Group are so angry about the National Monuments Bill. Previous Indymedia Feature : "Tara Don't Want No Carrickmines" The Bill is being challenged because: - It is designed to legalize badly designed roads, not protect national monuments. - It is against the letter and spirit of the National Monuments Acts (1930-1994) to legislate away legal protections for a particular site, Carrickminmes, because the Government failed to identify the site beforehand, and created the 'emergency' in the first place. - It was developed without consultation with heritage groups. - It eliminates the existing democratic checks and balances, by reducing from three to one the number of actors involved in consenting to demolision of a national monument; allowing Minister Martin Cullen to be judge, jury and executioner. - It eliminates the democratic checks and balances, requiring that the consent of the Minister must be placed before the Dail for 21 sitting days, thus eliminating national debate on the issue of destruction of a national monument. - It reduces, rather than increases protections for monuments for the first time in Irish history. - It is a breach of the European Convention on the Protection of the Arcvhaeological Heritage, 1992, or the Valletta Convention, to which Ireland is a signatory, and which reinforces that national heritage sites are of European significance and that preservation in situ must be the first priority over preservation by record. - It is a violation of the UNESCO World Heritage Site legislation, which Ireland has agreed to. A copy is being mailed to UNESCO, and we are awaiting Tara to be placed on the 100 Most Endangered Sites List in July. - It is violation of EU law, including the Environmental Impact Assessment Directive, which has been included into Irish law, and requires adequate prior investigation, and therefore will come into direct conflict where the European Commission may make a contrary ruling in its current, ongoing investigation into Carrickmines. The Anger Strike will resume tomorrow, with representatives from: - Carrickmines Castle, which is currently protected by the National Monuments Act, but in the path of the M50. - Waterford's Viking remains, currently protected by the National Monuments Act, but in the path of the Waterford Bypass. - Clondalkin's, and Ireland's oldest round tower, under threat of development into a pub. - Trim Castle, Co Meath, Ireland's finest Norman Castle, location for Braveheart, under threat of development by hotel, which Minister Cullen declined to protect. - and others. According to Vincent Salafia, an LL.M candidate in Trinity College Dublin Law School, specializing in heritage law: "We are pushing ahead with our preparations to seek a High Court injunction, to prevent this Government from digging up the Hill of Tara, under current legislation." "I am certain this Amendment Bill will not be carried, and this morally bankrupt administration will be be cast put into the bowels of history. Dr. Muireann Ni Bhrolchain said: "The EU, UNESCO and the entire academic world are absolutely outraged. This puts us right up there with Iraq in terms of senseless destruction of globally significant cultural heritage." ENDS Contact: Vincent Salafia 087-132-3365 Muireann Ni Bhrolchain 087-924-9510

Don't Read This or the Copyright Police will get you

Indymedia Ireland, 16.06.2004 11:28

A quote from Ulysses - more than 3 lines!!@!! A quote from Ulysses - more than 3 lines!!@!! --People do not know how dangerous lovesongs can be, the auric egg of Russell warned occultly. The movements which work revolutions in the world are born out of the dreams and visions in a peasant's heart on the hillside. For them the earth is not an exploitable ground but the living mother. The rarefied air of the academy and the arena produce the sixshilling novel, the musichall song. France produces the finest flower of corruption in Mallarme but the desirable life is revealed only to the poor of heart, the life of Homer's Phaeacians. From these words Mr Best turned an unoffending face to Stephen. As Dublin celebrates Bloomsday, it turns out that any reading or publication of more than 3 lines of Ulysses is protected by copyright. Policing this is made more difficult by the brief period that the work was out of copyright in the 1990's before the extension of copyright period for 70 years after artists death. The Irish Dail had to pass a special law to enable it to mount an exhibition of Joycean manuscripts, there are stories doing the rounds of copyright lawyers scouring the city for people quoting more than 3 lines from Ulysses and the Joyce breakfast had to take place with no readings from Joyce. You can still read Ulysses thanks to the internet � but no quoting, at least not in Ireland, on Bloomsday Read Ulysses here The Project Gutenburg site where you can download the text

WHOSE NEWS?: New Indymedia Documentary Out Now!

Chloe Heffernan, 16.06.2004 10:31

Whose News? is a half-hour documentary produced by Auckland Indymedia which looks at who owns New Zealand's major media outlets and why we should be worried about it. The New Zealand mediascape is one of the most commercialised media markets in the world with a high concentration of ownership in the hands of just a few overseas companies: Canwest, ANM, Fairfax and INL. Whose News? looks at what this pattern of media ownership means for our democracy and what we can do about it.

