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2007 SF Pride

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.06.2007 04:15

San Francisco LGBT Pride Weekend will take place from June 22nd through 24th. The City's fourth annual Trans March takes place on Friday. The 15th annual San Francisco Dyke March will be held on Saturday and the main Pride march will be held Sunday.

Unions challenge effort to muzzle Verizon employees from speaking out about sale of northern New England landlines

Boston, 22.06.2007 02:08

Verizon managers issued a memo on June 18 warning all employees in New England that, “…employees should not make public statements which speculate about either the operations of northern New England before or after the FairPoint transaction, or the success or future performance of FairPoint.”

JP Forum: Keeping JP Business Independent

Boston, 22.06.2007 02:08

Jamaica Plain is one of Boston’s most dynamic neighborhoods, thanks in part to the unique variety of independent businesses. Yet Main Streets in other communities are losing their uniqueness to national chains and mega-retailers. What can JP do to preserve our strong locally-owned business community? The Jamaica Plain Forum, JP's new commuity-based lecture series, presents Stacy Mitchell, author of "Big Box Swindle: The True Cost of Mega-Retailers and the Fight of America's Independant Businesses". Thursday, June 28th at 7:00pm. Free

Unions challenge effort to muzzle Verizon employees from speaking out about sale of northern New England landlines

New Hampshire, 22.06.2007 01:39

IBEW and CWA demand Verizon rescind overly broad "quiet period" memo

Full Rights for All Immigrants March and Rally in Los Angeles

LA, 22.06.2007 01:08

Full Rights for All Immigrants March and Rally in Los Angeles

Dinner with Peter Singer

LA, 22.06.2007 01:08

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? The Controversial Peter Singer

Peta working to outlaw pets!

LA, 22.06.2007 01:08

Peta working to outlaw pets!

Animal Shelters closing

LA, 22.06.2007 01:08

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa closes City animal shelters

UCSD Students Confront Chancellor

San Diego, 21.06.2007 22:37

"When i hear that this an academic affairs issue, it upsets me. This is about the marginalization and silencing of identities. You are silencing my identity. You are taking away my voice. You are telling me as a queer student I do not belong in your college or your curriculum..."

On May 29, over 50 members and supporters of the UCSD Lumumba-Zapata Coalition marched to the chancellor's complex to confront chancellor Marye Anne Fox about the watered down Dimensions of Culture (DOC) curriculum and the firing of two teaching assistants for the course because of their political views and criticisms of the curriculum.

The chancellor, associate vice-chancellor Mark Appelbaum and vice-chancellor Joseph Watson emerged from their normally quiet sanctum to the chant of the energized protesters: "Keep DOC Real!"

Speakers at the rally confronted chancellor Fox with the negative response the students have received from adminstrators, the injustice and assault on academic freedom of the firing of Benjamin Balthaser and Scott Boehm as TAs in the DOC program, and the hypocrisy of the chancellor in trumpeting her commitment to diversity while failing to protect the DOC curriculum.

The chancellor and her associates responded by blaming the union representing the TAs and appealing to procedures and university rules. The actual response came ten days later in the form of a proposed rule change to ban meetings with ten or more people on university grounds without a permit, a rule that would have prevented students from confronting the chancellor. This is how chancellor Fox reacts when students of color have the audacity to tell her what is on their minds.

Video of the Confrontation | Partial Transcript of the Confrontation | Rule Change | Teach-In | Background | Lumumba-Zapata Coalition Demands

Felton Community Resists Water Giant

Santa Cruz, CA, 21.06.2007 21:38

The small community of Felton is going toe to toe with the nation's largest private water company, American Water, which bought Felton's water system in 2002. American Water serves some 18 million customers in 29 states, including California, Pennsylvania, New York, Illinois, and Ohio. The community of Felton voted overwhelmingly to buy their water system back, but the company refuses to sell. Now the people of Felton plan to use eminent domain to buy back their water system, but American Water has spent millions of dollars resisting.

