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S2S: Standoff in Pullathomas

Ireland, 13.06.2007 11:52

One arrested as Gardai and Shell trample community ...

Face off in Pollathomais: a report on the last two days events.

Ireland, 13.06.2007 11:52

Yesterday afternoon Gardai violently removed prote ...

Monsanto Buys Terminator Technology: U.S. approves take-over of seed company

Portland, 13.06.2007 11:52

On June 1, 2007 the United States Justice Department gave the green light for Monsanto's $1.5 billion takeover of the world's largest cotton seed company, Delta & Pine Land (D&PL) -- the US company that developed and patented the world's first Terminator seed technology.

Terminator seeds are genetically engineered to be sterile after first harvest and were developed to stop farmers from saving seed.

"As the biggest seed company in the world, Monsanto stands to gain the most by incorporating Terminator technology into all its seeds, thus forcing farmers to buy new seed every year" said Lucy Sharratt, Coordinator of the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network.

Grannies Arrested Blocking Tank in Portland

Portland, 13.06.2007 11:52

Two of the "Seriously Pissed Off Grannies " of the Surge Protedtion Brigade were arrested on June 9th stopping the tank that was in the Rose Parade in Portland, Oregon.

Bonnie Tinker and Sara Graham were arrested at the 100th Anniversary Portland Rose Festival Parade when they stood to block a U.S. Army Tank from entering the parade.

Why Try to Stop a Tank from Parading Through Portland?
This is a time to mourn war, not to celebrate it.
The military section of this parade is intended to honor "the Greatest Generation."
Inviting the veterans to march in the parade honors veterans.
Honoring service to country is what democracies do.
Parades are fun, but if we want to honor our veterans, we should also pay for the health care and services they need and deserve.

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Code Pink and Veterans for Peace You rock!

Portland, 13.06.2007 11:52

In a preemptive strike for peace, CODE PINK and VETERANS FOR PEACE chapt. 72 marched along the route of Saturdays Grand Floral Rose Festival Parade.

Bright pink umbrellas spelling the word IMPEACH and other banners calling for peace brought delight and amusement to thousands who lined the route waiting to watch the 'official' parade.

Boise neighborhood still being MALed

Portland, 13.06.2007 11:52

How has the streetscape plan come to arrive on Mississippi and how does it relate to Rachel Elizabeth's appeal of The City Garden development scheduled June 25th before the Historic Landmark Commission?

Let's start at the very beginning. Mississippi Ave is in a Pedestrian District. This means that new developments must provide a 12 foot sidewalk. There are two ways that this is achieved, the builders either step their building back 2 feet or the street may be narrowed. In either case, the Developers provide (pay) for the modifications to the right of way. It is more common for new developments to step back their building. This is what PDOT told The Mississippi Ave Lofts (MAL) they must do when they were going through review. But, they did not want to do that so they arranged to talk with a PDOT supervisor. They met with Kurt Krueger and the outcome was that the street would be narrowed instead.

Portland Naked Bike Ride and Kickass Dance Party Reportback

Portland, 13.06.2007 11:52

The Root Chakra prevails at Pedalpalooza's biggest ride yet! Your intrepid un(der)cover(ed) Indymedia reporter was there to bring you the details.

Montana Lied, Intends to Slaughter!

Portland, 13.06.2007 11:52


Your calls are needed now.
Approximately 50 wild buffalo are in the trap near West Yellowstone's
airport right now. After all their quotes in papers worldwide
promising not to slaughter any buffalo left in Montana, the agencies
have back-tracked on their word to the American people and others
throughout the world.


Agencies might also send yearling buffalo to the Corwin Springs quarantine facility, where they will be raised like livestock and used in scientific experiments. Half of all the yearlings sent to
Corwin Springs will be slaughtered.

Coming Soon to Drinking Water Near You

Portland, 13.06.2007 11:52

Oregon House Bill 3099, a mandatory water fluoridation bill which seeks to force the introduction of industrial toxic waste products into our drinking water, is very close to becoming law. After initial opposition was too strong to pass the original bill, "opt-out" clauses have been added, but this is still a wolf in sheep's clothing -- just a few extra phone calls and/or e-mails could make the difference. If you are familiar with the issue already, please take a few minutes to take action now, otherwise find out more now!

