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Trabajadores de prensa reclaman mejora salarial

Argentina, 08.07.2007 02:08

La noche en que "La Voz" tembló

Cops Arrest Salinas Youth for Challenging Military Recruiters

Santa Cruz, CA, 08.07.2007 02:08

On June 24, Alberto Tovar, a recent graduate of Cal-State Monterey Bay and a Salinas local, was arrested for challenging military recruiters at a Día de la Famila celebration in Salinas. Tovar asked why recruiters promise kids health and educational benefits if they sign up, but don't talk to them about the risks of combat. Police trumped up numerous ridiculous charges against him, including "disturbing the peace," "criminal trespass," and "possession of a dangerous/deadly weapon" (a trendy bracelet from Hot Topic). The Monterey County D.A. also added "disorderly conduct for public intoxication" even though Tovar was never tested to see if he had been drinking. Alberto is asking for his supporters to donate to his Legal Defense Fund.

Berks Peace Initiative Parade and Fair July 14

Philadelphia, 07.07.2007 23:37

UWE Boss Steps Down over 'Conflict of Interest'

Bristol, 07.07.2007 23:37

But despite 'unease', moves on to new top job in Liverpool But despite unease, moves on to new top job in Liverpool The Bristol Blogger writes: UWE Vice-Chancellor Sir Howard Newby is quitting the university, less than two years in to the job, after becoming embroiled in a major conflict of interest between the university and his private education business Carter and Carter. The episode is said to have caused “disquiet” among many on the university’s governing body. Serious concerns were raised about Newby when it was revealed recently he had concluded a deal on UWE’s behalf with a private sector training company, Carter and Carter. Newby, however is a director of the company and was therefore effectively awarding himself a lucrative public sector contract! Questions have also been asked about his relationship to the university’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor. Her name is Lady Sheila Newby! Newby will not be walking away in disgrace however. He’s secured another plum job with a six figure salary as Vice-Chancellor of Liverpool University and a glowing thank you from UWE’s governing body. One rule for them and all that.. Full article.| Good night? | | Past UWE News: Rethinking the University Structure | The Future of Higher Education? | UWE ROUNDABOUT RECLAIMED! | UWE RALLIES AGAINST ROAD CONGESTION, CLIMATE IMPACTS |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

The Great KISS-IN!

Portland, 07.07.2007 22:38

On Monday, June 11th, two fourteen year old girls were forced off of public transportation(TriMet) when a fellow passenger complained that they were kissing. The driver of the bus allegedly referred to the girls as "Sickos" and told them to "knock it off." When one of the girls became visibly distraught, the other hugged her in a show of comfort, and they were promptly ejected from the bus.

To call attention to the issue, "The Great Kiss-In" has been organized for Sunday, July 8th at 2 pm. Members of the LGBTQ community will gather at 701 SW 6th Ave, in front of Trimet's offices, to kiss in a show of solidarity with the girls. Their message is that everyone has the right to show their loved ones affection. All allies welcome.

Community action for housing and day laborer center

San Francisco Bay Area, 07.07.2007 21:38

The SF Day Labor Program is working with the Mission Anti-Displacement Coalition and other community allies in organizing a "week of action" to acquire the Kellymoore site (Cesar Chavez and Mission) and turn it into low-income housing and a new day laborer center. There will be community rallies from July 9th through the 16th and on July 17th, the Board of Supervisors will hear an appeal for the site.

Chicago's Biggest Pride Parade Ever Gives Warm Welcome to Progressive Contingent

Chicago, 07.07.2007 20:37

Sunday, 24 June saw some 450,000 people gather for Chicago's annual Gay Pride Parade. The Gay Liberation Network headed up an anti-war / anti-homophobia contingent that got a huge response from progressive and radical supporters as they marched. Through most of the parade route the packed crowds rolled off of the sidewalks and well into the street. The huge crowd repeatedly erupted in applause when they saw the gigantic banner ("Troops Home Now!") and gave marchers high-fives throughout the route. Many joined in with that and other anti-war chants.

