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Michigan native beheaded in Iraq

Michigan, 23.09.2004 06:15

On Monday, September 20 the three Grand Rapids based TV stations and the Grand Rapids Press reported that Hillsdale native Eugene Armstrong was beheaded in Iraq by a group reported to be "Jordanian militants." "Beheaded man a ‘good guy…in the wrong place,’ mourners say" was the headline in the Grand Rapids Press while the local TV coverage focused on the community vigil in Hillsdale commemorating the victim.

While each of the GR based news outlets focused on the human tragedy of this man's death, they refused to ask the broader questions of what brought him to Iraq and what roles foreign civilian contractors have played in the occupation of Iraq. The news coverage did state that the Jordanian militants were demanding that all Iraqi women be released from Iraqi prisons, yet this issue was never investigated in local media reports.

Southern California Vegan Business Fair in SD

San Diego, 23.09.2004 05:34

Great event! The more people we turn the better the chances we can get more Vegan restaruants and better options! Celebrate World Farm Animals Day (October 2nd) as Earth Save, Peta In Defense of Animals and Compassion for Farm Animals present:

The Southern California Vegan Business Fair! This country's first ever entirely cruelty-free business fair!

- Free food and product samples!
- Restaurant booths from restaurants in LA, Orange County and San Diego!
- Animal-free fashion show! Featuring styles from All Vegan, Shoes With Souls and more.
- Cruelty free clothing!
- Vegan cooking demo and much more...
- Booths from vegan doctors, lawyers and other professionals.
- Celebration of Gandhi’s birthday.

Join us on Oct. 2nd

Adventures in the Subterrain

Aotearoa, 23.09.2004 03:52

As part of the Dunedin Fringe Festival, the Crisis Collective presents exhibition and event series Adventures in the Subterrain. A collective show exploring repression, revolt, and creativity, Adventures in the Subterrain will also feature a section of the gallery dedicated for visitors to create zines and texts of their own. The exhibition and events will all take place at none gallery, 24 Stafford St.


:: 1pm, Thursday September 30th: 'recycling cultural waste' zine making party - some materials will be supplied [typewriters, photocopier, tape, some texts and books] but bring your own texts, images and things to cut up too!

:: 1pm, Friday October 1st: Letter writing circle - drink coffee, gossip and write to political prisoners

:: 1pm, Saturday October 2nd: 'Art, Politics and the Situationists' discussion.

"Adventures in the Subterrain is mapping of dissent; of direct action, anti-capitalism, squatting, borderhacks and graffiti art. We seek to reclaim images and writings of ourselves and of our desires, rather than giving them up to capitalism, the corporate press and the increasingly shallow and commodified art world." - Crisis Collective

Lo que no te mata te fortalece

Argentina, 23.09.2004 01:42

Lo que no te mata te fortalece

Lo que no te mata te fortalece

Argentina, 23.09.2004 01:33

Lo que no te mata te fortalece

Multiculturalism, Mastercard, and “McFlag”

New Hampshire, 23.09.2004 01:09

A discussion with American Indian Artist Jaune Quick-To-See Smith who’s exhibit: Made in America is now on display at the Thorne-Sagendorph Gallery at Keene State College.

“Military Families Speak Out” coming to Portsmouth NH

New Hampshire, 23.09.2004 01:08

On September 28, representatives from Military Families Speak Out will be speaking in Portsmouth NH. ------------------------------------------------

Pepper Spray By Q-Tip Trial Ends in Jury Deadlock

Portland, 23.09.2004 00:34

Report-back from protest at Ringling Bros. Circus

Portland, 23.09.2004 00:30

Public Radio: For Sale to Highest Bidder?

