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A favor do meio ambiente e contra o aumento da tarifa

Brasil, 06.06.2007 04:40


Temple Courts Residents, NAHT protest eviction plans

DC, 06.06.2007 03:41

On the morning of June 5, residents of the beseiged Temple Courts apartment building, backed up by the National Alliance of HUD Tenants demanded that any demolition of their building be preceded by construction of new housing for all residents, just as a new stadium is being built for the Nationals prior to demolition of RFK. (Audio: 5 min 8 seconds) Download Link:

From the Newswire

Perth, 06.06.2007 02:40

Street Action - Blocking the G8 - Germany

Rostock: Onbinler G8'i protesto ediyor

Istanbul, 06.06.2007 02:40

Rostock: Onbinler G8'i protesto ediyor

World Environment Day highlights global climate change

Melbourne, 06.06.2007 02:09

Climate Concern on World Environment Day

CUNY Climate Change Lectures on Governors Island

NYC, 06.06.2007 01:38

Take a 15-minute ferry ride to Governors Island and attended Professor Hendry's superb lecture on NYC's future climate. Goverors Is. is just off the Battery at lower Manhattan (Directions below).

G8 başlıyor

Istanbul, 06.06.2007 01:12

G8 2007 başlıyor

En el hospital no le dieron la pastilla del día después

Argentina, 06.06.2007 00:09

Violada, golpeada, embarazada y a la deriva

En el hospital no le dieron la pastilla del día después

Argentina, 06.06.2007 00:09

Violada, golpeada, embarazada y a la deriva

Acampamento Terra Livre ameaçado

Brasil, 05.06.2007 22:08


(JFK Airport) Another Fake Terror Plot

Miami, 05.06.2007 20:37

(JFK Airport) Another Fake Terror Plot

Tammy Faye dying of cancer, asks for miracle- Her husband turns down cancer healing offer

Miami, 05.06.2007 17:37

Tammy Faye dying of cancer, asks for miracle- Her husband turns down cancer healing offer

globalization (en)

Barcelona, 05.06.2007 17:11

June 2007: G8 at Heiligendamm. Join the Global Resistance! wsf global radio nodes

latest news... Rostock Germany, first great demonstration >>> Confrontation at Germany for G8 summit >>> G-8 Rostock. We will not provoke police, but we'll respond if they attack, an activist says >>> G8, panic : police confiscates bikes

Follow the counter-summit through G8-TV

June demonstrations against capitalism and G8 in Barcelona

*Resistant Art Festival* (RAF)

Invitation to the “Yellow Barrio” (G8-Camp), May 31th – June 9th 2007, near Heiligendamm/Germany + G-8 2007: Open convergence center + International Day for Direct Action against climate change and G8 + Stop to the nazi demonstration during G8 at Schwerin

Media >> Counter-summit info coverage for free radios + Mataro Against G8 : local infopoint to alternative media June 6 -8 + G8-TV: Revolution can be televised! + G8: Independent Media Activities + G8: The independent media center needs economic support + 12 hours of music against the G8 [sound.disidència]*

Demonstration against g8 from June 2 at Rostock: The difference between living it and reading it. The G8 meeting + The alterglobalization protest against the G8 summit are supposed to be renewed + June 2007: A vast march of demonstrators of the whole world... + Why demonstrate against capitalism and the G8 in Barcelona? + In the next months Europe will live a deep social unrest + As we were: a reflexion about counter-summit, rites, new technologies andnetworks + Activists against neoliberal globalization enlist protest against G8 + Who owes to whom? Mobilization against G8 and the profit-making empire

+info : germany imc >>> >>>

Dirty Coal

Perth, 05.06.2007 16:39



Colombia, 05.06.2007 16:38


South Central Farmers: Displaced, NOT Defeated

LA, 05.06.2007 16:38

South Central Farmers: Displaced, NOT Defeated

Attaque fasciste en Outremeuse

Liege, 05.06.2007 16:37

La nuit du samedi 26 mai, les fachos d’Outre-meuse se sont déchaînés sur la vitrine de l’Aquilone, qui affichait des photos de Sans papier et du centre fermé de Vottem.