At the end of the parade the GLN-led contingent confronted anti-gay bigots of the Fred Phelpsian variety who advocate the death or forced "salvation" of the LGBT community. The more "moderate" bigots, headed by Illinois's obsessive homophobe Peter LaBarbera, hired a plane to fly overhead with an anti-gay banner promising to "cure" homosexuality with their religion.

Official Pride Coverage

Chicago Activist Discovers Hispanic Youth Harshly &quot;Treated&quot; at Indiana Detention Center

Chicago, 07.07.2007 20:37

A Chicago-area doctor and activist has discovered a youth treatment facility in Indiana where ten Hispanic boys were placed under harsh conditions after a violent racially-tinged incident on May 7, 2007.

The South West Indiana Youth Facility (SWIYF), a youth detention facility in Vincennes, Indiana, about 130 miles southwest of Indianapolis, describes itself on its website as a center which offers "residential treatment for 148 males and female youth, ages 9-21, in gender specific housing units and activities." SWIYF also serves to house undocumented immigrant youth from Latin America who are placed there precisely because they're undocumented.

Nevertheless, a group of ten Hispanic youth at SWIYF — undocumented immigrant boys from Mexico, El Salvador, and Honduras, ages 13 through 17 — were beaten violently by a team of SWAT agents, placed in lockdown conditions, and held in solitary confinement for two weeks, all in reaction to an incident at SWIYF where the boys were called a racist name. Read more

West Coast Convergence for Climate Action!

Portland, 07.07.2007 20:37

This August 8-14 hundreds of social justice and environmental activists from around the west coast of North America will be convening near the mouth of the Columbia River for 6 days of low impact living and high impact action against the fossil fuel industry - the West Coast Convergence for Climate Action.

The Columbia River is fueled by tributaries from across the west. Today, with massive fossil fuel development projects planned at the mouth of this iconic waterway, the Columbia is ground zero in the global struggle against the violence of the energy industry and for a livable climate future. Part networking and activist skills training, part community sustainability demonstration site, the Convergence also aims to take collective action to stop the fossil fuel industry expansion in our region in its tracks.

PLUG-IN celebration / meeting / film showing
July 15th, 7pm at Liberty Hall, 311 N. Ivy

July 22nd, ALL DAY, Laurelhurst Park

West Coast Convergence for Climate Action!

Portland, 07.07.2007 20:37

<p>This August 8-14 hundreds of social justice and environmental activists from around the west coast of North America will be convening near the mouth of the Columbia River for 6 days of low impact living and high impact action against the fossil fuel industry - the West Coast Convergence for Climate Action.</p>

<p>The Columbia River is fueled by tributaries from across the west. Today, with massive fossil fuel development projects planned at the mouth of this iconic waterway, the Columbia is ground zero in the global struggle against the violence of the energy industry and for a livable climate future. Part networking and activist skills training, part community sustainability demonstration site, the Convergence also aims to take collective action to stop the fossil fuel industry expansion in our region in its tracks.</p>
<p><u><strong>PLUG-IN celebration / meeting / film showing</strong></u><br>
July 15th, 7pm at Liberty Hall, 311 N. Ivy</p>
<p><u><strong>PRE-CONVERGENCE DIRECT ACTION TRAINING</strong></u><br>
July 22nd, ALL DAY, Laurelhurst Park</p>
<a href="" href="">">link to

Convención militar en San Juan

Puerto Rico, 07.07.2007 19:10

Condenan convención militar en San Juan

Two arrested at the annual 'Independence From America' protest

United Kingdom, 07.07.2007 18:08

The Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases' (CAAB) annual Independence From America demonstration at NSA Menwith Hill was the first where protestors were not allowed to circumnavigate the base due to a Section 12 order. There were two arrests, one for wearing a shirt with the word "fuck" on it and the second for arguing against the arrest. The rally at the start was addressed by Alan Bennett and Mark Steel and the marchers from Footprints for Peace [ 1 | 2 ]. A Declaration of Independence was read out, "we... do solemnly demand the return of the land, once within the boundaries of the ancient townships of Birstwith, Felliscliffe, Norwood and Menwith, now occupied by the United States National Security Agency and their military forces.". There was a heavy police presence, food was provided by Veggies and Yorkshire CND had a stall.

