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G8: Don't believe the hype!

Germany, 30.06.2007 11:38

 Die Zeit um die Gipfelproteste um Heiligendamm war geprägt von einem Medienhype, der uns die fantastischsten Dinge vermitteln sollte. Clowns griffen angeblich die Polizei mit Säure und Einwegspritzen an, der ominöse schwarze Block tauchte zufällig immer dann auf, wenn Polizisten prügelten und Menschen bewaffneten sich mit Mollies und Wurfgeschossen, die mit Rasierklingen und Nägeln gespickt waren, hieß es. Der Medienmaschinerie ist nichts zu schade, um den legitimen Widerstand gegen die Politik der G8 zu diffamieren. Hier eine Sammlung einiger Lügen, die den Weg in die Medien fanden oder dort entstanden.

„Lasst uns den Krieg in diese Demo tragen“ | Manipulierte Verletztenzahlen der Polizei | „Autonome“ werfen mit Rasierklingen gespickte Wurfgeschosse | Migrationsdemo: Vermummte als Grund für Polizeischikanen und Demoverbot | Rebel Clown Army greift die Polizei mit Säure und Einwegspritzen an | Blockaden: Steinewerfen als Grund für Polizeigewalt | Agents Provocateurs sind „Autonome“

Activists gather in Atlanta for U.S. Social Forum

San Francisco Bay Area, 30.06.2007 11:38

The first ever United States Social Forum opened on Wednesday, June 27 with a march of thousands through downtown Atlanta protesting a proposal to privatize Atlanta's only public hospital. Trade unionists, peace activists, community organizers, students and others are converging on Atlanta this week to march, rally and develop strategies in their fight against the ultra-right. An Indymedia Caucus is scheduled for Saturday at 5pm.

The Yes Men's Forced Offline

San Francisco Bay Area, 30.06.2007 11:38

On June 15th, one day after the Yes Men made a joke announcement in Calgary at Canada's largest oil conference that ExxonMobil plans to turn billions of climate-change victims into a brand-new fuel called Vivoleum, the Yes Men's upstream internet service provider shut down, the Yes Men's spoof website, and cut off the Yes Men's email service, in reaction to a complaint whose source they will not identify. The provider, Broadview Networks, also made the Yes Men remove all mention of Exxon from before they'd restore the Yes Men's email service.

July 20-23: Military In Port of Olympia

Seattle, 30.06.2007 11:38

Three military ships have been invited to Olympia by organizers of Capital Lakefair as part of its 50th anniversary. The vessels, expected to arrive July 20 and depart July 23, consist of one U.S. Navy ship, the USS Ingraham, and two Canadian vessels, the HMCS Saskatoon and the HMCS Whitehorse. The ships will be berthed at the port marine terminal, according to a Port of Olympia commission advisory notice.

Start getting ready.

South West Free Summer Festivals

Bristol, 30.06.2007 11:38

Bristol Indymedia Newswire Round-up summary Free Festivals are taking place in the South West over the next 5 weeks ... Gold Hill Community Fayre, Dorset, 30 June - 1 July 2007. Over the 2 days of Gold Hill Fair over 10,000 people will visit for this free festival. Entertainment, Craft, Jewellery, lifestyle and Community Stalls, Fun Fair attractions for children. Modern dance, Morris Dancing, buskers and the Wessex Highlanders all add to an eclectic mix, which guarantees something of interest for all the family. St Paul’s Carnival, Bristol, Sat 7th July 2007. "The story of St. Paul’s Carnival Afrikan and Caribbean Carnival is one of a community’s success; from it’s small beginnings in the late sixties, to the times when Carnival was held in St Werburghs and to the present when many local schools take part alongside a growing number of community groups and the whole event takes over the neighbourhood of St. Paul’s."Budstock Free Festival, Devon, Sat 4th Aug 2007. Budstock would like to meet anyone who feels they would enjoy spending an afternoon sitting in the sun gently quaffing real ale or pimms while listening to non stop live musical talent.They would also have to put up with an evening getting sozzled enough to dance like a loon to the more energetic bands who are on later. They would also have to be the type of person to quietly stagger home soon after midnight without annoying the locals with loud animal imitations. These special people would have to be happy not having to pay a penny for the afternoon/evenings entertainment. If you can manage all that we will see you there!Meanwhile, the once free Ashton Court Festival - currently costing £20 for a weekend adult ticket - continues to raise debate on the Bristol Indymedia newswire. Bristol, 14 - 15 July 2007. More on the Ashton Court Alcohol "Ban" | Ashton Court and the alcohol ban | Ashton Court Fence Party | Ashton Court Festival alcohol ban | Ashton Court Latest - Ticket price hike | Ashton Court To Go-Ahead - Well Sort Of | "The Festival has been in existence since 1974 and is the South West's largest and longest running community and multi-arts festival. Held within Bristol's beautiful Ashton Court Estate, over the two days of the event over 150 acts will take to the stage within 8 different performance areas, representing a wide variety of musical genres."| Gold Hill Community Fayre | St Paul’s Carnival | Budstock Free Festival | Ashton Court Festival |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