UCSC Rehires Fired Worker a Day After Protests

Santa Cruz, CA, 21.06.2007 21:38

A day after students and workers held a protest outside administrative offices, the University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC) rehired Crown custodian and AFSCME 3299 member Angela Ruiz. Ruiz was fired on April 9 for attending a union-sponsored protest against UC President Robert Dynes, even though she had received excellent evaluations and the protest was during her lunch hour. Angela's re-hiring marks the 3rd victory in the past month for activists at UCSC.

VIDEO: Parents Voice Opposition to School Budget Cuts

Philadelphia, 21.06.2007 19:39

Puerto Madryn: murieron ayer 10 obreros de ALUAR

Argentina, 21.06.2007 19:08

¿Tragedia o negligencia empresaria?

Soldier in Iraq Refuses Combat Mission

DC, 21.06.2007 17:40

Yesterday, June 19, 26 year old SPC Eli Israel put himself at great personal risk by making the courageous decision to refuse further participation in the U.S. occupation of Iraq.

Radical Homosexual Agenda Zaps Quinn on Police Authority

NYC, 21.06.2007 15:37

Tonight The Radical Homosexual Agenda struck once again, dramatically zapping Chris Quinn deep inside City Hall during her presentation at the the "Celebration of LGBT Pride" hosted annually by the City Council Speaker. || OnNYTurf Coverage

Rio Tinto Looms Over Te Ika a Maui

Aotearoa, 21.06.2007 10:11

Danyl Strypes comments on the multinational mining company Rio Tinto's recent air surveying of the west coast of Te Ika a Maui, the northern island of Aotearoa. According to an article in the NZ Herald, a survey plane was flying over prospective mining areas off the west coast on Wednesday. The plane was paid for Rio Tinto, a multinational mining empire infamous in the pacific for environmental destruction and the suppression of indigenous people in the vicinity of its operations, such as the Panguna copper mine on the island of Bougainville. Rio Tinto also owns Comalco, which runs the Tiwai Point aluminion smelter near Bluff, at the bottom of Te Wai Pounamu, the south island. This smelter is the single largest user of electricity in the country, much like their Bay Bell smelter in Tasmania which uses around 40% of the state's electricity. Aluminium is used mainly for vehicle parts, building supplies and food packaging. All uses which could potentially be avoided and other materials substituted.

Call to Make Blair’s Last Day, An Anti-War Day

Bristol, 21.06.2007 08:37

27th June: "This will be the final appearance of Bristol’s spectacular Tony Blair statue" 27th June: "This will be the final appearance of Bristol’s spectacular Tony Blair statue" As the final days of Tony Blair fade, his legacy – the Iraq War – continues to rumble as Wednesday sees three Sunni Mosques bombed, eight Christian students abducted, the bodies of 31 people bearing signs of torture and gunshot wounds were found and the Mahdi Army killed four Iraqi soldiers in an ambush with rocket-propelled grenades against their convoy in the town of Nu’maniya near Kut. Bristol Stop the War writes, On Wednesday 27th June, Tony Blair will formally hand over as prime minister to Gordon Brown. The anti-war movement in Britain has played a major part in forcing Blair to resign earlier than he wanted and in ensuring that the one thing he will be remembered for is the invasion and occupation of Iraq. We need to make sure Gordon Brown understands we are keeping up the pressure for a change of policy – bring the troops home now; the people of Iraq & Afghanistan must be free to decide their own future without interference from the USA or Britain. So join Bristol Stop The War Coalition supporters on the Peace Vigil on the Centre (opposite the Hippodrome) from 5.30pm on 27th June. Celebrate Blair’s departure. Remind Brown we aren’t going away. This will be the final appearance of Bristol’s spectacular Tony Blair statue – once seen never forgotten. Music and theatre planned. Bring your friends. (image Steve Bell's Tony Blair) Full article.| 27th June – Make Blair’s Last Day An Anti-War Day | Related News: Filton Five Charged | Stop the war prosecution stopped | Bristol Park Street, Palestine demo, Saturday, 9th June 2007 |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

Puerto Madryn: derrumbe después del paro

Argentina, 21.06.2007 07:38

Tragedia en AULAR, al menos 10 muertos

Minutemen Outnumbered By Human Rights Activists At City Hall Protest

Portland, 21.06.2007 04:39

It looked to me like a 30% minuteman supporters turnout And a 70% Human Rights turnout of supporters. I went to show support and solidarity against the HATE protest. There is a 20 min video I took that I will post here on Indy Media by tomorrow morning at the latest. It was a nice turnout of Human Right Supporters.