Report | Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

New Children's Story Released as Benefit for Eco-Prisoners

Portland, 07.07.2007 17:37

Over the past months, our hearts grew heavy as we watched our friends, comrades, and heroes be arrested and held in captivity. As defendants are being sentenced, this concludes the chapter of actions that had been turned into legends, songs, and inspiration. Out of the fire and ashes of repression, our hope is that others will come out stronger and wiser. Hopefully, there are still a few of you out there, brave enough to hope, and strong enough to act. It is to you who this story is dedicated. For every forest destroyed...

From its enchanting beginnings to its heart-breaking end, The Secret World of Terijian is a tale for the starry-eyed youth in us all. The book is a benefit for all targets of the Green Scare; all proceeds after production costs will go directly to earth and animal liberation prisoners and defendants.

For more info, email terijian (at) riseup (dot) net.

City Council holds hearing to &quot;fast track&quot; sale of public land

DC, 07.07.2007 03:38

On July 5th, a date picked to minimize public involvement, the City Council held a public round table on selling off three parcels of city-owned land. One is a parcel on Ga Ave where a former owner wants to build condos, one a plot where an owner of boarded up homes wants to put in a garden-and one a property where Temple of Praise proposes to build "town homes with 2 car garages for the homeless!" Audio:3 min 54 seconds


Argentina, 07.07.2007 02:38

Masiva movilización en Neuquén a 3 meses del asesinato de Carlos Fuentealba

Rosario: continúa el conflicto en la empresa textil

Argentina, 07.07.2007 02:38

Lavadero Virasoro: la patronal despidió decenas de obreros

Rosario: continúa el conflicto en la empresa textil

Argentina, 07.07.2007 02:08

Lavadero Virasoro: la patronal despidió decenas de obreros


Argentina, 07.07.2007 02:08

Masiva movilización en Neuquén a 3 meses del asesinato de Carlos Fuentealba

Ao remate dun outro curso...

Galiza, 06.07.2007 19:43

O Lume novo deu começo ao período estival ( Lume Novo Corunha , Lume Novo Lugo ), tempo no que os movimentos deveriam/mos aproveitar para tirar de reflexom, autocritica e (re)situarmo-nos as nossas estrategias comúns contra o monstruo do Capital.

Nesta linha autoreflexiva desde o colectivo editorial deste CMI Galiza gostaríamos de salientar de novo o principio e fim colectivo deste medio. Quereríamos voltar a lançar a palavra da acçom constructiva para fazer de esta ferramenta de movimento umha auténtica `maquina de guerra ingovernável´ desde onde construir os media abaixo e a esquerda.

Checkpoint at UWO

London, Ontario, 06.07.2007 19:40

April 3rd/ 07 was a clear and sunny day. Perfect sort of day to reach out and get people's attention. A collection of concerned students and citizens took part in acting out a mock checkpoint, on UC Hill at UWO, similar to the Israeli checkpoints throughout the West Bank and Gaza, that are a daily reality for millions of Palestinians living under the brutal occupation. The racism, violence and discrimination that are inflicted on the Palestinians as a part of these checkpoints was a point that was hard to miss.

Forum to tackle global social issues

London, Ontario, 06.07.2007 19:40

For the third consecutive year, a Regional Social Forum for Southern Ontario will be held here in London at the Scouts Canada Grounds at 531, Windermere Road. This hugely popular free event, who’s slogan is “a better world is possible,” is a local adaptation of the annual World Social Forum, which is attended by tens of thousands of people, representing hundreds of organizations and movements, all opposed to neo-liberal economics. Seen as the little sibling on a smaller scale of the World Social Forum, the Regional Social Forum (RSF) held in London is the most successful of the hundreds of small forums, and is the only regional version to last longer than one run.