Attaque fasciste en Outremeuse

Liege, 05.06.2007 16:37

La nuit du samedi 26 mai, les fachos d’Outremeuse se sont déchaînés sur la vitrine de l’Aquilone, qui affichait des photos de Sans papier et du centre fermé de Vottem.

33 dias de desobediência civil; UNE tenta tomar a frente da luta

Brasil, 05.06.2007 16:08


A Call to Protest the G8

Bristol, 05.06.2007 16:08

Morning Critical Mass Organised for Friday 8th June Morning Critical Mass Organised for Friday 8th June Outrider writes; CRITICAL MASS, Friday 8th June - 8am in the MORNING! Assemble on St. Augustines Parade at 8am sharp to move off when critical mass forms...Why should you be angry?...We all know the terrifying statistics: a million species extinct by 2050, 19 of the 20 hottest years on record since 1980, Greenland and Antarctica melting, droughts, floods, famines. The G8 have had over 30 years to address climate change and only succeeded in providing trillions in subsidies to the very industries that are destroying our planet and our future....While climate chaos effects us all, those on the front line are those already devastated by the cruelty of global capitalism - the poor and disadvantaged. While the G8 looks to the markets to solve the problem by turning emissions into a product that can be bought and sold, they purposely ignore the only effective solution - an end to the consumerist mass-market society....So what are you going to do about it? Buy a wristband, go to a concert, sign a petition, go on an organised mass march? Remember Jubilee 2000? Third world debt is worse than ever. Remember Make Poverty History? It didn’t. Remember Stop the War? We haven’t...The 8th of June International Day of Action Against Climate Change and the G8 has been called by the International Rising Tide Network. This is a call for autonomous, decentralized actions appropriate for your town, city, or local area....This Critical Mass is a present to the working people of Bristol! If well attended, the demonstration could mean big delays in getting to work on a Friday morning, and a perfect excuse for phoning in late - and who but the bosses wouldn’t support that! Spread the word to those you work with, but remember we need the numbers on the ride to make it happen! (image: Bristol's solidarity ride with London Critical Mass in October 2005)Full article.| Protest against G8 and Climate Catastrophe | For posters and flyers | Bristol Rising Tide Website | More info on the G8 protests in Germany | Related News: Ecological perspectives | compassion, community, revolution |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

Lock on in front of Shell’s peat deposit site in Mayo

Ireland, 05.06.2007 15:39

The Rossport Struggle Against A Lethal Pipeline Co ...

No Borders, No Nations: Day of Protest against Racist Migration Laws and Borders at the G8 Summit in Germany

DC, 05.06.2007 15:11

Monday June 4th was a day dedicated to the struggle to end racist laws towards migrants, for freedom of movement of all people and to draw attention to the role the G8 countries and the institutions they control play in creating the conditions that force people to leave their homes and migrate north. Throughout the day at the many actions the chant that was most heard was “We are here, we will fight, freedom of movement is our right”. This chant rose up in many languages, French, German, English, Arabic and more. Representing the many people who are held in detention camps and refugee camps across Europe. Another popular chant was “no borders, no nations, stop the deportations”. This chant expressing the main message of the days events: the abolition of borders.

Lumumba-Zapata Coalition Teach-In at Thurgood Marshall College, UCSD

San Diego, 05.06.2007 15:08

On May 3, a teach-in outside the administration building of UCSD's Thurgood Marshall College attracted close to 200 people to protest the dismissal of two Teaching Assistants for criticizing the erosion of the commitment of its Dimensions of Culture curriculum to critical analysis and social justice.

The Lumumba-Zapata Coalition, named after the original coalition of African-American and Chican@ students whose organizing led to the founding of Third [now Thurgood Marshall] College in the 1960s, presented a list of six demands addressing instructor diversity, intellectual integrity, the reinstatement of TAs Benjamin Balthaser and Scott Boehm and an end to intimidation of critics of the college's curriculum.

