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&quot;EYES WIDE OPEN&quot; displayed in Medford July 2

Rogue Valley, 27.06.2007 12:39

Medford To Host New Exhibit on Human and Economic Cost of the Iraq War to Oregon

“Eyes Wide Open” exhibit features boots for Oregon soldiers killed in Iraq; memorial to Iraqi casualties and interactive display on economic cost of the war to Oregon

Monday, July 2, 2007, 10 AM to 6 PM
Vogel Plaza @ Main and Central next to Ginger Roger's Craterian Theater in downtown Medford


Galiza, 27.06.2007 11:09

A construçom revolucionaria é umha sutil conjugaçom de desejos e práticas. A concretizaçom do desordem das linhas forças da sociedade espectacular (capitalista) deve preceder a autoorganizaçom dos desejos.
Neste marco de actuaçom este fim de semana volverá a ter lugar um evento (neste caso de dous días) no que tratarám de ponher-se em marcha revindicaçons radicais sobre os géneros, as sexualidades e a precarizaçom da existência.


Com motivo do 28 de Junho, dia da libertaçom de maricas, bolhos, bis, trans e outras dissidentes sexuais queremos realizar um exerciço de força, vida e desejo: na cidade da Corunha terá lugar umha manifestaçom, seguida dumha grande festa no Campo da lenha. Todo isto no marco dumhas jornadas mais amplas nas que diversas activistas e colectivos galegos explorarám as relaçons existentes entre sexualidades, géneros, mercado e precariedade.

ligaçom ano passado Por que nom faltar? Maribolheras Lerchas Mulheres Transgredindo Andaina directorio activista queer

Small Bristol group sees off Big Developer

Bristol, 27.06.2007 10:37

Campaign for sustainability and community values succeeds! Campaign for sustainability and community values succeeds! chocolate rabbit writes; The gates are open for green developers to come in with proposals to redevelop the Elizabeth Shaw chocolate factory, alongside the Bristol-Bath cycle path in Greenbank, Bristol. Local people have successfully campaigned to stop development giant Persimmon getting their hands on the site, demolishing the buildings, replacing them with shoebox houses and flats and moving on with a huge profit in their hands - all without considering the needs of the planet or the community. A Public Inquiry held earlier this month saw Persimmon's heavyweight barrister Christopher Lockhart Mummery, QC trying to put forward the case for big profits against the arguments put forward by two opposing parties: on the one hand Greenbank Chocolate Box community group representatives: on the other, Bristol City Council's planning and employment officers and the Council's junior barrister....One of the main reasons the Planning Inspector dismissed the appeal was that the case had been made for mixed use of the site, providing much needed employment to local people. (Image: The Factory Buildings in Co-operation Road) Full article. | Small Bristol group sees off Big Developer | | Development News: Spot the Green | Bristol Council to AXE a really important STREET TREE | The Orange Glass Building - Bristol Icon or Bristol Ugly? | Dove Lane Development: A 40 Story Fiasco in the Making? |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

Peace Advocates Arrested At Capitola Peace Demonstration

Santa Cruz, CA, 27.06.2007 09:40

Peace advocates gathered on 41st Avenue in Capitola on June 26th to protest the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; the recent troop surge, which has resulted in greater casualities, not fewer; and the recruitment of at-risk youth by military recruiters, many of whom use lies and manipulation in order to get people to sign up. Ten people engaged in nonviolent civil disobedience and were arrested by Capitola Police when they stayed in front of the Army recruiting office doors when asked to disperse.

Aboriginal Rights

Perth, 27.06.2007 08:39

Howards military plan causing panic in Indigenous communitues

UCSD Students Remember George Winne, Jr.'s 1970 Self-Immolation

San Diego, 27.06.2007 07:07

George Winne, Jr., who self-immolated in Revelle Plaza at UCSD May 10, 1970 in protest of the Vietnam genocide, was memorialized by UCSD undergraduate students Christin Turner and Sasanna Yee on June 7.