The Seriously Pissed Off Grannies had a city Hall meeting on an un-related issue of having TANKS on our city streets. When they came out of the front doors into the "protest zone" they were chanting and marching side by side. When they came out with their march .....the energy ratcheted up and the minute men started getting louder to voice their (sic) message. Those Grannies are everywhere.... (thank goodness) Good Support and solidarity by lots of loving people for the Human Rights of all people.

Reportbacks:1, 2

Sin Fronteras Statement on Oregonians for Immigration Reform
Humanitarian Aid is Never a Crime
MinuteKKKlan/anti-immigrant forces at Seattle Space Needle on 6/23/07 (1pm).

Caso Battisti - Brasil colabora com repressão política internacional

Brasil, 21.06.2007 03:38



Arizona, 21.06.2007 03:37

Tribal Council Rejects New Permit for Romic

Se organizan vecinos y vecinas del Riachuelo, el río Reconquista y el Río de la Plata

Argentina, 21.06.2007 02:08

Encuentro del Espacio Intercuencas

Sin Fronteras Defense

Houston, 21.06.2007 00:08

Sin Fronteras raises funds, Continues Struggle for Freedom of Movement

Four decades of occupation - Enough!

United Kingdom, 20.06.2007 23:41

Over 20,000 demonstrators showed their support for the Palestinians living under Israeli occupation in a march and rally held in London on 9 June, 2007, to mark the 40th anniversary of the Six-Day War and the ongoing military occupation of the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem. The rally, which took place in Trafalgar Square, was organised by Enough!, a coalition of over 50 charities, trade unions, faith and other campaign groups.

Reports and pics: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | MP3s of all speeches | Enough! report | Innovative Minds report | Call for action

All around the world, thousands marked the anniversary with a week of actions against the Israeli occupation (see this round-up). In Germany, G8 protesters responded with a mass demo at a Caterpillar plant in Rostock [Video]. An unconfirmed report claimed that the plant was fire-bombed that night, destroying Caterpillar machinery.

Related: This Week In Palestine – Week 23 2007 | Taking Aim: The Destruction of Palestine | Co-op Radio: Palestine - 40 years of occupation | The Six Day War Deceptions | Israel's Attack on the USS Liberty Revisited | John Pilger: Resisting the Empire

Support Shaw Residents June 26, 11am, At The Wilson Building!

DC, 20.06.2007 23:12

TAKE ACTION! 11AM JUNE 26 at the Wilson Building! The Fenty Administration is turning a deaf ear to the voices of lower-income folks in the southern part of Shaw. It's time to raise our voices so they hear us! We're going to tell Deputy Mayor Neil Albert and Mayor Fenty to fulfill longstanding promises to build 96 units of new affordable housing in the neighborhood - and we need your help! Come out to show support for new affordable housing and for changes that benefit longtime residents of Shaw! =============================== "Occupying" the Executive Suite Tuesday, June 26, 11am Third Floor of the Wilson Building (1350 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Federal Triangle Metro, bring ID) =============================== (If possible, RSVP to grobinson [at] onedconline [dot] org)

Peruvian Town Pays the Price in Pollution for the Opulence of One New Yorker

NYC, 20.06.2007 20:09

An infamous polluter and millionaire resident of New York, Irs Rennert, takes millions of dollars from a metalurgical complex high in the Peruvian Andes, while children in the town suffer from extreme amounts of lead, arsenic, and other heavy metals in their blood. The children are born with low birth weights, developemental problems, and high instances of cancer, while the company refuses to make the improvements necessary to make the metal smelter a sustainable part of the community.

The Seahorse(-Cycles) are Coming! Workshops for LAST(?) Mermaid Parade

NYC, 20.06.2007 15:13

Thinking of going to what could be the very last Mermaid Parade? Never been? Holy crap. Made your costume yet? Please, do read on.

