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July 4th videos of 911 Truth March in Portland

Portland, 10.07.2007 22:38

Well July 4th I walked along with 911 Truth Activists and filmed them as they handed out information and bull-horned messages of "911 was an Inside job" and "police state information" and giving a heads up of the Portland Terror Drills coming to us here in metro pdx this October.

We were met on the streets, with lots of 911 interested people, and of course some angry people, and leave it to the big city ... ..some with messages of their own.

We were stopped by the Police twice, once for not leaving a clear walk way for pedestrians ... . The second time for being louder than over 100 feet ... we were told that distance was about a 1/3 of a city block (note to self!)


related: Jerry D Earthling tells Joe Anybody "Bush is not healthy for living creatures"

Bashing Mister Rogers

Portland, 10.07.2007 21:38

I was just a little too old to watch Mister Rogers, but I remember my little sister watching him. It's true, he insisted that each child was special. It's a statement that is a little hard to argue with on its face, but it was intended to help children build the self-esteem they need to socialize in a healthy manner. Once you accept yourself, you can accept others; if you can feel for yourself, you can feel for others.

The recent attacks on "today's youth," as exhibiting narcissism, are not motivated by concern for the individual, nor for the society. The attacks come from reactionaries featured on Fox "news," for a start—hardly the friend of the working class. It is easy to dismiss this latest fad as another right-wing crank phenomenon, but I'm sure it has a more insidious purpose.

Fouad Kaady Remembered, again

Portland, 10.07.2007 21:38

One fortunate man from Gladstone, Bradley Phillip Heinecke, can count his lucky stars that the Deputy (Willard) and the cop (Bergin) who murdered Fouad on September 8, 2005, were not on duty Yesterday:

Readers will recall that Fouad Kaady, a young Gresham man, was apparently involved in a couple of rear end crashes near Sandy on that fateful day. It appears, from all that is known (search his name on this site, if you are not familiar), that Fouad was carrying a can of gasoline in his fathers car, intending to fuel his own pickup, which had run out of gas in a no parking zone. Somehow during this trip, the gasoline, and Fouad, caught fire. The ensuing events are tragic and unbelievable, but ultimately, the above two cops found Fouad, naked, badly burned, in shock, and sitting "catatonic" alongside a rural road. Rather than touch his bleeding body, they first tasered him, then shot and killed him. After the fact, for weeks, they tried to intimate that Fouad was under the influence of some intoxicant, and acting irrationally. He was not, and apparently, for the circumstances, was the most rational human being at the scene.

Now Mr. Heinecke, on the other hand...

Inicia jornada de luta contra o aumento da tarifa em Joinville

Brasil, 10.07.2007 21:08


Community Caretaking.. barge in with no warrant?

Portland, 10.07.2007 20:38

I was sleeping on my couch and woke up to 3 cops in my home. They were asking for my roommate, who was not home. The front door was open for ventilation and three of them just walked in.

My boyfriend says when he saw them on the porch he said they could not enter. They told him he was under arrest. The only way he resembles the man they were looking for is that he is a dude with glasses, he's several inches taller, 50 pounds heavier, 10 years younger than the guy they were looking for. In addition my boyfriend has a goatee and shaved head, this guy is clean shaven with hair.

They pointed tazers at myself, my boyfriend, and our dog who was only sniffing them. They said they didn't need a warrant because they were doing community caretaking. My boyfriend got the badge number of the first one who came into our house.

Gordon Smith: Weakling and hypocrite

Portland, 10.07.2007 20:38

In the July 5th edition of the Oregonian, Mr. Jim Rassman bemoans the fact that that publication has, yet again, fallen for the ruse that Senator Gordon Smith is a "moderate" republican, this time due to his comments regarding the Iraq war. Mr. Rassman is correct in pointing out the contradiction between Senator Smith's words and his senatorial votes, but, alas, the contradiction is but the latest in Senator Smith's long history of attempting to appear moderate in the lead up to elections, while slavishly following the party line dictated by his republican leadership as he serves his term.

