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South Central Farmers

LA, 04.06.2007 16:38

South Central Farmers: Displaced, NOT Defeated

Liberté de mouvement et droit égal pour tous

Germany, 04.06.2007 15:40

Le lundi 4 juin, les actions se concentrent sur le thème de la libre circulation et le droit égale pour tous. Plusieurs actions décentralisées ont eu lieu jusqu'ici, comme la manifestation avec plusieurs millers de personnes de thousend devant l'Office de l’immigration à Rostock et le « Sonnenblumenhaus » dans Lichtenhagen (l'endroit où eu lieu des attaques nazies contre des réfugiés en 1992), suivis d'une manifestation à Rostock, qui a finalement commencé à 16 heures après des heures des négociations avec la police. Il y aura une conférence en soirée. Les actions décentralisées ont également eu lieu dans d'autres villes (Dresden | Houston(Texas)).

Chronologie en temps réel
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UFPJ: Again Sponsoring a Pro-Occupation Speaker?

NYC, 04.06.2007 15:10

The General Federation of Iraqi Workers (GFIW) (formerly IFTU) is sponsored by the Iraqi Communist Party (ICP) and former U.S.-installed Prime Minister Iyad Allawi. These parties oppose immediate U.S. withdrawal, support Bush's "surge," and demand that the Iraqi puppet regime crush Iraqi resistance -- positions that are echoed by the GFIW.


Valencia, 04.06.2007 14:08

Manifestació 7 de Juny contra el G8 Castelló ++ El 7 de junio nos vemos en las calles de Valencia
MANI 2 DE JUNY:G8. Marxa 2 de juny en Rostock en contra del G8. ++ Primera gran mani no global (anti g8) a Rostock Alemanya ++
Primera gran manifestacio a Rostock ++ G8. Rostock. No provocarem a la policia, però respondrem si ataca, diu un activista ++ Manifestacion contra el g8 del 2 de Junio en Rostock: La diferencia entre vivirlo y leerlo ++ G8. Enfrontaments a Alemanya per la cimera del G-8

ÚLTIMES NOTÍCIES: ((i))radio en español sobre movilizaciones g8 ++ G8. 3ª actualització diumenge dia 3 de juny ++ G8. 2ª actualització d'Alemanya. dia 3 de juny ++ Primeras acciones contra el G8 ++ G8. El Centre de Mitjans Independents Necessita Diners ++ G8: El Centro de Medios Independientes necesita apoyo financiero ++ Cobertura Ràdio Klara Contracimera Rostock G8 ++ La reunión del G-8

Proteste contro il G8: libertà globale di movimento e diritti uguali per tutti/e

Germany, 04.06.2007 12:39

Oggi, lunedì 4 giugno le proteste si stanno concentrando sulla rivendicazione della libertà globale di movimento e della parità di diritti per tutte e tutti. A varie azioni decentrate, tra cui un presidio davanti all'ufficio immigrazione di Rostock e alla Sonnenblumenhaus di Lichtenhagen (il luogo dove nel 1992 i nazisti hanno attaccato i rifugiati per giorni) seguirà una manifestazione a Rostock. Anche in altre città sono state organizzate iniziative.

[agriculture] - La résistance est bénéfique

Germany, 04.06.2007 12:09

Sous un ciel ensoleillé, au deuxième jour des mobilisations, l'Allemagne a vécu sous le thème de "la résistance est bénéfique". Une marche colorée assaisonnée de bêtes étranges génétiquement modifiées et de plantes aux formes de poupées, des ballons jaunes anti-OGM, soutenu par un tracteur, un orchestre de samba délicieux, a fait une tournée des commerces de l'exploitation de l'agribusiness et de la génétique à Rostock.

Reportage | Action anti-OGM | Video (De) | Mac do bloqué (photos)

Court Order Sought to Silence the United Workers Association

Baltimore, 04.06.2007 12:08

The day after hundreds of protesters marched on Next Day Staffing, the Camden Yards temp agency sought a court order to prevent the United Workers from talking to workers as they arrive to and leave from work. A press conference was held today in front of Next Day Staffing.