Congress Hotel Strike Marks First Anniversary with Street Blockade, Arrests, Banner Drop, Massive Picket-Line

Chicago Indymedia, 16.06.2004 07:02

On June 15, 2003, hotel employees at Chicago's Congress Hotel went on strike for better wages, benefits, and a new contract. The strike has continued ever since, and on June 15, 2004, the strike marked its first anniversary, with a panoply of dramatic events.

The day's events included a spirited rally, a sizable picket-line, and a direct action blockade which saw fifteen strikers briefly block traffic on Michigan Avenue before getting arrested. Shortly after the arrests, strikers deployed a dramatic banner-drop from the windows of the Congress Hotel itself.

Additional Coverage: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

DeLay Investigation

Houston Indymedia, 15.06.2004 23:18

Support Investigation of Tom DeLay


LA IMC, 15.06.2004 21:54

LA Supporters Vigil for Guadalajara Global Justice Arrestees

Todas somos perigosas sociais

15.06.2004 20:48

Todas somos perigosas sociais

Border Patrol Raids

LA IMC, 15.06.2004 14:39

Southland Becomes Police State for Working Class Latinos, 10,000 Protest


greenpeace usa, 15.06.2004 07:00

In a peaceful protest to challenge the assault on U.S. public lands by the Bush administration, Greenpeace activists put their bodies on the line today in the ancient forests of Southern Oregon.

A three-ton cargo container with two people locked to the inside and one attached to the outside, was placed between chainsaws and some 236 acres of old-growth forest at the SouKow timber sale outside of Glendale, Oregon.


Freedom Of Movement

15.06.2004 04:11

Big Brother Evictee: 'Free The Refugees'

Iniciativa en solidaridad con el pueblo palestino.

15.06.2004 01:29

El viernes, día 11 de junio, se ha realizado en Bilbo una rueda de prensa organizada por diversas ONGs, movimentos sociales y sindicatos de Euskal Herria. El motivo de la convocatoria se debe a la crítica situación que está sufriendo el pueblo palestino.

Después de hacer una ronda de contactos con todos los partidos políticos, estos colectivos que trabajan la solidaridad con Palestina han creado un manifiesto en donde Aralar, Herritarren Zerrenda, Batasuna, Partido Socialista, Ezker Batua, Zutik y EA han puesto su firma para comprometerse a defender ante las instituciones cada uno de sus apartados. El PNV y el PP no han emitido ningún tipo de respuesta al llamamiento.

Con todo esto, las organizaciones que toman parte en este proyecto, pretenden ver cumplidas por parte de los partidos pol��ticos firmantes, todas las reivindicaciones y compromisos que se citan en el siguiente texto; esperando que las palabras no se las lleve el viento.

Por otro lado, el viernes 18 de junio a las 20:00pm, un miembro del ISM dar�� una conferencia sobre las acciones de desobediencia civil que se han organizado en Palestina para este verano. La charla ser�� en Hondarribia, Olagarro elkartea

The New, Improved Poverty - Life in Nicaragua

John Hepler, 15.06.2004 00:39

In the movement from rural to urban, there is a shift in work patterns. In rural situations, there is constant work in gardens, fields, fences, there is always something to do to get more or better food; to get ahead a little. Rural people are almost always busy from sunup to sundown either working; moving to or from work; or eating. Once moved to the city, people typically have a house but little or no land. Urban/suburban people become dependent on a ���job��� or small jobs, usually for money. They have moved from a more food-and-work economy to a money-and-job economy. The latter looks by far the better until you have no job. Then, when money runs out, there is no food. In a society of 50-60% unemployment, this tends to keep labor costs very ���competitive���, i.e. low. As life becomes more monetized, ���work��� turns to ���job, or no job���, home food production decreases, convenience and new attitudes (promoted by TV) bring changes in individual and family life.

Civil Union bill in the house

AIMC, 14.06.2004 23:51

The Civil Union bill is being presented to Parliament on Monday June 21, with the first reading happening 3 days later.

The CU bill aims to provide legal status and protection to de-facto and same-sex relationships. At present de-facto and same-sex partners are not recognised as next of kin and can be legally excluded from events such as funeral arrangements if one partner dies.

There is confidence that the CU bill will pass its first reading, however others think the introduction of the bill is dividing caucus.