Although Senator Smith might wish it, I cannot forget how, during his reelection bid of 2002, the grieving mother of Matthew Shepherd appeared in the Senator's campaign advertisements, stating that she was sure Matthew would have viewed Senator Smith as a friend because of the Senator's advocacy for gay rights. Of course, after his reelection, Senator Smith quickly betrayed his gay and lesbian constituency by voting for the Protection of Marriage Amendment in 2004.

july 4 flag-burning reportback

Portland, 10.07.2007 20:38

We got downtown at 9, then hung out and waited for everyone to show up (maybe 15 in total), then went and dropped our banner from the Morrison Bridge. There were people standing over the waterfront, so we had to drop it over Naito Parkway. It had a native american on it pointing out and said "What the fuck are you celebrating?" There was almost no reaction to that, so we were able to press on. There were cops coming up the walkway of the bridge so we took another way down. We went down by the bridge and stood for a minute collecting our thoughts. There were more people this year than last year, it was much more densely packed.

Road Which?!

Portland, 10.07.2007 20:38

Day 8 of Pedalpalooza brought a nice selection of events oriented towards the past, present, and future.

There was the "Little Beirut" tour of famous Portland "riot" scenes, inspired by George HW Bush's comment once-upon-a-time after his motorcade was egged, "Gee, that was a little like Beirut back there!" There was the Platinum Bike Master Plan hearings, to talk about the future of cycling accommodations in Portland. And there was the one I chose to go on, Road Witch.

What's that? It's an idea that originated in England, and exists at the intersection between public, temporary urban art installation, traditional street fairs, and more overtly political events such as Reclaim the Streets!

Free Books

Portland, 10.07.2007 20:38

Sabin elementary school in NE has literally thousands of books sitting in little mountains right in the gymnasium. The signs say "recycle books here". From what it looks like, many other schools have dropped their books off at Sabin as well. There are lots of great older educational materials. These books are not being recycled, they are going to be burned.

The school is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5pm because of summer camp. Come get some books. The side door by the dumpsters will be open and it might be good to talk to someone in the summer camp staff to give them a heads up that you're there to grab books.

NE 18th and Failing. Sabin Elementary.

Alan Greenspan and Former Bank of England Governor arrested in London for alleged fraud

Miami, 10.07.2007 20:09

Alan Greenspan & former Bank of England Governor reportedly arrested in London for fraud

Quelques images de la Tour

Switzerland, 10.07.2007 19:39

Nouvelles fraîches:

Communiqué de l'infokiosk:

De 11h00 à 15h00, je me trouvais à la Tour pour soutenir les habitants. Après avoir bloqué le carrefour les manifestants ont calmement occupé la place toute la journée. La police a chargé une fois les manifestants sans sommation, mais aucune violence majeure n'a eu lieu, hormis le "contrôle d'identité" de ce matin, procédé plus que discutable sur le plan légal...

İsviçre'de Savda'ya destek eylemi

Istanbul, 10.07.2007 19:14

İsviçre'de vicdani redci Halil Savda'ya destek eylemi

Para o Pan, bilhões. Para os/as trabalhadores/as, tiros, remoções e retirada de direitos

Brasil, 10.07.2007 19:13

PAN 2007

The New York Times Sells Cameroon for $250,000

Boston, 10.07.2007 17:08

#media_13867;left# On a silver platter this past Sunday, The New York Times magazine featured no less than eight pages towards the liberalization of the economy in Cameroon. Showing off its excellence in corporate media advertising, the NY Times magazine sold prominent space to Cameroon business traders so they can in turn sell their country’s resources to U.S. investors, no doubt to the demise of many of its citizens. “Cameroon ready for growth, ready for investment,” reads a headline on page 59 which goes on to explain the country’s “quest for sustainable growth...”

Communists unveil &quot;Victims of Capitalism Memorial&quot; in Times Square

NYC, 10.07.2007 13:38

On Saturday, July 7, 2007, a group of six communist militants unveiled a “Victims of Capitalism Memorial” in the Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza, before carrying it past several banks and displaying it at the heart of Times Square.