A stream of student and faculty speakers addressed the circumstances of Balthaser and Boehm's firing, the pattern of intimidation going back at least five years, the history of Third College, and the context of racism, misogyny, classism and queerphobia that makes the integrity of the Dimensions of Culture program essential for Marshall's students. At the end of the teach-in, Marshall provost Allan Havis weakly repeated several times that he was there to listen, invoking UC bureaucracy as an excuse to avoid directly addressing the issues.

In the week following the teach-in, Havis announced the formation of a curriculum committee to review the Dimensions of Culture program, one of the key demands.

Last Wednesday, the Lumumba Zapata Coalition and a crowd of more than 50 supporters marched to the Chancellor's complex, where they confronted and questioned Marye Anne Fox, Chancellor of UCSD. A full report will follow shortly...

Teach-In Video: Part 1 | Part 2 || Partial Transcript of the Teach-In || Background || Lumumba-Zapata Coalition Demands

Protestas por el G8: Militarismo y guerra

Germany, 05.06.2007 14:10

Del Día de Acción Antimilitar comienza con un un ralley en la ciudad de Rostock frente al consorcio de armamentos EADS (en la calle Rostockerstr., Waremünde), después de eso se proseguirá con una marcha por Waremünde frente a los cuarteles Hanse-Barracks (en las calles Kopernikusstr./Tschaikowskistr.). En la tarde/noche se esperará a G. W. Bush en el aeropuerto de Rostock Laage.

Última hora (es) | | Dissent! antimilitarismo | Infos para la calle

Páginas web centrales: Dissent! Network | Izquierda Intervencionista | Confederación Revolucionaria | Gipfelsoli | Coalición de Protesta | Cumbre Alternativa | Campamentos | MoveAgainst G8 | Block G8 | Confederaciones |

Contre G8: Militarisme et guerre

Germany, 05.06.2007 10:39

Les actions d'aujourd'hui contre le militarisme et la guerre commence par un rassemblement urbain à Rostock face à la société EADS (Rostockerstr., Warnemünde) après quoi la manifestation se dirigera vers Warnemünde pour un rassemblement devant Hanse-Barracks (Kopernikusstr./Tschaikowskistr.) ainsi qu'une manifestation sur le site de Warnow-Ufer. En soirée, on s'attends à ce que Georges W. Bush arrive à l'aéroport militaire de Rostock-laage.

Chronologie en temps réel | | Dissent! anti-Militarism

Infos für unterwegs | Zentrale Websites: Dissent!-Netzwerk | Interventionistische Linke | Revolutionäres Bündnis | Gipfelsoli | Protestkoalition | Alternativgipfel | Camps | Move Against G8 | Block G8 | Bündnisse | | Information in english

Protestors Block Private Immigration Detention Facility in Houston

San Diego, 05.06.2007 10:38

From Houston Indymedia:
This morning at dawn, immigrant rights activists locked themselves to the entrance gates of the Houston Processing Center, a private immigration detention facility in North Houston. See Photos: [ 1 | 2 ] Audio

A statement from the activists:
This week the leaders of the richest and most powerful 8 countries in the world are meeting in Germany for the Group of 8 (G8) conference. During the G8 gathering these leaders will continue to strategize and promote the economic and political policy of neoliberal "globalization". These 8 nations, which compose 65% of the global economy have pushed for an economic system which impacts the whole world, making the rich richer, and impoverishing millions...--Read More--

More Info on Ongoing G8 Resistance: Germany IMC | Global IMC | UK IMC

John Bowden: Prisoner Support is not Terrorism

United Kingdom, 05.06.2007 10:08

On Saturday May 25th, activists held a demonstration outside the Scottish Parliament, as part of the growing Hands off John Bowden campaign. The demo was called by a group of Friends of John Bowden as an International Day of Solidarity. John Bowden is a long-term prison resister, who has spent more than a quarter of a century fighting for prisoners’ rights, and is now being kept in jail because of his politics rather than because of his original conviction. Brighton Anarchist Black Cross (ABC) has called for another demo outside the London Parole Board HQ on Friday 8th June at noon.