Boston, 23.09.2004 00:28

It is not uncommon to read stories about media consolidation nowadays, with companies like Clear Channel and Entercom buying up small radio and TV stations and distributing their content across these various outlets, and making a hefty profit while they're at it. In the case of Clear Channel type consolidation, the company is going after small commercial stations. In Lowell, a similar situation is taking place but in this case it involves a corporation going after a non-commercial station. The corporation is MediaNews Group, owner of the Lowell Sun and the radio station is our own WUML, a small non-commercial radio station owned by the University of Massachusetts, Lowell. MediaNews is a newspaper investment company, with newspaper holdings across the country, as well as 4 radio stations. In FY 2003, the company totaled $738,598,000 in revenues from their varied holdings.

A male over age 18: &quot;The draft people are after me!&quot;

Portland, 23.09.2004 00:02

mujeres (es)

Barcelona, 22.09.2004 23:57

Reivindicación social del afecto y el cuidado para las personas

En el siglo XXI "casi exclusivamente" son las mujeres las que desarrollan las tareas de tener cuidado de las personas dependientes, tanto en el hogar, como madres y abuelas, como fuera en casas de otr*s y en diferentes asociaciones u ocupaciones. La progresiva incorporación de la mujer al trabajo remunerado, deja atrás un vacio, que hace falta revalorizar y recuperar entre tod*s para evitar desequilibrios. Creando así nuevas cadenes mundiales de afecto y atención de las personas sin que esta nueva división internacional del trabajo comporte caer en otros tipos de desigualdades. Entre tod*s hemos de encontrar soluciones para conseguir una amplia cobertura pública de los servicios a las personas, pero sin llegar a que sea el estado el único que pueda cuidar a las personas.


+info :: >>>mujeres + media + agenda

dones (ca)

Barcelona, 22.09.2004 23:56

Reivindicació social de l'afecte i la cura per a les persones

Al segle XXI "quasi exclusivament" són les dones les que desenvolupen les tasques de tenir cura de les persones depenents, tant a la llar, com fan mares i àvies, com a fora en cases d'altres i en diferents associacions o ocupacions. La progressiva incorporació de la dona al treball remunerat, deixa enrera un buit, que cal revaloritzar i recuperar entre tot*s per evitar desequilibris. Creant així noves cadenes mundials d' afecte i atenció de les persones sense que aquesta nova divisió internacional del treball comporti caure en altres tipus de desigualtats. Entre tot*s hem de trobar solucions per assolir una àmplia cobertura pública dels serveis a les persones, però sense arribar a que sigui l'estat l'únic que pugui tenir cura de les persones.


+info :: >>>dones + media + agenda

Camejo Speaks Truth To Confusion at NU

Boston, 22.09.2004 23:18

          Flanking the front entrance to the John D. O’Bryant African-American Institute on the North Eastern University Campus were two young converts to the socialist cause. In their hands they flashed the socialist worker and pushed it on people in charming ways such as “Happy Socialist Worker!” Knowing how to keep myself independent of dogmatic political organizations I cut off one girls query of “Have you seen our paper before?” to ask what room the event would be held in. Once inside I was swimming in a river of socialists pushing their literature and newspapers, asking for donations from idealistic college kids. What the hell was I doing there? I came to see one of the Green party’s heroes make a speech, Nader’s Running mate, Peter Miguel Camejo. I heard him talk, and he was pretty brilliant, but what struck me more was the large presence of dogmatic political organizations (for the left and the right) on the North Eastern Campus and perhaps on college campuses across the country.

Berlim: &quot;Dias de resistência feminista&quot;

Portugal, 22.09.2004 22:44

Berlim: "Dias de resistência feminista"

Bush Visits Milwaukee protest

Madison, 22.09.2004 22:39

Over 500 people gathered to protest Bush's visit to Milwaukee on September 3. There were several protest zones, people showed thier dissent with chants and signs.