Winne was a former ROTC student at UCSD not associated with the widespread student protest movement at that time, and had developed an interest in Eastern philosophy. He followed americans Alice Herz, Norman Morrison (outside of Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara's office) and Roger Allen LaPorte (all in 1965) in employing self-immolation as a protest against the attack on Vietnam. Winne self-immolated next to a sign that read "in god's name stop the war," and was quickly tackled and put out by a safety officer or a student, but died 10 hours later after asking his mother to write a letter to Nixon telling him to end the war.

Winne's action prompted a phone call from Nixon's administration to university administrators, and his sacrifice, along with student activism, caused administrators to redesign the rapidly growing campus to discourage large gatherings of students in uncontrolled settings.

The permanent memorial to Winne -- a skeletal art piece overlayed on an arrangement of bricks (not unlike those on which he self-immolated) and a difficult to locate plaque -- sits in a secluded, wooded area well-removed from the site of the event, close to the fountain in Revelle Plaza.

As part of a Social Architectures class, Turner and Yee designed and built a temporary memorial on the fountain that projects the permanent memorial to the place where Winne self-immolated. Turner expressed the hope that "the atmosphere of UCSD back then wasn't a dead thing of the past and could possibly repeat itself."

Video || More Information || Event Announcement

Anti-Fur Activist Arrested for Exercising Right to Protest

Aotearoa, 27.06.2007 02:08

On Saturday (23.06.07) Auckland Animal Action did a protest against Obzee - a shop selling fur on Wellesley Street in the Auckland CBD. The shop closed up and the woman from the store left. We were just packing up when the woman from the store came back with two security guards, so instantly we started the protest back up again - not wanting it to look like we were leaving because of security. The security guards told us to leave, and we explained that we had a right to be there and protest. They threatened to call the police, and of course we told them that they were welcome to but we had a right to be there and the police wouldn't be able to do anything. About 2 minutes later the police arrived - a young male and female officer, who had a severe attitude problem. They instantly walked up to the person with the camera and started hassling her. Of course the person with the camera ignored them. The police continued to follow her around, ignoring the person on the megaphone and everyone else. Eventually the activist with the megaphone wandered up to hear what the police were saying. They told us we were annoying the shop next door and had to shut up. We explained that we had a right to protest blah blah blah. The police then started warning people against chanting. Some ignored their warning - knowing that we are allowed to chant on a megaphone. The Police arrested one activist and told them they were going to be charged with disorderly behaviour - despite her explaining that we have been through this before, and asking if they really wanted to look silly when they lose again?

Birmingham's 2007 Refugee Week(end)

United Kingdom, 27.06.2007 00:39

Besides the annual high-profile Celebrating Sanctuary 'festival', this year's Refugee Week in Birmingham saw a candlelit vigil, organised by the Birmingham Anti-Racist Campaign (ARC), in the grounds of St. Philip's Cathedral on Friday, 22 June, to remember asylum seekers who took their own lives and to protest against the government's racist policies [call]. This was followed by African, Kurdish and Iranian live music, then the annual Refugee Sleep-out to highlight the problem of destitution that many asylum seekers suffer from. The following day, the end of Refugee Week, saw a rally in Victoria Square, organised by ARC as well, to highlight the bitter realities suffered by refugees and asylum seekers in Britain and to protest against the Home Office's war on them [call].

Meanwhile, Birmingham NoBorders issued a statement on the much-talked-about asylum amnesty, pointing out that, even when not based on racist criteria, it is not a long-term solution and often causes great suffering for those who do not 'fit in' and leads to stricter immigration controls.

Related: Celebrating Sanctuary?! What Sanctuary?! | Birmingham NoBorders and The Angel Group at Celebrating Sanctuary | Refugee Week 2006: ARC vigil | Solihull picket | "party without borders"

350 Turn Out for Town Hall Meeting on Bush-Cheney Impeachment

NYC, 26.06.2007 23:10

The nature of the audience presented an observable difficulty: the majority were middle-aged or elderly, many carrying canes or pushing walkers. There was a scattering of young people, wearing an article of orange clothing in sympathy with those detained without recourse.

