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Militantes sociales realizaron escrache en el Hotel Sheraton

Argentina, 05.07.2007 17:08

Repudio a la presencia del ex presidente Eduardo Duhalde

Thousands call for impeachment in K'port

New Hampshire, 05.07.2007 13:38

Last Sunday, two thousand people came out to protest at the meeting of President Bush and Russian President Vladimir Putin, two imperialists ready to get their lounge on in the upper-class vacationland of Kennebunkport, Maine. The diverse group of protestors including antiwar activists, veterans, lawyers, revolutionary communists, civil libertarians, anarchists, labor leaders, women's groups, and one marching band.

The purpose for most was to call for the impeachment of Bush and Cheney. Signs read, "Impeachment is the path to peace," and "Democracy breached, time to impeach." Not everyone, of course, felt impeachment was the most important goal. "The priority is getting out of Iraq, not impeachment. We can get them for war crimes later," said Judy, a Maine resident.

Indigenous solidarity in Edinburgh

Scotland, 05.07.2007 12:08

This weekend Edinburgh hosts two special indigenous solidarity events. On the evening of Saturday 30th, two women from the Haudenosaunee confederacy indigenous people will speak at the Quaker Meeting House about their inspiring land occupation in Canada. The following afternoon sees the premiere of the short film “Health and Solidarity : Scotland and the Zapatistas” at the CWU club. This film shows the struggle of the indigenous Mayans of Zapatista Autonomous Municipality 16th February in Mexico, and portrays their twinning with the solidarity groups in Scotland.

spekulado (eo)

Barcelona, 05.07.2007 09:38

[19an de majo] je la 17a en Portal de l'Àngel manifestacio por la okupacio

ĉu vi havas liberan radion? vi uzu ĝin energie!
[7an-19an de majo]
Duonmonato pro la okupado
[17an de majo] Okupita Socia Ejo L'Opera nova juĝ-dato kaj alvokoj
[13an - 20an de majo] ĉio iras ege malbone... ni agu!

[4an - 13an de majo] Can Vies 10 jarojn malfermante aliajn vojojn!!!
[10an de majo] je la 20a antaŭ la sidejo de la politika partio ICV Alvoko al la ĝenerala mobilizo
[majon] Kampanjo "solaj ni ne povas" Niaj revoj ne havas sufiĉan lokon en la urnoj, ni portu la politikon surstraten!

kriminaligo (eo)

Barcelona, 05.07.2007 09:38

Núria revenas hejmen

Post 118 tagoj en la malliberejo de Soto del Real kaj post postuli, reklami, krii la liberigon de la knabinon el Sarrià de Ter, la 7an de junio juĝisto Del Olmo liberigis ŝin kontraŭ 15 000-eŭra kaŭcio...

rilataj informoj: Dum Nuria deklaris antaŭ la juĝisto, ili estis batanta nin. ::: 6/6/07 Juĝo kontraŭ Sergio L.D kondemnita pro la perturboj dum la kontraŭ-tutmondiga manifestacio marte 2002. ::: El Placo del Sol al malliberejo ::: Prizonuloj "4a de februaro" >> Kolekto da novaĵoj por scii iomete kiel kuŝas la situacio ::: 2 urbaj policistoj imputitaj pro torturoj + 'mossos' (katalunaj policistoj) esploritaj pro torturoj

+info: >>>kriminaligo kaj subpremo

Choice Ireland Calls For Greater Reproductive Freedom

Ireland, 05.07.2007 08:08

A Report From Last Saturday's Rally On Saturday 30 ...

Postal workers walk out over planned pay and job cuts

United Kingdom, 05.07.2007 06:09

Up to 130,000 postal workers took part in a 24-hour strike on Friday -the first in 11 years- to stop the Royal Mail's cost-cutting plans, which the Communication Workers Union (CWU) says would only mean cuts in members' pay and pensions, job cuts and more post office closures. Picket lines were mounted outside sorting offices and mail centres across the country from early morning, disrupting mail deliveries for the day.

