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Struggle is Like a Second Skin: Robert King Wilkerson on Kenneth “Zulu” Whitmore

Austin, 03.07.2007 01:39

The Angola Three – Robert King Wilkerson, Albert Woodfox and Herman Wallace – have gotten much attention for their activism and the way they were scapegoated by a racist, archaic southern justice system. But they point out that their cases are hardly unique – there are many others in Angola – the infamous Louisiana prison known as “The Farm” – who also describe being targeted for speaking and acting out against the system. Kenneth “Zulu” Whitmore was arrested in 1975 for robbing a shoe store. While in custody, prosecutors said an informant named him a suspect in the 1973 armed robbery and murder of Marshall Bond, the elderly ex-mayor of Zachary, La., a small town not far from Angola. Bond, a grocery store owner at the time, was beaten to death and robbed of $1,000 while visiting his horses. Whitmore says the prosecutor wanted him to make a deal and testify against another suspect, a man named “Donahue,” in exchange for a short prison term. “The DA told me outright, you are going to take the stand against this guy and say what I have prepared in that confession for y’all,” says Whitmore, who has now been in Angola for 29 years. “And I am going to give you five years. You will not go to Angola, and you will be out in two and a half. I told him I don’t have any idea what you are talking about. He said, ‘I am the district attorney and my word is three against yours. I can do what I want to you. Now help me get this guy or I will send you to Angola for the rest of your life.’ I refused and they immediately started beating me with sticks.”

Mexican Journalist Booted Out of Texas Anti-Immigrant Rally

Austin, 03.07.2007 01:39

Three anti-immigrant groups joined forces to bring their white-privilege road show to the city of San Antonio on Saturday afternoon, June 30. They assembled their troops in the Alamo City to stage a street protest in front of the offices of U.S. Attorney Johnny “House of Death” Sutton. This anti-immigrant protest was replete with ironies that expose the raw hypocrisy of the forces aligned against the authentic immigration-reform movement in this nation. The fact that so much irony was to be assembled on one street corner in America is what inspired Narco News to check out the scene. And ranking as the top irony of the day was the fact that this group of assembled so-called “protectors of the Constitution” kicked out a representative of the Mexican press who had shown up to cover the event. That’s right, the Mexican reporter was banned, escorted out of the “rally” area, which was on public property, by San Antonio police at the request of what the Mexican reporter called “the guys in black shirts.” Read the rest at >>

Medea Benjamin Pied At US Social Forum!

DC, 02.07.2007 22:09

via, San Francisco: Bakers without Borders and Co-optation Watch take action today at the US Social Forum to demand accountability from a self-appointed "spokesperson" whose actions further the commodification of resistance and sabotage our movement's sustainability and credibility. This person's actions benefit the NGO Industrial Complex at the expense of real democracy and solidarity. See "Media Medea" get nailed; video via

Court Refuses to Drop Sith Fairford Case

Bristol, 02.07.2007 20:07

Lawyers urged Judge to dismiss 'oppressive' case Lawyers urged Judge to dismiss 'oppressive' case Monica Margaret Jones: The re-trial began today of the 'Fairford Two' at Bristol Crown Court, making this series of trials the second longest the court has seen. Jones, from Bristol, and Milling, from Cumbria disabled two articulated lorries, fifteen bomb-carrying trailers and three fuel trucks at the RAF base in Fairford, Gloucestershire, in 2003. They admit using hammers and boltcutters to disable the equipment on 13 March, just one week before the invasion of Iraq. The pair, accused of conspiracy to commit criminal damage, have never denied damaging the vehicles, property of the US Air Force, but claim they were justified in doing so. In Bristol Crown Court this morning lawyers for the two urged Judge Tom Crowther to dismiss the case on the grounds that the re-trial was 'oppressive', in view of acquittals in five previous related trials. The judge however, refused the application, and the trial began this morning with the prosecution's presentation of its case. Jones and Milling said they wanted to stop US Air Force B-52 bombers taking off. They were trying to stop the “murder of innocent civilians” in Iraq. Since the night of their arrest the defendants have claimed they were justified in disabling trailers used to transport bombs for US jets and fuel tankers in order to prevent war crimes being committed. The two were the first defendants in an English crown court to use the defence of acting to prevent war crimes. They have been on bail for the past four years. The current trial is expected to continue until the end of the week. Full article.| COURT REFUSES TO DROP SIXTH FAIRFORD CASE | Final Fairford Trials Starts on Monday 2nd July | Related News: Bristol bids farewell to Tony Blair, 27th June 2007 | Stop the War and Dancing Marines | Filton Five charged | Stop the war prosecution stopped | Bristol Park Street, Palestine demo, Saturday, 9th June 2007 |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

US Social Forum and Colonialism

DC, 02.07.2007 19:10

Panelists discuss colonialism's impact.