Oaxaca Solidarity Fundraising Event

London, Ontario, 06.07.2007 19:40

Solidarity with the people of Oaxaca! Wednesday, June 6, 2007 Alex P Keaton’s (580 Talbot St.) Dinner &amp; Dance Musical guests: The Bootynaughts and dj bacholerette

London Free Press Plans New Fall Look

London, Ontario, 06.07.2007 19:40

If all goes as planned, the London Free Press (LFP) will transform to a compact layout and move production north of Toronto by fall 2007, said editor-in-chief, Paul Berton.

London Indymedia Unplugged

London, Ontario, 06.07.2007 19:40

Open Mic Contest
Monday, July 16, 2007 at 8:00pm @ the Alex P Keaton (Talbot& Albert)

Open to rap, poetry, folk, spoken word or anything without electronic backup. Free to all.

Prizes to be won based on originality, difficulty, delivery and social or political relevance.

londonontario dot indymedia at gmail dot com

Encuentro Anark@galactico en Chiapas / Anark@galactic Conference in Chiapas

San Diego, 06.07.2007 18:07

DEL 15 AL 18 DE JULIO / JULY 15-18, 2007
JOVEL (San Cristóbal de las Casas), CHIAPAS

Durante el Primer Encuentro entre Pueblos Zapatistas y Pueblos del Mundo, celebrado en Oventik del 30 de diciembre de 2006 al 2 de enero de 2007 cerca de una centena de anarquistas nos reunimos para encontrar puntos en común que promuevan una relación mas estrecha y dinámica entre los colectivos y compañer@s de distintas partes del mundo. En estas reuniones decidimos formar una red global anarquista, compuesta por una lista de correos, una página web y una publicación bilingüe con el fin de apoyarnos mutuamente, compartir y aprender de nuestras experiencias.Con la esperanza que esta red pueda servir como una herramienta práctica para comunicarnos, pero sobre todo, para organizarnos buscando medios para globalizar la resistencia y combatir las miserias de los estados, del capitalismo y del patriarcado y para resistir la represión ejercida contra los movimientos sociales y específicamente contra l@s anarquistas.--Leer Mas--

During the First Encounter between the Zapatista Peoples and the Peoples of the World held in Oventik from December 30, 2006, to January 2, 2007, about a hundred anarchists met to find common ground for bringing about a closer, more dynamic relationship between collectives and comrades in different parts of the world. At our meetings we decided to form a global anarchist network consisting of a mailing list, a web page and a bilingual publication aimed at mutually supporting each other, sharing our experiences, and learning from them. The idea is for this network to serve as a practical communications tool but, above all, a way to get organized and find ways to globalize resistance and combat the atrocities committed by the states, capitalism, and the patriarchy and to resist the repression that comes down on the social movements, especially the anarchists.--Read More--

Segundo Encuentro de los Pueblos Zapatistas con Los Pueblos del Mundo | Second Encounter of Zapatista Peoples with the Peoples of the World || Encuentro Zapatista y de Comunidades Internacionales | First Meeting of Zapatista and International Communities || San Diego Report from First Encuentro || Sin Fronteras! Global Day of Action and Camps (Proposal) || No Border Camp

remoのフェスティバルゲートでの活動が終了します!だから:メディア運動会『レモスポーツ』Remo@festivalgate- the kickout bash: remosports

Japan, 06.07.2007 18:07

The NPO remo is getting kicked out of Festival Gate after 7 years of giving Osaka a media-art-movement workout. As a good-bye bash, before remo moves on to another (humbler) venue, there's REMOSPORTS DAY! 2002年より活動を開始したremo。その第1期と言える期間が、今月7月31日のフェスティバルゲートの閉鎖とともに一旦の終焉を迎えます。すでにremoは、第2期に向けて動き始めていますが、終焉と再生の節目にあてて、1日だけのパーティを開催します!


