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Athens, 16.06.2007 00:39

Αυτή είναι η Αστυνομία σας...

Familias afectadas por Yacyretá

Argentina, 16.06.2007 00:09

Fallo contra la vida

Familias afectadas por Yacyretá

Argentina, 16.06.2007 00:09

Fallo contra la vida

Nova SE University to Workers: DROP DEAD (Workers bargain for better wages/ benefits)

Miami, 15.06.2007 23:42

Nova SE University to Workers: DROP DEAD (Workers bargain for better wages/ benefits)

Janitors back in the streets

Houston, 15.06.2007 22:38

Houston Janitors Back in the Street - Taking on Rats in the Cleaning Industry

Atlantica Resistance Consumes Downtown Halifax

Maritimes, 15.06.2007 19:08

Hundreds Confront Atlantica, Keep Cops Running

Civil suit victory against killer cop in the Bronx!

NYC, 15.06.2007 18:38

On June 6, 2007, in the Bronx Supreme Court, a jury of six decided in favor of Juanita Young in the civil suit against New York City in the killing of her son Malcolm Ferguson from seven years ago. After the week and a half trial, the jury deliberated for almost four hours, returning with a verdict that supported Juanita's claims of excessive force by police officer Louis Rivera. The jury awarded Juanita more than what was asked for (her attorney Seth Harris asked for $7.5 million - the jury awarded her $10.5 million. They increased the punitive damage amount from $5m to $7m), a clear msssage that Rivera was in the wrong!

Hundreds of Thousands March and Reconstruct Barricades in Oaxaca City

NYC, 15.06.2007 18:38

JUne 14th one year anniversary-barricades are reconstucted in Oaxaca CIty as thousands march on the capitol

June 16: Mass Rally at Tacoma Detention Center

Seattle, 15.06.2007 17:38

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents raided Del Monte fruit processing plant in Portland, OR 167 workers were detained. Hard working people's futures are uncertain and families will be torn apart.

**Take Action NOW: Denounce the raid, stand up for immigrant worker rights!**

We will stand in solidarity with detainees where they are being held in Tacoma Detention Center (1623 East J Street, Suite 2--Tacoma, Washington)
Saturday June 16th, 1-4pm

Kurdish Culture, Repression, Women’s Rights, and Resistance

Arkansas, 15.06.2007 16:10

For the Kurdish people outrageous acts of oppression in Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Armenia, and Syria have included mass murder, suppression of language rights, exploitation of Kurdish resources with nothing but poverty given in return, deprivations of national citizenships, and the brutal suppression of political representation. Despite the oppression the Kurdish people have faced, they continue to speak their language and organize politically and, at times, militarily to fight back everywhere they continue to live as a native population.

Philly Rallies in DC on 40th Anniversary of Israeli Occupation

Philadelphia, 15.06.2007 14:40

Immigration Raids: Standing Up for Neighbors

Portland, 15.06.2007 13:39

Two days ago, ICE attacked our neighbors and comrades. They did so in the name of Homeland Security and the federal government. Families were broken apart, parents were ripped away from their children, wives and husbands were torn from their spouses. This is not right. Cascadians, this is an assault on our community, on our comrades. We will not stand for it.

On the night of the attack, hundreds of supporters flooded into St Andrew's Catholic Church to express their outrage, offer support to the detainees, and demand an end to the raids. Even the mayor of this city denounced the assault. Community members are beginning to organize a new Sanctuary movement. Let it grow.


Mass Rally Saturday At Tacoma Detention Center

We will stand in solidarity with detainees where they are being held in Tacoma Detention Center (1623 East J Street, Suite 2--Tacoma, Washington) Saturday June 16th, 1-4pm

Carpools from Portland leave @ 10am
- Liberty Hall (311 N. Ivy St. Portland, OR)
- Ascension Catholic Church (7507 SE Yamhill St Portland, OR)


related: Immigrant Rights Handbook | How to help respond to the raids

Selling PlaNYC With a Mercedes Benz Logo and Promises of Flowers

NYC, 15.06.2007 13:09

This was a discussion about selling the city’s PlaNYC for environmental sustainability to the entire public—even influential business owners who may be wary of environmentalism without side benefits. Three officials spoke to the Women’s City Club of New York about how the city will implement the plan, which expects to meet certain goals by 2030, and what problems it might face.

Grannies Project War Images On Buildings

Portland, 15.06.2007 10:38

On Saturday 6-8-07 The SPOG Brigade of Grannies use a DVD, a projector, and a generator, to shoot war images on walls downtown near the Rose Festival Fun Center

Joe Anybody filmed the two projections by the Grannies on 6-8 and posted a video on YouTube here:

The montage of Pictures and Sounds from Iraq that the Grannies projected onto the walls is also
on YouTube you can see it here:

A Tainted Process.