ONE DC In Action

DC, 02.07.2007 19:10

Community Activists Take a Stand for Affordable Housing.

Model rocketry: &quot;lethal and highly illegal&quot;

Portland, 02.07.2007 11:39

The day Kyle and I finished the device, we decided to test-fire it in what we perceived to be a safe location in the nearby area. The location was ideal. It was on a dirt lot away from any property or timber that could be damaged, an area I had practiced target shooting with my bow years prior. It was an area that a lot of local kids, like I had done, visited frequently to light off firecrackers and shoot slingshots without getting into huge trouble or burning something down.

Kyle and I put the launcher into the cab of my Ford Ranger and, followed by my father (who decided to come along to take pictures), headed to the area which was located just down the road from our house. As we pulled into the lot, the ignition switch was touched somehow and the rocket ignited in the truck, filling the cab with smoke, resembling a particular scene from a Cheech & Chong movie. No damage done. At that exact moment, however, a squad car pulled in behind us and turned his lights on.

My truck was searched, the launcher was seized and given over to the State Police. From there, it was handed over to the FBI in Salem. Little did we know, the property I had been visiting for years was newly-acquired airport property. Now it was a matter of National Security.

Iraq Social Worker Speaks at Peace House

Portland, 02.07.2007 11:39

As millions became refugees she explained how hard it was to be one. How the Iraq citizens have fled out into other countries. Of having to leave to find work and just to survive. "It is hard to be a refugee" she tells us. "Yes there is no killing, but there is no rights, no home, no schools, no medical, no dignity, no self worth. They are living in tents. For over 3 years now they have been living as refugees. With no rights at all. And with no resources, they have nothing. No one cares." She continues, "The government doesn't care! They don't investigate or care at all, they just ignore the refugees' situation. They are ignoring a population of over 4 million people, who are homeless and have nothing at all. And no one cares!"


Colombia, 02.07.2007 07:38

¡Intercambio Humanitario Ya!

sexualities (en)

Barcelona, 02.07.2007 05:37

June 28: To be proud is to protest

Protest day against homophoby and transphoby that it's shown in the violence, the humilliations and discriminations that suffer transexual, lesbian, bisexual and gay people, in the repeated fascist, institutional and police attacks, in the pathologicalization of transexuality, in the lack of recognition of Francoism homosexual victims, in the conservative and homophbic european wave, in the shameful comments of Churches and goverments. And also...a day to protest against the attempts to make bourgeois, to patriarchalize and to capitalize the reivindicative Days

[June 30] 18.30 Universitat Sq. Demonstration Let's Work against homophoby

June 28 acts: Acts in Barcelona, Girona and Lleida + June 28 acts in Vilafranca + acts in clot + Acts Girona + [June 29] Acts against the psychiatrization of transexual

related news government and institutional homophoby in Polony ::: Bishops make homophobic declarations ::: Gay reality in La2 tv channel ::: homophobic harassment in Almeria ::: The homophobic hebrew orthodox ::: Detentions in Moscow

more info >>>sexualities + + guerrilla travolaka

speculation &amp; squatting (en)

Barcelona, 02.07.2007 05:37

Sants' Miquel Ángel Street evicted

In the Barcelona where great infrastructures and business are more important than people, the fierce repression shield that perpetuates and legitimates the police and property violence... evicted the morning of June 27, 2007 every squatted house that were on Miquel Àngel street, in Sants district.

The cheek of complicity between mossos (Catalan autonomy police) and the judges shows the repression levels of the dirty war against social movements or any other type of opposition, critic, alternatives forms of life... to the city, politics or value models that politic system wants to implant at any price in favour of multinational's interests and a socio-economic class away from the reality of the citizens of this city, each time more aware of this impositions per iure.

[June 29]Press conference: 12h at Centre Social de Sants (30, Olzinelles street)

There will be: La assemblea de Barri de Sants, Jurists and Miquel Àngel street neighbours

[June 29]Demonstration 20h at Sants Sq.