Uruguay, 06.07.2007 17:08

No olvidamos, no perdonamos

Arkansas Officer Returns Quickly Despite Youtube Video of Choking, Chasing, &amp;amp; Double Headlockes

Arkansas, 06.07.2007 15:10

Dear National &amp; International Press: We as a united national and international community have decided to protest Officer Joey William's return to the Hot Springs, Arkansas Police Department.

Chaco: encuentro por la agricultura familiar y campesina

Argentina, 06.07.2007 13:38

Globalizando la lucha

Thousands call for impeachment in K'port

Maine, 06.07.2007 12:37

Last Sunday, two thousand people came out to protest at the meeting of President Bush and Russian President Vladimir Putin, two imperialists ready to get their lounge on in the upper-class vacationland of Kennebunkport, Maine. The diverse group of protestors including antiwar activists, veterans, lawyers, revolutionary communists, civil libertarians, anarchists, labor leaders, women's groups, and one marching band.

The purpose for most was to call for the impeachment of Bush and Cheney. Signs read, "Impeachment is the path to peace," and "Democracy breached, time to impeach." Not everyone, of course, felt impeachment was the most important goal. "The priority is getting out of Iraq, not impeachment. We can get them for war crimes later," said Judy, a Maine resident.

US Labor Against the War Iraqi Solidarity Tour

Boston, 06.07.2007 12:08

Hashmeya Muhsin Hussein, President of the Electrical Utility Workers Union of Iraq and Faleh Abood Umara Gen. Sec. of the Iraqi Fed. of Oil Workers were hosted by U.S. Labor Against the War and offer perspective on the labor situation in Iraq. See video coverage:

Herri San Fermin Popular 2007

Euskal Herria, 06.07.2007 09:39

El a�o pasado, la Polic�a Municipal (1, 2) escoltaba con nocturnidad, perversidad y alevos�a, a los equipos de limpieza que, uno a uno, iban pintandocensurandoblanqueando carteles y paredes. El a�o pasado y hoy tambi�n, los huecos dejados en el aire por las txoznas, por el Euskal Jai, y por el monolito de homenaje a Germ�n Rodr�guez siguen vac�os. El a�o pasado, una vez m�s, hubo agresiones a mujeres, monopolizaci�n de espacios p�blicos por parte de grandes empresas...

Sin embargo, Gora Iru�ea!, la plataforma que agrupa a pe�as y colectivos del movimiento popular de Iru�ea, est� segura de que "este va a ser el a�o que marcar� el comienzo de nuevos tiempos en los que se recuperar� San Ferm�n, las fiestas, para Iru�ea y para sus gentes". As� lo afirmaban en la presentaci�n del programa de 2007ko Herri San Fermin Popular 2007. La recuperaci�n de unas fiestas populares, paritarias, euskaldunas, reivindicativas y donde el protagonismo sea de la gente y no del consumo, de la iglesia, de las grandes empresas o del Ayuntamiento de UPN. As�, s�. Gora Herri Sanferminak!!

: M�s info :
|Mapa de locales de pe�as y colectivos|, |Comunicado sanfermines populares|, |Herri San Fermin Popular 2007|, |Gora Iru�ea!|, |Federaci�n de pe�as|, |Gora Iru�aren Eguna| , |Cartel de la IGA| , |Blog de La Bodegika Taberna| , |Eraso sexisten aurka| , |Diagonal: Actualidad cr�tica tambi�n en los sanfermines populares|.

Act Against Torture Protests On July 4th

San Francisco Bay Area, 06.07.2007 09:39

Act Against Torture descended on the route to San Francisco's Independence Day celebration on July 4th to encourage locals and visitors alike to celebrate July 4th by taking a stand for human rights: to shut the prison at Guantanamo, to restore habeas corpus rights, and to repeal the Military Commissions Act of 2006.