on a MOVE!

Bristol, 30.06.2007 11:38

Monday 2 July, 7.30pm for 8pm start, @ the Cube Cinema Monday 2nd July, 7.30pm for 8pm start, @ the Cube Cinema Bristol Indymedia film night, in association with Kebele social centre, present 'MOVE' the documentary, plus talk by Ramona Africa, long-time MOVE member. Monday 2nd July, 7.30pm for 8pm start, @ the Cube Cinema. £2/3 on the door. MOVE – principled environmentalist, anti-racist, pro-justice, American radical group suffering 35 years of harassment, torture & murder at the hands of the US state? Or psuedo-religious, child-abusing, crazy cult complete with god-figure and a penchant for guns, who deserve to be locked up or killed by the US state. You decide! Review: "Like a cross between the Weather Underground and Waco: The Rules of Engagement, this compelling documentary covers the full controversial history of the radical MOVE organization. With archival footage and a clever use of still photos it captures the group evolving from protests and demonstrations into riots, barricades, and self-fortification, to the astonishingly violent police actions to stop them. From its origins in Philadelphia in the 1970’s guided by the teachings of John Africa, the MOVE story is told through interviews with actual MOVE members including Ramona Africa, the MOVE 9 prisoners and MOVE supporters, and analysed by it’s neighbours, Philadelphia journalists and others. MOVE is narrated by Howard Zinn, author of 'The People’s History of the United States'". Venue: Cube Cinema: Dove St South (off Kings Square), Bristol. (Also note there is a Kebele benefit Cafe for the MOVE tour on the 1st. ) Full article.| Bristol Indymedia film night: MOVE documentary | MOVE UK tour background info | Benefit cafe for MOVE - July 1 |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

Sickies for Sicko (Miami inside look at the new Michael Moore film SICKO)

Miami, 30.06.2007 11:37

Sickies for Sicko (Miami insider look at the new Michael Moore film SICKO)

Critical Mass Miami: Liberty City Kids Ride, This Saturday June 30th!!!

Miami, 30.06.2007 11:37

Critical Mass Miami: Liberty City Kids Ride, This Saturday June 30th!!!

raport : 9 iunie

Romania, 30.06.2007 11:37

Sambata, 9 iunie, a fost o zi plina de actiuni pentru sau contra diversitatii care au avut loc in centrul Bucurestiului. In aceasta zi s-au organizat doua marsuri, Marsul pentru Normalitate de catre organizatia Noua Dreapta si Marsul Diversitatii de catre organizatia Accept, precum si o contra-actiune la Marsul pentru Normalitate, organizata autonom.

Greve de GCM de São Bernardo do Campo reivindica direitos e destituição do Comando Militar

Brasil, 29.06.2007 04:41


Kensington Neighborhood Fire Update

Philadelphia, 29.06.2007 04:41

HIMC at the Social Forum

Houston, 29.06.2007 04:08

Houston Indymedia at the US Social Forum

Justiça Federal arquiva inquérito contra Rádio Comunitária e devolve aparelhagem

Brasil, 29.06.2007 03:08


Senior Woman faces jail time for anti-war protests

DC, 29.06.2007 02:39

Retired D.C. schoolteacher Eve Tetaz faces jail time for protesting against war. Friday she will risk arrest for the sixth time this year.