Arab-American Teach-in Explores U.S. Policy

San Diego, 13.06.2007 11:52

Any resemblance between what the mainstream U.S. media say about American involvement in the Middle East and reality is, if not purely coincidental, at least far-fetched, said three speakers at a teach-in on Middle East issues May 31 at the Four Points Sheraton on Aero Drive. Sponsored by the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC), the Alternate Focus public-access cable-TV program on Middle Eastern issues, the San Diego Coalition for Peace and Justice and the San Diego chapter of the National Lawyers’ Guild, the event showcased UCSD Iranian studies professor Babak Rahimi, UCSD history professor Michael Provence, and San Diego ADC president Nasser Barghouti, all of whom built their presentations around the contrast between what our media tell us about the Middle East and what’s really going on there.


Athens, 13.06.2007 11:52

"η δημοκρατία ΔΕΝ εκδικείται"?


Athens, 13.06.2007 11:52

Ώρα Μηδέν ή μήπως Ώρα για Δράση?

More on David Broder

Philadelphia, 13.06.2007 11:52

VIDEO: Supreme Court Preempts Democracy in Philadelphia

Philadelphia, 13.06.2007 11:52

Inky Notes: Target John Edwards and more

Philadelphia, 13.06.2007 11:52

RADIO INTERVIEW: Linn Washington, Jr. on Mumia, MOVE, and the Philly Media

Philadelphia, 13.06.2007 11:52

VIDEO: What will the Next Mayor do to Fight Homelessness and Poverty

Philadelphia, 13.06.2007 11:52

Global Mobilization for Mumia Abu-Jamal's May 17 Showdown in Court

Philadelphia, 13.06.2007 11:52

Courtroom packed as 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals Hears Abu Jamal’s Case

Philadelphia, 13.06.2007 11:52

Over 100 Attend Lancaster SDS Anti-War Shindig

Philadelphia, 13.06.2007 11:52

Starbucks protest in Lancaster, PA draws 30

Philadelphia, 13.06.2007 11:52

What to do about outstanding subpoenas?

Philadelphia, 13.06.2007 11:52

Climate Change Round-up

Philadelphia, 13.06.2007 11:52

Up North Parade Dedicated to Education Reform and Access

Philadelphia, 13.06.2007 11:52

Suppressed study on EMO contracts posted on Notebook website

Philadelphia, 13.06.2007 11:52

Tonight and Upcomiong Wonderments

Philadelphia, 13.06.2007 11:52

VIDEO: Philly Rallies to Stave off SEPTA Budget Cuts

Philadelphia, 13.06.2007 11:52

PJC 12th annual Philadelphia Juneteenth National Freedom Celebration

Philadelphia, 13.06.2007 11:52

Tonight! Free Afropick Show featuring McRad, Imani Uzuri and Purple Rhinestone Eagle

Philadelphia, 13.06.2007 11:52

House Party 4 Palestine TONIGHT!!!

Philadelphia, 13.06.2007 11:52

Resource Wars - Can We Survive Them?

Philadelphia, 13.06.2007 11:52

Parent groups break off talks with district; ask for consultant cuts

Philadelphia, 13.06.2007 11:52

Save the Welsh Back Tree!

Bristol, 13.06.2007 11:51

A seed in 1947, it now faces the axe in 2007! Save the Welsh Back Tree! A seed in 1947, it now faces the axe in 2007! A 60 year-old London Plane tree growing in Welsh Back in under threat. When it was a seed, back in 1947 the Dead Sea scrolls were found in a cave around the Wadi Qumran, A Streetcar Named Desire opened on Broadway and India gained independence from the British Empire. Today in 2007 it faces the chop! John Walker writes; The council are planning to CUT DOWN another healthy 60 year old London Plane tree in the center of Bristol. The Bristol City Council have a goal of becoming the "greenest" city council but are chopping down huge numbers of street trees, their budget allows the planting of ONE (yes that's right One !) new street tree per year. To raise awareness and help to save this tree, sign this e-petition and object to the planning application. Sign the e-petition here....HELP to SAVE the TREE for Bristolians now and in the future! Full article. | Bristol Council to AXE a really important STREET TREE | SAVE the TREE e-petition | planning application: Demolition of tree and M Shed | planning application: Construction of 4 level building | Past Tree News: Dozens of mature trees have been butchered on wells road in bristol | No Trees for Lockleaze |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

Botched Execution Angers Ohio Abolitionists

Cleveland, 13.06.2007 11:51

Botched Execution Angers Ohio Abolitionists

CIA Disappeared 7 Year Old Children

Cleveland, 10.06.2007 22:08

CIA Disappeared 7 & 9 Year Old Children

Survivors of Agent Orange arrive in San Francisco

San Francisco Bay Area, 10.06.2007 21:08

On Saturday June 9th, a delegation from the Vietnamese Association of Victims of Agent Orange arrived in San Francisco. They were met upon their arrival by many U.S. supporters including members of Veterans for Peace and members of the Vietnam Agent Orange Relief and Responsibility Campaign. The delegation will be speaking at the Veteran's Building in San Francisco tonight at 7pm

San Jose Area Residents Spell IMPEACH with their Bodies

San Francisco Bay Area, 10.06.2007 18:08

On June 9th, 2007, Silicon Valley Impeachment Coalition held an impeach "spell-in" where people laid down in San Jose City Hall Plaza to spell IMPEACH with their bodies.

