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detaljno jugoremedija

belgrade, 21.09.2004 20:31

detaljno jugoremedija


Sydney, 21.09.2004 19:37

A Campaign for the Cowardly

Beyond Voting: November 3rd

San Francisco Bay Area, 21.09.2004 17:51

Beyond Voting Actions on November 3rd

ISDE- Marcha por David Santillán e Irma Álvarez

Argentina, 21.09.2004 17:26

Martes 21 de Septiembre 2004 | LA BANDA - SANTIAGO DEL ESTERO
Marcha por David Santillán e Irma Álvarez

Marcha por David Santillán e Irma Álvarez

Argentina, 21.09.2004 17:15

Martes 21 de Septiembre 2004 | LA BANDA - SANTIAGO DEL ESTERO
Marcha por David Santillán e Irma Álvarez

Stories from the Republican Convention protests - Event Announcement

Richmond, 21.09.2004 16:17

"Thus Always to Tyrants": Stories from the Republican National Convention Protests

Monkey-wrench Animal Torturers

Portland, 21.09.2004 16:15


South Africa, 21.09.2004 14:53

Dissapointment with "weak" UN resolution on Darfur


Italy, 21.09.2004 14:51


fascismo a palermo

Italy, 21.09.2004 14:23

Contro il razzismo, contro ogni fascismo

Free Radio Twin Cities 93.1 Back On the Air!

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 21.09.2004 14:07

Through rain, sleet, white vans, and snow - Through equipment fritzout, DJ burnout, and gyros to go - Free Radio 93.1 is back, you know!

Portland, 21.09.2004 12:43

V Marcha Nacional Antitourada e de Defesa dos Animal

Portugal, 21.09.2004 12:38

V Marcha Nacional Antitourada e de Defesa dos Animal

autunno di processi

Italy, 21.09.2004 11:12

Autunno di Processi

ostaggi a bagdad

Italy, 21.09.2004 10:45

Dove sono finiti?


South Africa, 21.09.2004 09:42



South Africa, 21.09.2004 09:41

Tear Down the Apartheid Wall!

Democrats get mad

Houston, 21.09.2004 06:32

Home demonstration at Swift Boat Veterans sponsor John O'Neil's house

Fee Demo Action Alert - Just say NO! to Fee Demo!

Portland, 21.09.2004 06:20

Yet Another New Prison?

San Francisco Bay Area, 21.09.2004 04:18

Hundreds Protest Plan for New Federal Prison in Mendota

Urbana Resident Calls for Mayor's Resignation

Urbana-Champaign, 21.09.2004 02:57

At Monday night's Urbana City Council meeting, activist and singer-songwriter Paul Kotheimer gave a brief musical performance lampooning mayor Satterthwaite, followed by a short statement in which he called for the mayor's resignation.

Opponents of racism to march against National Front

Aotearoa, 21.09.2004 00:46

The Christchurch anti-racism march made headlines in May. Now it is Wellington’s turn. The National Front, a violently racist and fascist group, plans to hold an anti-Asian rally at Parliament this Labour weekend. Opponents of racism will march against the National Front on the same day. In the past few months in Wellington National Front members have been linked to attacks on Jewish cemeteries, Somali refugees, Maori, activists, and community centres, and have abused Chinese people outside the Chinese Embassy. They are now openly targeting and intimidating Asian businesses in Christchurch. Wellington opponents of the National Front are planning for a peaceful and positive march for diversity and racial harmony in New Zealand. The March for a Multicultural Aotearoa has already gained support from Ethnic Council Wellington and from the President of the New Zealand Federation of Ethnic Councils.

Montagsdemos gegen Hartz IV

Germany, 21.09.2004 00:00

Nach 8 Wochen sind es immer noch bis zu 100.000 Menschen, die sich an den Montagsdemonstrationen beteiligen.
Letzte Woche nahmen mehr als 100.000 Menschen in 230 St�dten an Montagsdemonstrationen teil. Gestern waren es etwas weniger.
Weitere Protestaktionen gegen die neoliberale Politik finden fast t�glich statt. Im Oktober sind mehrere bundesweite Aktionstage geplant (siehe auch hier). Dabei geht es l�ngst nicht mehr nur um die aktuelle Politik (Umfrage).

Die Hetze und Falschberichterstattung mit erfundenen Zahlen in der Presse scheint der Dynamik der Montagsdemos kaum geschadet zu haben, umso mehr aber das Fehlen eines langen Atems und die Spaltungen durch Parteikader (Bsp.: K�ln, Berlin).
W�hrend in Berlin die Montagsdemonstration regelm��ig von der Polizei angegriffen wird (gestern, letzte Woche), pr�gelt die Polizei in anderen St�dten Nazis in die Demos, damit die Medien Stoff f�r weitere Hetze bekommen (Bsp.: Magdeburg, Leipzig).