In Birmingham, two picket lines at the front and back gates of the main mail centre in Newtown saw, on and off, tens of postal workers and their supporters, while 'Royal Mail police' were trying to break up the picket lines, intimidating and threatening picketers. There was also another picket line in the city centre. [report and pics]

Last week, a well-attended march took place in Gloucester, followed by a rally in the docks, as part of a campaign against the planned closure of the Gloucester Mail Centre. A similar march and rally were held in Coventry city centre last March to protest against the planned closure of Coventry's sorting office.

Links: CWU's Save Postal Services campaign

A Taste Of Things To Come

United Kingdom, 05.07.2007 06:09

Over two weeks ago, the government's chief scientist warned that for the UK, flash floods were likely to be the biggest immediate problem caused by global warming. Sir David King told a committee of MPs that the country would have to prepare for extreme weather such as heat waves and "torrential downpours". Two weeks later, large areas are counting the cost of worst flooding this country has seen for over 50 years. Five people are believed dead as a result of the flooding. The army has been mobilised to help emergency efforts and two more rivers have broken their banks as waters continue to rise. Experts agree that the severe storms and flooding will become more frequent as temperatures rise.

Photos: Did Climate Change Cause Floods around Nottinghamshire? Pictures 1 | Pictures 2 | 25th June 2007: Sheffield Floods

Other Articles: Wet and wild, a taste of things to come | Floods hit York | Climate Chaos - read (and weep) all about it

Links: Sheffield Indymedia | Notts Indymedia | Climate Indymedia | UK Indymedia Climate Chaos page | June 2007 United Kingdom floods on Wikipedia | Notts Indymedia Weather Page | Slideshow of Floods in Nottingham in 2000 | Climate change and flood (Environmeny Agency) | Cool Kids For a Cool Climate

Two Arrested at Cambridge GM potato picnic

United Kingdom, 05.07.2007 06:09

Sunday July 1st. Fifty anti-GM campaigners take their protest directly to the test site in Girton near Cambridge. One protester is arrested scaling the fence erected to protect the GM potato crop and another is arrested later on for alleged criminal damage (they will be in court on Tuesday morning[ 1 | 2 ]). The crop are GM potatoes developed by BASF, who have already dropped their one other potato trial in the UK [ 1 | 2 ].

Detailed write up. Pictures [ 1 | 2 | 3 ] Criticism of tactics.

Background : GM back on agenda | sabotage promised | detailed talk report | audio interview re victory and protest 1st july

Campaign links : Mutatoes | Hedon Against GM | Cambridge GM Concern

Strident students blockade at Faslane

United Kingdom, 05.07.2007 06:09

Students from Nottingham have been involved in the Strident (Students Against Trident) blockade of the Faslane nuclear weapons base over the weekend.

On Fri 29th June, at 6:30am, 6 students from Nottingham and Bradford Universities arrived at the North entrance, superglue-ing their hands together to blockade the main entrance at shift change (Report and pics). They were all removed after around 40 minutes and arrested for Beach of the Peace. At the same time, 3 more students from Nottingham were arrested after blocking the South entrance using a concrete blockade.

On Sat 30th, six Nottingham students were arrested following blockades at the North and South entrances of the base (Report).

Photos: Students Against Trident blockade North and South gates at Faslane nuclear base

Reports: More Nottingham students arrested at Faslane | All Notts Students released

Previous local involvement in anti-Trident actions: Nottingham folk successfully blockade nuclear submarine base in Scotland | Protestors take action at Derby nuclear plant

Links: Faslane 365 | Faslane 365 Students | Faslane Peace Camp | Trident Ploughshares

ronda alrededor del Congreso de la Nación

Argentina, 05.07.2007 01:39

“Ni una mujer más víctima de las redes de prostitución”

Forests destroyed all over Greece.