Related news: El Palomar goes to the streets ::: La fusteria in danger of being evicted ::: Let's stop La Soga CSOA eviction ::: Lawsuit for police kidnapping ::: Trials to the Esplugues popular movement ::: Palma sold to property speculation interests ::: Let's stop the lawsuit against Can Vies

+ info: >>>speculation & squatting + Miquel Àngel street website + Barri de Sants (Sants district) + OkupesBcn (Barcelona Squatters)


Athens, 02.07.2007 04:40

Οργή και θλίψη...

July 1st Night of Solidarity with the San Francisco 8

San Francisco Bay Area, 02.07.2007 04:40

A night of solidarity with the San Francisco 8 will be held on Sunday, July 1st at the Women's Building in San Francisco. The event will begin at 6:30pm, and will include a talk and Q&A session by activist and writer Derrick Jensen, and a case update from SF8 committee member and longtime activist Penny Schoner. The next court date for the San Francisco 8 will be on Monday, August 6th at 9am in the San Francisco Courthouse (850 Bryant St.). Judge Moscone's vacation is seen as a major delay in attempting to set an attainable bail for some of these men.

&quot;Sicko&quot; Draws Attention To Problems With The US Health-Care System

San Francisco Bay Area, 02.07.2007 04:40

Michael Moore's movie "Sicko" opened Friday June 29th at movie theaters around the US. The movie focuses on the problems in the US health-care system. It highlights several countries that do not have these same problems since their health systems are not based around the profit motives of insurance companies, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. On opening night, raging Grannies, doctors, nurses, and patients engaged theater-goers at the Century 16 in Mountain View California, passing out over 1,000 leaflets and collecting postcards that demanded a single payer health care system for California.

Medea Benjamin Gets Pied At US Social Forum

San Francisco Bay Area, 02.07.2007 04:39

On June 30th, Bakers without Borders and Co-optation Watch placed a pie in the face of Medea Benjamin at the US Social Forum. Bakers without Borders state that they took action "to demand accountability from a self-appointed "spokesperson" whose actions further the commodification of resistance and sabotage our movement's sustainability and credibility. This person's actions benefit the NGO Industrial Complex at the expense of real democracy and solidarity."

huelga cobre

Valparaiso, 02.07.2007 04:39

Martes 26 de Junio 2007 |

La Confederación de Trabajadores del Cobre inicia una huelga indefinida


Uruguay, 02.07.2007 04:11

Por la Diversidad Sexual

Medea Benjamin Gets Pied At US Social Forum

San Diego, 02.07.2007 04:11

From San Francisco Bay Area IMC: On June 30th, Bakers without Borders and Co-optation Watch placed a pie in the face of Medea Benjamin at the US Social Forum. Bakers without Borders state that they took action "to demand accountability from a self-appointed "spokesperson" whose actions further the commodification of resistance and sabotage our movement's sustainability and credibility. This person's actions benefit the NGO Industrial Complex at the expense of real democracy and solidarity."

In particular, Bakers without Borders and Co-optation Watch hold Medea Benjamin accountable for, "Publicly siding with the police and municipal authorities against direct actions performed at the World Trade Organization protests of 1999. Administrative authority in an organization that hordes funds raised for community organizations in Guatemala. Exploiting and dominating movement space, resources, and publicity in the global justice and associated movements."

Read More With Photos and Video!

More Coverage From The U.S. Social Forum


Uruguay, 02.07.2007 03:07

Por la Diversidad Sexual

Resistance is Existance: Aotearoa stands in solidarity against Australian Racism

Aotearoa, 02.07.2007 01:11

As Howard steps up his chilling plans to occupy the Northern Territories, activists acround Aotearoa are standing up in solidarity with the Aboriginal resistance to this new wave of oppression. [ Solidarity Statement ]

"John Howard's seizure of indigenous land for five years has been labelled a backdoor way for the Government to force Aborigines to sign up to 99-year leases for private home ownership." [ Read More ]

"Under the cynical guise of protecting indigenous children from sexual abuse, the Howard government announced on Thursday a“national emergency plan to take control of dozens of Aboriginal communities throughout the Northern Territory and impose virtual martial law conditions. Over coming weeks, police and troops will flood into as many as 60 towns and camps to enforce a series of draconian measures.