Montagsdemonstrationen - Zahlen - regelm��ige Updates - Tabelle [letztes Update: 30.9.]
[en]: Monday Protests in Germany

Montagsdemo Berlin | Montagsdemo Leipzig | LabourNet Germany
�bersichten: regionale B�ndnisse | Webseiten zu Montagsdemos
Mobilisierung f�r Januar 2005: Aktion "Agenturschluss" | Anti-Hartz-Reader
neu: // Sonderausgabe des telegraph

The Antiwar Movement: Losing Ground Again

Baltimore, 20.09.2004 23:48

In late August, C. William Michaels travelled to New York City to do a workshop on the USA PATRIOT Act for an ad hoc conference of the Youth Convergence, part of the Bread Not Bombs movement. The Convergence was held at St. Mark's Church in Manhattan, part of tens of thousands of activists, demonstrators, and antiwar adherents of all kinds who gathered in New York to make their views known to the city and the world, during the Republican National Convention.

Defend and Extend Medicare in Australia

Melbourne, 20.09.2004 21:39

Medicare Safety Net favours the rich and wealthy

FLOC President Interview-Mt. Olive Pickle Boycott Over

Madison, 20.09.2004 17:59

An interview with President of the FLOC, Baldemar Velasquez, discussing a sweeping agreement covering more than 8,000 farm workers as the FLOC ended its five year boycott of Mount Olive Pickle Company last Thursday. LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW: FIND OTHER RAW AUDIO:

Update on Torture by Pepperspray trial

Portland, 20.09.2004 17:38

Katuah Earth First! fall campout and protest

Richmond, 20.09.2004 17:28

Friends, y’all are invited to join Katuah Earth First! for our annual Autumn Equinox campout, gathering, get together, etc… next weekend – September 24-26th. This year it will be up on High Knob, in the Jefferson National Forest of southwestern Virginia. The site will be near Little Stoney Falls, the same place we helped host the Eastern Forest Action Camp back in June. Directions are below.


San Francisco Bay Area, 20.09.2004 17:15

Ceres Food Not Bombs Starts

Iniziativa Ge2001

Italy, 20.09.2004 14:21

Supporto Ge2001

@rtivismo (es)

Barcelona, 20.09.2004 12:08

:: D-Form Festival :: Una celebración de la cultura alternativa ::

El festival D-form tendrá lugar los días 1, 2 y 3 de octubre en Barcelona. Será una explosión creativa de circo, espectáculos, música, danza, video, teatro, robótica, pirotécnica, talleres, zonas de información y para niños, colaboración e intercambios. Más información en la web de D-Form

Informaciones y artículos varios

Más información en la sección @rtivismo ... galeria

@rtivism (en)

Barcelona, 20.09.2004 12:08

:: D-Form Festival :: A celebration of alternative culture ::

The D-Form festival will take place in Barcelona on October 1, 2 and 3. It will be a creative explosion of circus, performance, music, video, theatre, robotica, pyrotechnics, workshops, information and kids' zones, collaboration and exchange. More information on the D-Form web site

Information and articles

More information in @rtivisme section ... gallery

@rtivisme (ca)

Barcelona, 20.09.2004 12:08

:: D-Form Festival :: Una celebració de la cultura alternativa ::

El festival D-form es durà a terme els dies 1, 2 i 3 d'octubre a Barcelona. Serà una explosió creativa de circ, espectacles, música, dansa, vídeo, teatre, robòtica, pirotècnica, tallers, zones d'informació i per a nens, col·laboració i intercanvis. Més informació a la web de D-Form

Informacions i articles varis

Més informació a la secció @rtivisme ... galeria

From the Newswire

Perth, 20.09.2004 11:31

Vigil at Detention Centre

Sevilha: confronto entre trabalhadores dos estaleiros

Portugal, 20.09.2004 10:34

Sevilha: confronto entre trabalhadores dos estaleiros

Nirvana's Novoselic reveals he's a sellout to the status quo

Portland, 20.09.2004 10:29

Update on Torture by Pepperspray trial

Portland, 20.09.2004 07:27

Critical Moment #6 out now!

Michigan, 20.09.2004 05:30

With a new name and a new design, the September-October issue of the Ann Arbor-based political news journal Critical Moment has been released. The September-October issue, which is the sixth issue of journal, is centered around the theme of "Electoral Democracy."

Wisconsin Right to Life Advertises in la Voz Latina

Madison, 20.09.2004 04:14

The right-wing is at it again, targeting Latino voters in Madison. In this week's issue of La Voz Latina, a local Spanish-language newspaper, Wisconsin Right to Life has taken out a full page ad entitled "Kerry & Feingold: A Sad Record in Support of Abortion."