Protest at ICE

Houston, 04.06.2007 11:39

Protestors Block Houston Processing Center

CCA Protest Breaking News

Houston, 04.06.2007 11:39

G8-Proteste: Globale Bewegungsfreiheit und gleiche Rechte für alle

Germany, 04.06.2007 10:39

Am Montag dem 4 Juni konzentrieren sich die Proteste auf die Forderung nach globabler Bewegungsfreiheit und gleichen Rechten für alle. Mehreren dezentralen Aktionen, u.a. an der Rostocker Ausländerbehörde und dem Sonnenblumenhaus in Lichtenhagen (der Ort wo 1992 Nazis tagelang Flüchtlinge angriffen) werden von einer Demonstration in Rostock gefolgt. Aktionen gab es auch in anderen Städten
Dispatch Ticker (de) | | No Lager | Dissent! Migration

G8 Protest: Freedom Of Movement And Equal Rights For All‭

Germany, 04.06.2007 09:40

On Monday June 4 the actions focus on demands for freedom of movement and equal right for all. Several decentralised actions, such as at the Immigration Office in Rostock and the Sonnenblumenhaus in Lichtenhagen (the place of the Nayi attacks against refugees in 1992) are followed‭ ‬by a demonstration in Rostock and a conference in the evening. Decentraliyed actions also took place in other cities
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g8 dag 3

Oost-Vlaanderen, 04.06.2007 09:08

dag 3 van de G8: acties op 4 juni

G8 protest dag 1

Oost-Vlaanderen, 04.06.2007 09:08

G8 protest: overzicht 2 juni

g8 dag 2

Oost-Vlaanderen, 04.06.2007 09:08

overzicht protest g8 dag2: 3 juni

Herman Bell Faces Hearing in San Francisco on June 4th

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.06.2007 08:38

Herman Bell will reportedly be present at a hearing in his case at 9am hearing on Monday, June 4th at 850 Bryant, Dept. 12, first floor. A bail hearing for the 8 is scheduled for Monday, June 11th, with a rally beforehand at 8:00am. The San Francisco 8 have called for a national movement to demand the reopening of hearings into COINTELPRO, which was responsible for government harassment, persecution, and long-term imprisonment of members of organizations such as the Black Panther Party.

Schumacher Schaudenfreude

Portland, 04.06.2007 08:38

While researching other cases at the courthouse, I decided to look up Schumacher Furs on OJIN, and I found some interesting tidbits to put a little spring in your step as you dance on the grave of Schumacher Furs & Outerwear...

I passed by the now-empty shell of Schumacher Furs and Outerwear on SW Morrison today. All that appeared to be left were some display window lighting fixtures and the awning signs, which makes two buildings that still have Schumacher detrius on them (their previous 10th and Yamhill location also has a falling-apart sign still on the building).

But Schumacher Furs still is active in the court system. Besides the TMT lawsuit for back rent and lease violations and the anti-SLAPP claims by In Defense of Animals, PETA, and IDA-affiliated people, there are other people and organizations who have claims against Schumacher Furs. Turns out, Schumacher Furs stiffed their ad agency and allegedly stiffed a lawyer who worked for them!

Now the Sandy police have their very own copy of &quot;28 Seconds&quot;

Portland, 04.06.2007 08:38

This afternoon we packed up around 20 copies of this video and headed to Sandy. Though some had already been left at the library, we decided to stop there again. That is a perfect place for information dissemination. Since the library is right down the street from the police department, we took a look in that direction and saw a patrol car waiting outside. What a nice place to leave a DVD! We left one on the windshield and hope that it finds its way to the officer training program. Since Fred Meyer's got a good supply of the videos a week or so ago, we turned to Safeway and left several there. Slowly but surely the city of Sandy is learning the truth about what happened to Fouad Kaady.

Report from Germany #5

Portland, 04.06.2007 08:38

I've been making benches out here in the German country side. My friends and I perfected our design and have now made a total of 5 for our barrio in Camp Reddelich. The wood for the benches and everything else was collected by a group I only know as the "hand crafters". They are kind of like carpenters guild with different members wearing different color pants showing their level of knowledge. They have built a 40 foot watch tower, showers, a playground, a bar with 2 fire pits and other things, all with uneven, un-processed wood. I love these "hand crafters" and want them to be everywhere.

I had a few days of light, siesta ridden work at the camp and saved up my energy for the demo on the 2nd. I knew something would probably happen but it wouldn't be too big. David Rovicks played in the bar, desperate for a joint, fire blazed in the pits, everyone had a good old time and then went to bed. The next morning I got on the train from Reddelich to Rostock with about 500 other people.