Target: War

Bristol, 10.07.2007 09:38

War? What is it Good For? A News Round-up. War? What is it Good For? A News Round-up. Following the end of the last Fairford Trial, war and conflict seem to be topics of interest in the area: While some are distributing flyers aimed at presenting the other side of the story than military recruiters, others are highlighting the weapons manufacturers BAE Systems and their ongoing scandal while other still talking about life under occupation.| Protest and boycott against this blatant arms fair. | Filton Five charged | BAE SYSTEMS "The Best Ways Of Killing People Money Can Buy" ( | Arms trade developments | Anger as Final Fairford Case Ends in Guilty Verdict | Interested in finding out more about the situation in Palestine? | 1, 2, 3, 4, We Don't Want Your Fecking War |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

Success Blooms at the Renaissance Garden Project

Santa Cruz, CA, 10.07.2007 06:37

The Renaissance Garden Project started when UC Santa Cruz students responded to a call for help that Renaissance High School students sent out about the lack of nutrition they were receiving at school; students felt unhealthy. Students from the Education for Sustainable Living Program at UCSC came to the rescue. A garden was constructed to provide nutritional food and health education.

Court Hearing for Philadelphia Political Prisoner Fred Muhammad Burton to be Held on Tuesday, July 10

Philadelphia, 10.07.2007 02:38

NGO Report Slams Garda Abuse in Mayo

Ireland, 10.07.2007 01:38

Immediate Intervention Called For A recent indepen ...

Taking the midnight bus to Georgia: US Social Forum Diary

NYC, 10.07.2007 01:08

As we approached the bus stop over on the north side of Union Square, we knew all of our hard work over the past few months had been well worth it. Looking out over the 100 person, two-bus delegation, you couldn't help but be struck by the amazing cross section of people and organizations we were rolling with on our way down to the first ever US Social Forum (USSF) in Atlanta.

A liberdade innegociabel

Galiza, 09.07.2007 23:13

O pasado 26 de xunho, conmemorouse un ano máis ao longo do planeta unha nova xornada de conflicto e denuncia contra a tortura. Na Galiza, diferentes movementos incidiron nesta loita denunciando o papel que cadeas e centros de menores xogan como elemento de control e represión socio-política. No seu interior, estanse a cometer infinidade de crimes no nome dunha paz social baseada nun control total dos sectores sociais considerados problemáticos.

Espazos cada vez máis alonxados e opacos, onde se agócha a gran vergonha colectiva dos maltratos, as torturas, a indignidade nas condicións de vida,... en definitiva o terrible crime de privar da sua liberdade ao ser humán, e as lóxicas consecuencias en clave de degradación a tódolos níveis nas que isto devén.

Este sábado, 14 de xullo, a Comisión de Denuncia de Galiza convoca unha marcha ao centro penitenciario de A Lama (Terra de Montes, Pontevedra), cadea que atesora unha innumerable lista de denuncias por malos tratos e todo tipo de violencia sobre a sua poboación reclusa, cunhas condicións de vida máis que penosas, e moitos casos que permanecen na /a>.

Unha denuncia necesaria, xa que fala en clave de deconstruir este aparente estado do benestar, que ao final non o é máis que para uns poucos beneficiarios, e que atopa nos diferentes centros de internamento a maior evidencia da /a> sobre a que se constrúe. Un permanente estado de excepción encuberto, en continua represión ante toda disfunción, tanto sexa en clave de marxinalidade como de disidencia.

As luitas contra as centros de internamento/cárceres teñén tamén unha face global. Desde as iniciativas solidarias con /a>, até as macizas /a>, pasando polas denuncias contra /a>, a destrucción das prisións é un plano comúm irrenunciabel para os movimentos.

!0 Temmuz Basın Açıklaması

Istanbul, 09.07.2007 22:08

Haber alma hakkını ve ifade özgürlüğünü savunan herkese açık çağrımızdır!

Movie night Monday July 9th

Portland, 09.07.2007 21:38

NEXT OLIN STUDY/DISCUSSION GROUP IS JULY 9TH AT 6 PM. We will be watching the movie "The Conquest Continues" about Plan Puebla Panama. We will also be discussing the article at the following link. So read up, and come participate in the discussion.

any questions ---> Olin hosts a study group in Portland Oregon the second Monday of every month from 6 to 8 pm. We are meeting at In Other Words Women's Books and Resources 8 NE Killingsworth St, Portland, OR

We will discuss such issues as the current uprising in Oaxaca, the Zapatistas and la otra campana, neoliberalism, social movements in Mexico, and border issues.