Welfare and family payments will be halved, with the seized portions transferred to food and clothing vouchers. All payments will be cut off if children fail to attend school, or are considered“at risk”. Forced labour will be imposed, via“work for the dole”programs, to“clean up”communities." [ Read More ]

"A series of direct and chilling parallels exists between the Howard government's police-military takeover of Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory (NT) of Australia and its military interventions in the Solomon Islands and other neighbouring South Pacific states." [ Read More: WSWS ]

Protest: Monday 2nd July at 4:30pm, @ QEII Square (Opposite Britomart) [ Call Out ]

Links Uriohau: Revolutionary Anti Colonialism & Anti Capitalism in the Pacific | Aboriginal News

July 2nd: OPA to Present Report on Seattle Police, Kerlikowske

Seattle, 01.07.2007 22:07

The Office of Professional Accountability will present its report about Seattle police conduct in the arrest of George Patterson, and Chief Kerlikowske's defense of the officers, to the City Council Monday July 2 at 9:30 a.m. The hearing is open to the public.

US Social Forum report-fireworks from the podium on Day 2-and UFPJ announces for week afer IMF/World Bank!

DC, 01.07.2007 20:24

Thursday, June 28 began with a disappointment-only ONE person from USSF(myself) turned up at a rally to Save Grady Hospital(Atlanta's only public Hospital) organized by local community members. It ended in another, as UFPJ announced they would do their fall mobe the week after the IMF protests.

US Social Forum report day 3-MGJ event for IMF demos, and 1000 bikes in Critical Mass

DC, 01.07.2007 20:24

The third day of the USSF was as interesting as ever. MGJ finally did the first workshop on the upcoming fall protests, with organizers from all over the US present. Tomorrow is the strategy session where stakeholders decide what kind of tactics to use, followed by a "live exercise" in street tactics.

Cyclo nudista in Brussels

Oost-Vlaanderen, 01.07.2007 09:37

World Naked Bike Ride in Brussels

Cyclo nudista

Oost-Vlaanderen, 01.07.2007 09:37

World Naked Bike Ride

Protesters Rip Gov. Martin O'Malley for Broken Promises

Baltimore, 01.07.2007 07:07

As a result of deregulation, electric rates are going through the ceiling in Maryland. Gov. Martin O’Malley’s promises to “protect” the public have turned out to be lies. Protesters showed up at the governor’s mansion on June 23, 2007, to demand a “Special Session” of the legislature and for reregulation. Maria Allwine said the people are being “Enroned!” Leo Burroughs, Jr. said: “An injustice of the highest order” is being perpetrated.

Community Groups, Musicians Unite to Overturn the Live Music Ban in Mount Pleasant

DC, 01.07.2007 04:09

[Mount Pleasant, DC]: On Sunday, July 1st , an unprecedented coalition of Mount Pleasant based community groups, musicians and artists are staging a concert at Lamont Park (Mount Pleasant and Lamont Streets NW) to raise awareness about a grassroots campaign to end the live music ban in Mount Pleasant restaurants. Sunday July 1, 3:30 Lamont Park Live Music and Theater Event featuring DC band The Evens

Greg Walden Town Hall Mtng. in Medford July 3

Rogue Valley, 01.07.2007 04:09

* $ * $ * $ * $ * W H E R E ' S * W A L D E N ? * $ * $ * $ * $ ***********************************************************************************
Sneaky Greg Walden Townhall comes on July 3rd - Brings Protest and Testimony
Medford peace group to protest Walden’s “town hall” meeting
CPJ once again asks the time-honored question: “Where’s Walden?”

Citizens for Peace & Justice will rally outside the Jackson County Courthouse Auditorium on Oakdale in Medford from 10 to 10:30 am next Tuesday, July 3rd, before Rep. Greg Walden, R-OR, begins his “town hall” meeting to protest its inadequacies.

The reason for the protest is that Walden responded to calls for a town hall meeting on the cost of the Iraq War to Oregon by scheduling a one-hour meeting from 10:30 to 11:30 am on a weekday when few working people can attend. He also scheduled a similar meeting in Grants Pass for 1:30 pm to give him a good excuse for the Medford meeting not to run long.

Acusado de 7 homicidios, 31 torturas y 42 secuestros

Argentina, 01.07.2007 01:09

El genocida Von Wernich a juicio oral

Desde el 5 de julio

Argentina, 30.06.2007 23:38


Immigrants Rights at the U.S. Social Forum

Boston, 30.06.2007 21:07

Atlanta, GA - Friday, 6/29/97.- The U.S. Social Forum is in progress with workshops, presentations and plennaries that cover almost all areas of struggle in this attempt to build "another world." The small Boston May Day Coalition has been present in as many migrant workers workshops as humanly possible. The concept of "migrant worker" is not popular in the forum. Most of the events are labeled "immigrant rights".