No Tenemos Miedo: Report Back on the Vigil Against Hate Crime

Portland, 04.06.2007 08:38

In Oregon city this evening, the community came together in solidarity with two Latino men who were attacked by racist, white teenagers at Wagon Wheel park on May 24th, and to demonstrate against a culture of racism and intolerance that has been growing and festering in this country.

I saw representatives from Jobs with Justice, the Rural Organizing Project, PFLAG, Veterans for Peace, the Unitarian Universalists, and the Coalition Against Hate Crimes, among others. I suck at estimating crowd size, so I won't even make the attempt, but there were a lot of people there. Across the street from the gathering, a huge banner hung from the bell tower atop the Unitarian church that read, "Hate Free Zone." And one after another, people came up to the mic to denounce the attacks and to reaffirm that, in the words of one woman, "This is not the kind of community we want to be; this is not the kind of community that we are."

End Israeli Occupation National March

Cleveland, 04.06.2007 08:07

End The Israeli Occupation of Palestine
National March Sunday June 10th


Melbourne, 04.06.2007 06:09

Thousands Protest Against G8 in Germany


Argentina, 04.06.2007 06:09

Escrache a Falabella por agresión contra niños tobas

Alemania: manifestaciones contra el G8

Argentina, 04.06.2007 04:45

Se viene la cumbre, empezaron los enfrentamientos

Alemania: manifestaciones contra el G8

Argentina, 04.06.2007 04:45

Se viene la cumbre, empezaron los enfrentamientos

Out in the Valley

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.06.2007 04:44

The 17th annual Fresno and Central Valley Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Parade & Festival was held on Saturday, June 2, 2007.

Women Respond to the De Anza Rape Case

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.06.2007 04:43

Santa Clara County District Attorney Dolores Carr recently announced that her office would not be filing any charges in the De Anza gang-rape case, in which an underage, unconscious young woman was assaulted by a group of De Anza College baseball players. At a Thursday May 31st press conference, community members gathered outside the DA's office in San Jose to demand justice for the young woman.

Elecciones en Capital Federal

Argentina, 04.06.2007 04:12

Los presos políticos argentinos, las elecciones y la ética de la izquierda

Boycott Montana/Bison slaughter

LA, 04.06.2007 03:38

Boycott State of Montana this summer...

Boycott Montana/Stop Bison Slaughter

LA, 04.06.2007 03:38

Boycott State of Montana this summer...


San Diego, 04.06.2007 00:45

For years prison rights activists have been attempting to expose medical neglect and abuse in California's prisons and jails to the general public and mainstream media. Epidemics of HIV/AIDS, HEP C and Tuberculosis plague our sisters and brothers that live behind bars. The sad fact is that most of these individuals are poor. The majority are people of color. Many are without families. People with power and privilege don't care or don't believe it's their problem when in fact these epidemics wouldn't exist, if appropriate treatment and adequately trained staff were employed at the state's prisons and county jails.

A San Diego Grand Jury report calls for replacing the Las Colinas Women's Detention Facility. Replacing a building will not end the mental, medical and physical abuse female inmates sustain at the hands of Sheriff Department employees.--Read More--

Related: Community Residents Say No To Prison Expansion | Prison Resistance in Greece and Indiana | CopWatch Conference | Theresa Cruz | Letters from Atenco Prisoners | Solidarity Statement by U.S. Prisoners

G8-Proteste: Aktionstag Landwirtschaft

Germany, 03.06.2007 23:11

Im Rahmen der G8-Aktionswoche fand am Sonntag der "Aktionstag Landwirtschaft" statt. Er richtete sich gegen die Fischerei- und Landwirtschaftspolitik der G8 und gegen den katastrophalen Zustand der globalen Agrarwirtschaft. Dieser Zustand vergrößert den Hunger in der Welt und die G8-Staaten und die dort ansässigen Konzerne tragen die größte Verantwortung dafür. Im Mittelpunkt der Aktionen stand die Ablehnung von genmanipulierten Lebensmitteln und der unfaire globale Lebensmittelhandel. Organisiert wurde dieser Aktionstag vom "Aktionsnetzwerk G8 und Globale Landwirtschaft". Neben den Aktionen zum Thema Landwirtschaft war der Tag geprägt von massiven Polizeikontrollen. Mindestens ein Aktivist, der angeblich auf der Demonstration des Aktionstages identifiziert wurde, wurde festgenommen.