Articles by John Bowden: | Uprising at Shotts prison | Brutality at Full Sutton | When is a Prison Reformer Not a Prison Reformer? | David Blunket Sanctioned The Machine Gunning Of Rioting Prisoners | "Riff-raff" prisoners? | Investigation into racist abuse at Whitemoor Prison

G8 2007 Ahead

United Kingdom, 05.06.2007 10:08

From June 6th to 8th the "representatives" of eight of the most powerful states from the global north are planning to meet in Heiligendamm near Rostock in Germany. Without any legitimacy to decide about global politics they will coordinate their decisions and therefore stand for the continuation of the state the world which for the majority means hunger, misery, war, and exclusion. Despite police repression and political propaganda, the summit will face one of the biggest mobilisations ever to shut down the G8.

Follow the continuous flow of latest updates at the IMC Timeline of Events (eng) and check Indymedia Germany in English for latest reports.

People from Nottingham have posted two reports from the protests:
Nottingham folk report from G8 in Germany #1
Nottingham folk report from G8 in Germany #2

G8-Proteste: Militarismus und Krieg

Germany, 05.06.2007 09:10

Der anti-militaristische Aktionstag beginnt mit einer Stadtralley in Rostock vor der Waffenverbrik EADS (Rostockerstr., Warnemünde), danach geht es weiter mit einer Demonstration durch Warnemünde vor die Hanse-Barracks (Kopernikusstr./Tschaikowskistr.). Am Abend wird dann G.W. Bush am Flughafen in Rostock Laage erwarte.

Dispatch Ticker (de)

Infos für unterwegs | Zentrale Websites: Dissent!-Netzwerk | Interventionistische Linke | Revolutionäres Bündnis | Gipfelsoli | Protestkoalition | Alternativgipfel | Camps | Move Against G8 | Block G8 | Bündnisse | | Information in english

G8-Protest: Militarism And War

Germany, 05.06.2007 09:10

The action day against militarz and war starts with a city rallay in Rostock in front of the armaments company EADS (Rostockerstr., Warnemünde) afterwards demonstration throughout Warnemünde ,a manifestation in front of the Hanse-Barracks (Kopernikusstr./Tschaikowskistr.) and a manifestation at the stage Warnow-Ufer. In the evening George W. Bush is expected to arrive at the militarz airport Rostock-Laage.

Breaking News (en)

Infos für unterwegs | Zentrale Websites: Dissent!-Netzwerk | Interventionistische Linke | Revolutionäres Bündnis | Gipfelsoli | Protestkoalition | Alternativgipfel | Camps | Move Against G8 | Block G8 | Bündnisse | | Information in english

dag 4

Oost-Vlaanderen, 05.06.2007 09:08

overzicht dag 4 van de protesten tegen de G8: 5 Juni

Green Scare Defendant Daniel McGowan Sentenced to Seven Years in Prison

San Francisco Bay Area, 05.06.2007 08:38

On June 4th, convicted Green Scare/Operation Backfire defendant Daniel McGowan was sentenced to 7 years of prison with 3 years of supervised probation. He was the ninth of ten defendants to be sentenced by U.S. District Judge Ann Aiken in the past two weeks. McGowan was one of only four defendants to refuse to name names and implicate others who took part in similar actions. Another non-cooperating co-defendant, Jonathan Paul, faces sentencing on June 5th.

Proteste contro il G8: militarismo e guerra

Germany, 05.06.2007 06:39

Le azioni contro il militarismo e la guerra di martedì 5 giugno cominciano con un presidio alle 11 a Rostock, di fronte alla fabbrica di armi EADS (Rostoker strasse, Warnemünde). Da lì partirà un corteo attraverso il distretto portuale di Warnemünde, con successivi presidi davanti alla Hanse-Barracks (Koprnikus strasse / Tschaikowski strasse) e sul Warnowufer. In serata George W. Bush è atteso all'aeroporto militare di Rostock-Laage.