Athens, 05.07.2007 01:09

Huge environmental disaster, irresponsibility of the authorities

ronda alrededor del Congreso de la Nación

Argentina, 05.07.2007 01:09

“Ni una mujer más víctima de las redes de prostitución”

ronda alrededor del Congreso de la Nación

Argentina, 05.07.2007 01:09

“Ni una mujer más víctima de las redes de prostitución”

Vrijstaat vrije leyen

Oost-Vlaanderen, 04.07.2007 20:37

Gras- koren lei tot vrijstaat vrije leyen uitgeroepen

From the Newswire

Perth, 04.07.2007 16:38

All WA police to carry stun guns

PMDB, com apoio da Bancada Ruralista, propõe mudanças na MP 366

Brasil, 04.07.2007 14:40


Dİnk ailesinden jandarma bölge komutanına dava

Istanbul, 04.07.2007 12:38

Dİnk ailesinden jandarma bölge komutanına dava

Voice from the North: &quot;Humankind is on the Brink of Destruction&quot;

Boston, 04.07.2007 07:08

An interview at the US Social Forum with Faith Gemmill, member of REDOIL (Resisting Environmental Destruction on Indigenous Lands) Network, about the environment, climate change, and a warning to all about failing to take care of the earth.

Ya está bueno Buenos Aires

Argentina, 04.07.2007 07:08

Violento desalojo de asentamiento en Parque Patricios

Ya está bueno Buenos Aires

Argentina, 04.07.2007 07:08

Violento desalojo de asentamiento en Parque Patricios


Manila, 04.07.2007 06:08

The Post G8 2007 Report

MTST ocupa prédio de 13 andares na Lapa (RJ)

Brasil, 04.07.2007 06:08


Concerns re the New Head of DC Public Schools - July 2, 2007

DC, 04.07.2007 04:39

It seems as if the Council will be approving of this appointment, but over the hours of testimony, questions by the Council elicited what should be community-wide concern as we move forward.

Waste Management, Inc. has locked out Teamsters and Machinists

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.07.2007 03:08

On July 2nd, Waste Management locked out 500 members of Teamsters Local 70 in Alameda County. The lowest-paid employees, the recycling, clerical and landfill workers in ILWU 6, will not qualify for unemployment and are not eligible for strike fund benefits. Under their current contract, they earn $11-14 an hour. The Central Labor Council of Alameda County is asking everyone to honor the picket lines and support the workers by joining picket lines Thursday and Friday.

fin toma UV

Valparaiso, 04.07.2007 01:07

Martes 03 de Julio 2007 |

La UV termina con las tomas pero continúa movilizado

Write to Daniel McGowan

Portland, 03.07.2007 23:38

Yesterday, July 2nd, Daniel McGowan self reported to prison in NYC and is now in custody. Daniel went to MDC Brooklyn yesterday morning to self surrender but they did not have him designated to that facility yet. He was advised to instead report to the US Marshals (at the Brooklyn Federal Courthouse) who agreed to transport him to MDC last night. Please take a minute to write a supportive letter to him.

tutmondigo (eo)

Barcelona, 03.07.2007 23:38

Jun.2007: G8 en Heiligendamm. Aliĝu al Tutmonda Rezisto! wsf global radio nodes

lastaj novaĵoj... Du hispanoj kondamnitaj je 9- kaj 10-monataj prizon-punoj pro la perfortaĵoj >>> Ĝisdatigo Kontraŭ-G8-pintkunvena Tago >>> Laŭminuta kroniko de la kontraŭ-pintkunvena tago 5a de junio >>> Estas du grandaj potencoj en la mondo: G8 kaj vi [josé saramago] Horaro de la protestoj kontraŭ G8 >>> Evidento: La polico komencis la tumultojn >>> Rostock (Germanio) unua granda manifestacio >>> Tumultoj en Germanio pro la G8a pintkunveno >>> G-8 Rostock. 'Ni ne provokos la policanojn, sed respondos se ili atakas' diras aktivulo >>> G8, paniko: policano konfiskas la biciklojn

Sekvu la alternativan pintkunvenon ĉe G8-TV

Juniaj manifestacioj kontraŭ kapitalismo kaj G8 en bcn

*Resistant Art Festival* (RAF)