DGN vows to shut down weapons conference

Ireland, 22.09.2004 20:29

Event branded as 'torture trade fair' The Dublin Grassroots Network (DGN) has called on the owners of the Berkeley Court Hotel in Dublin to cancel a major international weapons conference due to take place at the hotel on October 19th and 20th. The 'Jane’s Less Lethal Weapons 2004 Conference - Critical Incident Intervention'' conference is effectively a trade fair for tools of torture and political repression, according to the DGN, which is vowing to stop the event from going ahead. The Dublin Grassroots Network (DGN) has called on the owners of the exclusive Berkeley Court Hotel in Ballsbridge, Dublin to cancel a major international weapons conference due to take place at the hotel on October 19th and 20th. The 'Jane’s Less Lethal Weapons 2004 Conference - Critical Incident Intervention' conference is effectively a trade fair for tools of torture and political repression, according to the DGN, which is vowing to stop the event from going ahead. Mick Dooley of the DGN said: "If the Jury’s Doyle Hotel group doesn’t cancel this conference, we will call on the public to come out and force it to be shut down." "The weapons in question include electro-shock batons, stun guns, plastic bullets, Tasers, CR Gas, pepper spray and the new sonic-bombs that have been deployed to 'disperse' crowds in Iraq. "Put simply, people who sell these tools of political repression and torture and people who want to buy them will be gathering at the Berkeley Court to do business," Dooley said. "Irish people will not tolerate that." "The Berkeley Court conference is the first event of its kind ever to be held in Ireland," Dooley said. "Apparently this country is now being seen as a potential growth market for the arms industry. The nature of the event is extremely provocative, coming at a time when revulsion at the war machine and the arms industry is running high across the world." Northern Ireland's appalling track record in plastic bullet deaths is being celebrated by the inclusion of Colin Burrows, a former RUC superintendent, as conference host and main speaker. The speakers also include senior officers from the West Midlands Police, which framed the Birmingham Six and others, and from the LAPD, responsible for beating Rodney King. The CEO of Taser International Inc, a major supplier of weaponry to the occupation forces in Iraq, will also be speaking. "Are these people being invited here to teach the Irish authorities how to brutalise people?" Dooley asked. "The organisers of this conference and the owners of the hotel need to get a loud and clear message from people in Ireland: we are not going to sit back and allow these people to peddle weapons that will be used against us in the near future." DGN is planning a day of action on Saturday October 2nd, which will involve protests at Jury's Doyle hotels around Ireland and abroad. A public meeting will be held at 4pm next Sunday, September 26th, at the Teacher's Club, 36 Parnell Square West, Dublin, to which all are welcome. ABOUT 'LESS LETHAL WEAPONS' The devices that are bought and sold by those due to attend the Berkeley Court conference are used as tools of torture in numerous repressive regimes around the world. They are also used in the west, against striking workers, street protesters and in close quarters against prisoners and political detainees. Here in Ireland, 'less lethal weapons' have already resulted in numerous deaths. Plastic bullets alone were responsible for at least 14 deaths in Northern Ireland in the past 30 years. All of these people would probably still be alive were it not for "less lethal weapons", as it’s unlikely the authorities would have used live rounds against them. In other words, "less lethal weapons" bridge the gap between the conventional methods of hand and baton, which are slow and unreliable, and live ammunition, which is too costly in terms of damage to the legitimacy of the state. EXAMPLES OF 'LESS LETHAL WEAPONS' ELECTRO-SHOCK BATONS: These have been described as "the most universal modern tool of the torturers" by Helen Bamber, director of the British Medical Foundation for the Treatment of the Victims of Torture. Crude electronic devices, in wartime Europe, and electric cattle prods, in Latin America, were used as torture instruments long before the private sector