A March for Transgender Justice

NYC, 26.06.2007 22:39

A group of transsexuals and supporters led by the TRANSJUSTICE organization led a rally on Friday, marching and speaking out against "trans-phobic" police officers. This is the group's third annual "Trans Day of Action," held during gay pride week. TRANSJUSTICE is part of the Audre Lorde Project, a community center for gays, lesbians, two-spirit, trans and gender non-conforming people of color.

Now Including Dorset, Devon, Cornwall / Kernow!

Bristol, 26.06.2007 22:09

Bristol Indymedia Redesign Update summary By late December 2006 the Bristol Indymedia Collective completed the first stage of a discussion to map out the possibilities for both a redesign and extension of the Bristol Indymedia model. The summarisation of this earlier discussion can be found here: Bristol Indymedia ‘Future Directions’ DocumentPhase One Progress: Phase one is now underway. On the left-hand column we have added a clearer and larger link to UK IMC so as to more clearly demonstrate that we are part of a wider IMC network, which does already include a vibrant national UK newswire. Please post national / international news without a clear Bristol / South West link to UK IMC. Extending The Regions: Bristol Indymedia has now also added Dorset, Devon and Cornwall / Kernow as new options when submitting articles. Devon and Cornwall / Kernow are not yet showing on the left hand column too, as we do not yet have specific listings under those headings as they have only just been added. So as to jump start these new regional options we are currently beginning a process of reassigning previous articles from our archives to these areas, but which were listed under another region at the time of posting. Full Article| BIMC Redesign Interim Update : Now Accepting Dorset, Devon, Cornwall (Kernow) | UK IMC | Bristol Indymedia ‘Future Directions’ Document | BIMC Site Appearance Announcement | Bristol Indymedia Editorial Guidelines | How To Contribute Articles Guide | Add To The Calendar Guide | Contribute An Article | Add To The Calendar | Contact Us |

Movimentos sociais ocupam área onde o exército iniciou Projeto de Transposição do Rio São Francisco em Cabrobó (PE)

Brasil, 26.06.2007 20:38


Bobby Seale to Speak at Afro-Punk Festival

NYC, 26.06.2007 14:49

Afro-Punk Festival June 28-July 7

This Independence Day, celebrate some true revolutionaries during the third annual Afro-Punk Festival at BAM, featuring film, music, and art united under the banner of black rebellion. This year's festival is focused on the Black Panther party, including a discussion with Black Panther co-founder Bobby Seale, two programs on July 4 featuring documentaries about them, and an exhibit of archival photographs by the Black Panthers party photographer Stephen Shames. For the full line-up, visit

Final Countdown in Rostock?

Germany, 26.06.2007 09:40

Schon seit Tagen gibt es im alternativem Stadtviertel eine höhere Polizeipräsenz als es sie zum G8-Gipfel je gab. Auslöser dafür sind die nicht enden wollenden Proteste gegen einen neues Geschäft der rechten Szene mitten im Studentenviertel, der KTV.
Im Glauben in der Hansestadt wird über Wohl und Wehe der selbsternannten nationalen Opposition der Bundesrepublik entschieden wurde nun von rechter Seite Rostock zur Frontstadt erklärt. Die NPD hat für diesen Samstag (30.06) eine Demonstration durch das Rostocker alternative Stadtviertel angekündigt. Schenkt man den Darstellungen rechter Internetseiten Glauben, wird vor allem auch in der als besonders gewaltbereit bekannten Szene der so genannten 'Freien Kameradschaften" bundesweit nach Rostock mobilisiert. Anwohner wollen sich der Demonstration entgegenstellen und auch die 'Antifa' ruft nun zu Protesten auf und hofft auf zahleiche Teilnahme auch von außerhalb.
Berichte über die bisherigen Geschehnisse auf indymedia:
15.06.07: Spontandemo gegen Szeneladen #1 #2 | 21.06.07 Rechte Übergriffe auf Anwohner | 22.06.07 Antifaschisten greifen Laden an | 24.06.07 Spontandemo und Krawalle vor rechtem Szeneladen #1 #2 | 25.06.07 Machtfrage gestellt? | NPD kündigt Ortsbegehung an