CODEPINKer Fasting for Peace in Iran Passes Out in Senator Lieberman's Office

DC, 29.06.2007 02:39

Leslie Angeline of CODEPINK, has been fasting for over 10 days in an effort to meet with Senator Joseph Lieberman. She wants to meet with him to ask him not to bomb Iran. Today she passed out in his Washington DC office and was hospitalized.

San Jose Newspaper Workers Protest Layoffs

San Francisco Bay Area, 29.06.2007 02:08

Faced with imminent layoffs and management's attempts to eliminate unions, workers from the Northern California Media Workers Union held a picket and press conference in front of the offices of the San Jose Mercury News on Tuesday, June 26th.

Is George W. Bush coming to Aotearoa in September 07? (No. 2)

Aotearoa, 29.06.2007 00:10

As reported in the capitalist press, "a visit to New Zealand by United States President George W. Bush is being actively considered in Washington." It looks like Bush will be in Auckland on Sunday, 9th September 2007 for one night on his way home from the APEC in Sydney. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice might also come.

The New Zealand United States Council is organising the second 'US NZ Partnership Forum in Auckland on 9, 10 and 11 September 2007. Bush and/or Rice might attend this meeting, which is co-chaired by former PM Jim Bolger and Mike Moore (who is also former Director-General of the World Trade Organisation).

It's time to start organising now, form affinity groups, make plans, network - and shut-down Auckland in September!

Links: Global Peace and Justice Auckland | Peace Action Wellington | Peace Movement Aotearoa | | IMC Feature February

When workers rights are under attack ... Stand up - Fight back!

Aotearoa, 29.06.2007 00:10

A solidarity action with young minimum wage workers at Rainbows End who are negotiating their first collective agreement will take place this Saturday, 30th June, 11am, in Auckland (cnr Great South & Wiri Station Rd, Manukau City, Auckland). They are currently on minimum wage and are organising to get rid of youth rates! The adult workers are on $11.25 and young workers are on $9. Long servicing staff members (2 years-10 years) are on $11.25-$13.10 with the majority still on the minimum wage. They have rejected the company's offers and feel that the company is dragging negotiations out. The workers will be voting on an offer tomorrow and will consider action if necessary. [ Call out ]

"We need to build a broader community and union campaign against poverty-wages, we need to build out ability to win real changes for low paid workers and the un-employed, whilst fighting towards a broader goal of a living wage for all. We need to build a grassroots solidarity network to support fights in our community such as against Mercury Energy at the recent tragedy in Mangere, support for Unite's striking Hotel workers, the SFWU cleaners campaign and all of the other campaigns in our community." (National Distribution Union)

Links: | Anarcho-Syndicalism 101 | Retail union says checkout workers are forgotten environmental heroes

La justicia jujeña quiere que la joven N. confiese que se realizó un aborto

Argentina, 28.06.2007 23:39


Athens, 28.06.2007 23:38

Εμπρηστική επίθεση στον Θερσίτη

sexualidades (es)

Barcelona, 28.06.2007 23:38

28 de junio: El Orgullo es protesta

Dia de protesta contra la homofobia y la transfobia que se muestra en la violencia, las vejaciones y las discriminaciones que viven trans, lesbianas, bisexuales y gays, en las recurrentes agresiones fascistas, institucionales y policiales, en la patologización de la transexualidad, en la falta de reconocimiento de las víctimas homosexuales del franquismo, en la oleada conservadora y homofóbica europea, en las declaraciones vergonzosas de iglesias y gobiernos. Y también...dia de protesta contra los intentos de aburgesar, patriarcalizar y capitalizar las diadas reivindicativas

[30 junio] 18.30 Pza. Universitat.Manifestación Trabajemos contra la homofobia

Actos 28 junio: Actos Barcelona, Girona y Lleida + Actos 28 de junio en Vilafranca + actos en el clot + Actos Girona + [29junio] Actos contra la psiquiatrización de las y los trans

noticias relacionadas homofobia gubernamental e institucional en Polonia ::: Los obispos declarando homofóbicamente ::: Realidad Gay en la dos ::: acoso homofóbico en Almeria ::: la ortodoxia hebrea homofóbica ::: Detenciones en Moscú