Invito al “Yellow Barrio” (G8-Camp), 31an de majo-9an de junio 2007, apud Heiligendamm/Germanio + G-8 2007: Kunvenejo malfermita + Internacia Tago pri la Rekta Agado kontraŭ la Klimat-Ŝanĝo kaj la G8. + Haltigu la nazian manifestacion dum G8 en Schwerin

Amaskomunikiloj >>Informado pri la alternativa G8-pintkunveno far liberaj radioj + Mataró kontraŭ G8 : loka informejo por alternativaj amaskomunikiloj 6an-8an junio + G8-TV: Revolucio povas esti televidita! + G8: Agoj de sendependaj amaskomunikiloj + G8: La Sendependa Centro de Amas-komunikiloj bezonas monan subtenon + 12 horoj da muziko kontraŭ G8 [sound.disidència]*

Manifestacio kontraŭ G8 la 2an de junio en Rostock: La diferenco inter sperti ĝin kaj legi ĝin. La G8-kunsido + Oni antaŭvidas la revigliĝon de la alimondista protesto dum la G8-pintkunveno + junio 2007: grandega marŝado de manifestantoj el la tuta mondo... + Kial manifestacii kontraŭ kapitalismo kaj G8 en Barcelono? + Dum la venontaj monatoj Eŭropo spertos profundan socian konvulsion + Tiel, kiel ni estis: penso pri alternativaj pintkunvenoj, ritoj, novaj teĥnologioj kaj retoj + Aktivuloj kontraŭ novlibelarisma tutmondigo pretigas protestojn kontraŭ G8 + Kiu ŝuldas al kiu? Mobilizo kontraŭ G8 kaj la regado de la profit-avido

+ infoj : sca-germanio >>> >>>

Bangkok feminist econ conference

Houston, 03.07.2007 23:38

Houstonians Participate in Conference on Feminist Economics Held in Bangkok

SDS Marchers - Blockaded on June 10

DC, 03.07.2007 23:09

The Students for a Democratic Society gathered at Dupont Circle on Sunday June 10 in solidarity with oppressed Palestinian people. A spontaneous march from Dupont Circle to the Capitol grounds was illegally blockaded by US Capitol Police. Peaceful marchers were prevented from attending a permitted rally on the West Lawn of the Capital. Some of the prevention methods used by the cops included physical altercation and verbal harassment. SDS needs any help you can provide in terms of finding out why this happened and if this was illegal?

In the military, thinking of joining?

DC, 03.07.2007 23:09

Useful factual information to counter Military recruiters: Video of presentation at American Friends Service Committee in Pasadena during 2002

An Open Letter to America: “Now is the time for us to stand up and stand together”

DC, 03.07.2007 23:09

We have seen them target Cpl. Adam Kokesh to stop him from exercising his freedom of speech, after risking his life in Fallujah, Iraq. We have seen them threaten Sgt. Liam Madden for publicly stating the legal fact that the U.S. invasion is a war crime according to the Nuremberg principles. They have targeted Cpl. Cloy Richards, a soldier put in the media spotlight when his mother Tina Richards worked to get him the health care he needs after returning from Iraq eighty percent disabled. These are not happenstance targets. These young men are leaders of the Iraq Veterans Against the War and they are speaking out in a strong and coordinated way. And now I have been targeted.

Audio: Dennis Kucinich speaks at Benson High

Portland, 03.07.2007 22:38

Democratic Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich spoke to a large gathering Sunday evening, July 1, 2007 at Benson High School, his speech focusing mainly on the need for universal health care and Globalization. His talk lasted abut 25 minutes, and the remainder of this 47 minute audio file is questions and answers from the audience. Oddly, he didn't mention the Iraq war that much, or even his early ongoing opposition to it.