took the idea up, commercialised it and mass produced electro-shock batons. They are extensively used and manufactured in China. British Aerospace sold 8,000 electro-shock batons to Saudi Arabia in the late 1980s as part of the multi-billion pound Al Yamamah arms deals. CS GAS: Causes respiratory irritation, pain in the nose and chest, a burning sensation in the eyes and on moist skin and with more extensive exposure coughing and vomiting. It accentuates illness when inflicted on sufferers of bronchitis, asthma, liver or kidney diseases and epilepsy, and according to the findings of an official committee set up after the 1969 Derry riots it can cause deaths from heart failure. It has also been associated with second degree burns and respiratory illness. CR GAS: Six times more potent than CS gas. High exposure produces temporary blindness. This was used in the townships in South Africa in the late 1980s, where it caused fatalities, particularly among children. OC or PEPPER SPRAY: The Los Angeles Times has reported at least 61 deaths associated with its use in the US in its first five years (1990-‘95). OC can cause temporary blindness, a burning sensation on skin, upper body spasms and coughing which inhibits breathing and speaking. It has been used as a torture instrument in US prisons. Pepper spray is widely used to suppress demonstrations, for instance in New York on February 15th, 2003, during the international day of protest against the Iraq war. TASERS: The M26 Advanced Taser is a handgun which fires two barbed darts up to seven meters, the darts are attached by wires to the gun, and along those wires a 50,000 volt electric shock travels to the victim. After firing the gun itself can function as an electro shock baton. They have recently been issued to British police. (Tom Smith Taser International Inc, will speak in Dublin on October 20th.) KINETIC PROJECTILES: These include rubber bullets, used in Northern Ireland until 1974/75, and their replacement, plastic bullets. In all 3 people were killed by rubber bullets and 14 by plastic bullets and thousands of people have been injured by them. Other variations of the baton round include wooden bullets, used in the United States, rubber coated steel bullets used in Israel and the occupied territories, one version of which consists of, in each shot, 15 rubber balls each with a steel core which hit a target area 7 meters across. These are used to hit crowds indiscriminately. A Belgian-manufactured weapon used in Switzerland fires metal and plastic containers of paint, which left one woman with fragments embedded in her face, which cannot be removed for fear of paralysis. SCIENCE FICTION (weapons still in development): -- Human capture nets, which can be electrified or laced with chemical irritant. -- Foam guns, which stick the target to the ground. -- Foam barriers, which can be laced with chemical irritant. -- Sleeping-inducing chemicals. -- Strobes, which pulse in the critical epileptic fit-inducing frequency. -- Radio frequency weapons, which use microwaves to raise the victim’s temperature. -- UV lasers, which enable an electric charge to be sent across some distance through the air. MORE INFORMATION: In-depth article with footnoted sources: Conference Programme: DIARY DATES: Sun 26th Sept, 4pm: Public meeting, Teacher's Club, Parnell Sq, Dublin Sat 2nd Oct: Day of action at Jury's Doyle hotels. Links: Sunshine Project Killing Me Softly British Medical Journal America's Defence Monitor transcript Policing the Pax Americana Population expansion will lead to civil unrest Torture: As American As Apple Pie (link list) Ed Herman: US as Torture Central The Torture Trade (discussion of Amnesty International report on Peerless) State Terrorism vs. Democracy (definitions of toture) Alexander Cockburn: The Wide World of Torture ABCNews transcript of interview with Dr. John Alexander SCU: Russian hostage "rescue" with "non-lethal" weapons WACO first use of "non-lethals" didn't work USA Today: it's not intended to be used as a torture device AI: Less than safe? Oakland police riot using non-lethals Pepper-spray forest defender trial Oakland UN citation The Miami Model: "The Miami Model." Protestors were attacked with rubber bullets, pepper spray, electric tazer guns, and shock batons, all coordinated by the new United States Department of Homeland Security