más info sexualidades + + guerrilla travolaka

Cúpula de Presidentes e Cúpula dos Povos do Sul no Paraguai

Brasil, 28.06.2007 20:38


The reason that SICKO is not playing in Portsmouth

New Hampshire, 28.06.2007 19:41

The reason that SICKO is not playing in Portsmouth is not because of a decision made by Regal, but by the film's distributor, Lions Gate. The film was scheduled to open in 2,000 cinemas nationwide, but that number - and the number of prints - has been reduced to a mere 300. (Normally a film does not play in Portsmouth on national opening if less than 600 screens are involved.) Here is even more interesting information: MARK H. RACHESKY, M.D and 3 partnerships he has interests in bought approx 44% of Lionsgate Stock. Dr Rachesky gives his business address as Neose Technologies, which is a biopharmceutical company. The board of directors of Neose is made up of men from the biggest pharmeceutical, chemical and defense contractor companies. Please circulate this to all your groups This is the SEC filing apparently on June 20th,

McGowan's Motion Denied; Goes to Prison on July 2nd

NYC, 28.06.2007 15:10

Daniel's motion to stay out on bond until the Bureau of Prison designates him to a permanent facility was denied today by Judge Aiken. He will be self-reporting to federal prison Monday, July 2nd. We hope he will be able to report to the Metropolitan Detention Complex (MDC) in Brooklyn. In the government's brief opposing Daniel's motion, the prosecutors cited Daniel's interview with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now a few days after he was sentenced as well as the fact that the website we run for him,, is still operational as arguments for why he should self report on July 2nd.

Chicago IMC movie night w/Immigrant Rights films: Sat. June 30, 7pm

Chicago, 28.06.2007 14:10

Join Chicago Indymedia for a MOVIE NIGHT fundraiser!

Featuring the Chicago debut of the film collection Gigante: Despierta! (“Giant: Awake!”), about the historic immigrant rights marches that swept America in 2006.

Saturday, June 30; Doors open: 7pm
ACME Artworks, 1741 N. Western Ave., Chicago

In 2006, a historic mobilization for immigrant rights swept the USA as millions took the streets. Grassroots media activists were there to document the voices and the stories behind this mass movement. Many of these voices are collected in the acclaimed Indymedia film collection “Gigante: Despierta!” ("Giant: Awake!")

The fundraiser will feature the Chicago debut of “Gigante: Despierta!” and include episodes from Chicago Indymedia's monthly TV series, Chicago Independent Television. The event will also feature snacks, beverages, and tabling by local activist projects.


Liege, 28.06.2007 08:37

July 13th-15th in Oakland: National Copwatch Conference 2007

San Francisco Bay Area, 28.06.2007 08:09

Copwatch will hold its first National Conference from July 13th through 15th at Laney College in Oakland. The conference will be a "weekend of networking, workshops, film showings, and discussions in support of direct observation of police as part of a strategy for stopping police brutality." The Opening Program and registration will take place on Friday night at 7:30 in the Forum Building at Laney College, with speakers including Berkeley Copwatch Founder Andrea Prichett, Former Black Panther Party Member Big Man Howard, Josh Wolf, and introductions to Copwatch chapters from around the country.

It's Our Healthcare!

San Francisco Bay Area, 28.06.2007 08:09

The It's Our Healthcare campaign rolled into town, with about 200 people rallying at Fresno City Hall. Speakers at the rally included Art Pulaski, Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the California Labor Federation who said "healthcare is a fundamental need, yet health insurance has become a luxury in California. Three-quarters of the more than six million Californians that go without health insurance every year are from working families."

26 de junio: jornada nacional

Argentina, 28.06.2007 07:08

Con los responsables politicos libres, las muertes continuan


San Diego, 28.06.2007 07:08

It's hot! And time to get wet!

Wet Hot Anarchist Summer is here to announce a day of sandy ruckus, and Radical Beach boogie. Come equipped with your water wear and pirate gear cuz we're takin back the beach! Bring snacks, water, and whatever else you need for the fun by the sea!

Yo ho ho ho the reclaim life for me!!!!!!