Dennis, as is usually the case, was very eloquent, to the point and demonstrated a way to take our country back from corporate control. Yes, he skirted the 911 issue; yes, he wasn't extremely forthcoming concerning some issues dear to the far left. But, he only had so much time and I believe he made good use of this hour. | read more >>

Dennis Kucinich, RealPlayer | Dennis Kucinich, MP3

un centenar de personas defendieron el espacio

Argentina, 03.07.2007 19:41

Intentaron pero no pudieron desalojar Tinta Roja

un centenar de personas defendieron el espacio

Argentina, 03.07.2007 19:40

Intentaron pero no pudieron desalojar Tinta Roja

Preconceito e homofobia em bar do Rio de Janeiro

Brasil, 03.07.2007 17:08


Manif 07.07.07: Continuer à bouger - surmonter le racisme

Switzerland, 03.07.2007 09:08

Appel - manifestation antifasciste
Continuer à bouger - surmonter le racisme !

Samedi 7 Juillet 2007, 14h, Bärenplatz Berne


Genève 11h45 voie 4
Lausanne 12h20 voie 1
Fribourg 13h04 voie 3

McDermott signs onto Impeach Cheney bill

Portland, 03.07.2007 07:37

Representative Jim McDermott has broken ranks and has signed onto House Resolution 333, calling for impeachment of Cheney. Call to thank him for standing up for the Constitution: 1-800-614-2803.

Call your US Rep and ask if they are now willing to get on the right side of history and impeach this administration!

McDermott is the first US Representative from the North West to break from Pelosi and sign onto the Impeach Cheney bill, House Resolution 333.

Notes on buying a bicycle in Vancouver

Portland, 03.07.2007 07:37

Wisconsin to China, and then back across the sea to Vancouver, Washington. That was the trajectory of my brand new Trek bicycle, which I bought recently at a bike shop here in Vancouver.

Trek is based in Wisconsin, and some of their bikes, such as the one I bought, are made in China. It wasn't until I got home with my new bike that I saw the big, prominently placed Made in China sticker. I had assumed Treks were made in the U.S. -- if not in idyllic Wisconsin, then somewhere else. This misconception influenced my decision to buy another Trek, (my last Trek, bought years ago, was stolen last year. I wrote about that, using an alias, here: )

photos from Washington County Peace Vigil June 27,2007

Portland, 03.07.2007 07:37

Over 50 people particpated in our weekly peace vigil on Wednesday.

As of yesterday, this has been the worst quarter for US soldiers since the illegal invasion began in 2003. The toll for the past three months -- 329 -- made it the deadliest quarter for U.S. troops in Iraq since the March 2003 invasion. That surpasses the 316 soldiers killed during November 2004 to January 2005. End the occupation and bring our soldiers, sailors and air force home now!

The Freeway Blogger passed through Portland this week. See his handy sign work. Scroll down and view his photos of his efforts here in the Rose City:

Guilty Until Proven Innocent in Multnomah County

Portland, 03.07.2007 07:37

My partner sold her property in Multnomah County in June, 2004 and moved in with me in Washington County.

Recently, she received a letter from Multnomah County requesting that she provide "proof" she was not a resident in 2005. This got my dander up - what if every government organization chased you around with this kind of crap when you moved? I sent them a letter that said that if my partner had been a resident in 2005, she would have paid her taxes (which is true); and that here in these United States, we don't have to prove our innocence and we don't have to show the government our papers.

Now they have sent a tax bill for 2005. It's completely bogus, of course; neither of us was a resident of Multnomah County in 2005, not for even a single day, not in any way, shape or form, through presence, property ownership, or any other conceivable definition.

Seattle Parks Department Hires Street Performers

Portland, 03.07.2007 07:37

"Paid Buskers" is an oxymoron. Buskers, or street performers, are defined by the fact that they have a hat out for tips in the public square. A current program sponsored by the Seattle Parks and Recreation Dept. is paying buskers to play in Seattle parks this summer, and it has raised some controversy, regarding the idea of "paid busking." But buskers are paid in tips regularly, and it is not unusual for large festivals to hire buskers for their events to add ambiance.

I have been a street performer since 1978. I still have my Seattle Pike Place Market 1978 Street Performer Permit. I have busked in a ridiculous array of venues this lifetime. I have performed on the Santa Cruz Mall, on Santa Barbara's State Street, in New Orleans' French Quarter, in Seattle's Pike Place Market, in Austin, TX, at San Francisco's Wharf, on the Boardwalk in Venice, CA...each city has its own relationship with busking and buskers. Each city has its own unique busker culture. As an actual busker myself, I find it frustrating often, the way journalists who only see our culture from outside, portray us. I am happy to be able to talk about this in first person, as few journalists can.