Aktionstag Landwirtschaft: Infos | Artikel | Bilder | Aktuelle Ticker-Meldungen
Bisher: ASEM-Gipfel in HH | Freitag | Samstag
Zentrale Websites: Dissent!-Netzwerk | Interventionistische Linke | Revolutionäres Bündnis | Gipfelsoli | Protestkoalition | Alternativgipfel | Camps | Move Against G8 | Block G8 | Bündnisse | | Information in english

G8 rostock

Oost-Vlaanderen, 03.06.2007 22:37

Smash G8 !

G8: El Centro de Medios Independientes Necesita Dinero

Germany, 03.06.2007 22:09

Durante los días de acción contra la reunión del G8 en Heiligendamm, Alemania, habrán un centro de medios en Evershagen, un distrito de Rostock. Mediactivistas tendrán la oportunidad de trabajar día y noche para proponer una perspectiva diferente sobre las protestas que la esperada por la prensa corporativa. Habrán puntos de información en los campamentos también, y otro punto de reunión se levantará en "Frieda", otra escuela en Rostock. Entonces habrá una infraestructura que permitirá desarrollar un trabajo serio, ej. computadoras de acceso público, conexión a internet, y facilidades para editar audio y video.

Munduko Arrozak /07/ Arroces del Mundo

Euskal Herria, 03.06.2007 20:39

Hace menos de un mes, el canal Cuatro nos presentaba el barrio de San Francisco como el barrio bilbaino donde circula la droga, por donde los inmigrantes ilegales campan a sus anchas. Las gentes que vivimos o pasamos por sus calles sabemos que hay mucho m�s. Hay un barrio vivo que pretende salir de estos estigmas, donde se mezclan decenas de culturas diferentes, donde todav�a se vive en la calle y donde crecen multitud de iniciativas.

Y entre todas estas iniciativas que nacen cada d�a y por cuarto a�o consecutivo(Informaci�n de pasadas ediciones: 2006, 2005 y 2004), el pr�ximo s�bado 16 de junio se celebrar� una nueva edici�n de "Arroces del mundo / Munduko arrozak". Un evento de car�cter festivo y reivindicativo que pretende impulsar la participaci�n ciudadana, la recuperaci�n de los espacios p�blicos y la denuncia de su abandono, la interrelaci�n desde par�metros de convivencia y la integraci�n de las personas que viven en nuestros barrios, sean aut�ctonas o inmigrantes.

Durante estos �ltimos meses se han producido otras iniciativas por parte de las asociaciones vecinales, como las charlas-encuentro con el t�tulo "Historias compartidas contadas por vecinos y vecinas de nuestros barrios", el concurso de dibujo infantil con el lema "Un mundo en tu barrio", as� como la actividad "Juegos del Mundo". Tambi�n esta semana que entra, los d�as 5, 6 y 8 de junio se celebrar�n unas jornadas para dejar testimonio de una parte de la rica historia que el barrio atesora.

M�s informaci�n: P�gina Web de Munduko Arrozak /07/ Arroces del Mundo.

TRANS-UNITY PRIDE – Celebrating the Los Angeles Transgender Community

LA, 03.06.2007 19:08

TRANS-UNITY PRIDE – Celebrating the Los Angeles Transgender Community

Marcia per il diritto alla terra

Germany, 03.06.2007 18:39

Dopo gli scontri e la prima grande manifestazione del 2 giugno, ancoragiornate di tensione a Rostock.

Nella serata del 2 verso le 23:00 in Doberaner Platz a Rostock è stataimprovvisata una Reclaim The Street. Verso l'una del mattino la polizia haimprovvisamente caricato con cinque squadre antisommossa, mettendo in attouna sistematica e violenta caccia all'uomo per le strade della città.Tutti gli arrestati sono stati trattenuti per un'ora e sono poi statirilasciati.Nella mattina del 3, mentre il legal team ufficializzava in 164 i fermi ein 17 gli arresti della giornata del 2, sono cominciate le azioni disolidarietà verso le persone ancora trattenute. I presidi si sono svoltipresso il centro di detenzione in Industrie Strasse. C'è stato qualchemomento di tensione quando la polizia ha intimato ai presidianti di staresul marciapiede e non occupare la strada. Verso le 14:30 si è tenuto unaltro presidio davanti al tribunale di Neue Werderstrasse, dove gliarrestati di ieri dovevano comparire davanti al giudice.