Anti-War NGO Workers Taken Hostage

San Francisco Bay Area, 20.09.2004 03:36

Community Appeals for Release of NGO Workers Captured in Baghdad

Berkeley Car Free- How Berkeley

San Francisco Bay Area, 20.09.2004 00:29

How Berkeley Can You Be?

BB-Q and Bike Against Bush on Belle Isle

Michigan, 20.09.2004 00:26

BB-Q and Bike Against Bush: Belle Isle, Sept. 26th 10AM - 4PM. Rain Date is Oct. 9th. A bike-a-thon and BBQ to raise legal defense money for protesters arrested during the Republican National Convention in NYC. Help raise funds, awareness and spirits! The event will feature a BB-Q, music, food, biking, prizes, and games for kids.

Our worst fears: Vote Tampering

Portland, 19.09.2004 23:36

Aauwtoloze Acties tijdens autoloze dag

Netherlands, 19.09.2004 23:28

In dertig Nederlandse gemeenten genoten bewoners op zondag 19 september van een autovrije dag. Op de autovrije dag is er ruim baan voor niet-gemotoriseerde weggebruikers en stadsgenieters. Elders in de wereld wordt de autovrije dag op 22 september gehouden. Maar in Nederland zijn er onder het motto van "Week van de vooruitgang" lokale acties door het hele land van 16 tot en met 22 september.

Amersfoort zag voor het eerst een 'Aauwtoloze dag'. Jongleurs, skaters, skeelers, fietsers, akrobaten en atleten namen een deel van de stadsring in beslag onder het genot van live-muziek. Het Amsterdamse stadsbestuur wilde dit jaar niet meedoen aan de autovrije dag, voor het eerst sinds 1999.

Toch waren er ook in Amsterdam acties. Op het Mr Visserplein raakte de politie in de war toen bakfietsen, gewone fietsen, hoge fietsen en een mobiel podium daadwerkelijk de belangrijke verkeersader opgingen om de straat terug te nemen. Elders in Amsterdam toverden actievoerders van Milieudefensie parkeerplaatsen om in picknickplaatsen, trapveldjes en relaxplekken.

links naar: Verslagen Amsterdam [ 1 | 2 | 3 ] Amersfoort | Week van de Vooruitgang | Carbusters

Auwtoloze Acties tijdens autoloze dag

Netherlands, 19.09.2004 23:28

Actions in Netherlands during Car-Free Day

'A Riotous Wake For The Celtic Tiger'