Alissa Wise Reports from Palestine

Philadelphia, 30.06.2007 17:21

Se inauguro la mina “San José-Huevos Verdes”

Argentina, 30.06.2007 16:56

"Preludio del desastre en la Comarca Noroeste de Santa Cruz"

Se inauguro la mina “San José-Huevos Verdes”

Argentina, 30.06.2007 16:56

"Preludio del desastre en la Comarca Noroeste de Santa Cruz"

especulació (ca)

Barcelona, 30.06.2007 13:07

Desallotgen el carrer Miquel Àngel de Sants

A la Barcelona de les grans infrastructures i negocis prioritzats per sobre de les persones, el ferotge escut de la repressió que perpetua i legitima la violència policial, immobiliaria... va desallotjar el matí del 27 de Juny de 2007 totes les cases okupades que existien al carrer Miquel Àngel del barri de Sants.

El descar de la complicitat entre mossos i el poder judicial evidencia el nivell repressiu de la guerra bruta contra els moviments socials o qüalsevol tipus d'oposició, crítica, formes de vida alternatives... al model de ciutat, política o valors que l'aparell polític vol implantar a tota costa en pro dels interessos de grans multinacionals i una classe socioeconòmica llunyana a la realitat de les ciutadanes d'aquesta ciutat, cada cop més concient d'aquestes imposicions per iure.

[29 Juny]Roda de premsa 12h al Centre Social de Sants (Carrer Olzinelles 30)

Hi seran: La assemblea de Barri de Sants, Juristes i veïns de Miquel Àngel

[29 Juny]Manifestació 20h a Plaça de Sants

Notícies relacionades: El Palomar okupa el carrer:::La fusteria en perill de desallotjament:::Aturem el desallotjament del CSOA La Soga::: Querella per segrest policial:::Judicis al moviment popular espluguenc:::Palma venuda als interessos immobiliaris:::Aturem la demanda de Can Vies

+ info: especulació i okupació + web del carrer Miquel Àngel + Barri de Sants + OkupesBcn

especulación (es)

Barcelona, 30.06.2007 13:07

Desalojan la calle Miquel Àngel de Sants

En la Barcelona de las grandes infrastructuras y negocios priorizados pro encima de las personas, el feroz escudo de la represión que perpetúa y legitima la violencia policial, immobiliaria... desalojó la mañana del 27 de Junio de 2007 todas las casas ocupadas que hay en la calle Miquel Àngel del barrio de Sants.

El descaro de la complicidad entre mossos y el poder judicial evidencia el nivel represivo de la guerra sucia contra los movimentos sociales o cualquier tipo de oposición, crítica, formas de vida alternativas... al modelo de ciudad, política o valores que el aparato político quiere implantar a toda costa en pro de los intereses de grandes multinacionales y una clase socioeconómica lejana a la realidad de las ciudadanas de esta ciudad, cada vez más consciente de estas imposiciones per iure.

[29 Junio]Rueda de prensa 12h al Centre Social de Sants (Calle Olzinelles 30)

Estarán: La asamblea del Barri de Sants, Juristas y vecinos de Miquel Àngel

[29 Junio]Manifestación 20h a Plaça de Sants

Noticias relacionadas: El Palomar okupa la caller :::La fusteria en peligro de desalojo ::: Paremos el desalojo del CSOA La Soga ::: Querella por secuestro policial ::: Juicios al movimiento popular de espluggues ::: Palma vendida a los intereses immobiliarios ::: Paremos la demanda de Can Vies

+ info: especulación y okupación + web del carrer Miquel Àngel + Barri de Sants + OkupesBcn

Coal miners across Aotearoa strike after negotiations break down

Aotearoa, 30.06.2007 11:40

800 coal miners with the EPMU have been engaged in industrial action since Monday June 25th after negotiations in their multi-employer pay agreement (meca) broke down earlier this month. The miners are seeking a 5 - 5.5% pay increase, while Solid Energy (which directly employs 1/3 of the miners, and more indirectly via contracters) has refused to go higher than 4%.

The action started with an overtime ban, enacted on Monday, and "spontaneous rolling stoppages" at sites around the country since Wedneday. Additional informal action has also taken place, with miners turning up late to shifts, leaving early and refusing to load trucks.