San Francisco Bike ride against G8

San Francisco Bay Area, 10.06.2007 18:08

On Friday June 8, 2007, there was a critical mass-style bicycle ride with an anti-G8 theme which initially gathered at Justin Herman plaza, and then proceeded along the Embarcadero, Columbus Avenue, Market Street, Valencia St., and then ended at Dolores Park.

You're F*@%ing Sacked!

Bristol, 10.06.2007 17:38

First Great Western sacks a driver for swearing Troubled train operator, First Great Western, already short of drivers, has taken the bizarre step of sacking a driver for swearing at a colleague during an argument. Is swearing gross misconduct? IWW rep writes; Troubled train operator, First Great Western, already short of drivers, has taken the bizarre step of sacking a driver for swearing at a colleague during an argument, claiming that the swearing was "threatening." Sacked Bristol driver Patrick Spackman said: "I regret swearing at him. And I regret referring to his weight. But for management to call this 'gross misconduct' is just ludicrous..." First Great Western boss Alison Forster is already under pressure over the company's poor services. Last year Early Day Motions were tabled in Parliament condemning reductions in services and now David Drew, MP for Stroud, has tabled an EDM calling for First Great Western services to be run in the public sector. Mr Spackman is being represented by the Industrial Workers of the World, the union universally known as "the Wobblies." A union spokesperson said: "First Great Western have mishandled this case from the beginning. It could easily have been resolved months ago but now it will have to be dealt with by an Employment Tribunal. Yet more unnecessary stress for our member and a total waste of time and money for everyone." Full article.| Wobblies represent train driver sacked for swearing | | IWW (on | First Group Accused over Price Hikes |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

criminalització i repressió (ca)

Barcelona, 10.06.2007 10:09

Torna la Núria a Casa

Després d'haver estat 118 dies a la presó de Soto del Real i d'haver exigit, reclamat, cridat la Llibertat de la noia de Sarrià de Ter, el dia 7 de juny el jutge Del Olmo li concedia la llibertat sota una fiança de 15.000 euros...

infos relacionades: Mentres la Nuria declarava a nosaltres ens pegaven. ::: 6/6/07 Judici contra Sergio L.D imputat pels disturbis ocorreguts en la Manifestació Antiglobalització de març de 2002. ::: De la plaça del Sol a la masmorra ::: 4f >> Recull de notícies per a saber una mica com està el tema ::: 2 urbans imputats per tortures + mossos investigats per tortures

+info: >>>criminalització i repressió

criminalización y represión (es)

Barcelona, 10.06.2007 10:09

Núria vuelve a casa

Después de haber estado 118 dias en la prisión de Soto del Real y de haber exigido y reclamado la libertad de la joven de Sarrià de Ter, el día 7 de junio el juez Del Olmo le concede la libertat bajo una fianza de 15.000 euros...

infos relacionadas: Mientras Nuria declaraba a nosotr@s nos pegaban. ::: 6/6/07 Juicio contra Sergio L.D imputado por los disturbios ocurridos en la Manifestación Antiglobalización en marzo de 2002. ::: De la plaza del Sol a la mazmorra ::: 4f >> Agrupación de notícias para saber un poco como está el tema ::: 2 urbanos imputados por torturas + mossos investigados por torturas

+info: >>>criminalización y represión

Photographs of Mexico by a Native Son

Santa Cruz, CA, 10.06.2007 08:08

From now until July 15, the work of Miguel Zafra will be on display at Alma Gifts and Culture in Santa Cruz. Zafra is a gifted artist who works in black and white and hand-colored black and white. He has also mastered infrared film. Zafra is of Mixtec background from the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. He says he picked up a camera for the first time at the age of 20, but began dreaming in black and white as a child.

How Sacramento Welcomed Hillary Clinton

San Francisco Bay Area, 10.06.2007 06:08

A Rancho Cordova fundraising event for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was delayed three hours on Thursday, May 31 while the Sacramento County bomb squad investigated a coffin brought to the area by antiwar protester Stephen Pearcy.