Aktueller Stand:

  • Medienberichten zur Folge unterschreiben am ersten Tag einer Unterschriftensammlung von Jusos und den Grünen mehr als 200 Menschen gegen den Laden
  • Vorbereitungen für eine Demonstration am Samstag laufen

Protesters Rip Governor Martin O'Malley for Broken Promises

DC, 26.06.2007 04:16

As a result of deregulation, electric rates are going through the ceiling in Maryland. Gov. Martin O’Malley’s promises to “protect” the public have turned out to be lies. Protesters showed up at the governor’s mansion on June 23, 2007, to demand a “Special Session” of the legislature and for reregulation. Maria Allwine said the people are being “Enroned!” Leo Burroughs, Jr. said: “An injustice of the highest order” is being perpetrated.

Native American Students at D-Q University Struggle to Save Student Representation

San Francisco Bay Area, 26.06.2007 04:15

Students at D-Q University in Davis, California's only tribal university, are facing eviction from campus by the Board of Trustees. The students, who have been the sole residents at D-Q since the college lost its accreditation in January 2005, are demanding the right to stay on campus and a voice in determining the school's future. On June 30, the Board will vote to refuse current students housing on campus.


San Diego, 26.06.2007 02:37

The City Attorney’s office has filed charges against Dr. Robert Omar Clay, one of four individuals arrested Sept. 25, 2006, when the Jail Bush contingent of San Diego Civil Disobedients moved their downtown protest of the crimes of the Bush Administration onto Broadway, blocking traffic.

The four were arrested, cited and released. It is unclear why local authorities filed charges against Dr. Clay and not the other three participants in the civil disobedience action. Dr. Clay is a physicist and nuclear weapons analyst, and associate of the University of California Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation.

At the trial Dr. Clay will seek to present a necessity defense, drawing from the tradition of non-violent civil disobedience practiced by peacemakers such as Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King. Dr. Clay felt it necessary to violate the law to prevent a greater harm, in defense of our democracy and the lives of innocent people. He believed it to be the only means left to call attention to the failure of our representatives in Washington to protect our constitution and our nation from the severe and imminent threat posed by the Bush administration, and to end the violations of national and international law.

* PEACEFUL PRESENCE AT TRIAL gather 8:00 am San Diego Superior Court 220 Broadway, look for person with peace sign for directions
* DEMONSTRATION 5:30 to 6:00 pm Horton Plaza, in front of the Lyceum Theater

FCC Hearing on Localism Portland, ME 6/29 4-11 pm

Maine, 26.06.2007 02:37

Press release on the FCC Hearing on localism

Cotidiano de violência nas periferias do Rio se intensificará com o Pan

Brasil, 26.06.2007 02:08


June 23rd &amp; 24th: Tacoma Really Really Free Market and Food Not Bombs this weekend!

Seattle, 26.06.2007 02:08

Tacoma Really Really Free Market and Food Not Bombs this weekend!

Free stuff and free food in Tacoma!

Sat 6/23 & Sun 6/24, noon to dusk
People's Park (S 9th & MLK Way), Tacoma WA

Everything is free free free. At the Really Really Free Market, everything is free! Come "shop" for all kinds of things you may need, and if you want to get rid of stuff, bring it here! Come hang out and create community.

Food Not Bombs is serving around 3pm.

Hip Hop Debate is Awesomeness in Seattle

Seattle, 26.06.2007 02:08

In debate tournaments, there are rules and customs. The customs are very restrictive, like boys wear ties, and you lose if your shirt comes untucked while you are vigorously making your point. But the rules are very few. You have a certain amount of time to make your point, and a judge decides who wins at the end. So, if you were to make your point in the form of rap, that would be far from customary, but not breaking any rules. This is the point of departure for hip hop debate.