Red Branch 'Knights' Fight For The Future Of The Black Pig's Dyke

Ireland, 22.09.2004 20:27

Heritage Report Recommends Cavan Quarry Closure Red Branch Heritage Press Release about destruction of the Black Pig's Dyke. Cavan Heritage group, Red Branch Heritage have recently released a heritage report on important archeological sites in a catchment area located in a central area of County Cavan. Cavan County Manager Mr. Jack Keyes received the first copy on Weds 22nd September. John O’Reilly, chairman of the group, stated that the fifteen-page document has been released in a determined effort to bring forward the important issue of the protection, or lack thereof, being given to archaeological sites in the greater Denn area. The report was compiled by the group over a number of weeks and specifically targeted four sites for special attention. Among these is the Black Pig’s Dyke linear earthworks at Ardkill More Mountain, Carrickaboy - a monument believed to be up to two thousand years old, which has already being damaged by an adjoining quarry. Recently removal of topsoil by the quarry company from a newly acquired area of the mountain has taken place without planning approval from Cavan County Council. According to the report considerable damage has already being caused to the local landscape. In its summing up the report states: “the quarry site has now become a real eyesore and this extension must not be allowed to continue and the area of this latest unauthorised work should be re-landscaped with soil in order to bring about a renewal of growth. It is time to have a serious look at the long-term future of quarrying at Ardkill More. It is quite clear this site is totally unsuitable for quarrying with regard to its elevated location and the fact that an important archeological site lies in its immediate vicinity. The quarry owners might be encouraged to consider sourcing a more suitable quarry site and phasing out their operations at Ardkill More” Red Branch Heritage secretary Susan Hayes stated that a winding down of the quarrying operation was the only solution to the problems at Ardkill Mountain. While admitting this would cause problems for the company involved in the short term, Miss Hayes said it was the only solution that would guarantee the lasting protection of this national monument. “How could any surveyor view the landscape even as it stands today and say the quarry was not interfering with the character of the local landscape - it’s a total disaster even as things stand and we still haven’t even received a guarantee that the surviving stretch of earthworks will not suffer a similar fate to the two hundred yards destroyed in the past.” However Susan Hayes welcomed the recent statement by Cavan County Manager, Mr. Jack Keyes regarding the setting up of a Heritage Forum by Cavan County Council, as a positive step and hoped it would lead to a greater appreciation of Cavan’s rich heritage resource and a much greater effort to have that resource protected. The Neolithic and Bronze age complex at Banagher just over a mile from Ardkill More greatly impressed the survey group, which included Claire Dunleavy who has a special knowledge of such ancient sites. Claire said it was immediately obvious within minutes of arriving on this hilltop site that it was an important burial and ritual area. “This seems to be a site, which originally contained at least one Neolithic passage tomb and later during the Bronze Age period became an important ritual area as evidenced by the presence of a henge and two stone circles as well as two barrows which are Bronze Age burial sites,” concluded Miss Dunleavy. Sites at Carrickaboy Glebe and Corrawillen, Lavey also come in for special mention in the report.

NYC Contempt Hearing Delayed on Appeal

NYC, 22.09.2004 20:26

September 27 court proceedings against the the City of New York were delayed by a state appeals court judge Tuesday, giving the city a November 23rd date for an appeals hearing.

The September 27 hearing concerned accusations that City had held Republican National Convention protesters for more than fifty hours without charge.

Norman Siegel, a civil liberties lawyer who represents the protesters, told the New York Times in Wednesday editions that he was disappointed with the decision, but was confident the city would still be held in contempt.

Pataki's Vetoes Hurts the Family of NY; Groups Urge Override

Hudson Mohawk, 22.09.2004 19:21

Organizations representing libraries, community colleges, veterans, at-risk youth, individuals with disabilities, low-income people and alcohol and substance abuse treatment providers joined togethr in Albany to tell the Governor that these vetoes will hurt real people and that he should not be playing political games with lives of our state’s residents. On Monday, the Governor apparently induced three Democrats to call in sick so that the Assembly fell one vote short of overriding his veto. The Governor also apparently cut a deal with Assembly Republicans to support restored funding for libraries and some prisons in order to convince them to vote against the vetoes. Assembly Speaker Silver vowed to bring the vetoes up again for an override. Senator Bruno meanwhile says he will not bring the Senate back until after the elections, meaning that this year's state budget will not be resolved until at least six months past the April 1 deadline. The groups noted that the Governor's vetoes had nothing to do with balancing the budget and that they were tired of being use as pawns in the political games between the leaders.