Olin is an autonomous collective in Sin Fronteras Portland. Sin Fronteras's aim is to combat capitalism and white supremacy as systems of domination and to link the anti-capitalist struggles of Latin America to our own struggles here at home.

Stumptown Earth First! Action Camp, July 19th to 23rd!

Portland, 09.07.2007 21:38

On Mt. Hood, logging proceeds apace. And "apace" means devastation. It means the death of watersheds, ecosystems. It means economic and ecological disaster. Learn how to stop it. The action camp will run from Thursday, July 19th, to Monday, July 23rd.

Two weeks from now, you'll have the opportunity to learn the skills that you can use to confront this atrocity. Come join Stumptown Earth First! at beautiful Shellrock Lake for five days of education and non-violent direct action. Learn to climb old growth, and learn how to save it. Learn wilderness skills, activist skills. It's all free, of course, and although food will be provided, we could always use help providing it.

If you can't make it to the action camp, but are interested in learning direct action skills, there will be a one-day direct action training in Laurelhurst Park on Sunday, July 22nd. This event, which runs all day, is being put on by Students for Unity, Rising Tide North America, and the West Coast Convergence For Climate Action.

Carry On Camping!

United Kingdom, 09.07.2007 21:38

CAMPAIGNING and camping seem to be one and the same thing this summer, with a string of outdoors protest events happening across the South of England. Crucial issues such as climate change, border controls, war profiteering and destruction of woodland all be tackled with the help of tents, sleeping bags and a strong spirit of adventure.


Switzerland, 09.07.2007 20:37


Nous avons reçu des informations confirmant la menace sérieuse d'évacuation sauvage des habitant-e-s de RHINO le lundi 16 juillet.
Vous trouverez en annexe le communiqué de presse de ce jour décrivant la situation, la décision du Tribunal de première instance suspendant le jugement d'évacuation, ainsi que, pour information, un document daté de 2005 décrivant le déroulement de l'évacuation qui devait avoir lieu à ca moment-là.
Les habitant-e-s de RHINO demandent instamment à tous les destinataires de transmettre ce messsage d'alarme à toutes les personnes concernées de près ou de loin par l'exécution illégale de cette évacuation planifiée, afin d'éviter qu'elle se produise.

From the Newswire

Perth, 09.07.2007 17:09

Death of the Hydey - Corporate Smack


Valparaiso, 09.07.2007 17:08

Domingo 08 de Julio 2007 | Casi 2 meses de movilización

Cine UV sigue en Toma

Il Messico che lotta e non si arrende

Switzerland, 09.07.2007 06:07

Mentre si comincia a parlare di “messicanizzazione economica” della parte a Nord del continente americano, l’altro Messico cammina su più strade verso l’autonomia.

Si è da poco concluso l’accampamento internazionale in Bassa California e già vengono lanciati nuovi appuntamenti.
Dal 20 al 28 luglio ci terrà il Secondo Incontro tra i Popoli Zapatisti con i Popoli del Mondo che vedrà pure la presenza dei Sem Terra brasiliani.
L'importante appuntamento, che si snoderà tra Oventic, Morelia e La Realidad sarà preceduto da un Incontro Anarchico Internazionale a Città del Messico e dal "Giudizio Popolare Nazionale" convocato dalla Appo a Oaxaca.

La situazione nel paese rimane comunque tesa dopo le pesanti condanne per i fatti d'Atenco e i nuovi arresti dei mesi scorsi per Oaxaca, con un numero di prigionieri politici, nel "Messico ai tempi di Calderon", in continua crescita.
Ma nonostante la crisi della politica, che ha toccato anche l’interno della Appo, i popoli continuano la loro ribellione verso "una nuova politica di liberazione".