Comfest Satuday Ends in Radical Street Demo

Cleveland, 26.06.2007 02:08

Comfest Ends in Radical Street Demo

Issue 105: Adding Fuel To The Fire

NYC, 26.06.2007 01:08

The Indypendent || Meet Gen. David Petraeus: His Militia Strategy Plunged Iraq Into a Civil War, And Now He’s Back for More || The Israeli Recipe For 2008: Genocide in Gaza, Ethnic Cleansing in the West Bank || Why Israel Apartheid Must Be Boycotted || Palestinian Grudge Match: Fatah vs. Hamas || A Fragile Lebanon Suffers More Blows || Immigrant ID Plan Brings on the Heat || West Harlem Takes on Corporate U. || How to Fight Rent Overcharges || Court Rejects Bush’s Tortured Logic || Readers Comments on Global Warming Issue || June 23 — July 19th Community Calendar || The U.N.’s Undiplomatic Diplomat || Sicko Exposes Wacko Health Care System || Back In The Brig || Boyish Girl Meets Girlish Boy ||


Athens, 26.06.2007 00:10

Ασφυκτικές συνθήκες εγκλεισμού στις φυλακές της χώρας

26 de Junio / Corte del Puente Centenario

Argentina, 26.06.2007 00:09

Outrage against Police Abuse Grows

NYC, 26.06.2007 00:09

Demands to fire and prosecute rogue cop Sgt James Talvey, accused of brutalizing human rights attorney Michael Tarif Warren and wife Evelyn, have intensified. Several hundred protesters returned to the 77th Precinct in Crown Heights on Sunday to voice their outrage. Veteran activist Viola Plummer of the December 12th Movement and NYC Councilman Charles Barron led the rally.

Skateboarding's Critical Mass (Sort of)

NYC, 26.06.2007 00:09

The past Thursday, June 21, 1200 skateboarders came out to celebrate and promote skateboarding.

Mermaid Parade Reaches 25

NYC, 26.06.2007 00:09

This past Saturday New Yorkers came out to Coney Island to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Mermaid Parade, but for many it was also a funeral procession.

Students Fight for Academic Freedom at UCSD

San Diego, 25.06.2007 23:10

Funeral for Academic Freedom: The Lumumba-Zapata Coalition at UCSD held a Funeral for Academic Freedom on June 7. The funeral was prompted by the UCSD adminstration's admission that the dismissal of two TAs in the Dimensions of Culture curriculum of Thurgood Marshall College stemmed from their criticism of its commitment to social justice, not for teaching performance.

The Lumumba-Zapata Coalition called on Dr. Abraham Shragge, director of the DOC program, to resign immediately "due to his recent violations of academic freedom, abuse of administrative power and absolute negligence for student voices and concerns... Dr Shragge's failure to address the recent concerns of the Lumumba-Zapata Coalition and his aggressive response to constructive critiques show a lack of commitment to the principles of community at UCSD and has served to provide for a hostile educational environment for both undergraduate and graduate students within the Dimensions of Culture program, as well as across campus."
--Read More-- | Video of the Funeral for Academic Freedom

UCSD Students Confront Vice-Chancellor: On thursday, June 12th, over 75 students met for a very quickly organized meeting to respond to UCSD's proposed change to their free speech policy. Vice-Chancellor Watson sent out an email with a proposed change to UCSD's policy on speech, literature and demonstrations, changing the policy from a one page document to a 19 page document including free speech zones, restrictions on political speech by faculty and staff and administration approval requirements for demonstrations.

The vice chancellor promised to push back the deadline to fall. Originally the proposal said it would be decided in september, not allowing for student input at all. The day after this rally the administration sent out a notice that the policy would not be changed until december and only after a "public forum" on the policy change. This policy was last modified in 1981, so it has been in place for 26 years. This was an obvious attack on free speech on campus, announced days before finals week with a deadline before class would resume for fall.--Read More--

Videos: Teach-In Part 1 | Teach-In Part 2 | Confrontation with the Chancellor
Reports: Confrontation with the Chancellor | Rule Change | Teach-In | Background | Lumumba-Zapata Coalition Demands