Ireland, 15.06.2007 08:08

New pipeline routes, court appearances and Garda h ...

Cipla recebe apoio nacional e internacional

Brasil, 15.06.2007 07:13


protest at immigration detention center

Austin, 15.06.2007 06:10

…we have chosen to commit an act of civil disobedience, blocking gates to the "Houston Processing Center"; an Immigrant Detention Facility in North Houston run by the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA). Full Coverage on Houston Independent Media Center


Austin, 15.06.2007 06:10

Notice of Hutto Vigil Nine, June 9, with a goal of ending the prison incarceration of immigrant children and their families in Taylor, Texas. We invite musicians, artists, poets, rappers, comics, street writers, students, teachers, activists, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles . . . people who care to join us this coming Saturday. Take a stand for JUSTICE and help Free The Children!!

Shot in the Back: APD, City of Austin, and Corporate Media Blame Shooting on East Austin club

Austin, 15.06.2007 06:10

The local corporate media leads an attack on Chester's nightclub, deflecting attention away from the cop with a history of brutality who shot Kevin Brown to death in the back - another death in the almost yearly cycle of APD violence against people of color.

Pilsenites protest proposed Podmajersky parking plot

Chicago, 15.06.2007 06:10

Members of the Pilsen community and the Pilsen vocalized their concern Thursday morning at the site of a proposed parking lot, currently a community garden.

O'odham Burial Ground Unearthed During Border Wall Construction

San Diego, 15.06.2007 06:10

Remains of the indigenous O'odham people were unearthed last month during the construction of the border wall between the United States and Mexico. Local O'odham residents are demanding that the remains be returned to them.--Read More--

Statement from the Elders of Ali Jegk Community of the Tohono O'odham Nation: ...On May 17th and May 21st of 2007 the remains of at least three humans were unearthed during the construction of a border zone "Vehicle Barrier" wall. These remains were found buried near the International Border, inside of Tohono O'odham Nation lands in Arizona.

The unearthed people are the direct ancestors of five families living in the Ali Jegk community of the Tohono O'odham Nation....Margaret Garcia cried and asked, "Why do these non-O'odham continue to mistreat us? We are humans, we do not go to their [Anglo] graves and dig them up and put them in boxes.�"... --Read More and Sign the Petition--

O'odham Solidarity Project || O'odham protest military home invasions at border || O'odham Youth Collective

Iraq on edge following second bombing of Al-Askariya mosque

San Francisco Bay Area, 14.06.2007 21:09

On June 12th, the minarets of the Al-Askariya mosque in Samarra, one of the most revered shrines of Shiite Islam, were reduced to rubble. The mosque was supposed to be one of the most carefully defended locations in Iraq due to its religious significance to Shiites and the violence that followed the bombing of its golden dome in 2006.

&quot;La Nación&quot; y el aborto

Argentina, 14.06.2007 19:39

El juego de las Confusiones

&quot;La Nación&quot; y el aborto

Argentina, 14.06.2007 19:08

El juego de las Confusiones

Breaking: Maxine Waters (D-CA) 8th to cosign Cheney impeachment bill

Miami, 14.06.2007 18:37

Breaking: Maxine Waters (D-CA) 8th to cosign Cheney impeachment bill

Portland Business Owner Doing Okay At &quot;Ground Zero To Day Labor Movement”

Portland, 14.06.2007 13:38

Alejandro is an immigrant from Oaxacaca, Mexico whose weathered, toughened hands betrayed his experience with construction jobs. In a recent interview, he said visiting the de facto day labor corners at SE 6th and Ankeny every morning has been his ongoing task for at least a month, every time landing him some type of work. "Oaxacaca is too much resting, not enough work," he explained. "In Portland there is good natural beauty and good jobs." His personal plan was to work here very hard for five years and then return home to his wife and two children, ages 7 and 4.