Opposition of the CU bill fear the the institution of marriage is being erroded [1], and Peter Dunne, leader of United Future, feels the bill is anti-family. Adding more fuel to the fire is a homophobic book about to be released in New Zealand which takes the fundamentalist ring-wing approach towards queer unions and marriages.

Defenders of the bill say to those that say the CU bill is an attack on the family and the Christian faith; "if they believe in the family unit, then why on earth would you not want that for other people?". Another view is that the bill may infact strengthen the institution of marriage. While in the US, some radical queer groups question the rush to the pulpit.


COMUNICA����O, 14.06.2004 20:43

R��dios Livres, resist��ncia no ar

Support the Detained in Guadalajara

Houston Indymedia, 14.06.2004 20:15

Police repression meets protestors in Guadalajara and Georgia

Don't Mention the War Didn't Work

Indymedia Ireland, 13.06.2004 23:29

'Government Kicked Out of Dublin' sez Wag, 'So What Next?' .... "We must all appear before the judgment that each may be repaid for his deeds in the body, according to what he has done, whether good or bad" intones Poet. So the left are in power in Dublin? Any chance of a free train to Limerick on the 25th for your 'Obedient Citizens' ? Election Posters Bothering You? Bye Bye Agressive Rats? CWI statement on Socialist Party Election Left Wing Election Races - Being the Tallyman Fingal CoCo Results 'Street Art' Photo-Essay continues at this link

3 More Arrests in Brunswick

Atlanta IMC, 13.06.2004 20:58

#media_6615;left#On Friday afternoon 2 more activists were arrested outside the courthouse where a group of supporters were waiting for the lawyer. [article 1] [article 2] The remaining activists were told to disperse although they within their first amendment rights in a public place, and were not in violation of any ordinances. [article] The activists read the First Amendment aloud as they left the area. Later in the evening, a woman was walking near the courthouse and was arrested and charged with Criminal Tresspass. [article] She has bonded out. The Brunswick Ten are still in jail.[STATEMENT] [update] [messages from the prisoners] The J8 Legal collective needs funding to keep the phone lines going.

:::Freedom Of Movement:::

13.06.2004 20:00

World Refugee Day - Flotilla's given no hope of landing on Nauru

Take the Streets

LA IMC, 13.06.2004 18:31


blatant self promotion

13.06.2004 10:56

Perth Indymedia Radio

SOA opposition

Houston Indymedia, 12.06.2004 17:47

School of The Americas Legislative Action

Manifiesto por la fiesta y la cultura a favor de unas fiestas populares

12.06.2004 16:52

De algunos a��os a esta parte, vivimos en Euskal Herria un empe��o por parte de las autoridades p��blicas, principalmente las municipales, de arrebatar a las fiestas populares el car��cter participativo, responsable y vivo que de siempre han tenido. Utilizando diversas estrategias (censura, provocacione s, criminalizaci ��n, mercantilizaci��n, recortes en los horarios y d��as de fiestas...) se busca implantar un modelo de fiesta sin la participaci��n popular, donde solo se participe como meros espectador@s en espect��culos magn��ficos y en el que el intercambio econ��mico este cada vez m��s presente.

Para responder a esta ofensiva, un grupo de artistas, m��sicos, escritoras, konparsas, pe��as, blusas, comisiones de fiestas y dem��s personas se est��n implicando en mantener y reavivar el sentido integral de la fiesta. En este sentido, est��n llevando a cabo las siguientes actividades:

* Campa��a de recogida de firmas de apoyo al MANIFIESTO POR LA FIESTA Y LA CULTURA. Multitud de personajes p��blicos han firmado ya el manifiesto, de lo cu��l se hizo una presentaci��n p��blica. En la actualidad se recogen apoyos en las calles de nuestros pueblos y ciudades y tambi��n a trav��s de internet .

* Por otro lado, la campa��a tendr�� su punto ��lgido, el pr��ximo S��bado d��a 19 de Junio con la celebraci��n de una macrofiesta popular en Bilbo. As�� est��n previstos diversos actos que ocuparan el d��a completo, desde una kalegira con grupos de teatro y de m��sica actuando en directo en camiones, malabares, zancos..., una comida popular y un festival con cuatro gunes: Infantil, Folk, Romeria y Rock. Para ver el programa completo, pinchar aqu��.

Desde Indymedia Euskal Herria trataremos de dar cobertura a esta celebraci��n y a este intento por que no se le arrebate a las fiestas su marcado car��cter popular que desde sus or��genes han tenido.

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