Maggiori info:
Ultime notizie: minuto per minuto
Info utili | Info legali

Informazioni generali: [ Dissent!-Netzwerk | Interventionistische Linke | Revolutionäres Bündnis | Gipfelsoli | Protestkoalition | Alternativgipfel | Camps | Move Against G8 | Block G8 | Bündnisse | ]

SF's Flock of Wild Parrots Survives Latest Challenges

San Francisco Bay Area, 05.06.2007 05:39

Parrots known to have lived in San Francisco since the early 1970s has survived the loss of some tree habitat, cold snaps, and various other threats over the years. A popular film and book both called "The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill" brought the birds to national attention in 2004 and 2005. Legislative efforts have been made to help protect the flock, the first of which protected some of their long-time tree habitat. Now, activists say the health, welfare and safety of the beloved wild parrots has been threatened by a large group of bird lovers who have taken to feeding the parrots daily, and on May 22nd, the SF Board of Supervisors voted to ban human feeding of the flock.

Homophobic City Councilmember, Religious Fundamentalists Team Up Against Gay Nightlife

DC, 05.06.2007 05:09

On May 30, City councilmember Harry Thomas(Ward 5) convened a town meeting to oppose reopening the Gay clubs displaced by the stadium. Michael Kelsey, pastor of New Samaritan Baptist church, showed up with 300 signatures opposing opening the clubs. his follows the precedent of the expulsion of Gay nightlife from Dupont Circle and live music from Adams-Morgan. More in this report from WSQT Guerilla Radio.

Tenants and advocates protest Deutche Bank in DC as G-8 begins

DC, 05.06.2007 05:09

On June 4,as the G-8, the eight richest nations on Earth begin to meet in Germany, the National Alliance of HUD Tenants, supported by Empower DC and Mobiliztion for Global Justice protested at the offices of Deutche Bank right here in DC asking them to stop investing in gentrifying low income housing. (Audio 5 min 11 seconds)-download link:

Pine Gap 4 Trial

Melbourne, 05.06.2007 05:09

Court Enforces Shroud of Secrecy Over Pine Gap Spybase


Colombia, 05.06.2007 03:41


Cluster Bombs

Melbourne, 05.06.2007 03:14

Australian Military To Target Civilians with Cluster Munitions

Final Two Sentencings in Eco-Sabotage Cases

Portland, 05.06.2007 01:39

The last two defendants in the Oregon eco-sabotage cases will likely be sentenced to federal prison this week by U.S. District Court Judge Ann Aiken. In the past two weeks, Aiken has ordered the other eight defendants in Oregon to serve sentences ranging from 3 to 13 years. Just before the sentence hearings, Aiken determined that, despite no injury caused to any living being, some of the arsons constituted "terrorism" under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines: the Romania car dealership, the Jefferson Poplar Farm, a Eugene police substation, and the destruction of a Bonneville Power Administration transmission tower. The two remaining defendants are Daniel McGowan and Jonathan Paul. McGowan has admitted involvement in the action against Jefferson Poplar.

The application of the terrorism enhancement to any of the defendants allows the Bureau of Prisons to place them in the harsh environment of maximum-security prisons, including 23-hours-a-day lockdown and potential assaults from the most violent criminals. The nonviolent defendants' crimes were committed nearly ten years ago. They have been contributing members of society since then and include a volunteer firefighter, an abused women's law clinic worker, and a health clinic worker. [...]

McGowan's hearing is at the federal courthouse in Eugene today [6/4/07], and Paul's is tomorrow.
-- Civil Rights Outreach Committee

NEWSWIRE UPDATE, Afternoon of 6/4/07: Daniel McGowan was today sentenced to 84 months (7 years) with the Terrorism Enhancement applied for the Jefferson Poplar arson. A brief report is here. Full court notes to follow soon.