3500 US Dead Honored in Medford, Oregon

Rogue Valley, 10.06.2007 05:10

A quiet and fairly somber crowd dressed in black gathered in Medford, Oregon to honor United States soldiers who have lost their lives in the Iraq War. Citizens for Peace & Justice have organized past memorials as the numbers of troops killed have kept climbing. It was a time of remembrance and reflection, and it was a time to yet again call for an end to the war-bring our troops home.

Here are photographs taken from the regular CP&J corner, at Barnett and Riverside in Medford, Oregon this Saturday, June 9, 2007

CLICK on any to make BIGGER

Southern Oregon Pride 2007

Rogue Valley, 10.06.2007 05:10

It’s a matter of Pride
June 9, 2007
"Everyone on the planet is welcome to attend and offer their ideas and suggestions."

Southern Oregon Pride is an event in which lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered individuals, their friends, and families gather to promote visibility and validate their existence in a safe and comfortable environment. Now, more than ever, we need this event to be a success. The Center is in danger of closing due to a lack of volunteers and intermittent financial support.



UCSD Attempts to Stifle Student Free Speech With Policy Change

San Diego, 10.06.2007 04:08

The UCSD administration is trying to change their policies on "Speech, Advocacy and Distribution of Literature", asking for public comment between now and june 25th, of course, finals week and a week in the summer, right after graduation, to ensure that no one will comment. PLEASE review this and comment!

The document says that any demonstrations of 10 or more people require a permit, that they must be 25 feet from the doors of any administration buildings, that amplified sound can only occur between 11am-1pm and 5pm-7pm.

The most egregious part of this is that it says that UCSD employees, TA's and faculty, must not express their political views on campus.

This is obviously in response to the rallies of the last few weeks where TA's, students and faculty have all come out to criticize the school for the firing of two TA's for political reasons, regardless of their teaching abilities.

G8 Blocked

Germany, 10.06.2007 00:39

As hundreds of G8 delegates arrived in Germany, mass blockades interrupted their reaching the summit's venue in Heiligendamm. Over 10,000 protesters blocked most of the routes leading to Heiligendamm, breaching the fenced no-demonstration zone around the fence.

Update: Tire Burning Plant Shoved Outta Town by Angry St Helensistas

Portland, 10.06.2007 00:38

Last month, I reported that Reklaim Technologies was trying to build a dirty, toxic tire-burning plant along the Columbia river, in the city of St Helens.

At the time that I wrote that report, it appeared that the permit for this facility was a done deal. The groundwork had been laid in the middle of the night, sneaking in under the radar in an effort to avoid citizen involvement in this decision. Ever-grasping planning commissioner Skip Baker appeared to already have his mind made up, and Reklaim spokespersons were already rubbing their hands together in gleeful anticipation of the new facility. However, the people of St Helens have proved to be more than these greedy industrialists bargained for.

Uncle Kevin Buzzacott

Melbourne, 10.06.2007 00:09

Indigenous Elder wins Environment Award

Issue 104: Global Warming. What No One Else With Say

NYC, 10.06.2007 00:08

After years of denials and disclaimers, almost everyone (even President George W. Bush) now agrees that human-caused global warming is a major problem and that we need to develop solutions. But can the capitalist system that created the problem solve it? Can the media that fumbled the story for so long tell us what we really need to know? It’s time to connect the dots,and take action while there is still time. Download the Special Climate Change Issue. Free Map and Art || Summer Environmental Calendar || Runaway Global Warming… 101 || Boiling the Planet: The looming climate crisis is no surprise… || Shop ’Til the Earth Drops || Wal-Mart Model Comes to Organics || A New War on the Planet? || Warmed-Over Facts: How Mainstream Media Obscured the Climate Crisis || Exxon’s Slick Take on Science || Global Warming is Good for You! || U.S. Puts U.N. in Deep Freeze || How Gore Helped Kill Kyoto || A Futurama of Pollution and Congestion || Mountain Justice Summer || Two Ways of Life Vie for the Future & How Capitalism Plundered a Continent || U.S. Coal Facts || The Heat is On || The Great Biofuel Hoax: Touted by Politicians and Industry, “Green” Energy Comes with a High Price Tag || Beyond Hope || Rising Tide Of Climate Activism || A Farm Grows In Brooklyn || Waste Makes Biofuel || Dispatch From Prison || Change Starts At Home…But Cannot Stop There || 6 Things You Can Do Now || Howard Zinn: “We Need A System Where The Goal Is Not Profit, But Human Need.” || Five Books That Heat Up The Global Warming Dialogue || An Inconvenient Apocalypse || …the Last Word ||

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