Fast Brings Attention To Undocumented Students

San Francisco Bay Area, 06.07.2007 09:39

Students and youth are participating in a week-long fast aimed at urging the California congressional delegation to move forward immigration reform that includes legal residency and a path to citizenship for hundreds of thousands of undocumented youth. On July 5th, students and supporters held a rally at Senator Dianne Feinstein's office and then marched back to Civic Center Plaza to greet approximately two dozen students who came from all over California to join the fast.

Peoples Freedom Caravan wrapup

Houston, 06.07.2007 09:39

Change the World, Yes we Can; We're the People's Freedom Caravan

Charges dropped against Sin Fronteras

Houston, 06.07.2007 09:39

Felony Charges dropped against Sin Fronteras - Struggle continues for freedom of movement

Dio ha telefonato in America: censura a molleindustria e oscurato noblogs

Switzerland, 06.07.2007 08:08

Il sito di videogame ribelli "molleindustria" ha recentemente prodotto un nuovo gioco:"Operazione pretofilia", gioco provocatorio e satirico che mette in discussione la task force creata dal vaticano per garantire l'impunità dei preti pederasti.
L'ambiguo Luca Volontè ha richiesto tramite un'interpellanza parlamentare "inizative urgenti" contro questo gioco. Per evitare il blocco del server, molleindustria ha deciso di mettere a disposizione una versione oscurata del gioco, ma intanto la versione originale era già stata mirrorata su parecchi server in varie parti del mondo, fra cui la popolare piattaforma blogger noblogs, curata del collettivo di inventati/autistici che è stato oscurato. Il blocco del sito è stato aggirato con prontezza dai militanti di A/I.
Azioni creative e di resistenza attiva nei confronti del neo oscurantismo si stanno diffondendo nella rete.

Materiali: punto-informatico | La stampa | Aggiornamenti sul blog di A/I | Ftr IMC Napoli
Mirror Operazione pretofilia: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

The &quot;Libby Motion&quot;

Philadelphia, 06.07.2007 06:37

Otro genocida al banquillo

Argentina, 06.07.2007 05:08

Comenzó el juicio a Von Wernich en La Plata

Otro genocida al banquillo

Argentina, 06.07.2007 04:41

Comenzó el juicio a Von Wernich en La Plata

Otro genocida al banquillo

Argentina, 06.07.2007 04:09

Comenzó el juicio a Von Wernich en La Plata

Class War History: Who Stopped the Nuclear Ship Visits 20 Years Ago?

Aotearoa, 06.07.2007 03:09

Workers Party activist and veteran anti-imperialist campaigner Don Franks reports in The Spark on a turning point in Aotearoa's class war history- who really stopped the U.S. nuclear ship visits? In his article he details how the anti-imperialist organised labour movement derailed the visits while the Labour Party waited opportunistically in the wings.

June 8, 2007 was the 20th anniversary of Labour's New Zealand Nuclear-Free Zone Disarmament and Arms Control Act, which established New Zealand as a nuclear free zone.

Unsurprisingly, Labour politicians have been dining out on the occasion. Prime Minister Helen Clark and other Labour politicians in Parliament when the anti nuclear law was passed 20 years ago paraded for photo opportunities with anti nuclear "badges of honour" pinned on themselves.

Anti-Canada Day 2007!

Portland, 06.07.2007 01:39

On July 1st 2007, the third annual Indigenous anti-canada day event was held in Coast Salish Territories (vancouver, B.C.). A rail line in the native neighbourhood of Commercial Drive was blockaded as part of Indigenous People's ongoing resistance to the occupation of our territories by the state of Canada and capitalist corporations. This was one of many actions across the continent.

Over 200 Indigenous women, children, Elders and men (and non-native supporters) took the streets and the train tracks on a march and blockade to mark their resistance to Canada as an oppressive force against their people. The march began at Grandview Park and proceeded down Commercial Drive to Venables Street where the CN rail lines were occupied and blocked for over an hour.