Local TV host calls all dissenters to Pioneer Courthouse Square on the 4th of July

Portland, 03.07.2007 07:37

Bullhorn with Alex Ansary, host of Outside the Box at 1 PM
This is a news article because it's important that on this day many Portlanders will find themselves more interested in firing off Chinese fireworks than understanding how their constitution is being shreded. Your support is needed to hand our flyers, dvds, and leaflets. Here are some of this things I discuss:

The current PHASE of the centralization of power
The phony left right paradigm
911 Truth
The media monopoly
The Federal Reserve
Police / Surveillance issues
Genetically Modified Food

Universal Health Care Is Possible with HR 676

Portland, 03.07.2007 07:37

Dennis Kucinich has a bill before Congress (HR 676) to provide Universal, Single-Payer, NOT FOR PROFIT Health Care. HR 676 takes health care away from the insurance companies and gives it back to the physicians.

On Jan. 24, 2007, Reps. John Conyers and Dennis Kucinich led 43 other House members in introducing HR 676, the Conyers/Kucinich Health Care bill. Today the bill, which Kucinich helped write, is supported by 76 members of Congress, 250 union locals, and more than 14,000 physicians. HR 676 is endorsed by the New Hampshire State Legislature and by Michael Moore, producer of SICKO.

Call your members of Congress and tell them to support HR 676, the Conyers/Kucinich Health Care bill. 1-800-459-1887, 1-800-828-0498.

Local Videographer Assaulted by Portland Police Officer to Sue City

Portland, 03.07.2007 07:37

Local videographer Carey Klein, better known as Deva, will file a lawsuit today against Officer Mark Zylawy and the City of Portland for assaulting him while he was filming a World Can't Wait Protest at the Lloyd Center. Deva is well known to the Portland Police. He has been recording police conduct at demonstrations for many years. Some of his videos have been used in past lawsuits against Portland police officers for use of excessive force, including the case of Marbet v. City of Portland in which the City of Portland paid over half a million dollars in damages and legal fees to victims of indiscriminate use of pepper spray at demonstrations.

This lawsuit arises from an incident on January 31, 2006, when he was recording a group of protesters as they exited the Lloyd Center. The protest was organized by World Can't Wait to demand an end to the Bush regime. Because Deva was filming the protest from behind, he was the last person out as the group exited the Lloyd Center. A security guard grabbed him and said, "Time for you to go!" Shortly thereafter, Officer Zylawy pushed Deva from behind, without provocation or warning, causing him to fall on the concrete parking lot. The fall caused injuries to Deva's elbow, shoulder and hip. Deva refuses to let the incident intimidate him or discourage him from monitoring police misconduct, but he takes the incident very seriously. He has chosen to sue the officer and the City of Portland for this assault because he feels that it is essential for police officers to be held accountable when they attack the people who monitor their behavior.

From the Newswire

Perth, 03.07.2007 07:08

Students of Sustainability Conference - Perth July 07

Response to Medea Benjamin on why pies get thrown

DC, 03.07.2007 03:09

When someone who holds a position of perceived "power" in our movement attempts to address accusations against them, and does so without being entirely forthcoming, they only harm themselves, and it tends to give the impression — real or perceived — that they should perhaps be less than trusted in the rest of their answers… Medea Benjamin Pied At US Social Forum! Medea Benjamin: "To Those Who Threw a Pie in My Face" Video

Empresa textil de Rosario, Santa Fe

Argentina, 03.07.2007 03:08

Crece la huelga en Lavadero Virasoro

Acusado de 7 homicidios, 31 torturas y 42 secuestros

Argentina, 03.07.2007 02:38

El genocida Von Wernich a juicio oral

Empresa textil de Rosario, Santa Fe

Argentina, 03.07.2007 02:38

Crece la huelga en Lavadero Virasoro

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