While some area businesses and property owners want laborers like Alejandro who search daily for work on and around the SE 6th Avenue and Ankeny intersection relocated as soon as possible to a new as yet unbuilt day labor center, others in the area have not made that demand. In fact, the functioning business closest to the day labor issue, the only one along that stretch of SE 6th Avenue whose front door literally opens into the on-street labor market, has been doing quite well and has no immediate plans to change.


previous: Portland's Newest Labor Movement? SE 6th & Ankeny Day Laborers May Relocate to New Center

From the Newswire

Perth, 14.06.2007 11:39

Guilty Verdict - Pine Gap Trial

Tuvalu: Global Face Of Climate Change

Aotearoa, 14.06.2007 08:09

As the leaders of the G8 summit in Heiligendamm in Germany hammered the final communiqué on climate change, half a world away, in the small Pacific island country of Tuvalu, Silafaga Lalua, a born and bred islander pondered her shaky future on the islands, as she has always done again and again. Silafaga Lalua has a difficult decision on her hands, to either pack her bags and leave Tuvalu for safer territories or stay and watch her country slowly sink under the rising sea levels in the Pacific and hope for the best. Scientific predictions from the Australian Government predict dire consequences for the island in the next 50 years. Other predictions say it could be sooner. So for Silafaga, both issues are not easy to deal with , but she is increasingly aware that something has got to give.

PDX Immigration Roundup: Tip of the ICEberg

Portland, 14.06.2007 07:38

In response to yesterday's Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raid at the Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc. plant in North Portland, over 300 immigrant workers, worker families and immigrant rights supporters came together last night to voice concerns and learn about resources available to those affected by the worker roundup in which 167 were arrested and detained for immigration violations.

Friends Seek Justice for the Murder of a 20-Year Old Transwoman

Philadelphia, 14.06.2007 00:40

A corrupting environment

Ireland, 13.06.2007 22:39

A timeline of Green Party actions It's all action ...

Griechisches Denken

Germany, 13.06.2007 22:39

Die heute noch sichtbaren Reste griechischer Handwerks- und Kunstprodukte beeindrucken immer noch Museumsbesucher und Touristen. Größeren Einfluss hatte jedoch die geistigen Produkte der Griechen, die in vielen Bereichen heute noch als vorbildhaft gelten.
Das Christentum verdankt seine Grundgedanken der Philosophie Platons.
Die aristotelische Logik bestimmte das philosophische Denken bis ins 20. Jahrhundert.
Traditionsmarxisten sehen in Heraklit den Ahnvater ihres Dialektischen Materialismus.
Wissenschaftlicher berufen sich auf Pythagoras, Demokrit, Euklid oder Archimedes.
Mediziner zitieren den Eid des Hippokrates.

Campo Largo, no Paraná, vive onda de demissoes

Brasil, 13.06.2007 19:39


Movimentos Populares depõem na CPI das invasões

Brasil, 13.06.2007 19:11


5 años de la masacre de Avellaneda

Argentina, 13.06.2007 16:08

Por Darío, por Maxi, por lxs que LUCHAN

Action Alert from Rogue Flyfishers

Rogue Valley, 13.06.2007 13:10

The following CALL TO ACTION comes from the Chair of the Jackson County (Oregon) Democrats. Paulie Brading's message was sent out early on the morning of Tuesday, June 12 with the request to ACT NOW, Time is Running Out!

This month the ROGUE FLYFISHERS newsletter has a conservation column which addresses HB 3525. You will not get the newsletter for a few more days yet. As it turns out, we don't have a few more days. We need your help now. Below is an e-mail that I just received from Water Watch. They said much better than I did. Please read it and contact those committee members ASAP--Tom Collett

We need your support to defeat HB 3525 ("Oasis"), a bill that would circumvent existing fishery protection rules for the Columbia River to allow the permanent withdrawal of 500,000 acre feet of water annually.

Критическая Масса - открытие сезона 2007!

Belarus, 13.06.2007 12:37

Пададзеная заяўка на правядзенне «Чарнобыльскага шляху»

Belarus, 13.06.2007 12:37

Чернобыльский шлях: что, где, когда...

Belarus, 13.06.2007 12:37

26 апреля в 18.00 на Площадь Якуба Коласа! Против второго Чернобыля! За ответственную энергетику!

Belarus, 13.06.2007 12:37

Первомай. Креатив и идеи.

Belarus, 13.06.2007 12:37

Не губите Гродно!

Belarus, 13.06.2007 12:37

Первомайская демонстрация в Минске. Начало в 11.30 от Академии Наук. Долой контракты и принудительное распределение!

Belarus, 13.06.2007 12:37

Инвалиды-колясочники дошли до президенции

Belarus, 13.06.2007 12:37

Агитматериалы против отмены льгот на проезд.

Belarus, 13.06.2007 12:37

25 мая 2007 - Критическая Масса в Минске!

Belarus, 13.06.2007 12:37

Акцыя 20 мая - куды ісці...

Belarus, 13.06.2007 12:37

Акция 20 мая: разгон &quot;клещей&quot;

Belarus, 13.06.2007 12:37

Льготы отменены

Belarus, 13.06.2007 12:37

Гродно: 4 года за 0.28 граммов

Belarus, 13.06.2007 12:37

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