Protesta de Mbya Guaraníes

Argentina, 25.06.2007 21:09

Una vez más la Universidad Nacional de La Plata se negó a restituir las 6 mil hectáreas de Kuña Pirú

'New Jersey 7' Asking For Community Support

NYC, 25.06.2007 21:08

On August 18, 2006, seven young African American lesbians traveled to the West Village from their homes in Newark for a regular night out. When walking down the street, a male bystander assaulted them with sexist and homophobic comments. The women tried to defend themselves, and a fight broke out. Thus began the women’s nightmare for almost a year. Three of the women accepted plea offers. On June 14th, 2007 Venice Brown (19), Terrain Dandridge (20), Patreese Johnson (20), and Renata Hill (24) received sentences ranging from 3 1/2 to 11 years in prison.

June 24 March-Rally For Immigrants Rights in LA - A Success

LA, 25.06.2007 18:38

June 24 March-Rally For Immigrants Rights in LA - A Success

Anti-GM Victory : One down, One to Go!

United Kingdom, 25.06.2007 17:38

It seem there are not often victories to celebrate so it's seem strange when they occur seemingly unnoticed. That's exactly what's happened regarding the news that BASF have pulled out of this years proposed GM potato trial in Yorkshire, despite government consent.

Back in April there was an action in Hedon near Hull

[1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | audio | video]to demonstrate public opposition the first GM trials in the UK proposed in three years. The Hedon trial had not yet been planted and the protesters planted their own organic potatoes in what they thought was the field earmarked for the GM variety. The aim was to invalidate the experiment before it was planted and while it turned out that they had picked the wrong field they did successful demonstrate that public opposition to GM crops was as strong and militant as ever.

The planting of the other trial, located in Cambridge

[1 | 2], went ahead despite local opposition and protests. However, campaigners say that it's not too late to drive home the message that "there is still no future for GM in the UK". A national 'potato picnic' has been announced for Sunday 1st July near the site of the Cambridge trial.

Background : 1 | 2 | Mutatoes | Hedon Against GM | Cambridge GM Concern

Students create week-long Tent State in protest against Britain's nukes

Scotland, 25.06.2007 17:09

In the coming week, about 150 students will gather near Glasgow to protest against Britain's policy of nuclear renewal and deterrence.

Black Americans Choose: Minutemen Go Home

LA, 25.06.2007 16:08

Black Americans Choose: Minutemen Go Home

Virginia Activist Under House Arrest in Spain Needs Your Help

DC, 25.06.2007 15:09

On Tuesday, June 26th people are being called upon to call, email, or fax the Spanish Embassy in support of Peter Gelderloos, an Anarchist activist awaiting trial in Spain on trumped up charges of "terrorism". If convicted he could face up to 6 years in jail. His lawyers, however, believe that if pressured Spanish Authorities are likeley to drop the charges.

KSKQ LIVE REPORTS-US Social Forum in Atlanta

Rogue Valley, 25.06.2007 15:09

This coming week the United States Social Forum will be taking place in Atlanta, Georgia, USA and KSKQ will provide LIVE streaming radio reports

Here is the tentative schedule. Remember ALL shows are LIVE 7:00AM - 7:30AM Pacific West Coast Time, and then archived as mp3 files on the Brain Labor Report webpage

Listen LIVE to KSKQ:
Archive @ Brain Labor Report:

Wednesday, June 27, 2007
Nancy Price, Co-Director of Alliance for Democracy

Thursday, June 28, 2007
Linda Richards, WILPF & Rogue Valley peace activist

Friday, June 29, 2007
Sarita Gupta, Executive Director of Jobs with Justice

Gay Pride in Riga, Latvia 2007 or Friendship Days

Ireland, 25.06.2007 15:07

Riga Pride took place Sunday June 3rd at midday “W ...