Bilancio del Legal Team sulla manifestazione dei migranti

Germany, 05.06.2007 01:12

Un bilancio provvisorio del legal team dopo il corteo dei migranti del quattro giugno: fino ad ora sono stati 322 i fermi, almeno 10 le persone in carcere, la maggior parte dei quali molto giovani. I fermi si sono protratti molto più a lungo di quanto gli stessi tribunali sono disposti ad accettare e gli abusi delle forze dell'ordine non hanno risparmiato giornalisti e avvocati.
Il conflitto tra le varie teste di coordinamento delle forze dell'ordine (polizia speciale, Kalava, comando delle unità operative, dirigenti del servizio in strada) è continuo: oggi il comando ha protestato con la Kalava per tutta la durata delle manifestazioni.


Miami, 04.06.2007 23:39


Virginia Social Forum: 4th Annual Gathering of The People United

Richmond, 04.06.2007 21:10

Regional Activist Gathering Outside of Charlottesville, VA June 22nd - 24th Focus on War, Prisons, Immigration and Racism (434) 906-0421 In less than 3 weeks we’ll be setting up at Shannon Farm for the 4th Annual People United Gathering. We’ve put a lot of work into providing a space and agenda for a great weekend of building relationships, educating ourselves and strengthening our visions, strategies and tactics. Inspired by the World Social Forum that over the past seven years has brought together grassroots organizers and non-profit workers, youth, longtime activists and cultural workers all under the banner of “Another World is Possible!” - there will be the first ever US Social Forum this June 27-July 1 in Atlanta, Georgia. Along with other regions across the country, The People United is using this opportunity to build on the great work to be done in Georgia by creating space for activists across the state to start planning so that another Virginia is possible. If you want to gain a regional perspective before heading off to Atlanta or want to participate in local movement building for social justice we need you at the Virginia Social Forum!


Athens, 04.06.2007 21:10

Heading for Rostock

globalització (ca)

Barcelona, 04.06.2007 20:32

Jun.2007: G8 a Heiligendamm. Suma't a la Resistència Global! wsf global radio nodes

últimes notícies... Rostock Alemanya primera gran manifestació >>> Enfrontaments a Alemanya per la cimera del G-8 >>> G-8 Rostock. No provocarem a la policia, però respondren si ataca, diu un activista >>> G8, pànic : policia confisca les bicicletes

Segueix la Contra cimera a través de G8-TV

Manifestacions del juny contra el capitalisme i el g8 a bcn

*Resistant Art Festival* (RAF)

Invitació al “Yellow Barrio” (G8-Camp), May 31th – June 9th 2007, near Heiligendamm/Germany + G-8 2007: Centre de convergència obert + Día Internacional d'Acció Directa contra el Canvi climàtic el G8. + Stop la manifestació nazi al G8 a Schwerin

Mitjans >>Cobertura informativa contracimera G8 per ràdios lliures + Mataro Contra G8 : local infopoint pels mitjans alternatius 6 -8 Juny + G8-TV: Revolution can be televised! + G8: Activitats de mitjans independents + G8: El Centre de mitjans independents necessita recolzament financer + 12 hores de música contra el G8 [sound.disidència]*

Manifestació contra el g8 del 2 de Juny a Rostock: La diferència entre viure-ho i llegir-ho.La reunió del G-8 + Prevuen la renovació de la protesta altermundista en la cumbre del G8 + Juny 2007: Una marxa immensa de manifestants de tot el món... + Per què manifestar-se contra el capitalisme i el G8 a Bcn? + En els pròxims mesos Europa viurà una profunda convulsió social + Tal com érem: una reflexió sobre les contracimeres, els rituals, les noves tecnologies i les xarxes + Els activistes contra la globalització neoliberal allisten protestes contra el G8 + Qui deu a qui? Mobilització contra el G8 i l’imperi de l’ànim de lucre