On Wednesday night, Solid Energy's largest mine, Stockton, was shut down after Doug Hood Mining workers, who remove overburden and mine coal, all walked off the site in solidarity with 3 workers who refused to accept final warning notices, as they had not recieved verbal or first written notices as per their agreement.

Friday saw further escalation after Solid Energy refused to transport miners at the Spring Creek mine to the mine entrance after the miners struck for the first two hours of the morning shift. In response, rather than walk the dangerous 2km road in hazardous weather conditions wearing full mining gear, the 45 miners decided to go home. Friday afternoon saw the Spring Creek miners along with those at the Terrace mine vote to not return to work until Tuesday at the earliest. Both Huntly and Stockton mines are also expected to have stoppages during the weekend.

Ged O'Connell, EPMU Acting National Secretary said "This strike action is a message to Solid Energy that our members will not be bullied, they will not put their safety at risk, and they will continue to fight for a decent pay rise."

Links: EPMU | Coal Miners' Strike Escalates — EPMU

Pastors for Peace Cuba Caravan in Ashland July 2

Rogue Valley, 30.06.2007 11:40

The Pastors for Peace Cuba Caravan is coming to the Rogue Valley on Monday July 2!! Meet us at the Presbyterian Church, Siskiyou at Walker, Ashland, for the 6 pm potluck, and 7:30 pm program. For information, call Mary Ann Jones at 541-482-8915.

The speaker will be Richard Becker of San Francisco, active for more than 15 years in Cuba solidarity work. He is a compelling and well-informed speaker who always draws a good crowd in Ashland. He has been a Cuba Caravan speaker many times, and also writes and speaks extensively about the Middle East, in opposition to the US military presence there.

llegó a Tinta Roja el lanzamiento de desalojo

Argentina, 30.06.2007 11:39

Mar del Plata: Tinta Roja en peligro

Música, exposiciones, solidaridad y lucha

Argentina, 30.06.2007 11:39

Arte fabril el próximo domingo 1ro de Julio en Mafissa


Argentina, 30.06.2007 11:39

La celebración del año nuevo indígena no llegó a las aulas

Governo do Estado da Bahia ameaça demitir professores em greve há 51 dias

Brasil, 30.06.2007 11:39


Governo Federal ajuíza reintegração de posse contra movimentos em Cabrobó (PE)

Brasil, 30.06.2007 11:39


Polícia executa 19 pessoas no Complexo do Alemão e governo do Estado aprova ação

Brasil, 30.06.2007 11:39


Ex diputados

Colombia, 30.06.2007 11:39

Uribe incapaz de defender la vida

marcha lgbt

Colombia, 30.06.2007 11:39

Por la igualdad, la libertad y la democracia

ICE Raids Intensify: Families Torn Apart

LA, 30.06.2007 11:39

ICE Raids Intensify: Families Torn Apart

Governor Ted Kulongoski Wages War On Oregon's Wildlife

Portland, 30.06.2007 11:39

Salem - Big Wildlife, an international wildlife protection organization headquartered in southern Oregon, slammed Governor Ted Kulongoski today for unleashing what the group described as the Governor's "war on Oregon's wildlife."

The organization condemned the Governor for enacting legislation Wednesday afternoon that would reinstate the cruel practice of using packs of dogs to pursue cougars. The newly signed law essentially overturns Measure 18, a 1994 voter-approved ban on hounding of the big cats, by permitting the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) to deputize hound hunters to implement the Department's Cougar Management Plan.

That plan calls for killing nearly 2,000 cougars across the state. In addition, Big Wildlife said the Governor has for years been "aiding and abetting a brutal and unnecessary program of killing bears who peel the bark of trees on corporate timberlands" in Oregon.

People to Reklaim: NO! We STILL Don't Want You Here

Portland, 30.06.2007 11:39

Earlier this month, the people of St. Helens gathered to demonstrate their ferocious opposition to the attempt by Reklaim Technologies to site a tire burning plant in our town.

We did so in spite of the sneaky, underhanded attempt on the part of our corrupt city officials (most notably, city planner Skip Baker) to sell us out. Baker made a backroom deal with Reklaim, and did not even bother to notify the people of this community that we were about to be assaulted by the dirty, smelly, toxic fallout that spells profit and dollars for a few, and poison and waste for the rest. Apparently, we were not worth consulting about this, as Baker did not want to be bothered with pesky public input.

Word got out, though, and before the ink was dry on the first checks, the people of St. Helens were organizing.


Uruguay, 30.06.2007 11:38

Por la Diversidad Sexual

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