Inkadinkado Drops Workers Cold

Boston, 22.09.2004 18:09

Inkadinkado is a company that makes cutesy rubber stamps and stationary, but when it comes to their own hard-working staff their actions are far from adorable. The company, located in Woburn and owned by Dimension Acquisitions LLC, has announced its plan to move to Pennsylvania on Sept. 1st. Full-time workers, many of them Chinese immigrants, were told that they will lose their jobs without severance pay, despite the fact that many have worked for Inkadinkado for almost 20 years, still earning only $8 or $9 an hour.

End of Suburbia

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.09.2004 18:04

Fault Lines/Post Carbon benefit screening with Director Gregory Greene

Soldiers Receive Answers to Questions About Getting Out of Military

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.09.2004 17:40

9/25: GI Rights Hotline Training in Oakland

Think First! says, Join COTC Instead of ROTC!

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.09.2004 16:50

Think First! Counters South Bay Military Recruitment

If America were Iraq, What would it be Like?

NYC, 22.09.2004 16:43

In NYC on Tuesday, President Bush said that the Iraqis are refuting the pessimists and implied that things are improving in that country.

What would America look like if it were in Iraq's current situation? The population of the US is over 11 times that of Iraq, so a lot of statistics would have to be multiplied by that number.

Thus, violence killed 300 Iraqis last week, the equivalent proportionately of 3,300 Americans. What if 3,300 Americans had died in car bombings, grenade and rocket attacks, machine gun spray, and aerial bombardment in the last week? That is a number greater than the deaths on September 11, and if America were Iraq, it would be an ongoing, weekly or monthly toll.

Hete herfst met stakingen en acties

Netherlands, 22.09.2004 16:11

De vuurtjes onder het kabinet beginnen aardig opgestookt te worden nu linkse politieke partijen en vakbonden flink aan de weg timmeren met acties. Zo willen de jongerenafdelingen van de politieke partijen meer samenwerking en worden er overal in het land informatie-avonden en politieke cafe's georganiseerd.

Het duurde even, maar de vakbonden worden ook actief. Het begon met de oprichting van een actiecomite , waarna er snel acties aangekondigd werden. De grootste actie tot nu vond plaats in Rotterdam waar 50.000 mensen kwamen [foto's 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 maar ook in Den haag werd actie gevoerd op Prinsjesdag, waarbij rake klappen vielen.

Challenging Homophobia

Sydney, 22.09.2004 15:59

Man bites dog: police ask protesters for apology

Fault Lines 4

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.09.2004 15:38

Fault Lines #4 Hits the Streets


Colombia, 22.09.2004 14:55


136 años del Grito de Lares

Puerto Rico, 22.09.2004 12:54

La borrachera Boricua

136 años del Grito de Lares

Puerto Rico, 22.09.2004 12:36

La borrachera Boricua

136 años del Grito de Lares

Puerto Rico, 22.09.2004 12:25

La borrachera Boricua

Members of First Nations resist Lewis &amp; Clark costume party passing through South Dakota

Portland, 22.09.2004 11:41

Beware of &quot;Anti-Voyeur&quot; Laws

Portland, 22.09.2004 11:35

From the Newswire

darwin, 22.09.2004 11:10

Former Army Colonel sentences Asylum Seeker

antifa maggio 2000

Italy, 22.09.2004 09:30

13 maggio 2000

Oakland Organizes Against Measure Y- No More Cops

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.09.2004 03:22

Oakland Organizes Against Measure Y- No More Police Funding

Se acaba Septiembre, se acerca la APEC, y a pesar de todo se sigue organizando la rabia.

Chile, 22.09.2004 03:02

Se acaba Septiembre, se acerca la APEC, y a pesar de todo se sigue organizando la rabia.