Headline: something like ‘Super Seahorses Swarm from Sweltering Sea to Explore Life on Land - at the Mermaid Parade!’
(Or they could be Surly Sea Horses, or Sassy, Sexy, Sweaty Seahorses, or all of the above. Whatever folks decide.)

Proposed program for Sacco and Vanzetti Commemoration in August 2007

Boston, 20.06.2007 14:09

After a few meetings initiated by last year's Sacco and Vanzetti Parade from the Stony Brook Park to the Forest Hills Cemetery, the organizers of this year's commemoration events have come up with a proposed program. They have also decided to formalize an organization to take on this task for this year and beyond: the Sacco and Vanzetti Commemoration Society. The society is open to all those individual and organizations that believe that it is important to keep the memory of these two working class anarchist organizers framed up and killed by the State of Massachusetts on August 23, 1927. While the program becomes firm we have developed promotional flyers for people to save the date and to start raising awareness about the commemoration coming up. You can download them from our website

Bike-In Movie Benefit for OLIN/Sin Fronteras PDX

Portland, 20.06.2007 13:08

Abajo la Frontera!

farmingville (u.s., documentary, 2004) the human impact of national immigration laws that perpetuate racism, fear, and violence.

wallyball - a short film about the u.s./mexico border wall

8:30 pm
2825 NE Dekum

olin is a collective affiliated with /a> focusing on solidarity work with revolutionary anti-authoritarian groups in Mexico. we are raising funds to send to the CIPO-RFM, an indigenous Magonista organization in Oaxaca, to aid in travel costs for CIPO members as they accompany the Zapatista delegation currently touring Mexico and prepare to send delegates to the Intercontinental Indigenous Conference in Sonora this October. We are also accepting donations of computer parts as well as collecting medical supplies for developing autonomous clinics in CIPO communities.

for more info contact us at

Tropa de Choque despeja ocupação na UNESP-Araraquara

Brasil, 20.06.2007 13:08


Independent Workers' Union Exposes Abuse Of Migrant Workers

Ireland, 20.06.2007 12:38

Bounced cheques, withheld P45s... The Independent ...

Caravana Harresiak Birindu!!!

Euskal Herria, 20.06.2007 09:40

A finales de julio (del 20 al 27 aproximadamente), partir� de Euskal Herria una Caravana solidaria cuyo objetivo general es la denuncia de la criminalizaci�n social y pol�tica existente en nuestra sociedad, as� como la opresi�n que sufre un n�mero cada vez mayor de pueblos del planeta. La citada Caravana pondr� fin a una Campa�a (HARRESIAK BIRRINDU! - �DESTRUYAMOS LOS MUROS!) que con este objetivo se est� llevando a cabo en Euskal Herria durante estos meses. En el mes de Abril y Mayo se han celebrado una jornadas en Iru�a, Gasteiz y Bilbo.

M�s informaci�n: Para participar, llamar al 94 479 0703 o escribir correo electr�nico.
|Weblog de la iniciativa|, |Art�culo en Diagonal|.
Presentaci�n de los libros: | �Qui�n invade a quien?|, |Vendr� la realidad y nos atrapar� dormidos|.
|Exposici�n en Iru�a|, |Boda entre la Uni�n Europea y el Estado de Israel|.

Post and Press Workers Unionise!

Bristol, 20.06.2007 08:37

Evening Post and Western Daily Press workers vote 2:1 for Union recognition Evening Post and Western Daily Press workers vote 2:1 for Union recognition A hard fought victory, unlikley to be given much coverage in the local media, Tony Gosling writes; NUJ members at two Bristol papers are celebrating after scoring a major victory for union rights. Journalists at the Northcliffe-owned Evening Post and Western Daily Press voted 2:1 in favour of extending NUJ negotiating rights to cover all the company's editorial staff. Despite a fierce campaign by senior managers to prevent the NUJ from securing bargaining rights editorial staff voted 74-37 in favour of NUJ recognition in a ballot organised by the Central Arbitration Committee. NUJ General Secretary Jeremy Dear said: "I offer my congratulations to members at Bristol for the magnificent work and campaigning they have done to secure this fantastic result. It shows that even in the face of a concerted campaign by senior managers journalists can see that their interests are best protected by having a strong and active union presence." Full Article. | Bristol journalists win key recognition battle | | Older Media & Union News: You're F*@%ing Sacked! | Video from Bristol Journalists 'Day of Action' against Northcliffe | Video: Bristol Journalists in 'Day of Action' to defend local press (UK IMC) | Bristol's Media Landscape |

Local Activists Challenge the Filipino Ambassador to the U.S.