Indymedia Messico | Indymedia Chiapas | EZLN | La Zezta Internacional | APPO

Materiali e approfondimenti
Tutte le informazioni in italiano | I giornali messicani in rete | Revista Rebeldia | Radio Insurgente

SOJwJ photos: Ashland's 4th of July parade

Rogue Valley, 09.07.2007 02:09


Here are photos which show some of the happenings and goings-on this Independence Day 2007 in the small Southern Oregon town called Ashland...


Rally Against Racist Policing with SCARP!

NYC, 08.07.2007 23:41

Join the Student Coaliton Against Racial Profiling (SCARP)
Monday July 9th at 4:00pm
Gather with us for a legal rally in front of the 83rd Precinct
480 Knickerbocker Ave @Bleeker St.
Bushwick, Brooklyn

Lesbians sentenced for self-defense: All-white jury convicts Black women

NYC, 08.07.2007 23:40

Lesbians sentenced for self-defense
All-white jury convicts Black women

By Imani Henry
New York
Published Jun 21, 2007 2:58 AM

On June 14, four African-American women—Venice Brown (19), Terrain Dandridge (20), Patreese Johnson (20) and Renata Hill (24)—received sentences ranging from three-and-a-half to 11 years in prison. None of them had previous criminal records. Two of them are parents of small children.

Chilean, Bronx Activist Victor Toro Detained By Homeland Security

NYC, 08.07.2007 23:08

Well known Chilean political activist, Bronx immigrant rights activist, former political prisoner of the Pinochet regime, and life long freedom fighter Victor Toro has been detained by Homeland Security

Viola Plummer Will Not Sign – Federal Case Goes to Trial

NYC, 08.07.2007 23:08

On Friday morning, U.S. District Court Judge William Pauley ordered the case of Viola Plummer vs NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn to trial on September 24. Plummer, Chief of Staff for NYC Councilman Charles Barron, filed the lawsuit against Quinn after receiving a “suspension / termination” letter the previous week. At the hearing, Ms. Plummer refused to sign a revised letter from Quinn agreeing to the terms of her own suspension. Plummer’s attorney, Roger Wareham deemed the revision “superficial.”

Seminário sobre mobilidade urbana ocorre em Florianópolis nessa semana

Brasil, 08.07.2007 23:08


Homeless Woman Harassed at McDonald's

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.07.2007 21:37

A homeless woman in a wheelchair was arrested and given a citation because she needed to use a bathroom.

London and Glasgow: Brown's 'Bombs'?

United Kingdom, 08.07.2007 21:07

The initial reaction to the failed car 'bombs' in London from Craig Murray was cui bono? — who benefits? The mainstream media reacted in the usual way, Brown continues with further attacks on civil liberties, and the European Commission wants to suppress internet bomb-making guides. Nafeez Ahmed asks whose bombs? and John Pilger says these are Brown's bombs, too. What is clear is that the imperial genocide perpetrated by the Empire, which by last year had resulted in at least 600,000 dead in Iraq and has caused between 20 and 30 million deaths since World War II is of no comparision to the botched attacks in the UK — it's business as usual for the Military Industrial Complex and the 'War on Terror'.

Police Brutality in Spokane

Seattle, 08.07.2007 20:38

One of the signs during the July 4th demonstration in Spokane said "police the police". Who is there to stop the police from committing crimes against the people?

July 18th: From Sicko to Sanity: United for Universal Healthcare

Seattle, 08.07.2007 20:38

Filmmaker Michael Moore's latest work, "Sicko" is opening up a debate across the country about the health care crisis facing America. Seattle Area Doctors, Nurses, Healthcare workers and activists are joining forces to facilitate a panel discussion about how we can be part of a movement for a national healthcare plan that gives everyone the quality care they deserve. Please join the panelists for a lively discussion on this important issue!

From "Sicko" To Sanity: Doctors, Nurses, Caregivers and Activists Unite for Universal Healthcare
Wed. July 18, 7 PM
Seattle Central Community College, room BE 1110
Contact: Jesse Hagopian,, 206-962-1685

July 9th: Corrie et al v. CAT Appeal

Seattle, 08.07.2007 20:38

On Monday, July 9th in Seattle, the U.S. Court of Appeals, 9th Circuit, will hear oral argument to decide whether to let the case Corrie et al., v. Caterpillar proceed.