Picket in front of US Treasury calls for 100% Debt Cancellation: 10 Days until the annual meetings of the World Bank and IMF

DC, 22.09.2004 03:00

At Noon today in front of US Treasury at 15th and New York Ave. NW activists and organizers gathered for a spirited picket calling on Treasury to support 100% debt cancellation for the impoverished nations of the Global South. Picketers marched in a circle chanting “debt cancellation, not poverty and starvation!” and “Freedom is attainable, debt is unsustainable!” among other popular chants.

New WRFU Logo Announced

Urbana-Champaign, 22.09.2004 02:57

Congratulations to Beverly Kudeki of Champaign, who is the winner of the WRFU Logo Contest!

A Trinity of Evil: George Bush, Big Oil, 9-11

Arkansas, 22.09.2004 00:56

As more documents concerning 9-11 surfaces, it is becoming increasing clear the top officials in the Bush administration were at least complicit if not an active participants in the attacks. There is enough evidence now to bind George W. Bush, big oil companies and 9-11 into a trinity of evil. By allowing the 9-11 attacks to take place unhindered Bush and all of his top advisers are guilty of the mass murder of over 3000 innocent people.


Brasil, 21.09.2004 23:57

Profissionais da Saúde mobilizam-se contra Ato Médico


Colombia, 21.09.2004 23:17

Asesinado Alfredo Correa de Andréis

forum 2004 (es)

Barcelona, 21.09.2004 22:44

Fórum 2004: Inversión Pública y Beneficio Privado

Las empresas privadas se repartirán el pastel

::Acciones de protesta durante la semana de clausura::

>>> 23 Septiembre, 19h Plç Sant jaume: Contra la especulación en BCN + ForuMATÓN (Frases) + A Todo el mundo

>>> 26 Septiembre, 19:30h Torre AGBAR Glòries : Inauguramos el Fórum

Otras noticias: | Fórum -Zona muerta- | Cómic sobre el Ferum 2004 | 120 asociaciones se van del Fórum de la Incultura + I |

>>> + info: sección Fórum 2004

forum 2004 (en)

Barcelona, 21.09.2004 22:44

Forum 2004: Public Investment and Private Benefit

The private companies will distribute the pie

:Actions of protest during the week of closing:

>>> 23 September, 19h Plç Sant jaume: Against the speculation in BCN + ForuMATÓN (Phrases) + To Everybody

>>> 26 Septiembre, 19:30h AGBAR Tower Glòries : We inaugurate the Forum

Other news: | Forum -Dead Zone- | Comic about the Ferum 2004 | 120 associations goes away of the Forum of Inculture + I |

>>> + info: section Forum 2004

forum 2004 (ca)

Barcelona, 21.09.2004 22:43

Fòrum 2004: Inversió Pública i Benefici Privat

Les empreses privades es repartiran el pastís

::Accions de rebuig durant la setmana de clausura::

>>> 23 setembre, 19h Plç Sant jaume: Contra l´especulació a BCN + ForuMATÓN (Frases) + A Tothom

>>> 26 Setembre, 19:30h Torre AGBAR Glòries : Inaugurem el Fòrum

Altres notícies: | Forum -Zona morta- | Còmic sobre el Ferum 2004 | 120 associacions engegen el Fòrum de l'Incultura + I |

>>> + info: secció Fòrum 2004

Paro universitario

Peru, 21.09.2004 22:41

22 de Septiembre Paro Nacional Universitario

semana diversidad sexual

Uruguay, 21.09.2004 22:17

Semana de la diversidad sexual

Gadabout Film Festival

Houston, 21.09.2004 21:41

Gadbout Film Festival comes to Houston this Monday

convocatoria ECP

Argentina, 21.09.2004 21:35

Martes 21 de Septiembre 2004 | Convocatoria abierta
Construyamos un espacio de comunicacion popular

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