Seattle, 20.06.2007 06:37

The Honorable Willie Gaa, Philippine Ambassador to the US wrestled with claims of illegal arrest and detention of Congressman and labor leader Crispin Beltran and United Church of Christ Berlin Guerrero, the unabated political killings of unarmed social activists—at least 850 since Pres. Arroyo took power, and the involvement of the death squads affiliated with the Armed Forces of the Philippines, during an open discussion at the Filipino Community Center in Seattle, Saturday, June 16th.

Images from the 2007 Fremont Solstice Parade

Seattle, 20.06.2007 06:37



The Fremont Solstice Parade began in 1989 and has become an annual demonstration of free speech, creativity, art and community. Although June 16th was a cloudy day, nothing damped the spirits of the participants.

&quot;Operation First Casualty&quot; Comes to Chicago

Chicago, 20.06.2007 05:08

A press advisory by the Iraq Veterans Against the War reads: "In an effort to illuminate the true reality of the conflict in Iraq, members of Iraq Veterans Against the War engaged in a series of street theater actions around the Chicago area on Monday, June 18.

"Entitled, "Operation First Casualty" (OFC) because the first casualty of war is truth, this action was made up of reenactments which highlight various aspects of life in combat in Iraq. The action is treated like a military operation with participants in full military uniform, however, no weapons were used at any time. This was IVAW's fourth OFC." See photos

YouTube Video: One | Two | Three

Corporate coverage: CLTV Segment | Chicago Daily Herald: Photo Gallery

A Community Burdened With Columbia's Need to Expand

NYC, 20.06.2007 05:08

Protesters of Columbia University's expansion into West Harlem hit another roadblock Monday when the City Planning Commission certified the school's application to re-zone Manhattanville. Now Community Board 9 is squeezed to come up with opposing recommendations over the next 60 days.

ALERT! City Council seeks to ban ALL sound beyond talk level at all protests!

DC, 19.06.2007 22:09

On July 8, the City Council will hold a public hearing on a bill to outlaw the usew of all forms of amplied sound and even lod SHOUTING at protest at any time of day or night.

The “Cloud” over Dick Cheney Just Got Darker!

Baltimore, 19.06.2007 22:08

Lewis “Scooter” Libby is a dark cloud hanging over the head of Dick Cheney. The Special Prosecutor is convinced that Libby lied to protect his boss, the V.P., re: Joe Wilson/Valeri Plame smear. This dark cloud, coupled with the “Nightmare” of impeachment, is Cheney’s new reality. Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich (D-OH), et al, via H Res 333, intend to bring Cheney to Justice. It’s time for Rep. John Conyers of the Judiciary Committee to issue the subpoenas.

Visiting Iraqi trade union leaders reject U.S. occupation and new oil law

San Francisco Bay Area, 19.06.2007 18:39

Two Iraqi trade union leaders on a speaking tour of the United States called for rejection of the new oil law being considered in the Iraqi parliament. The law was secretly written in Houston in favor of the U.S. oil companies long before it was ever seen by any member of the Iraqi parliament. If passed, the new oil law would effectively turn over all new oil fields to the control of foreign oil companies. Speaking before an enthusiastic audience of approximately 125 people in the Laborers Hall in San Jose on Sunday, June 10, the two Iraqi trade union leaders from Basra agreed that the U.S. occupation must end. Both leaders clearly indicated that the U.S. occupation itself creates sectarian violence and reduces security.

Posada Carriles knows too much...

Arkansas, 19.06.2007 18:09

Interview with Fabian Escalante, ex-chief of Cuban Intelligence...