Rostock: gioia e sconfitta (trad. da ftr

Germany, 03.06.2007 18:09

Gioia e sconfitta si sono mescolate assieme ieri alla grande manifestazione di Rostock. Alcuni partecipanti hanno parlato di "grande successo", altri sono rimasti piuttosto delusi.Le valutazioni sulla grande manifestazione di ieri a Rostock contro l'imminente vertice del G8, da parte delle organizzazioni partecipanti, sono risultate molto divergenti. Anche perché gli attivisti avevano idee differenti su come affrontare efficacemente la protesta. Dopo una variopinta manifestazione, lungo la nordica metropoli tedesca, a cui hanno partecipato circa 80.000 persone secondo gli organizzatori, si è giunti allo scambio di colpi tra singoli manifestanti e la polizia.


Colombia, 03.06.2007 17:09

Comenzaron movilizaciones anti-G8 en Alemania

Rostock: Tens of thousands protest against the G8

United Kingdom, 03.06.2007 15:09

In the run-up to the G8 Summit next week, tens of thousands of anti-G8 protesters, with several thousands on the Black Bloc alone, took part in the international demonstration in Rostock on 2 June, 2007. With colourful banners and puppets, protesters of different backgrounds tried to draw attention to the bigger problem of capitalism and the 'empire'. Police was very aggressive and provocative, using batons, water cannons and tear gas, not only against the 'bad protestors' but 'normal' ones as well. Violent confrontations were taking place while, on stage, the concert and speeches were trying to continue. Over 100 people were arrested and many injured on both sides.

Reports: [en] 1 | 2 | 3 | [de] 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | [it] 1 | 2 | 3]
Pics: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14
Video: 1 | 2 | 3
Audio: [de] 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 ] | [en] 1

Rumble in Rostock: Tens of thousands protest against the G8

NYC, 03.06.2007 13:38

In the run-up to the G8 Summit next week, tens of thousands of anti-G8 protesters, with several thousands on the Black Bloc alone, took part in the international demonstration in Rostock on 2 June, 2007. With colourful banners and puppets, protesters of different backgrounds tried to draw attention to the bigger problem of capitalism and the 'empire'. Police was very aggressive and provocative, using batons, water cannons and tear gas, not only against the 'bad protestors' but 'normal' ones as well. Violent confrontations were taking place while, on stage, the concert and speeches were trying to continue. Over 100 people were arrested and many injured on both sides.

Reports: [en] 1 | 2 | 3 | [de] 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | [it] 1 | 2 | 3]
Pics: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14
Video: 1 | 2 | 3
Audio: [de] 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 ] | [en] 1

Rostock:des milliers de personnes anti G8

Germany, 03.06.2007 10:38

En prélude au sommet du G8 la semaine prochaine, des dizaines de milliers d'activistes anti-G8, acompagné d'un black bloc de plusieurs milliers de personnes, ont participé à la manifestation internationale à Rostock ce 2 juin 2007. Avec des bannières colorées et des personnages géants, les protestataires des différentes tendances ont essayé d'attirer l'attention sur les méfaits sérieux du capitalisme et de l' « empire ». La police fut très agressive et provocatrice, en utilisant matraques, autopompes et gaz lacrymogène, non seulement contre les « mauvais manifestants mais aussi contre les « bons ». Les confrontations violentes avaient lieu tandis que, sur la scène, les concerts et les discours se déroulaient tant bien que mal. Plus de 100 personnes ont été arrêtés et il y a beaucoup de blessés de part et d'autres.

G8 - Résumé de la journée du 1er juin

Germany, 03.06.2007 09:39

Nouvelles rassemblées à partir du fil d'infos d'IMC Allemagne et des dépêches (ticker), 1er juin.

Schwerin: neonazisti in parata e contromanifestazioni

Germany, 03.06.2007 09:39

Dopo il divieto di manifestazione imposto alla NPD e agli attivisti antifascisti a Schwerin, 150 di questi ultimi sono sono stati fermati e sono tuttora trattenuti dalla polizia. Quarantuno (41) pullman di nazisti si sono spostati da Schwerin a Rostock. Altri corte neonazisti sono stati realizzati in altre città tedesche.