&quot;Selling Out&quot; as a Street Performer

Portland, 06.07.2007 01:39

Many perform on the streets simply to give free art to the world. Many perform for political reasons, to spread a political message on public streets, as in the tradition of agit-prop (agitational propaganda). But most buskers have had days when they are playing because they need the money, not because they want to. On these days, it is more attractive than ever to "sell out." I interviewed some buskers to find out what "selling out" looks like in a busker context.

West Coast Convergence for Climate Action!

Portland, 06.07.2007 01:39

The Columbia River is fueled by tributaries from across the west. Today, with massive fossil fuel development projects planned at the mouth of this iconic waterway, the Columbia is ground zero in the global struggle against the violence of the energy industry and for a livable climate future. This August, we are calling for a confluence of people from across the region, a regional Convergence for Climate Action. Part networking and activist skills training, part community sustainability demonstration site, the Convergence also aims to take collective action to stop the fossil fuel industry expansion in our region in its tracks.

With extreme weather, droughts, massive species extinctions, and melting ice caps becoming more of a reality each day, there is no time to lose in taking action against the root causes of climate change. We intend to bring individuals from across the west, environmental and social justice groups, and local community activists together for this regional convergence, to create a space of collective empowerment to resist the fossil fuel empire and to push for climate justice.

Annie's Cabin Timber Sale

Portland, 06.07.2007 01:39

Annie's Cabin timber sale, a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) proposal to thin 566-acres within the Molalla River Recreation Corridor, contract has been rewarded to Freres Lumber Company. This timber sale would severely impact recreational trails designated for hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding created by volunteers. Sensitive species such as Oregon Slender Salamanders, Red Tree Voles, and Tall Bughane have been found within this timber sale project and would also be impacted.

16 of the 25 units of the Annie's Cabin timber sale either have the Molalla River Recreation Corridor's Shared-Use Trail System running through units or abutting the units with no buffers. This trail system was created in the 1990s when the BLM closed 13 miles of logging roads converting these roads into trails for hiking, mountain biking, and equestrian uses. In 1994, the BLM approved the development of 12 miles of additional single-track trails in partnership with volunteer organizations. Thinning of Unit #2 would impact Amanda's Trail, Mark's Trail, and Sandquist's Trail, three trails named for early advocates and builders of the trail system. We need to protect and preserve the scenic beauty of these trails that volunteers spent long hours to create and maintain!

Act now to contact Congresswoman Darlene Hooley to tell her office to urge the BLM to cancel this timber sale.

Police Brutality in Spokane

Portland, 06.07.2007 01:38

A large group of protesters of all ages and demographics met under the bridge in Peaceful Valley today. A few speeches were read aloud, reading off statistics of deaths by police brutality as compared to deaths of police on the job. A few police officers came up, and wanted to announce to us all that they support our right to protest and march, so long as we don't violate any traffic laws, and don't block traffic or anything of the sort, then there would be no problems whatsoever and we would be free to peacefully assemble and speak out.

The march went wonderfully. Police cruisers kept in constant eyesight, making sure nothing illegal was done. Lots of cars honked, waved, and shouted their support. We ended in Riverfront Park, near the clock tower, where our group proceeded to sit down to enjoy a picnic. The police continued taking photographs, so we photographed them back. We asked one for his badge number and name, and he refused, saying we didn't have the right to know that. In response, Zach was accosted, handcuffed, choked, and beaten, right in front of all of us. One officer grabbed my friend Meg by the throat and threw her to the ground. I yelled at him, "Why did you do that!? She didn't do anything wrong? What is your problem? No one is doing anything illegal! Let Zach go!" Police called for reinforcements, at least 30-40 of them showed up, and had a huge grip of zip ties in hand.


Colombia, 05.07.2007 20:38


Colombia, 05.07.2007 20:38

Marchar a favor de Uribe Vélez, es apoyar la impunidad y el escalamiento de la guerra

ilitantes sociales realizaron escrache en el Hotel Sheraton

Argentina, 05.07.2007 17:38

Repudio al ex presidente Eduardo Duhalde en Mar del Plata

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