Sunlight in the Torture Chamber

NYC, 19.06.2007 17:08

Steven M. Watt, Janis Karpinski, Josh Rushing, Jumana Musa, and Tara McKelvy discussed various aspects of the US torture policy at Sunlight in the Torture Chamber, an event hosted by the NYCLU.

A Tale Of Two Gardens

United Kingdom, 19.06.2007 14:43

"They left the land to rot, covered in trash and needles. They hope the buildings will fall down, so they can justify flogging to the highest bidder [...] Reading Borough Council call it development, regeneration. We call it gentrification, exclusion."

In Reading, a group of local activists and residents have reclaimed a plot of land left derelict by the local council, transforming it into an attractive community garden. After months of hard work, they went public with banners and door-to-door flyering, advertising the opening day and encouraging the neighbours to see the garden as common land for all to enjoy. The councils response? Injunctions and threats of eviction.

Undeterred, the group pushed ahead with the opening day, which was a great success.

A few legal hearings later, the council have their eviction orders, and are expected to try and evict the garden and adjacent squatted building on Wednesday 20th June. Help is needed to resist the eviction - meet 9:30am at the garden.

Meanwhile, in Oxford, locals have turned an area of derelict garages into a similar community space - in this case, apparently with the help and blessing of the local council (undoubtably because access issues make the site unsuitable for developers).

They held their official opening on Saturday 16th, also a varied and wonderful community event. In a sickening counterpart to events in Reading, council bureaucrats and the local Blairite MP used the project to prop up their own crumbling reputations, much to the discomfort of many of those present.

[ Reading - Common Ground community garden: eviction resistance callout | eviction hearing | detailed report | injunction hearing + demo | opening day report + pics | opening day announcement | local media coverage ]

[ Oxford - Barracks Lane community garden: opening day report + pics | opening day announcement ]

&quot;O salão de festas vai para debaixo d'água novamente&quot;

Brasil, 19.06.2007 12:08


270 días sin Julio López

Argentina, 19.06.2007 08:07

Otro mes, la misma impunidad

270 días sin Julio López

Argentina, 19.06.2007 08:07

Otro mes, la misma impunidad

Manif regularisatiebeleid

Antwerpen, 19.06.2007 06:37

Nationale Manifestatie voor 'n rechtvaardiger regularisatie beleid

Protests continue this weekend at Mt. Eden against deportations

Aotearoa, 19.06.2007 06:11

Protests will continue this weekend outside Mt. Eden Jail. Global Peace and Justice Auckland have put a call out to protest the continuing detention of a group of five Iranian refugees held in jail.

The longest detained of the group is Amir Mohebbi who has a New Zealand partner Maryam Mohebbi with permanent residence and three kiwi children –Monica (7), Milad (5) and Merila (3). Amir has been imprisoned for over three years! Immigration Minister David Cunliffe wants to deport Amir and deprive these kiwi children of their father. Littlest Merila has never known a father who is not in jail. These kids just can’t understand and neither can we. The children attended the last protest outside the prison on May 19th organised by GPJA and the Iranian community in New Zealand. The other Iranians are real people too. Ali Reza Pahan’s employer strongly supports Ali’s plea to remain in New Zealand. “He is a good man and a very good worker”. Cunliffe wants to deport Ali. Fardien Nouriyan has a wife Leila and stepdaugher Sahel (15). He has been in New Zealand for 9 years, married for 8 years and in prison for 15 months now. His wife has been here for 15 years and has New Zealand citizenship. Cunliffe wants to deport Fardien." [GPJA Newsletter]

Protest: Mt Eden Prison, Boston Road, Mt Eden. Saturday 23rd May, 1pm - 2pm

There were as of June 6, 2007, 51 people currently detained under the Immigration Act. [Read More]

Links: Workers Party: Media Release | No Right Turn: More indefinite detentions | Report + Photos from 19/5 action against deportations

Crisis interna, “nuevo gobierno”

Argentina, 19.06.2007 06:10

Palestina: Lo que imperio les dejó

Crisis interna, “nuevo gobierno”

Argentina, 19.06.2007 04:41

Palestina: Lo que imperio les dejó

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