Rostock: Tens of thousands protest against the G8

Germany, 03.06.2007 09:38

In the run-up to the G8 Summit next week, tens of thousands of anti-G8 protesters, with several thousands on the Black Bloc alone, took part in the international demonstration in Rostock on 2 June, 2007. With colourful banners and puppets, protesters of different backgrounds tried to draw attention to the bigger problem of capitalism and the 'empire'. Police was very aggressive and provocative, using batons, water cannons and tear gas, not only against the 'bad protestors' but 'normal' ones as well. Violent confrontations were taking place while, on stage, the concert and speeches were trying to continue. Over 100 people were arrested and many injured on both sides.

Reports: | Pics: | Video:

@rtivism (en)

Barcelona, 03.06.2007 09:09

culture that frees from standarization and deprivation

Many people that do music with the voice, with guitars, with saxs, computers...others play theater, juggling, puppets, trapeze, others that take and show images, cinema, documentaries...and others paint and draw with brushes, with their hands, with sprays, with pencils...others recite monologues, poems, literature...They share with us the best and the worst moments of struggle for freedom, and with all of them, we work to continue freeing culture from system privatizations

[June 2] Ger, Ribes Fona2007: native electronic and experimental music festival
[June 2-8] Rostock, Germany anti G8 RAF: Resistant Art Festival

download for free: anti-commercial and libertarian music + costellam free releases + several sources of copyleft music

notícies relacionades: the violin or soldiers also listen? ::: free software for a free society ::: The judge establishes a pub has not to pay to the SGAE ::: ZalabTv: euromediterranean net of participative video ::: to twelve Catalan poets ::: juanra is already freed! ::: Máximo drawings ::: yomango bag liberated from a museum

+info : >>>artivism +


Colombia, 03.06.2007 06:38

Comenzaron movilizaciones anti-G8 en Alemania

Smash G8, en textes, en son et en images

Liege, 03.06.2007 06:08

Le collectif Indymedia Liège va tenter de vous tenir au courant au jour-le jour des évènements à Rostock. Une bonne partie de notre collectif s'en va ce soir affronter les tyrans et leurs sbires tandis que d'autres veillerons au grain ici, mais aussi largement investi dans la section francophone d'Indymedia Allemagne, ouverte pour l'occasion.

Estudantes mantem ocupaçao; B-Negao faz show em solidariedade

Brasil, 03.06.2007 05:38



Uruguay, 03.06.2007 05:38

Yo firmo

Money Hungry Merciless Mercury Energy Kills

Aotearoa, 03.06.2007 05:09

A contractor hired by State Owned Enterprise (SOE), Mercury Energy, cut off the power to the home of Folole Muliaga, despite being told by her children that she required an electric power pump to stay alive, due to health problems. The contractor, according to the family, said "I'm just doing my job" and then cut off the power. In two hours Mrs Muliaga was dead. The family owed $168.40 to the energy company but had been making regular payments to catch up. Finances had been stretched since Mrs Muliaga had been forced to leave her job due to health reasons.

The story has received media attention around the World.

Community activists and unionists in Auckland have called for the sacking of Mercury Energy's directors, who took several days to even offer the most simple apology to the family. Solidarity Union organiser, Joe Carolan, said: "Yet again we see a so-called State Owned Enterprise put profit before people in New Zealand. Mercury Energy should be renamed Murder Energy- they are corporate bully boys who prey on the weak, old and vulnerable of South Auckland, and are no better than the corrupt money lenders who plague our communities."

A group of 50 people staged a rowdy picket outside Mercury Energy's HQ in Greenlane Auckland. The demow was addressed by Mrs Muliaga's relative and family spokesman Brendan Sheehan. Pictures Video

A condolence book was signed by a huge number of people at Otara Markets yesterday and the whole market observed a minute's silence in memory of Mrs Muliaga. Demonstrators also picketed the Electricity Commission in Wellington.

Since the neo-liberal reforms, pushed by both Labour and National Governments in the 1980s and 1990s, essential services such as water and electricity have been run on a completely commercial basis, without any regard to the impact this has had on poor communities. We shouldn't just blame Mercury Energy and its parent company Might River Power - the political and business leaders who have been pushing these anti-human economic policies over the past 20 years have blood on their hands too.

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