+info : imc-alemania >>> >>>

globalización (es)

Barcelona, 04.06.2007 20:31

Jun.2007: G8 en Heiligendamm. Súmate a la Resistencia Global! wsf global radio nodes

últimas noticias... Rostock Alemania primera gran manifestacio >>> Enfrentamientos en Alemania por cumbre del G-8 >>> G-8 Rostock. No provocaremos a la policía, pero responderemos si ataca, dice un activista >>> G8, pánico : la policía confisca las bicicletas

Manifestaciones del junio contra el capitalismo y el G8 en Barcelona

*Resistant Art Festival* (RAF)

Invitación al “Yellow Barrio” (G8-Camp), 31 de Mayo – 9 de Junio 2007, junto a Heiligendamm/Alemania + G-8 2007: Centro de convergencia abierto + Día Internacional de Acción Directa contra el Cambio Climático y el G8. + Stop the nazi demonstration to the G8 in Schwerin

Media >>Cobertura informativa de la contracumbre G8 por radios libres + Mataro Contra G8 : punto de información local para medios alternativos 6 -8 Junio + G8-TV: La Revolución puede ser televisada! + G8: Actividades de medios independientes + G8: El Centro de Medios Independientes necesita apoyo financiero + 12 horas de música contra el G8 [sound.disidència]*

Manifestacion contra el g8 del 2 de Junio en Rostock: La diferencia entre vivirlo y leerlo.La reunión del G-8 + Preveen la renovación de la protesta altermundista en la cumbre del G8 + Junio 2007: Una marcha immensa de manifestantes de todo el mundo... + Por qué manifestarse contra el capitalismo y el G8 en Barcelona? + En los pròximos meses Europa vivirá una profunda convulsión social + Tal como éramos: una reflexión sobre las contracumbres, los rituales, las nuevas tecnologías y las redes + Los activistas contra la globalización neoliberal alistan protestas contra el G8 + Qui deu a qui? Mobilitzación contra el G8 y el imperio del ànimo de lucro

+info : imc-alemania >>> >>>

Alemanha - Iniciam as ações contra o G8

Brasil, 04.06.2007 19:40


ICE Raid in Shelton

Seattle, 04.06.2007 17:10

Residents report that at about 5:00 Thursday, May 31st, ICE agents raided an apartment complex and a mobile home park nearby in Shelton, and took (at least) 17 people. The detained people included both men and women, but it appears that the agents may have avoided residents who had children or if the woman was pregnant. One resident of an apartment that was not raided reports that it was done quietly, and that unaffected residents didn't know about the raid until two hours afterwards. There is an advocate onsite at the apartment complex gathering more information.

June 8: Experience Our Common Ground

Seattle, 04.06.2007 17:10

Come join the call for unity with the Total Experience Gospel Choir this Friday, June 8 from 7 to 9pm at Mt. Baker Church, 2425 Jackson Street in Seattle.

The event will be presented by the Seattle Common Ground Collective, a grassroots organizing effort to draw together the survivors of Hurricane Katrina living in the Seattle-Tacoma metropolitan region. Admission is by donation. For more information, contact Bernadette at 206-973-2216.

All proceeds for this concert will benefit SCG's "Lagniappe Caravan" project, which this August will transport a group of survivors from Seattle to New Orleans to reconnect with their home, and participate in the second annual Survivor's Assembly.

Iraq Veteran Begins Week Long Tower Guard Vigil in Bellingham

Seattle, 04.06.2007 17:10

Standing Tower Guard on a 6' scaffold at the Federal Building in downtown Bellingham, Iraq Veteran Evan Knappenberger, 1st BDE, 4th Infantry Division, started a weeklong vigil on June 1st to draw attention to the US military STOP-LOSS and INACTIVE RESERVE policies, which he submits are being used as a substitute for conscription in a political war.

WHERE: Federal Building 104 E. Magnolia Street, Bellingham, WA
WHEN: 24-hrs. a day, June 1-7

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