The Way of Peace

San Francisco Bay Area, 25.06.2007 14:08

The Fresno Center for Nonviolence 15th anniversary celebration was held on Saturday, June 23, 2007. Each year the center presents the "Way of Peace" awards to community activists, brings a top notch speaker to the event, and provides dinner. The speaker this year was Antonia Juhasz and Sunday Food Not Bombs provided a vegetarian dinner. Way of Peace awards were given to Sue Kern, Dr. Marc Lasher, Fran Saunders, Berry Nishkian, and Frances Sivak (posthumously). Way of Peace Youth Awards were given to Rosanna Spicer and Nick Clark. A Way of Peace organizational Award was given to Teatro Immigrante.

Peoples Freedom Caravan in Manchester

Houston, 25.06.2007 14:08

The People's Freedom Caravan rallies for Environmental Justice in East Houston

Photos: Protest in Support of Michael Warren and Against Police Brutality

NYC, 25.06.2007 13:37

Over 100 protesters held a demonstration in front of the 77th Precinct in Crown Heights.

squattus dei ontruimd

Oost-Vlaanderen, 25.06.2007 13:37

kraakpand squattus dei ontruimd

'Orange Order' Not Welcome at the National Mall

DC, 25.06.2007 13:08

The Irish Freedom Committee categorically objects to the Smithsonian invitation to two members of the Orange Order for a “cultural celebration” on Washington DC National Mall beginning this weekend.

Anti Capitalist Globalisation

Perth, 25.06.2007 12:40

APEC protests film night - Perth

Lone Vet Report

Portland, 25.06.2007 10:38

Many of you might know that my original name here was Lone Vet 2000; I took that name because I started my lonely journey after bush was appointed, the first time. I wrote, signed petitions, and became a pain in the ass to those who supported the war in Iraq. I was convinced we were headed towards a disaster. During the 2004 campaign, I went to the Morrison Bridge with my signs telling people what a madman we had in the White House----I was horrified by the results.

I remember most people in passing cars would yell things like, "You lost, get over it"-- "Bush is the man", "Kerry is a coward"--etc, etc. I was called a commie, a coward, stupid, sad American, and terrorist. There were a few times when I thought I was going to be run off the bridge by a car or truck. I knew I was on the side of what America was supposed to be and not what we had become--a nation of invaders.

photos from Washington County Peace Vigil June 20, 2007

Portland, 25.06.2007 10:38

Over 50 people attended Wednesdays peace vigil from 6:30 pm. Lone Vet: Your signs are welcome at our weekly vigil. Please join us.

Earlier this week, 15 US soldiers were killed in a 40 hour period.This senseless occupation continues while the conservatives keep repeating the same untrue talking points. Keep letting your elected officials know we oppose this insane foreign policy through your calls, faxes and e-mails to their congressional offices.

Video File: Out the Earl

Portland, 25.06.2007 10:38

George "W" Bush paid a visit to Oregon Representative Earl Blumenauer on Tuesday, June 19, 2007, specifically to thank him for supporting his Free Trade agenda.

Apparently, Blumenauer had been meeting behind closed doors with Democratic House leaders Nancy Pelosi and Charlie Rangel, the White House, other House Republicans and the Chamber of Commerce to hammer out a deal extending NAFTA-like trade agreements with Panama and Peru.

These politicians claim that the deal has unprecedented labor and environmental provisions included, but there is no guarantee that these provisions will make it into the text of the legislation itself.

Reportback and Photogs of Rally to Support Immigrant Rights

Portland, 25.06.2007 10:38

Today, June 24, 2007, somewhere between 400-500 people gathered in front of the Immigration building on SW Broadway in downtown Portland to protest recent raids at the Del Monte canning facility in Washington State.

The Demonstration, organized by Portland Immigration Rights Coalition, gathered at the Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) office for a series of speeches, and then marched on the sidewalk down Broadway to Pioneer Square, for more speeches. All those who spoke did so in both English and Spanish or were interpreted from either language to the other.


Colombia, 25.06.2007 08:37

Derrumbe uribista

Protesta de Mbya Guaraníes

Argentina, 25.06.2007 07:38

Una vez más la Universidad Nacional de La Plata se negó a restituir las 6 mil hectáreas de Kuña Pirú

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