Supporters are encouraged to participate Monday beginning at 9:00 A.M. and throughout the morning and early afternoon by attending the hearing itself and by helping with signing and leafleting outside.

July 16th: Agustín Aguayo Speaks Out Against War

Seattle, 08.07.2007 20:38

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Agustin Aguayo

Agustín Aguayo, a 35-year-old Army medic and conscientious objector, was convicted of desertion and missing movement March 6, 2007 in a U.S. military court in Germany. Although he faced a maximum of seven years in prison, Agustín was sentenced to eight months in the brig for following his conscience and refusing to participate in war.

Monday July 16 @ 7 p.m.
University Friends Meeting
4001 9th Ave NE (University District)

“Before I left for Iraq I searched deep within me, I concluded that if I go over there I can’t take a life. I ultimately said I’ll go, but I’m definitely a conscientious objector. I’m not willing to cross that line, no matter what I can’t take a life.”

El método de investigación en Marx

Puerto Rico, 08.07.2007 17:27

El método de investigación en Marx


Uruguay, 08.07.2007 17:23

A palo y palo nunca más


Uruguay, 08.07.2007 17:23

No olvidamos, no perdonamos


Uruguay, 08.07.2007 17:23

No olvidamos, no perdonamos

Bertie (nearly) Hits the Nail on the Head

Ireland, 08.07.2007 17:22

Alienation & Suicide in a 'Booming Economy' In his ...

Trabajadores de prensa reclaman mejora salarial

Argentina, 08.07.2007 16:57

La noche en que "La Voz" tembló

Aberdeen aviation protest

Scotland, 08.07.2007 14:08

Aberdeen Campaign Against Climate Change held a protest to highlight the effect of aviation on climate change on Saturday 30th June 2007.

Lebanon War protesters - Not Guilty!

United Kingdom, 08.07.2007 12:07

On Thursday 28th June two anti-militarist activists were found not guilty of Aggravated trespass at Brighton Magistrates Court

During the bombing of Lebanon last Summer the two campaigners had entered the property of EDO MBM in Brighton, a supplier of weaponry to the Israeli military, scaled the walls and hung a banner from the roof reading '16 CHILDREN DEAD IN QANA LEBANON, EDO PROFITS FROM MURDER'

The Protest came was in response to Israel's bombing of Lebanon, which claimed over 1000 lives last Summer and devastated an entire country.

In Brighton the Smash EDO campaign held a series of protests against the invasion including a blockade of the factory, a day of rage, an art installation and a demonstration in Brighton. Activist in Brighton also held a picket of the Israeli Tennis team's match in Eastbourne.

Pride in London and Beyond

United Kingdom, 08.07.2007 06:07

This years London Gay Pride saw one of the biggest turnouts ever despite two factors that would have all but destroyed other events. Firstly unknown persons planted two 'devices’ on the route of the march two days before. This could have led the Police to cancel the procession or a least reroute it through a less glamorous part of town. Then there was the rain that tipped down by the bucket full from beginning to end and the pathetic little protests by the National Front and their brethren from the Christian Right. Fortunately the LGBT community and their supporters are not so easily put off and beer and broll'ies were the order of the day, with the pink pound ensuring plenty of both flowed through the damp streets of London.

However, marchers carrying banners with the word 'queer' displayed on them were forbidden from displaying them at yesterday's Gay Pride event in London. Blundering cops decided that the word was 'offensive', and someone wearing a t-shirt which read 'anarchists make better lovers' was also ordered to cover it up as this was also deemed 'offensive' by those arbiters of good taste the London Met. Politics is not allowed at Pride it seems, leaving more room for corporate back-slapping about how right on companies like Lloyds Bank and British Airways are.

Reports and Photos: Pride 2007. Pitiful counter demos. | Pride 2007 photos and report. | Queers Banned at Pride! | British Airways Shame London Pride

Pride 2007 Reports Elsewhere: Dublin Gay Pride 2007 | Gay Pride in Riga, Latvia 2007 | Chicago's Biggest Pride Parade Ever! Gives Warm Welcome to Progressive Contingent | 2007 Pride Weekend in San Francisco | Israel - we are all queers

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