Join us for
Reclaim the Beach
Saturday June 30th 11AM
La Jolla Shores

from Exited Bird: WOW... 1st reclaim the streets NOW reclaim the beach. I know it's going to be a ton of fun. This time without the brutality... i hope. Just SAND AND SUN.... our only worries would be the sun burns... so bring protective sun lotion stuff. WOW... who else is super stoked about this crazy radical event? I cant wait to put on pirate gear and run around making sand castles... and playing water games...
from ecstatic bird: im so going. this is going to be alot of fun. i get really annoyed when i go to the beach and im surrounded by a bunch of beer drinking fratties and tourists. this summer, we'll have our fun! YO HO!...
from melodramatic bird: ello loves, this is super exciting... reclaim the streets was a profound moment in all our lives...and now we get to take the same idea and recreate it in different settings...i soooo happy!!! EVERYONE SHOULD COME DOWN AND FUCKING HAVE SOME RADICAL FUN!!! fucking ride your bikes...i've been inspired by this zine to create fucking amazing memories with my bike...haha. let us be empowered and once again be moved by each other to do amazing things....we are the revolution...we can create a space for our empowerment and create moments in which we once again feel free....

More Info: o.r.g.a.n.i.c. collective | city heights free skool

July 12th: Conscientious Objector Just Released from Prison To Speak in Tacoma

Seattle, 28.06.2007 05:37

Agustin Aguayo, a U.S. Army medic, was sentenced by U.S. court martial to eight months in prison for his refusal to re-deploy to the war in Iraq.

When: Thursday, July 12th at 7:30 p.m.
Where: Kings' Books at 218 St. Helens, Tacoma 98402

US Social Forum 1st day report

DC, 28.06.2007 04:39

The United States Social forum opened on Wed, June 27 with a march of thousands through downtown Atlanta-protesting issues very familiar to DC activists such as a proposal to PRIVATIZE Atlanta's only public hospital.

llegó a Tinta Roja el lanzamiento de desalojo

Argentina, 28.06.2007 04:38

Tinta Roja en Peligro

Help With Coalition To Abolish Animal Testing's Educational Outreach Campaign

Portland, 28.06.2007 04:38

Every 2 weeks CAAT, including this Sunday, CAAT (Coalition To Abolish Animal Testing) volunteers go out in the community and put door hanger flyers on doors. The campaign has been ongoing for over 5 years and has distributed over 60,000 doorhangers in the greater Portland area.

CAAT is looking for some new volunteers to help out. Every other Sunday morning, a group of people go out together. It is a fun group and nice to walk around different neighborhoods in Portland. The flyers are placed on the doors, but when there is dialog with people, it is usually positive. It would also be helpful if people wanted to go out by themselves but don't have time on Sunday morning.

día del orgullo lgtttb

Argentina, 28.06.2007 04:08

Va a estar bueno Buenos Aires

día del orgullo lgtttb

Argentina, 28.06.2007 04:08

Va a estar bueno Buenos Aires

Música, exposiciones, arte abierto,solidaridad y mucha lucha

Argentina, 28.06.2007 02:08

Arte fabril el próximo domingo 1ro de mayo en Mafissa a las 12:00hs

Masiva movilización en recuerdo de Dario Santillán y Maximiliano Kosteki

Argentina, 28.06.2007 02:08

A cinco Años de la masacre de Avellaneda

Hot Springs, Arkansas: Police Brutality on Go Skateboarding Day

Arkansas, 28.06.2007 00:09

A police officer in Hot Springs, Arkansas, was photographed actually choking a thirteen-year old boy before arresting him, and several others (which was captured on video), seemingly for... skateboarding.

No mês do Orgulho GLBT, São Paulo sofre nova onda de ataques à homossexuais

Brasil, 27.06.2007 23:09


Audio File: Portland Demonstration to Support Immigrant Rights

Portland, 27.06.2007 20:38

This is a 44 minute audio file of the speeches which took place at the ICE building, before the march to Pioneer Square.

The list includes, among others, a teacher, a Latino student, a representative from the Mayors office, someone from the labor unions, as well as a mother arrested during the raids.

The audio report begins with some spirited Latino music and is moderated by Shuzuko Hashimoto, of Portland Central America Solidarity Committee.

Peace Vigil in Sandy June 22

Portland, 27.06.2007 20:38

As I drove up to Mt Hood this past Friday I did a u turn to get a few pictures of these peacemakers in Sandy Ore.

It was inspiring to me, I am proud of these dozen anti war activists out on the front lines in Sandy.

Good Job!