Ireland, 19.09.2004 20:11

Spacecraft's New Farce: Bleeding the System: A Preview ‘It’s all there - conception, birth, work, coke, sex, bloody murder, earthquakes, plumbing, dollars, dead landlords, drunkenness and death’ ‘It’s all there - conception, birth, work, coke, sex, bloody murder, earthquakes, plumbing, dollars, dead landlords, drunkenness and death’ Spacecraft’s previous production to ‘Bleeding the System’ - ‘The Hypothetical Death of an Activist’ - was a localised to Dublin re-write of Italian Playwright Dario Fo’s celebrated farce ‘The Accidental Death of an Anarchist’. It was set in a City Centre Garda Station in the immediate aftermath of the events of 6th May 2002 when a Reclaim the Streets protest had been greeted by a spectacular police riot on Dame Street. The police riot was filmed and subsequently widely broadcast on TV to a stunned Nation. The play was at the time, and still remains, the sole theatrical representation and affirmation of the existence of a growing political culture in Ireland which identifies with the radically internationalist counter-globalisation movement. The Fo re-write by Les Shine and Felix Ford set a high bar for Spacecraft for future productions as it was that rare beast in the theatre – a knockabout farce with satirical teeth which had the audience in no uncertain terms rolling in the aisles. It was obvious to anyone who saw it that the Spacecraft gang had hit on a novel and productive update of a surreal and satirical mode in Irish Comedy rooted in the glory days of ‘Halls Pictorial Weekly’ when broad and topical mockery of the institutions of Irish Life was not only tolerated but expected. The only question at the time was how Spacecraft would manage to live up to the expectations generated by such a successful and timely re-write of an iconic piece of theatre. Well they have managed it in spades in the form of an original farce by Fergal Leddy set this time around May 2004 as the country gears up for a referendum on citizenship and awaits its tabloid guaranteed (seconded by McDowell) destruction at the combined hands of the WOMBLES and ‘hordes’ of pregnant immigrant mothers. I had the pleasure of catching ‘Bleeding the System’ at the final night of it’s trial run at the Convergence Festival. It opens with the recounting of an incident witnessed by the dramatist on Dame Street in Dublin in April 2003 in the course of which a Uniformed Guard without further comment snatched a bunch of roses from an immigrant street trader and drove off. Fergal wrote an account of his attemts to lodge a complaint with the Gardai about the incident for Indymedia Ireland at the time. The play, with this symptomatic incident as a starting point, takes the form of a rapid-fire fictional recounting of the onward progress of the bunch of flowers, the Flowerseller and the Garda and is set against the backdrop of the Celtic Tiger reaching towards some kind of grim societal climax of empty, property obsessed, misanthropic and insular grandiosity. These elements orbit and eventually spectacularly collide around Bean - the unlikely anti-hero of Bleeding the System. He is a failed impotent Irish Businessman of dubious repute with Nietzschean delusions of an imminent rebirth into grandeur, omnipotence and riches. . . . His myriad troubles at the outset of the play include a lack of readies due to the attentions of the Revenue Commissioners, an inability to provide his stinking rich Daddy in Law with an heir, the shame of his home having been turned into a B&B by his newly politicised and frustrated wife and last but not least the indignity of his not having acquired the social cachet that in his golfing circles is assured by a headline slot in the box at the tribunals running at Dublin Castle. His only friend and golfing companion happens to be the self-same Garda who robbed the flowers and who supplements his income with a spot of landlording on the side. Bean decides in despair to flush himself and his broken dreams down the toilet but is stopped in his tracks by a phonecall promising fiscal salvation from an American Businessman in town looking for an agent in Ireland to help him carry through a massive capital investment programme. This character, with his ‘a la W’ swagger, is in Ireland supposedly looking for an outlet for his Iraq War (II) dividends and this brought to my mind the surrealler than fiction news that Halliburton, through its subsidiary Kellogg, Brown and Root, is seeking contracts in Ireland to build bypasses at present. ‘Bleeding the System’ gradually but inexorably accelerates into a breathless rollercoaster of a farce when the American’s arrival chez Bean coincides with that of a radical feminist journalist (corporate malfeasance beat) who is booked into the B&B for the duration of the Mayday Protests. A burst radiator in the phantasmagorical bathroom of the residence brings the ex-flowerselling but now plumbing Eastern European asylum-seeker into this unlikely (and unstable) mix. His subversive presence together with a couple of drinks for Bean’s nymphomaniacal while drunk wife pushes the up to then flawlessly fawltytowersesque realism of the plot into hyperspeed and right over the top towards an extended surrealistic tour de force dénouement which had even the actors on stage helplessly weeping with laughter and struggling to get their lines out. It’s all there in the closing half hour of this riotous wake for the Celtic Tiger – conception, birth, work, coke, sex, bloody murder, earthquakes, plumbing, dollars, dead landlords, drunkenness and death. And yes – before you ask – the bent flower robbing copper does get his just deserts. This play should be running in the Abbey. It’s not but you can check it out when it runs in the SFX as part of the Dublin Fringe Festival from 21st – 26th September. Then you can go tell Ben Barnes about it. It just might be the thing to save his bacon.

Nader, berating Democrats, takes the long view; Third parties a plus for democracy, he argues

Michigan, 19.09.2004 19:46

They’re surrounded on all sides, but somehow they manage to continue fighting. Nader supporters face attacks from the Democrats, the Republicans, the Green Party — Nader’s ticket in the 2000 election — and even from the Reform Party of Michigan, the group that’s supposed to be holding his ticket in this election. Beleaguered Nader activists press on because their goal in working for a third-party candidate, especially in this election, isn’t to win. Says Steve Schofield, the Michigan Reform Party public relations chairman, “It’s been a struggle. The two major parties are still holding on strongly.” Does he believe Nader can win? “The realistic answer is probably not, but our hope for this whole campaign is to make an impression, to get our ideas and our beliefs that the two party system is broken into people’s heads.”

manipulation and media (en)

Barcelona, 19.09.2004 16:45

TV: What are you telling about Chechenia?

sept/1-5/04 Kidnapping one school in North Ossetia. 4 days of horror and tragedy with more of 400 civilian dead. Hours and hours of details on TV and radio stations.

2/set/04 Kidnapping of 30 persons close at the nationalist leader Maskhadov, included his wife

1994-1996 Beginning of the first war in Chechenia :: September 2004 still continuous. 10 years of horror and tragedy, with more of 300.000 civilian dead, the 28% of the population. >>>(watch the article: Chechenia: 308.000 dead persons...)

How many hours have the same TV and radio stations dedicated to describe the horror that these people, as human as the others, have lived during the last 10 years?

The answer: look in the dictionary under the word "Terrorism".

The western media be silent in front of all the atrocities committed by the russian army into Chechenia, but they have no doubt to be shock when is the resistance who threat to kill civilian people. Why?

more options: ...we want to be alert to the public opinion about the dangers that endures an informative politics who treat the more dramatical conflict open to the world as if to take the accounting of the dead and injured persons who produce themselves out the really impotant thing...

+info :: >>>communication

John Howard Lies

Melbourne, 19.09.2004 15:45

End the Lies Rally and Concert

Do women writers in alternative media need to use male pseudonyms?

Portland, 19.09.2004 13:19


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