Here is the 2 min youtube video link:

Hot Springs, Arkansas: More Police Brutality on Go Skateboarding Day

Portland, 27.06.2007 20:38

A video is circulating the likes of MySpace and YouTube wherein several young boys- and one girl- in Hot Springs, Arkansas, decided to celebrate Go Skateboarding Day. While skateboarding downtown, one was arrested- and it appears to be because he was skateboarding.

One youth took a picture of the Officer Joey Williams on top of thirteen year old Jarad Graham, who was facing up, and Williams has his hand around the boy's throat. After handcuffing the child, he chased the person who took the photograph, leaving the child in handcuffs. Williams later comes back, takes the child to speak with him away from his friends, and tells the boy he was in violation of city ordinance and resisting arrest... resisting arrest for what? WHY was he arrested in the first place?

We Fought the Law and We Won!!!!!!

Portland, 27.06.2007 20:38

The state has given up and will dismiss the naked bike ride case -- all four counts!!!

Thanks to Paul Piche, Shirley Fitzgerald, Diane Woodcock, and Damon Woodcock, who all spent endless FREE hours investigating this case, and never wavered in their devotion and commitment to protect everyone's right to ride naked in front of the justice center, in front of Cinema 21, in front of shoppers on NW 23rd, endless cellphone cameras, and of course, the Portland Police.

Thanks to the naked witnesses, Jasun Wurster, Adam Douglas, Kyle Kelly, Curt Dewees, and of course Rev. Phil for making this representation such a joy!

sexualitats (ca)

Barcelona, 27.06.2007 20:08

28 juny: l'Orgull és protesta

Dia de protesta contra l'homofòbia i la transfòbia que es mostra en la violència, vexacions i discriminacions que han de viure trans, lesbianes, bisexuals i gais, en les agressions feixistes, institucionals i policials recurrents, en la patologització de la transexualitat, en la manca de reconeixement de les víctimes homosexuals del franquisme, en l'onada conservadora i homofòbica europea, en les declaracions vergonyants d'esglésies i governs.I també...dia de protesta contra els intents d'aburgesar, patriarcalitzar i capitalitzar les diades reivindicatives

[30juny] 18.30 Pça. Universitat. Manifestació Treballem contra l'homofòbia

Actes 28 juny: Actes Barcelona, Girona i Lleida + Actes 28 de juny a Vilafranca + actes al clot + Actes Girona + [29juny] Actes contra la psiquiatrització de les i els trans

notícies relacionades homofòbia governamental i institucional a Polònia ::: Els bisbes declarant homofòbicament ::: Realitat Gay a la dos ::: assetjament homofòbic a Almeria ::: l'ortodoxa hebrea homofòbica ::: Detencions a Moscú

més info sexualitats + + guerrilla travolaka

Terrible imprisonment conditions

Athens, 27.06.2007 19:13

Short protest took place on Diavata prison

Indenização da UEE/UNE afeta a moradia estudantil da UFG

Brasil, 27.06.2007 18:38


Protest at the Bush Compound

Maine, 27.06.2007 16:37

A protest and counter-summit is planned for Sunday, July 1st in Kennebunkport, while George W. Bush and Vladimir Putin meet at the Bush family compound at Walker Point.

East New York Farms! Begins New Season

NYC, 27.06.2007 16:08

The East New York Farms! project will open its seasonal market on Saturday, June 30th. East New York Farms! is an urban agriculture project in Brooklyn that features a youth internship program, two community gardens that use sustainable growing methods, and a Saturday market with local growers and vendors.

Anti-war greeting for Tweedle Brown

United Kingdom, 27.06.2007 13:09

Gordon Brown is facing an anti-war welcome during his first week in power, with little sign that he will break with Blair's disastrous foreign policy. A War Is Still the Issue camp has been in Parliament Square since Saturday [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 ] (that it has been allowed is a sign that SOCPA will be repealed?). There was a demonstration outside Brown's Labour leadership coronation in Manchester on Saturday [ 1 | 2 | 3 ] , and a Military Families Against War demonstration is taking place on his first day as Prime Minister on Wednesday. Tweedle Blair and Tweedle Brown figures will make an appearance outside after Tweedle Blair's last Prime Minister's questions.

Links: War is Still the issue | Voices in the Wilderness | Justice Not Vengeance | Stop the War Coalition | Military Families Against the War

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